Review by Halo Master92

Reviewed: 07/13/04

A very good game

DRIV3R comes from two very excellent games about, you guessed it, driving! Let's see how it stacks up to its predecessors

Gameplay will be broken down into 4 parts AI, control, driving, and on foot

AI: The driving AI is excellent. It has been greatly improved from the first 2 games. Police cars no longer try to smash your car into oblivion. Unfortunately it isn’t the same story on foot. The enemy shooting AI is horrible, they just stand in one spot and shoot, but the pedestrian AI isn’t too bad. They at least try to get out of the way when you drive out of the sidewalk.

AI 7/10

Control: Very comfortable control, each car handles differently and accordingly. And there’s even a slow motion button, which is really neat.


Driving: This is best part of the whole game and the reason that you are looking at this review it. There are many jumps and while you are jumping you can press the slow-mo button and usually get an awesome view of the car.


On Foot: In my opinion this is the game’s biggest fault. Tanner is fine on foot, but the horrible AI is what ruins the game for me.


Overall Gameplay: 7.75

Story: Pretty basic, you’re an undercover cop trying to stop a gang of car thieves from stealing a bunch of the world’s most expensive cars.


Graphics: Spectacular! Very, very good lighting effects, on cars and on people and everything looks realistic. These are best cut scenes that I have ever seen before.


Sound: realistic engine sounds , realistic gun sounds and excellent background music. And if you don’t like the background music it has custom soundtracks.


Replay Value: There tons of secrets to find in Take A Ride(TAR), and it is also neat to make a whole bunch of jumps off ramps. Film Director mode is where you can look at your replay and turn it into your own little action movie.


Overall Score 9.35/10

Rent or buy: I say buy if you liked the first two drivers, but if you're skeptical then rent it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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