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The key to ninjutsu is deception. 01/22/08 Ahmone19
Ive Never Had this much fun getting killed repeatedly 03/04/04 Angel X5452
Nothing Special 03/04/04 BigDai
I Can't Stand This Game!!! 09/15/10 chicagopoetry
This isn't steak - Tough IS good 03/03/04 coolcat600
Action Perfected 03/03/04 d0x
Is your ninja game hot?? 03/05/04 imd420
After years of waiting, it has come! 03/04/04 Irio
Ninja Gaiden sets a new standard for games! 03/04/04 JagoX
The future of gaming, today. 03/05/04 jennafaith1
In Itagaki we trust. 03/03/04 JynxShot
Worth the cruel pain of waiting! 03/03/04 KrAzYgAmEr86
Easy on the eyes, hard to put down. 03/03/04 Lord Alchemy
One of the Best Action Games Ever. 03/05/04 moose1132
Magnificent 03/03/04 Nicholas23
The Best Action Game. Period. 03/02/04 Old School
It's here, feel the love. 03/02/04 OrdogToxin
One of the greatest action games of all time. 03/03/04 Psx19
A new plateau for 3d action games 03/03/04 red caliph
This is the action game I've been waiting for... 03/05/04 Shin Gokou EX
An Outstanding Game! 03/03/04 Sinister187
In short: Devil May Cry meets Shinobi 03/04/04 sonuckles
Pure action..pure carnage....this game is a classic. 03/03/04 starman98
An instant classic 03/22/04 Terell Owens81
Unleash Your Inner Ninja... Again After 10 Years. 03/04/04 THAguyINgta3
It's Ninja time! 03/03/04 Vash216
Truly a god among games 03/03/04 Wasabi X
One Of The Best Games Ever Made... 03/04/04 XenoSphere
Astounding. 03/19/04 Yeuh Fei Long

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