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    FAQ/Walkthrough by WithTheDawn

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 07/09/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Author: WithTheDawn (Ciaran Friis) 
    Console: Playstation 2 
    Version: 1.10
    Created: 19th April 2006
    Last Updated: 9th July 2006
    Email: knifeofdreams@gmail.com
    A). Contents
    B). Controls 
        B1 – Basic Controls
        B2 – Psy Powers
    C). Characters, Good And Bad.
    D). Items
        D1 – Standard Items
        D2 – Psi Cards / Challenge Markers 
        D3 – Scavenger Hunt Items
        D4 – Mental Cobwebs
        D5 – Kids Brains
    E). Walkthrough
        E1 – Kid’s Cabins 
        E2 – Coach Oleander’s Basic Braining 
        E3 – Kid’s Cabins
        E4 – Main Campgrounds
        E5 – GPC and Wilderness
        E6 – Brain Tumbler Experiment Pt 1
        E7 – Ford Cruller’s Sanctuary
        E8 – Sasha Nein’s Shooting Gallery
        E9 - Brain Tumbler Experiment Pt 2
        E10 – Boathouse and Beach
        E11 – Milla’s Dance Party
        E12 – Brain Tumbler Experiment Pt 3
        E13 – Lair of the Lungfish
        E14 – Lungfishopolis 
        E15 – Interlude
        E16 – Asylum Grounds
        E17 – The Milkman Conspiracy – The Neighbourhood 
        E18 – The Milkman Conspiracy – The Book Depository 
        E19 – Gloria’s Theatre 
        E20 – Waterloo World
        E21 – Black Velvetopia
        E22 – Upper Asylum
        E23 – The Lab Of Dr. Loboto
        E24 – Meat Circus 
    F). Tips.
    G). FAQ
    H). Special Thanks
    I). Contact.
    J). Version History
    X – Jump / Double Jump
    O – Return Item to Backpack / Cancel / Exit
    Square - Psi Punch
    Triangle – Interact
    Start – Open Journal
    Select – Open Thought Bubble (Items)
    R1/R2/L2 – Player Assigned Psi Power
    L1 – Target Lock / Camera Adjust / Psi Float (Not available initially)
    Left Analogue Stick – Move Raz
    Right Analogue Stick – Control Camera / Press to go into first-person 
    Left Directional Button – Psi Power Menu
    Right Directional Button – Inventory Menu
    PYROKINESIS – Allows you to burn enemies and objects. Gained from Ford 
    Cruller the first time you meet.
    MARKSMENSHIP – Allows you to shoot a burst of psychic energy out like 
    a bullet. Gained from Sasha after finishing his level.
    LEVITATION – Allows you to jump and float large distances. Gained from 
    Milla after finishing her level.
    TELEKENISIS – Allows you to grab and throw objects / enemies. Gained 
    from Cruller once you have reached level 20.
    PSYCHIC SHIELD – Creates a shield around you that no attack can break, 
    but only lasts for a finite time. Gained at the start of 
    INVISIBILTY – Does just what it says, allows you to be invisible to 
    everyone around you for a set amount of time. Gained from Ford Cruller 
    once you have reached level 30.
    CLAIRVOYANCE – Allows you to see through the perspective of other 
    people, creatures and items. Gained at the start of the Milkman 
    Conspiracy level, found in the fridge in the opening scene. 
    CONFUSION – Creates a cloud that confuses all around you. Gained from 
    the Matador in Black Velvetopia. 
    Throughout your ventures, you will encounter a wide variety of wacky 
    and enjoyable characters. Some give you advice, others get in your way, 
    and some will even try and hurt you.
    RAZ – 
    Our protagonist. Raz, we are told, is a young boy with psychic powers, 
    powers he has been forbidden to use by his strict father. As a result, 
    he has fled away from home to try and become a Psychonaut, a kind of 
    psychic secret agent. Despite a lack of formal education in the area, 
    Raz is quite adept at using his psychic powers, and is able to protect 
    his own mind, due to the metal helmet he wears at all times.
    LILI –
    A long-time student of Coach Oleander’s camp, Lili is simply over the 
    whole thing. That is, until Raz arrived. Now she (although at first 
    reluctantly) is excited about the mysterious happenings, and is once 
    again concerned about being a Psychonaut.
    The stocky Head Coach of the Whispering Rock Psychedelic Summer Camp, 
    an aggressive man by any measure that views the mind as “the ultimate 
    battlefield and the ultimate weapon”. It is his duty to train the young 
    would-be Psychonaut’s, a duty he takes just a little too seriously.
    The man behind the scenes at the camp. You will see him take on many 
    duties, from Admiral, to chef to ranger and many more. He manages to be 
    everywhere at once, and its clear that his role is greater than it 
    first seems.
    World famous super agent, his cold and logical manner is quite like one 
    Fox Mulder. Indeed, Nein must be a Mulder spoof…the resemblance is 
    uncanny. Except Nein has a thick German accent. Other than that, it’s 
    him. His demeanour is very mysterious, but in a very, very cool way. He 
    will often try to aid Raz in his quest through experimental means.
    Nein’s partner in the business, Vodello is everything he is not. 
    Upbeat, cheerful and positive, she is always where ever the party is. 
    She has a special interest in children, and constantly worries about 
    their safety. 
    CENSORS – 
    Censors are, surprisingly, pretty much the only main, reoccurring 
    baddie in this game. They come in three forms: Censors, Shouting 
    Censors and Strongarm Censors, each of which is increasingly strong. 
    They are only seen in the psychic world, and their role is to stamp out 
    any thought that don’t belong…in other words you.
    DR LOBOTO – 
    This crazy dentist wannabe surgeon is running around stealing all the 
    kid’s brains. But why is he doing it, and for what purpose?
    Let me just say this – keep out of the water. Long ago, Raz’s family 
    and all their descendants were cursed to die in water. Fall in and this 
    creature’s hand will jump up and pull you under.
    D). ITEMS
    These little blue balls with crosses above them are your basic health 
    item. They can be found in both the real and mental worlds by defeating 
    enemies or smashing open objects.
    This is the currency of this world. They can be found underground and 
    are used to buy items in the store. Can also be found in the mental 
    world as “Mental Arrowheads”, which count the same.
    Larger and more valuable arrowheads that can only be found with a 
    dowsing rod.
    PSI CARDS – 
    Strewn about the world are these cards which, when 9 are found, will 
    increase Raz’s Psi Cadet Rank, when merged with a psi core (which can 
    be bought at the shop). You then need to go to Ford Cruller’s 
    Sanctuary, where your rank will be increased.
    A valuable find. This consist of 9 Psi Cards and a Psi Core, and will 
    increase your rank automatically.
    16 various items scattered across the real world. Find 8 of them to 
    gain 4 Cadet Ranks, find the remaining 8 for four more cadet ranks.
    Figments of imagination, scattered throughout each of the mental 
    worlds. They appear as translucent figures, and are collected simply by 
    touching them. They are all worth a different number of figment points, 
    and once you collect 100 you gain a Psi Cadet Rank.
    Throughout the mental world there are also 5 bags and five luggage tags 
    corresponding to each one. Reunite all five in any given area to unlock 
    that areas Primal Memory.
    Bright purple cobwebs that can only be cleaned up once Raz has a Cobweb 
    Duster, available from the shop. Although they are in every level, a 
    cobweb duster is not needed until The Milkman Conspiracy level. Each 
    cleaned cobweb is worth one Psi Card back at Ford Cruller’s Sanctuary. 
    One of these is in each mental world. Find it and smash it open to view 
    a memory from the past of the person’s mind you are in.
    Basically life’s, Astral Layers keep Raz inside a Mental World even 
    when he dies. When you run out of these, you will be pushed back out of 
    the persons mind, and will have to retrace some steps.
    Increases the number of Raz’s Astral Layers.
    Little red balls that can be found by smashing objects or enemies. 
    Serve as ammo for Raz’s Psi Blast.
    Raz is given these early on, and they are used to automatically leave a 
    Mental World and return to reality.
    BACON – 
    Gained partway through the game, the Bacon allows Raz to converse with 
    Ford Cruller and to get game hints or strategies from him.
    Found partway through the game, this item allows you to enter the minds 
    of certain people against their will.
    Psi Cards:
    1 - On the left side of the main hut.
    2 - Under the ramp leading up to the tree hut.
    3 - Up the speaker poll to the left of the ramp.
    4 - Past the ramp on a tree root.
    5 - To the left of the ramp, jump on the trampoline and up to the roof.
    6 - From the above position, use the rope to cross over to another 
    7 - Then use the handles to swing up higher, then jump into the netting 
    on the tree and climb up.
    8 - From there, go down the tunnel and jump to the right when you can 
    (if you miss it, climb back up using the netting). Go down that tunnel.
    9 - Just after number 8, by the ladder.
    10 - Go back to the location of number 5, cross the rope halfway, and 
    then jump onto the swing ledge and onto another trampoline.
    11 - In the small, wooden shed right next to the main hut, press 
    triangle to open it.
    12 - Levitation needed. Jump up on your cabin, then across to the ledge 
    behind it. Look to the left and you should see rope on the distant 
    wall. Levitate over to it and climb up as high as possible. The 
    position the camera to see back behind you where there should be 
    another similar wall. Double jump off the wall and Psi-Float to reach 
    it. Climb up then jump over to the rope to grab this one. 
    Psi Challenge Markers:
    1 - From the location of Psi Card 10, use the tramp to jump up, and 
    then climb up the ladder.
    Psi Cards:
    1 - Just to the right from where you enter, along the fence.
    2 - Right down near the parking lot, on a rock.
    3 - In the parking lot, in the first parking space to the left when you 
    4 - In the parking lot, on Coach Oleander’s big car.
    5 - In the parking lot, on top of the big log (Levitation needed).
    6 - In the parking lot, on the basketball hoop. 
    7 - Up the rocks near the parking lot.
    8 - Keep climbing from number 7, and swing across the gap.
    9 - Use the tight rope from number 8.
    10 - Underneath the ramp to the main entrance of the Lodge.
    11 - Near the entrance to the beach, up behind a tree and near the big 
    12 - Up the speaker poll to the top left of the area.
    13 - Along the tightrope after 12.
    14 - At the end of the tightrope after 13.
    15 - On the room of the main lodge, under the green cover sheet.
