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    FAQ/Walkthrough by russell100uk

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/07/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    AUTHOR: Russ
    E-MAIL: russell100uk@yahoo.co.uk
    CREATED: 27/06/04
    LAST UPDATE: 08/07/04
    VERSION: 1.0
    Based on the European (PAL) version of the game
    1.	INTRO
    a)	Disclaimer
    b)	Author's notes
    a)	Controls
    b)	The Cities
    c)	The Vehicles
    d)	The Weapons
    a)	Miami
    b)	Nice
    c)	Istanbul
    a)	Secret Vehicles
    b)	Timmy Vermicelli Location's
    c)	Cheats
    6.	CREDITS
    Copyright (c) Russ 2004 All Rights Reserved. This FAQ is exclusively
    for personal and private use. It cannot be reproduced, modified,
    re-edited, published or used for any promotional or commercial purposes.
    See below for more details on how to use this FAQ in your site.
    Driv3r (c) Reflections Development Limited, 2004. All rights reserved.
    I am not in no way affiliated to Reflections or any companies that
    were involved with this game.
    This Guide is published on www.gamefaqs.com. If you wish to add this
    guide to your site please contact me first and I'll be happy to grant
    permission. Additonally, if you wish to contribute information to the
    guide, feel free to contact me via e-mail and if your info is useful
    I'll give you due credit.
    So, I created this FAQ for two reasons. One: I was bored stupid and two:
    because I've been anticipating this game for so long that I figured I'd
    be doing it a great disservice should I fail to finish it 100%. I
    thought many more of you felt the same way but didn't have time/couldn't
    be bothered to do it the same service. Plus I've never written a guide
    Right, now that the niceties/legal claptrap are out of the way, let's
    get on with the game!
    					THE BASICS
    Open up the booklet that came with the game and there's a full,
    comprehensive list of the game controls. However, if that's not enough,
    here they are in slightly more detail.
    Left Analogue Stick/D-Pad - Steering
    Use the left analogue stick to steer your vehicle.
    X - Accelerate
    Put pedal to the metal and haul ass.
    (Note: You can also push the Right Analogue Stick forward for the same
    Circle - Burnout
    Need a quick getaway? Press Circle and watch smoke spew from your tyres
    and the cops disappear in your rearview mirror.
    (Note: Circle can also be used to accelerate.)
    Square - Brake/Reverse
    When the vehicle is moving press Square to slow it down, turn and you
    may very well perform a slide manoeuvre. When you're stationary, hold
    Square to put the vehicle in reverse.
    (Note: You can also push the Right Analogue Stick down for the same
    Triangle - Handbrake
    Going hell for leather and there's a corner up ahead? No problem, just
    hit Triangle to engage the handbrake and swing the vehicle around the
    R1 - Horn
    Honks the horn. The cops look favorably on you tooting the horn to warn
    pedestrians and you won't incur such a high felony rating.
    L1 - Enter/Exit Vehicle
    Simply approach any vehicle and press L1. Tanner will throw the occupant
    to the road and take control. However, this is sometimes risky. Some
    drivers (especially those of trucks, van's and taxi's) turn vigilante and
    shoot at you, so caution is advised. When driving at speed pressing L1
    causes Tanner to leap from the moving vehicle and incur health loss. When
    the car is stationary (regardless of whether or not its wheels are on the
    ground) you can leave the vehicle.
    R1 and L1 - Thrill Cam Mode
    Pressing and holding both buttons causes the camera to switch to the new
    "Thrill Cam Mode" which is basically a flimic camera angle complete with
    slo-mo and motion blur effects. It's only a gimic but if you're going for
    a death defying stunt it's nice to have around.
    R2 - Look Right
    Holding R2 swings the camera 90 degrees, allowing Tanner to look to his
    right. Useful when approaching intersections or while cruising for secret
    L2 - Look Left
    As above, only Tanner looks left.
    L2 and R2 - Look Behind
    Pressing and holding the two buttons switches the camera 180 degrees,
    acting as a rearview mirror and allowing you to see who's on your tail
    (be it cops or mobsters).
    Select - Change View
    Choose between Third Person (behind car) and First Person (in car).
    Left Analogue Stick/D-Pad - Movement
    Push forward and Tanner runs. Push back and he backtracks. Left or right
    and he strafes. Combine with the Right analogue stick to turn and run at
    the same time.
    Right Analogue Stick - Look/Weapon Aim
    When Tanner's weapon is holstered using the stick allows you to observe
    the surroundings. When his weapon is unholstered, a crosshair appears
    allowing you to aim at whatever you see fit. When positioned over
    pedestrians the target turns either red (enemies) or blue (cops,
    X - Jump
    Allows tanner to jump, useful when, for example, leaving a boat or
    crossing close walkways. Use when running for best results.
    Circle - Reload
    When Tanner is low on ammo, press Circle for him to reload.
    (providing he has enough of course)
    Square - Change Weapon
    Cycle between all available weapons.
    Triangle - Holster/Unholster Weapon
    Press once and Tanner will draw the currently selected weapon. Press
    again and he will holster it. (Note: In Take A Ride mode cops will
    automatically attack Tanner if he has a weapon visible.)
    R1 - Fire
    Press R1 to fire the currently selected weapon.
    (Note: Pressing R1 automatically unholsters Tanner's weapon.)
    L1 - No Function
    R2 - No Function
    L2 - Crouch/Roll
    When Tanner is stationary press L2 and he will crouch, allowing him to
    duck behind cars, bins etc. Useful when under heavy gunfire. When
    Tanner is on the run, press L2 and he will perform a roll move, making
    it harder to be hit.
    Select - Change View
    Choose between First and Third Person viewpoints.
    					THE CITIES
    Tanner's first port of call, Miami is split into Downtown and beachfront
    area's and boasts sprawling highways and elevated Metro lines among its
    many features. The beachfront area is chock full of hotels while the
    downtown area includes the docks, the high rise commercial sector and
    the residential area's of Coconut Grove and Coral Gables. The vehicles
    are pure muscle, save the odd Italian import and anyone with a knowledge
    of 70's cinema will recognise most instantly.
    After the relative flatness of Miami, Nice provides a totally different
    gameplay experience, split into two parts. One part is a beachfront
    playground for the rich and richer, with casino's, restaurant's and
    cafe's lining the narrow back streets and wide, open boulevards.
    The other presents the twisty-turny mountain roads in all their glory,
    providing a unique driving challenge. The vehicles too, are different.
    Say bye bye to the brash American muscle cars and welcome the new breed
    of Euro motors encompassing humdrum hatchbacks, classy convertibles and
    scintillating sportscars.
    The final city, and arguably the best, Istanbul is as varied as they
    come and thanks to the shockingly bad road system (even worse than
    London's) it's full of narrow alleyways to lose your tail in. Among
    Istanbul's unique features are a working tramway and countless mosques,
    recognisable by the chant that drones while you pass by. Unfortunately,
    Istanbul is stuck in a time warp and its transportation is so old most
    wouldn't be legally roadworthy in many countries. 50's and 60's Chevy's,
    Cadillac's and Oldsmobile's are in abundance, as well as a few, more
    exotic, models.
    There's are over 70 different vehicles in the game, each boasting its
    own unique handling, performance and damage model. Although you may
    recognise some of the vehicles in the game as real, none are licensed
    (due to the carpocalyptical nature of the crash damage) therefore all
    information here is purely speculation and opinion (backed up by some
    hefty evidence and research).
    The following is a list of all the regular vehicles in the game (for
    the secret ones, see Section 4), divided up between the three cities.
    I have rated each one in five categories. Strength, Speed, Handling,
    Fun Factor and Overall. Each rating is out of 10. I have also written
    a brief description of the car and what I believe to be its real life
    Ford Mustang
    An American icon, the 'Stang has been America's premiere sports car for
    40 years. This is a late 60's 500 model and is every bit as fun as Steve
    McQueen made out.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 8
    HANDLING - 8
    FUN - 8
    OVERALL - 8
    Adopting a Japanese style, the Superbike is awesomely fast and perfect
    for Miami's vast highways.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 9
    HANDLING - 8
    FUN - 8
    OVERALL - 8
    The sort of thing most associated with leather jackets and bar brawls,
    the Chopper is a retro slice of Americana. It may look cool but you're
    not going to go anyway fast while riding one.
    STRENGTH - 7
    SPEED - 6
    HANDLING - 6
    FUN - 5
    OVERALL - 6
    Dodge Charger
    THE American muscle car, the Mustang may have presence but the Charger
    has the attitude. Super handling and impressive top speed make this a
    thoroughly recommended ride.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 7
    HANDLING - 8
    FUN - 8
    OVERALL - 8
    Pontiac Trans-Am
    The car Burt Reynolds drove in the "Bandit" movies. Unfortunately it
    doesn't come in black or with a targa roof.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 7
    HANDLING - 8
    FUN - 8
    OVERALL - 8
    Ferrari 308 GTB
    An Italian stallion, the 308 GTB is a late 70's era model from the
    prancing horse that signaled the changing style to become commonplace
    in 80's Ferrari's. Miami's best mode of transport, its speed is
    blistering and it's handling electric. A real treat, made all the
    more sweet by their common availability.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 9
    HANDLING - 8
    FUN - 9
    OVERALL - 9
    A large machine, the Taxi appears all over the city and is a dull as
    dishwater to drive. Its saving grace is it is a decent all-rounder,
    good for when you're in a tight spot.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 6
    HANDLING - 6
    FUN - 4
    OVERALL - 6
    Chevrolet Monte Carlo
    Another car from the era of V8 everythings, the Monte Carlo is a nice
    all-rounder, let down by it's slightly sluggish handling.
    STRENGTH - 7
    SPEED - 6
    HANDLING - 6
    FUN - 7
    OVERALL - 7
    Lincoln Mercury
    One of those sedan's that has a V8 yet only does 100, the Mercury is a
    luxury sedan so sought after by career guys in the 70's. Thoroughly
    average in all respects, it's nonetheless a decent car.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 6
    HANDLING - 6
    FUN - 6
    OVERALL - 6
    Ford Bronco
    Having become something of a cult classic in recent years, this is an
    early 80's model, its hefty build ensures its dominance at
    STRENGTH - 7
    SPEED - 5
    HANDLING - 5
    FUN - 6
    OVERALL - 6
    A large pickup with a high ground clearance, probably based on a GMC
    or a Dodge. Not too nice to drive but it wipes out most obstacles in
    its path.
    STRENGTH - 7
    SPEED - 5
    HANDLING - 5
    FUN - 6
    OVERALL - 6
    Chevrolet Corvette Stingray L88
    A 60's classic, the Stingray is a true muscle car, with a 6 litre V8
    stored underneath its massive bonnet. With ace handling, the Stingray
    is the epitome of US muscle.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 7
    HANDLING - 8
    FUN - 8
    OVERALL - 8
    Your bog-standard delivery van, it's strong but slow and is a poor
    STRENGTH - 7
    SPEED - 4
    HANDLING - 6
    FUN - 6
    OVERALL - 6
    Lamborghini? (Used to chase Gator in "Retribution")
    Okay, you got me, what the hell is it? I though Lambo but I can't
    find one that looks remotely similar, although the Jalpa has a similar
    roof. It could be some sort of De Tomaso, but my guess is it's an
    obscure American car I've never seen or heard of. A quick mover, it
    suffers from slight oversteer but is nonetheless a good drive.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 8
    HANDLING - 7
    FUN - 7
    OVERALL - 7
    Dump Truck
    Become King of the Road as you drive this monster 6-wheeler. Nothing
    will stands in your way when you take charge of this beast.
