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Reviewed: 10/11/02 | Updated: 10/11/02

Don't have enough time? Let Blinx give you a hand

Blinx: The Time sweeper is touted to be the worlds 1st 4D platform game, actually the worlds 1st 4D game alone. Blinx take platforming to another level. In Blinx, time is your weapon. You control time, what I mean by that, you have the power to manipulate time itself as a gameplay mechanic. And that is what make this game so great. It's the first game to use the Xbox's hardware in a way that no game has ever done. It's taking an approach from the 4th dimension. Blinx is platform games redefined.

Presentation 8/10

The game itself it marvelous. The nice hip hop introduction, all the way to the main menu, to the main story. It's pretty good. But the game isn't without it's flaws. One complaint is that there are no cut scenes in between the stages of the game. In the beginning of Blinx, you are introduced to the ''Time Factory'', and what time means and how important it is to the universe. A disaster occurs in world B1Q64 and the notorious ''Tom Tom Gang'' are stealing time crystals (Glitches the occur and eventually transform into monsters, also the things that a Time Sweeping Janitor (Blinx) has to clean up) and they're selling them to other warlord in the universe. They also grab the Princess of world B1Q64 as business perk. Being the heroic feline that Blinx is, he decides to jump into world B1Q64 head first to save the little missy, and time itself. We wouldn't want the universe going backward on us................would we? That's all the story you get. Nothing else. That's why Blinx lose some points, but who needs cut scenes, the early platform games didn't have 'em and they were good, why can't Blinx do the same?

Graphics 10/10

This is where Blinx shines, and I mean literally shines. from the bump mapping, to the nice textures, to the wonderful lighting, it all looks amazing. The water has real time reflections, all the way down to the little details on Blinx's outfit. His goggles and boots even reflect his surroundings. It's awesome looking. You'll stand around and lose track of time just looking at the nicely detailed environments, along with amazing partical effects. The enemies have an assortment of designs and they look really polished. Some show off amazing lighting. Most of the time creature have that glossy look to them to give them tha extra ''umph''. Later on in the game you encounter some interesting creature designs that really shows of the power of Xbox. This game could sell alone on how good it looks. If I could sum up how good Blinx looks in one phrase, it would be ''Jaw Dropping''

Control 9/10

Controls are very easy to pick up. ''A'' is jump, and tap it twice you get double jump. ''B'' is your time conrol functions. When you hold down ''B'' you get a menu of your time powers. Hilight what power you wan to use(granted you have time powers) and release ''B'' and the function begins. ''X'' and ''R'' act as the same, they control your time sweeper. Hold down ''X'' or ''R'' to suck up garbage and tap ''X'' or ''R'' to put that sucka in reverse to propell garbage or anything else that you might have sucked up. The ''Y'' button is to pull out your time sweeper, but you won't touch that button much, becuase when you use the ''X'' or ''R'' buttons to shoot/suck up trash, you'll automatically pull out your sweeper. ''Y'' is for cosmetic uses only. The left analog stick moves Blinx around and the right analog stick rotates the camera. If ou click the right analog stick, your camera resets so your facing foward, and if you sit still when you press the right analog stick, it puts you in a sort of look mode, where you can look around from a kind of first person view with his ears and the top of his head showing. Some poeple complain about the camera, but if you give it time, you will learn how to adjust it witout even thinking about it, and htis will keep you from getting blown away off screen. Blinx has an assortemnt of jump, he can double jump like I stated earlier, and if you tap jump once while tapping the left analog stick to the left, right or backward, he'll do an acrobatic flip in that direction. Nothing that would be very helpfull, but something nice to show off or get out of osme sticky situations. Overall controll is midless and easy to pick up when you start to play.

Sound 8/10

Blinx reminds me a lot of Nights for the Sega Satun. The Deja Vu scene is the one I have particullarlly in mind. Nice and easy is how I could describe the music in the game. But it really doesn't add to the whole wacky time theme. At times it can get really repetitive, but it the same time it's soothing. Nothing really special. Blinx should realy learn how to speak more. He only shouts out a couple of words when he starts a level, fall off a long cliff, gets attacked, and ends a level. The other sound effect in the game (shooting of garbage, picking up garbage, collecting gold and time crystals, attacking enemies, and the shounds of enemies attacking) blen nice with the games mood. The Time sound effect are really cool. It's your basic sound of a standard VCR when you use a time power. And it mixes well with the games theme. In all the music could have been better, but there isn't really nothing bad about it. It's nit annoying to where you'll turn the sound down, becuae some of the music in the game is actually nice.

