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FAQ/Walkthrough by airforcer

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 10/09/04


Beyond Good And Evil
U.S. Version (XBOX)
By: Thomas Palmer
(a.k.a. Airforcer on gamefaqs)
(If you email me, please put BG&E in the subject, or I may not read it.)

Version 1.5 - (10/09/04)
               Added a possible solution to the second triangle key problem 
               with an email I recently received. 
Version 1.41 - (06/13/04)
               Since the last update, I have returned home and will start 
               checking my email more often now.
Version 1.4  - (01/26/04)
               Added a few more websites.  A minor detail about the second 
               triangle key.  Fixed a spelling error brought to my attention 
               and added a thank you section.         
Version 1.3  - (01/08/04)
               Added a few more hosting websites and some more details in a few
               areas that I have received emails about.
Version 1.2  - (01/01/04)
               Added a few things concerning the second triangle key, as well 
               as a couple of websites that are also hosting this walkthrough.
Version 1.1  - (12/29/03)
               Fixed a few spelling and grammar errors, and added some minor 
               things here and there.
Version 1.0  - (12/25/03)
               The walkthrough is pretty much finished now.
Ok, this is my first walkthrough ever, so bear with me.  I am writing this to 
help people get through the game, Beyond Good and Evil.  I won't tell you to do
every little thing, but it should be enough to progress through the game.  
Right now, I am also not going to explain where every single animal and pearl 
is, maybe later (time permitting).  This is basically just an early 
walkthrough so people can complete the game.  I tried to make this as spoiler 
free as possible, but there could be a spoiler here or there. So on with the 

(NOTE: Remember, not all the animals and pearls are mentioned yet. I will add 
more to it as I have time, I have a lot of them though.  Also, if you see a 
mistake, or want me to add something to a section, just let me know.)


These are the only websites this walkthrough should be on.  This may not 
be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It 
may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without 
advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a 
part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
If you want to use this walkthrough on your webpage, all I ask is that you ask
first.  I just want to know where my walkthrough is being used.  I will say 
yes 99.9% of the time, as long as I receive credit for it.

For the most up to date version of this walkthrough, check www.gamefaqs.com.


After the opening cut-scene, take control of Jade and defeat the enemies.  
After the cut-scene, perform a super attack to release yourself.  Run up to 
the boss and attack it.  When the teeth-like things surround the boss, 
preventing you from attacking it, perform another super attack.  I have found 
that if you get on the far right side of the boss, attack, super attack, then 
attack again, you never have to worry about the boss's attack.  After 
defeating the boss, grab your first pearl.  After the cut-scenes, grab your 
camera and take a picture of your first animal, right in front of you.   
Explore the lighthouse and pick up the health items laying around.
When you're ready, go outside and find more animals to photograph.  When
you photograph enough animals; you will have enough credits to restore 
power to the lighthouse.  Once power is restored, follow the floating robot 
thing down to Pey'j's workshop.  Pick up the M-disk and play it in the 
M-disk player, and save your game with the save disk if you like.  Leave the 
workshop and go to the right, down the stairs to the hovercraft.  Go to the 
right of the hovercraft and push on the generator.  Pey'j will come and help 
push the generator so the hovercraft can get power.  Jump in the 
hovercraft and leave the lighthouse. 


Drive to Mammago and buy the new speed craft motor.  If you can't find it, 
use the compass in the hovercraft. 

Black Isles

After talking with the strange man, follow the path deeper into the Island.  
At the Y, go left.  Right leads to another animal, and another once you have 
the wire cutters.  When you reach the door, have Jade and Pey'j stand on the 
pressure pads to open the door.  Follow the path and Pey'j will explain his 
jet boots.  After the cut-scene, stand Jade on one of the pressure pads, then 
have Pey'j do his super action to project Jade to the next level.  On the next 
level, have Jade climb up between the two pillars and turn the gear-like cog 
thing.  After lowering the ramp and bridge, follow the path to the boxes of 
explosives.  Have Pey'j do his super attack again, and while the red sack 
thing is in the air, have Jade hit it like a baseball into the explosives.  
After clearing the paths, go to the left (right leads to a few items).
To lower the bridge, do the super attack/baseball maneuver again to hit the 
red sack into the explosives cart.  After crossing the bridge, have Jade lower 
the chute and then have Jade and Pey'j push the cart towards the lowered 
chute.  Climb up the cart and chute into the next area.  After the fighting, 
do the duo pressure switch to open the door.  In the next area, search the 
lockers to find the wire cutter and have Pey'j cut the fence open.  Go through 
the fence and backtrack to where you lowered the bridge by hitting the red sack
into the explosives cart.  Have Pey'j cut the fence in the area and proceed 
Have Jade shimmy to the next area and go up the ramp with the red sack in 
the middle (ignore it for the moment).  At the top, push the cart to the other 
side and then do the super attack/baseball thing again with the red sack on 
the ramp.  Have Pey'j jump on the pad again to send Jade on top of the door.  
On the other side, have Jade open the door so Pey'j can come through and cut 
the fence.  Go through the fence to the next area and meet the new enemy.  
After defeating the first two, cross the bridge to find more.  During the 
battle, try to hit one (using the super attack/baseball idea) into the vertical
bridge.  After the battle, you can cross the bridge to save and collect 
crystals, otherwise, have Jade lower the platform and then climb up to the 
next area.  

