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Car List by Veggies7893

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 02/29/2004

|P      |G     |R     |    Car FAQ --- Guide/Listing ---
| r     | o    | a    |
|  o    |  t   |  c   |
|   j   |   h  |   i  |    Author: Veggies7893
|    e  |    a |    n |
|     c |     m|     g|
|      t|      |      |    Version: V1.5

                     Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Compact Sports
3. Sports Convertible
4. Coupe
5. Sport Utility
6. Pacific Muscle
7. Roadster
8. Classics
9. Sports Coupe
10. American Muscle
11. Super Car
12. Grand Touring
13. Track Specialties
14. Extreme
15. Ultimate
16. Thanks
17. Copyright/Legal/Fun!!!

1.                      Introduction

As my first official attempt at a FAQ, this one may be a little shaky,
but it being the only current PGR2 Car FAQ out there, who knows, it might
be decent.

Ladies and gentlemen, I don't have all the cars, well, I don't have the
TVR Cerbera Speed 12 or most of the junk cars, I do have the best cars
in each class besides ultimate as of the moment, and I am pretty decent
at the game.

Some of you may also have a spreadsheet that gives average car ratings,
issued by "TacoMan" whom I fully respect. Although, I have noted
an error in the document showing that the Honda S2000 has better handling
than the Boxter, which is incorrect. I would like to suggest that if you
use this spreadsheet please be sure to check for any further errors, though
I don't believe there are any. TacoMan's sheet is definitely an excellent
rescource and I commend him for his contribution to the PGR2 community, but
I'm not using it to guide my judgement.

Note that I do NOT think of power slide as an always positive attribute,
I see it as a VARIABLE attribute and I consider it good OR bad depending
on the car!

Enjoy! Please also note, this is NOT a single player walkthrough, thanks.

2.                    Compact Sports
List: Mini Cooper S
      Seat Leon Cupra R
      Volkswagen New Beetle RSi
      Ford Focus RS
      Honda Civic Type-R
      Renault Clio V6
      Volkswagen R32
      Lancia Delta Integrale Evo

Your Best Picks Online/Single Player:
     1. Ford Focus RS - Has speed, handling, and is well balanced. It's
extremely unforgiving at high speeds when sliding, but the best choice in
the class for most. You do not want 8 of these going into a 100 MPH turn,
they run like they're on ice at high speed, aka, bad for the ring should
you like that sort of thing. The Focus is a good car on medium and long
tracks, medium for its handling, long for its top speed, and will beat
the average joe in an R32/Clio. 3 TOKENS
     2. Volkswagen Golf R32 - Can beat the focus if driven correctly due
to its equivalent speed/acceleration and low power slide. Great car for
the class, my personal favorite. Has less powerslide (G-O-O-D!!!) than
Focus, and only has a problem with low speed turns, ie, it likes to stop
in the middle of them. The Golf has a tough time on stop and go tracks,
the brakes on it don't let you get into a rhythym, they're very touchy.
Be careful on turns under 90 degrees. 2 TOKENS
     3. Renault Clio V6 - This car has great acceleration, but lacks top
speed. Great car to start with, but will be beaten by both of the above
quite handily on mid to large tracks. On tracks like Barcelona, or any
of the insanely tiny tracks in the game, the Renault has an easy win
over the competition with superior acceleration. Handling on the
Renault is also excellent compared to the two afformentioned, the Clio
is nimble around the corners and is tough to slide. 1 TOKEN

3.                  Sports Convertible
List: Audi TT Roadster
      Mazda Miata RX-5
      Toyota MR2 Spyder
      Porsche Boxster S
      Honda S2000
      BMW Z4 3.0i