Gameplay 10/10

This is what makes the game go ''BOOM!!!!'' Blinx is one of the most innovative game ever created. Artoon and Microsoft didn't slap the ''worlds first 4D game'' on the box for nothing, thats if you beleive in the 4th demsion. Each Stage is recorded for 10 minutes (and thast the time you have to finish your sweep) So you have to clear out the zone of the alloted time glitches (crystals between dimensions that has evolved into time creatures) or you'll get the dreaded ''time over screen'' (ala Sonic) and it's game over. Blinx is a time sweeper, so whats a time sweeper without any powers? You have 5 different time powers (rewind, fast foward, pause, record, and slow motion) and you collect a combination of time crystals (purple cross=rewind, orange triangle=fast foward, blue moon=pause, green diamond=record, and yellow star=slow motion) to gain the powers. But it's not easy as it sounds. You have a limited amount of slots for time powers (but you can buy more slots for additional time slots at the shop between levels) Also you have to collect the crystals in a sequence to gain a power. You have to collect 4 time crystals to gain a power, but at least 3 of them have ot match, and you'll gain a time power, depend on the 3 matching crystals you collect in your set o 4. If you collect 4 matching crystals, you'll gain 2 of that time power. Same things applies to your life. It's a ''one hit'' kill game, but you get re-tries. The retries are the little hearts at the top of your screen to the left (and you can by more slots for re-tries too at the shops) When you take a hit, time rewinds for about 5 seconds and starts from there so you don't make the same mistake twice, but you lose a re-try. Re-tries are collect as time crystals (red hearts) so the same rule applies when collectin combinations. The gameplay is very deep. For instance, sa to have an area you can't reach because 2 switches have to be activated at the sam time? You'll have to record yourself jumping on on switch, and then when time rewinds and plays, you'r ghost will jump on the switch, leaving you free to jump on the other switch and open a door, or a series of doors. Say you need to be catipaulted up onto a high platform and there is lift like device, but nothing to toos on the other end so you can make your jump. Record yourself jumping on one end, then when time rewinds, and the ghost is relesed, you just stand on one end and let your other self jump on the other end and voila, there ou have it. Thats the use of the record (green diamonds) power. Rewind (purple cross) is a neat on too. A river knocking you downstream? Rewind and the river will flow the other way. Can't quite get to the top of the waterfall, and wooden logs are falling down it? Jump on a log, and hit rewind, time will flow in the oppsite direction and give you a lift up the waterfall. Broken bridge got you down? Rewind it, and watch the bridge be repaired in front of your own eyes and move across freely as nothing happend. Slow moton (yellow star) and Pause (blue moon) almost act the same. Pause freezes anything, and gives you the edge over just about anything. Can't make that wid jump becuase of falling objects or swinging blades and moving platforms? Pause it and move about freeley. Monster too tough? Pause him and gain the edge. When you Pause, you cna mak some cool effect, mainly the water. Pause time and walk through water, you'll find that you've actually manipulaterd it and it looks as if you separated the water from itsel. Pretty neat eh? Slow acts almost like Pause, but everything still moves, but it's just everything moves slow, great for taking on tought, fast moving bosses and time creatures. Fast Foward (orange triangle) isn't too hot of a time power becuase of how it's used. Once activated, you get a barrier around you to resist damage, but your not invincible, once atacked in Fast Foward, you lose that time power. When ou're in Fast Foward, you and everything else around you moves fast. I only see it usefull when you're hurrying to the time gate when you're low on time, or need to collect that extra gold at the end of a level. It would have been great if when you used Fast Foward, you move really fast and you stayed invincible with the barrier, while everything else moved at a normal speed. Overall, the whole time gimmik makes this game a great one to have. Who would have thought that the xbox could pull off a game of this stature? Artoon thought so.

Replay Value 10/10

With all of the time powers you get why wouldn't you want to come back for more? But you have to come back, if you want all of the secrets. Some larger objects can't be moved with your basic time sweeper, so you'll have to end up buying new time sweepers and that requires money, and that requires yo to play stages over to gain money and to go back and find hidden paths with your new tools. There are extra costumes to buy, and extra powerups to keep the game fresh. And once you buy a new sweeper, you discard your old one, and you might need tha old one again, so you'll have to buy it, an that requires gold, a lot of gold, and to get gold you'll need to replay some levels again, and you might stumble across more secrets. Other than secrets and extra costumes and power ups, the game is just darn fun. It will be hard for you to put it down. Artoon had the right idea when they created this game, 2 thumbs up for them.

Overall 10/10

What more can I say? You read the review, there is so much action, puzzle and adventure in this game, it's insane. And the 4D gimmik works well. Xbox needed a game in this area, and Artoon answerd the call. A very visually stunning game, great gameplay, an a truck load of extras will keep you busy for weeks and maybe months. This is a sure pickup for anyone who is looking for a platform game for the Xbox.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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