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Weapons Guide by Orkman2k1

Version: 1.12 | Updated: 02/17/2004



                                 (Version 1.12)

                                 By: Orkman2k1


Section 1: Intro/Overview
        1b. Version History
Section 2: The Weapons/Equipment (Overview)
        2b. Weapons (Melee)
        2c. Weapons (Ballistic)
        2d. Weapons (Non-Ballistic)
        2e. Weapons (Explosives)
        2f. Weapons (Other)

Section 3: Legal Stuff, Contact, Credits

Quick tip: Press Ctrl+F and type in the section to quick jump to a section.

Section 1: Intro/Overview

This is my first guide, so cut a newbie some slack if you find something that
is misleading/stupid ;). If you need to contact me about the guide please
e-mail me (See Section 3).

This guide is to tell you about the weapons in Deus Ex: Invisible War (DX:IW
from this point forward). I'm going to teach you how to maximize their
effectiveness based on your character's biomods/techniques; or if you should
ditch it.

The Layout will be extremely simple and easy to follow. I will suggest the most
effective biomods for that section of weapons first. I will also prioritize
them from most important (1) to the least important (the highest number). Then
point out any additional (general) info. When you reach the weapons portion of
the guide you will see the following layout:

(WEAPON'S NAME) (RARITY RATING - Out of 4 stars)



(Suggested weapon mods) <<< only for sections 2c and 2d

Weapons that has "(EXCLUSIVE WEAPON)" next to it means only one of these
weapons exist in the game.

Rarity rating indicates how rare and hard it is to find the weapon. The Rating
is out of 4 stars (*), 1 being common and 4 being rare.

Please remember that I'm suggesting only the biomods that relate to that
weapons category. I'm not going to put in Neural Interface as a priority
because it has nothing to do with shooting someone in the face.

Section 1b: Version History

1-12-04 - Initial Release.
1-22-04 - Fixed typos/grammatical errors, added dis/advantages to
grenades/mines and to BioTox Drone. Added "rarity rating" to weapons. Added
other minor things.
2-9-04 - Revised Legal/Copyrights. Fixed some minor errors.
2-17-04 - Added New "Other" weapon. Updated Explosive Weapons overview.

Section 2. The Weapons/Equipment

Section 2b. Weapons (Melee)


- Enhanced Strength (1)
- Electrostatic Discharge (2)
- Cloak (3)
- Run Silent (4)
- Thermal Masking (5)


Electrostatic discharge will also disable ANY laser beam, simply hit the
emitter on the walls. You will need to get close, so I suggest quicksaving
before you attempt it. Tripping lasers on accident isn't pretty!


If you are obsessed about shanking people with a knife, don't bother using
this. There are better melee weapons that are more effective.

Advantages: Very common throughout the game.
Disadvantages: Low Damage.


A knife that has inflicts regular AND poison damage. Each strike adds up the
poison damage. This can be found in an Emerald Suites Apartment in Seattle
under a pillow (Just make sure to quietly kill the owner). I used a few times
and I dropped it for a Flamethrower in Seattle. It's only a good early game
weapon. Ditch this by the time you get the MagRail lab in Mako Ballistics.

Advantages: Found early in game, good damage, good boltcaster substitute.
Disadvantages: Can still KILL the enemy by a slash before the poison knocks
them out (if you care about that).


Again, like the combat knife; there are better melee weapons in the game. You
will find these in maintenance tunnels/rooms; don't go searching for a crowbar
in someone's apartment. This seems to kill humans faster than a knife, though.

Advantages: Same as the Combat Knife, but slightly stronger.
Disadvantages: You guessed it, same as the combat knife.

BATON (**)-

This is a really good weapon for a number of reasons; first this weapon won't
kill your enemy, so this makes the Health Leech Drone Biomod 2x as effective.
Secondly, if you have the (level 3) Electrostatic Discharge biomod, this will
scramble bots and turn them to your side without damaging them (and possibly
blowing them up); and if you're really feeling gutsy, you can kill Armored
Templars easier with the additional EMP damage; just watch their health so
they dont self-destruct in your face (it WILL kill you). Just shoot them from
afar with a gun when they're almost dead.