Your Best Picks Online/Single Player
     1. Porsche Boxster S - Better high end speed than the Honda, and
less power slide, which can be seen as good or bad. On twisty fast
tracks, the S2000 is hard to beat, though the Boxster is just as able to
win as the S2000 in any short track scenario. On Moscow and even some of
the moderately straight tracks the S2000 struggles to keep up. The Porsche's
lower power slide can keep it a step ahead as well, and tends to be more
stable around the high speed corner. 4 TOKENS
     2. Honda S2000 - In a close battle with the Porsche, this thing has
higher power slide than the boxster, but at the price of top speed. Depends
if you like power slide really, and what track you're racing on. Straight
tracks are prettimuch taboo with this car, and even some twisty tracks are
too much for it to handle. The powerslide on the S2000 gives it the heavy
feel of cars like the SVT Focus or the S4. While quick, the Honda isn't too
nimble at high speeds, if it all able to reach them. 3 TOKENS
     3. BMZ Z4 3.0i - Quite honestly, a pointless car, it has less handling
and acceleration than the Porsche, and more power slide. This thing really
isn't too competitive without the acceleration. It also handles poorly,
slides like a brick, and is flat out slow. Really I think it's a badly
placed car, it's not a big-time performance car like the S2000 or Boxster.

4.                       Coupe
List: Audi TT Coupe
      Mazda RX-8
      Honda Integra Type-R
      Nissan 350Z
      Audi S4
      BMW M3
      Audi TT Quattro

Your Best Picks Online/Single Player
     1. BMW M3 - Best car in the class, period. With only one point of power
slide and six in handling, this is the car to beat. The thing hugs to the road
and is the fastest car in the class. The M3 also has the ability take a lickin
and keep on tickin, its very easy to correct any navigational errors with, and
this comes from its ability to respond very quickly and precisely to input. The
M3 is in general, a dream car. 5 TOKENS
     2. Audi S4 - Competitive with the BMW, but really not widely used. Has
2 more power slide but two less handling, give and take policy. It can't
keep up with the BMW around the corners. It slides unpredictably, like a
brick that hasn't quite decided where it wants to go. The S4, despite its
"smart" 4WD Quattro, floats like a lead brick and stings like a sledgehammer,
it's a danger to the driver and anyone near it. I would not reccomend to
anyone inexperienced. 5 TOKENS
     3. Nissan 350Z - The Nissan 350Z, like the Audi S4, is just a switch
around of the point allocations. It has less top speed and acceleration, but
the same handling and better power slide than the BMW. Again, not widely
used. The 350Z's handling is quite extraodinary, it doesn't have the feeling
of understeer you get with the M3, is decently quick, but unable to keep up
in the end. It really is a fun car to drive, though lacking in the overall
department of speed. 4 TOKENS

5.                   Sport Utility
List: Volvo XC90
      Chevrolet SSR
      Mercedes ML55 AMG
      Porsche Cayenne Turbo
      BMW X5 4.6is
      Ford SVT Lightning

Your Best Picks Online/Single Player
     1. Porsche Cayenne Turbo - The Porsche dominates this class, nothing
else has its handling abilities, top speed, or acceleration. The next
closest car is pathetic in comparison and thus I will only list this
car. However, it is no dream machine. In comparison to other cars, the
Porsche handles like the Titanic, slides on ice, and will not stop sliding
until it decides it wants to stop. It's not given due credit in this game,
as many of the 4WD cars aren't. 6 TOKENS

6.                   Pacific Muscle
List: Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4
      Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII
      Mazda RX-7
      Toyota Supra Twin-Turbo
      Subara Impreza WRX STi
      Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) Nur