    16 - On the roof of the main lodge.
    17 - On the other end of the tightrope after 16.
    18 - In the packing lot inside a small, wooden hut. Press triangle 
    while next to it to open it.
    Psi Challenge Markers:
    1 - On the roof of the main lodge.
    Psi Cards:
    1 - On the rocks right above the entrance to the area via the beach.
    2 - On the lower part of the big rock pile in the bottom right corner 
    of the area.
    3 - On top of the log tunnel leading to Sasha’s base.
    4 - Hang a left after 3 and jump up the rock face.
    5 - After 4, look ahead and jump on the branches to swing across to 
    another ledge.
    6 - After 5, jump over to the next ledge and down the log tube.
    7 - Right in front of you after you get 6.
    8 to 13 – Clearly sitting on rocks and tree roots around Sasha’s base 
    (Watch out for the beer though!)
    14 - In the main GPC area, under the main metal sphere.
    15 - On top of the main sphere in GPC (You need to jump on the spikes 
    on the side just right to get up – if you cant do it, just come back 
    later when you have levitation).
    16 - Find the viney tree along the left hand side of the main GPC area 
    and climb up it.
    17 - Further along the path from 16.
    18 - After 17, jump across the gap onto the vines and then continue 
    along the next branch and down some more vines.
    19 - In Sasha’s Lab, jump straight ahead as soon as you enter.
    20 - In Sasha’s Lab, at the bottom near the far wall.
    Psi Challenge Markers:
    1 - Just before Sasha’s base, turn left and jump up the rock face, then 
    jump across and onto the hut room and then jump down the hole to go 
    2 - Inside the main GPC area, find the tree with vines on the side to 
    the left of the base, climb up it and walk along the branches, swinging 
    and walking until you get to another gap. Jump over onto the vines and 
    climb up.
    Psi Cards:
    1 - On the right, as you enter, jump across to the platform and then up 
    to a higher one.
    2 - Right down the bottom, near where you enter.
    Psi Cards:
    1 - Right under the bridge when you enter.
    2 - Just to the side of the teleportation log.
    3 - Go to the far left along the coast, and then jump over a bit of 
    4 - Just to the right before you enter the cabin.
    5 - Out in the middle of the lake on a rock; jump there to get it once 
    you have levitation.
    6 - Right to the far left side of the beach.
    7 - Continue down the path from 6 and jump up the rocks.
    8 -Continue on from 7, across the rocks and use the branches to jump 
    9 - Once at the top, look to the left and use the branches to jump 
    across the gap.
    10 - Just along from 9.
    11 - Jump out to the middle of the lake after gaining Levitation; on a 
    beam to the left of the lake, near where Milla is.
    12 - On a rock in the middle of the lake near the boathouse.
    13 - On the far right. Go through the boathouse and across to the end 
    of the docks (you wont be able to get it until after Zilch is gone). 
    14 - From 13, jump onto the rock and then across onto the roof.
    15 - From 14, slide down the rope and across the roofs.
    16 - From 15, across the roofs and up the rope.
    17 - From 16, Levitate up to the higher platform.
    18 - From 17, use the swing to jump across the gap and then go just to 
    the left.
    Psi Challenge Markers:
    1 - Requires Levitation. Go left along the beach then down the path and 
    climb up some rocks. Turn back and look towards the beach and you 
    should see it on a large rock.
    Psi Cards:
    1 - Starting from the entrance where the campfire is: go down the path 
    after it, just over the fence to the left before the caravan. 
    2 - Up the path after 1, behind some gravestones (watch out for the 
    3 - Go up the rocks near the caravan using levitation and across the 
    4 - Right in front of 3, on the rope.
    5 - Back up the rocks, go one rock higher.
    6 - Just ahead of 5, use levitation to jump on the branch.
    7 - Just ahead of 6, on a rock.
    8 - From the rock, levitate up and psi-float over to the one on top of 
    the wooden beam. 
    9 - From 8, turn to the left and levitate over to the wooden platform.
    10 - Just ahead to the side from 9, on some rocks.
    11 - Further up the rocks from 10, just over the waterfall.
    12 - Just to the right of the teleport log, at the start of the tunnel.
    13 to 15 - Further down the tunnel from 12, past the beer.
    16 - At the end of the tunnel, jump on the left rail.
    17 - Levitate back up to where the tunnel ended and jump up on top of 
    the tunnel.
    18 - At the top of the main hill, right beside the GPC entrance.
    19 - Down on the side of the main hill, close to where the water flow 
    20 - Past the waterfall, beside the sign and the car.
    21 - Inside the waterfall.
    Psi Challenge Markers:
    1 - Up near the top of the area, just beside some rocks and behind a 
    wooden platform – levitate to get up there.
    Psi Cards:
    1 - On the gate where the guardsman is, just a touch to the left.
    2 - Just on the other side of the gate, in the air.
    3 - In the upper left section of the area with the fountain.
    4 - Through the path on the way to Gloria, just to the right.
    Psi Challenge Markers:
    1 - Right at the bottom of the ladder at the start – can’t miss it.
    Psi Cards:
    1 - Straight ahead from the entrance, on the far wall on a ledge. 
    2 - High up on a ledge on the left-hand side of the area.
    3 - Up on top of the pillar next to the elevator – jump on the rocks on 
    the other side of the elevator to get over to it.
    4 - Up in Edgar’s area, on the right-hand side next to a door.
    Psi Challenge Markers:
    1 - In the beams at the top of Edgar’s area, levitate jump up there to 
    get it.
    Psi Cards:
    1 - Straight ahead from the lift that brings you up, over some 
    2 - Up the first lot of stairs, smash through the panelled up door on 
    the right.
    3 - Up the first lot of stairs, go left, left again, over the gap and 
    into the open elevator. 
    4 - From 3, up the ramp, across on the poll and in the gap to the next 
    5 - Right beside 4.
    6 - From 5, up the stairs, through the door and over the concrete.
    7 - From 6, jump up to the next level and find it on a pilar. 
    8 - Just past 7, swing using the poll.
    9 - From 8, enter through the door, up the curved stairs and into the 
    room on the left.
    10 - Near the edge of the green toxic waste area.
    11 - In the green toxic area, on the lower white and black chequered 
    12 - Get to the higher white and black platform, jump across onto the 
    side of the stairs and over to the far platform.
    13 - Go up to the wooden platform, it’s sitting on a small, wooden 
    14 - From 13, across on the swing and up the grating.
    15 - From 14, climb up the grating to the top, bounce up on the bed 
    then jump across to this on a wooden platform with a sink on it.
    16 - Up near the top, past the part with two rooms, at the end of a 
    slide poll.
    Psi Challenge Markers:
    1 - In the area above the green toxic waste one, up the grating. At the 
    top of this area hanging in the middle of the air, psi-float over to 
    get it.
    Psi Cards:
    1 - Right next to the crow.
    2 - Along the right inside the lab.
    3 - Along the outer rim of Loboto’s lab
    4 - Same as above.
    No Challenge Markers.
    TURKEY SANDWICH – In the kids cabins area, go down the well and follow 
    the path down, then right, then down until you get to a big safe. Press 
    triangle to open it then use Pyrokinesis to melt the ice.
    EAGLE CLAW – In main campgrounds, climb up the rock face on the left-
    hand side before you get to the car park and swing across to a tree 
    ledge to find it.
    GOLD DOUBLOON – In the main campgrounds, along the right hand side of 
    the cabin in a slight indent area.
    VOODOO DOLL – In the main lodge, use Levitation to get up into the 
    CROW FEATHER – In GPC and Wilderness, just to the right as soon as you 
    enter the area via the beach.
    PIRATE SCOPE – In GPC and Wilderness, up the top of the big pile of 
    rocks in the bottom right corner of the area.
    GOLDEN ACORN – In GPC and Wilderness, along the side of the GPC, a 
    squirrel will keep running away with it if you get too close. Simply 
    use Invisibility to snatch it from right under its nose. 
    MINERS SKULL – In GPC and Wilderness, behind the GPC. There is an area 
    with two water holes where one is blocked. If you have the Shield 
    power, use this on the unblocked water hole to free it. If not, come 
    back later when you do (thanks a lot to Mohize for pointing out my 
    mistake in this before :D). 
    GLASS EYE – In GPC and Wilderness. At the start of the stream there is 
    a grate. Use telekinesis to pull this towards you from the other side. 
    PSYCHONAUTS COMIC #1 – On the beach – go along the coast of the beach 
    to the far left then up the pathway until you get to some rocks. Jump 
    up them then continue ahead to find it.
    FOSSIL – In Agent Nein’s Lab. Up near the top along the side, looks 
    like a bright, yellow light. You will need to jump there with 
    DIVERS HELMET – On the beach. Go through the boathouse and along the 
    docks (can only be done after Zilch has moved). Go to the very end and 
    jump up onto the rock, then jump back across onto the roof. Go down the 
    rope, continue across the roofs and up another rope. Psi Jump up to the 
    higher platform then swing across the gap. Head to the left and up the 
    path, kill the panther and wa-la! 
    FERTILITY IDOL – In Reception Area, just before the caravan and near 
    the beer there is a beehive. Go into first person and shoot it down 
    with marksmanship and this will fall out.
    DINOSAUR BONE – In Reception Area. Just to the side of the Janitor’s 
    caravan there are some rocks. Use levitation to jump up them and them 
    up the tree branches to find it.
    CONDOR EGG – In Reception Area, on a poll in the lake in the middle. 
    Easiest way to get it is to just use levitation from the side.
    CHERRY WOOD PIPE – In Reception Area, right up the top, past the 
    waterfall, just to the right of a car statue. 
    GOLD WATCH – In the Lower Asylum, above the water fountain. 
    1 – In the second area, after the cannon, down the slope, up the cliff, 
    sitting on the bottom of the tightropes.
    2 – From 1, jump up the tightropes, just to the right at the top.
    3 – From 2, swing onto the next ledge and levitate far over. It’s in a 
    hole in the concrete wall.
    4 – In the third area, just after the rotating area.
    5 – Just after 4, down the slope, right next to what is now a locked up 
    1 – In the area with the four ramps connecting to a middle platform, 
    right at the bottom of one of the ramps.
    2 – In the area with the big, yellow ramp, up and behind the shoeboxes. 
    3 – Same area as 2, further up on the shoeboxes
    4 – In the area with the big bed, under an arch to the side of the bed.
