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Guide and Walkthrough by Isa

Version: 1.31 | Updated: 01/15/2003

                         BBB   L     IIIII N   N X   X
                         B  B  L       I   NN  N  X X
                         B  B  L       I   N N N   X
                         BBBB  L       I   N  NN  X X
                         B   B LLLLL IIIII N   N X   X
                         B   B
                         BBBB      The Time Sweeper

Version 1.31
By: Isa
Updated 12/15/2002

I    - Introduction
II   - Controls
III  - Crystals
IV   - Time Control
V    - Shops
VI   - Sweepers
VII  - Clothing
VIII - Prizes
IX   - Trash Exchange Rates
X    - Levels
XI   - Cool Stuff
XII  - Credits
XIII - Contact Information
XIV  - Update History

I - Introduction:

Time is like a treasure.  Use each gem of it wisely and your dreams will come

Blinx is a time patroller for the Time Factory, which makes and delivers time
to various dimensions.  Supervisors monitor time, and make sure there aren't
any glitches.  Glitches are cleaned up by the time sweepers.  The Tom-Tom gang
are invading dimension B1Q64.  They are stealing the time crystals to sell
them to other dimensions, and have captured the princess. But something
unexpected has happened.  Some of the Time Crystals have begun to turn into
monsters.  With the world in danger of destruction, the Time Factory orders
all personal to clear the dimension so it can be cut off from the factory.
Bravely, Blinx charges into the Time Gate to rescue B1Q64 and Princess Lena.

Note - When I run into an enemy or object that doesn't have an official name, I
make one up until I find an official name :p

II - Controls

Left Control Stick    - Move Blinx
Right Control Stick   - Move Camera
A Button              - Jump
A Button (after jump) - Double Jump
Left/Right + A        - Cartwheel
Back + A              - Back flip
Hold X/Right Trigger  - Suck with Sweeper
Tap X/Right Trigger   - Fire Time Sweeper

III - Crystals

There are 5 Different Time Crystals, plus retry crystals

Blue Moon Shaped Crystals      - Pause
Yellow Star Shaped Crystals    - Slow
Purple Cross Shaped Crystals   - Rewind
Green Diamond Shaped Crystals  - Record
Orange Pyramid Shaped Crystals - Fast Forward
Red Heart Shaped Crystals      - Retry

A combination is grabbed by collecting 4 Crystals.  If three of them are the
same, you gain that ability.  For example, if you grab 3 Slow crystals and one
Pause crystal, you will gain one Slow.  Also, if you get all 4 crystals of the
same type, you will get 2 of that ability!  Any other combination will result
in a bad combo, which will have no power.  Be careful!  If you collect more
time controls than you have slots (available slots shown under pause icon),
whichever time control you got first will be lost.

When you get hit, you lose.  But if you have a retry, everything will rewind
about 5 seconds (yes, everything, including you, collected items, enemies hit,
ect ect), but may rewind more to allow you a fair chance to avoid what hit you
the first time.

Gold looks like crystals, but are gold in color and can be in any shape, but do
not affect combinations.  Gold comes in 3 sizes, small being the size of a
time crystals, and Large being about the size of Blinx.

Gold Vaues:
Shape     Small Value     Medium Value     Large Value
Star      15              45               75
Cross     12              36               60
Heart     12              36               60
Moon      10              30               50
Diamond   8               24               40
Pyramid   5               15               25

IV - Time Control

To activate a time control, hold down B and move the cursor to the time control
you wish to use.

Pause (Pau) will cause time to stop.  Falling objects will stop in the air,
enemies will stop moving, and you are free to move without distraction.

Rewind (Few) will cause everything to move backwards, while you can still move
normally.  Broken objects will reconstruct, enemies will move backwards, ect.

Fast Forward (FF) will cause everything, including you, to move much faster
than normal.  Use this to improve your time when going for rank.  Although the
enemies move faster, fear not, you are invulnerable during this time.  But if
you get hit, you will be thrown back, and you will exit FF mode.

Slow (Slo) will cause everything except for you to slow down.

Record (Rec) will record your actions for 10 seconds.  After that, it will
rewind back to when you first activated record, and a "ghost" of you will
repeat exactly what you did.  You cannot touch it, but it can push switches and
perform other actions you can normally do.  While you are recording, you are
invincible, so take advantage.

V - Shops

Retry                   - 200  G
Retry Holder            - 1000 G (Round 1-6)
Time Holder             - 500  G (Round 1-7)
Sweeper Pack 1          - 1500 G (Round 3, Allows you up to 10 trash)

TS-1000         - Lv 1  - 500  G (Round 1,2,3,4,5,6,8)
TS-4000 Star    - Lv 2  - 2000 G (Round 1,2,3,4,5,6,8)
TS-2000 Aladdin - Lv 1+ - 3000 G (Round 3,5)
TS-4000 Spiral  - Lv 2  - 2000 G (Round 3)
TS-16000        - Lv 3  - 4000 G (Round 4,6,7,8)
TS-2000 Flame   - Lv 2+ - 3000 G (Round 4,6,7,8)
TS-4000 Jaguar  - Lv 2  - 2000 G (Round 4)
TS-4000 Skull   - Lv 2  - 2000 G (Round 5)
TS-2000 Freeze  - Lv 2+ - 3000 G (Round 6,8)
TS-16000 S      - Lv 3  - 4000 G (Round 7)
TS-X7 Supreme   - Lv 3+ -90000 G (Round 9)

Bomb                    - 300  G (Round 2+)
Super Bomb              - 500  G (Round 4+)
Spike Bullet            - 400  G (Round 7+)

Blue Set                - 3000 G (Round 1)
Red Set                 - 5000 G (Round 1)
Orange Set              - 7500 G (Round 2)
Desert Set              - 10000G (Round 3)
Zebra Set               - 30000G (Round 4)
Yellow Set              - 10000G (Round 6)
Green Set               - 7500 G (Round 7)
Winter Set              - 10000G (Round 7)
Army Set                - 7500 G (Round 8)
Black Set               - 30000G (Round 8)
Bright Set              - 30000G (Round 9)

VI - Sweepers

Sweepers with a + indicate special properties, including extra sweeping ability
or elemental attack.

TS-1000         - Lv 1
Your standard sweeper.  This is what you start with.

TS-4000 Star    - Lv 2
Your first level 2 sweeper.

TS-2000 Aladdin - Lv 1+
This sweeper is pretty fast.  It will sweep up sand in round 3.  Doing so will
give you time crystals, gold, or active bombs trying to blow you up.  This
sweeper isn't really worth it, go use a level 2 sweeper instead.

TS-4000 Spiral  - Lv 2
This sweeper is terrible.  It's slow and doesn't have any special attack

TS-16000        - Lv 3
Your first level 3 sweeper.

TS-2000 Flame   - Lv 2+
This sweeper can sweep flames (put out fires, Round 8).  Also, trash shot by
this sweeper will defeat the Phantom Lizard's illusion in one hit.

TS-4000 Jaguar  - Lv 2
Another basic level 2 sweeper.  Not worth your money.

TS-4000 Skull   - Lv 2
Another basic level 2 sweeper.  Only get it if skulls and black and white are
your thing.

TS-2000 Freeze  - Lv 2+
This sweeper can sweep water (drain small puddles). Also, trash shot by this
sweeper will defeat the Flame Lizard's illusion in one hit.

TS-16000 S      - Lv 3
This sweeper picks up trash pretty quickly.  A nice, fast sweeper.

TS-X7 Supreme   - Lv 3+
This sweeper is amazing.  It can pick up any trash, it is very fast, its shots
are both fire and ice elemental.  It sweeps water puddles, it sweeps sand, and
it sweeps flames.

VII - Clothing

The Cloths are listed in the order I like them, starting with my favorite.  As
far as I can tell, other cloths have no effect on gameplay.

Black Set - Black top, a dark brown pair of pants, black gloves and boots, an
ear ring, and his goggles have gold borders now.

Yellow Set - Yellow top with red goggles, black gloves and boots with shiney
red tips, and he has an ear ring.  The necklace is also red.

Blue Set - The default costume.  White sneakers, red pants, blue shirt, white
gloves, a gold necklace, and goggles

Desert Set - Camoflague top and pants, yellow-brown gloves and boots with
metal tips, and his necklace is blue.

Orange Set - Orange top and yellow pants, along with his usual gloves, white
sneakers, and necklace.

Army Set - Dark green top, brown gloves, zebra strip pants, white boots, and
his normal gold necklace and goggles.

Red Set - White sneakers, white zebra stripe pants, red shirt, white gloves,
a gold necklace, and goggles.

Winter Set - Santa anyone?  Red top with a fuzzy white top section, red pants,
white gloves, white boots, green goggles.  And his necklace is a silver bell.

Zebra Set - This costume has a zebra stripe top, teal pants, purple gloves and
boots, and Blinx has an ear ring and a tail ring, both glowing.

Bright Set - This costume includes a teal top, purple pants with a yellow
yellow strips down the sides, his boots are purple, and he has glowing ear
rings in his left ear and a tailring, and they glow.

Green Set - Green shirt, orange pants, red boots, and black goggles.

VIII - Prizes

To view a prize at any time, press X on the stage select, then A.

Prize 1 (10 Medals):  See a Tom-Tom lifting another Tom-Tom.  What's the point?
                      I don't know, but it just looks wrong to me...
Prize 2 (20 Medals):  See two Tom-Toms on their hands and knees with another on
                      their backs in the same position
Prize 3 (40 Medals):  See two Tom-Toms in a huddle-style grip, with Benito
                      standing on their shoulder.