    STRENGTH - 9
    SPEED - 5
    HANDLING - 4
    FUN - 9
    OVERALL - 8
    A city bus. It's slow and unresponsive, but huge and imposing and takes
    tons of damage before it gives out.
    STRENGTH - 9
    SPEED - 4
    HANDLING - 5
    FUN - 8
    OVERALL - 7
    Sobe Delivery Truck
    Doesn't drive around the city, so really, a special vehicle for Miami.
    Strong as an Ox and surprisingly fast, it's a fun bash 'n' crash
    STRENGTH - 9
    SPEED - 7
    HANDLING - 5
    FUN - 8
    OVERALL - 8
    Strangely unselectable from the main menu, but don't worry, you're not
    missing much. Average speed and handling but it does take a good
    STRENGTH - 7
    SPEED - 6
    HANDLING - 6
    FUN - 5
    OVERALL - 6
    Police Car (Chevrolet Caprice)
    Your usual black and white, it's not too quick and it's not a great
    handler, so no wonder the police can't touch you!
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 6
    HANDLING - 6
    FUN - 7
    OVERALL - 6
    BMW 6-Series
    The first time I saw it, I knew it was a Beamer and I'm sticking with
    that belief. It's the two door coupe that Calita's gang uses on the
    mission "Hunted". If you're still stuck then think back to an episode
    of "Eastenders" (that long running British soap opera), It's the car
    Steve Owen got blown up in.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 7
    HANDLING - 8
    FUN - 8
    OVERALL - 8
    Supposedly based on the Italian superbike, the Ducatti is a rip
    roaring success in every aspect. Awesome handling coupled with insane
    speed ensures this is a great getaway vehicle. Just mind those kerbs.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 9
    HANDLING - 8
    FUN - 8
    OVERALL - 8
    The Vespa is slooow, but makes up for that by being a doddle to handle.
    Ideal for cruising the back alleys.
    STRENGTH - 7
    SPEED - 3
    HANDLING - 9
    FUN - 6
    OVERALL - 6
    Renault 19
    A good all-rounder. It may look mundane but ignore it at your peril.
    STRENGTH - 7
    SPEED - 7
    HANDLING - 7
    FUN - 7
    OVERALL - 7
    Citroen CX
    Quintessentially a Citroen, it stands out like a sore thumb and they
    are everywhere. Average in every department, it's a car you'll only
    drive when you're desperate.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 6
    HANDLING - 6
    FUN - 5
    OVERALL - 5
    Lamborghini Countash
    It looks a little more modern, the front end is changed slightly, but
    that rear spoiler is a dead giveaway. One of the best cars in the game,
    lightning acceleration and speed, backed up by solid handling. A gem.
    STRENGTH - 5
    SPEED - 9
    HANDLING - 7
    FUN - 9
    OVERALL - 8
    Maserati Bora
    A 70's supercar, the Bora is a sleek and stylish alternative to a Lambo
    or a Ferrari. It has speed and handles pretty well, but it'll always
    be second best to the Countash.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 8
    HANDLING - 7
    FUN - 7
    OVERALL - 7
    Fiat Panda
    Small and boxy, and the front is completely changed but the square
    design is hard to hide. What it lacks in speed it more than makes up
    for in handling, its small and nippy nature means it's ideal for the
    narrow French streets.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 5
    HANDLING - 8
    FUN - 6
    OVERALL - 6
    Audi 80 (Taxi)
    Before Audi's became fashionable. The 80 is a square sedan that lacks
    speed or charisma. The addition of a "taxi" sign on top does little to
    improve its street cred.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 6
    HANDLING - 5
    FUN - 4
    OVERALL - 5
    Fiat Tipo
    A medium size, unassuming hatchback, it also appears in police colours.
    I'm not 100% sure it's a Tipo, certain aspects say to me VW Golf,
    but it lacks that cars charisma.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 6
    HANDLING - 5
    FUN - 4
    OVERALL - 5
    Renault 5
    No question, it's a 5. Of all the cars in the game this is the most
    obvious. It's also one of the most mundane.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 5
    HANDLING - 5
    FUN - 5
    OVERALL - 5
    Ford Mustang Convertible
    Unmistakably a Mustang, it's a late 80's model. A good chase car, it's
    a well balanced machine.
    STRENGTH - 5
    SPEED - 7
    HANDLING - 7
    FUN - 7
    OVERALL - 7
    Aston Martin V8 Vantage
    Ah, a slice of British beef. The V8 is Britain's version of a muscle
    car, and it's a damn fine one too. Watch it zoom along the highway and
    then easily traverse the twisty backstreets with ease.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 8
    HANDLING - 8
    FUN - 7
    OVERALL - 8
    BMW 507
    A classic Beamer that handles like a dream.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 7
    HANDLING - 8
    FUN - 8
    OVERALL - 8
    Jaguar E-Type
    After much deliberation I'll concede this is a Jag. The basic shape is
    similar, but it looks too short and the front end looks like it belongs
    to a Cobra. Still, it's a great drive.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 7
    HANDLING - 8
    FUN - 6
    OVERALL - 7
    Renault Delivery Van
    Based on a 60's Renault, the delivery van is a nightmare to drive,
    suffering from heavy understeer, poor performance and a desire to end
    up on its roof. Avoid.
    STRENGTH - 5
    SPEED - 5
    HANDLING - 4
    FUN - 6
    OVERALL - 5
    Renault Pickup Truck
    Essentially the delivery van in pickup mode, this scores higher thanks
    to the weight loss. No longer does going round corners become such a
    lottery, as it grips much better and enjoys a slightly higher top
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 6
    HANDLING - 6
    FUN - 6
    OVERALL - 6
    Renault Van
    A slow, unresponsive clunker, the one saving grace is its strength,
    which you'll be glad of during the first person missions.
    STRENGTH - 7
    SPEED - 5
    HANDLING - 5
    FUN - 5
    OVERALL - 5
    Volvo Truck
    Called a "Dolva" but it's fooling nobody. The Truck is a great vehicle
    to go on the rampage with, its weight means most vehicles are swatted
    away like flies. Not too slow, either.
    STRENGTH - 9
    SPEED - 6
    HANDLING - 5
    FUN - 7
    OVERALL - 7
    It's a bus. Strength is its forte so it's always fun for a quick bash.
    STRENGTH - 9
    SPEED - 4
    HANDLING - 5
    FUN - 8
    OVERALL - 7
    Peterbilt Rig
    On its own it's merely another truck, but add a trailer... and fun,
    here we come. Reflections have done a great job with the physics of the
    juggernaut, ensuring it feels authentic, whether you're cruising the
    beachfront or weaving through mountain roads, it's always a challenge
    and always top fun. (Note: In Take A Ride mode you can select the
    18-Wheeler in any city).
    STRENGTH - 9
    SPEED - 6
    HANDLING - 6
    FUN - 9
    OVERALL - 8
    Police Car (Fiat Tipo)
    Better than the plain version, thanks to police tuning. Better
    handling and speed means it's a decent ride.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 7
    HANDLING - 7
    FUN - 7
    OVERALL - 7
    60's Buick
    Don't know what it's called, it's a 2-door V8. Mundane but workalike.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 6
    HANDLING - 6
    FUN - 6
    OVERALL - 6
    The handling takes some getting used to but then... wow! It's so direct
    you need never brake again, perfect for slotting between heavy traffic
    or, better still, through the network of alleyways.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 7
    HANDLING - 9
    FUN - 8
    OVERALL - 8
    Lacking the vivacity of the Nice model, this scooter offsets the
    weaker handling with an improved performance and is still a reasonably
    fun ride.
    STRENGTH - 7
    SPEED - 5
    HANDLING - 7
    FUN - 6
    OVERALL - 6
    Chevy Taxi
    A "checker" as they call them in the States. Basically a 50's Chevy
    painted yellow, it's as common as they come and offers little in the
    way of thrills.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 5
    HANDLING - 6
    FUN - 5
    OVERALL - 6
    A beat-up pickup,, probably a Ford or some other yanky import, it's
    another uninspiring ride and suffers from heavy body roll.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 6
    HANDLING - 5
    FUN - 5
    OVERALL - 5
    Chevrolet Impala
    It's the car that's always "blinged" up, with alloys and a hydraulics
    kit, in the "hood" movies. In plain form though, it's a solid drive.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 6
    HANDLING - 7
    FUN - 6
    OVERALL - 6
    Station Wagon
    Something from the 70's, don't know what exactly. Has those awful
    wooden door panels so common on 70's station wagon's.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 5
    HANDLING - 5
    FUN - 4
    OVERALL - 5
    Datsun 240Z
    A classic from the land of the rising sun, the Datsun is the first of
    what became Nissan's "Z Cars". Superb speed and handling make it the
    most sought after car in Istanbul.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 8
    HANDLING - 8
    FUN - 8
    OVERALL - 8
    Alpine Renault 110
    Don't let its sporty looks fool you. This 70's French sportscar suffers
    from horrible understeer, making it hard work to drive.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 7
    HANDLING - 5
    FUN - 6
    OVERALL - 6
    Mercedes Convertible
    Again, not 100% sure what car this is, but I think, it's an old Merc.
    An above average ride.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 7
    HANDLING - 7
    FUN - 7
    OVERALL - 7
    One of the strongest vehicles in the game, the Turkish bus will take
    whatever you throw at it, and then some.
    STRENGTH - 10
    SPEED - 5
    HANDLING - 6
    FUN - 8
    OVERALL - 8
    Another monster, let down slightly by its top heavy weight distribution
    meaning it's easy to topple.
    STRENGTH - 9
    SPEED - 5
    HANDLING - 5
    FUN - 8
    OVERALL - 8
    Like the other commercial vehicles in Turkey, the flatbed is a rock
    and will easily dispatch anything in its path.
    STRENGTH - 9
    SPEED - 4
    HANDLING - 4
    FUN - 8
    OVERALL - 7
    Police Car (Renault 4)
    The cops in Istanbul are mental and surprisingly, despite it's shoddy
    appearance, this car isn't half bad. It may or may not be a Renault,
    but it shares some of that cars attributes.
    STRENGTH - 6
    SPEED - 7
    HANDLING - 6
    FUN - 7
    OVERALL - 7
    					THE BOATS
    Boat are... well, they're boats, they travel on water and all have a
    V-shaped front. Basically, boats are boring. They're not particularly
    quick (not even the cigarette boat) and driving them is dull, dull,
    dull. So, I'm not going to waste my (or your) time rating them and
    talking about them. That would be dull. All that you need to know is
    in some missions you MUST use a boat, and also a boat would be
    recommended to find several of the Timmy's in Miami and Nice. There,
    that's all I have to say on the matter.
    					THE WEAPONS
    There are nine weapons in the game. As you play through Undercover
    mode, more will become available to you in Take A Ride mode. You can
    restock your weapons ammo and top up your health in TAR by visiting
    one of the three safehouses in each city.
    Clip size: 17
    Tanner's starting weapon, the .45 comes complete with unlimited
    ammunition. Average stopping power and reload time.
    9mm Beretta
    Clip Size: 10
    A more powerful handgun, the 9mm is the standard police issue. Pick up
    ammo of any dead cops.
    Silenced 9mm
    Clip Size: 10
    Same as the 9mm, only equipped with a suppressor. Only really useful
    in stealth missions.
    Clip Size: 8
    Excellent stopping power offsets its slow reload. The cops use them if
    your felony level is high enough.
    Clip Size: 32
    A powerful sub-machine gun, with a quick fire rate. Bad guys use them
    in the early levels.
    Clip Size: 30
    Another sub-machine gun, this one is slightly slower but more accurate,
    hence, more deadly.
    Clip Size: 60
    Lightning quick fire rate means it's awesome on vehicles.
    Clip Size: 60
    A heavy duty machine gun, the M16 has a high accuracy rate coupled
    with a fast fire rate.