    5 – Same area as 4, under an arch on the other side of the bed.
    1 – Just to the right of where the black fog monster was.
    2 – Continue along the path until you see it, can’t miss it along the 
    left wall.
    3 – Backtrack slightly from two and jump up the ledges to get to a 
    higher area, to the left.
    4 – Go back along the main trail and around the corner until you see a 
    bathtub in the air. Hit the odd-looking rock beside it a few times 
    until it starts to let off steam, the use it to psi-float up into the 
    5 – In the final area where the tower is, along the wall straight ahead 
    when you enter.
    1 – Near the start, over the two jumps and down to the right.
    2 – In the area with the big pinball spring, to the left side, up 
    against the wall.
    3 – Further up from two, in the circle area with a pipe going around 
    it, along the side on the wall.
    4 – Right at the start of the third area (after the race), right under 
    where you enter.
    5 – In the final area, down in the bottom of the bowl.
    1 – In the prison area, on the wall next to the entrance. 
    2 – Just up the path after the prison, nestled between a large tower 
    and the left-hand mountainside. 
    3 – On top of the dam (where you jump up on with the blimp), right at 
    the very end of the dam.
    4 – Just before the train line, nestled between a tower and the left-
    hand mountainside.
    5 – Just after the bridge leading to the area with planes, right on the 
    1 – Over the door of the house right beside the area that only road 
    crew people can enter.
    2 – Covering the garage adjacent to the graveyard.
    3 – In the post office, blocking the doorway.
    4 – On the doorway of the house to the right just before the post 
    5 – Blocking the main door of the Book Depository. 
    1 – In the crowd section, down the bottom.
    2 – Right beside 1.
    3 – Up in the higher level of the crowd section, on the floor of the 
    central, upper balcony. 
    4 – In the upper left corner of the main stage, covering a pink bag.
    5 – Blocking the entrance to the backstage area.
    6 – In the storage room, in the lower left corner. 
    7 – In the storage room, in the upper right corner.
    - (All gained in shrunk form) -
    1 - On the side of the guillotine (large, wooden tower next to the 
    2 - On the side with the diner and the large, wooden, guillotine, next 
    to the cork in the ground and down some stairs (covering the yellow 
    3 - Just to the left of the Carpenters house.
    4 - Near the enemy stronghold, there is a small stair bridge. Find this 
    one underneath it. 
    5 - Blocking the doorway of the barn to the left of the enemy moat.
    6 - Blocking the upper doorway of the barn to the right of the enemy 
    7 - Just to the side of the start of the moat, up a ladder.
    1 - Where the portal to Dragon is (just past the part where you use the 
    polls to swing across). Put the guitar painting from the second dog 
    into the empty painting spot and climb up.
    2 - Down in the sewers, blocking a doorway.
    3 - In the sewer, down the path to the left of the later ladder, 
    against the right wall.
    4 – From the third dog, climb up the poll, across the ledge, head left 
    and use the window painting in the slot.
    5 – Blocking the door to the Matador’s house.
    6 – In the fireplace of the Matador’s house.
    7 – Through the passage in the fireplace of the Matador’s house, down 
    the passage.
    1 – In the caravan corridor.
    2 – Same as 1.
    3 – Just before the entrance to the tunnel of love, on the side of the 
    door leading to it.
    J.T – In the lower Asylum, just to the left after you enter the gate.
    FRANKIE – In the lower Asylum, in the upper right corner. 
    KITTY – Just before Gloria’s area, up on a ledge to the left.
    CHLOE – In the Asylum Courtyard, just to the right of where you enter, 
    up on a ledge.
    MALOOF – In the same area as Chloe, higher up. You need to use a couple 
    of polls to swing up there.
    CHOP – In the Asylum Courtyard, straight ahead from the entrance on a 
    ledge against the far wall.
    MILKA – In the Asylum Courtyard, up very high straight ahead from the 
    entrance. It seems to descend every now and then, but its easier just 
    to jump up there with Levitation and punch it in mid-air. 
    BENNY – In the Upper Asylum, up the first lot of stairs, to the right, 
    through the panelled up door and right again.
    BOBBY – In the Upper Asylum, through a doorway to the left of the first 
    slide pipe, nearish the bottom of the area. 
    ELKA – In the Upper Asylum past the area with the rail slide, up the 
    stairs, jumping up to the next level. Outside on a concrete pillar at 
    the end of a wooden beam.
    QUENTIN – In the green toxic waste area of the Upper Asylum. Levitate 
    jump there from the black and white platform, it’s in an open window. 
    DOGAN – In Upper Asylum, go to the area with green toxic waste, up to 
    the wooden platform and swing across on the poll. Look outside of the 
    main area; it’s down low on a platform outside.
    PHOEBE – In Upper Asylum, in the area with green toxic waste, get to 
    the part where you climb up the grating. As soon as the camera swivels 
    around, go down the grating instead of up.
    CRYSTAL – Upper Asylum, all the way up the grating past the green toxic 
    waste area, across on a wooden platform with a sink and psi card on it.
    CLEM – Upper Asylum, at the part where there are two rooms near the 
    top. Go up through the right hand one, and then fall through the hole 
    in the right-hand ones roof.
    NIL – Right near the top of the Upper Asylum, on the wooden beam before 
    the top part.
    VERNON – Right next to the ladder going up to Dr. Loboto’s Lab.
    MIKHAIL – Along the outer rim of Loboto’s lab.
    ELTON – Along the outer rim of Loboto’s lab.
    NOTE: This is just a basic Walkthrough, and does not include extras and 
    bonuses like Psi Cards or Scavenger Hunt Items. For the location of 
    these, please see Sections D2 and D3.
    E1 – Kid’s Cabins
    Once you have watched the opening cinematic, chosen you bunk and been 
    given the low-down on Psi markers, its finally time to get into the 
    game proper. You might want to just test out the controls a little, but 
    if you have played games like this on the PS2 before you should be fine 
    from the get-go. Explore around the camp a little (there are a couple 
    of funny scenes around) then follow where the group of kids went up the 
    ramp. You will get the item Smelling Salts from Maloof. Go into the 
    room and talk to Coach Oleander, who will then pull you into the first 
    This is basically an Orientation level. Once you watch the brief intro, 
    run up to the projection of Oleander and press the Square button to Psi 
    Punch him, thus opening up the level proper. Proceed forward, jumping 
    over the gaps (press X then X again while in mid-air to do a double 
    jump). Grab the green tag, and then jump back to free the Steamer Trunk 
    bag. Jump back over, collect the figments and climb up the ladder. 
    Slide down the other side and grab the pink tag and figments. Then jump 
    on the poll in front of Oleander’s projection and climb up.
    Get to the ladder going back down and slowly descend, watching out for 
    the bursts of fire as you do. After the cutscene you can choose one of 
    two routes:
    1.	Jump across past the fire onto the other platform, and then use 
    the floating platforms to get to the other side. 
    2.	Jump down and go to the left. There you will find a hole. Jump 
    into it to find an underground route, chock-full of figment 
    You will need to go both ways to get all the figments, but that isn’t 
    really important for now, so just pick either one (the second one is 
    Climb the ledges then up the stairs with the red light, under the big 
    guns. Jump and grab onto the ledge to edge across under the guns. Once 
    you get to the other side, go through the lower red tunnel to free the 
    pink bag. Backtrack and climb up, the use the trampolines to ascend. 
    Then climb up the netting wall. Up the top is a minefield. Talk to 
    Dogan and help him through the mines, sticking to the right side path. 
    Take it slowly and stick close to him. If he starts freaking out, go 
    over and talk to him. He will reward you with some arrowheads. Go back 
    and grab whatever figments you might have missed on the mines. Climb up 
    the flagpole to open the door to the next area. The dude here has a 
    very long and comical story, so listen to that if you want. Then smash 
    the door open and jump out.
    Palm Bomb (X + Square) the red button to open up the target course. You 
    need to score 20 points in the 60 seconds given, and only hitting 
    enemies will give you points. Just run up to them and punch them 
    (Square). They will start going really fast near the end, but you 
    should have most of the points by then anyway. Go through the gate and 
    punch open the vault to unlock memory “Oleander’s Pride”. Punch the 
    wall with the soldier on it to open a new path. Take cover from machine 
    gun fire by using the walls, and make sure you grab the yellow tag, 
    free the yellow bag and grab the figments. Proceed by punching down 
    your wall, which makes another one pop up. Once at the end, jump on top 
    of the gun and grab the blue tag, then Palm Bomb the boarded up hole 
    and jump in. Climb up the flagpole to open another door, and then go 
    down the slide.
    Jump on the bars and move right and left to swing. Once you’re fully 
    rotating, press X at the right time to jump onto another bar. Press 
    Triangle to change direction. Free the blue bag and then keep climbing, 
    watching out for the flames. Punch the concrete at the top to open 
    another passage. Jump up onto the tightrope, and then press X to climb 
    onto it. Jump and climb your way to the top. Punch some more concrete 
    to get to the next area (come back here later when you have the cobweb 
    duster to unlock another memory). Jump on the swing, build up momentum, 
    then jump across and grab the green tag. Climb up the ladder then use 
    the plane wings to free the green bag (this should be your last bag, 
    and a message should come up saying that you have unlocked the Primal 
    Memory for this area).
    Jump back down and cross using the tightrope. Jump across using the 
    swings until you get to the rail. Jump on it to start sliding down. 
    While sliding, press either left or right and then jump to switch 
    rails. Try to avoid the soldiers and grab as many figments as possible. 
    At the bottom, watch out for Bobby, who will try and push you off. 
    Simply jump over him and the right time. Once past that, head up the 
    path until you get to a big, rotating room. Just stay on the logs 
    heading to the left, making sure you don’t go too fast or too slow so 
    the floor is always generally even under you. Once you get to the other 
    end, jump on the rail to get to the bottom, the head into the room with 
    the bright white light to finish the level.
    Talk to Oleander with the button and he will mark your map with where 
    to go. Not much else to do here story-wise, but there are some great 
    moments to be had from talking to everyone (you can usually keep 
    talking to people several times before replies start repeating). Some 
    of the convos are downright hilarious, so don’t miss them. You are also 
    able to pick up 10 Psi Cards and a Psi Challenge Marker at this point 
    (see section D2) so go and grab those if you want to. When you’re done, 
    head to the top of the main path, pay the girls the 1 arrowhead toll 
    and progress.