Follow the path, when you reach the bubble sack that's in your way, hit it a 
few times, then have Pey'j super attack it.  The next area contains your 
objective.  Take the picture using the zoom feature.  After the picture, get 
ready for a boss.  To defeat the boss, wait for it to pop its head up, have 
Pey'j super attack it, and then have Jade hit it.  When it starts flying 
around, just run from it until it goes in a hole again, then when it appears 
again, repeat with Pey'j, then Jade.  When the battle is over, grab the pearl. 
After the cut-scene, jump in the hovercraft and make your way to the Pedestrian
District in the city.

Pedestrian District

In the Pedestrian District follow the path down, then to the left, go up the 
ramp, to the right, and to the right again.  You should see Akuda Bar, that's 
our destination.  In the bar, go upstairs and talk to the guy behind the 
counter.  Select the password and then wait for him to do his thing.  If you're
not sure which one to pick, just look at Jade's head, she follows the ticket 
herself.  After getting the ticket, go to room three and input the code.  
In room three, go to the closet and press action to reach the secret area.
(By the way, all the codes in this game go letter-number-letter-number).  

After the cut-scene, leave the secret area and the bar.  You can play the guy 
at the air-hockey like table for two pearls (one later on in the game).  Also, 
the guy sitting at the table with the female (just to the left of the stairs) 
is hiding the password to room two.  The easiest way to get it is to go 
upstairs and look through the zoom of the camera.  That way he doesn't hide it 
with his hand.
Outside the bar, go straight, right, then right again and go down the ramp.  
At the bottom, go left, pass the guard, and into Ming-TZU's shop.  In the 
shop, I would highly encourage you to buy the animal and pearl detectors.  
These make finding all the animals and pearls in the game a lot easier.  
Leave the shop and go back to the hovercraft and make your way to 


Buy the Neutralizing Cannon and then head to the Factory.  This is used 
to shoot down the flying guards that prevent you from driving into some 
areas (like the factory).  Hold down the fire button to activate the


In the factory, take a picture of the red bar code by the door.  Make sure you 
get a clear picture of the bar code, it should upload automatically like the 
animal pictures.  After getting the code, unlock the door and go through.  Have 
Pey'j cut the fence and then Jade kick it.  Move Jade over and under the red 
bars and then press the switch to let Pey'j through.  Push on the box to have 
Pey'j help you.  When the box gets stuck, move around and push towards the 
electrical current.  Once you bypass the security, go to the right and through 
the door that says Laboratory.  When you reach the Service Elevator, ignore it 
for now and keep going into the next area.  Push the two oversized fuses to the 
left and right of the electrical charge.  This will bypass the current so you 
can get more animals and pearls.  Go back to the service elevator.  Go in the 
elevator and have Pey'j press the button.  Proceed until you're attacked by a 
robot thing.  You need to hit the robot into the electrical current.  Once 
done, enter the door. 

In the next room, take a picture of the thing in the tube.  Then get the code
via the bar code.  Grab the Gyrodisk Launcher (this is used to 'shoot' things).
After getting the launcher, shoot the green thing above the person in the tube 
three times.  After the cut-scene, grab the pearl and have HH break through the
bars near the floor.  Have Jade crawl through the new hole and onto 
the next area.  In the next area you'll meet the next boss.  To start, run up 
and attack the boss.  (Don't bother with the super attack; it takes to long to 
charge).  When the boss jumps away from you, aim with the first person view, 
and shoot it before it can shoot back.  When the boss jumps in the air, get out
of the way.  When it lands, and you're close, green defenses will prevent you 
from attacking him with your stick.  Instead, shoot him once, then run up and 
attack him.  Repeat this until the boss is defeated.

After the cut-scene, go to the door labeled Electrical Room.  In the next area,
dodge the electric wires and go in the next room.  In the next room, go by the 
door and turn around.  Then shoot the fan blade until power is restored to the 
door.  Go through the door and to the back of the next room (avoid the first 
fuse for the moment).  In the back of the room is the triangle key, defeat the 
enemy and grab the key (use Pey'j's super attack and the baseball idea for the 
easiest time).  Go back to the triangle door (the one you saw when you first 
entered the room) and attempt to use the key.  Defeat the enemies (making sure 
to hit one into the electrical current) and use the key.  Quickly pick up the 
fuse to the right and continue going around the center until you reach a second
fuse.  Quickly pick this fuse up to before the power comes back on.  

