Review by Gandalf685

Reviewed: 09/08/03

My Eyes! My Eyes!

When I first heard of Fatal Frame and read what the game was about it sounded like just another survival horror game like Resident Evil. So I passed it up and didn't give it another thought until Silent Hill 3 was coming out and I heard that Fatal Frame was the scariest game ever. So I was curious and I decided to rent it first. I rented it on PS2 and was nervous as it lay on my dining room table. I was too scared to play it after all I had heard! I popped it in my system and was even a little shaken as the Tecmo logo appeared. But I had no idea, once I was in the game the fun really began. Fatal Frame is scarier than anything I had ever seen! I went out to buy it and found out that it had been released on Xbox too. When I found out that the Xbox version had bonus material on it like better sound, graphics, a new difficulty, and more ghosts. I bought the Xbox version. Here is a summary of how I view this great game:

Story 10/10- You may notice on the cover of this game where it reads ''Based on a True Story'', while the location and many of the gruesome legends are used in the game the main character and her quest are completely fictional. The game starts with Mafuyu searching the Himuro Mansion for Takamine and his team who never returned from the mansion. After a short introduction Miku will enter the scene searching for Mafuyu who also went missing in the mansion. The only protection she has as she explores the dark halls of the mansion is her antique camera, which has the power to defeat the ghosts she encounters. With ghosts around every turn, she hopes that she won't join the host of tortured spirits that inhabit the mansion.

Graphics 10/10- The mood in this game is perfect and is perfectly realized in the creepy atmosphere. The flashlight Miku carries casts shadows across strewn objects. The ghosts are horrifyingly realistic. The animation scenes look great and on the Xbox there is no slow down.

Sound 10/10- This is one area where Fatal Frame shines! From the creaks of boards, to the whispering voices, the sound alone will put you on edge. The moans and screams of the ghosts, though will terrify you. There is nothing like a ghost coming at you screaming ''MY EYES!'' to make you lose all nerve to go forward in the game.

Gameplay 10/10- While the idea of taking pictures of ghosts might remind some of Pokemon Snap, the idea works much better in Fatal Frame. One of the hard things to get over is that instead of mini guns and shotguns you are forced to rely solely on your camera to survive. The camera's power depends upon the type of film in it and certain power ups that have been unlocked. After playing Fatal Frame and getting used to the system you will always want to use a camera as your weapon.

Scare Factor- The scare factor in Fatal Frame is extremely high. It doesn't rely solely on the ghosts jumping out at you to frighten you but, instead gets to you through the atmosphere and the tension. Play this alone, at night, with all of the lights off and as Miku wanders around the mansion you will ask yourself, “Why must I torture myself like this?''. But I can almost certainly guarantee that you will keep on playing and come back for more.

Overall 10/10- I would highly recommend this game to anyone. I would also suggest that you purchase this game. It is one of the best games ever made. Also one of the scariest.

Rating: 10

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