    As soon as you enter this area, Cruller will rock up and tell you about 
    the Scavenger Hunt (see section D3 for location of all Scavenger Hunt 
    items). There is a lot more optional dialogue here, so run around 
    talking to everyone if you want. Try to pick up as many Psi Cards 
    (Section D2) and arrowheads as possible, then head into the main lodge. 
    Once you enter, head straight to the right and talk to the Old Man 
    (Cruller again, of course). This is the Lodge Store, which has the 
    following items:
    Used to clean up Mental Cobwebs (this is required later on).
    Cost: 800 Arrowheads.
    Required Psi Rank: 20
    Used to change the colour of psychic powers.
    Cost: 250 Arrowheads.
    Required Psi Rank: 30.
    Pulls psychic energies towards you.
    Cost: 400 Arrowheads.
    Required Psi Rank: 15.
    Replenishes mental health, and opens automatically when you die.
    Cost: 50 Arrowheads Each.
    Required Psi Rank: 1.
    PSI CORE – 
    Used to make Psi Challenge Markers.
    Cost: 10 Arrowheads Each
    Required Psi Rank: 1.
    A kind of metal detector that is used to find deep arrowheads.
    Cost: 50 Arrowheads
    Required Psi Rank: 10.
    The store is generally nothing to worry about for now. Go and listen to 
    the band, they keep spitting out original material for ages. Feel free 
    to go and change the TV channel, mess around, etc. Then head back 
    outside through the other exit. Take the ramp down into the next area 
    (jump on the rail to go down real fast). Go down the stairs and then 
    left into the tunnel.
    Head through the tunnel and walk along the path until you hit a 
    cutscene. Hang a right, over the stream after your convo with the other 
    two campers. Head straight ahead into the big fenced up area with big 
    metal sphere in it. Head up to the big one in the middle and punch it 
    to free a camper. Head back up to that room. Press select to open your 
    thought bubble and choose “Sasha’s Button”. Then use it with the 
    triangle button to open the next area. Jump down to the bottom and talk 
    to Sasha. Do as he says and step up to the Brain Tumbler and press 
    The first place you will enter is The Collective Unconscious, which is 
    a kind of quick way to teleport to any mental world you have previously 
    visited. Hurry around and enter the only open door. You are now inside 
    your own mind. Collect the figments and smash open the Memory Vault. 
    Then go into the caravan and you will…be in a white shell all of a 
    sudden. Punch it a few times to get out. Sasha will now tell you to 
    follow the Bunny. First, grab the green tag behind the shell, and then 
    follow the bunny up the path, grabbing the figments as you go. Grab the 
    other tag and keep along the path until the cutscene.
    After the small scene with Sasha, talk with him again and he will tell 
    you that you will need to get a Marksmanship Badge before he will let 
    you back in. Jump into the log in the corner of the room. You will now 
    be in the transport system. Select the fourth option, to the Sanctuary. 
    You will then get your Pyrokinesis badge and go through a tutorial on 
    how to use it. Ask Cruller all the questions and you will get your 
    marksmanship learners permit and the Bacon, which can be used to 
    converse with Cruller from now on. Head back to Sasha’s lab via the 
    transport system and talk to Sasha again and he will get you to enter 
    his mind.
    First up, shoot the items and then Censors. Hold L1 to lock on and then 
    R2 to shoot (you can change the button for your Psi powers via the 
    select button menu. Once Sasha leaves you to practise, go over to the 
    main control unit and keep pressing triangle until it gets to the 
    highest level. Order will then turn into chaos, and you will have to 
    work your way through a number of mini levels. There is also a vault to 
    free here as well, and it will be running around the empty squares.
    -	Area One:
    Head straight up to the side with the action. Jump on the bed and grab 
    the blue tag and smash open the memory vault. Free the blue bag on the 
    other side of the bed. Then jump and grab the yellow tag and follow 
    that path to free the yellow bag. Then jump across to the other side, 
    and grab the Astral Layer (shiny green helmet thing). Get to the top 
    and shoot the red target to stop the Censors coming out, then move 
    across to the other side and shoot the new one.
    -	Area Two:
    Grab the green tag down the bottom, and then climb up the layers, 
    watching out for the stronger, Shouting Censors. Psi blast the first 
    target, free the green bag, then Psi Blast the other target.
    -	Area Three:
    Watch out for the Demons in this area, they are everywhere, so keep 
    moving. Grab the steamer tag at the bottom then climb up the middle 
    ladder. Jump to the left to free the steamer trunk bag. Jump on the 
    yellow slide to get up to a higher level and grab another astral layer. 
    Then jump back down and shoot the two targets.
    -	Area Four:
    Grab the pink tag low down, and then get up onto the central pillar for 
    another astral layer and to free the pink bag. The Primal Memory should 
    now be unlocked. Then shoot the one target.
    Ah, the first boss at last. First of all, find the five portals where 
    all the small censors are coming from and shoot them closed (there is 
    one on each side of the cube, except the one you start on). Then the 
    big guy wont be able to regenerate. Make sure that you stay locked on 
    to this guy the whole time by holding L1. You can then rotate around 
    him by using the control stick and the X button, and shoot him down 
    using Marksmanship whenever he stamps down. Try and watch out for the 
    censors and then shoot, shoot, shoot! Once he is dead you will get your 
    Marksmanship Merit Badge, so you can now use the technique anywhere.
    Head back to Sasha’s lab, then re-enter the Brain Tumbler. You will 
    then re-appear in the Collective Unconscious. Head around to the “Brain 
    Tumbler Experiment” door and walk through, and you’ll be back in the 
    same area you were before. Follow the bunny up until where you get back 
    to the Shadow Monster, whose strong breath will stop you from getting 
    close. Simply lock on with L1 and then use Marksmanship and he will be 
    no more. Go and free the green bag to the right of where the monster 
    was, then the other green bag above it.
    Keep following the bunny, trying to grab as many figments as possible. 
    Soon enough Censors will start popping out of holes. At this point, 
    just punch them a few times, or run up and do a palm bomb when there 
    are a few too many around to handle. Make sure you don’t miss the blue 
    tag just before where the second lot of censors jump out, and the pink 
    tag along the right side of the path soon after. After this you will 
    encounter a Shouting Censor standing on a ledge. Just lock on and give 
    him a couple of shots with Marksmanship (if your out of ammo, just go 
    up and punch him a few times).
    Jump up and free the pink bag just to the right of where the Shouting 
    Censor was. From there, turn around and follow the path leading up 
    above where you were before to free the blue bag, then head back and 
    continue following the bunny. There will then be a whole heap of 
    Censors coming at you. Just to a couple of Palm Bombs (jump then 
    Square) and that should make short work of them. Grab the yellow tag to 
    the left shortly afterwards, and then shoot down the Shouting Censor 
    around the corner. Watch out for the Demon (shoot him down or jump when 
    he gets to you), and then follow the path until you hit a cutscene.
    Then enter the open area ahead. Veer to the left before the bunny and 
    smash open the Memory Vault, grab the shiny yellow item (which will 
    increase your maximum Projection Depth, in other words you can hold 
    more lives). Continue in that direction and free the yellow bag. After 
    that, follow the rabbit up the ramp, watching out for weird spider-bush 
    enemies as you go. You will reach a point where you can go no further, 
    and Sasha will pull you back out of the level.
    Sasha will tell you that you need to go see Milla Vodello, so jump into 
    the log transport again and select “It’s time to go to the lake!” Once 
    you get there, walk towards the water and a cutscene will play. Then go 
    to the right, into the cabin, and talk to Ford. He will show you to a 
    boat. Jump in and press triangle. Simply press X to sail and head along 
    the coast and then out to where Milla is. Watch the cutscene with Lili 
    and then go talk to Milla, who will pull you into her brain.
    Right at the start Milla will give you a Levitation learners permit. 
    This will be set to default on R2, but you can change that by pressing 
    select. Follow the control prompts and jump across the first gap. For 
    the next one you will need to use the Psy Float – jump up towards the 
    rings and press L1 when you reach the peak of your jump to float over 
    to the other side (make sure you go through all the rings to open the 
    next door). Grab the blue tag to the right then head through the 
    opening ahead. You will then enter a large bowl area. You’ll need to 
    build up speed by going up and down the side, and then jump through 
    each of the hoops to create a path of flower platforms. Stay on the Psy 
    ball and use them to jump up.
    After the short cutscene, jump on the big platform to the right and 
    free the blue bag. Then jump towards the hoops and use the Psy Float to 
    go through them all. From here, look for the platform up against the 
    wall with a figment on it and jump down. Free the vault and look in the 
    red chest for an interesting area. Head back up to where you were 
    before you jumped down. The platform you land on will then move up to 
    be near a fan. Use the Psy Float while in front of it and it will blow 
    you across the room. Grab the tag and head up the ladder. Grab the 
    yellow tag right in front of you then free the green bag on the balcony 
    on the side of the area. Head back to the middle part and hit the 
    spring, then use the Psy Float to land on the blue platform which will 
    rebound you higher up.
    Jump up to the next platform and jump on the rail along the side to go 
    through the hoops quickly, causing a platform to move. Make sure you 
    free the yellow bag before you go up. Jump across to the main platform 
    in the middle and then jump across to the door on the far wall. Watch 
    out for Censors and Demons and pick up the tag. You’ll enter another 
    bowl-shaped room with Censors and a Vault to smash open. Gain some 
    speed then jump up and grab on to the wire wall. Get to the top and 
    jump across (you can use the Psy Float even when your not using the 
    ball). Psy jump onto the poll and climb up. Jump onto the non-flower 
    platform and time your Psy Jump to get over the pipe and land back on 
    the platform (Psy Float helps). When you see the doorway, jump up to 
    the left and then onto the blue platform to free another bag. Then jump 
    down through the door and past the Censors.
    The next part is a Psy Ball race against Barry Zilch and some other 
    kids. Although there are numerous short cuts, it’s really quite easy to 
    beat him anyway (and the only things to collect are figments, which I’m 
    not covering here). All you need to do is try and go through as many 
    arches as possible, as they give you a speed boost, and winning should 
    be no problem. 