Once you have both fuses, backtrack to the main elevator (where the boss fight 
was).  Don't forget to check where the electrical current was. Once back at the
elevator, have Jade put a fuse in the slot to the right of the elevator.  Then 
have Pey'j fix the parts to the left.  After that, have Jade look to the right 
of the elevator (over the electrical current in the doorway).  Look up in first
person and you should see a place that says molecular links broken, shoot that 
to get electricity to the elevator.  Go in the elevator and ride it to the next
level.  In the next area, defeat the enemies, and then have Jade climb up the 
machinery on the wall opposite the door.  Go across the bridge and into the 
next area. There's an animal you can photograph if you're quick.
Continue into the next area and you'll reach a dead end.  Backtrack all the way
back across the bridge.  After the cut-scene, move the box to the door, then 
look through the opening and shoot the switch to open the door.  Kick out the 
grate and crawl into the next area, seeing a cut-scene.  Continue to crawl 
through until you reach the area with two guards.  The first of many stealth 
areas has arrived.  Just crawl behind them, careful not to get to close, and 
continue on.  In the next area, crawl (yeah, I know Jade doesn't actually 
crawl, but close enough) down the ramp and crouch to the end on the short wall.
Wait for the guard to turn around and crawl past both of them into the next 
area. Go through the corridor until you reach the next guard.  On this one, 
just wait until he turns around and sneak up behind him and kick him.  Then 
kick him again and continue on.
When you meet HH, shoot the white switches beneath the flames.  Don't hesitate 
to long, as the flames will come back on after a moment.  Then have HH press 
the switch to let you through the red bars, quickly dive through the bars 
before they come back on. Follow the corridor until you reach another guard, 
before turning the corner, climb up to the left and drop down behind the guard.
Kick him if you want, for fun, and then continue to the next area.  Wait until 
the guard turns his back, then sneak past him and continue.  After the brief 
cut-scene, press the switch and go to the right if you want to save.  
Otherwise, wait for one of the crates on the conveyor belt to block the guards 
view.  Then follow right alongside the crate until you are out of the guards 
view.  Follow alongside the left hand side until you pass the red bars (that 
are turned off).  You'll see an opening to the right, dive through there before
another guard sees you further down and to the left.  

Kill all the rats and go until you reach the vending machine.  Grab the starkos
if you don't have any, then turn around and open the cabinet.  Put a starkos 
on the ledge and quickly use the camera for another animal.  After that, head 
back and go to the right, then climb over the boxes into the next area (use the
map if you get lost).   In the next area, press the switch to the right, then 
head around to the left, avoiding the guard and continue.  In the next area, 
grab Pey'j's shoes from the cabinet, then grab the M-disk to the left.  
Continue on and hit the two robots into the two electrical barricades.  Go to 
the opening opposite of where you found Pey'j's shoes to get another M-disk, 
and save if you wish.  Continue to the next area and dive over and crawl under 
the blue bars.  Press the switch to open the door, and quickly crawl under and 
dive over the red bars before the door closes.  Crawl into the next area and 
wait for the guard to turn his back, and then sneak into the hole below him.  
Climb up behind him, wait until he turns around, and then kick him.  Ride the 
blue gravity lift up to the next level.
In the next area, I have found it's easier to just kill the guards.  Do this by
waiting until one passes the corner and turns his back to you.  Wait until he's
about to turn again, then shoot him.  Wait for the second guard to run up 
behind the first, and then shoot his tank to.  Go through the two automatic 
doors, making sure you're on the left through the second one.  Sneak up and at 
the right moment, hurry to the right and down into the hole in the wall.  Go to
the first opening and climb up, then move to the moving boxes.  Quickly jump 
and grab the side of the box, then ride on the box as the crane moves it to the 
second conveyor belt.  Ride the belt to the next area.  Dive over the blue 
bars, and duck under the electric current.  Go past the disk reader and shimmy 
to past the guard.  Shoot the switch over the electrical current to bring the 
platform to you.  Walk on the platform, and shoot the switch again.  Quickly 
duck under the electrical current as you travel to the other side.  There's 
another animal down below in the water.  

Continue through the next area. Sneak past the guard, then dive or crawl under 
the moving blue beams.  After the conversation, take a picture of the guard 
with his helmet off.  Continue on, waiting for the guards to both turn their 
backs to you and walk the other way.  Then follow them, careful not to get to 
far ahead, and go to the next area.  Wait for the guard to walk away and follow 
him, diving over the blue bars.  Sneak down the ramp, and move against the 
block so it's between you and the stationary guard.  Wait for the moving guard 
to turn the corner so his back is to you.  Wait just a second then shoot him, 
making the stationary guard come to his aid.  Quickly turn 180 and go to the 
left and back into the corner where a cabinet is located, open it and pick up 
the square key.  Go back to where you started and wait for the guards to calm 
down, when the coast is clear, sneak back to the red bars and use the square 
key, then continue on until you see another door that requires the square key. 

Go through the door and use the key again to turn off the red bars.  Shoot the 
guard in the back and then take a picture of the skeleton on the black screen 
(if one's not there, wait a few moments), thus completing your objectives.  Get
the bar code and unlock the door.  Go through the door and in the next room, 
walk towards the moving cranes.  Take out your camera and look up.  After the 
cut-scene, run to one of the boss's legs and hit it.  The trick to this boss is
to first, attack one leg (opposite to HH), causing the boss to lift the leg up.
While the leg is up, use HH's super attack to cause the boss to fall down and 
open the hatch.  Quickly shoot the thing behind the hatch before the hatch 
closes.  Repeat this four times (each time the hatch closes quicker) to defeat 
the boss.  Grab the pearl then exit.
Ride the elevator down and backtrack to the area where the hovercraft is.  Go 
to the right and have HH smash through the metal bars.  Go through and put the 
second fuse in the slot.  After the cut-scene, quickly get back to the 
hovercraft.  Go through the opening straight ahead first (don't worry about the
time, you have plenty).  Grab the pearl and take the animal’s picture, if you 
haven't already, then quickly exit and head to the city. 

