1. Marcus Lehto Art Director
  2. Pete Parsons Executive Producer
  3. Marty O'Donnell Music Composer
  4. Michael Salvatori Music Composer
  5. Michel Bastien Producer
  6. Hamilton Chu Producer
  7. Curtis Creamer Producer
  8. Jason Jones Project Lead
  9. John Michael Higgins Voice: 2401 Penitent Tangent
  10. Tim Dadabo Voice: 343 Guilty Spark
  11. Jeff Steitzer Voice: Announcer
  12. Keith David Voice: Arbiter
  13. Ken Boynton Voice: Brute
  14. Chris Edgerly Voice: Brute
  15. Jen Taylor Voice: Cortana
  16. David Scully Voice: Elite
  17. Norm Woodel Voice: Elite
  18. Joseph Staten Voice: Grunt
  19. Miguel Ferrer Voice: Heretic Leader
  20. Marty O'Donnell Voice: Jackals, Flood, and Hunters
  21. Ron Perlman Voice: Lord Hood
  22. David Cross Voice: Marine
  23. Time Dadabo Voice: Marine
  24. Orlando Jones Voice: Marine Sergeant
  25. Steve Downes Voice: Master Chief
  26. Julie Benz Voice: Miranda Keyes
  27. Hamilton Camp Voice: Prophet of Mercy
  28. Robert Atkin Downes Voice: Prophet of Regret
  29. Michael Wincott Voice: Prophet of Truth
  30. David Scully Voice: Sergeant Johnson
  31. Kevin Michael Richardson Voice: Tatarus
  32. Dee Bradley Baker Voice: The Gravemind
  33. Joseph Staten Writer

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