Your Best Picks Online/Single Player
     1.Subaru Impreza WRX STi - The Subaru bests the Mazda due to its higher
top speed, and lower power slide than the the Lancer. But the fact is that the
one point sacrificed in handling is a big one, and makes a noticeable overall
difference, but it is still the best car. The Impreza's handling is wild and
unpredictable at high speeds, and it slides as bad/worse than the Skyline at
high speed because of its lower handling, but, at low speed is very controllable
and at high speed in the hands of a veteran, unbeatable. It's one of the few
4WD cars given due credit in the game. 6 TOKENS
     2. Mazda RX-7 - In close competition with the Lancer, the RX-7 has
much less power slide but that one less point of top speed. This is an
excellent trade off for very twisty tracks, plus it has a bit more
acceleration and handling. The car is definitely neck and neck with the
Lancer on some tracks like Hong Kong, and often will make up huge time
in the corners. In the right hands the RX-7 is tough to beat. 5 TOKENS
     3. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII- Best car in the class, hands down.
That's what I used to say. Despite the Subaru and RX-7's statistical downfalls,
the Lancer just can't keep up, after numerous time trial tests on several
tracks, the Subaru and Mazda always finished 1-2, except on KGB Corner and
Nurbergring of course.. The Lancer has an acceleration edge over the Subaru and
top speed over the RX-7. However, it having 9 power slide points, it is shaky
around the corners in the hands of even seasoned drivers. 6 TOKENS

7.                      Roadster
List: AC 427 MkIII
      Renault Spider
      Caterham 7 Classic
      Lotus 340R
      Lotus Elise
      Vauxhall VX220

Your Best Picks Online/Single Player
     1. AC 427 MkIII - Even with its frusterating power slide, the Mark III
is the roadster to go with. It's gigantic acceleration and decent top speed
along with simply average handling make it the car of choice, though on very
short, twisty tracks, like Barcelona, the Lotus 340R may take advantage of
the Mark III's boat-like movement. The Cobra's handling is definitely
mediocre, aka, only what it has to be. I personally don't enjoy driving it,
and think of it as the best car in the class only because it obviously is. 8
     2. Lotus 340R - Not that you'll see many, but the Lotus 340R is the force
to be reckoned with on those scarce, short, and twisty tracks. With its decent
acceleration, null powerslide and handling to boot, its a good all around car,
but it can't compete on the longer, faster circuits. The Cobra doesn't totally
shatter the 340R, but it definitely pulls away without any huge difficulty. The
battle between the 340R and the Caterham is a far more interesting one. 7 TOKENS
     3. Caterham 7 Classic - Again, you'll never see one online, but its
ultra superb handling and it's acceleration make it a decent car in single
player, but weak online with its extremely low top speed. Very fun to drive. In
competition with the 340R, it's very controversial. The Super Seven is truly a
marvel of vintage styling and engineering, it gets around corners like a rocket,
and really is a fast car, but Microsoft's misplaced Cobra makes it, for the
most part, useless. 8 TOKENS

8.                       Classic
List: Porsche 550 Spyder
      Toyota 2000GT
      Mercedes 300SL Gullwing
      Nissan 240Z
      Ferrari Dino 246 GT
      Jaguar E-Type
      Porsche 911 RS 2.7
      Ferrari 275 GTB
      Lancia Stratos
      Ferrari 250 GTO

Your Best Picks Online/Single Player
     1. Ferrari 250 GTO - Yes yes, some of you have never driven it are
saying "what??". The 250 GTO with its one less point of top speed and power
slide seems to have a big edge in the corners compared to its competition.
It seems to have slightly more handling and acceleration than the GTB and
will beat it just about any day of the week. BRONZE OR BETTER
     2. Ferrari 275 GTB - The GTB with its high acceleration and top speed
make it the choice car if you haven't beat the game on bronze yet, and it's
definitely easy to drive. the GTB still won't beat the 250 GTO, but is
definitely worth buying. 9 TOKENS
     3. Porsche 911 RS 2.7 - You'll never see one out there, but the Porsche
is the only car that can rival the GTO's cornering abilities. With a low
power slide and great handling, it's good on short and twisty tracks, but
won't usually best the GTB. 8 TOKENS

9.                     Sport Coupe
List: Cadillac XLR
      Lexus SC 430
      Audi RS6
      Jaguar XKR
      Porsche Carrera Coupe (996)
      Morgan Aero 8
      TVR Tamora