Pedestrian District

Once in the city, head to the Pedestrian District.  Then go to the Akuda Bar 
and to the secret hide out.   After the cut-scene, talk to the others if you 
want, then go into the secret room and grab all the pearls.  Exit the bar and 
go back to the area where Ming-TZU's shop is located.  In the shop is a pearl. 
There's also a shed outside (requires the square key) where another pearl is 
located.  There's also a door behind the guard to the left (as you come into 
the area) that leads to the transit.  In the first room, push the locker over 
(looking inside first) to reveal a hole.  Follow the path to an open area.  
This area basically requires you to duck, dive, and run along conveyor belts 
and obstacles until you reach a pearl.  After reaching the pearl and exiting, 
return to the hovercraft.  


Once in the hovercraft, head to Mammago's.  Once there, buy the jump kit and 


Head towards the Slaughter House next (jumping over the red barrier located 
over the water).  Use the compass if you can't find the races.  

Slaughter House

Go to race three.  Don't worry about racing, look to the left until you see 
horizontal red bars blocking an opening (they're right after a turbo boost on 
the racetrack).  Jump over the bars (it can be kinda tricky at first) and 
follow the path.  Through the next few areas, just drive like mad until you 
reach a calm area.  In this area, you can do one of two things.  Either move 
the two floating boxes to destroy the torpedo launchers, or drive in the light 
of the detector and draw the torpedoes so that they hit the launchers.  If you 
use the boxes, skip the second launcher and go for the third (since there are 
only two boxes).  After getting past the third launcher continue on, using the 
box to destroy the mine.  

Dock the hovercraft and run up the ramp.  Have Jade press against one side of 
the door (so she can open it).  HH will come and help with the other side of 
the door. Jump back into the hovercraft and drive through the opened door. Use 
the floating boxes to protect yourself from the rotating lasers.  Be careful 
in the following area, or a big fan will blow you into a bunch of mines.  Try 
to get to the far right (where there's some floating boxes) to get control 
back.  Then shoot the mines and go up the ramp.  Drive past the horizontal and 
vertical fans until you reach another pool full of mines.  Destroy some of the 
mines to create a path and continue on (you have to jump).  

Go through the tunnel and in the next area, you need to destroy the mine 
launchers by hitting them with the boxes.  One box is in the water, the other 
two are up on a ledge.  To get them, go to either one of the two openings 
side-by-side.  When you reach three openings, go in the middle one (the other 
two are dead ends).  Up on the ledge, knock the two boxes down.  On the 
farthest one, I just stayed where I was and shot it off the ledge.  If you 
want, you can make the jumps and push it off.  After destroying the launchers, 
destroy the mines to continue (the other path in the area leads back to the 
When you get to the gate that's blocking your path, jump out and shoot the 
switch in the tower across the water.  There's also two animals in the area.  
At the next gate, get out and have Jade move to the left (she'll squeeze 
through an area where HH can't go).  Climb on up and destroy the flying robot 
(shoot the green tanks twice each).  Now go to the edge on top (near the water,
not the rotating red lasers) and look across the area (over the red lasers).  
You should see a white switch just to the left of the gate (behind a rotating 
cog wheel).  Shoot this, then hurry back to the hovercraft.  Then hurry under 
the gate before it closes again.
Once on the other side, exit the hovercraft and go back to the rotating red 
lasers.  Have HH knock them out and continue through the opening in the back 
of the area.  In the next room, get the map, then backtrack to the gate switch.
Go left of the M-disk reader and have Jade climb up until she reaches the gate.
Once on top of the gate, have HH push the switch.  If you go to the right while
on top of the gate, you can reach another animal while the gate is up (just 
shoot the switch above the fire to find it).  Go left and continue to the left 
to the opening.  Knock the robot into the electrical charge, then take the 
path back to the map room.  Go back and get HH, then have him break through 
the metal bars in the room where you beat the robot (move the box in the map 
room to get there).  The next guard can be a pain, unless you know the trick.  
Get the guard between Jade and HH, then while the guard is facing you, have HH 
do his super attack to take out the guard. 
There is an animal in the boxes to the right.  Shoot the boxes, then quickly 
take the picture while the animal runs for the other set of boxes.  If you 
miss, shoot the boxes where ever the animal is hiding to make it run again.  
Press the switch to get your ride, then continue.  As soon as you leave the 
transport, have HH press the switch opposite the vending machine to get another
animal.  Knock the enemies into the electrical charges (if you run out, press 
the switch and more enemies will appear).  Pick up a second triangle key, then 
go to the opening, where there were two charges, for a pearl.   

NOTE 1:  I have received a few emails asking me where the second triangle key 
is.  Everytime I have played the game, the second triangle key is always laying 
on the ground in the middle of the entrance to the pearl and M-disk reader.  
This is after I disable all three electrical barriers and all the enemies are 
gone.  If the key is not there for you, then I am stumped.  I have never had a 
problem not finding the key.  The only thing I can think of, is to make sure 
you kill the enemies by knocking them into the electrical barrier.  This might 
be the only way the key appears.  Also, I am pretty sure that the second 
triangle key is dropped by one of the robots (like the first triangle key).  
So look in the areas where you destroy the robots for the key.  If you have the 
PC version, then it might be a bug, but I'm not sure of that since I have the 
Xbox version.
NOTE 2:  Here is a possible solution that was emailed to me by Alex Clerm.