Prizes 4 - 12:  Collect medals.  When you find one that lands on a red dot, you
                will get a prize.
Prize 4 :  A Tom-Tom standing on his hands, with another Tom-Tom holding his
Prize 5 :  Benito, holding the hands of two Tom-Toms.  The Tom-Toms are leaning
           off to either side with their feet against Benito's, and holding
           themselves up with one arm.  Is it just me or are prizes 1-5
Prize 6 :  9 Tom-Toms in a pyrmid with Lena on top.  This one is dumb too.
Prize 7 :  Sketches/rendered pics of Blinx.  Some really cool ones too.
Prize 8 :  Sketches/rendered pics of Lena and Benito, the Tom-Toms, their
           vehicles, and the shop keeper.
Prize 9 :  Origional drawings of the enemies, followed by a rendered version
           (closeup and plain background).  Bosses too ^_^
Prize 10:  Sketched/rendered pics of areas.
Prize 11:  A silly video of Tom-Toms and other enemies.
Prize 12:  Pictures of Blinx, Tom-Toms, and Princess Lena, along with some idea
           sketches and even pics of Blinx toys.  If those ever come out, I am
           soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo buying them.

Prize 13 (80 Medals): See a picture of the shopkeeper with a new sweeper.  You
                      can buy the Supreme sweeper after you get this prize.

Prize 14 (All A+/S+): A series of pictures of the developers.  Some of them are
                      in Blinx costumes.  I'm not sure, but you may need to
                      beat the final boss to unlock this one.

Ending  :  Watch the ending.  You get this when you clear round 9.

Prologue:  Watch the opening movie.  You get this when you clear round 9.

IX- Exchange Rates

At the end of each level, you will receive gold for each item in your sweeper.

(Found on round 1)
Clock Ball              - 100G This is the ball Dust Hearders stand on
16 Ton Weight (Lv 3)    - 80 G
Small Weight            - 30 G
Full Trash Can          - 15 G These are spit out by enemies only
Dynamite Barrel         - 14 G Must be paused to sweep.
Large Gear              - 10 G
Large Trash Can         - 8  G
Small Gear              - 5  G
Small Trash Can         - 3  G
Bench                   - 2  G
Large Flower Pot        - 1  G
Small Flower Pot        - 1  G

(Found on round 2)
Broken Car (Lv 2)       - 70 G
Large Barrel (Lv 2)     - 60 G
Broken Cart (Lv 2)      - 22 G
Bomb                    - 20 G
Broken Refrigerator     - 18 G
Broken Radio            - 16 G
Broken Dresser          - 15 G
Empty Drum              - 10 G
Large Rusted Tire       - 10 G
Open Refrigerator       - 10 G
Broken Television       - 8  G
Barrel                  - 7  G
Small Rusted Tire       - 6  G
Log                     - 5  G

(Found on round 3)
Large Log (Lv 2)        - 60 G
Furnace                 - 6  G
Large Coral Rock (Lv 2) - 5  G
Small Coral Rock        - 1  G 

(Found on round 4)
Cannon (Lv 2)           - 65 G
Broken Engine           - 20 G
Large Bowl              - 16 G

(Found on round 5)
Slime Robot Parts       - 100G Sweep this from a Slime Robot before it forms.

(Found on round 6)
Broken Cabinet          - 30 G
Cones                   - 5  G

(Found on round 8)
Broken Clock            - 100G Left by the balls circling Slime Robots.

(Found on round 9)
Frozen Bomb             - ?  G

(Purchased in shops)
Super Bomb              - 250G
Spike Bullet            - 200G

X - Levels

On the stage select screen, you can see your best time, as well as level
difficulty, the number of enemies, and the number of "Secrets" AKA medals.
Medals you have found will be in gold, the ones you haven't found will be empty
outlines.  Note that for the sweeper requirements for S+, I'll list the most
basic sweeper that wil sufice, but you can use a superior sweeper with the
necessary effects, for example, the Supreme sweeper.  Keep in mind my ways of
getting an S+ are not the only way, rather, it's the way I found.  Also, when
it says don't fool around, that means it's really easy to get the S+.  If it
says don't fool around, I was able to get it with no upgrades (3 time commands,
level 1 sweeper, 5 trash maximum) and without using time commands besides the
ones that are needed to clear the level (eg. records to hold buttons, rewinds
to use a cart in reverse)


Round 1: Time Square

Round 1 Stage 1:
Difficulty - *
S+ time    - 0:30
A+ time    - 1:00
Monsters   - 3

Cat Medals
Gold   - To get this medal, let the statue at the beginning of the stage
         collapse.  Stand on one of the pieces and use the rewind command.
         This will bring you up to the medal and a platform with lots of gold.
Silver - There are 2 ways to get this one.  Immediately activate a pause and
         grab it from under the statue before it collapses.  Or you can rewind
         after it collapses to grab this medal.
Red    - Once again, there are 2 ways to get this one.  The first is to suck up
         the 16 Ton Weight, but you won't have a strong enough sweeper the
         first time around.  To go in the other way, grab a large trash can
         before the exit.  Then shoot that trash can against the wall.  Double-
         Jump from it to the platform above, where the 4 pause (blue) crystals
         are.  Beyond those are the medal and the weight.

Walkthrough - As soon as you enter, you'll see several crystals in front of
you, as well as a ramp going down.  As you reach the bottom of the ramp, a
statue will collapse in front of you.  You'll see another ramp to the left.  Go
up that and suck the trash.  Just beyond is a Chrono Blob.  Hit it with a piece
of trash to destroy it.  Step on the blue switch to open the gate.  After the
gate, go up the ramp and destroy the Chrono Blob waiting at the top.  Follow
the walkway to the next blue switch.  Step on it to open the door to the left.
A couple pieces of gold will be in front of you, as well as a series of ramps
going down will be to your left.  The last Chrono Blob is on the ramp.  Destroy
it and head to the exit.

S+ requirements - Lv 3 sweeper, a record time command.
S+ tips - After you beat the first Chrono Blob, use a record.  With your image,
hit the button, and defeat the second Chrono Blob.  When normal time resumes,
suck up the 16 ton weight, and shoot it at the last Chrono Blob as you jump
onto the exit platform.

Round 1 Stage 2:
Difficulty - **
S+ time    - 0:50
A+ time    - 1:30
Monsters   - 6

Cat Medals
Red    - found beside the blue switch after the boss
Silver - stand on the flat stone after the statues collapse near the boss.  Use
         the Rewind function to make the statue reform.  The medal will be
         above you.
Gold   - go through the gate that opens with the blue switch.  Jump onto the
         platform on the wall directly ahead of you.  Jump up again to find the
         gold medal.

Walkthrough - There will be a ramp going down in front of you.  There will be 2
gold pyramids at the bottom of the ramp.  A Chrono Blob will be waiting for you
along the side of the ramp.  Through the arch into the next section, you'll see
a Spiker, which looks like a Chrono Blob, but if it gets close enough, it will
flash and grow spikes.  If it does this, GET OUT OF THE WAY.  There is also a
Chrono Blob and a Dust Hearder.  Kill the blob and Spiker first.  The Dust
Hearder will launch trash at you, so either dodge it or suck it with your
sweeper.  Also, take the Clock Ball he's standing on. Go up the ramp with the
barrels rolling down.  Have lots of trash ready, this boss takes about 3 hits
He'll take all the gold until it's all gone or he is defeated.  Go to the left
and hit the blue switch.  Back where the boss was, a door will be open.  Go up
the ramp and destroy the Spiker and Dust Hearder.  Hit the blue button.  Go
back to the boss' room and go through the other door.  It will lead to the

S+ requirements - a record time command
S+ tips - At the start, grab 4 pieces of trash.  Beat the first 4 monsters.
Grab the 3 pieces of trash at the bottom of the ramp (flower pot, 2 trash cans)
but grab the red trash can last.  Ignore the Tom-Tom.  Get close to the second
gate.  Shoot the trash can at the wall, then use a record.  Jump onto the can
and then jump up to the next platform.  Hit the switch and defeat the last two
enemies.  When you return to real time, head to the gate and wait for your copy
to open it, and if needed, hit the spiker if it rolled down.  You don't have
any time to fuss around, so use a FF if you need to.

Round 1 Stage 3:
Difficulty - *
S+ time    - 0:55
A+ time    - 1:30
Monsters   - 6

Cat Medals
Red    - found on a small ledge on the far side of the roof before a Dust
Gold   - hidden behind the first 16 Ton Weight
Silver - behind the 16 Ton Weight behind the exit.  Stand on the machine and
         use a FF to make it lauch you up to the medal.

Walkthrough - As soon as you appear, you'll see several barrels rolling down a
series of ramps going up.  Go up the ramps.  Pick up the weights, those are
worth a lot of gold at the end of a level.  Cross the wood bridge to the next
roof top.  Don't worry if you fall here.  You can take the blue spring at the
bottom back to the top.  Barrels will be rolling down part of the roof.  Past
those is the first enemy, a Chrono Blob.  Kill it and proceed across the next
bridge.  On the next platform, an octoballoon will be there.  This will lead
you to a series of rooftops.  Be careful for the Dust Hearder.  He will
probably shoot trash at you before you can hit him, so be ready for that.
After another Chrono Blob, you'll come to a wooden platform on the right side.
A Chrono Blob and Octoballoon are there.  These are the last two enemies.
Cross the next roof top, and cross the bridge.  Barrels will be rolling down
the next roof top.  Watch out for exploding barrels, they have sticks of
dynamite out each side.  Then go through the exit.

S+ requirements - none
S+ tips - don't fuss around.  Just run.  Also, rather than running all the way
up the ramp at the beginning, you can jump up the side.

Round 1 Boss:
Difficulty - *
S+ time    - 0:30
A+ time    - 0:50
Monster    - Giant Dust Hearder

Cat Medals - None

Walkthrough - The boss will immediately shoot trash at you, so hide behind some
of the trash to either side.  When he bounces, he will bounce between 4 points
which  form a square around the outside of the area.  If he lands near you,
he'll spin and grow, which may hit you if you aren't careful, and he can't be
hit during this attack.  From time to time, he'll shoot trash at you.  He takes
4 hits, and is invulnerable right after he is hit and while he is blinking.
Use Pause or Slow so you can collect all the gold after you defeat him, and
don't forget to grab the most valuable garbage.

