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Reviewed: 12/19/05

Fatal Frame--Turn off the light


Fatal Frame was released back in 2002 and was one of the few actual survival horror games that were meant to scare the hell out of players through intelligent game design. Unlike the Resident Evil series that combines action and horror, Fatal Frame uses the same basic style as the original Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2 to frighten and entertain it’s players. This said, welcome to true survival horror!

Story 10/10
You play as Miku, a young Asian girl looking for her brother Miku. Miku disappeared two weeks earlier while looking for a friend. The story is very solid and well thought out. As you play through the game, you learn more and more of the story and frankly it becomes very interesting. Especially since this game is based on a true story.

Game play 8/10

Unfortunately, the controls can become bothersome and clunky as you play. You will especially notice this when you are ghost busting and cannot get a clear shot of the ghost with your camera in time and take damage. The characters do not move fast enough. On the bright side, the controls are very simple, are easy to remember, they are your basic joystick and four-buttons, and start button.

Graphics and sound 10/10

Since this game was made in, 2002 I have to give credit were credit is due, the graphics are stunning, and the sound makes the game. The sound adds the ambiance to give the ultimate creep factor and the graphics are beautiful.

Re-playability/Rent or Buy 8/10

There are enough extras in this game to keep you busy for a while. Not to mention it is fun coming back to this game after six months and getting scared all over again. You will have many enjoyable hours with this game. If you are a survival horror fan, I encourage you to drop the twenty dollars and pick up a copy of this game. If not then I encourage newbie’s to at least rent it. It is an awesome play.

Overall 9/10

This game is awesome. I have owned for three years now and I am still playing it. I love how this game is meant to scare the player and make the player think instead of senseless violence (not that senseless violence is bad). I highly encourage anyone who loved Silent Hill to pick up a copy of this game; you should be able to find for fewer than twenty bones now. Happy haunting my dear readers.

Rating: 9

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