Your Best Picks Online/Single Player
     1. TVR Tamora - This car, despite its lower top speed than the Morgan,
has a decent acceleration and handling advantage, plus its low powerslide.
The TVR has a way easier time around corners and gets off the line quicker
than the Morgan. Undoubtedly the choice car. 10 TOKENS
     2. Morgan Aero 8 - An excellent car, but lacking in stability. Its
powerslide is wily and uncontrollable and times, and keeps its cornering
speed way down from the TVR. Great car, just not the greatest. 10 TOKENS
     3. Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe (996) - A fast car when on the fast tracks,
but it lacks in handling and acceleration in comparison to both the TVR and
the Morgan. It has a low powerslide, but this does not redeem it enough to
best the Morgan or TVR. 9 TOKENS

10.                    American Muscle
List: Chevrolet Camaro Z28
      Pontiac GTO
      Ford Mustang Fastback 2+2
      Pontiac Trans Am
      Chevrolet Camaro SS
      Corvette Sting Ray
      Ford SVT Mustang Cobra

Your Best Picks Online/Single Player
     1. Corvette Sting Ray - Again many would disagree, but then again, they'd
have to catch me first. The fact is that the Sting Ray is the best car in the
class hands down if you can keep it straight. The Sting Ray with its one extra
point of acceleration takes the Cobra down any straight away and off any turn.
You just have to be able to BRAKE IN ADVANCE, much like the Skyline or AC
MkIII. On tracks like Nurbergring, the Cobra will typically win, but on the
majority of tracks the Sting Ray has the advantage. 11 TOKENS
     2. Ford SVT Mustang Cobra - The Cobra has wicked understeer with its low
powerslide and just can't get on the gas like the Sting Ray through those turns,
the hand brake is an option, but you still won't be bolting out of any corners
in this thing. Its lower acceleration just can't take the Sting Ray. However,
on long tracks like Moscow or Nurbergring, the Cobra does have the advantage
of top speed. 11 TOKENS
     3. Chevrolet Camaro SS - The Camaro's power slide makes up for its lacking
handling, but it can't keep up with the Mustang off the start or through the
straight aways, really its a dead heat between the two, and it comes down to
the track and the driver's style. Through the turns the Camaro will always
gain time on the Mustang, but off the grid and down the straights the Mustang
takes it. 10 TOKENS

11.                       Super Car
List: Ferrari 355 F1
      Ferrari 360 Spider
      Chevrolet Corvette Z06
      Dodge Viper GTS
      Ferrari 360 Modena
      Porsche 911 Turbo (996)
      TVR Tuscan Speed 6
      Delfino Feroce

Your Best Picks Online/Single Player
     1. Delfino Feroce - But but but the top speed and the the handling... No
buts buddy. The Delfino has mad acceleration. But it comes at a big price. The
Delfino slides very very badly. If you've ever driven the Bentley, you'd say it
must of come out of the same factory. The Delfino has disc brakes made out of
pennies. It slides like crazy and it just can't handle period, but it
accelerates so fast, half the time it doesn't matter. Long tracks like
Moscow/Nurberging, the Ferrari and Viper can take it down. ALL STEEL
     2. Porsche 911 Turbo (996) - Wow. I just drove this car recently, and all
I can say is wow. This car handles like a dream, it does only what you want it
to, it's fast, utterly light and stable, and handles like a real 4WD car. If
not for the Delfino's acceleration, the Porsche would easily win, it's easy to
drive, accelerates smooth as butter, and turns on a dime. 12 TOKENS
     3. TVR Tuscan Speed 6 - My favorite car in the class, even though it won't
beat the Delfino even in the hands of a good driver, it's a great car. It has
what I call "even powerslide",  meaning you can slide it and step right back on
the gas without squirreling around all over the road. The Tuscan beats the
around the corners any day, and is the car of choice w/o the Delfino or Porsche.