Advantages: Non-Lethal, Fast recovery time.
Disadvantages: A bit weak, but worth it.

STUN PROD (***)-

This is another non-lethal weapon, so health leech drones will give you 2x the
health from their bodies. This weapon consumes ammo and it takes a while to
knock them out with it. The Baton is better. You can find this in lockers,
safes, and footchests. Don't look for these in sewers or maintenance tunnels.

Advantages: Non-Lethal, effective at knocking out troops.
Disadvantages: Uses ammo.


If you're a stealth based character, this will be one of your best killers.
Combine it with Enhanced Strength and you will take out most human enemies in
a single strike.

Advantages: Great Damage
Disadvantages: Moderately rare, slower recovery time.


Deus Ex 1 players will know what this weapon is. It is the most powerful melee
weapon in the game, easily slicing and dicing any enemies in its path in a
strike or two. It is located in the "Hong Kong Room" in JC Denton's Sanctuary
in Antarctica. It looks like the Energy Blade and is located on top of a

Advantages: Extreme Damage, kills most things in a blow or two.
Disadvantages: Found near the end of the game where firepower is most needed.


Section 2b. Weapons (Ballistic)


-Vision Enhancement or Spy Drone (1)
-Speed Enhancement (2)

These mods won't increase your damage, but it will provide early detection of
enemies and you'll be able to do some crazy hit-and-run tactics/acrobatics with
Speed Enhancement. Those are HIGHLY SUGGESTED.


-Weapon Mods-

Ammo Scavenger (AMMO) - increases clip size for firearms
EMP Converter (EMP)- adds EMP damage, drains ammo faster
Fragmentary Round (FRAG) - Bullets explode on impact, inflicting addtional
splash damage
Glass Destabilizer (GLASS) - Vaporizes glass silently, won't trip security
glass alarms
Increased Damage (DMG)
Increased Range (RNG)
Refire Rate (ROF) - Increases Rate-of-fire
Silencer (SIL)

The Abbreviations will be used for "Available Weapon Mods".

PISTOL (*) -

Primary Fire - Fires bullet every half second or so.
Secondary Fire - Flashlight.

The pistol is somewhat weak, but it's rapid fire makes up for it. Overall,
this gun sucks, even for stealthy players. Ditch this when you get a

Advantages: Common, fast rate-of-fire
Disadvantages: Weak as hell, Flashlight is detected by enemies (possibly an
advantage if you are trying to lure/distract them).

Available Weapon Mods: ALL

Suggested Weapon Mod Config:
Silencer & Increased Damage.
Refire Rate & Increased Damage.


Primary Fire - Same as Pistol
Secondary Fire - Infrared Flashlight that only YOU can see.

Found off a dead Omar body in a sewer in the Lower Seattle section of the
Inclinator. Watch out for Karkians. The only plus to this gun is the infrared
flashlight it has; the light won't alert enemies. This isn't worth getting
unless you are a pistol freak. The additional loot around the body is nice

Advantages: Same as pistol, Infrared Flashlight is undetectable by enemies.
Disadvantages: Weak as hell

Available Weapon Mods: ALL

Suggested Weapon Mod Config:
Same as pistol


This is found in the Omar Shop in Trier. It has better stopping power and is
equipped with a scope; and by that time you better have a sniper rifle - which
basically makes this pistol another useless gun in terms of stopping power;
however, it does use less ammo.

Advantages: Better stopping power than the RGH and Pistol, has scope.
Disadvantages: Mid-to-Late game weapon, stronger weapons are commonly available
by that time.

Available Weapon Mods: ALL

Suggested Weapon Mod Config:

Silencer & Increased Range
Silencer & Increased Damage
BOLTCASTER (* 1/2) -

Primary Fire - Fires Poison Dart about every second
Secondary Fire - Scope

The Boltcaster is the only weapon I kept the entire game due to its sheer
stopping power. In the right hands, this will wipe out anything but Bots and
those annoying Armored Templars in a couple shots. Coupled with good sniping
skills, you can knock out enemies from long range. MAKE SURE YOU LEAD YOUR SHOT
IF YOU SNIPE THEM! The dart won't hit the victim instantly like a pistol or
SMG. Get two of these; one for close range kills and one to snipe. DON'T USE
THIS IN A FIREFIGHT! The Boltcaster is intended for hit and run tactics, not
gun-ho, guns blazing firefights. Also, the Increased Damage weapon mod seems to
only increase the bolt's initial damage (which is weak as hell), not the poison
damage. On a sidenote: if you shoot an unconscious body, you kill them.