"Just wanted to tell you a solution I've found to the problem of the people 
who can't find the second triangle key needed to go threw the slaughterhouse 
mission. I had this problem myself and, as you say, it probably only happens 
on the pc. The key being stuck in the roof in a bug in the bge.exe version 
1.0.1. I instaled this patch because with the version 1.0.0, the game always 
crashed after 15 min or so. To fix the problem, you have to replace your 
v1.0.1 back with the v1.0.0. The easiest way to do this is to backup your 
saved games, and reinstal the entire game. Then go play, quickly get the 
second key witch WILL fall this time and save your game at the Mdisc reader 
next to the room where you fight the robots. After that you can just put back 
the v1.0.1 if you need to and finish playing the great game Beyond Good and 
Evil is!"

If you need additional help with the patch, email Alex at: 

When you're ready, give HH a triangle key, then open the door.  Send HH through 
the lasers to turn them off, then dive and crouch your way quickly to the other 
side (as the lasers will come back on shortly).  After the three sets of 
lasers, you'll reach your objective point.  The way I do this, is to go to the 
far left of the room, shoot the guard on the left. As the other guard turns to 
Jade, have HH hit the guard to take him out as well.  If the second guard goes 
after HH, then have Jade quickly kick him.  Take your picture and backtrack to 
the hovercraft (search the lockers first though). 
Continue through the passageway and when you come to the intersection, turn 
left.  Follow the path until you see a waterfall.  Go to the right of the 
waterfall and drive up the slope, then dock and go inside.  Have Jade squeeze 
through the pipes to the left.  When you see the electrical charges and a 
guard on the other side, look to the left of the guard and zoom in on the 
switch.  Shoot the switch and get on the platform, then shoot the switch again.
Dodge the electrical currents along the way.  Now the next area can be tricky. 
You have to watch the guards and decide when the best time to go is.  I died 
here a few times before I figured it out, it's hard to explain.  Just try to 
get through it by trial and error.  If you are close, and you're seen, dive for
the exit, the guards won't chase you.  All you have to do is make it past the 
red bars.  

In the next area, kick the electrical box between the vertical blue bars (2) 
and the fuse holder.  Then hurry down the hallway with blue bars and grab the 
fuse before the power comes back on.  Use the fuse and then use the elevator.  
You should know what to do here, so clear the paths.  Open the cabinet for 
something, then go to the door to the left.  A guard should have his back to 
you as soon as you enter.  You have to sneak behind the two guards, avoid the 
mines, and avoid the floating detector.  When you reach the other end, crawl 
through the opening.  Grab the goodies and backtrack to the room that had the 
two robots.  Go through the other door and follow the pathway (avoiding the 

When you reach the room with four guards.  Take a moment to learn the patterns,
then move when it's safe.  Follow the guard and roll under the small gap 
straight ahead (stay to the guard's right).  In this room, open the cabinet, 
grab the pearl, and turn off the red bars.  The way I get out of here, is to 
crouch in the opening you just went through, and shoot the four guards from the
safety of the hole.  Otherwise, go backtrack around to where you entered the 
area, and sneak through to the exit.  Once you sneak past, go left and through 
the door (there should be an electrical charge in front of you).  Go left and 
push the box to reveal a crawlspace.  Kick the electrical box and quickly crawl
through the space.  Crawl around the machine (avoiding the mine) and dive over 
the blue bars.  Quickly grab the fuse straight ahead before the power comes 
back on.  With the fuse in hand, backtrack to where you moved the box, then go 
to where you saw the electrical current when you first entered this area.  Use 
the elevator and in the next area, sneak to the bottom of the ramp.  

Shoot the guard, and go up the ramp and through the door to gather some goodies
(be careful when you move in front of the blue bars, or a guard will see you). 
Backtrack down the ramp (or dive over the blue bars), and go through the door 
at the bottom.  Crawl through the space and when the guard is on the movable 
platform and standing still, quickly shoot the switch.  Get on the platform, 
crouch, and shoot the switch again and continue on.  Sneak past the three 
guards and go though the door.  You'll reunite with HH, so go to the left, past
the red bars, to find your next picture.  Sneak up behind the two guards and 
take the picture, then quietly leave and go back to the hovercraft (using the 
switch to turn off the red bars if you haven't already). 

When you're back in the hovercraft, go down the waterfall and go to your right.
Go past the flying detector and shoot the two boxes into the mine launchers.
Proceed down the area (taking out mines as you go), then dock.  When you reach 
the metal bars, have HH smash through them, taking out the guard as well.  Go 
left and go up the short ladder.  Kick in the grate, crawl through, and exit. 
In the next area, I find it easiest just to shoot the guard first, then shoot 
the switch.  You can also shoot the switch, then dive through the door quickly 
(it's on a timer).  When you're through the door, continue and you'll see 
another cabinet to the left with some goodies in it.  Go up the ramp into the 
next area.  Crouch and walk across the bridge, dropping down near the end when 
it is clear.  Crawl down the ramp and sneak past the two guards.  