    Once the race is won you’ll be back in a normal area. Grab the pink tag 
    in the middle of the room. Psy Float up the platforms to the left of 
    the entrance as you see it now to gain an increase in Aggressive 
    Capacity. Head back down and Psi Float up using the other bubble 
    platform. Hit the figure on the wall to start up the fan. Jump into the 
    middle of the room and Psy Float through the rings (as the fan is now 
    going, you will be pushed to the room while using Psy Float, so allow 
    yourself to freefall and use Psy Float alternately to get through the 
    hoops). After that, ride the fan to the top and go to the top platform, 
    freeing the Pink bag (should be the last) before going through the 
    door. Then simply jump across to the middle platform of the next room 
    to finish.
    Head back to the main part of the beach using Levitation and then up 
    the ramp and back into the Main Campgrounds. Enter the Lodge and head 
    into the TV room. While you’re here, grab a Dowsing Rod from the store 
    (assuming you have enough arrowheads). You’ll need it later. Exit the 
    Lodge and jump in the teleportation log to the right of the lodge. Go 
    back to “Agent Nein’s Lab” and talk to Sasha to get back to the 
    Collective Unconscious and re-enter your mind.
    Head up the path again and follow the rabbit up the ramp. Hit the rock 
    thing at the top to make steam rise from is, and use it to Psy Float 
    up. After the cutscene go and open the hatch where the brain was thrown 
    down and enter. After another cutscene a tank will appear.
    STAGE ONE: The tanks main attacks are to lock on to you and then blast 
    you and to throw confusion bombs at you, which cause your controls to 
    have the opposite effect (right = left and such). Lock on to the tank 
    yourself (L1), hide behind a pillar and use Marksmanship on it while 
    it’s charging up its attack to make it flip over, then run up and smash 
    it until it runs out of health.
    STAGE TWO: Now it’s just a brain with green radar going around it. Get 
    out your levitation and try to jump over the green light. Just get as 
    close as you can to it and hit it to make it loose health. Then it’s 
    good and dead for real :D. 
    Sasha will run off saying he has official business to attend to. You 
    will get the Psycho-Portal, which will be crucial later. Head back into 
    the teleportation log and go to the lake. After the (hilarious) 
    cutscene, go through the boathouse and to the end of the docks and 
    enter the big diving…thing. Once your at the bottom, head down and to 
    the left and smash the breakable wall. Head up the stairs and ring the 
    The fish will appear and start to try and suck you in (literally). When 
    he does, smash open a yellow box and nails will do flying into him. 
    Keep doing this, dodging the items he spits at you (locking onto him 
    and doing cartwheels works well). Once you hit him will three lots of 
    nails he will start to move the air bubble, and the camera will move 
    into his point of view. It’s all pretty linear, just follow the path 
    and make sure you don’t exit the water bubble (it can be hard to see 
    sometimes, watch out for the green hands which show up if you get too 
    close). Every now and then there will be a fragile wall to punch open.
    Just after the fish changes the direction of the air bubble, you will 
    need to use two polls to swing on to the right to progress. Continue 
    along the path and he will stop again eventually and repeat the earlier 
    process of blowing things at you and trying to suck you in. Do as you 
    did before, smashing open 3 yellow boxes while he sucks in, and he will 
    go back to moving the air bubble. Continue within the (noticeably 
    smaller) bubble until you get to the rail. Slide down it and the fish 
    will start attacking you directly. Lock on and position yourself right 
    behind one of the clams and his antenna should get trapped in it. Then 
    go up and punch him. You’ll have to use a different clam each time. 
    Once you’ve done it three times, he’s ka-put. 
    Press select and get out your Psycho-Portal. Go up to the Lungfish and 
    press triangle to us it and enter his mind. After the (awesome) opening 
    cutscene you will see that you are in a city that seems very small to 
    you. Indeed you are a giant in this world. Your able to climb up all of 
    the buildings here, and smash down most of the small ones. Fun fun! 
    Climb up to the top of the tower right next to you when you start to 
    grab an Astral projection layer (you’ll need it). Head down the street 
    until you hit a cutscene then punch the building with the yellow 
    asterixis to gain a new Psychic Ability – Psychic Shield. This will 
    allow you to withstand any attacks for a certain time period. Equip it 
    and continue down the street.
    Head straight ahead and you will start to encounter tanks. Use your 
    shield to protect yourself from their fire (after you use it, you won’t 
    be able to use it again until you hear a loud “ding!” sound). You can 
    use pretty much any ability to destroy the tanks, though marksmanship 
    and straight up punching are the most effective. Continue along the 
    left side until you get to the big tunnel, and use the shield to 
    reflect the rays back and open the way. On the other side will be a 
    tonne of tanks – Palm Bombs work well. Grab the blue tag to the left 
    the go and smash down the prison. Open up the vault in the far left 
    corner of the prison area. Head back through the tunnel and across the 
    bridge to free the blue bag. Head back across and head to the right 
    until you get to a big web. Climb that building and grab the green tag, 
    then head back to where the prison was and to the right to free the 
    green bag. 
    Backtrack along to where you were heading before and keep on that way. 
    There is now a new tank – electro tanks. These ones are generally to be 
    avoided. Actually from now on running away is generally the best 
    option; there are just too many tanks to fight. If they are blocking 
    your way too much, wait until they attack and take them down with 
    marksmanship. Once you get near the end, another news flash will inform 
    you that there is an anti-monster turret. This ones a real bastard and 
    will kill you very quickly. Shield once it locks onto you and slowly 
    progress to get close and punch its lights out. After the cutscene, use 
    the blimp to jump up onto the damn. Grab the yellow tag, and then move 
    across the damn to free the yellow bag and grab some more Astral 
    Head back across and head along to the right. You’ll now have boats 
    shooting heat seekers at you. Just try to keep moving and hide behind 
    buildings when you can. Climb the highest tower to grab an increase in 
    ammo. Continue along and make sure to grab the green tag. Head back and 
    take the left path until you get to a train rail. Jump on and slide 
    along it, grabbing the pink tag as you go. After the cutscene you will 
    see that you now have aircraft to attend to as well. All 8 must be 
    destroyed to progress. Climb to the top of a tower and line them up. 
    Make sure that you get the increase for maximum astral projection 
    layers and free the pink bag, both on top of high towers. Once up the 
    top, wait until they fly at you and simply punch them down. Once that’s 
    done, jump onto the one boat separating another piece of land, just to 
    the right of where you entered and smash open the primal memories vault 
    (its small and hard to see). Then climb up the first main tower to free 
    the green bag – should be the last one. Head further that way until the 
    bridge, and grab the astral projection before doubling back and head 
    over using the boats to the top right of the island where the planes 
    Head towards to tower and what looks like a cheesy Japanese cartoon 
    character of a boss will appear. Don’t take him lightly though; this is 
    one of the tougher bosses in the game.
    STAGE ONE: His attacks throughout follow a pattern. In this stage he 
    has the “mighty ram” attack and his “tidal beam” attack. He will say 
    what is quoted just before he attacks, so you can pre-emptively dodge 
    his attacks. Stay locked onto him and wait until he is about to do his 
    beam attack. When this happens, chuck up your shield and reflect his 
    attack back at him. 
    STAGE TWO: After three hits he will steal all your aggressive energy so 
    you can’t use some attacks (shield is still fine). He will now be on 
    the ground with you, and his attacks here are “overly intricate 
    combination!” where he throws some karate moves at you, “hard to avoid 
    area attack”, which creates a massive, expanding blue wall of pain at 
    you and “mighty ram ground vision” where he will dart towards you. Keep 
    your trusty lock-on going and wait until he uses his area attack to 
    throw up your shield and reflect it back at him to stun him and then 
    punch him. To maximise this, get nice and close to him when he is about 
    to do the move, and you should be able to get in 2-3 punches while he 
    is stunned.
    After this he will alternate between the first stage (when he is in the 
    air) and the second (when he is on the ground). Just keep using the 
    same tactics and he will be down before you know it. Head over to the 
    tower and climb up it to destroy it and finish the level.
    At this point you wont be able to get far without a cobweb duster. Get 
    out your lungfish bone that you just got and use it to get back to the 
    mainland. If you didn’t before, track back up to the cabin and buy the 
    Dowsing Rod. Your going to need a whopping 800 arrowheads to get that 
    cobweb duster, so deep arrowheads are the only way to go. Just go to 
    any real-world area, whack out the dowsing rod and use it much like a 
    metal detector to find those deep arrowheads. The Reception Area seems 
    to be most valuable. This does take awhile, and will start to get dull 
    by the end, but keep at it – the best parts of the game are still to 
    come. Make sure you grab any normal arrowheads you see lying around as 
    well, they all add up. Once you have enough, go back to the lodge and 
    buy the cobweb duster. 
    Then, if you haven’t already, use the bacon to go back to Cruller’s 
    sanctuary to get Telekinesis and Invisibility; you’ll need them soon. 
    Cruller will show you that all the other kids have had their brains 
    stolen, and a new side quest will open to return all these brains back 
    to where they belong (see section D5 for brain locations). Head back to 
    the lake and call out the lungfish to get back to the other side of the 
    From here on in, the game gets a lot more creepy and a hell of a lot 
    more weird…which is awesome of course. If you think it’s been odd so 
    far, you have seen nothing yet my friend. Once the lungfish spits you 
    out, grab Lili’s bracelet and swing across and up the ladder…to meet 
    the most paranoid person in the world. Talk to him a few times (and 
    feel free to listen to him for awhile, he’s pretty funny…in a deranged 
    way). Once he starts repeating himself, get out your Psycho-Portal and 
    use it on him to enter another level…the downright weirdest of the lot.
    After the first cutscene, go and punch open the fridge, and you will 
    get the merit badge for Clairvoyance. It should me automatically 
    equipped. Go and use it on the security guard then exit the room. Head 
    down the road until you get to the second house on the left, and pick 
    up the Workman’s Sign from the boot of the car in it’s driveway. 
    Continue along the road until you get to the section with a broken 
    yellow line around it. These areas are throughout the level, and you 
    will only be able to enter them once you have an item in your hand that 
    corresponds to the activity taking place inside of it. Make sure you 
    have the sign out and you will be able to pass through.