S+ requirements - 2 spiked balls (shops)
S+ tips - I used 2 spiked balls.  Just hit him hard and hit him fast.


Round 2: Deja Vu Canals

Round 2 Stage 1:
Difficulty - *
S+ time    - 1:05
A+ time    - 1:40
Monsters   - 8

Cat Medals
Red    - After the first Chrono Blob, there is a passage to the right.  There
         are a couple of gears at the entrance.  Go straight through to find
         the medal.
Gold   - After the first Chrono Blob, step onto the next platform.  There is a
         small section of water surrounded by stone.  Suck up the water with
         the Ice Sweeper.  Use a pause when the spikes are open so you can get
         through.  Then climb the ladder.  The medal is to the right.
Silver - Before the exit, you will pass over a bride.  Jump in the water to the
         left.  Suck up the water using the Ice Sweeper.  Then open the chest
         to get the medal.

Walkthrough - Wide open space.  Sound fun?  It is.  After you go into the
clearing in front of you, there will be two Octoballoons to the right.  Take
them out and collect the gold.  At the bottom, go to the left and head into the
knee deep stream.  A Chrono Blob is in the water past the arch.  Pick up the
bomb.  You'll see a Keropper in front of you.  There are 2 basic ways to take
them out.  The first (and eaisier) is to just throw a bomb at it while it is
facing you.  It will eat the bomb and it will explode.  The other way is to
throw trash at it.  It will eat the trash, but it will get bigger and slower.
Then you just have to hit it in the back (feed it more trash, or use time
controls).  Go up the stream and up the ramp over the end.  On the platform,
you'll see several RW crystals and a Dust Hearder.  The bridge onto the next
platform will collapse, so that's where you'll need a rewind.  After defeating
the Chrono Blobs, hit the blue button and go down the stairs.  A gold Chrono
Blob is waiting at the bottom.  It is twice as strong as the green ones, so you
may have to hit him twice unless you're using heavy trash.  Go through the last
door and up the ramp to get to the exit.

S+ requirements - a spiked bullet, a record time command
S+ tips - Grab the three red trash cans when you start.  Kill the first
two enemies with two shots.  When you reach the two pause crystals at the
bottom, use a record.  Make your image go into the water, kill the Chrono Blob,
then use the spiked bullet to kill the Keropper in one shot.  When you resume
normal time, shoot out the last red trash can between the pause crystals.  Jump
up onto the next platform just to the left of the trash cans, 'cause the clock
will block you from going up.  Sweep the 3 trash cans, take out the Chrono
Blobs, and take out the Dust Hearder with a well aimed shot.  Hit the switch
and jump down, use your spiked bullet to kill the gold Chrono Blob.

Round 2 Stage 2:
Difficulty - *
S+ time    - 1:20
A+ time    - 1:50
Monsters   - 9

Cat Medals
Blue   - When you see the first bridge collpase, jump into the water.  Suck up
         the rusted car that is blocking a passage.  The blue medal is inside
         the treasure box at the end of the passage.  Hit it with a piece of
         trash to open it.
Gold   - Suck up the 16 Ton Weight (before the ramp with the Chrono Blob on
         it).  The medal is on a pedestal inside the room behind the weight.
         Alternately, you can go in the small passage just to the right and
         below one end of the collapsed bridge (see silver).
Silver - After crossing the river with boats in it, there are pieces of a
         collapsed bridge on a set of stairs.  Hit the rewind button to
         reassemble the bride, then walk to the platform with the medal.
Red    - On the platform with the exit, look to the left.  Cross the rooftops
         to find the red medal.

Walkthrough - Over the first bride, there's a Chrono Blob and a Spiker.  After
the first arch, there will be another bridge.  Be sure to watch out for the
Tom-Tom who pops his head out of the ground.  The bride will collapse, so use a
rewind to fix it.  Cross the bride, hit the blue switch, jump over the cloth-
covered crates, and go through the gate.  Take out the Octoballoons.  There
is a Chrono Blob on the ramp, take him out and proceed.  Cross the river by
jumping from boat to boat.  At the other side, there's a Keropper waiting.
There are bombs behind him, so run past him and feed him a bomb.  Go up the
ramps with the barrels and hit the blue switch at the top.  Go through the
door and take out the Chrono Blobs (one green, one gold).  Cross the bridge and
take out the Dust Hearder at the top of the ramp.  The exit is right in front
of you.

S+ requirements - a pause time command, a rewind time command, and a level 2
S+ tips - Suck up only 2 pieces of trash at the start.  Activate your pause
while you are still on the first bridge.  Kill the Chrono Blob and the Spiker,
then suck up 3 more pieces of trash.  Time should resume just as you are
crossing the crumbling bridge.  Hit the button.  Now go up to the next room.
Shoot the Octoballoons.  Sweep the large barrel in the corner, followed by the
two smaller barrels next to it.  Kill the Chrono Blob on the ramp.  As you are
going down that ramp, use a rewind so the river will help you.  When you reach
the Keropper, sweep a bomb and make him swallow it.  Hit the blue switch, then
take out the last 3 enemies, using the large barrel on the gold Chrono Blob.

Round 2 Stage 3:
Difficulty - *
S+ time    - 1:30
A+ time    - 2:00
Monsters   - 9

Cat Medals
Red    - When you see the Dust Hearder, go into the river.  There is a passage
         under the steps that lead down to the Dust Hearder.  The red medal is
         inside this passage. 
Gold   - It's under the bride where the Dust Hearder is standing.  You can get
         it by jumping between the bridge and the waterfall and letting the
         current take you to it.
Blue   - After defeating the mini-boss, go into the passage across from the
         roulette-target.  Suck up the 16 Ton weight and open the treasure
         chest to get it.
Silver - After you battle the Tom-Tom, go toward the ramp.  Now go past the
         ramp.  Besides the ramp is a pool of water.  Suck it up with the Ice
         Sweeper.  The medal is under the metal plate.

Walkthrough - As you begin, there is a large stream in front of you.  Of
course, you have to fight the current, or this game wouldn't be Blinx ^_^.
Collect some garbage, and start jumping from boat to boat.  A Chrono Blob is
on the second to last platform on the right side.  Cross another river by
jumping from one side to the other to get around the walls.  Go up the ramp and 
hit the target with some trash.  Just through the other side of the door is two
Chrono Blobs, and to make things not so easy, the are both gold.  Taking them
out isn't too hard if you have enough trash handy.  Go down the stairs and hit
the blue switch to lower the bridge.  There will be two Octoballoons and a
Spiker on the other side.  Take them out and hit the switch to open the door
on the other side of the bridge.  Go through the door, up the ramp, and find
the Spiker waiting for you.  Take him out.  Take all the trash you can, as a
Tom-Tom is waiting at the bottom of the stairs ahead.  He only takes 3 hits,
but take him out quickly because he steals whatever time crystals and gold are
on the ground.  After beating him, take out the Dust Hearder on the bridge over
the river.  Go up the ramp and cross a small arch-style bridge to find the last
Keropper.  There is a bomb on the left side, so use that to make your job
eaisier.  Cross the last bridge, and this level is officially swept.

S+ requirements - 2 rewind time commands, 2 records, and a level 3 sweeper.
S+ tips - suck up the three trash cans to your right as you appear.  Walk into
the river and hit a rewind.  Jump onto the platform with the Chrono Blob.  Kill
him and take one more trash can.  Cross the river to the 16 ton weight by
jumping across the boat.  Suck up the weight, then the two empty drums to the
right of it.  Shoot a drum at the target.  Use the other drum and the weight to
hit the gold Chrono Blobs.  Now use a record.  Walk off the edge and jump about
half way down so you don't fall on your face.  Jump through the river and to
the other side.  Take out the three enemies with your three shots.  When you
resume normal time, wait for the Chrono Blob to recover, then hit him again.
Walk off the edge the same way you did before, and jump into the river.  As
soon as you are able, use the rewind.  Hit the Dust Hearder, then run toward
the next ramp.  When you can, use a record.  Make him go up the stairs to take
out the spiker.  When normal time resumes, go up the ramps, grab the bomb, feed
it to the Keropper, then leave.

Round 2 Boss
Difficulty - **
S+ time    - 0:50
A+ time    - 1:15
Monster    - Big Keropper

Cat Medals - None

Walkthrough - Like a normal Keropper, he will eat any trash you shoot at him.
After you hit him, he will shoot all the trash you fed him so far back at you.
Also, when he starts flashing and a green cloud is around him, move to the side
becuase he will jump at you.  He can't go into the water or the platforms, so
use this to our advantage.  The eaisiest ways to hit him is after he charges or
pause him in a jump.

S+ requirements - a spiked bullet, a pause, a record
S+ tips - head straight for the main room when you appear.  As soon as he's on
the ground, pause him.  Run across the pond, hit him with the bullet, then suck
up another piece of trash.  When he recovers, use a record and run along the
cement.  When time resumes, get behind him and hit him with the trash you have.
Then go to the exit.


Round 3: Hourglass Caves

Round 3 Stage 1:
Difficulty - **
S+ time    - ? (1:14:13 = S+)(1:52:06 = A+)
A+ time    - 2:30
Monsters   - 12

Cat Medals
Red    - Suck up the 16 Ton Weight in the second chamber.  The medal is behind
         that.  Or you can jump to the left from the third floating cube over
         the sand river.
Silver - When you see the sand waterfall with the logs falling (all of this is
         after the floating cube part), jump in at the waterfall.  Stay close
         to the center.  This will take you under the platform with the enemies
         on it, and take you to the medal.
Gold   - Before the exit, there is a platform to the rightside of the sand
         waterfall.  Launch a large object into the wall just before the exit.
         Jump onto it and double-jump to the medal.  I used a large coral for

Walkthrough - When you appear, there will be tons of garbage around you.  Pick
it up, because the next room has 3 enemies, 2 octoballoons, and a green Dust
Hearder.  This Dust Hearder is twice as tough as the origional.  In the next
room, you'll see a Chrono Blob, but be careful for the less obvious Molegon.
Wait for the dust to come under your feet, then jump back and give him some
trash.  There's lots of gold in the treasure box, so don't forget to grab some.
Hit the blue button at the top of the ramp, and jump down to the newly opened
door.  Defeat the two gold Chrono Blobs.  Then go upstream from the sand river
by jumping from spring to spring.  Or if you feel like having a little more
fun, use rewind and let the sand take you.  Just don't forget the two
Octoballoons above the river.  On the next platform, beat the Chrono Blob and
the Keropper.  Then go to the exit to the left.

