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Reviewed: 07/05/03 | Updated: 07/05/03

Creepy?! Ha! ...more like Horrific (It's just that scary)

Just saved up some money to buy something to add on to my pathetic xbox game collection. Searching wal-mart for any new titles and came across this game. Cameras+taking pictures+probably stupid looking ghost effects = Pathetic was my first assumption. But, couldn't find anything else i liked and thought the name Fatal Frame was interesting so i got it after all. Once i got it, my views on the game turned 180 and this has become, and still is, my favorite scare game to date.

Storyline: 10/10
Very interesting storyline actually. I compare it to Silent Hill. How a loved one dies and a relatvie goes on their search. The constant finding of articles scattered around the house also keeps you interesting and have the desire to continue on just to find out the history of the dreadful event of...the ropes and ceremonies (what i call it). Very unique way of adding a storyline to a game. Can't find anything better than this one and how it was put together although Silent Hill is about equal.

Sound: 10/10
This game is a Must for the following: No noise in the gaming area besides uncontrollable bowel movements and Fatal Frame. It will give you an uncontrollable urge to buy surround sound with the volume fairly high to increase the effect that the sound effects have. (Serisouly having chills thinking back about it). Constant horror music plays in one area and as soon as you move to another, it stops, leaving you wiht the fear that something is going to suddenly jump out and once that feeling goes away, something does happen and makes all your body defenses go up, Chills, increased heart rate, etc. This feeling is almost a constant in this game and never gets old. ghosts crying ''My eyeesssss..MY eyeeesssss'', and little children singing ''ring around the roosssyyy''

Graphics: 9.5/10
Makes you want to get that HDTV just for this game! Simply Fantastic. Graphics for the characters are decent but what mainly affected this score is the ghost production and clarity. I've never known that they could have been develeoped so well in a game. the rest of the gameplay looks similar to silent hill 2 (areas, maps, characters, etc.), a little better though. Another must is to play this game in the dark with at least a 40'' screen.

Gameplay: 8.5/10
Great gameply. Not nearly as puzzling as Silent Hill especially compared with the parts such as ''finding that little key needed to progress to the next area of the game''. This game is really challenging. The better the film of the camera, the rarer it is and you can't buy or find anymore once it's all used up. I had to restart the game several times because of the constant running out of good film. Also as i said before about the storyline, the constant findings of news articles, journal entries, audio tapes aroudn the mansion keeps you really interested in it.

Taking pictures of ghosts? Ha! you must think that right? Well, you will change your mind about this an most of the other aspects of the game quite quickly once you experience it first hand. Hard to explain. Just have to's great.

Scariness: 13/10
13 of ten? Yes! It's just that scary. Hmm, what else could i say that i already haven't said in the above parts? Just be in the night... and it might be a little less scary *lies =)


Looking for a game that actually has an affect on your body and mind? Then get this game, especially if your looking to see if any game could affect you psychologically. Simply...Fantastic

Rating: 10

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