Additional MusicJoe Lyford
Associate ProducerMike Kruse
Character Artists/AnimatorsJose Amparan
Character Artists/AnimatorsDave Hanson
Character Artists/AnimatorsTakeshi Hasegawa
Character Artists/AnimatorsKelly Perkins
Character Artists/Animators LeadPaul Metcalfe
CinematicsSantosh Kale
CinematicsDavid Peng
Cinematics Art DirectorMichael Kennedy
Game DesignersJustin Hendry
Game DesignersTodd Papy
Game Software EngineersJosh Criz
Game Software EngineersJohn Geraci
Game Software EngineersScott Reeser
Game Software EngineersSun-Inn Shih
Game Software EngineersJoe Straitiff
Lead Game DesignerMark Simon
Lead ProgrammerEd Logg
Level ArtistsGiovanni Erazo
Level ArtistsJose Erazo
Level ArtistsGreg Holt
Level ArtistsHyung Kim
Level ArtistsDon Livingston
Level ArtistsRachel Nador
Level ArtistsGustavo Rasche
Level ArtistsChris Sturgill
Level Artists LeadStig Asmussen
Midway Sound Library and O/S EngineSean Gugler
Midway Sound Library and O/S EngineDavid Shepperd
Music & SoundMichael Henry
Pile of Triangles Render EngineRobert Birmingham
Pile of Triangles Render EngineBob Flanaga
Pile of Triangles Render EngineMichael Mortimer
Pile of Triangles Render EngineDavid O'Riva
Pile of Triangles Render EngineDavid Richardson
Senior Staff Art DirectorSteve Caterson
Special Effects and Boss moviesTakeshi Hasegawa
Special Effects and Boss moviesHyung Kim
Special Effects and Boss moviesDon Livingston
Voice of ALWally Fields
Voice of BurnitallWally Fields
Voice of CarlaLani Minella
Voice of DadWally Fields
Voice of Dr. MutoWally Fields
Voice of MomLani Minella
Voice of SteeleSean Gugler
Voice of VinnyWally Fields


Data and credits for this game contributed by Mookiethebold, KFHEWUI, and LordAndrew.

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