Round 3 Stage 2:
Difficulty - **
S+ time    - ? (2:32:00 = S+)
A+ time    - ? (3:12:76 = A+)(3:55:46 = B+)
Monsters   - 14

Cat Medals
Red    - Suck up all the corals just after you slide down the first sand
Gold   - As you cross the sand river on the series of springs, there will be a
         16 ton weight ahead.  Stand on the tiny corner of the platform that
         you can stand on and suck up the weight.  The medal is inside the
         chamber beyond.
Silver - After going up the river using the springs, suck up the large coral by
         the stairs up.  The medal is under it.

Walkthrough - Collect the trash in the first room, then go through the sand
that is falling.  You'll fall into a large room with a purple octoballoon.
Kill it with two hits.  Further to the right side, you'll find two more blue
octoballoons.  Defeat them to open the gate.  Head up the ramp.  At the top,
double jump onto the cloud bricks.  There is a blue octoballoon on the right
side, and be careful for the Tom-Tom on the other side of the sand river.  In
the next room, there is a Dust Hearder to the left, and three gold Chrono Blobs
hopping around.  Through the gate, you'll find a blue and a purple Octoballoon.
Jump from blue platform to platform to cross the river.  In the next room,
you'll see a Dust Hearder to your left and a Keropper ahead, but be careful for
the two Molegons in the room.

Round 3 Stage 3:
Difficulty - ***
S+ time    - ? (2:43:60 = S+)
A+ time    - ? (5:05:53 = B+)
Monsters   - 13

Cat Medals
Red    - Jump into the first sand river and hit rewind.  It's in the far back
         corner.  Make sure you hit rewind before you hit the spikes.
Silver - Continue going up the blue springs after the series of sand
         waterfalls/slanted rivers.  It's above the last blue spring.
Gold   - On the last of the slanted sand rivers/waterfalls, hit rewind to make
         it take you up.  The gold medal is in a small room on the left.

Walkthrough - As always, start off by collecting the nearby trash.  There are
two gold Chrono Blobs, a Dust Hearder, and an Octoballoon just beyond the
starting platform.  Cross using the ramp on the right side.  The sand river
will take you right into a set of spikes, so stay out of it if you can.  At the
top of the next section, there is a series of slanted sand rivers.  Jump onto
the blue platform to get up on the one in front of you.  Let the current take
you, then jump off onto the next blue platform.  From here, jump from platform
to platform until you reach solid ground.  Next, you'll find a much wider sand
waterfall.  Jump onto the nearest stone, then onto the Cloud Blocks.  Don't
forget to take out the Octoballoons (3).  The next gate will close behind you.
There is a purple Octoballoon and two blue Octoballons, as well as a green Dust
Hearder in the next room.  Watch out as you go through the next gate.  A Tom-
Tom is inside.  After you take out the Tom-Tom, clear out all the time crystals
you have, BUT DON'T TAKE ANY GREEN.  Once your crystals are clear, grab all
three green crystals leading up to the switch on the right, and if you can, a
fourth from the boss, but any crystal will do for the fourth.  Jump onto the
switch.  Then use the Record time function.  Use the other Blinx to hit the
other switch.  Make him stand there.  Once the game rewinds, wait, and as soon
as the recording hits the switch, run through the gates.  Take out the gold
Chrono Blob and the Keropper (there are bombs just past the exit gate).  That's
all there is to this level.

S+ requirements - none
S+ tips - don't fool around.

Round 3 Boss:
Difficulty - **
S+ time    - ? (0:29:53 = S+)(0:39:43 = A+)
A+ time    - 1:00
Monster    - Giant Molegon

Cat Medals - None

Walkthrough - As soon as you have control, jump up and to the right, onto one
of the platforms.  Molegon can move much faster than you in the sand, so you
don't want to give him that kind of an edge.  You can see where he is by
watching his trail of dust.  When he tries to eat the platform you are on, jump
off and hit him with some trash.

S+ requirements - A spiked bullet, a fast forward time command.
S+ tips - Jump onto the platform and give him the spike for the first hit.  As
soon as you do, use the fast forward, and jump onto the next platform.  Sweep
another piece of trash.  He will come at you quickly, so be ready to jump and
hit him again.  Then go straight for the exit, don't worry about his gold.


Round 4: Forgotten City

Round 4 Stage 1:
Difficulty - **
S+ time    - ? (3:53:16 = S+)(4:35:60 = A+)
A+ time    - ? (4:37:03 = A+)(6:13:26 = B+)
Monsters   - 16

Cat Medals -
Blue   - Jump down the pit near the Keropper.  It's in a dead end farthest away
         from the ladder by the tree.
Red    - Jump down into the water before the Seuss Gate.
Silver - On the branch of a tree as you aproach the exit.
Gold   - Before the Seuss Gate, jump down and suck up the cannon.  Go through
         the passage and up the stairs to get the medal.

Walkthrough - As soon as you appear, you'll see a room full of bombs.  If you
prefere, hit the enemies individually by jumping and shooting or using their
own trash, or you can just shoot a bomb in and let the whole room explode.  The
first room has a Dust Hearder and two Octoballoons.  After defeating them, the
gate into the next room will open.  A gold Chrono blob is in the next room.  Be
careful, because you'll most likely only have bombs to defeat him with.  Jump
onto the lever with the side with four triangles.  Now use a record and
jump onto the side with a large circle.  Once you return to normal time, wait.
The recording will launch you into the air and onto the next platform.  Another
Octoballoon and two Spikers are on that platform, and it is covered in bombs.
Hit the target with the trash can beneith it to open the gate.  Once again, the
next room is filled with bombs.  There is a Spiker, an Octoballoon, and a gold
Chrono Blob in there.  Use extreme care fighting the Spiker.  Don't hit it with
a bomb when it's rolling or if it's too close.  Hit the blue switch to lower
the draw bridge.  The stone bride will collapse as you cross the draw bridge,
so use a rewind to cross.  A red Keropper is waiting on the other side of all
the bridges.  Feed him a couple of bombs to get him out of the way.  Now hit
the target to make a balloon appear.  Suck the balloon and hold it until you
float to the next platform.  Cross the bridge and fight what I like to call the
Seuss Gate (dunno, the creature just strikes me as something you'd see in a Dr.
Seuss book.)  When you get near a Seuss Gate, a ghost flies out.  Destroy that
and it will fly back to the gate and die.  Finally, a red Keropper, a Dust
Hearder, and what I call a Phantom Lizard will be waiting in the next room.  A
Phantom Lizard will take 10 hits of trash to get rid of the illusion, then the
lizard will take another hit.  The lizard is VERY fast, so be ready to hit it
as soon as it stops blinking.  One hit with a flame sweeper will destroy his

Round 4 Stage 2:
Difficulty - **
S+ time    - ? (3:53:40 = S+)
A+ time    - ? (5:02:73 = A+)(9:01:96 = D+)
Monsters   - 16

Cat Medals -
Gold   - As soon as you appear, time a pause to open the spiked gate to your
         right.  Go through and up the stairs, this medal is waiting at the
Silver - On a tree branch/platform to the right of the "dominos" past the first
         Seuss Gate
Red    - You'll see a cannon in the wall to the left of the wall below the
         Silver Medal platform.  Suck it up and go in to get the red.
Blue   - Just past the exit, down the cliff, the blue medal awaits, it does.

Walkthrough - Lots of trash near the entrance, including some large pieces.  As
you go down the steps, two green Dust Hearders will be waiting for their chance
to feed you some trash.  The two gold Chrono Blobs are slightly tricky because
of the bumpy ground, but they aren't too much of a threat.  Grab the two bombs
in the pool near the stone steps, go up the steps and onto the tree.  Stand
back and hit the target with a bomb.  Go through the gate and give the other
bomb to the red Keropper inside.  While he's still recovering, get the other
bomb and give him that as well.  When you go in the next door, WATCH OUT!
There will be three purple Octoballoons and a green Dust Hearder waiting.  A
yellow Spiker and a red Keropper are on the other side of the next gate, so be
sure to grab the bomb in the Octoballoons' room.  The Spiker will take 3 hits
of normal trash.  Take out the Seuss Gate to proceed.  Jump across the row of
stones that look like Dominos.  Pause them and jump across to hit the blue
switch.  Jump down.  A mini-boss is waiting near the circle of gold.  A purple
Octoballon drops down near there, so look out.  Proceed up the steps over the
small pond and across the bridge, through the next gate.  There are two yellow
Spikers near the exit, along with a Phantom Lizard.  Sweep Complete.

Round 4 Stage 3:
Difficulty - **
S+ time    - ? (3:31:93 = S+)
A+ time    - ? (4:15:00 = A+)(8:02:46 = D+)
Monsters   - 15

Cat Medals -
Blue   - As you go up the series of blue springs, get on the cloud blocks.
         Jump from block to block until you find the medal.
Silver - Go past the tree behind you by the entrance.  It is on the cliff.
Red    - After the first Phantom Lizard, jump onto the left "domino" and into
         the secret hole after.
Gold   - After the Dominos, jump down.  To the left against the wall, you'll
         find a 16 ton weight.  The medal is behind it.