Advantages: Great stopping power, very stealthy if fitted with a silencer.
Disadvantages: Slow rate-of-fire, takes two shots to kill most enemies, uses
more ammo.

Available Weapon Mods: ALL

Suggested Weapon Mod Config:
Glass Destabilizer & Silencer (The best glass-breaking weapon)
Ammo Scavenger & Silencer (The best killing machine)


Primary Fire/Secondary Fire - Same as Boltcaster

This is the only weapon that has a 5 star rarity rating, because it is
EXTREMELY HARD to get (to). In Nassif's Greenhouse in Cairo, go up to the
control room area and walk onto the balcony. Look to your right, there will be
a ledge with a vent. At the end of the vent is a room with the Hellfire
Boltcaster. The Boltcaster itself is quite fun to use; instead of firing poison
darts, this fires Incendiary Bolts that ignites the victim in flames, and the
flames never die out, unlike poison! However, you still need to shoot them
twice to catch them on fire. On top of that, you still have the secondary fire
scope! Snipe them with flaming darts! MUHAHA!

Advantages: Same as Boltcaster
Disadvantages: Same as Boltcaster, uses more ammo though.

Available Weapon Mods: ALL

Suggested Weapon Mod Config:
Ammo Scavenger & Silencer
Ammo Scavenger & Glass Destabilizer

SMG (* 1/2)-

Primary Fire - Rapid Fire
Secondary Fire - Flashbomb Grenade

If you're a gun-ho, guns blazing badass then the SMG is your gun. Just point
the crosshairs at their neck and fire in small bursts, the initial recoil will
spray their chest and head. The Secondary fire features a Flashbomb Grenade
Launcher, for the cost of about a third of an ammo clip. Great for controlling
mobs of bad-guys. Beware though, bots, Illuminatis and those damn Armored
Templars are immune to flashbombs.

Advantages: OK stopping power, great all-purpose weapon.
Disadvantages: Ammo hog, noisy, somewhat short range.

Available Weapon Mods: AMMO, EMP, FRAG, GLASS, DMG, SIL

Suggested Weapon Mod Config:

Fragmentary Round & Increased Damage (EXCELLENT CONFIG)
Ammo Scavenger & EMP Converter (Excellent bot-killer)


Primary Fire - Rapid Fire
Secondary Fire - Spiderbomb (w00t!)

This is the SMG's bigger brother. This gun is found on your second trip to
Cairo in the Nanoformer hallway, look for a hole in the wall by the electrical
panel to find it. This gun is a more accurate and low-recoil version of the
SMG; however, its secondary fire fires a spiderbomb (in primary fire mode).
Excellent for sneak-attacks and distraction while you riddle them full of lead.
The spiderbomb uses an entire clip of ammo (and up to a clip and 1/4 in
Realistic difficulty!) so use it sparingly or you'll find yourself out of ammo.
Make sure to slap on a Ammo Scavenger ASAP if you plan on using this gun.

Advantages: Excellent stopping power combined with secondary-fire.
Disadvantages: Secondary-fire sucks up ammo, found late in game.

Available Weapon Mods: Same as SMG

Suggested Weapon Mod Config:

Fragmentary Round & Ammo Scavenger
Ammo Scavenger & Increased Damage

SHOTGUN (**) -

Primary Fire - Shotgun Blast
Secondary Fire - Smoke Grenade

The Shotgun is extremely lethal if you use it right; and there's only 2 ways
you can use it right, and that is to turn on speed enhancement (if you have it)
and blow their head (or chest) off at an extremely close range. It doesn't have
to be melee close, but at least a door's distance in terms of range; OR if you
face 2 or 3 enemies in a small bundle, you can use Secondary-Fire that launches
a Smoke Grenade which is just like a flashbomb (make sure they're in the smoke
cloud) then spray the cloud with an SMG or flame it with a flamethrower. This
has a terrible rate of fire, so try to kill the enemy in the first shot,
because you might not have time for a second (The suggested mod config will
help you out immensely). On a sidenote, the shotgun will blast through wood
doors, so don't waste multitools on them. If you have a variety of modded
shotguns, you can deal out the damage if you like switching guns a lot. I
played a game using a Baton and 6 Shotguns for weapons and it worked decently.

