1. Gren Atherson 2D Art Lead
  2. Lee Carter Additional City Art
  3. Matt Cavanagh Additional City Art
  4. Steven Heaney Additional City Art
  5. Stuart jackson Additional City Art
  6. David McDonald Additional City Art
  7. Alan Mullins Additional City Art
  8. Phil Nightingale Additional City Art
  9. Simon Pickard Additional City Art
  10. Gabor Soos Additional City Art
  11. Mike Waterworth Additional City Art
  12. Stephen Cakebread Additonal Programming
  13. Sam Hall Additonal Programming
  14. Steve Penson Additonal Programming
  15. Todd Can Horne Art Content Coordination
  16. Jennett Morgan Art Content Coordination
  17. LouAn Williams Art Content Coordination
  18. Ales Hillman Art Leads
  19. Kiki Wolfkill Art Leads
  20. Pete Comley Audio
  21. Ken Kato Audio
  22. Mary Olson Audio
  23. Greg Shaw Audio
  24. Justin Wood Audio
  25. Mathias Grunwaldt Audio Content Leads
  26. Rainer Heesch Audio Content Leads
  27. Ian Livingstone Audio Content Leads
  28. Andre Hoth Audio Director
  29. Nick Wiswell Audio Lead
  30. Nick Bygrave Audio Prgramming
  31. Keith Pickford Audio Programming
  32. Jonathan Reilly Car Art
  33. Chris Wise Car Art
  34. Gavin Bartlett City Art
  35. Dianne Botham City Art
  36. Boz Briers City Art
  37. Chris Davie City Art
  38. Eddie A. Draper City Art
  39. Paul Hesketh City Art
  40. Eddie Hilditch City Art
  41. Mike McTigue City Art
  42. Alan Mealor City Art
  43. Peter Roe City Art
  44. Joss Scouler City Art
  45. Derek Chapman City Art Leads
  46. Julie McGurren City Art Leads
  47. Ben O'Sullivan City Art Leads
  48. Mark Sharrat City Art Leads
  49. Paul Spencer City Art Leads
  50. Greg Collins Content Creation
  51. Beth Demetrescu Content Creation
  52. Michelle Lomba Content Creation
  53. Tyler Mays Content Creation
  54. Kiki McMillan Content Creation
  55. Fred Northup Jr. Content Lead/Licensed Music Supervisor
  56. Chris Pickford Design and Balance
  57. Ged Talbot Design and Balance
  58. Glyn Williams Design and Balance
  59. Martyn Chudley Design Lead
  60. Craig Cook Development Lead
  61. Bill Giese Game Design Leads
  62. Chris Novak Game Design Leads
  63. Allan Speed Production
  64. Peter Wallace Production
  65. Brian Woodhouse Production
  66. James Jen Program Manager
  67. Garrett Young Program Manager
  68. Ed Clay Programming
  69. Paul Kerby Programming
  70. Phil Snape Programming
  71. David Worswick Programming
  72. Roger Perkins Programming Lead
  73. David Al-Daini Tools Programming
  74. Ian Wilson Tools Programming
  75. Ged Talbot Vehicle Handling Lead


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