Walkthrough - You'll see several bombs in front of you, and wide, open space
behind you. Start by taking out the enemies in the room full of bombs.  There
is a Dust Hearder and three Octoballoons.  Set off a chain explosing to kill
the Dust Hearder and hurt all the Octoballoons.  Hit the blue switch to make a
blue spring appear behind where you started.  Go through the gate, with will
only open when all the enemies are gone.  Jump on the blue spring, and take the
springs up to the large platform with the Dust Hearder.  Take the balloon to
the next section.  On the platform, take out the Phantom Lizard and the two
purple Octoballoons.  Past that is another series of Domino Stones.  Cross
those, or if you fall, you can jump onto the next ledge using a series of
raised stones.  Beat the two purple Octoballoons.  After that is a small dip in
the path with two bombs, conviently before two red Keroppers.  A Phantom Lizard
is past them, along with lots of large trash.  Finally, a Dust Hearder and a
purple Octoballoon are all that stand in the way.  Stand tall as king of the
mountain, the exit waits at the top.

Round 4 Boss:
Difficulty - **
S+ time    - ? (0:39:16 = S+)
A+ time    - ? (1:37:76 = A+)(2:56:23 = B+)
Monster    - Giant Dust Hearder (2 staffs)

Cat Medals - None

Walkthrough - That's right, he's back for revenge, and he isn't very nice.  The
arena is a series of hexagons.  Whichever one he's going to jump on will turn
red, so never run though the center of a hexagon.  Also, he'll make the ground
uneven, so don't set yourself so the only way to go is up.  If he lands near
you, he'll blink, spin, and grow, just like the first battle.  If you feel the
need, pause him before he lands and hit him while you have a chance.  When he's
down to the last third of his life, he'll start jumping while blinking and
spinning, so just dodge until you get your chance.


Round 5: Temple of Lost Time

Round 5 Stage 1:
Difficulty - **
S+ time    - ? (03:12:63 = S+)
A+ time    - ? (04:03:03 = A+)(7:48:60 = C+)
Monsters   - 14

Cat Medals -
Red    - from the first slide, walk down the left side, then jump back up to
Gold   - after the room with the Slime Robot, freeze the spike gate open, go
through, then stand on a piece of the statue (I prefere the flat piece), then
use a rewind.  once on top of the assembled statue, jump up to get it.
Silver - after the last enemy, pause the collapsing portion.  Jump off the left
side, then jump back to safety.

Walkthrough - Start by collecting all the trash.  Go down the slide next to the
two gold coins.  Take out the gold Chrono Blob and the Molegon.  Beat the blue
Spiker and step on the blue switch.  Be careful for the falling barrels, as
dynamite barrels ocasionally come down.  Backtrack a bit and go up the ramp.
Jump across the gap using the moving platforms that you activated.  Hit the
next blue switch.  Jump through the gate with the swinging blade.  At the top
of the next ramp, you'll find a room with two blue Octoballoons and a red one.
After you beat them, a door will open.  Go up the ramp.  Go past the barrels.
Be careful with your timing.  You'll have to go through the gate and land on
the platform, so watch both.  Use a pause or slow if you need to.  Pass another
swinging blade gate.  This one's not quite so hard as the first.  When you land
on the next platform, stay close to the side or you'll get knocked back by the
barrels. At the top of the ramp, you'll find a room with an Octoballoon, a
Dust Hearder, a gold Chrono Blob, and a Molegon.  Up the next ramp, there is a
swinging blade gate with a gold Chrono Blob behind it.  Less obvious is the
blue Spiker and the Slime Robot.  Go through the next gate.  Be careful, the
walkway is just waiting to collapse.  After you beat the last Octoballoon, just 
keep going straight to the exit.

Round 5 Stage 2:
Difficulty - ***
S+ time    - ? (3:49:46 S+)
A+ time    - ?
Monsters   - 16

Cat Medals -
Gold   - When you find the first spike gate, pause it.  Go through and up the
         ramp until you find the collapsing statue.  Stand on a piece and
         rewind it.  It's slightly off to the side in the air.
Red    - After the gold medal (or the ramp between two swinging blade gates),
         use a rewind before you stand on the collapsing section of the bridge.
         It will begin to collapse, taking you down to the medal.  Jump off to
Silver - After the Green Slime Robot, you'll see it off to one side.  Jump down
         and grab it.  You'll land by the pit with two cloud blocks and the two
         swinging blade gates.

Walkthrough - After you collect all the garbage around you, step on the button
next to the ramp.  Off to the left, you'll see a bunch of pieces of trash, and
be careful for the Molegon.  Continue up the ramp, but watch out for the
dynamite barrels.  Jump through the blade and land on the moving cloud block.
Beat the mini-boss.  Go onto the sliding blocks.  Cross the crumbling section,
onto the next shifting block.  On the next platform, there's an Octoballoon,
a Molegon, and a Chrono Blob.  Go on through the gates.  You'll probably want
to use a slow motion or a pause.  Then cross the crumbing bride.  There will
be a green Spiker and two purple Octoballoons.  Stand on one switch, then use
a record to stand on the other.  Go through the gate.  Jump across the cloud
blocks.  The next room will have a Dust Hearder and three Octoballoons!  Watch
out for flying debris.  The next room has a Chrono Blob, a Slime Robot, and a
Spiker.  A Dust Hearder is waiting on the bridge to the next section...  This
is about where I ran out of time, but it was the last enemy, so just keep going
and I'll complete this section later.

Round 5 Stage 3:
Difficulty - ****
S+ time    - ? (4:39:76 = S+)
A+ time    - ? (5:21:10 = A+)(8:57:50 = C+)
Monsters   - 17

Cat Medals -
Red    - From the drain pipe, look to the left.  Stand on the ledge, jump to
         the left, then jump back into the pipe.  Easy stuff.  Even if you
         don't make it back to the pipe, no big deal though.
Silver - After the 3 shifting platforms followed by a pair of heart crystals,
         it is off the bottom of a ramp.  Jump off and get it, then jump back
         to safty.  If you fall, better pray you have a retry.
Gold   - In the room with the last blue switch, pause the gates open.  Then go
         through and grab your medal.  Make sure you have another pause so you
         can get out.

Walkthrough - When you go through the first walkway, go to the left and hit the
blue switch.  Be careful for falling barrels.  Follow the ramp down.  There are
two Spikers, a Molegon, and a Slime Robot.  Hit the blue switch to make the
platforms on the spikes start moving up and down.  Go up the ramp, but stay on
a side so you won't get hit by the exploding barrels.  Jump across the
platforms.  You can pause the gate open, but don't bother.  You can go around
and in another way.  The room has a Dust Hearder, two purple Octoballoons, and
a blue Octoballoon.  Beat them and go up what looks like a drain pipe.  Turn
right when you see the boulder.  There are several locations with boulders in
this level.  One of them at random will roll at you when you step in it's path.
It changes every time, so just be careful.  Beat the Dust Hearder and the blue
Octoballoonthen go down the ramp.  In the next room, an Octoballoon, a Spiker,
and a Slime Robot will be waiting.  Beat them then hit the switch.  As you
start to go up the next ramp, look out!  This is also a boulder ramp.  Cross
the shifting platforms.  Go up the next series of ramps, then across another
pair of shifting platforms.  Go into the room on the right.  Take out the
Spiker and the Octoballoon, then hit the switch.  As you leave, a section
of the walkway will fall out from beneith you.  Jump across the next sliding
platform.  Go up the ramp, but a part of it will fall out from under you.  Go
to the left.  Another bridge section will fall out from under you.  There is a
boulder at the top of this ramp too.  At the top of the ramp, there is another.
Go up that ramp.  At the top, you'll find a swinging blade gate with floating
blue blocks behind it.  Timing is essential.  If you need to, use a pause or a
slow.  After you go up the final ramp, a Spiker is waiting by the exit.  Take
him out and win the day.

Round 5 Boss:
Difficulty - **
S+ time    - ? (1:26:80 = S+)
A+ time    - ? (2:03:56 = A+)(2:48:23 = B+)
Monster    - Green Trash Robot

Cat Medals - None

Walkthrough - When he rolls into a ball, run to one side, as he will roll
toward you.  After that, he will return to his starting position in a straight
line, so stay out of the way.  In humanoid form, he is vulnerable.  He will
jump around in human form.  When he jumps, bombs will drop.  Also, when he is
hit, 3 small Slime Balls will split off.  Beat the Slime Balls (1 hit each)
before you hit him again, 'cause they get to be a pain real quick when there's
a lot of them.  If you feel over run, pause and pick them off.  The real trick
is to watch all around you, and don't hesitate to use a time control,
especially when retries are low.


Round 6: Mine of Precious Moments

Round 6 Stage 1:
Difficulty - **
S+ time    - ? (4:05:66 = S+)
A+ time    - ? (4:52:33 = A+)(8:50:66 = C+)
Monsters   - 14

Cat Medals -
Red    - Right after the first enemy, jump onto the platform below.  The medal
         is semi hidden at the far end of the platform.  To get back on the
         main path, jump onto the small platform, then the large one with the
         catapult.  Either use the catapult, or jump across the next small
         platform to get railroad tracks.
Silver - On the platform near the beginning, off to the right side, you'll see
         a treasure chest behind a 16 ton weight.  That chest contains the
         medal.  You can get to it using the platform that leads to the red
Gold   - When you see the platform to the left of the first railroad tracks,
         you'll see the medal floating above it.  Stop the boulder just above
         red light at the side of the tracks using a pause.  Stand on the
         boulder and grab the medal with a well-aimed jump.