    Jump across the road crew area, and then get the green tag on the roof 
    of the next house to the left. Continue down the road and you will hit 
    what seems to be a dead end. Levitate jump over to the platform across 
    from there (gravity always pulls towards ground, no matter how slanted 
    it is). Go down that road until the second house on the left, then 
    punch open the car in the driveway to gain the Hedge Trimmers. Jump 
    over that same house to pick up another tag in the backyard. Head down 
    the road and edge past the sewer workers area along the side where the 
    yellow line does not quite cover.
    Continue until you get to the graveyard on the right. Don’t enter it 
    just yet, go along the side and crack open the first safe, and grab the 
    Astral Projection layer behind the tree. Head back to the main road and 
    jump over to the next platform. Go down this road until the area with 
    high grass hedges on the right. Enter and take the right path. Press 
    triangle next to the crow and pick up the feather it leaves. Use 
    Clairvoyance with it in your hand to see from the crow’s point of view. 
    Run through the smaller gate on the right while in this view to open 
    the big gate in the middle. Grab the flower there and then backtrack 
    back to the graveyard. 
    With the flower you can now enter the graveyard. Do so and head to the 
    small building with vines all over it. Use Pyrokinesis to burn them, 
    then smash down the door and grab the book inside. You will get 
    captured automatically. Boyd will give you a fake gun that you will 
    need later. Go back down the path to the house on the right you 
    couldn’t enter before. You can now enter it thanks to the hedge 
    trimmers. Grab the pink tag in this houses backyard, and then free the 
    green bag inside this house. Don’t worry about the cut off area for 
    now. Head back along the path to the green hedge area. Carry on down 
    that road and enter the second house on the left for the blue tag, then 
    head back and free this bag from behind the graveyard area, then head 
    Go up to the main building at the end of the path (has a limo with a 
    spinning antenna and a teleport dude next to it). Smash open the boot 
    of the limo to get the Watering Can. Then go up to the door of the area 
    and press triangle. Just enter any numbers, and then retreat outside 
    the newly formed yellow line area. Use Clairvoyance on the guy that 
    comes out to learn the combination code (you might want to write it 
    down, but you can always do it again if you forget). Once he is gone, 
    go and punch in the numbers to open the door. Mossy on in and free the 
    pink bag, the use the cobweb duster to open the next door (if you 
    weren’t reading earlier, scroll back to section E15).
    You will then be in a pitch-black area. Use Clairvoyance right away to 
    get the perspective of the surveillance camera. Walk in a more or less 
    straight line until you get to the glowing item. Pick it up and head 
    back out. Once you exit the post office, hands will pull you down under 
    the surface.
    First off, make sure you have TK equipped. Lock onto him with L1 and 
    rotate around, side-jumping his attacks. Run up and punch him a few 
    times (or even use Marksmanship) but don’t get too close or he will 
    pull you under. Once his health is all gone, little pink balls will fly 
    out of him. Simply grab one with TK (making sure you don’t hold onto it 
    for too long), and throw it at the main guy. He will then turn to 
    stone, so just punch him to finish him off and then enter the blue area 
    to teleport back up.
    Ok, now backtrack to the area with the sewage workers, using the 
    plunger to get past. Enter the sewers to get to the next area.
    Looks like the secret agents are having a hard time here, getting shot 
    by a snipper from the Book Depository. Get out the fake rifle Boyd gave 
    you earlier and equip your shield. Move into the area and cross it with 
    the levitation ball, using shield just before you get shot to protect 
    yourself (you should only have to avoid one shot if you use the 
    levitation ball). Go around behind the building and free the green bag. 
    Get rid of the cobweb blocking the main door and head in and up the 
    stairs. Grab the helicopter helmet and use Clairvoyance to get the 
    point of view of the helicopter. After the small scene, go and pick up 
    the phone and head back across to where you started this section 
    (making sure to get the fake rifle out again). Head towards the 
    telephone poll and another nightmare will suck you under (just use the 
    same strategy as last time). 
    From here, either go back through the sewers and use the other 
    telephone line (near the road worker area) to grab an increase in 
    astral projection layers, the second vault and the yellow tag (the bag 
    itself is in a garage near the graveyard), or, if you don’t care…then 
    don’t go back at all.
    Once he is done, get out the phone and climb up the telephone poll. 
    Jump on one of the lines and skid across to the other side. Make sure 
    you jump over the little electric bolts every time there is a new 
    telephone poll. Equip Invisibility and go up and press triangle next to 
    the door. The door will open once partially, close, and then open a 
    second time (unless you are seen). Hide to the side and then use 
    Invisibility to dart through when it opens fully.
    This would have to be one of the hardest bosses in the game, so you 
    pretty much need to accept that its going to take a few times >_>.
    STAGE ONE – Equip TK. Avoid the cookie boxes she throws at you, and 
    don’t get too close to them, as they will explode. Grab them and throw 
    them at her quickly, watching out for her “Gun-Psy”. Do this twice.
    STAGE TWO – Now she kills the lights, and all you will be able to see 
    is her eyes glowing. Pick up the God’s Eye that you should see glowing 
    in the middle of the stage, then use Clairvoyance to see through her 
    vision. Continue trying to avoid her Gun-Psy attack, and use TK to 
    throw the boxes back at her. Do this two more times and she is 
    Once you’re back in the real world, you can see a neat little bonus 
    movie by getting out Lili’s bracelet and using Clairvoyance. Go through 
    the gate and smash the items out of the way to reveal a path to the 
    right. Continue up it for a cutscene, and then grab the gleaming item 
    to the right for another. Then use the Psycho Portal on her to enter 
    another level.
    After the opening cutscene, grab the tag to the right of stage. Then 
    get another one to the left of the backstage, then go and free that bag 
    using the ladder leading to the fat critic. Go back down, up the ramp 
    to the upper right of the stage and use the cobweb duster to get by. 
    Head up the hallway, using Invisibility to make sure the door doesn’t 
    get slammed on you. Head in and talk to the weeping actress and she 
    will open another door. Head through and smash open the vault, then 
    climb up the box on the left and swing higher. Cross the rope and pick 
    up the candle, then drop down and grab the pink tag and jump across and 
    free the green bag. Then head back out to the main stage, free the pink 
    back in the back corner and climb up the ladder on the left, put the 
    candle in, and use Pyrokinesis to light it.
    After the cutscene, head down and talk to the fat critic. Eventually he 
    will give you a new play. Go give it to the stage director and the new 
    play will run. Afterwards, go onto the stage and enter the flashing 
    doorway to get to a new scene, and then run up the ladder where you 
    placed the candle and hit it to change the mood. Watch the new scene, 
    then jump down (watching out for enemies) and tell Becky to play 
    “Knight of Joy” again. This should result in the knight killing the 
    dragon. You can now use the charred remains of the dragon to jump up 
    and get another script to give to Becky.
    Once the new script plays, changes the mood back to happy and jump on 
    the boat to be taken to a new scene. Grab the new script up the ladder 
    and head through the doorway up the top. Give the new script to Becky 
    and then head through the portal door to the left. Change the mood back 
    to sad and then use the polls in the middle of the stage to swing to 
    the top. Use the megaphone to get Becky to play the final play again to 
    bring the balloon down. Jump in the balloon and up we go!
    Now we are in the catwalks. It’s pretty straightforward; follow the 
    path, swing across the swings, and such. Every now and then the Phantom 
    will drop some things in your direction, but they are easy to dodge so 
    long as you keep moving. Use the curtains to continue along the path; 
    one of them acts as a long ramp taking you down further. Continue, 
    watching out for Censors and grabbing the blue tag along the way. Jump 
    through the gnashing mouths as they open, and jump on the poll to slide 
    down. Continue forward using the curtains, then climb up the wall and 
    look back behind you to get an Astral Projection Layer, free a vault, 
    get the yellow tag and free the yellow bag. Proceed up the path, 
    watching out for the Mega Censors. Use the swing to get through the 
    stomping mouth at the right time. A whole heap of censors will then 
    come out, but a couple of Palm Bombs will make short work of them. Free 
    the blue bag then use the lift to get higher. Get to the end of that 
    part for a short cutscene, then pick up the candle, place it down the 
    path to the left, and use Pyrokinesis to light it and then follow the 
    Phantom through the doorway.
    Run over and grab the candles, then go over to the trumpets and use 
    Psy-Float to ascend. Zigzag around while you do so his blue shots wont 
    hit you. Take out a candle, put it in a slot and use Pyrokinesis to 
    light it. Then quickly jump down and pound him while he is on the 
    ground, watching out for his fire-breathing minions while you do (or 
    killing them first). Repeat these steps twice more using the other 
    magnifying glasses. The main problem is trying to avoid the minions 
    while you punch the fat man. Once you’ve done this three times, he is 
    Once you are back in the real world, grab the claw-like trophy and head 
    into the Asylum Courtyard. After the cutscene, go and talk to the lanky 
    man in the middle of the area, and then use the Psycho Portal to enter 
    a new level.
    Go up and talk to the two people sitting next to a board. After the 
    scene, go grab the yellow tag and then jump onto and into the map in 
    the middle. This whole level acts like a war board game. You can change 
    between two sizes, the larger size you begin as, and the smaller size 
    of the people you can become. To get smaller, simply go up to a house 
    and press triangle. To get larger again, go up to one of the many corks 
    in the ground, hit it out, and Psy-Float up.
    Ok, first of all, run around and pick up the pink tag. Then go to the 
    house next to the enemy soldier, get small and climb up on the roof to 
    get the blue tag. Then go to the house next to the lake with the yellow 
    exclamations above it and press triangle to shrink down to there and 
    knock on the door. Then go to the big, wooden feature to the right, 
    past the cobweb, and free the pink bag. Then hit the cork in the ground 
    next to it and use it to Psy-Float back to your larger size. Then climb 
    up the ladder and talk to Fred, who will give you a letter of sorts. 
    Take it back to the house you went to before to make a soldier come 
    out. Leave him be for now. Head far to the right from that house to the 
    diner. The knight there will ask for snails. Head back to the left, 
    just past the cork, and down the stairs to free the yellow bag, past 
    the cobweb. Then use the cork to get larger. 
    Head over to the forest area just past the enemy soldier and get 
    smaller again. You need to punch out 10 snails while watching out for 
    the Mega Censors. Chase them while on your Psy Ball to make short work 
    of them. Use the nearby cork to get big again and leave the snails for 
    now. Head to the large house straight ahead with yellow exclamation 
    marks and knock on that door. He will tell you that you need to kill 
    the baddies on his roof before he helps. Head back to the house where 
    the soldier came out from and climb onto its roof using the ladder. 