Advantages: GREAT stopping power, makeshift doorbuster for some door types,
good for mob control.
Disadvantages: MORBID Rate of fire, MORBID Range, uses moderate amounts of ammo.

Available Weapon Mods: ALL but the Silencer

Suggested Weapon Mod Config:

Refire Rate + Fragmentary Round (each slug pellet explodes on contact, dealing
extreme damage to anything that gets hit)
Fragmentary Round + EMP Converter (Good close range bot-killer)
Refire Rate + Ammo Scavenger (recommended if you're playing Hard or Realistic
with Shotguns)


Primary Fire - Single Shot
Secondary Fire - Scope

Ah, my favorite weapon of all. Don't use primary fire, it does less damage that
way. Always fire using the scope; headshots will kill most humans instantly,
Armored Templars take 2-3 headshots and 1-2 if you can pinpoint their weakpoint
(which is hard as hell). This is useless against bots and in close to medium
range firefights. REMEMBER! This rifle isn't equipped with a silencer when you
pick it up (!), and it sucks up ammo like you wouldn't believe. (Realistic gets
about 2 shots per clip)

Advantages: Great Range, Great Power, Great Gun.
Disadvantages: Slow Rate-of-Fire, Ammo Hog, is NOT equipped with a Silencer!

Available Weapon Mods: ALL

Suggested Weaoon Mod Config:

Silencer & Refire Rate
Silencer & Increased Damage (if you decide to snipe Armored Templars)


Section 2d. Weapons (Non-Ballistic)


Same as Ballistics


The Flamethrower and Rocket Launcher will deal the same amount of damage dealt
to any part of the body (A napalm burst shot from the Flamethrower at someone's
foot will do the same damage as a headshot)


Primary Fire: Short Range flame burst
Secondary Fire: Napalm Launcher

Ah yes, another fun weapon in DX:IW (or in any other FPS game). In primary
fire, this spews an extremely short range column of flame, igniting anything
flammable in its path. There's a few do's and don'ts for using a flamethrower,
generally you:

DO use this when you're in an open area with a close mob of enemies.
DO use this for ambushes.
DO use hit and run tactics if you use secondary fire.
DON'T use this in restricted areas (rooms, offices, etc)
DON'T use this as a primary weapon, or you'll find yourself out of ammo very
DON'T use this in room where there's explosives, gas barrels, etc.
DON'T use this to attack Omar, Armored Templars, or Bots.
DON'T use this on individual units unless you want a quick laugh or something.

Use this for crowd-control or for the (sick) humor of them screaming, "WATER!
WATER!", "AAAAH!! I'm on *FIRE*!", or the Geek-Like remark from Illuminatis,
"It seems that I'm on fire..." Secondary-fire is good for hit and run tactics,
it fires a glob of napalm that ignites humans in a few seconds; try using that
when theres a crowd conversing with each other how their job sucks. Just fire
it at someone and when they catch on fire, the others usually do too.
and firepower (no pun intended).

Advantages: Good stopping power, fire never goes out until they die.
Disadvantages: Sucks up Ammo like no other, can kill yourself with the flame or
by blowing up an explosive/gas crate.

Available Weapon Mods: AMMO, DMG

Suggested Weapon Mod config: hmmm maybe Ammo Scavenger + Increased Damage?

MAG RAIL (***1/2)-

Primary Fire - Anti-Personnel Energy Beam
Secondary Fire - EMP Beam that shoots through walls(!)

