Review by AndehDulac

Reviewed: 11/04/03

This game will leave you twitching!

I've played the WHOLE Resident Evil series (#2 still being my favorite!!) and I've played game 1 of the Silent Hill series. On top of this, I've seen *MANY* horror movies from Halloween, to Prom Night, to House on Haunted Hill. And nothing scares me anymore... EXCEPT Fatal Frame.

Story 9/10- The coolest part about the whole story line is that it's actually based on a true story. I know, you're all going ''Yeah, *BASED* on a true story.'' But seriously, if any part of the story is even partially true, it makes it THAT much more scary. You play as Miku (who is now one of my favorite survival horror heroines) looking for her older brother in the Himuro Mansion. This mansion seem to like to eat people, since your brother went in there looking for a writer and his crew who disappeared as well. Sounds kinda bland right? Most because you can't really describe Fatal Frame's story in a way the conveys the horror as well as the game does. Watch the intro to the game to get a better idea of the story.

Graphics 10/10- This is the part that REALLY freaked me out more than anything!! The PS2 version of this game had good graphics, but they've been beefed up SO much, it's almost sick! The shadows cast on the ground are enough to actually scare you! The programmers have really out done themselves here. My favorite room being the ''rope hallway,'' it's unreal the details they've gone into, including placing mirrors, and switching to camera angles that make you want to run screaming from the room.

Sound 10/10- I almost have a hard time writing about this because the sounds in Fatal Frame are so frightening it's seriously not funny. I played this game on a BIG screen TV with a half way decent surround sound system, and at some point I had to ask my mother in the next room if she was messing with my head! You'll hear whispers coming from one direction... then voices coming from behind a door... then footsteps from around the corner. The sounds alone in this game are enough to almost scare you out of not playing.

Gameplay 7/10- I never really got used to the whole camera/weapon thing. The idea is that your camera (having once belonged to your now dead mother) is mystical, and trap evil spirits within it. This is how you battle the evil ghosts in Fatal Frame that seek to make you as dead as they are. The system, as odd as it sounds, works though, to a point. After having given the game to a few friends, I've found that some people can pick the system up very easily, and some people just can get it. Pointing and shooting would be easy enough. But you have to wait for the camera to ''charge up'' as mystic symbols flash on the screen. Anyway, like I said, it works for Fatal Frame.

Scare Factor- You can't possibly RATE a video game's scare factor, but I did want to say that Fatal Frame *IS* the scariest game created. Before you starting thinking I'm a moron, I can tell you that I'm a HUGE horror movie fan. I've seen the entire Halloween, Friday 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Scream series, on top of new horror movies from the 90's and classic horror movies from the 80's and 70's. Having seen ALL these movies, nothing really freaks me out anymore. Fatal Frame however, managed to capture atmosphere that NONE of the movies I've seen could. When you open a door and are faced with a pitch black room that you hear whispering coming out of... you REALLY don't want to go in.

Overall 9/10- All in all, I'd say this is a top notch, best seller survival horror game. This makes Resident Evil 2 look like a Pooh Bear game! If Silent Hill 1 or 2 scared you, then Fatal Frame will leave you a twitching, frightened mess! For this reason I *****HIGHLY****** recommend you ***RENT*** this game first. DO NOT out right buy it. I've had 2 friends sell their copy back to Game Stop simply because the game was too scary to move on.

Rating: 9

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