    M-79 Grenade Launcher
    Clip Size: 1
    The ultimate murderliser, the grenade launcher requires care to use
    well. The grenades have a tendency to bounce in all directions, so
    make sure you're well out of its way when it goes bang.
    Undercover mode is the main bulk of the action, comprising of 25 missions,
    involving both driving and on-foot action, spread across three diverse
    The game begins with a cutscene, and what a cutscene! Tanner, Jones and
    other accomplices are engaged in a heated gun battle with a mysterious
    jacketed figure, Jericho, who's using the Istanbul PD as his own personal
    firing range. Here is where we see how detailed and cinematic DRIV3R is,
    with the action rivaling Michael Mann for sheer atmosphere.
    Then, suddenly the action switches to a hospital, and Tanner is
    unconscious, as doctors hurriedly flutter around trying to resuscitate
    him. The heart monitor flatlines...
    Police HQ
    ...And here's where you come in, as the action shifts to the sun
    drenched streets of Miami, six months earlier, and we see a fully
    mobile Tanner arrive at his plush beachfront condo in a classic
    seventies Charger. The phone rings, Tanner's been cleared for the
    shooting range.
    A simple first mission, taking place among the luscious sight of Miami
    at dawn, simply get to the Police HQ marked on the map. You'll find a
    car in your garage and don't worry about speed limits as there are no
    smokey out at this early hour.
    When you arrive, head through the open door. A desk clerk informs you
    the firing range is all yours. Head through the door with a picture of
    an assault rifle through it and begin the course. The aim is to kill
    the bad guys (red) and protect the innocents (blue). It's all a very
    simple introduction to the new third person mode, strafe side to side
    and you'll finish it in no time at all. When you reach the end a
    scoresheet will appear and the mission will end.
    Lead on Baccus
    Now it all gets a bit serious. Miami PD have a lead on a notorious
    driver for the South Beach ring named Baccus. Smokey are hot on the
    lead and you've got to follow them. Take the cop car parked out front
    and follow the black and white to its destination. It shouldn't be too
    hard to keep up, just watch out as just before you cross the bridge to
    the mainland, another cop pulls out and joins the chase. Keep your speed
    up and try not to crash and you'll reach the siege location.
    The Siege
    You've reached Baccus's hideout, but there's a hitch. He's taken a call
    girl hostage and, after gunshots, Tanner steams in after him.
    From your starting position, head up the end of the street. Strafe
    around the wall and help the cops dispatch the two guards out front.
    Inside there are two more goons, one next to a Monte Carlo and the
    other dead centre of the entrance. Once you've dispatched them another
    cutscene plays, Baccus gets into a Trans-Am and hauls ass outta there,
    leaving Tanner to follow in the Monte Carlo.
    Burnout off the yard and onto the street, passing the army of cops.
    Baccus takes the first left onto the main road. The car you're driving
    certainly isn't quick and it's a heavy handler, but try not to let that
    put you off. Baccus will drive on pavements and through parking lots to
    try and lose you, but don't let him, just keep it straight until he
    takes a left and then a right underneath the Metro line. Even if
    you're behind at the point he turns right, don't worry. A short
    cutscene plays and his car hits the wall. BOOM! Another cutscene
    follows, Tanner negotiates to pose as a driver in order to take back a
    V8 from a rival gang and deliver it to Calita's South Beach crew.
    Tanner and Jones discuss the impending plan and we learn that Calita
    did away with her own crew after they were kidnapped, only one survived
    the explosion. Lomaz.
    Up until now things have been relatively straight forward, but this is
    the first mission that's going to test you. Tanner's posing as a driver
    for the South Beach gang, and he's heading to the Gold Coast hotel to
    take back a car from Tico's gang. The goons think you're a South Beach
    member but then so do the cops.
    The Gold Coast Hotel is right up the north point of the beachfront and
    whatever you do, don't get a police tail, they are hard to lose and you
    don't need more hassle than you're already going to get, do you? Drive
    conservatively, especially when in the presence of patrol cars. Do that
    and you should arrive at your destination unscathed.
    You'll arrive at the back entrance to the hotel. Park up and head up
    the staircase until you reach blue double doors. You're aiming for the
    roof exit at the top so make your way up the stairs. Ignore all the
    doors to the hotel, there's nothing there, except one which has a goon
    guarding it. Blast him and continue to the top. Push the brown door
    open, you'll be in a utilities room. Find the black door, this leads to
    the roof.
    Push it open, three goons are gathered, quickly blast them before they
    get a chance to spread out. Head down the staircase where the tanks are,
    two more enemies await. Kill them and look up to the staircase that
    leads to the opposite roof, there's a guard at the top with a sub-machine
    gun. Blast him from below and head up, collecting the weapon as you go.
    On this roof, there's health to the right of the building in front of
    you. On top of this roof you'll find two more goons close by, one hiding
    behind a vent, the other runs when he spots you coming up the stairs.
    Blast them and then there's two more. One in the top right hand corner
    and the other to the left of an entranceway. A bit of strafe and shoot
    should sort them out. Before you go through the entrance, pick up the
    health pack by the door. Go through the doorway and enter the elevator,
    which takes you down to an underground car park.
    When the doors open, dispatch two goons in front of you. There's
    another perched inside a control room and three more ambushing you to
    your left, using parked cars as cover. Dispatch them and turn towards
    the control room. Two more goon descend via elevator, blast them, head
    inside the control room and press the switch to open the garage door.
    There's health inside if you need it. Head towards the parked Chevrolet
    Corvette Stingray and through the open doors back onto the street.
    Now, don't wreck it. Look at the car's health bar. You'll see a mark
    at about the quarter way mark. Don't get the damage meter above that
    or it's game over. You need to deliver the car to Calita's safehouse
    across the bridge, a fact not helped by the presence of a malevolent
    Trans-Am, determined to bring you down. Drive evasively and you should
    be able to lose him before you reach your target. If not, head a bit
    further up the road, weaving between the palm trees, and the pursuer
    will soon total his car. Head over the bridge, step out of the car
    and approach the door. Watch the cutscene as Tanner becomes a member
    of Calita's gang.
    Impress Lomaz
    It seems Lomaz, Calita's trusty understudy, isn't terribly certain of
    your credentials. Time to put him straight. Head for your Cigarette
    Boat docked next to your house and cross the stretch of water heading
    towards the mainland, following where the ocean flows into a river.
    Dock at the pier and hop onto dry land where Lomaz waits next to two
    You're in a yard owned by rival gang leader, Tico. Lomaz wants you too
    make a mess of it. Get into the car on the left and follows the markers
    telling you what to destroy. You've got 90 seconds to wreck it. Blast
    through the gates and head forward. Smash the oildrums then launch
    over the ramp and destroy that too. Handbrake right, ignoring the
    gunfire and launch over another ramp straight ahead. Carefully make
    your way over the uneven ground (it's best to ease off the throttle
    slightly as you hit the bump) and destroy the plasterboard walls. Move
    left slightly and destroy more walls then straighten and aim for the
    ramp in the distance, destroying more oildrums. Handbrake right and
    crash through the gas tank then take another hard right and dispose of
    the drums. Handbrake left and destroy the gates then continue straight,
    destroying more walls and quickly dart to your right to hit the drums.
    Hard left over the wooden ramp to hit more drums then swing left again
    for the final obstacle. You need to launch off the ramp onto the roof to
    destroy the final set of oil drums. Slow as you blast through the fence
    and line up with the wooden planks leant against the skip. If you hit it
    right you'll soar onto the roof and hit the drums, get it wrong and you'll
    make a big mess of your car. Providing you're looking good for time and
    damage you should be able to get a second chance at this.
    Lomaz is impressed, but he's not finished with you yet. Head back to
    the start to change cars. Lomaz informs you there's a bar in North
    Downtown who's time just ran out. Blast through the gates and follow
    the path to the exit, or alternatively, head left where the path turns
    right and go cross country, joining the main road. Continue to the end
    of that road then take a right, keep going straight until you reach
    the bar's parking lot.
    The object here is to shoot the bar up before the cops arrive (that
    gives you 80 seconds). There's a damage bar that increases whenever
    you shoot a piece of scenery, such as bottles, stools, etc. Don't worry
    too much about the angry customers. Just blast the barman and head for
    the corner by the glass cabinet. Use your sub-machine gun to blast
    everything and anything you can see until the damage meter reaches the
    top. Lomaz is satisfied and informs you you'll be working for the South
    Beach crew from now on. Mission Accomplished.
    Gators Yacht
    The Gator is a repo man who Calita uses on her deals. Thing is, he's
    double crossed her, and Calita wants revenge. We also see a cutscene
    involving Jericho and Solomon Caine (who fans may remember from DRIVER 2)
    entering an elevator. Thing is, only one man leaves it alive.
    A fairly complex mission, you need to pickup C4 explosive and plant it
    on The Gators' private yacht, moored off the coast of South Pointe.
    First though, you need to go to Stiltsville in the middle of the waters
    to get the C4 and another boat. Head outside your condo and jump into
    your Cigarette Boat. Zoom across the ocean towards Stiltsville. The
    place you want is closest to the mainland. There are two goons outside,
    one above, one below. They won't touch you until you get close enough,
    so blast them both from afar. When you get near, another goon starts
    shooting from the backend. Kill him and make your way towards the jetty.
    A fourth goon patrols the top, get him before he sees you. Step off the
    boat onto the wooden planks and make your way upstairs. There's a goon
    in an awkward position next to the stairs, you can't kill him from below,
    so steam upstairs and empty your gun into him. Push the door to your right,
    there's two goons, one in front and the other hiding behind the door.
    Dispatch them and take the two health packs if you need them. Pick up the
    first set of explosives. Head through the white door. There's a goons
    inside with a woman. Shoot him and take the two remaining C4 packs from
    the side. Now head back down the deck and exchange your boat for a
    speedboat sitting across from you by another stilt building. This will
    fool Gator's men into thinking you're one of them. Head across towards
    the yacht.
    The goons won't shoot until you get real close. There's a goon to the
    right above the steps and another to the left, both with silencers.
    Make corpses of them and board the yacht. You need to set the
    explosives in three locations. Watch out for the goon on the top deck,
    you don't have to kill him yet, but if you want to then step on your
    boat to get him in your sights. Head up the steps to your left and go
    through the door. This is the engine room. Kill the goon at the bottom
    of the steps. Careful as you descend, it's dark and there's another
    to your right and a third in front behind a piece of machinery. Move
    forward and you'll find health inside the control room. Do a 180 and
    run to the other end of the room. A fourth goon will appear, dispatch
    him and plant the first explosives in the corner. Head back the way you
    came onto the deck.
    Immediately a goon will come running. Take him down and turn right,
    heading down the side of the boat. Take out the goon in your vision and
    careful as you go through the entrance way, there's another goon hiding
    in the corner. You're at the front of the ship. Head through the grey
    door, this takes you into a small vestibule. Head through the next door
    into what seems to be a large dining room. There's two more goons either
    side of the room and health in the top right hand corner, next to where
    you plant the second explosive device.
    Now a deafening alarm will wail, alerting the other goons to your
    presence. Head back the way you came, back along the side of the ship
    and take the stairs to the middle tier. Go through the grey door.
    There's a goon to your right and two more to your left. The third one
    will try taking cover behind the bar. When you're done take the health
    on the table and make your way along the corridor. As you do so a goon
    pops out from behind the corner. Blast him and take the second door to
    your right where you'll find twin health packs. Round the corner and
    enter the cockpit. Goons either side are easy to dispatch. Plant the
    remaining explosives. A timer appears, you've got thirty seconds to
    escape before she blows.
