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Reviewed: 06/11/03 | Updated: 06/11/03

Pretender to survival horror

Whenever ''survival horror'' gets brought up, titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill seem to be the main ones brought up. That is why I became curious when I began to hear certain people say Fatal Frame is the scariest game they ever played. I went online and ordered a copy of Fatal Frame for my new XBOX unit and gave it a shot. While I tried to keep an open mind and not form expectations, I expected to get scared. Did I get scared? Read on.

Storyline: 7 of 10

The basics of the ''true'' story involves a girl named Miku searching for her missing brother. He was last seen at this deserted mansion. I'm sure you can figure it out from here. If you played other survival horror titles, its nothing new storyline-wise, and may give you flashbacks of the first Resident Evil. NOTE: I am making comparisons to other survival horror titles because this title has been grouped into that category by its fans.

Controls: 4 of 10

As soon as I saw the game was made by Tecmo I wasn't expecting much from the controls, and I was right. Anyone remember the flaky AI from those Tecmo Super Bowl games? Anyhow, the controls will frustrate. In Silent Hill, you push the control pad in the direction you want to go; and in Resident Evil, it has the inverted controls. Fatal Frame can't decide which of those two schemes to use. Not to mention its a pain to get caught in invisible barriers, and when you fight the enemies, you feel like you don't have true control. The only thing scary about the game is trying to fight a monster knowing you are doomed because you can barely control your character.

Sound: 10 of 10

No complaints here. The sound created a good atmosphere.

Gameplay: 5 of 10

Sadly, the controls ruin the gameplay. At first its not too bad, but just wait until you start getting more into the game.

Originality: 6 of 10

If you can get past the whole idea of another mansion full of weird happenings, the game is quite original. Have you ever took down a ghost with a camera? Well if you play this game you will.

Overall: 5 of 10

While it has some cool innovations, it is not in the same league as other survival horror titles. In Fatal Frame, the controls are awkward, and it feels like I am playing the original Resident Evil again. I suggest picking up Silent Hill 2 for the XBOX over this title, unless you are desperate for a wannabe ''survival horror'' title.

Rating: 5

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