The earliest you get the Mag Rail is if you spare the scientist at Mako
Ballstics (strongly suggested since the Order sucks). The Mag Rail can kill
most organics in 2 hits using primary fire, however it has a refire rate as bad
as the shotgun. This gun shines when you have level 3 vision enhancement, when
you can see ANYTHING (including cameras, bots, and turrets) behind walls;
that's when you whip out this hulk and use secondary fire to shoot the bots,
cameras, turrets BEHIND WALLS/COVER! See a pesky bot just ahead? Blast it with
a few EMP beams from a safe location! Also, this gun is EXTREMELY effective at
killing those Armored Templars you encounter near the end of the game. See one
of those pesky S.O.B's hiding behind a some cover? Hide behind a
cliff/wall/building and blast them in the upper back until they die; make sure
you're somewhat far from them, so they don't blow up in your face, or worse,
get burned up by a flamethrower or blasted with rockets. Want to have a really
devious plan for wiping out these suckers? Kill them near key places such as
turret/camera rooms or near their fellow comrades-in-arms and blow them up with
the Armored Templar's Self Destruct! Make sure you have vision enhancement
though or it will be a pain to kill them that way (or anything else). Man, I
hate Armored Templars...! If you don't have Level 3 Vision Enhancement, I don't
suggest picking up this gun.

Advantages: Great Damage, EMP Beam fires through obstacles.
Disadvantages: High ammo consumption, HORRIBLE rate-of-fire.

Available Weapon Mods: AMMO, GLASS, DMG, RNG, ROF, SIL

Suggested Weapon Mods:

Ammo Scavenger + Increased Damage
Increased Damage + Refire Rate
Increased Damage + Silencer (for Armored Templar killing)


Primary Fire: Fires unguided rocket
Secondary Fire: Fires User-Guided Rocket

What game is complete without a (lame) rocket launcher? This Rocket Launcher
was an extreme disappointment for me; I wanted something similar to the GEP Gun
in Deus Ex 1, which basically did the same thing, but had a lock-on homing
rocket (and you had to hold the crosshairs on the target for a few seconds to
get a confirmed lock, and it actually took some skill and strategy using it)
instead of a 100% lame user-guided one. If you're cheap, lame and un-talented,
then this gun is for you, and is only dropped by Armored Templars and some key
characters. Primary fire shoots an unguided rocket, good for blowing doors and
lockers up. Secondary fire reeks of cheapness, it fires a User-Guided rocket
similar to the NIKITA rockets in Metal Gear Solid (1), but unlike the NIKITA,
this has an unlimited supply of fuel. This essentially makes the Sniper Rifle
useless, because it takes the same amount of ammo per clip, and you can guide
the rockets clear across the map, if the map permits. It makes the Mag Rail
useless because then you can blow cameras and turrets up (who cares if you
sound the alarm at that point? Everyone's dead probably.), and you can wipe out
Armored Templars with the same effect as the Mag Rail EMP beam. This gun just
reeks.  Wanna be even more cheap? Fire decoy rockets into a field or open space
to get all the guards to rush there, then fire another one to wipe most of them
out. The ONLY good thing that the rocket launcher was good for was for the
end-game when I had to kill some...key character(s), and I'll be damned if I
give away the endings to you.

Advantages: Kills anything with 1-4 shots
Disadvantages: Uses lots of ammo, sitting duck when you are in secondary mode
(and I hope you get shot up in that timeframe for resorting to such cheap

Section 2e. Weapons (Explosives)


-Run Silent(2)
-Vision Enhancement(3)

If you can manage beating the game using grenades/mines, congrats, because it's
quite a feat to pull off.

Grenades can be mines! Just drop a grenade in a hallway and lure some guys out
to it and shoot it. Boom!

This does have an ugly flipside though, if you decide to use it to blow up a
locker or chest, it might have some grenades in there, and you'll blow them up!
Also, due to a physics glitch, the "force" of the blast can drive items like
ammo clips and such beneath the floor! If you do blow them up, keep the
explosive far from the crate itself, so only the outer edge of the explosion
will blow up the door and not the entire contents.

UPDATE: Explosives will blow up weapon mods!

All grenades have the same primary and secondary-fire options;

Primary Fire: Toss grenade with a 5 second timer
Secondary Fire: Toss grenade and explodes on contact

Also, Mines have the same primary and secondary-fire options as well:

Primary Fire: Place mine with Proximity Fuse
Secondary-Fire: Place mine with 10 second fuse.