    Turn around and head the way you came, ignoring any irate goons in
    your path. Hop into your boat and take off, leaving behind a trail of
    destruction gloriously finalised in the FMV sequence.
    Two days after his glorious pyrotechnical abilities were displayed,
    Tanner finds himself in a spot of bother. Seems the boys in blue don't
    realise Mr T's a boy in blue himself and so send a whole army of cops
    over to the mall in Coconut Grove where a deals going down. Tanner's
    evasive driving has taken him, Calita and Lomaz into the heart of the
    mall, he must escape the heat.
    Follow the corridors and descend the stairs. Speed through the next
    corridor and take two consecutive lefts, following the green signs for
    "EXIT". Now take two consecutive right turns, ending up in the centre
    of the mall itself. Try not to get shot as you speed along and take a
    left by the fast food counter, where the floor narrows, then another
    left and another, smashing through the glass doors. Head right and
    out onto the street, dodging the two cop cars that attempt to block you.
    You need to reach Calita's safehouse intact, with the boys in blue hot
    on your tail. Once you escape the mall there's no police presence, so
    the best tactic is to simply avoid routes where you'll come into contact
    with the cops. Get onto the highway crossing the river at the final
    onramp then take the onramp off almost as soon as you get onto the
    highway. If you pick up a tail, don't worry, the cop has to turn around
    an by that time you'll be long gone. Take the next left then the next
    right to arrive at your destination and drop of Calita and Lomaz.
    Now you need to ditch the car. There's a deep stretch of water just
    off the coast of downtown. Head towards it, being careful not to wreck
    the car, it's already pretty beat up. Speed towards the ramp and launch
    the car into the sea.
    Dodge Island
    The Gator wants to re-evaluate his working partnership with Calita.
    He's got a car she wants. Head over to Dodge Island. The Gator's
    goons will open the gates for you to drive on through, where you'll
    find the Gator waiting with a rather tasty Ferrari.
    But, Uh-oh, it's a setup, Tanner needs to get out, and fast.
    Immediately you're under fire, so hop into the Ferrari and launch
    over the ramp, watching as you smash through the glass and sail over
    the waters in glorious slo-mo. Pull up and get on foot. Move towards
    the blue container and kill the goon. Round the corner, another goon
    awaits execution. Go between the two yellow containers and blast the
    goon. Move into the open. A goon waits beneath the stairs, finish him.
    As you approach the stairs, another goon shows up. Kill him and climb
    the stairs. Enter the room, through the other door you'll see another
    goon. Kill him. Move to the edge and drop down next to the blue skip.
    Two more goons await. Blast them then head right, past the green
    container and kill two more. You'll find a health pack next to a
    yellow container. Watch the goon who darts from behind the white
    container, then round the corner and kill the two standing side by
    side up ahead. Caution as you run, from your left another goon pops
    out from behind a white container. To the right of the two goons you
    just killed you'll find some health, as a car and a van screech into
    view, and four more goons get out. There are also two more in the
    distance who cause problems. The fourth goon behind the van is the
    last to kill, just sneak up on him and pop him.
    Get into the Chevy or the van and head north. Van's and cars will
    appear from all angles, but just keep cool and take a left, heading
    south along the opposite side. Use the ramps to avoid the oncoming
    traffic and head to the bottom, turning left when you see the Dump
    Truck blocking the way. Stop the car and get out. A van will attack
    you. Shoot the driver through the windscreen. Before you can get away,
    you have to deal with the goons by the parked Monte Carlo. Shoot them
    from afar, then go closer and shoot the remaining to next to the gate.
    There's a balcony you can climb to give you a better height advantage.
    Press the switch to open the gate then hop into the Monte Carlo and
    high tail it down the road.  You need to get clear of Dodge Island,
    but someone's raised the bridge!
    Launch over it and brace yourself for landing, it's unlikely the car
    will survive. Now you've got to make your way back to Calita's
    safehouse. You can either drive, or, preferably, take a boat. Head
    around the outside of the large building, facing east. There's a
    speedboat waiting for you. Hop in and make your way across to the
    island that houses your safehouse. Get on land and simply run the short
    distance, finishing up inside the building. Congratulations, you're
    home free.
    The final Miami mission, and things are going to get messy. The Gator's
    angered Calita one too many times and now's it's your job to take him
    out. Permanently.
    Lomaz is your passenger, and he's doing the shooting. The Gators in a
    Lincoln but first you need to dispatch the escort driving the Monte
    Carlo. You're in control of the driving AND the shooting, so line up
    your target first, then let him have it. A few shots to the tyres
    should retire him, then it's on with the chase. The Gator is a
    slippery customer, using the plethora of back alleys to lose you.
    Just stick with him and he'll lead you into a yard, where he's
    prepared an ambush for Tanner and Lomaz.
    There's three goons outside. Lomaz will get one, but you need to kill
    the others. Make sure Lomaz is safe, he mustn't die. Head into the
    warehouse and kill the goon to your left and the two blocking the exit.
    When they're dead, three more run into view, deal with them the same way.
    Head to your right, killing the goon at the end then take a right
    through the brown door. There's a goon, kill him and take the health
    if you need it. Go through the next door where a goon waits behind a
    desk. Shoot him, there's more health if you need it. Head through the
    door into the corridor and then through the black door. The Gator's
    making his escape by boat. Remove two more goons and hop into the
    conveniently placed Cigarette boat to engage pursuit.
    Don't bother shooting at The Gator's boat, it only wastes ammo. Instead,
    just keep with him and he'll lead you too Stiltsville and disappear into
    one of the buildings. Pull up close and kill the two goons on the bottom
    level and the other one on the balcony. Get on foot and ascend the
    stairs. There's a goon next to a small room. Shoot him. Another rushes
    from a corridor to your left. Shoot the wood and a doorway appears.
    Inside sit a goon and a health pack. Head down the corridor and
    dispatch the goon who pops out from around the corner. The doorway to
    your right contains a goon and more health.
    Round the corner. The door opens and The Gator's health bar appears.
    Shoot the goon to your right. There's another in your blind spot to
    the left. Watch out for the goon on the bottom deck, he's awkward to
    aim at and can cause you big problems if you don't deal with him
    swiftly. The Gator is standing in a boat below. You can shoot him by
    aiming for his head between the gap in the fence. Fire a few rounds
    off to ensure The Gator never snaps again.
    That's it. Calita and her crew are packing up and heading for the
    French Riviera to conclude their business.
    Welcome to Nice
    Tanner arrives in town and meets up with two French cops named Dubois
    and Vauban who do things differently over here.
    The mission starts simply enough, Calita calls for you to meet her in
    Old Town to talk business. Outside of your house you'll find a Renault,
    so hop in and head south. But, along the way you'll get another phone
    call from your boss. Seems the locals aren't too pleased to see Calita
    in town and are retaliating. Haul ass over there and save her, a health
    bar appears to show how much time she has left. Either take the long
    route round in the car or jump out and run down the narrow alley to the
     gunfight and blast everyone in sight.
    Inside the plaza there are four guys to shoot, Calita waits underneath
    a cafefront, next to some health. You've got to escort her out of there
    to Bad Hands Van, which will show up a few blocks away. When you reach
    her she'll run to her left, encountering two more goons at the end of
    the alleyway. Blast them and continue right, there's a Vantage with two
    more by the side. Continue to the end of that road and turn right onto
    a main road. There's two gons running towards you from across the street
    and another two that pull up in a car. Waste them all and collect the
    Uzi's they drop. Keep going down that street until you see an white
    paved alley to your left. Go on through to the next road where two
    cars and driver's will be waiting. Kill them and continue forward,
    turning right to continue across the paved area. Bad Hands van shows
    up and Calita is safe. For now.
    Now you're in the back, armed with HK5, Uzi, Shotgun and Grenade
    Launcher ammo. You have to protect the van long enough for it to reach
    the safehouse, while a horde of V8's hunt you down and attempt to ram
    the van. Watch the health bar and make sure it doesn't disappear.
    Use the quick-firing Uzi and aim for the drivers side to increase
    your chances of survival. Use the Grenades for multiple opponents,
    but only when they are further away. Survive until the van reaches the
    safehouse up north and you'll be done.
    Smash & Run
    Remember that bit in The Italian Job where they have to drive the three
    Mini's up the ramp into the converted bus? Well, this is just like that.
    You have to race about town and collect three E-Type Convertibles and
    drive them onto the back of an 18 Wheeler that's zooming through town
    towards its destination in the mountains and will not stop for ANYTHING.
    Make sure you don't get the damage bar too high and deliver the three
    cars before the truck reaches it's destination or it's game over.
    You start on a Ducatti in Cagnes Sur Mer, so go left and continue down
    the hill until you join the highway heading east. Continue along until
    you see an opening for an underground parking garage on your right.
    Drive down and pick up the E-Type then catch up with the truck and
    drive it in. At first glance this seems difficult, early attempts will
    probably see your car flung in all angles but the trick is to line up
    with the ramp and ease off the throttle as you ascend it, giving you a
    smooth ride into the container. Once it's inside Tanner will be back on
    the roadside, so get another vehicle and prepare for the second vehicle.
    Spped along the Baies Des Anges until you see a large, fenced house to
    your left. Head on in and press the switch to open the garage doors and
    find another car inside. Same deal. Hop in and catch up with the 18
    Wheeler (which if you're looking good for time, shouldn't be far in
    front) and deliver. Now grab another vehicle for the final car.
    Providing you aren't too far away, the third car should be easy. It's
    located in a car showroom in the Old Town section of the city. Simply
    smash through the glass and take the car. Don't worry about the alarm,
    it doesn't alert the police. With a bit of luck the truck will be making
    its way up the mountain, which, due to its considerable weight, is a bit
    of a struggle. Zoom up the mountain and the Truck should be approaching
    Vilefranche Sur-Mer when you park up and end the mission.
    18 Wheeler
    There's a compound on the Cap Ferrat peninsula that contains a
    container that Calita wants. Inside is a man, but she's not telling
    who he is. You need to go to the yard, steal the container and get it
    back to Calita.
    You start in a Renault at your new found safehouse in the mountains,
    so quickly make your way to the compound on the peninsula. It's night
    time, so watch out on the twisty sections, they can be hazardous.
    Once you arrive you'll find the front entrance is locked, you need to
    find another way in. Along the outer road you'll spot a pathway
    heading downhill towards the pier. Take it and stop at the point a
    boat is elevated on a platform and get out of your car. Look at the
    waters below. See that small gap in the rock? That's you're way in.
    Dive into the water and swim through the tunnel until you reach a
    ladder. Climb up and you're inside the compound. An alarm sounds,
    your felony meter reaches its maximum. Don't worry for now, just
    concentrate on annihilating everyone inside. There's on guard in the
    top right hand corner, next to a hut and five lined up in a row waiting
    behind the warehouse. As you go to pickup the dropped M16's, watch for
    the guard who's standing by the gate. Waste them all then head for the
    crane and climb the ladder.
    Press the switch to operate the crane. There's are three rows of
    containers tightly stacked together, two to a row. You need the blue
    container, which is in the middle row, underneath the white one.
    Follow the on-screen instructions to move the crane into position
    then press X to drop the crane hand and pickup the white container,
    then move it over to the far left and place it on top of the single
    container. Now move back to the freed blue container and lift it,
    then move it to your far left and down, lowering it onto the trailer
    next to the crane. Carefully make your way back to the bottom. If you
    need health there's some in the warehouse directly in front of you,
    some more next to the crane's ladder and even more in the thin office
    right of the main gate.
    Now you'll see that the warehouse to the right of where you came in
    has opened up. Inside you'll find a truck that you can hook the trailer
    up to. Simply line up the truck with the trailer (it doesn't have to be
    perfectly straight) and reverse until you here it click into place.