In the next area, go right and push the box onto the lift.  Go down and kick 
the electrical box and grab the fuse.  Then use the box you pushed to get back 
up.  Next, go up the gravity lift, then watch the two guards and sneak past 
them.  You have to go all the way to the left, then forward, and back to the 
right to sneak past the guards (it's a close call, but you can make it).  Grab 
the pearl in the next area and watch out for the patrolling guard (through the 
window) as you walk past the M-disk reader.  After grabbing the pearl, if 
you're spotted, the easiest thing to do is to go back to the gravity lift, then
follow the ramps to where you need to place the fuse (you won't miss anything 
doing this).  Otherwise, continue through and sneak past the stationary guard. 
Press the switch to turn off the red bars, and continue to where you need a 
fuse.  Use the fuse and crawl to the next area.  

Grab onto the box and ride it above the conveyor belt.   You can't ride the 
conveyor belt this time, instead, drop down beside it and crawl through the 
first opening you come to on the left.  It comes to a dead end, but there's a 
cabinet with some goodies in it.  When you crawl back out, go left and press 
the switch to turn off the red bars.  Then crawl out and go right and through 
the door.  Follow the path, going through the door, and meet up with HH again. 
Maneuver through the mines and defeat the enemies.  Climb up on the first pipe 
(on the wall opposite of where you entered), then have HH hit the switch to 
turn the electrical current off long enough for Jade to pass.  Sneak past the 
three guards and continue until you arrive outside.  Walk out so you're kinda 
behind the guard, then shoot him off the pedestal.  

Proceed through the next area until you are outside again.  Shoot the guard 
when his back is turned and continue.  With the next two guards, I always shoot
the one on the right, then I shoot the other one as he comes to his partner's 
aid.  Once the guards are out of the way, grab the fuse, then walk around and 
climb down.  Look across the water for your third and final picture, then go 
back over the blue bars and use the fuse and crawl through.  This place should 
look familiar, backtrack to the hovercraft.  Now it's time to leave, so drive 
back towards the entrance.  When you reach the first gate, go left, up the 
ramp,  and ram the fence, then continue to the where you use the red bar code. 
Raise the gate using the code and drive through.  Shoot the two mines, and in 
the next area, go left to arrive back at Race's 3 and 4.  


Head back to the city and go to the Pedestrian District.

Pedestrian District

Go back to the secret headquarters.  When you're done, leave the bar and go 
throught the door to the right.  Inside push the box and have Jade crawl 
through.  Follow the path, under the blue bars, and drop down (wait until it's 
clear).  Drop down again (again, when it's safe), then drop down a third time 
(no worries while you drop).  Time your movements so you don't get hit by the 
moving red bars, then drop down again.  Wait for the bars to turn off, and 
shimmy across the path, waiting again.  Drop down again, then shimmy left, 
waiting for the vertical red bars to turn off.  Move as quickly as possible and
drop down three more times, when it's safe of course.  You can also dive over 
the red bars they are about to hit you.  Finally, drop down on some machine 
(yeah, it looks as though Jade will miss, but she doesn't) and move towards the
blue bars.  Follow the path and dive over the blue bars. 
When you reach the next area, wait until the coast is clear, then crawl under 
the blue bars and hide behind the block.  You need to follow a guard around to 
the other side, close enough that you pass the red bars, but not to close as to
alert the guard.  At the halfway mark, right after the third set of red bars, 
climb up the short ladder (don't worry about being seen, it seems to happen no 
matter what).  Crawl past the first opening on the right until you reach 
another opening with broken glass in it.  Look through the glass and shoot the 
switch, then crawl back to the first opening and shoot the switch there as well
before climbing down. 
Climb down and grab the three pearls, then open the door and crawl into the 
next area, remain crawling at all times.  Follow the guard around the area, 
stop when you come to the switch. Wait until the guard passes through the next 
blue bar, then press the switch.  Quickly crawl around and to the right of 
where you entered this area, and roll under the closing door.  Once past the 
door, turn the corner and stop before crawling out onto the elevator.  The 
objective here is to avoid the line of sight of the guards as the elevator 
rises.  Here are pictures of where you should be at each guard (the x is 
Jade's position).  You have to roll to get to position '5)' in time. 

1)         2)         3)         4)         5)        6)
    _           _           _         _          _          _
  x|_|         |_|        x|_|      x|_|        |_|        |_|
 _          _           _         _          _           _                 
|_|        |_|x        |_|       |_|        |_|        x|_|