A common grenade that explodes and kills stuff. Best used when you approach a
room that is full of enemies; just bank or toss the grenade in the room. Make
sure it lands at their feet though or you wasted a perfectly good grenade.
Chucking these down hatches and down stairwells is a good-habit to get into,
Make sure theres bad-guys down there though. These grenades are noisy, powerful
and blast open locked doors. Don't kill yourself with these either.

Advantages: Common, Powerful, Blows up anything.
Disadvantages: High Collateral Damage.


Same as the concussion grenade, but is placed on walls and floors to be
triggered by ENEMY movement (you can't blow yourself up by walking near it), by
timer, or by simply shooting it. They are good for blowing up doors or lockers.

Advantages: Same as its grenade counterpart, Good Ambush for enemies.
Disadvantages: Somewhat rare.

FLASHBOMB (*1/2) -

A grenade that produces a blinding flash of light, stunning the enemy so you
can bludgeon them to death with a crowbar, or any other melee weapon (or you
can shoot them, but that's stupid). The stun effect lasts about 5 seconds.
Don't try flashing bots or Armored Templars. If you have a SMG and don't care
about using the SMG Flashbombs, don't bother picking these up. They are a good
alternative for them though. IMO, pick them up and drop them if you find
something better.

Advantages: Immobilizes mobs and transgenics (grays, karkians, greasels)
Disadvantages: Ineffective against bots, Armored Templars, and Omar.


These grenades are quite common and you can buy them off Omar and bums from
time to time. Until you get a Mag Rail, horde these to disable any
electronics/bots instantly. Use the "Grenade as Mines" tip if you want to
ambush bots in an interesting way. Be careful though, the EMP blast can drain
your bioenergy if you get too close.

Advantages: Instant bot/electronic killer.
Disadvantages: Saps your BioEnergy if you get caught in blast, useless against
anything but bots/electronics.


Same as the EMP grenade, but is placed on walls and floors to be triggered by
ENEMY movement (you can't blow yourself up by walking near it), by timer, or by
simply shooting it. EMP Grenades are better IMO.

Advantages: Instant bot/electronic killer.
Disadvantages: Saps your BioEnergy if you get caught in blast, useless against
anything but bots/electronics, hard to use as a prox mine.


These are rare finds. These grenades emit a toxic gas that knocks-out anyone in
the cloud, and those clouds last for about 10 seconds(?). It does take a while
for the toxins to kill the enemy though, sometimes they can run out of the
cloud and cap you. Pick them up if you have room, they can prove useful.

Advantages: GREAT anti-mob weapon, Non-Lethal, Quiet.
Disadvantages: RARE! Can gas yourself (but if you're that stupid to stay in the
gas, then you deserved it)


In the entire game, I have only found THREE of these grenades. All they do is
make noise to distract/lure enemies . Fortunately, they were placed in key
locations where you could distract a mob of enemies in the near future. When
you find one, PICK IT UP! It WILL help you out when you do find that huge mob
of enemies. If you find more than 3, please email me where you got all of them.

Advantages: Distracts enemies.
Disadvantages: EXTREMELY RARE! Harmless.


These grenades are awesome! They are common, powerful, and unique. You can find
these off most SSC and WTO Guards, on the ground, and in lockers/chests. When
tossed, a spiderbot pops out and zaps anything bad. They are just like the
spiderbots you encounter in vents and tunnels. Spiderbots inflict EMP damage
and explode when they die. The downside is that the bots themself are very
weak, so they die quite easily to a few SMG hits. If you don't want to get your
hands dirty by killing them yourself, chuck at least 2 per guard and 3-5 for a
bot. You can use these to distract and occupy an enemy so you can kill them
withouth them shooting back. One more important thing too, these things rock
against greasels and grays, as greasels can't kill them with their toxic spit
and the gray's radiation. ALWAYS keep these and never run out, they make great

RobTheSlob SAYS:

"Hey you can use bot domination on your own spiderbots and control them
yourself. Great Guide by a starter BTW."