    When the trailer is secure, turn and head for the main gates which you
    can now smash through to head up the hill back onto the main road.
    Now, the final chase, you've got to get the cargo back to the docks to
    the west. (Note: I find it easiest to drive the 18 Wheeler using first
    person mode. This way you can just treat it as a normal truck, rather
    than get distracted by the constantly swerving trailer behind you.)
    There's a cop on you straight away, but he quickly loses you. Then it's
    a case of speeding up and then down the mountain to your destination.
    When you reach the first fork in the road take a left and for the
    second, the right road. After the first fork a cop will speed across
    you from the right, slow down and smash him out of the way. Don't let
    the roadblocks bother you either, simply smash through them with your
    behemoth mode of transport and watch them crumble in your rear view,
    the worst they can do is bust a tyre. When you reach the bottom,
    continue going straight until the docks are to your left. You need to
    turn 180 and use the last entrance. The best place to turn is in the
    small courtyard of the church like structure just ahead of you. When
    you go down the ramp the gates will automatically open, so simply drive
    in and park next to the crane.
    A local repo gang has a car that Calita wants, and you're going to get it
    for her. There's a truck heading to their lockup, but they don't know the
    You start of on the twisty roads of Mount Boron in a Renault. And it's
    raining, heavily. There's a truck ahead of you that stops immediately,
    blocking a clear path through. Shoot the driver and the two goons in
    the back. You can either move the truck to clear a path through or
    simply drive ahead and traverse the narrow hairpins, ending up
    rejoining the coastal road, hopefully not far behind the truck. (In
    this case you don't need to stop to shoot the goons, merely ignore
    them and drive past.) Now catch up with the truck.
    You have two options. Either A) follow the truck to its destination
    or B) hijack the truck and drive to the destination, they'll think
    you're the real driver. In order to hijack the truck you're going to
    have to kill the driver. Easier said than done as he won't stop for
    anything. The method I find easiest is to slide your car in from of
    him on a hill or near a lamppost, and jam him in. Then get out and
    shoot the driver through the windscreen (taking care not to shoot the
    truck, or it's game over). Now get to the lockup.
    Depending on which method you've used, two things will happen. If
    you've hijacked the truck, simply drive into the compound, park up
    and hop into the parked car (a Mustang convertible), then get it
    back to the safehouse, leaving the same way you entered. There's
    going to be a pursuer, but just head up the narrow path to your right
    all the way up to the top of the mountain. He doesn't dare follow.
    If you've followed the truck to the lockup, however, then things are
    a little different. As you approach the area, the goons know you're
    an enemy and unload. First, get the two standing outside the gate.
    Then kill the truck driver (if he gets out) and the goon standing to
    the right of the truck. There's two more behind a dumpster, two at the
    far end by the building and another one next to the car. Blast them
    all. Finally there's a sniper on top next to the water tower. When all
    guards are eliminated, step into the car. Again, you've got to get
    back to the safehouse, but this time there's a Vantage hot on your
    tail. The best way to get rid of him is to take the other exit from
    the lockup. It's a narrow asphalt path leading to the bottom. This is
    where the car appears. You can't damage the Mustang much and a couple
    of hits from the V8 will ruin it for you. Instead, keep right and
    slowly make your way up the ramp, taking care not to launch far of the
    ground. The V8, being a dummy CPU car, flies up the hill and invariably
    ends up on its roof or side, leaving the way free for you to escape.
    Continue a bit further along the road until you see a roadblock of
    Aston's to your left. Ignore them and head up the narrow path in front
    of you, leading to the top of the mountain. Take care at the top to slow
    to a crawl, so as not to hit traffic, then continue unabated to your
    safehouse and complete the mission.
    Arms Deal
    Lomaz wants you to take him to a meeting with Zeego, an arms dealer,
    who, unbeknown to him, has been killed by Fabienne, a rival French
    crime lord.
    You start at the airport, but it's only a short drive to the mall,
    better be quick, there's a time limit. When you arrive you quickly
    realise there's trouble. Fabienne's men surround it, and you have to
    get the pickup with the explosives parked out back. The pickup's in an
    alley round the back. You can go directly to the alley, but it's much
    easier to make your way through the mall and take the back entrance
    into the yard. You'll come out into a storage garage, there's three
    goons lurking inside, and a fourth outside aiming inwards. Blast them
    all and take the health in the corner of them room next to the boxes.
    The pickup is to your left, surrounded by goons. To your right a V8 is
    parked, another goon next to it. There are three more goons in an
    opening to the left of the pickup. Blast them, taking care not to hit
    the pickup, then get in and rejoin the highway.
    A meter appears, informing you of the stability of the crate of arms
    in the back. Even slight movement affects it, so take care, try and
    stay in one lane and avoid aggressive cornering. Matters are not
    helped by the V8's that prowl, attempting to hunt you down. If you're
    careful, you should be able to avoid their paths and make your way
    safely to the lockup in Old Town, within the two and a half minute
    time limit. It's best to stick to the coastal highway until you near
    your destination, unlike the cops the enemy cars can only detect you
    if they see you right next to them. If you do pick up a tail, it's
    more or less game over, as they are much more powerful than you and
    will ram your little pickup mercilessly until it explodes. The lockup
    is located down a narrow back alleyway, simply park up and the mission
    will end.
    Booby Trap
    A mission straight out of Hollywood, only they replace a bus with an
    E-Tyre Jag. Fabienne has wired your car to explode when you go below
    50 mph, you have to save first Lomaz and then you're own skin.
    You start in the mountains, but thankfully the roads are wide and
    open, but filled with traffic. A speedometer appears in the top left
    of your screen, keep it above 50. If you do go below 50 the meter will
    start to rise. If it reaches the top then BOOM! but if you resume a
    +50 speed then it settles back down. Therefore, unless you crash it
    shouldn't detonate, but that's easier said than done on these roads.
    At the first fork in the road, take a right, at the second, another
    right, to ensure a smooth route to the bottom. Once you reach the
    promenade, it gets tricky. You have to get down onto the beach, that
    in itself no mean feat, and offload Lomaz onto a moving pickup. Take
    great care when descending down to the beach below, jagged rocks are
    everywhere and one prang and your bomb is going to detonate. When you
    reach the beach below the pickup will draw alongside. You need to get
    close enough to press R1, and, providing he's close enough, Lomaz will
    switch vehicles, jumping onto the backend. Fail and he'll tell you to
    try again.
    Once Lomaz is safe you need to drive the rigged car right back to
    Fabienne, delivering it to her compound up north. First off, get back
    onto the road, slow a little as you launch up from the beach onto the
    main road heading north, (it's best to position yourself diagonally
    near the ramp leading up) then continue along that road until close
    to the end, taking the penultimate right turn. Continue along this
    road (the elevated highway should be to your left) until you see an
    opening to your right, this is Fabienne's compound. Speed through,
    ignoring the guards and press L1 to dive from the car before it plows
    into the truck at the end, destroying her merchandise. Advantage
    Calita in Trouble
    Uh-oh, the sassy minx has got herself into a spot of bother with
    Fabienne, and guess who she wants to bail her out? There's a truck on
    it's way to Fabienne's safehouse that (rather pathetically) is going to
    run her over. You can go straight to the safehouse, blast the guards
    and get the girl, but the truck is usually too fast and gets to her
    before you do. However, if you're quick (and gung-ho enough) it can be
    done. The other option is to take the Baies Des Anges until you
    overtake the truck travelling along the road adjacent to yours. You're
    in a BMW 507, which is pretty quick, so you should be far enough in
    front by the time you need to turn left (just before the road bends to
    the right). Travel a short distance up that road, take the next right
    and stop the car and get out. Equip a suitably powerful weapon (an
    Uzi or an M16 should do the job) and wait for the truck to reach you.
    Pelt its windscreen with bullets to kill the driver and it will stop,
    threat eliminated. Now you need to get to Calita. If you want to go
    straight for Calita, do the same as above but continue straight on
    until you see a small alleyway with a large square on the map.
    There are two goons guarding the stairs, waste them then make your
    way up stairs. There's two more goons on the balcony and a Grenade
    Launcher in the right corner. Go to the balcony and you'll see Calita
    surrounded by five goons. Waste them all and the cut scene will play.
    You've got to kill Fabienne, it doesn't matter how, just do it.
    Actually, it does matter how, as she's taken off in an Aston Martin.
    Thankfully, there's a Maserati Bora parked downstairs, so race down
    and get it, you should just see her zoom off up the street.
    Fabienne is the hardest chase so far. She likes to use obscure routes
    to try and shake you, and is prone to weaving between traffic. Use all
    your driving techniques to stay with her, and after about two minutes
    she'll pull to the side of the road and get out shooting. Just fill her
    with lead and it's mission complete.
    Rescue Dubois
    The other half of the French cop duo, Henry Dubois, has got himself
    into a bit of a pickle. Calita's gang are holding him hostage and if
    he's not rescued, he's a dead man. Tanner and Vauban join forces to
    go to the restaurant and bring him back, alive.
    You start off not far from your destination. The restaurant is just of
    the promenade, so get there quickly and be prepared for action. There
    are five guards outside the restaurant alone, they won't attack tanner
     until either a bullet is fired or you approach the entrance, but waste
    them all. Head up the steps and the glass will smash. There's two more
    inside to your left, one behind a desk, and health on top of the desk
    to your right. Two more burst through the door to your left and there's
    more health in the corner. Go through the door, there's a guard in front
    and another to the left, guarding the door. Shoot him and the three
    guards inside the room, who use the furniture as cover. Go towards the
    door and a cutscene will play, two more goons have taken Dubois and
    bundled him into the back of a Renault.
    Go out front where Vauban waits with a Mustang. This is another chase,
    only this time you need to shoot the car to make it stop. It's pretty
    tough as the computer can take any one of half a dozen routes, it has
    a endency to use narrow roads and take corners at every opportunity,
    giving you less opportunity to get a clean shot. The best chance
    you'll get is on the long straights, so use your ammo wisely and stay
    accurate. Get the health bar all the way down and the car will stop,
    the two bodyguards will jump out and open fire. Waste them and it's
    mission accomplished.
    You start off in a Cigarette Boat right up the north end of the river.
    Just head south, following the contours, while avoiding the rocks and
    dry land. When you reach the bottom, take a right and park up outside
    the boathouse. Trouble is, they're waiting for you.
    After Tanner's stunt to save Dubois, it's become common knowledge of
    his real occupation. Jericho, Calita and her gang aren't happy, but
    just when it looks like he's going to eat a bullet for breakfast,
    Tanner performs a daring move Indiana Jones would be proud of, and
    disappears under a closing roller door.
    So, you're in a room and someone is quickly using a blowtorch to cut
    their way in. You've got 15 - 20 seconds max to get out. At first
    glance, it seems impossible. All that's in the room are a forklift and
    a few cardboard boxes. There's a ladder behind you leading up to a
    platform, but there's a gap in the middle, preventing you from
    reaching the other side. But, after some thought, it's fairly obvious.
    Get into the forklift and manoeuvre so that your fork is underneath
    one of the boxes. Press the Circle button to lift the box into the air.
    Don't start to move until it's fully elevated, or it'll fall. The boxes
    are extremely flimsy and can prove very frustrating. Now comes the
    hard part. Ever so slowly reverse and then drive forward, positioning
    the box, still airborne, to act as a stepping stone between the two
    platforms. It's best if you press it tight against the wall, to prevent
    the goons from shooting it out of position. Also try to get it roughly
    in the centre, else Tanner may not make the jump successfully. Climb up
    the ladder and jump from the platform to the box to the other platform,
    just as the goons make their way into the room. You'll only get one
    chance at this, so if you mess up, restart and try again.