Walkthrough - At the start, you'll see a Flame Lizard ahead.  Unless you have
the ice sweeper, you'll need to hit him 10 times to break his illusion.  Your
first shot will probably auto-aim to the target, so hit him with nine shots.
Go back and pick up more trash, hit him one more time, then take out the
lizard once his invincibility is gone.  Go by him.  Further up the track,
boulders will start rolling at you.  Jump over them to proceed.  When you get
to the end, go into the hole in the wall.  Use a Pause or a Slow to get by the
swinging blade gates.  Past that, you'll find a gold Chrono Blob, a purple
Chrono Blob, a green Dust Hearder, and a Seuss Gate.  Take them out to go on.
Go up the steps.  You'll find a Tom-Tom there.  Beat him quickly, and all the
gold is yours.  Continue along the train tracks.  The bridge will collapse, so
be ready with a time command.  Defeat the two Chrono Blobs and hit the switch.
At the other end of the platform, you'll need to hit a pair of targets, one
with a bomb, the other with a barrel.  After opening all 3 gates, go on.  The
next room has four Octoballoons and a Molegon.  If you have a bomb, you can
take a bunch of them out with one shot.  The next gate will open once you beat
them all.  On the other side is a series of treadmills.  Use a time command,
because the exploding barrels will not make the trip any eaisier.  Take out the
Octoballoon as you jump across the treadmills.  Take out the last Dust Hearder,
then proceed to the exit.

Round 6 Stage 2:
Difficulty - ***
S+ time    - ? (3:20:10 = S+)
A+ time    - ? (6:31:90 = A+)(8:08:96 = C+)
Monsters   - 15

Cat Medals -
Silver - Don't hit the switch for train 2.  Instead, jump off as it drops down
         the pit to the other side.  Now follow the path, and climb the wood
         platform.  The medal is at the top.  After you get it, jump back down
         to get to the where you board train 2.  Alternatively, you can suck
         up the 16 ton weight in the octoballoon room and jump onto the other
         side of the tracks from there.
Red    - After the train passes two retry crystals, jump off and onto the
         tracks.  There's a small opening on the left with the red medal.
Gold   - On the platform with the Chrono Blob and Molegon, jump onto a cart,
         then use a rewind.  The cart will carry you to the medal.

Walkthrough - This level can get a bit confusing, so bear with me.  Jump up the
steps, and jump onto the train.  Defeat the 2 Chrono Blobs.  Get through the
gate by using a time control.  Be creative, you can use any time control
except FF to get through that gate.  On the other side of the gate, you'll find
a Dust Hearder and a purple Chrono Blob.  Go up the ramp and hop onto train
number 2.  As the train is rolling, hit the target to change the direction of
the train.  As you get off the train, you'll go into a small room with 5
Octoballoons.  They only take one hit each, just be careful of their trash.
When you beat them, the door will open.  Jump onto train 3.  As you ride, hit
the target with a piece of trash.  At the end of this one, you'll find a Flame
Lizard and a Dust Hearder.  After you beat them, defeat the Seuss Gate.  Don't
stand on the bridge that leads to it, as that collapses.  Hit the switch with
a bomb.  Cross the bridge that drops down.  On the next platform, you'll find
a Molegon and a purple Chrono Blob.  Jump across the blue cloud blocks onto the
final platform.  Hit the Dust Hearder, then exit the stage.

Round 6 Stage 3:
Difficulty - ***
S+ time    - ? (3:38:60 = S+)
A+ time    - ? (6:50:10 = A+)
Monsters   - 14

Cat Medals -
Gold   - When you reach cart 6, go along the railroad track from where the cart
         came from.  In the small room, you'll find the gold medal.
Silver - When you got on cart 8, don't hit the switch.  It will clear the jump,
         and at the end of that track, it's just off to the left before the
         cart falls into space.
Red    - On the final platform with two Octoballoons, look for the railroad
         tracks that decend on one side.  Walk down those.  Jump to the medal,
         then jump back onto the tracks.

Walkthrough - If you don't have any records, exit now and get one.  Hop onto
cart 5.  When it drops, jump off and onto the platform with the Chrono Blob and
the Dust Hearder.  Defeat them.  As you ride on cart 6, hit the Octoballoon,
then the switch.  As you go around the bend, hit the next Octoballoon floating
near the track.  With three Octoballons and two Chrono Blobs, this next
platform is a battlefield.  Jump off the cart before it rounds the last corner.
Pick off the blue Octoballoon first, as it only takes one hit.  After you
defeat them, go through the open door.  Treadmills await.  Use a Pause or a
Slow to help you.  At the top, there is a Molegon and a Dust Hearder.  Jump
onto cart 7 and hit rewind to make it carry you to the next section.  Kill the
Octoballoon, then jump onto cart 8.  Shoot the last two Octoballoons as you
pass.  The cart will take you right to the exit.

Round 6 Boss:
Difficulty - ****
S+ time    - ? (0:50:53 = S+)(3:32:60 = A+)
A+ time    - ? (3:46:80 = A+)
Monster    - Giant Keropper (6 hits)

Cat Medals - None

Walkthrough - Time crystals are simple to get here, lined up in 4s.  Start by
grabbing any of the commands around the outside you need and wait for him to
give you some trash.  When he glows white, he'll dash straigh at you, so dodge
to the side, then hit him in the back.  When he recovers, he'll start shooting
barrels at you.  They won't hurt you, but then can push you off the edge.  Also
if you pause them, you can use them as ammo by sucking them into your sweeper.
From time to time, he'll jump into the center and pound the ground, making some
of the outer edge fall off.


Round 7: Everwinter

Round 7 Stage 1:
Difficulty - *****
S+ time    - ? (5:38:16 = S+)
A+ time    - ? (7:32:90 = B+)
Monsters   - 16

Cat Medals -
Blue   - By the shifting ice, look off the left side of the steps on your way
         up.  It's just off the edge.
Red    - On the platform with the two Spikers and the Spin Dragon.  It's to the
         right of the door on the way in.
Gold   - On the same platform as the red medal, suck up the 16 ton weight.  The
         gold medal is in the small room beyond.
Silver - Beyond the exit, there is a series of steps going down.  Go down the
         steps.  In the large pile of garbage, suck up the car and the cannon,
         the silver medal is at the bottom of the dogpile.

Walkthrough - As soon as you appear, you'll meet two enemies you've never seen
yet.  The Spin Dragon will make a tornado.  Though that itself will not kill
you, you won't be able to dodge other attacks.  They take 2 hits.  The other is
what I call the Comicicle.  Sounds kinda like Kamikaze Icicle or Combusting
Icicle.  Bla.  Lame name, I know, but Spiker isn't much better.  As soon as you
hit a Comicicle, jump back, because it's goign to explode.  Slide down the
slope.  A mini-boss Tom-Tom will appear.  Defeat him.  Use a time command to
hit the switch and hold the gate open while you go through.  Slide down the
next slope.  At the bottom, you'll come to a big field of ice.  See the crack?
Watch out, becuase the ice slides away.  Be careful while fighting the three
Octoballoons and the Dust Hearder.  Climb up the slope.  Another Octoballoon
is on the slope.  At the top, you find a switch.  Hold the next gate open, then
go through.  Slide down the slope.  At the bottom, you'll have to fight against
a Spiker, an Octoballoon, a Spin Dragon, and an Comicicle.  Go up the steps.
At the top, you'll have to fight two Spikers and a Spin Dragon.  Hit the last
blue button, jump down, and go through the last gate.  A Spiker and a Seuss
Gate await you in the last room.  Then go through the exit.

Round 7: Everwinter

Round 7 Stage 2:
Difficulty - *****
S+ time    - ? (4:36:76 = S+)
A+ time    - ? (7:54:33 = A+)(9:31:86 = D+)
Monsters   - 16

Cat Medals -
Silver - At the beginning, jump down the left side.  Follow the path to the
         spike gate, and pause it open.  Jump through to get the silver medal.
         Jump down and that will lead you to where the first slide ends.
Gold   - After the first spike gate, get on the pump and use a fast forward.
         This does not include the spike gate near the silver medal.
Blue   - After the gate opens near the first metal, it's off to the right side
         of the really narrow bridge.
Red    - Near the Phantom Lizard, jump down to the platform below.  The red
         medal is above the lake.  Use the usual double jump technique to
         retrieve it.  Then follow the path back up.

Walkthrough - Grab all the trash around you, then slide down the slope.  Be
careful, the land at the bottom of the slope will collapse.  Defeat the
Octoballoon, the Spin Dragon, and the gold Spiker.  Jump up onto the platform
that leads to the next slope, and go down.  It will collapse almost as soon
as you slide, so pause it before you go.  Defeat the two purple Octoballons and
the red Dust Hearder at the bottom.  Pause the spike gate open, go through, and
defeat the Spiker.  The gate in the last room will open.  Go back throught the
spike gate and through the new door.  Be careful, the bride is very thin, so
don't slip.  Use a rewind to make the floor restore so you can cross.  After
them are a Octoballoon and a Phantom Lizard, followed by a Seuss Gate, then a
Spiker, a Spin Dragon, and another Seuss Gate.  Either go down the slide then
up a cliff, or go through the spike gate (both options behind the Seuss Gates),
then defeat the red Dust Hearder and purple Octoballoon.  Beat the Comicicle.
Go up the last cliff, then exit.

Round 7 Stage 3:
Difficulty - *****
S+ time    - ? (7:43:96 = S+)
A+ time    - ?
Monsters   - 17

Cat Medals -
Silver - After the second slide, jump up the steps to the left of the pool of
         water.  Suck up the 16 ton weight, the medal is inside.
Gold   - It's off the side of the sliding block of ice by the blue cloud
         blocks.  Pause when the ice is as far out as it will go.  Now walk off
         the edge and flip back up.
Blue   - Jump down before the cloud block.  The blue medal is in the passage
         back up to where the Comicicle is.
Red    - From the exit, jump down to the platform below.  It will lead to a
         staircase back to the large room with several enemies.  The red medal
         is above the stiars.