Also notice you are given an advanced warning from the lights.  When the 
elevator stops, follow the guard and jump up on the block,  then jump up to the
opening.  Kick the grate open and jump down, reuniting with HH.  Grab the 
goodies and take a picture of the animal, then turn off the red bars and exit. 
Go to the area where Ming-Tzu's shop is located and find the three red 
horizontal bars.  Use the star key and continue on.  Have HH press the switch 
and ride the elevator up.  The objective here is to sneak around this area, it 
may take a couple tries, but you should eventually make it through. There's 
really no tips here, just be patient is all.  When you reach the area with the 
guard inside, wait for him so you can follow, then go to the right and press 
the switch.  Quickly dive through the door to reach the next area.
Grab the numerous pearls and open the door, then dive over the pipe.  Before 
diving over the fire, make sure you have at least 5-6 hearts in your health, 
when your ready, dive over the fire.  All I can say here is run like hell until
you reach the end, making sure to dive were appropriate.  Now you can go to 
Ming-Tzu's shop and pick up another pearl.  If you tell Ming-Tzu the password, 
you can also get 4 M-disks.  Now backtrack towards hovercraft.  Before going to 
the hovercraft, on the bottom level, go left and you'll see steel bars blocking
an entrance.  Have HH smash through them and go through.  Press the switch, get
on the elevator, then have HH press the switch.  Follow the path, crouching 
down to avoid the guard; you'll have to roll in order to make it to safety each
time.  Once past the guard continue to the next set of guards.  You have to 
avoid the flying detectors, while watching the guard as well.  Hide behind the 
block until you are close to the guard.  I usually just kick this guard when he
turns around, it makes this part easy.
In the next area, you have to step on the pressure pad, then quickly dodge the 
red bars.  Dive over the blue bars and roll under the closing door.  Grab the 
pearl and do the same pressure pad and closing door deal to exit.  In the next 
room, grab the pearls and go through the door.  Press the switch, making sure 
you have health again, and run forward.  It's time to 'run like hell' again, at
the end, climb the boxes to exit.  Go back to the hovercraft and head for the 


Go to the second floor of the lighthouse and go through the doorway on the 
far right.  Look to the left and there's a picture of what appears to be the 
soles of shoes.  Press the switch and a screen appears.  Go to your inventory 
and select Pey'j's shoes.  Then rotate them, using the right analog stick 
(Xbox version anyway), until you can see the two codes on the bottom.  enter 
the code on the right-footed boot, then go back to the area where the 
hovercraft is.  On the level  you come out on, turn to the right, and find the 
other screen for the second code.  Use the code from the left-footed boot and 
then press the red switch that appears.  Run up the new ramp an grab the M-disk
and flight stabilizer to the left on the table.  Then run up to the ship.  Try 
to fly the ship, it doesn't work out to well.  For laughs, try to fly it again.
Place the flight stabilizer you have in one of the slots.  Go back to the 
hovercraft and drive to Mammago.


Buy the flight stabilizer and head back to the ship.


Search the top of the lighthouse until a cut-scene appears.  After the 
cut-scene, find the animal and head back to the ship (taking out the enemies 
along the way).  Press the red switch again and put the second flight 
stabilizer in place.  We need to buy the space engine,  but we need more pearls
first.  So head to the volcano (above Black Isle).  Fly into the volcano, and 
release the hovercraft, then dock.  That blue thing on the wall is another 
animal, follow the path.  When you reach the gap, have Jade jump over to the 
left, then shimmy across.  You should know how to lower the bridge, so reunite 
with HH and continue. By the way, the space engine is 30 pearls.    

In the next few areas, kill the enemies and grab the pearls.  Once you're 
finished, head back to the hovercraft, then reconnect with the ship.  If you 
need more pearls, head to the entrance between the City and Black Isle on the 
left (use your pearl locator).  Disconnect from the ship and drive inside.  
Dock and head through the door, killing enemies along the way if desired.  You 
should know how to get past the electrical barriers by now. If you need more 
enemies, hit the switches.  When you're through, kill the enemies for more 
pearls.  You should have enough pearls by now, if not, use the pearl detector 
to find more.  When you have enough, had back to Mammago.  You can fly straight
there in the ship, you don't have to disconnect the hovercraft, just fly over 
Mammago and you'll see a landing site.  


Buy the space engine and head back to the ship.  Now is your last chance to 
find any remaining animals and/or pearls you don't have yet.  You should have 
88 pearls and 55 animals (there's still one more to photograph once you're in 
space).  When you're ready, head to the moon.

Outer Space

Find the block of ice with a tail sticking out.  Shoot the ice until the animal
is freed,  dodging the chunks of ice in the meantime.  Once you have your last 
animal head towards the moon.  


Fly towards the satellite looking object, HH will then tell you where you need 
to fly to. Once inside, Go through the doorway behind you and step on both of 
the pressure pads with Jade and HH.  Once at the bottom, head towards the 
source of the light beam.  Before you get there, look to the left and pick up 
a mirror.  Turn around the use the mirror on the right hand side of the room. 
Once you have placed the mirror, go back to the source, and turn it so it hits 
the new mirror.  Go to the new mirror and turn it left so it goes back towards 
the elevator, a brief cut-scene will appear.  Run back to the elevator and grab
the mirror in the newly open area.  Go back to the mirror you made, and turn it
back to the right until another brief cut-scene appears.  

Go down the new path.  Use the mirror straight ahead (directly under the light)
and turn the mirror so the light hits the area to the left of where you came 
in.  Another brief cut-scene shows another area opening.  Go in and use Jade's 
super attack for a bunch of crystals.  Go back to the mirror and aim the light 
in the opposite direction, until you hear the familiar sound of the light 
hitting another mirror.  Go to the next area and get behind the winged mirror 
closest to you.  Shoot the wing so the light hits the winged mirror on the 
opposite side of the door.  Go to this winged mirror and shoot the wing so the 
light hits the middle winged mirror.  Then shoot the third/middle winged mirror
until you hear the sound again.  

