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Hunter FAQ by Wong Yeang Chiong

Version: 18.0 | Updated: 10/01/03

             P     H     A     N     T     A     S     Y
                         S     T     A     R
                   O     N     L     I     N     E

                E     P     I     S     O     D     E
                      I           &          II
       (Part 1: Different types of hunters)
       (Part 2: Explaination of the various hunter types)
       (Part 3: MAG/s one should raise)
                          I. INTRODUCTION
Woosh! I'm never tired of writing guide, just that, sometimes, I
don't know what to write and end up making a mess out of anything
I plan to write or have written. First, I'd like to thank
Jane Rosengarten, my sister, she's in Hawaii right now, gave me the
support that I needed to write my guide. I dedicate this guide to
everyone in Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II message board. Yo!

If there are any errors or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail
me at:


Second, any contributors will be given proper credit for their
suggestions and/or advice. Even if a minor suggestion is made.
Lastly, enjoy reading my guide, make yourself comfortable, with
a cup of coffee or something. Enjoy!
                          I. INTRODUCTION (UPLOADS)
                            II. UPDATES
1.0 - Wormaster sent me the guide on how to fight Darkfalz's 3rd form
      so I'm putting it here. And update my character's latest stats.
      And additional tips on fighting certain enemies.

2.0  - I have corrected some of the spelling errors. And add
       informations for various monsters. And edit some of the Mag's
       Max Stats.

3.0  - Qwert Yuiop mailed me about another tactic against Dark Gunner
       and fighting the Third form of Darkfalz. So I'm gonna update it.
       And I added abit more information under the FAQ section.

4.0  - Sorry guys (and gals)! I forgot to update Qwert Yuiop's tactic
       for fighting Dark Gunner, ack! I'm so sorry. And also I made
       a mistake for Vol Opt, and the Dragon Boss. So I'm correcting
       the errors. I also added some extra minor information for
       the other sections of my guide. And since I don't really
       check my other e-mail account, I deleted it from my guide.

5.0  - Scott detected some errors in my guide so I'm updating and
       making the nessesary changes. Thank you Scott.

6.0  - Sorry. I didn't noticed SinowBeat's cloning. It was until Joey
       who mailed me about it. Thanks Joey!

7.0  - Just made a mistake and some errors. Corrected them and added
       a few information. And also the requirements for Musashi.

8.0  - Yoshi_King226 gave me some information regarding the Ultimate
       mode and some of the enemies you'll face. As well as some tips
       for defeating them. Thank you Yoshi_King. And also, I added
       some stuff on the Q&A section.

9.0  - Blue given me some information about the GBA Cable and the
       Chao mini-game. Thank you Blue. And...ermmm...Mephisto, for
       telling me about the maximum grinder that can be used for the
       Musashi is 40. Not 60. Thank you Mike (Mephisto).

10.0 - IGN has selected my FAQ to be hosted there. I thank them. And
       GameFAQS for it too. Thank you IGN and GameFAQS. I made a
       mistake with the Techless Humar. I'd also like to thank three
       other person. Jessie and RubberDucky for their support. And
       Hunter Killer for the mistake I made with the Techless Humar's
       MAG stats and for additional advice for Vol Opt.

11.0 - //\//\attysimons gave a whole lot of information about a rare
       Tails Chao. Its on the Q&A section of the guide. Thank you
       Matt Simmons.

12.0 - Oh. Cheats.de's Daniel e-mailed me and asked if he could host
       my guide. I accepted and uploaded their names and the right for
       them to host my guide there. Thank you Cheats.de. I also
       updated my character's status. Seems like my Techless HUmar
       is no more. I made a HUcast instead. Oh yes, did I mention that
       Cheats.de is Germany's Largest Cheat-Community?

13.0 - Some of the guys at GameFAQS helped me out with a little bit
       of information regarding Androids being Paralyzed and Shocked.
       It is under the Q&A section of this guide.

14.0 - Nate gave me some information regarding Ob Lilly in the
       Ultimate mode. Will update it on the monster section of this
       guide. Thanks Nate!

15.0 - I got some information regarding Materials. Thanks to
       KnightsRage for providing me the information. I'll update the
       information under the Q&A section of this guide.

16.0 - Thanks to Dakuu and Rokuhatu for the information regarding
       my mistake I made for the Musashi. Thanks to the both of them.
       I corrected the errors. Musashi is found on the Q&A section
       of this guide. The mistake I made is regarding the required

17.0 - There's a female gamer named Omayra who mailed me and asked
       about how HUcast and HUcaseal restore their trap because after
       using it a certain amount of time. You need to restore before
       you can use again. So I'll put them under the "Different types
       of hunters section". And one more question regarding the traps
       is found under the Q&A section of this guide.