    Now, you're over the other side, and you've found a gun, but more
    trouble lies ahead. Now you're on the side of the boathouse, and
    there's a speedboat seemingly perfectly placed for you. But, don't
    take it, it's facing the wrong way and will be shot to smithereens by
    the goons in the boat waiting outside. Instead, descend the ladder and
    pick up the health. Blast the goons that come through the door. When
    you make your way outside, there are two BMW's waiting, and two sets
    of goons. You'll also find some health to your right, next to two boat
     bottoms. Blast the goons then hop into one of the cars and head north
    towards Cagnes Sur Mer (the circular shaped area north west of the map).
    A roadblock will have formed blocking your path to the highway, just
    steam through the first one (or, alternatively, hang bang and pick
    them off from the safety of the boathouse) and use the grass verge to
    go around the second one. You need to meet Vauban at the top of the
    mountain, but there are hunter cars out to get you, and Calita's gang
    have set up roadblocks all around the roads leading to the top. The
    best method is to take the most indirect route, try and avoid
    roadblocks if you can help it, they are blocking the quickest route,
    but are easily avoided by simply going the opposite way. If you need
    health you'll find it dotted around as you ascend the mountain.
    (There's one pack next to an arch, another up a ramp leading to a
    building) Once you get near the top, you'll see a roadblock setup
    preventing you from getting to the top. There are about eight goons
    here. Get out of your car and pick them off from a distance, use the
    side of the mountain to gain a sight advantage over them. Once you
    reach the top you'll see Vauban waiting next to a Lamborghini and it's
    off to Turkey.
    You're in Turkey, working with the good guys once more, and your first
    job is a spot of surveillance on Public Enemy No.1, Jericho who's just
    left a nightclub in an Impala.
    You start in a pickup in an alleyway, and the object is simple. Tail
    Jericho, who's on the move. A Proximity bar appears on screen. The
    closer you get, the lower it will be, don't let it drop to nothing.
    Likewise, the higher up it gets, the more you're behind. Again, never
    let it reach the top, or you fail the mission, although if you get
    close to breaching, "too close" or "you're loosing him" will appear
    on screen. Jericho isn't a quick driver, but he's not too slow either,
    he'll overtake any traffic he encounters on his way to the destination.
    Thankfully the route is simple, a continuous road all the way along to
    the safehouse, with no turns in between. Just keep a good distance and
    you'll be there in no time at all.
    Now he's stopped and gone inside the building, it's your job to get
    inside and observe the meeting. Trouble is, the slightest sniff of
    bacon and Jericho is outta there, so stealth is needed. First off, you
    need to get inside, so hop out of your pickup (or reverse if you feel
    lazy) to the end of the road around the bend behind your start position.
    You should recognise this as your safehouse on Take A Ride mode. Equip
    your silenced 9mm and proceed inside. Because of the stealth nature of
    the objective, you have to use the silencer to avoid detection. The
    first guard is in front of you at the end of the corridor and doesn't
    actually need to be shot, but he makes a good practice dummy. Get
    close (but not too close) and aim for his head/neck area, making sure
    the target turns red. Providing the game doesn't glitch he'll die with
    one shot. If on any subsequent enemies you do not kill them with one
    shot, they'll spot you and alert Jericho. Not good. Now, head left up
    the first set of stairs and wait at the top. There's another guard
    above you who must be dealt with. Climb the next set of stairs, the
    game will tell you to find the meeting. Go up another set of stairs
    and stop. There's a guard patrolling the landing area. Shoot him and
    climb the stairs to the top. Continue along the corridor until you see
    a darkened room to your right. Turn to face the way you came and
    you'll see a room with a hole in the floor, and a guard. Kill him and
    descend the makeshift stairs to see the cutscene.
    Oh no, you've been spotted. You're going to have to fight your way
    out, and it's a helluva fight. First off, change to a machine gun then
    start blasting. There are two goons outside the door directly in front
    of you, blast them and head into the corridor. Ignore the goons shooting
    from across the way and instead head for the staircase heading up. You
    need to get to the roof, you'll find another goon at the top of the
    first staircase and another by the rooftop exit. Blast them and head
    outside, although there's health to the right of the door if you need
    it. Outside there's a goon directly in front, two hiding amongst the
    chimmney's and another to your left. Waste them all and head forward to
    the stairway, though be careful as a goon runs upstairs as you approach.
    There are three goons below, one either side near to you and one at the
    far end on the left. You can pick them all off from above. When you're
    done, descend to the next room and run across to the edge, as you do so
    a stream of about half a dozen goons will materialize, blast them all
    then head to the edge of the roof and look down. You'll see two more to
    blast to your right. Go downstairs and you'll find health at the bottom
    to your left. Keep heading forward, into the construction site. Head
    right and go down the steps. You can go behind the board for cover.
    There are four goons, two either side. When they're finished head
    forward and right, blasting the goon in the doorway. Go down more steps
    and you'll be in an empty (yes, really) room. Head for the steps and
    pick up health, but don't descend. Instead, turn right, blast the three
    goons inside the next room, there's health in the corner next to bricks.
    Now you'll see a gap on the left of the room. Use the stacked blocks to
    safely descend to the bottom and head for the pickup.
    You're almost safe, but now you've got to get back to your hotel over
    on the bottom area. There's two Impala's with two goons a piece across
    from you. Kill them all and take either the pickup or whatever other
    car you can get your hands on.  I suggest taking the west bridge for
    quickest access, then take the first right and follow the blue road
    all the way to your hotel. Try and avoid contact with the enemy cars
    hunting you. If you get close, pull off into a side street and take
    the long way round, it's worth it in the long run because if you pick
    up a tail you've got to lose it before you can safely reach your hotel.
    Tanner Escapes
    A bizarre mission, not least for the amount of cops Tanner kills (or at
    least critically injures) as he attempts to escape. Trouble is, he's
    not driving, Jones is, a big truck and you're holed up in the back
    with the entire US Army surplus of ammo for both Uzi and Grenade
    Launcher. Jones has to reach the highway running around the edge of the
    city but unfortunately, the entire police force of Turkey is out to stop
    This is a tough mission, and it'll take a few tries before you get it
    right. The key is to fire the grenades into the intersections where the
    cops come from, that way, the majority of them should explode without
    hassling you. If they get close they'll ram you, and the grenades are
    no use then. Instead, switch to an Uzi and aim for either the
    windscreen or the engine. The truck only has a limited damage
    tolerance and if it's reached, then Tanner's history.  Actually, this
    part is a pain in the ass, the best way to do it is to just keep on
    firing, you've got more than enough grenades. With a bit of luck they'll
    take out most of the invading army, otherwise the cops will ram you to
    pieces, each hit taking about 1/16 off your health bar. After reaching
    the highway you'll come to a roadblock. Jones will swerve and drive the
    truck into the water.
    Now you're on a boat and have to get back to your hotel in one piece.
    While you're on the water, the police have deployed boats, although
    they're not to much bother. Keep heading west as far as you can, until
    you find somewhere to pull up and transfer to land. At this point
    several cop cars will descend on you. It's a good idea to blow one up
    and leave the other one intact to use as your getaway vehicle. Now hop
    in and head for the hotel. The catch? You've got a tail and they're
    not going to be easy to shift. You can, if you're skillful, cut through
    the trainyard and confuse the cops, but even this doesn't guarantee
    you'll lose the tail before the end. Generally, it involves using the
    area at the rear of your hotel as a shooting arena, blasting all the
    cops until your tail disappears. One word of warning though: Don't
    destroy the cars with the cops still inside. Thanks to a glitch if you
    do this the cops are still, miraculously alive, but can't do anything.
    Unfortunately, the CPU doesn't see it like that and still thinks
    they're still on your tail. Once the tail is lost it's mission over.
    Another Lead
    The cops are using surveillance techniques to watch the arms dealers,
    that's who going to lead them to Lomaz. Tanner and Jones are on a
    stakeout at the trainyard, and now, there's movement.
    You're car, the Alpine Renault, is faster than the Impala you're
    chasing but isn't as good to drive as it suffers from horrible
    understeer. Get past this problem though and chase the dealer through
    the city until you reach the indoor market. The start point is a
    little awkward, you need to turn left and go up the banking onto the
    main road, but it's slippery and can be tough to achieve quickly. If
    you don't get a good start then the Impala (despite only being in the
    near distance) will be lost. The car will use the tram lines to try and
    evade you, don't let him throw you, just stick with the main roads and
    he'll lead you his destination.
    Now you're outside some sort of indoor market/bazaar and you're
    definitely not welcome. Blast the goon who comes outside to greet you
    (if Jones hasn't already) and head inside. A goon will run from either
    side, blast them both, there's health straight ahead if you need it.
    Take a right, a goon will sneak up on you from the doorway on the left.
    Follow the corridor around to the left, two goons roll out in front and
    there's one further down either side behind boxes. As you go down the
    large hallway watch to your left, a goon waits in the corridor. It's
    worth pointing out at this stage that the bazaar is a maze-like
    structure and there are several different ways to reach your goal.
    I'll just describe the one, so feel free to explore alternate routes.
    Anyway, take the left where you just killed the goon. As you approach
    the corner, there's a goon in another doorway, but it's so dark you
    can't hardly see him. You will see the health though, this is his
    location. Another goon will also round the corner at this point, so
    kill him. Continue down the hall, there's three more goons assembled
    as you go. You'll come to a point with a corridor either side. From
    the right one, two goons will shoot, so dispatch them. The one on your
    left goes up some steps where you'll find health. Continue back along
    the right corridor then at the end take a left. Three goons, two to
    your right, one on the left. Go to the end of this hall and just before
    the steps leading to grass take a right to play the cutscene and end
    the mission.
    Calita is meeting with The Bagman at the Football Stadium and both
    Tanner and Jones are in attendance. Trouble is, Calita smells a rat
    and both her and The Bagman take off in different directions. This is
    the one (and only) time you get to play as Jones, but, disappointingly,
    he's no different to Tanner to play as.
    You start off in a car park, with an assortment of vehicles to pick.
    The Buick faces the right way, but the one you really want is the
    Datsun, facing the wrong way (Ignore the Impala, also facing the wrong
    way). Hop in and do a burnout 180 then get back on the road and chase
    down The Bagman, who's hightailing it in an Impala. Sometimes he'll
    cut through the park, and when he does, it's important to remember to
    lift the throttle while going over bumps, otherwise you'll land awkward
    and go ass over tit to certain doom. After a bit of street driving
    he'll switch to the narrow, claustrophobic alleyways, try and use his
    slowing down to your advantage and catch up close, but then he leads
    you down a small alleyway for an ambush.
    So, now you've got no car and no way out, except through the building,
    of course. Right at the start, there's health in the booth to your
    side, but blast the goon who come from the right and the other who's
    standing on the staircase directly above you. Head upstairs and you'll
     come to a door. Don't go through yet. There are goons positioned on
    the level above you, so peek around the corner to note their positions
    then pick them off one at a time. One is on the left, one on the right,
    a third is on your level to your left. Sometimes (not always) he'll run
    to the door the moment you approach it, others, he'll stay put. Move
    inside, the third sniper is directly above you, so position so you can
    just about target him and open fire. Head to the end of the left walkway
    and you'll find health. Look down to the ground below and you'll see a
    parked Buick. That's the car you have to get to. Turn around and go
    towards the green door over on the other side, taking care to blast the
    goon who appears from inside. Go through, turn, head up the stairs and
    blast the goon who follows through the door. Enter the room, there's a
    goon at the far end. Head over here, you'll find health behind the open
    safe and a staircase leading down. Go down, there's a goon inside. Head
    through the next door to the stairwell and go all the way to the bottom.