Walkthrough - As the start, beat the Seuss Gate.  Then go down the slide.  A
Spin Dragon and a Spiker are at the bottom.  Hit the blue switch to open the
gate.  That will lead to another slide.  At the bottom, jump up the small
cliff.  You'll see a small pool of water with hearts floating above it.  Free
retries ^_^ but don't touch the water.  Further ahead is a Comicicle.  Grab any
gold you want, 'cause once you hit him, it'll scatter.  Next is a series of
blue cloud blocks.  On the other side, you'll find an Octoballoon and a spin
dragon.  Just beyond them is a Phantom Lizard, an Octoballoon, a Spiker, and a
Spin Dragon.  Jump up the steps to the left and hit the switch.  The gate will
open to another slide.  The first section will collapse, so use a pause.  As
you jump across, you'll find two Octoballoons and a Seuss Gate.  A Spiker is
behind the gate.  To your left there is a block of shifting ice.  A Spin
Dragon, a Dust Hearder, and an Octoballoon wait on the other side.  Trash is
a little short here, so either continuously refresh your supply or use a
record to increase the number of shots you can take.

Round 7 Boss:
Difficulty - ****
S+ time    - ? (2:35:26 = S+)
A+ time    - ? (3:37:43 = A+)(5:18:34 = B+)
Monster    - Giant Ice Molegon

Cat Medals - None

Walkthrough - His basic attack is to stick his head through a hole in the ice.
After he does, he'll shoot trash cans at you, and that's the only ammo you can
get in this battle.  He'll stick his head out of the ice, giving you a free
hit, but you have to be really close or use a time control.  Every hit after
the first, he'll a section of the field, usually the one you are standing on.
Also, after the second hit, he won't stick his head through the ice anymore.
Sometimes instead of thowing trash, he'll give you time crystals.  If you are
standing on one of the small platforms, he may try to eat you and end up eating
the platform.  If he does, you have a free shot at him.  His other attack is to
jump into the air and land on the ice, making a shock wave around him, but if
you avoid the shock wave, you have a free shot at him.


Round 8: Forge of Hours

Round 8 Stage 1:
Difficulty - *****
S+ time    - ? (3:35:86 = S+)
A+ time    - ? (5:13:93 = A+)
Monsters   - 11

Cat Medals -
Gold   - suck up the hook before the first jump.  This will slide you down to
         the medal.
Silver - it on the bottom of the lava that you have to drain.
Red    - It's on a small platform by the two large gears on the floor.

Walkthrough - Gather the trash around you, then jump down the cliff to the
platform of enemies below.  There are two Octoballoons and a Dust Hearder.
After the door opens, you'll have to cross a section with pieces of hot metal
flying by.  Dodge the metal.  You can see what's coming if you turn your
camera.  When you get to the other side, hit the blue switch.  Pause the lava
once it's drained.  Go through the pit to the other side of the fense.  Once
again cross the hot metal section, and defeat the Octoballoon at the other
side.  The next room is filled with ocupational hazards, including two Spikers,
a Spin Dragon, and a Slime Robot.  On round 8, all of the Slime Robots have a
pair of orbs circling them.  Also, there is a lightning trap.  It shoots
lightning between 2 targets.  It will always shot between the center one and
another one, and lightning never strikes the same place twice in a row.  After
you beat the enemies, hit the target that's floating over the lava.  This will
raise a set of gears you can jump across.  Dodge the fireballs as you cross
over the lava, or use a pause.  At the corner of that platform, there's a small
button.  This will stop the gears near it so you can cross the lava to the next
section.  The next platform has bombs everywhere.  Be careful as you cross, and
stay away from the lava and other places the bombs will hit and explode.  You
can use a pause to make this eaisier.  There are two Octoballoons here.  Cross
the pipes to get to the platform with the exit.  After you beat the Flame
Lizard and the Spin Dragon, you'll be able to complete the stage.

Round 8 Stage 2:
Difficulty - *****
S+ time    - ? (4:54:73 = S+)
A+ time    - ?
Monsters   - 13

Cat Medals -
Gold   - Go to the right of where you appear.  Jump onto the large machine with
         the fires on it (there is a low point you can jump onto on the left
         side).  Use a flame sweeper to put out the fires, then take the metal.
Silver - Near the Slime Robot, you'll see a large pit of lava with two
         platforms on the ends of long metal arms.  Sweep the flame blocking
         your way.  Then pause the platform near the medal.  Jump over and get
Red    - Very near the silver medal.  You can get this one by coming across the
         lava pit using a slow, or you can climb the gears in front of it on
         the platform with the Slime Robot.

Walkthrough - As soon as you appear, you'll be sharing the room with a Spiker
and a Spin Dragon.  Defeat them with the surrounding trash.  Cross the big gear
to the other side of the lava.  The next room is crazy, with two Dust Hearders
and three Octoballoons.  After you clear them out, have fun collecting time
crystals.  Then hit the blue switch in the corner.  A set of shifting metal
plates will appear, moving across the surface of the lava.  Use those to get
to the small platform on the other side.  Once you go past the line of gold
crystals, a Tom-Tom mini-boss will come up.  Beat him with three quick shots.
As you go up the next series of steps, watch out for fireballs.  hit the blue
switch to stop the gear in front of you.  Jump onto that gear, then onto the
one connected to it, and finally onto the platform.  When you reach the top,
there is a Slime Robot waiting for you.  Take him out.  Once you defeat him,
turn around.  There's a large gear to your right on the wall.  Jump onto that.
Jump off right before it crushes you between another gear.  Jump onto that one,
and use a time command so you can cross.  When you cross, your time command
should still be affecting the Octoballoon and the Spin Dragon that you come
across.  Kill them.  Then cross back the previous platform.  You can do this
several ways.
1)  Cross the lava pit using a slow command so you can travel on the platform
while dodging the other arm.
2)  Use a pause to stop the gears below, get up next to the lava, then jump
the large gears below, then back onto the platform.  This is the fastest way.  
3)  Go onto the gears you used to get to this platform, then use a rewind to
make the larger one take you back.  I can't recomment this one too much.
Once you're here, get on the large gear like you used to get to the Spin Dragon
and the Octoballoon.  This time, jump to the side and away from the gear so you
land on a platform.  You shouldn't have any trouble beating the Flame Lizard,
as you will have the cover from the large pipe running across the platform.
Cross the gears onto the next platform.  A Slime Robot and another Flame Lizard
are waiting there.  This one also has a lightning trap.  Once you beat them,
cross the last bridge to the exit.

Round 8 Stage 3:
Difficulty - *****
S+ time    - ? (5:42:53 = S+)
A+ time    - ?
Monsters   - 11

Cat Medals -
Gold   - Hard to miss this one.  It's on the first gear you have to cross.
Red    - After the room with all of the swinging blades, on the large gear to
         cross the lava, pause it and grab the medal off it's shaft.  It's
         really narrow, so be careful.  Make sure time doesn't start with you
         still on the shaft.
Silver - After the Flame Lizard, it's on the gears leading to the next section.

Walkthrough - If you can make it through the first part without using a pause,
you are a Blinx god.  Gather the trash around you, then use a pause to stop all
of the rolling bombs.  Once you get across, jump high into the air and take out
the two Octoballoons floating just above the explosions.  After you defeat them
you need to cross the lava.  The only way across is a large gear.  Either pause
it or use a record to cross it and hit the blue switch on the other side. There
is a Dust Hearder and three purple Spikers.  Be extremely careful if you decide
to take them all on at once.  There are tons of swinging blades, so that adds
to your trouble.  Remember, time commands are there to help you in tight times.
After you defeat them, you'll need to climb to the higher level.  Use the gears
on the far side of that platform.  I prefere to pause them first.  When you
reach the top, you'll find a platform with areas where the floor will fall out
under you.  There's also a Flame Lizard and a Spin Dragon there.  Take out the
Spin Dragon first, but keep moving so you don't get hit by a fireball.  At the
other end, you'll see a series of gears, one of which has huge blades.  Again,
pause the gears or use a record to cross and hit the switch.  This platform has
a Slime Robot and a lightning trap.  Cross the series of gears.  You don't
really need time commands to cross this one.  Don't miss the Octoballoon in the
middle.  At the end of the path of gears, you'll run into another Slime Robot.
Destroy him.  Finally, you'll see a huge lever made from hot metal.  Use a
record and jump onto it.  This will lean it toward you, and pull the metal
platform to you.  Jump over it and run onto the other side.  Now when you
return to real time, wait for the platform to slide over, jump onto it, then
wait for the recording to make it slide to the other side.  The final exit is
on a platform covered with gold.

Round 8 Boss:
Difficulty - ****
S+ time    - ? (2:27:30 = S+)
A+ time    - ? (4:20:93 = A+)(5:40:86 = B+)
Monster    - Red Trash Robot

Cat Medals - None

Walkthrough - He won't be quite as easy as the first Trash Robot.  This time
when he rolls at you, he'll curve to adjust to you.  You'll need to double
jump at the last second to avoid his attack.  When he's in human form, this is
when he's vulnerable.  If you let him jump, a bomb will drop toward you and a
section of the floor will drop out.  Then he'll drop three slime balls, which
take one hit each.  I personally let him jump, shoot him and sweep the bomb,
and use the bomb to take out all three blobs in one shot.  He'll start making
the rings shift and move in different directions.  He's invincible as long as
there are blobs, so focus on them first.  After he's taken heavy damage, parts
of the inner or outer ring will sink below the lava, so stay on the middle ring
until you know which one is safe.  Also, one technique I found useful is to
use a record to take out the blobs.  This saves on ammo and lets you focus on
the main body in real time.