    Jump on the tramp and Psy-Float over on top of the guillotine (tall, 
    wooden tower) by using the steam from the chimney. Use Invisibility to 
    get past the blade then go across the rope. Watch out for Censors and 
    smash your way through into the house, freeing the blue bag. Cross 
    another rope to get onto the Carpenters roof, kill the Mega Censor and 
    free the vault. Then head back down and knock on the door to get the 
    Carpenter out. 
    Go find a cork and get bigger again. Use TK to move the Carpenter over 
    to the broken bridge. With the bridge fixed, go and move the snails 
    over next to the diner to bring the Knight out. Leave him for now. Get 
    big again and move the soldier you brought out earlier next to the 
    enemy solider to defeat him. Another bridge will be destroyed. Go down 
    to the house next to the bridge you just fixed and you’ll be asked for 
    money. Get big again and exit the map via the ladder again. Talk to 
    Fred again and then get the golden coin in the fireplace by using TK. 
    Go back into the map and give the coin to the soldier to make him come 
    Use TK to throw the saltshaker out of the way, and then move the 
    Carpenter over to fix the second bridge, and then move your new soldier 
    across to take out the new enemy. Go over to the house just past the 
    second bridge and knock on the door. This one wants a musket. First, 
    head over to the little stairway bridge over a small body of water. Get 
    the tag behind it and the increase in Astral Projection layers on top 
    of it. Now head over to the left part of the big building near the new 
    enemy soldier. Go past the cobweb and use the beams on the left to 
    swing up and free the purse. Move onto the edge so that you hang off it 
    and edge under the barrier. Then cross on the tightrope, climb up the 
    poll and Psy-Float towards the Censors. Levitate over to the far wall 
    and go through the cobwebbed doorway. Go in and grab the last tag, and 
    set fire to the haystacks until you find the musket. Then burn down the 
    front door and give it to the soldier. Get big and TK him over to the 
    enemy soldier.
    Napoleon will then retreat, moving his moat up. Get small again and use 
    the tightrope next to where the moat was to get to the enemy stronghold 
    island. There are tonnes of Censors, so avoid them unless you have 
    plenty of health. Head around to where the green bag is and free it 
    (should be the last one). Jump up on the ladder and use Levitate to 
    jump onto the middle castle and fall down into the middle. Free the 
    vault and jump onto the wall again on the other side. Jump down and 
    kill the cannon (punch it so it goes into its shell and then set it 
    alight), then jump across to the other one and do likewise. Then use TK 
    to free the moat. Now get big again and go back to the knight you got 
    out earlier. Simply move him onto the enemy base with TK and this level 
    is dust. 
    Climb up to the top of this Asylum area and into the higher doorway 
    along the tightrope. Talk to the person you find in there a couple of 
    times and then give him the old Psycho-Portal treatment. During the 
    opening cutscene, you will be “introduced” to El Odeo, who will be 
    causing you much pain in this level. You’ll find yourself in a small 
    room with a water fountain. Go and talk to the dog and ask him how to 
    get out of the alley. Then go and buy both of the paintings. Put the 
    rose one up against the wall where the yellow arrow is to get a rose 
    for later. Put the archway one up to create an exit. As you will 
    quickly see, El Odeo goes sprinting down the main path around every 
    five seconds, and if you’re in the way you will loose the ground you 
    have made. So best avoid him, eh?
    Wait until he goes past and then make for the alley just to the left. 
    Climb up the vertical rope, and use the roof flaps as trampolines to 
    get to the top. Then jump over to the ledge with the blue figment on 
    the other side of the road. Move onto the next balcony, wait for El 
    Odeo to pass, and jump down to where the alley with the gate is on the 
    left. Press against it, then dash up the road to a similar area on the 
    right. The camera should move around to reveal an area on the other 
    side of the gate with a tag, a bin and a large button. Use TK to throw 
    the bin onto the button, and grab the tag (the bag is back in the first 
    alley). Go over the road, jump onto the fence, and then jump back 
    across onto a balcony for the blue tag. Then go back to the fence you 
    were on and past it. Watch out for the Censor and Demons, then press 
    against the next fence and use TK to hit another button. Go down that 
    alley, over the fence and across the road into another alley with a 
    portal and a card. Jump in.
    This is the first of four similar mini bosses. This guy is cake, just 
    get out your levitate ball and you can run circles around him punching 
    him. Every now and then he will do a tiger attack; just jump high into 
    the air just before he does. Your health is the bar on the left and his 
    is on the right. Get too close to him and he will piledrive you into 
    the ground. Just keep moving on the psi-ball, punching and jumping and 
    he will be down in no time.
    Once he is dust, you will be back in the main area with Edgar. Go give him the 
    card, then grab the purse tag from one of the balconies around the side, and 
    free the purse in this area as well. Head back through the portal and get back 
    to the portal you went through before. Climb up the ladder and edge across 
    using the multi-colour stick. Get in line with the sticks in front and begin to 
    swing, letting go just as the far sticks snap into place and moving quickly 
    along them. Keep swinging along until you see an alley on the left. Go down it, 
    kill the censors and talk to this dog. Buy both the paintings (if you don’t 
    have the money, you’ll need to go scavenging for arrowheads by smashing objects 
    around the place. Head back down the path and across the alley to another card 
    Get onto your Psi-Ball again and run around punching him. His main attack is to 
    yell really loud and cause a shockwave of pain, but it’s easy to jump above it 
    with the Psi-Ball. Once again if you get too close he will piledrive you, so 
    keep moving and try to punch him from behind and he should be easy enough to 
    Go give the new card to Edgar and head back into the portal (make sure it’s the 
    red one). You should reappear next to where you entered to fight dragon. There 
    should be a place to put a painting there. Put the guitar one there and climb 
    up the ladder it creates. Go past the cobweb and hang a right on the other side 
    of the house. Use the polls to swing across like before (don’t El Odeo can 
    still hit you while you are on the bottom one). Get on the top one, wait for 
    him to pass and then jump down and sprint to the open manhole. Head through the 
    right passage covered by a cobweb and punch open the vault. Climb up the ladder 
    and buy the paintings, then head back down and take the path to the left. TK 
    the bin into the button and climb up this ladder. Use Pyro to burn the wood 
    behind you and free the blue bag. Then place the vines painting into the slot, 
    climb up, and swing over to the far platform to grab a vault. Then go back down 
    and climb the ladder you ignored before. Head to the end of that alley, away 
    from the dog, and enter the painting. 
    Jump on the Psi-Ball again and run around punching him like before. His main 
    attack is to jump in the air and smash down on you, but on your ball you can 
    easily avoid this if you keep moving. Get too close and you will be piledrived 
    like before. Just run around on the ball punching him and he will be down 
    before you know it.
    Once he is defeated, give the card to Edgar and go back through the portal. 
    Talk to the new dog, buy both the paintings and climb up the poll at the end of 
    the alley. Head along the ledge then hit a left. Grab the yellow tag and put 
    the window painting in the slot. Head through and grab the Maximum Astral 
    Projection Layer increase. Jump across the road, up the ladder and into the 
    house covered by a cobweb.
    Grab the pink tag just to the right as you enter. Get the cobweb in the 
    fireplace and go down the hidden path behind it to cross a rope and free the 
    pink bag. Head back through the fireplace, down the stairs, and free the yellow 
    bag (should be the last one). Talk to the Matador and he will give you the 
    merit badge for confusion. Go back outside and talk to the dog next to the 
    road. Then hit El Odeo with a Confusion Grenade and tell the dog to go. This 
    will earn you another maximum astral projection layer. Now head down and enter 
    the last painting. 
    Now that you have confusion grenades, simply throw one at him to confuse him 
    and then punch the hell out of him. His main attack is to release a massive 
    amount of confusion gas against you. Get hit by this and your moves with have 
    opposite effects. Just keep throwing confusion at him and punching and he 
    should be short work.
    After that, go give the last card to Edgar. Climb up the cards and through the 
    STAGE ONE - Equip TK and Confusion. Use TK to pick up the spears and throw them 
    at El Odeo when he charges at you. Plant all four into him to finish this 
    STAGE TWO – Now in a cruel twist of fate, you need to protect the very creature 
    you were just attacking. If either you or El Odeo runs out of health, you’ll 
    have to start again. First things first, use TK to get the four spears out of 
    his back. Then throw a confusion grenade at the Matador and plant the spears in 
    him. If you get too close to him he will attack you. If you leave him in a non-
    confused state for too long, Edgar will take damage. Keep him confused as much 
    as possible and plant all four spears into him with TK while he is confused to 
    finish him off.
    Grab Edgar’s painting. You now have the perfect disguise to get past the warden 
    guarding the lift. Get out Gloria’s Trophy, the Straightjacket and the Loboto’s 
    Painting out and go talk the warden to gain access up the lift. 
    Doesn’t this look just a little bit creepy? Hehe…anyway, the only enemy in this 
    area are rats and they are EVERYWHERE. If you let them hit you, they will 
    release a confusion gas over you and cause you pretty significant damage. 
    Either avoid them (difficult) or burn them. Either way, have Pyro and Levitate 
    equipped. Head forward and then up the stairs. Hang a left, then left again and 
    down into the elevator. Climb up the ramp and over the poll and then jump up 
    through the roof in the ceiling where the big rock is. Climb up the next lot of 
    stairs and head through the open door. Jump over the concrete and up to the 
    next level. Go to where the brain is, jump over to the Psi Card and use the 
    swing. Continue up the path, through the door and up the curved stairs. Go left 
    and jump up the hole in the roof.
    Continue up the straight path, burning rats until you get to the green toxic 
    waste. Climb up to the low black and white platform, psi-jump over to where the 
    brain is in the window and then jump up to the higher platform. Climb up the 
    poll here and head along the wooden platform and swing across on the poll. 
    Climb up the grating all the way to the top then use the bed to spring to the 
    next level. Make your way along the platform, jumping across the wide gaps and 
    spring up on another bed. Go to the right-side window and use TK to move the 
    chair out of the way and open the door. Jump up through the hole in the roof of 
    that area then climb up the poll. Jump across to the other platform then slide 
    along the poll there. Climb up the grating and go down the stairs and into the 
    Head up the stairs, using Invisibility to get past the bird and climb up the 
    ladder. After the cutscene, walk over to Loboto to start another cutscene. Pick 
    up the cake and then go down to Loboto again. Get out the cake to make the 
    snail move under the gap, then use TK to lift it out, and take him back up to 
    where Lili and co are. After another cutscene, head back down and use TK again 
    to move the brain into the tank. After another cutscene, use Marksmanship to 
    free Lili.