He is right! It's VERY effective, you can take out most enemies with a couple
headshots. Thanks for the feedback too. ;)

Advantages: Common, Anti-Transgenic weapon, inflicts additional EMP Damage
Disadvantages: Bot is weak and takes a while to kill.

These grenades are for anti-bot purposes only. If a bot is caught in its
explosive radius, it is scrambled to fight on your side for about 30 seconds. I
don't use these a lot, as Bot Domination and level 3 Electrostatic Discharge
has the same effects and is a lot better overall. They are usually found in
locked safes and chests; and sometimes sold by Omar Traders.

Advantages: Anti-Bot. Bots fight on your side.
Disadvantages: "Scrambling" wears off, bot can shoot you afterwards. Only
effective against bots. Rare.

Same as the scrambler grenade, but is placed on walls and floors to be
triggered by ENEMY movement (you can't blow yourself up by walking near it), by
timer, or by simply shooting it. Very rare and not worth picking up.

Advantages: Anti-Bot. Bots fight on your side.
Disadvantages: "Scrambling" wears off, bot can shoot you afterwards. Only
effective against bots. VERY RARE.


Section 2e. Weapons (Other)

These weapons are for the most part harmless, but are "weapons"


Their only purpose is to light up rooms and possibly to distract. Useless.

Advantages: None really...
Disadvantages: HARMLESS!


These are amusing if you use them on enemies. It is essentially a smoke grenade
that puts out fires as well (imagine that!). They have 3 "Rounds" and are found
in maintenance areas and in hangars, and in some buildings. If you need to use
these as a last ditch, I pity you.

Advantages: Same effect as a Shotgun Smoke Grenade.
Disadvantages: Need to get at point blank range to someone.


This drone will attack enemies with Boltcaster bolts. It's a bit weaker, but
saves ammo. Use this on hard and realistic difficulty when ammo capacity is
reduced. Good biomod, but I prefer bot domination in the long run.

Advantages: Same as boltcaster, attacks when you attack, good weapon substitute.
Disadvantages: Bolts are weak, uses a lot of BioEnergy in firefights, useless
against toxin immune enemies.

BARRELS, CHAIRS, ETC. (*) -- Credits to mystic_fibrosis for this tip

After some testing; throwing these items at enemies will cause very light (if
any) damage if you dont have Enhanced Strength. On the other hand, if you do
have Enhanced Strength, this will cause about the same damage a pistol shot.

Section 3: Legal, Contact Info, Credits


By reading/viewing this page means that you agree(d) with the following:

1. You will not duplicate or edit this guide in any way, shape, or form on any
medium of communication, including, but not limited to Websites, Books, Etc.
2. You will not sell this guide for your own personal gain.
3. That you understand that this is MY original work/opinion and that I deserve
full credit.
4. That you understand that ALL of this guide is copyrighted (2004) by
Orkman2k1 (Jason Bauman)
5. That you understand the only authorized website(s) to use this guide are the

These views/opinions are freely expressed by Orkman2k1 (Jason Bauman) and is
not responsible *ANY* damages applied to you (the reader), or any other enity
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As of 2-9-04, *NO ONE* is allowed to post this guide except for the 3 websites
NO/IGNORE YOU. For all the legit people out there that want this guide, blame
lame-ass spammers asking for permission.



E-Mail/MSN Messenger: Orkman_2100@hotmail.com
AOL Instant Messenger: NotAhCommie

If you wish to contribute to this guide, please title the subject line "Deus
Ex", so I can promptly read it, also GIVE ME THE NAME YOU WANT ME TO PUT ON
HERE FOR CREDITS. You can also contact me via AOL Instant Messenger, but please
say you're contributing or I will ignore you. Tips, guides, etc are all
welcome; make sure they are ORIGINAL and YOUR OWN OPINION. If you ripped it off
some site or something, don't bother sending that crap to me.

If you need help with anything else in DX:IW, I will help you out as best as I
can. :)


Myself for making this guide.
GameFAQ's for distrubuting this guide.
RobTheSlob for that Spiderbot Domination Trick.
mystic_fibrosis for pointing out chairs/barrels/etc as weapons.
My kickass pc that handles DX:IW with no problems.

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