18.0 - Had a few informations about how to beat Dark Gunner and Death
       Gunner, the differences between them. As well as new tactics
       of beating Pan Arms.
                         III. BASIC CONTROLS
Sure, you've played the Dream Cast version, but now its the GameCube
version. So the control has got to change. Even if you don't like it.
So listen up, soldier...errr...hunter. The menu has everything you
need to check on your status, your items, your meseta (money) and
your MAG, which I will explain later on what it is and what it does.

R is like an 'Alternate Key/Button', it gives you the alternate
function of the key.

Z and Start button remains the same whether or not you're holding
onto R.

Z/Start - Menu

Not holding R:
A - Attack
X - Heavy Attack
B - Monomate
Y - Chat

While holding R:
A - Empty
X - Empty
B - Empty
Y - Use Menu

The + control pad and the C Stick are use to select the
various options in the menu. You can't use the control stick to
select the options. So while fighting, you can run around and
use item at the same time.

The Use Menu enables you to 'Quick Use' the item and also enable you
to switch your weapon and such as such. Rather important later in
the game when you learn how to switch weapons for certain bosses.

While holding onto R, you'll notice that A, X and B are empty. But
you can actually edit them. So later in the game, when you reached
maybe Hard or Very Hard, or even Ultimate Mode, you'll want your
B button to be Dimate, or even Trimate. So you can use the
Customize option under the menu. Customizing the keys can also be
used even if you're not holding onto R.
              IIII. HUNTERS (Part 1: Different types of Hunters)
There are many types of Hunters, HUmar, HUnewearl, HUcast and the
newest HUcaseal which was not in Episode I in the DreamCast. Using a
100% scale, this is how I would personally 'rate' them.

ATK - Attack
DEF - Defense
HP  - Hit Points
TP  - Tech Points
ACC - Accuracy
EVA - Evade/Repel/Parry

ATK - 20%
DEF - 20%
HP  - 20%
TP  - 10%
AC  - 15%
EVA - 15%

Comments: He's like your average Man. Some sort of Jack of all Trades.
          Spells are pretty much alright, he's like an All-Rounder.
          Average stats make him a good companion during multi-player.

ATK - 10%
DEF - 10%
HP  - 10%
TP  - 30%
ACC - 20%
EVA - 20%

Comments: Nei from the previous Phantasy Star series. Don't worry. She
          may look weak with her ATK and/or her HP, but she's
          extremely quick with claws and/or daggers, making her deadly
          and with extra TP, casting spells are extremely useful.
          Sure, she makes a good 'Back-up' during multi-player.

ATK - 25%
DEF - 25%
HP  - 25%
TP  - 0%
ACC - 15%
EVA - 10%

Comments: Like Zidd said, this android is built for battle. Though
          he's referring to Kireek, your guild hunter quest companion.
          Sure, you don't need spells. Cause you have traps. You
          can't seems to use anti-dote, can you? Don't worry, an
          android doesn't seems to be affected by any spells or
          traps. You won't get poisoned or paralysised. All you
          need are lots of Monomates, Dimates and/or Trimates to
          keep you going.

ATK - 20%
DEF - 20%
HP  - 20%
TP  - 0%
ACC - 20%
EVA - 20%

Comments: Hoho! Another android, she does looks like a Ninja,
          doesn't she? Sure, she's agile like one too. High Evade,
          Accuracy makes a great fighter. Again, doesn't get
          affected by spells or such.

Quick Note for Androids: Though you can't get poison or such, you
                         will still be frozen if you're caught
                         in a Freeze Trap.

Quick Note for Androids 2: You start with the ability to set 2
                           different type of traps. They are Damage,
                           Freeze, Confuse. There's one more but only
                           usable on the Battle Mode.

Androids Trap information: For every 11 levels, your ability to set
                           Damage trap increase by one.
                           For every 7 levels, your ability to set
                           Freeze and Confuse trap increase by one.
   IIII. HUNTERS (Part 2: Explaination of the various hunter types)
Well, actually, there is no best type of hunters. Just what your
playing styles are like. Here are a few examples of Hunters that I
encountered, created or seen or heard before.

Average Hunter:
Just average stats, able to get your through the game and doesn't
have anything really special about it.

Comments: Start with a HUmar if you want this...this is an average
          hunter type. But you can eventually raise its stats
          with materials you can find.

Techless Hunter:
A hunter that doesn't use Tech, if you're one, you should use an
android, a HUcast or a HUcaseal. But if your style of playing is a
Techless HUmar, all I can say is GOOD LUCK, you'll have a hard time.

Comments: This was one of my creations, he's cool. I'm playing as
          a Techless HUmar, using quite alot of Monomates and Sol
          Atomizers. But he's quite a challenge.

POW Hunter:
No, he's not a Prisoner of War. But instead, a Power Hunter. I'd
recommend those that want a POW Hunter to use a HUcast. HUcast
starts with the highest attack power and high hit points. Making
him rather powerful and deadly.