The light should now be going down another passage and across a long bridge.  
Go across the long bridge.  After crossing the bridge, you'll find a lost 
friend.  The objective here is to light up the crystals surrounding the center.
Starting with the outside, turn all the mirrors so the very outside crystals 
are lit.  Once the outside row descends, move to the mirror closest to the 
entrance (the first one you came to and most likely turned).   Turn it to the 
right, the middle row should descend.  Stay put, and turn it to the right 
again, the third and final row should be cleared now.  Now, have HH slam into 
the center thing, your friend should now be released.  Continue forward and 
have Jade squeeze past the door on the left-hand side.  Go up the gravity lift.

Go forward, straight ahead is a dead end, left is more crystals, and right is 
where you want to go.  For the two guards straight ahead, I usually just take 
them out.  Shoot the one with his back to you, then fight the other one.  If 
you keep moving, and stay to his left (the side with the shield), you can 
eventually take him out as well.  When he attacks, try to dive behind him, then
hit him in the back.  Or else just keep hitting him in the front and he'll 
eventually lose his tank.

Go down the gravity lift, then go straight and turn to the right.  Go through 
the entrance around the corner to the next area.  This next area may look 
confusing, but it isn't to bad.  Before going down the darker blue gravity 
lift, look down across the area.  See the green gravity lift on the far side?  
That's our destination.  Go down the dark blue lift.  Go straight ahead 
(skipping the lift on the right) and go up again.  Go left and use the lift to 
go down.  Go left again to find the green gravity lift.  Go through the tunnel 
to the next area.

After the cut-scene, take your picture, then backtrack to the Space Ship.  When 
you reach the ship, go right and find the switch.  Push it to move a box 
overhead.  Climb up the machinery and things to reach the box you just moved.  
Jump up and hang from the box, then have HH press the switch to move you over 
the ship.  Drop down on the ship and look across the gap for another switch.  
Shoot the switch to move another box to you.  Then shoot the switch again, and
while the disk is flying towards the switch, quickly jump up and hang from the 
box.  Once on the other side, drop down and lower the bridge using the cog like
gear between the two pillars.  Once your friends catch up, have everyone stand 
on a pressure pad of the three pad door.  

Through the door, dodge the turrent, then go right into the transport.  Exit 
the transport and go to the console panel.  Take a picture of the bar code, 
then enter the code you recieve.  After the cut-scene, quickly backrack to the 
Space Ship.  If the transport doesn't move right away, move Jade around a 
little.  When you reach the ship, climb in and take off.

After the cut-scene, you have to use the Neutralizing Cannon and shoot the 
boss.  The object of the first half is to shoot the red lights while dodging 
the boss's attacks.  In the second half, release the hovercraft, then guide the
torpedoes into the launchers blocking the entrance.  Once the entrance is 
cleared, go inside and dock.  Dodge the electrical current, past that, the 
three guards inside can be a pain.  About the only thing you can do is run 
around with Jade, and have HH do his super attack repeatively.  Eventually, the
enemies will all lose their tanks.  Afterwards, go up the gravity lift.  After 
the cut-scene, press the switch to release the ship, then backtrack to the 

Reconnect to the ship and fly back to the landing site.  After the brief 
cut-scene, fly around and shoot the enemy ships.  After shooting so many, 
another cut-scene takes place.  Land the Space Ship and follow the path to the 
three-pressure pad elevator, then ride the elevator down and prepare to meet 
the final boss.

Final Boss

After the cut-scene, start by fighting off the first wave of enemies.  When 
they are defeated, the main boss will shoot a light out at Jade.  Dodge the 
light, and hide behind HH, avoiding the homing missle-like things as well.  
Once behind HH, aim the camera and shoot the main boss with the gyrodisk 
launcher.  Repeat this (about 3 times) until the next phase appears.

On the next phase, you have to hit the 'new' enemies into the barrier guarding 
the main boss.  After you break enough of them, hit another enemy so it hits 
the main boss.  Fight of the other enemies until a friend is suddenly taken 

With the next phase, you have to hit the main boss quickly as it transports 
around Jade.  You have to be quick and hit it almost as soon as it appears.  
Also, be sure to press in the right direction (towards the boss).  If you 
hesitate to long, or press left when the boss is to your right, he will 
attack you.  You need to hit the boss about eight consecutive times (without 
getting hit yourself) to continue.  Also, when the boss is right above Jade, 
dive out of the way, then hit the boss when it is beside Jade again. 

On the next phase, you need to coax another 'new' enemy to swing at Jade.  Once
he does, attack him to defeat each one (five total).  Fight off the other 
enemies as well, while also avoiding the the homing missle things again.  Once 
everything is defeated, you will advance to the final stage.

Ok, the final stage is difficult at first, because the left analog stick is now 
backwards.  To start out, try getting used to the reversed controls by 
defeating the four enemies.  After defeating them, get ready for the final 
showdown.  The objective is the same as before, you need to hit the boss eight 
times without getting hit yourself.  Follow the same procedure as before.  
Attack the boss when it is beside Jade, and dodge when the boss is above Jade. 
On the eighth attack, you'll get a cut-scene signaling the final blow.  Enjoy 
the final cut-scene.

Congratulations, you have just finished Beyond Good and Evil.
The End

Thank You
To a Mr. Ben Madrid for pointing out an annoying spelling mistake.
To Alex Clerm for the help with the second triangle key problem.

Copyright 2003 Thomas Palmer
All Rights Reserved
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