    From this point you will not be able to go back to the previously visited 
    areas! Don’t worry; the game automatically creates a new save file here.
    STAGE ONE – The tank itself is quite weak. What you need to do is get rid of 
    the layers of protection around it. Equip Pyro and TK, using TK to throw the 
    stationary chunks of concrete into the rotating ones shielding the tank. Once 
    large enough gaps are created, Pyro the wooden shield around the tank and throw 
    another concrete block at it quickly before the shield reforms. Only one 
    portion of the shield will burn at a time. Watch out for falling concrete 
    blocks and make sure not to run into the green toxic waste. Do this three 
    times. Once he is dead you will become just a brain. TK yourself into the tank 
    with Oleander’s brain.
    After the cutscene, head into the caravan. Make your way down the hallway and 
    out the other side. Before you enter the tent, head to the left, jump over the 
    edge and get the Confusion Grenade capacity increase and Hatbox Tag, then jump 
    onto the little roof over the entrance to the tent and get the green tag, 
    freeing the bag itself over to the left. Now head into the tent.
    I’ll warn you now – this part is a real bitch. Most people really hate this 
    part…but hey, a nice challenge is good, right? Still, you’ll be able to do most 
    of it blindfolded by the end. As Cruller explains, you’re going to need to keep 
    little Olly safe from harm as well as yourself. Kill the monster attacking him 
    and go grab the pink tag along the bottom and equip TK. Use TK to hold the 
    bunny until Olly gets to him and he will fly up to a higher part of the stage. 
    Because he is, lets face it, an idiot; he will land where more monsters are 
    coming out. You’re going to need to rush up there and rescue him before he gets 
    killed, or you must start again. Head up the ladder, jump up to the green 
    platform and onto the fat man to spring up to where Olly is. Kill whatever 
    monsters are there, free the yellow bag, and use TK to hold the bunny like 
    Olly will move up again. Use the swing on the far end of the platform to get 
    across to the far polls and swing your way up. Jump past the knife-thrower onto 
    the far platform. Stand in front of the rotating circle and try to get the guy 
    to throw a knife to hit the platform. When it comes around again, use the knife 
    as a poll to grab onto, and swing off onto the upper right platform. It’s 
    pretty hard to get this part right. Try using Levitate to get the knife up nice 
    and high, and move to the side just as the knife is thrown. Kill the monsters 
    and TK the bunny as before.
    Head onto the small meat platforms and jump up them. You’ll get to a knife-
    throwing area like before. Do the same thing and swing up to the upper right 
    platform. Then jump onto the rope, avoiding the knifes getting thrown at you, 
    jump onto the higher rope and move over to where Olly is. Monsters, TK, bunny. 
    Olly now moves over to the final part. Don’t worry; he isn’t going to get 
    attacked where he is. Climb up to the rope above the one you used to get to 
    this platform, move across it and use the swing to get over to Olly. Grab the 
    tag, free the vault and mossy on in.
    Before you enter the tunnel of love, free the pink bag to the far left, the 
    green bag just to the left of the tent entrance. Then head through and jump on 
    the slide poll. Pretty straightforward, just make sure you jump over the gaps 
    on the track and pick up the blue tag on the way down. Free the blue bag at the 
    bottom (last one). Head on in.
    Equip your Psi-Ball and use it to move away from him as he chases you, jumping 
    over his attacks. He has a four-attack sequence. First he will do a horizontal 
    swipe at you with his cleaver. Then he will cut the ground vertically several 
    times very fast. Then he repeats stage one. Then he will smash his cleaver into 
    the ground where it will get jammed. When this happens, run up his arm and 
    punch him in the head. Do this three times and the fight will be over…for now.
    After the cutscene you will be in a large acrobatic area, with water rising 
    fast below you. This part is pretty challenging as well. Race up the ladder, 
    swing across and then use the tramp to jump up and grab a knife on the rotating 
    board. Swing over to the platform and cross the rope, jumping over the flame 
    balls being thrown at you. Jump on the tramp three times to gain the height to 
    get to the upper platform, and swing and Psi-Float over. Climb up the ropes and 
    head across them. At the first part, all the flame balls will be aimed above 
    you, and will only hit you if you jump into them. In the second part its random 
    (first one always seems to be low though), so try and read them. Jump onto the 
    climbable wall and jump and psi-float across to each other piece to make your 
    way up.
    Once you’re at the top, run across the platform and Psi-float up using the 
    bubbles. Move from bubbles to bubbles and watching out for missiles. Swing 
    across when the cleavers have just swung past. Swing onto the rope at the end 
    and jump over the missiles (coming straight at you three in a row). Jump onto 
    the ladder and slide down it (you’ll slide into water if you took too long to 
    get here). Slide to the end for a cutscene. 
    Ok, this works somewhat similar to before. Run away from The Butcher and avoid 
    his attacks. Equip Psi-Ball and TK. Your Dad will be throwing missiles at you 
    from the side all the while. You can see their shadow as they fall, so get near 
    them and use TK to throw one at the Butcher. Hit him and he will go down, then 
    run over and punch him in the head. Do this three times and he is toast. Watch 
    the cutscene and then…
    This is probably the easiest final boss in video game history. Seriously, I 
    don’t know what is up with this, way too easy. Anywho…get onto your Psi-ball 
    and avoid the boss until the little symbol under the boss health fills up with 
    blue. When this happens you will get big and invincible, just run over and 
    pound him down. Do this a few times and he is toast. Yup, that’s it. 
    Congratulations, you just finished this fine game! Sit back and enjoy the final 
    cutscene :D.
    F) – TIPS
    *	Bacon is your friend. If you are ever stuck, always try the bacon for a 
    hint from Cruller. Sometimes he straight-out tells you what to do, and at 
    the very least they point you in the right direction.
    *	Although you certainly don’t need to all the time, make sure you do go 
    back to Cruller’s and trade in your cobwebs and make Challenge Markers 
    every now and then. It may seem like a bit of a hassle, but it can easily 
    double your health.
    *	Also on that note, try to get as many Figments as possible, even if you 
    don’t intend on a 100% completion. More figments mean a higher rank and 
    better skills.
    *	It might not be gameplay-orientated, but there are a tonne of cutscenes 
    and conversations out there to be found that aren’t integral to the 
    storyline. They are often very funny, so don’t rush through the game, 
    take your time and enjoy it.
    G) – FAQ
    Q - I’m trying to get a 100% completion and need to find the figments. Where 
    are they!?
    A – Sorry, but making a complete catalogue of all the figments on top of all 
    this is just too much at the moment. There is a Figment FAQ for the xbox, but 
    posts on the message board have made it clear that some of them are in 
    different places. I might consider doing one for PS2 in the future, but it 
    isn’t a short-term plan. Just look everywhere I guess, and good luck!
    Q – I passed the point of no return and I still need to find psi cards / 
    cobwebs / etc! What do I do!?
    A – Don’t worry, the game makes a save for you automatically when you hit the 
    point of no return. Its clearly marked at the bottom of the save file. Load 
    that and you can go back to all previous areas of the game (use bacon to get 
    back to Cruller then go through the log to get back quickly). 
    Q – Can I ever change it back to daylight once its night?
    A – Nope, sorry, once its daytime it stays that way for good.
    New ones added on 09/07/06:
    Q – I have found eight scavenger hunt items/all scavenger hunt items. But when 
    I talk to Ford he doesn’t say anything about it! What should I do?
    A – This is actually quite a common problem. What you need to do is talk to the 
    Ford in the GPC and Wilderness area. They probably should have made it that you 
    can just talk to any of them…but it will only work if you talk to that one.
    Q – Wow, I found some secret room in Milla’s mind! There are all these 
    nightmare things in it and…wow! Is there anything else that can be done here?
    A – I’m afraid not. This is a very nifty little extra that’s in the game, and 
    really does give you a nice little look into what’s really going on in her 
    mind. I heard once that it was intended to be more at one point, that the 
    nightmares break out and you have to round them up or something. But I have not 
    seen an official statement as such.
    Q – I’ve found all the kids brains, and the kids have all returned to the 
    camp…but I can’t find one of them! What gives?
    A – One of the kids (I can’t recall which), for whatever reason, cannot be 
    found. Maybe it’s a glitch or something, I’m not sure. But if you have been 
    looking for one last kid to find again, you should know that he cannot be 
    First and foremost, a massive hand to Tim Schafer, Double Fine, Majesco and 
    everyone who worked on this game. This game is proof that original, witty and 
    brilliant games can still be made, and its lack of success saddens me greatly. 
    However, this game is picking up quite the cult following. So, in addition, 
    thank you for buying this great game (unless you are playing a pirated version 
    or downloaded it or something, in which case go to hell >_>). Spread the word 
    about this game, because this is a true gem, a work of art in every way, and 
    deserves respect. I would never have taken away all the time to write all this 
    if I wasn’t so over-awed by this game.
    Thanks also go to Mohize, who pointed out a mistake in my Scavenger Hunt list 
    (how ever did that slip through >_>). 
    I) – CONTACT
    Have a question you want me to add to the FAQ? Find something missing or 
    something wrong? Know of a better way to do something? Want to just generally 
    praise or insult me? Then by all means drop me a line at:
    Any and all information sent that gets added into a new version will, of 
    course, be fully accredited and greatly appreciated.
    1.0 (April 19 2006) – Full Walkthrough, Controls, Characters, all brains, all 
    cobwebs, all vaults, all scavenger hunt items. Possibly all Psi-Cards and 
    Markers. Tips and FAQ section included.
    1.01 (May 1 2006) – Fixed a couple of errors, added a FAQ question and new 
    1.10 (July 9 2006) – Fixed a mistake in the Scavenger Hunt list, added the 
    section “Special Thanks”, as well as a few new FAQs. Re-did the formatting of 
    the Psi Cards and Markers area, fixed some general formatting issues in other 
    This file is Copyright (c)2006 Ciaran Friis. All rights reserved.

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