Round 9: Momentopolis

Round 9 Boss:
Difficulty - ****
S+ time    - ?
A+ time    - ?
Monster    - Multiple, Time Demon

Cat Medals - None

Walkthrough - Neat animation of Blinx chasing the Tom-Toms carrying the
princess.  Suddenly they all freeze, and all the time crystals merge into a
huge time monster.  With a flash of light, everything rewinds.  When you
gain control, you are fighting against Boss 5, the giant Dust Hearder with 2
staves. (5 hits)  Then it fastforwards to Boss 7, the giant Ice Molegon (7
hits, I think).  Then rewinds again to Boss 6, the Giant Keropper.  Time
crystals are lined up in 4s, so use this time to grab a couple retries and any
other controls you may feel like you need.  Fast forward to *gasp* Round 8, the
Red Slime Robot.  If at any point you feel like a battle is not going well, use
the restart stage command to go back to the beggining of that boss.  That way
you don't have to start from the first boss again.  Also, since the final boss
will take all your time commands, don't hold back.  Use them freely.

After you defeat them, you will go to the Level 9 shop.  Refill your life here.
Also, you can change your sweeper, buy some cloths, or buy ammo for your
sweeper should you choose.

This is the boss you saw in the animation.  He looks like a floating rock with
arms and horns, and a clock instead of a face.  I origionally named him Cheap
*** *****, but I decided Time Demon is more apropriate.

Phase 1)  In this phase, he'll use the time commands Fast Forward, and Slow.
Also, he will drop bombs, shoot lightning at the bombs to set off a reaction,
or shoot lightning in 3 directions.  Grab lots of Pauses, and start collecting
time commands, at least one of each.  Don't worry about getting them all now,
just keep an eye out for the chance.  This boss is vulnerable when he is
dropping bombs.  Jump and shoot a bomb while he is dropping his.  Three hits
and go on to the next phase.

Phase 2)  The boss create an identicle image of himself.  He can use Pause now.
He now drops bombs and ice bombs.  Another attack is for both parts to pound
the ground, creating a shock wave and destroying the bombs.  Also, the will
grab either side of the areana, and shake off all the bombs.  When they use
Pause, time your jump so they will freeze you in the air.  If they use Slow,
jump early so you can dodge the shock wave.  When they drop bombs, shoot a bomb
at each part in quick succession to hit both before the clock closes.  Try to
have at least 4 of the 5 time commands by the end of this section.  You will
need to get the double hit three times.

Phase 3)  The clock will start to glow.  Time crystals are abundant.  You need
to use each time command once.  He will absorb the time command and it will
damage him.  He will suck up everything near you, then shoot back bombs.  Also
his main attack is to try to chop you with his huge hand.  After using all five
time commands, his shell will shatter.  Don't use a time command when his mouth
is open, 'cause it won't hit his armor if you do.

Phase 4)  He'll charge you, so double jump to the side, then hit him with a
bomb.  You can consider this boss officially owned.

Ending)  Sorry, but I'm not one for spoilers.  Besides, with this FAQ in hand,
you should be able to get the ending yourself.  Good luck ^_^  But wait until
the credit roll has finished.  Trust me.

XI - Cool Stuff
Ok, some of this stuff is actually useful, some of it is just interesing.
- After hitting pause, jump into some water.  The water will leave a trail
  where you walked.
- You are invinsible while in fast forward.  Take advantage of this.  But if
  you get hit, you will be thrown back into normal time.
- Use rewind to go upstream with ease.
- Watch out for Tom-Toms coming out of time portals.  Hit them once and they
  will leave you alone.
- Blue Springs will not launch you when in pause mode.  During this time, you
  can use them as ordinary platforms.
- Most garbage can be thrown against a wall and stood on.  Use this to reach
  high places.  Bombs and super bombs explode, 16 ton weights shatter, so can't
  be used this way, explosive barrels explode, and spike bullets kill you if
  you touch them.
- Don't confuse orange pyramids for gold.  Gold flashes between orange and
  black, where as the time crystal has flashes between orange, yellow, and
- Your sweeper will sweep up the closest trash in the direction you point.  It
  will suck up trash before gold/crystals, even if the gold/crystal is closer.
- Blinx puts on his goggles whenever he uses his sweeper.  You can make him put
  on his goggles and draw his sweeper by pushing Y, or make him put it away by
  pushing Y.
- Buttons will not press while using time controls.
- At max, you can hold 10 pieces of trash, 10 time controls, and 9 retries.
- If you have good trash you want to hold onto until the end of the level,
  either shoot out all the trash you have and then take the valuable trash
  (then suck up the trash for fighting), or suck up trash until the valuable
  is at the beginning of the queue (will be shot last).
- On your way out of shop 9, the shop keeper will say "Good Luck, Blinx"
  instead of her normal "Have a nice day."
- The box says over 35 levels, but if there are only 8 worlds + the final boss,
  that's a total of 33 levels.  I have confirmed the "4th Dimention" level.
  This level is mentioned in the Blinx page of Xbox.com.  I'll continue earning
  S+ ranks to try to unlock this level.
- Trash shot while in record mode does not get used.  That means you can make
  twice as many shots with the same amount of trash.
- When you unpause (from the pause menu), if you hit "Resume game" with the A
  button, you will jump (which may or may not be bad.)  To avoid this, unpause
  by pressing start on "Resume game"
- When you find a gate that closes once you get off the switch, you can keep it
  open by
  1) use a record to record yourself standing on the button.
  2) hit the button until the gate is open, run to the gate, then rewind so the
     gate opens again.
  3) hit the button, then use a pause while the gate is open.
  4) hit the button, then use a slow and run through before it can close.
- In Everfreeze, instead of standing still like normal, Blinx will wrap his
  arms around himself when in neutral position.
- Increase your valuable treasure!  At the end of the level, use a record, then
  shoot it all out.  When normal time resumes, suck up the pieces you want.
  You can have doubles of all your most valueable treasure.  I used this for my
  clock balls while saving up for the ultimate sweeper.
- In the videos, Blinx is always wearing the Blue Set, even if you are using
  another set.
- Some of the medal I put that you have to jump out then back to safty, you can
  get by sweeping them.  If you are not close enough, it will drop down.  If it
  does, only a retry will restore it if it's over space.  (In other words,
  jump off the edge and die.)  You cannot collect a medal in record mode.
  Thanks to Kyle for that tip.

XII - Credits
All characters/scenario are copyright to Microsoft.  Enemy names taken
from Instruction Booklet.  All other information found in the game by me.  You
may not copy this work without my permission.
Copyright 2002 Sheldon Zamora-Soon
The only sites with permission to post this FAQ are:
and of course, my personal website, www.zsent.com

Thank you to Kyle for the medal collection tip at the bottom of the Cool Stuff

XIII - Contact information
If you feel that some of my information is incorrect, email me at
Isa_FAQs@yahoo.com.  Also, if you need help in greater detail in a
specific section, you may also feel free to email me.

XIV - Update History
Yeah, I know this is supposed to go at the beginning, but who really reads this

12/15/2002, Version 1.31 - ACK!  I've gotten an S+ rank on every level, then
beat the final boss in under 4 minutes for good means, but I cannot figure out
how to unlock the Fourth Dimention.  As for an actual update to the FAQ, I put
an S+ rank time for every level, how far it is from the cut off, I don't know.

12/10/2002, Version 1.30 - Added S+ info for R1B - R2B

12/09/2002, Version 1.20 - Added costume descriptions, as well as precise A+
and S+ times for R1S1 - R1S3.  Also added S+ requirements and S+ tips for
those levels.  More coming soon.  Also added information about the Supreme

12/07/2002, Version 1.00 - Complete walkthough and medal guide.  Also added
descriptions for all the rest of the sweepers, as well as S+ time data field
for all stages.

12/05/2002, Version 0.90 - Added walkthrough and medal information for rounds 6
and 7.  Added prizes 5-13.  Also, added IGN to my list of sites that has
permission to use my FAQ.

12/04/2002, Version 0.61 - Modified the introduction a little, and added a
couple of prizes.

12/03/2002, Version 0.60 - Added information for R9B and shop info for round 9.
Added detailed walkthrough on how to beat the last boss.

12/02/2002, Version 0.53 - Added Sweeper section and level information for R8S3
and R8B.

12/01/2002, Version 0.52 - Added level information for R8S2, as well as shop
information for Round 8.

11/30/2002, Version 0.51 - Added Completion times for R7S3 and R7B.  Added
information for R8S1 and the name of Round 8.

11/30/2002, Version 0.50 - Added walkthrough and medals for R5S2 and R5B.  Also
added walkthough and 2/4 medals on R7S2, since that's where I am.  Added level
informations for R7S3.

11/28/2002, Version 0.46 - Added walkthrough and medals for R5S2

11/28/2002, Version 0.43 - Added walkthrough and medals for R5S1.  Also added
costume section

11/26/2002, Version 0.40 - Added walkthroughs and medals for R4S1 - R4B

11/08/2002, Version 0.26 - Added walkthroughs for R3S3 and R3B

11/07/2002, Version 0.25 - Added A+ time for R2B and R3S1, as well as the
walkthroughs for R2B and R3S2

10/29/2002, Version 0.24 - Added level information for R7S2.

10/27/2002, Version 0.23 - Added level information up to R7S1, as well as shop
information  for shop 6.  Also added prizes 9 and 11.

10/26/2002, Version 0.21 - Added the rest of the info for R2S2 and R2S3.  Also
added prize 3.

10/25/2002, Version 0.20 - Added difficulty and number of enemies for all
rounds, as well as boss descriptions.  Added all info for R2S1, as well as
Walkthroughs for R2S2 and R3S1.  Added info for Shop 5, as well as a few more
pieces of trash.

10/24/2002, Version 0.19 - Added info for all medals in rounds 2 + 3, as well
as shop 4.  Added values for different pieces of gold.  Added Cool Stuff
section.  Made it a bit eaisier to see where the different metals are by
formatting the paragraphs.

10/17/2002, Version 0.10 - Added info for R1S3, as well as R1Boss Info,
exchange values for Round 2, added Prizes section.  Added information for shops
2 and 3.  Added exchange values for R3S1.  Added weight level to garbage.

10/16/2002, Version 0.07 - Started FAQ.  Added all information for Round 1
Stages 1 and 2.

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