    Shoot the goon at the end of the corridor and the two more who use
    pillars as cover then get into the car, reverse and smash through the
    gates onto the street.
    Now you've got to get back to the safehouse, a police station in
    Seraglio Point. Once again, cars are hunting you but once more a bit
    of careful driving and you can avoid them all. If you do end up with a
    tail at the end (and you're guaranteed to pick one up going over the
    bridge) then you'll endure a shootout outside the police station before
    you can enter safely.
    The Chase
    So, what was Tanner doing while Jones was under attack? Let's find out,
    shall we? Like The Bagman, Calita's done a runner but unlike the Bagman
    she can drive. Goddamn, she can drive.
    The first problem is apparent. You're in an Alpine Renault and you're
    facing the wrong way. Burnout 180 to swing the car around and start
    the chase. Calita is an excellent driver. She use's all of the road to
    drive and negotiates the twisty alleyway's in her quest to lose you.
    However, she does have one weakness; she takes the same route. This is
    good, as it means you can learn it, but it's not much consolation when
    you drive it. This will probably take a few go's to get right. First
    off, approaching the opening intersection is always a lottery, if a car
    doesn't cut in front of you it'll turn towards you instead. Be hopeful
    neither happens and you get a clean start, otherwise, restart. Now
    continue along the straight, highway, past the mosque. Calita's driving
    a convertible, which is about as fast as your car, maybe even faster.
    Then she takes a sharp right, followed by a sharp left. Like I said
    before, this car suffers from horrible understeer, and never does it
    become more apparent, or troublesome, than during this chase. A good
    tip is to use the brake rather than the handbrake, especially while
    going through the alleyways. Calita will take another right turn, past
    a tree and continue up the hill, over the intersection before taking a
    left going down then straightening to go up hill. As you weave through
    the narrow roads, bare in mind the obstacles to your sides.
    Streetlights are a common hazard, but so are ditches next to buildings,
    and sharp walls, as they have edges poking out in the most awkward of
    places. Once you reach the top of the hill, slow down and take the left
    onto the highway heading downhill. Shoot down, over the intersection
    and continue past the tall building, following the road to the right.
    Keep going, you should still be able to see her. Now, once the road
    becomes straighter, she'll take a left and cut through the park, ending
    up back on the highway having cut the S-bend. Now the harbour bridge is
    in site. Speed up towards it and a cut scene will play, you'll stop
    while Calita soars over the raised bridge, only to crash into traffic
    at the intersection.
    You have to get across. It's simple. Just head into the booth to your
    left and press the switch to lower the bridge. Then hop back into your
    car and reach the other side.
    Calita's on the move again, this time on two wheels, lucky there's a
    bike shop nearby, right? The object here is simple; hit Calita. Once.
    That's it, that's all that needs doing. To do that you're going to have
    to catch her up, but by the time you reach the park in Seraglio Point
    you should be within touching distance. Get her as she slows to enter
    through the arch or, if you fail, as she rides through the park itself.
    That's it, mission complete.
    Bomb Truck
    Tanner's back in the police good books after apprehending Calita, and
    now he and Jones are assisting in the capture of Jericho, the
    ringleader. They've got surveillance on the meeting place and, sure
    enough, Jericho turns up to collect from The Bagman. Trouble is, it's
    short and the Bagman is left to chew on hot lead, right in front of
    the cameras. He takes a truck and gets out of there.
    You're in a Mercedes Convertible, but the key to this mission is
    precision driving, not speed. You're chasing a truck that throws
    (yup, that's right) bombs out onto the road and if you get hit you're
    car behaves unpredictably, meaning chances of contact with a tree or
    fellow road user is enhanced. Jones is in the passenger seat with a
    sub-machine gun to stop the truck, but every few seconds a bomb is
    lobbed your way, meaning accuracy is difficult. Where possible, try
    and avoid the immediate proximity of the bombs and on the highways,
    drive on the opposite side of the road to the truck. The best
    opportunity to damage the truck is when it goes around a corner, but
    the easiest way to hit it is to get up close and personal. Get within
    touching distance and the bombs become harmless while your bullets,
    become all that more deadly. Get the health bar down to nothing and
    it's stopped, but there's a surprise inside...
    Chase The Train
    Well, it wasn't Jericho in that truck, it's only a decoy, meaning
    Jericho's already on his way out of there by train. Tanner and Jones
    split up again; Jones joins Vauban to try and stop the train, while
    Tanner tries to head it off before it leaves. We join the action with
    Tanner zooming down the train station platform, the train having
    already left. Well, going to have to find another way to stop it,
    aren't you?
    Allegedly, you can complete this mission by sticking to the tracks,
    but if that's true, I have yet to work out how. No, instead, the way
    to do it is to leave the tracks through the double gap in the gates
    just before you reach the point that the two trains pass each other.
    Once you're through the gate then keep heading along the highway, and
    don't crash. Time is of the essence here, the cleaner the drive, the
    further ahead of the train you get, so avoid incident of any kind and
    just keep it straight and smooth. If you do crash you'll just fail the
    mission anyway. Once you get going along the highway it'll say to get
    ahead of the train, and the place you do this is a small opening on the
    right hand side, just before you reach Kennedy Road marked on the map.
    There's a wall that has a gap in it, to get to it you need to ascend a
    small banking. When you do go up, hit the brakes slightly and beware of
    the tree placed right in front of you. With a bit of careful driving you
    should now find yourself ahead of the train and hopefully, pulling away.
    Keep driving along the tracks. You'll be told to beat the train to the
    bridge. Shouldn't be a problem, just keep following the tracks until you
    reach the bridge.
    Right, so this is where we came in, Jericho's shooting up the
    neighbourhood as he attempts to leg it from the law. He's helped by
    about fifty of his goons, and that only means one thing; A good old
    fashioned shootout. You start in the trainyard, and you can see
    Jericho running away (he's the one the red arrow hovers over) but
    ignore him for now and concentrate on the goon either side of you and
    the one that appears from behind the building. Blast them then move
    forward slowly, but not onto the road itself. At the intersection,
    there are four goons. One is behind a burned out car directly in front
    of you. Another is behind a car to your right. To the right of him,
    you'll find one by the wall. Another one is further up the street, to
    your right. Move onto the road, a health bar will appear for both
    Jones and Vauban, you have to protect them, but occasionally, they'll
    just act like dummies and go in guns blazing, only to get cut down by
    a torrent of bullets. Run up the street, blast the three goons ahead
    of you. By the burned out car to you right you'll find health. Keep
    moving up, further up the street you'll notice a line of about five or
    six goons, all standing. Pick them off from a distance, it's the
    easiest way. When you reach near the top of the hill, you'll see another
    half dozen, mostly shooting at the police to your left. Behind this
    roadblock you'll find more health, by the way. As you head around the
    corner, watch out for the cars exploding, then blast the multitude of
    goons in front (it really is too hard to count) in a rapid fire fashion.
    As you get further along you'll see a police roadblock the width of the
    road. Keep blasting the goons until the disappear altogether (for now)
    and head up the street until you see the alleyway to your right.
    Jericho's here, but first you must blast more goons the appear from
    the alleyway (about another six or seven in total). If you need health
    (which you probably will) there's some in the doorway behind the
    roadblock, to your right. Now, head into the alleyway. You'll have to
    fight off a few more goons but then you get Jericho all to yourself.
    He's a bit tougher than the usual bosses and takes more hits to kill,
    but use the skip to your left as cover and play a duck game with him
    and soon enough he'll be as dead man. That's it, sit back, relax and
    watch the inconclusive conclusion to DRIV3R.
    There are three secret vehicles to find in each city. Once you find
    them, save your profile so that you can select them from the main menu
    of Take A Ride mode. Note: As you approach the area a secret vehicle
    resides in, the game will pause slightly.
    Ford GT40
    On the bridge heading across to the mainland, (on the way to Calita's
    safehouse) you should notice a dead-end heading east. Travel to the
    end of that road and you'll find a garage with the car inside.
    This is where you found Timmy #6, but for those who haven't got that
    far, a recap. Head for Coral Gables and continue south all the way to
    the end, where you'll see the Baltimore Hotel in front of you. Take a
    sharp right and you'll reach a rocky opening. Go on through and you'll
    end up outside a large compound. Climb the stairs to the top, go
    through the doorway and into a large room (Note: depending on whether
    or not you got the Timmy earlier, he's next to the switch) then turn
    to your right and you'll see a yellow switch. Press it, this opens the
    gates to the racetrack. Head through the door in front, down the stairs
    and you'll see the blue gates have parted, allowing you to drive
    through to the racetrack out the back. Continue down the ramp, there's
    a car park either side, pass the rocks and cut left, you'll see a mass
    of low buildings. Get onto the track, look to your right, there's a
    sort of pitlane. In the pitlane you'll find the Go Kart.
    AC Cobra
    Head to the compound you destroyed in "Impress Lomaz" (it's near the
    point that the Metro line ends) zoom along the designated path all the
    way to the edge, take a left and you'll see brown buildings. Go around
    the corner, look to your left, they'll be an alleyway, with several
    garage doors. The Cobra is parked in the alley.
    N.B. These last two are a bit dodgy, as they don't always show up. The
    best thing to do is retrieve the GT40 first, this seems to kick the
    game into action and it'll generate them properly. Now just go to the
    areas and they should be ready and waiting.
    VW Microbus
    Head to the north-west end of the map (marked Cagnes Sur Mer) it's the
    area you met Vauban in the mission "Hunted". Make your way to the very
    top of the mountain. Now run to the top left corner. A garage will
    open automatically and inside will be a VW painted in a hippy style.
    Head to the airport at the far west of the map. Position so your
    safehouse is to your left and head east towards the edge of the runway.
    Look to your left and you'll see three red garages. The Hotrod is in
     the one on the left.
    Head for the most south-eastern point on the map (The Cap Ferrat
    peninsula, as seen in the mission "18 Wheeler") and find the road
    that's almost an oval. Look for a white house with an orange roof.
    To the right of that you'll see a path leading around the back.
    Follow it around then take the first left you see, going uphill.
    Keep going and you'll arrive in a grass courtyard with a twin garage
    in the corner. The forklift is in the right hand garage.
    Auburn Cord 8/51 Roadster
    Find the trainyard (where you end up on the last level, ("Chase the
    Train") it's on the bottom area to the far west. Head inside, there are
    empty carriages scattered about and several buildings. Find the one
    furthest left and walk inside. The car is behind the blue container.
    Use the west bridge to cross to the top area, follow the road to the
    end, then take a left, heading onto tram-only tracks. Follow this
    along, watching out for oncoming trams, and take the third right (it's
    almost an alleyway). On your left will be a walled enclosure and a
    locked grey entrance. Ignore them, continue past the wall until you
    reach a left turn and drive into the compound. Continue all the way
    to the top building, then look for a garage on the east face of the
    building. The car is inside.
    1950's Racing Car
    Head for the harbour on the top area, to the west (the main one) it's
    on your left just after crossing the west bridge. Follow the path
    through and keep heading west until you see a ramp ahead. Take a left
    and you'll see a high rise building ahead of you. Go left again, you
    should see containers, a red one either side of two blue ones. The
    doors to the right hand container will open when you get near, the
    car is inside.
    Dotted around each of the three cities are 10 "unsavoury characters"
    called Timmy Vermicelli. An obvious nod to GTA: Vice City, Timmy's are
    easy to spot as they wear Hawaiian shirts, blue pants and brandish M16's.
    Note: these are only rough locations. If I update the FAQ in the future,
    I will try to be more specific with the directions.
    (1) Go to the construction area you demolished in the mission "Impress
    Lomaz". Timmy is standing on top of one of the platforms. You should be
    able to snipe him from a safe distance.