12.                    Grand Touring
List: Bentley Continental GT
      Ferrari Testarossa
      Ferrari 550 Barchetta
      Mercedes SL55 AMG
      Ferrari 575M Maranello
      Aston Martin Vanquish
      Lotus Esprit V8

Your Best Picks Online/Single Player
     1. Ferrari 575M Maranello - The toughest class yet to rate, and really
the 575M is the best car on the majority of the tracks. I tried to fool myself
with the Barchetta, but in the end, I ended up back at the Maranello. The
575's top speed with its acceleration make it deadly out of the turns and on
the straights. On VERY twisty tracks, like Hong Kong, the Barchetta and moreso
the Mercedes have a chance to beat it. 14 TOKENS
     2. Ferrari 550 Barchetta - A wonderful car, low powerslide, high
acceleration but a little lacking in top speed. In many ways this car is like
the SVT Cobra. Its understeer can make it desirable or undesirable depending
on the track and the driver's style. The 550 hugs the road, but top speed and
general sliding abilities are lacking to an extent that makes it less
competitive on the overall scale. 13 TOKENS
     3. Mercedes SL55 AMG - A handling machine, the SL55 gets around corners
better than any other car in the class. It grips like the Barchetta, but is
able to maneuver at considerably higher speeds. It lacks the accleration of
the 550 and 575, but it is a dangerous weapon on tracks such as Hong Kong,
and many of the extremely short tracks such as Barcelona. Good car overall.

13.                    Track Specials
List: Lotus Exige
      Vauxhall VX220 Turbo
      Dodge Viper SRT-10
      Honda NSX Type-R (J)
      Noble M12 GTO3
      Porsche 911 GT3 (996)
      Ferrari Challenge Stradale

Your Best Picks Online/Single Player
     1. Noble M12 GTO3 - The Noble's acceleration makes it deadly on all
but the longest tracks, such as KGB Corner and Nurbergring. It handles
like a dream, and is simply a fun car to drive. It has a balanced
powerslide, not too much, not too little. It's strong anywhere on the
track and only need worry about top speed against the GT3. 15 TOKENS
     2. Porsche 911 GT3 (996) - A very fast car on the fast tracks. The
GT3's top speed is unmatched on KGB Corner and Nurbergring, and it still
retains a good deal of handling with decent acceleration. The powerslide
is identical to that of the Noble, but seems slightly more controllable,
the GT3 likes to stick to the track better. A fun car, just not fast as
it needs to be off the mark. 15 TOKENS
     3. Ferrari Challenge Stradale - Uncompetitive in the class in general,
it lacks the top speed of the Porsche and the acceleration of the Noble.
Fun to drive I guess, but really it has no place on the top 3 in the
class, being uncompetitive on any track against the above two. However,
it will beat any other car in the class, so it gets the spot. 14 TOKENS

14.                       Extreme
List: Ford GT40
      Porsche 959
      Ferrari F40
      Ferrari F50
      Porsche 911 GT2 (993)
      Jaguar XJ220
      Ascari KZ1

Your Best Picks Online/Sigle Player
     1. Jaguar XJ220 - This is my OWN OPINION. The Jaguar, whether you like
it or not, has a distinct acceleration advantage over both the F40 and F50.
The Jaguar, while shown as being low in powerslide, will slide quite
accomodatingly on turns. It has an extreme power output from low speed, much
like the Mercedes or Stingray. The car also has a higher top speed than the
F40 or F50. It may seem to lack in handling, but I think it corners quite
well. It is becoming more popular, but don't use it in the rain, that would
be bad. A great car, hard to drive, but once learned, unbeatable. 19 TOKENS
     2. Ferrari F50 - This is the average Joe's car for the class. It handles
well, has matching acceleration to the other competitors of the class, and
doesn't slide on friggen ice. The F50, while many may disagree, is a nOOb
mobile and while it may be driven by some of the best, is at best, insanely
underpowered and posessing a huge ammount of understeer. It will beat the F40
in most situations, however, because it is much easier to drive and learn.
     3. Ferrari F40 - The predecessor of the F50, the F40 is an angry rear
engined car, with power distribution much like the Jaguar. It slides very
easily when pushed to do so, handles exceptionally well, but spins the tires
badly at lower speeds. This puts it below the F50 in the hands of the average
driver, due to the fact that the power is difficult to learn and control
adequitely. A good car that's fun to drive, yes, but more difficult to learn
and race. 17 TOKENS

15.                       Ultimate
Note: Joy o joy, the ultimate class. The top FIVE cars will be listed in
this class due to the fact that obviously, the TVR is the best car, and
many people are unable to unlock the Mercedes.

