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Reviewed: 12/08/02 | Updated: 12/08/02

The mystery begins....You will now journey to the realm of ghosts..


Fatal Frame was first introduced to the PS2 and was claimed to be based on a true story. It's story is unique and has game play that I found very interesting. You enter a house trying to uncover the mystery that has surrounded the disappearance of former visitors. You have a camera that enables you to battle the ghost's spirit in effect capturing the ghost on film.
The great thing is they re worked the game to take advantage of the X-Boxes powerful graphics capability and sound so you are not just getting a port.

Sound :

Normally I would start off with graphics one of the areas I think are critical for a game to receive high marks in order to be great however this game goes against the grain in the fact that sound is more important as you are in a dark house using a flash light and what you hear is more important that what you see. First the game takes full advantage of the X-Boxes in game 5.1 sound capabilities it is so eerie hearing the creaks and groans behind, beside or in front of you. It gives a true ambient feel to the game immersing you into the realm of ghosts. You should hook this up in 5.1 to really get the feel for this game it just might freak you out. As this is what makes this game so incredible I give it 10

Graphics :

Tecmo re-worked this game to take advantage of the power of the PS2 and done a nice job. The lighting is so incredible it will blow you away. The battle system is so unique there is one weapon that is your camera and it's up to you to ''shoot'' the ghost and capture it on film. You walk around in 3rd person view which works well then switch to 1st person when working the camera. When you are looking at the game you may notice the lack of colour another nice touch considering you are walking around in the dark you would no notice the different hues and tones. Overall this game does just fine in the graphic department and I would easily give it an 8.

Game Play :

What I like about this game is your not hacking slashing trying or trying to blow a ghost's head off. You are trying as I said before to capture the spirit of the ghost and put it on your film. You have to pay attention to every detail doors that were closed and are now open, sounds of something walking or a creaking board. It's up to you to find the ghost not the other way around. This is a puzzle type game that requires thinking and intuition. Nothing is to be taken for granted you have to be very cautious. I would say at least an 8

Re playability :

Well I am not sure I will want to play it again right away but it is a fairly lengthy game as I have put in a week now and have not as far as I can tell even close to the end. This is a game where you sit down for a couple of hours and play and figure just what is you need to do. I would very much suggest a buy here as it is so unique such an eerie game and one you will be sure to get hooked.

Overall :

I think if you like spooky games that make you feel as if you are in the game you will want to pick up this game it truly is unique in all it's aspect's and one you will be glad you tried.

Rating: 9

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