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Reviewed: 12/09/02 | Updated: 12/09/02

This game will scare you, really, it will...

Ok. When I got this, I thought to myself, this definitely will not be as scary as Silent Hill or Resident Evil. To my surprise, it was scarier than both.

Graphics: (7) Not bad. Nice looking ghosts mix in with a creepy atmosphere in a haunted mansion. The environments are dark and morbid, and really pull you into the game. The ghosts look freaky, and there are many different types of them. The cutscenes, and there are plenty of them, look great, and are also very scary. Me and my friends were very frightened because of the suspense throughout each new room and cut scene.

Sound- (9) Wow, the sounds are scary, with the ghosts moaning and groaning throughout and outside of the mansion, you'll be paranoid about every decision you make, cause you won't know what will pop out at you. One thing that scared me a lot was one of the ghost with gouged out eyes moaning ''My eyes, my eyes.'' Ohhhh, creepy.

Gameplay: (8) The controller is perfect for the game. B activates your camera, which is used to trap the ghosts spirit and gets you points. A or Right trigger snaps the photo. You move around with the analog stick. One huge problem is the constant ''trap'' that occurs while you are walking near a wall. Miku, who is the main character, may get stuck against a wall, like she is trapped. With that aside, the game is easy to pick up, especially if you are a survival horror veteran. One cool feature is that you can update your camera with the points you receive from ''trapping'' the ghosts spirit. Your camera can increase its focus, speed, and range, and there are also special bonuses you can buy.

Story: (9) Great story, and the mystery unravels itself very smoothly as you get farther in the story.

Immersion: (9) Oh wow, is this game scary. From the beginning, me and my pals got totally immersed in the atmosphere of the game. The creepiness of the mansion and the ghosts popping out from all over make this game frightening. Also, not all ghosts are bad, and some good spirits may show up in some areas, pointing to important locations in the mansion, and outside of it too.

+Very scary, you will be terrified
+Good graphics, a step up from the PS2 version
+Very good sounds, from the moans to the groans of the ghosts
-Clipping issues, you tend to get stuck a lot, especially during heated battles with evil ghosts
-It ended

Final Thought: I have to say, I really underestimated this game. It is probably, by far, the scariest game I have ever played. Trust me, because I have played both Silent Hills and all the Resident Evil games. This game deserves every true survival horror veteran's attention.

Rating: 8

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