    (2) Head for the Miami Dolphins Stadium in Little Havana. Head up one
    of the tunnel ramps to reach the middle row. Turn left and continue to
    the end. You should see a small doorway in the corner. Timmy is inside
    behind an overturned soda machine.
    (3) Head over to the mainland and continue north until you reach the
    mess of flyovers. On the map you'll see a slightly rounded square
    roadway. Continue along the second road from top until you see an
    athletics field. You'll also see a white building nearby. Head around
    the back and Timmy is in the corner.
    (4) Head south of Dodge Island (you'll need to commandeer a boat) until
    you reach some buildings elevated on wooden posts. Find the second
    largest one (it's used in the mission "Retribution") climb the stairs
    and you'll see a doorway blocked by a wooden plank. Shoot the plank to
    find Timmy inside.
    (5) On the mainland, find where the Metro line ends (there's only one
    point). Follow the tracks underneath while looking to your right until
    you see an opening. Go through and you'll see another opening to your
    side. Go through and Mr V is in the corner.
    (6) Head all the way to the southern point of Coral Gables (you'll see
    a large hotel in front of you) and turn right, following a dirt path
    until you reach a cut in the rocks. Go through the cave and you'll
    emerge outside a large warehouse complex. Head up the staircase nearby,
    go through the opening and you'll see your target.
    (7) Head over the harbour bridge to Dodge Island. Almost immediately
    turn right, you'll see several trailers. Go through the gap between
    them and turn the corner. There's a warehouse with an open roller door.
    Timmy is standing on top of a balcony inside.
    (8) Head to the hotel in Miami Beach that you blasted your way through
    in the "Rooftops" mission. Take the same route, up to the fire escape,
    across the roof, down the stairs, up the other staircase and onto the
    opposite rooftop. Head through the door on the second roof and you'll
    see an elevator. Press the switch and it'll ping open, Timmy arrives
    with it.
    (9) Head for Coconut Grove. Continue all the way south until you see a
    cross on the map, surrounded by a square (like a basic window). Find a
    white building covered in graffiti and that has a ramp. Go up to the
    second level, open the garage door furthest to the right. Timmy is
    (10) So obvious you can easily miss it. Go to Tanner's condo in Miami
    Beach. Stand in the front doorway. The house directly opposite has a
    small gap into the back garden. Go through, Timmy is hunched in the
    Congratulations! You've unlocked the armoury. Head to the new blue dot
    on your map (In Coral Gables) and enter the armoury to replenish your
    health and tool up. As soon as you leave, two large Rigs start to give
    chase, and, be warned, they're mad as hell.
    (1) Start at the most western point of the map. You're in an area
    called Saint Laurent Du Var. Dotted around are various warehouses.
    The one you want is right against the edge of the map and has a metal
    staircase leading to the roof. Timmy is inside.
    (2) Use a boat and follow the river that winds its way up north. When
    you get so far, you'll see Timmy standing on the rocks to the side.
    (Note: Usually after a few shots he falls into the river, rendering
    him harmless and a cinch to kill.)
    (3) Head for the Airport marked on the map. Take the marked road and
    you'll see a tall concrete structure in front of you. Climb up the
    huge ladder all the way to the top. Timmy behind the wall.
    (4) In Cathedral park to the west of your apartment. The road going
    around it looks a bit like a nose. When you get close you'll hear
    church bells ringing, Timmy waits on the steps at the front of the
    (5) Speed east along the Baises Der Anges until you see a ramp to your
    left. Walk along the pavement to about the halfway point until you
    find an unlocked door. Go through, Timmy is in the corner.
    (6) Just a bit further along you'll see a large open area on your map
    and should find a walkway leading up. Head all the way to the top,
    you'll spot a bandstand/gazebo structure. Timmy is hiding inside.
    (7) Just before you get to the docks you'll see a narrow pier leading
    out to sea. Go to the end and you'll see a lighthouse. Timmy stands on
    top, he's easy to snipe.
    (8) Head east through the mountains where the road fattens just before
    narrowing. Rather than head south towards the compound, look left until
    you see an opening. Go through and you'll find a stunt park, filled
    with ramps, bowls, etc. Timmy is standing on top of one of the ramp
    (9) On the map find the most south-eastern point. Get a boat from the
    pier at the bottom and head for the western edge of the peninsula.
    Drive around the edge of the map until you see a cave. Head on through
    and you'll see Timmy perched on some rocks to your right.
    (10) Head to the compound you storm in the mission "18 Wheeler". Timmy
    is standing in the corner next to a small hut.
    Congratulations! You've unlocked the armoury. Head to the new blue dot
    on your map (It's a lone road up in the mountains, heading to a small
    castle.) You'll unlock "Fugitive Mode". Now every pedestrian in the
    game is given a handgun and they're all baying for your blood! You'd
    be ill advised to play without using cheats.
    (1) In your safehouse! The police station south of Seraglio Point
    features a bathroom in its uppermost level. At first glance all
    appears normal, but dig deeper and you'll notice that a section of the
    wall is actually a door. Open it and Timmy is in the small room.
    (Note: Alternatively, fire a grenade into the bathroom, take cover and
    the blast will kill Timmy without any need for contact.
    (2) In Beyoglu West. Near the top of the map, just off the highway
    you'll see (and hear: music plays when you're close) a nightclub called
    Sopa 3nci (no, I don't understand it either). Head inside, onto the
    dancefloor and up the stairs. Timmy waits in a private room up top.
    (3) In the northern area. On the far right of the map you'll see a
    strip that is white. Head here, it's a small docks. Continue about
    three quarters of the way along, you'll see Timmy on top of a rooftop.
    (4) Below the second (Eastern) bridge. Head down the stairs to the
    bottom platform, below the bridge. Timmy waits around the corner.
    (5) Head to the main docks just north of the west bridge. Stick close
    to the edge, you'll see a small tower. Climb the stairs, Timmy stands
    inside a hut.
    (6) Take the highway heading west, towards your hotel. Turn left
    towards Topkapi, continuing along until you see a gap to your right.
    You'll see a staircase leading to the roof of an unfinished building.
    Climb the stairs, Timmy waits for you.
    (7) Head for the train yard, towards the gathering of carriages.
    You'll see a tower that stands out, Timmy is at the top.
    (8) Find Sultanhamet on the map. Just to the west you'll see a road
    that humps in the middle. Head east towards this hump and then look
    right, there's a mosque with a green door. Go through, descending to
    the bottom, Timmy is in a prayer room.
    (9) Find Seraglio Point on the map. From the most western part of the
    park, head south, following the road and take the second right, you'll
    see a small building at a triangular angle of the map. Go through the
    door and head down the stairs where you'll see tables and chairs and a
    large pool. Ignore this and head down the staircase, turn 180 and
    continue to the end, Timmy stands next to a counter.
    (10) West of Seraglio Point. Follow the tramway until six mini
    alleyways appear on the map. Take the first alley left, head up
    halfway until you see a gap to your left. Go through, turn left again
    and Timmy is once again in the corner.
    Congratulations! You've unlocked the armoury. Head to the new blue dot
    on your map (It's a building south of Topkapi, west of the train yard.)
    You'll unlock "Infinite Mass". Now, whatever vehicle you're driving
    will be able to mercilessly pummel through traffic and the cops as its
    physics are changed so it always comes out on top. Great fun!
    No matter what game you play, it's always nice to have cheats, to give
    you the opportunity to do those things you could never do in normal
    play. Well, DRIV3R is no exception boasting six (count 'em) cheats to
    enhance your gameplay experience. Here they are in full, technicolour
    Note: All cheats only work in Take A Ride mode. Except the all
    missions code, obviously.
    All Weapons
    Gives you all the weapons.
    R1, L2, Square, Circle, R1, R2, L2
    You are God. Bullet's can't hurt you, car crashes can't damage you,
    falls can't kill you and you can swim for as long as you can bare it.
    In truth, dying is impossible.
    Square, Square, L1, R1, L2, R2, R2
    All Missions
    Unlocks all Undercover missions for you (if you can't be bothered to
    complete the game properly). To play these missions, select Undercover
    Mode then Replay Mission. You'll be able to select any one of the 25
    missions in the game.
    L1, R1, L1, L2, Square, Square, Circle
    All Vehicles
    Gives you instant access to all of the secret vehicles in each of the
    three cities. To select the secret vehicles, go to Select Vehicle and
    scroll to the last entries. That's where you'll find them.
    L1, L1, Square, Circle, L1, R1, Circle
    Yes, you can select to play the game without cops on, but this way
    they'll drive around and IGNORE all your wrong doings. Instead
    they'll pick fights with vigilante driver's and pedestrians.
    Circle, Circle, L1, L2, R1, R2, Square
    Unlimited Ammo
    The ammunition for your weapons never runs out. Ever. Imagine that,
    unlimited grenades. Mmmm...... carnage.
    R1, R2, R1, R2, Square, Circle, Square
    				    MY TWO PENCE
    So, having waited for such a long time in anticipation of DRIV3R, does
    it live up to expectations? Well, mainly. The driving sections are
    awesome, the damage models are superb and the attention to detail on
    the handling of the vehicles is extraordinary. The cities are large
    and varied and look beautiful, plus they themselves are full of
    interesting places to explore. The addition of the Timmy Vermicelli's
    gives you an added incentive to explore the entire map, although the
    rewards offered upon completion are somewhat disappointing. Still,
    that hardly matters when you consider the fun you get playing the game.
    The Undercover Mode is a little short, but, unlike other games, it
    doesn't just cram in mission after mission simply for the sake of it.
    Instead, each mission is vital to the plot which, in the long run,
    means you feel more fulfilled having completed it. The other great
    feature is the replay mode. In the old Driver games it was rather
    limited, and due to the capabilities of the machine (the ancient PSone)
    never felt like a movie. DRIV3R is different. Okay, so (for the PS2
    version at least) it only tapes about five minutes of your chase but
    hey, most don't last that long anyway. The Film Director has been
    greatly enhanced, now you have more freedom about where you place your
    tripod, as well as new additions such as slo-mo and a wheel cam. With a
    bit of careful editing you can create car chases even the late, great,
    John Frankenheimer would be proud of.
    	So, what's bad? Well, frankly, it's the on-foot section. Not so
    much the execution, early worries about poor aiming have been
    sidestepped, no, the big problem is that it's just too damn glitchy.
    Some of the glitches are, admittedly, quite funny, but, in truth, they
    should have been picked up and fixed at the gametesting stage and it
    seems sloppy work that they've been missed or, worse, ignored.
    	That's about all that's wrong though. Everything else works
    pretty much as it should, (save the odd cop-getting-confused-as-hell
    scenario) it's a fun, realistic game that pushes the boundaries of the
    PS2 to it's limits while still (most of the time) maintaining an
    impressively constant frame-rate. With additional game modes and the
    extensive Take A Ride feature, DRIV3R isn't a game you're going to
    put down after five minutes. It offers a lot of replay value for your
    money and will probably still be on your playlist six months from now.
    After all the hype, speculation and fevered anticipation, Reflections
    have delivered the goods.
    Well, truth be told, the majority of this guide is all me, I did the
    research, played the game back to back, front to front and discovered
    the secrets. But, I did have some help from several websites so;
    thanks goes out to www.atari.com for the DRIV3R forums, helped answer
    a couple of questions, www.ign.com for identifying a couple of the
    cars in the game, www.cheatplanet.com for, well, the cheats and, uh,
    that's it really. Oh, yeah, and a big thank you to Reflections for
    FINALLY getting the game out in the shops. Nice one guys.
    Oh yeah, and thanks to you guys for reading this FAQ. Cheers.
    	    DRIV3R (c) 2004 Reflections Development Limited

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