List: Saleen S7
      Ford GT
      Porsche Carrera GT
      Koenigsegg CC V8S
      Enzo Ferrari
      Pagani Zonda
      Mercedes CLK-GTR
      Porsche 911 GT1
      TVR Cerbera Speed 12

Your Best Picks Online/Single Player

     1. TVR Cerbera Speed 12 - The best car, duh, anyone who thinks
otherwise has recently sustained a serious head injury. Slides more than
the average exotic, but accelerates and has better top speed than anything
else, period. ALL PLATINUM
     2. Mercedes CLK-GTR - Those of you who have had the same joy as I in
unlocking this car will realize that on every track except Nurbergring,
the Mercedes has a better chance to win than the Porsche 911 GT1 in the
hands of a skilled driver. The Mercedes has null powerslide, mad
acceleration, and hugs the corners like it's glued to 'em. I love this car,
with a top speed of 194 MPH, it may not be as fast as other cars, but around
the corners, nothing compares. It has a big problem between 0 and 80 MPH, the
tires spin very badly, and to drive well, you've got to master controlling
the car in low speed turns and when recovering from crashes. ALL GOLD
     3. Porsche 911 GT1 - A great car, fast, reliable, easy to drive, and
with a high enough top speed to bolt through Nurbergring's big straights.
However, it does not have the ability to corner and accelerate like the
Mercedes, and is not near as stable around turns. It is a great car, no doubt.
It is also the most commonly used ultimate level car for its ease of driving
and ease of obtaining. Its power is controllable, and it doesn't have that
wild tire spin problem like the Mercedes. ALL SILVER
     4. Koenigsegg CC V8S - With acceleration like the Mercedes and top speed
like the Porsche, one would think the Koenigsegg would best both. It does,
however, lack in top end acceleration, it's a bottle rocket, going 0-60 in
nothing flat, but beyond 160 MPH, it starts to get passed. The Koenigsegg
also lacks the handling of the Porsche and Mercedes, and is unable to keep
up on the turns and complex sections of the circuits. Out of the two problems,
the handling is definitely the bigger one. Around tight turns the Koenigsegg
has to slow way down in advance, it really isn't too nimble. 22 TOKENS
     5. Enzo Ferrari - Yes, the cover car, the big bad machine of the future,
a meager 5th on the scoreboard. You may think, "How dissapointing", or "I
thought it would be much better". Well the fact is, this car is great. Just
not as great as the 4 listed above. In ultimate class, the competition is
tough, and the Enzo just isn't quite tough enough. It's a fun car, but it
has the problem of tire spinning, giving it that out-of-control kind of
feeling to those not used to it. 22 TOKENS

16.                              Thanks


Pierre "Masamune2" Maris can be reached at communist_space_mutant@hotmail.com
For his list of cars.

TacoMan, Contact unknown
For his car spreadsheet.

17.                        Copyright/Legal/Fun!!!

This FAQ may NOT be posted or linked to on any other website than GameFAQs.com,
or any who are noted as contributers. Must be properly cited with authorship
and version number. This FAQ may not be modified or changed in anyway and may
not appear in any other format than is shown on GameFAQs.com This FAQ is for
private viewing only and is not set for mass distribution under protection of
international law.

Any found to post this FAQ outside of set boundaries will be asked to remove
it, and if they do not comply, the host of their website will be asked to
remove it permanently.

I, David Ruddock, can be reached at rdaruddo@hotmail.com

Complete in version 1.5 as of 2/28/04

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