Comments: If you're looking for a Power House, try this. As for
          your mag, I'll get to that later on. But just
          watch out for traps. Especially the Damage and the Freeze

DEF Hunter:
You're a walking tank, a wall, so hard you only take a few damage.
You can take hits hard. Hits so hard they'd make a FOmar K.O
instantly. Another strong Hunter Type. I'd recommend using
HUcast or a HUcaseal if you're looking for this hunter type.

Comments: Taking hits can be quite useful later in the game, as
          Hard, Very Hard and Ultimate mode monsters can really
          be a pain in your ass. Really painful damage. So you'll
          find yourself telepiping back and fore and spending
          cash on mates. Do give this hunter type a try if you
          don't want to telepipe all over the place or spend
          lots of meseta on mates.

DEX Hunter:
You can hit everytime, but worry not. Your damage may not be high,
but at least you can hit 90% of the time, or even 99.9%. An
Ultimate DEX Mag would be a great addition. Also, a Mag with
MAX Synchro would be another great addition.

Comments: If you're looking for this type of hunter. Start with a
          HUcaseal. High Evade and high Dexerity makes her
          extremely deadly. But frankly, you should play as a
          ranger if you're looking out for DEX instead of
          damage dealt.

EVA Hunter:
You can evade, parry and block nearly all moves. Though your
damage may not be very impressive, you can pose a threat to your
enemies, making you hard to hit. Raise your Evade with Evade

Comments: Hmmm...this doesn't look very good. Cause when you're
          fighting boss, they are able to hit you. So I'd
          avoid creating this, but if you're up for a challenge
          and you're really interested in this, go for it!

EVA and DEX Hunter:
I think this is an extremely deadly type of hunter I've ever
seen. Not only it can hit 99.9% of the time, but it can also
avoid damages. You can last pretty much...more than an hour
without using any healing items, just the fact that if
you're a HUmar or a HUnewearl, look out for poison and such.

Comments: Pretty interesting, I have yet to find out what this
          type of hunters actually do. Sounds deadly...anyone
          wanna try it and give me some comments? Advice?

Cover Hunter:
No, not covering yourself, but more like a support. Able to cast
spells and also heal your allies. Great if you're playing
multi-player, you'd be a really useful asset to your party. Not as
useful as a Force, but you being able to heal teammates and yourself
proves that you're really useful in a battle. Either a HUmar or a
HUnewearl, cause HUcast and HUcaseal cannot cast spells.

Comments: I'd recommend you to use this if you're playing in a

Mage + Hunter:
You love casting spells but want to do major damage? Well, try this
then. Use any POWER, DEF and MIND material on yourself if you happen
to find any. Learn all types of spells, good for fighting bosses
and rooms polluted with monsters.

Comments: If you're really into Magic and Tech, forget about using
          a hunter, go for the Force instead.

Quick note: Remember, hunters can use spells. Don't be a fool like me,
            give your hunter some spells to aid him. And if you're
            using spells, do increase your Mag's MIND Stat to a
            minimum level of 20 to 50.
Choosing what type of hunter you want to create can be such a chore.
So I thought of some questions you can ask yourself to see what kind
of hunters you'd like to create.

1. Do I need to use any spells?

2. What type of hunter weapon would I want to use?

Sword/Saber - Sword, or short sword, deal quite a lot of damage
              compared to a Dagger, Slicer or a Partizan. A sword
              can hit several target at once, but a saber can't.

Dagger - Fast and deadly, you can pull of quite a combo on enemies.

Slicer - No, its not a sword of some sort. Instead, its more like a
         boomerang. You can hit enemies far away, great if you want
         to stay in a safe place and start killing everything you
         see. You can hit several target at once.

Partizan - Spears, Halberd and such as such. Its range can be
           compared to that of a sword. It can attack things
           not too far, and you can hit several target at once.

3. What do I look for in a hunter?

4. Traps or Spells?

Traps that can be used are:
Fire Traps - They deal fire damage and explodes when foes comes into
             close contact with it.
Freeze Traps - My second favourite type of traps, they can freeze
               the enemies. But watch out, it'll melt seconds later.
Confuse Traps - The best trap in my opinion. They can confuse the
                enemies making them walk in circle or attack their
                allies. Use this when there're alot of enemies. Heh!
Damage Traps - Only found in Ultimate Mode, they damage enemies...

Spells that can be used are:
FOIE - A fireball with Fire Attributes
BARTA - A linear of ice that travels on the ground with Ice Attributes
ZONDE - Lightning strikes with Thunder Attributes
RESTA - Heal you and/or any NPC/Allies around you, but not monsters or
ANTI - Cancel status alignments, eg.poison...etc...etc
          IIII. HUNTERS (Part 3: MAG/s one should raise)
What type of Mag do you want to raise? That depends on what type of
hunter you're using. The Mag's IQ affects the damage it deals
when you use its power. Its power is known as a Photon Blast.
The Photon Blast can be use once your Photon Blast Gauge reaches 100,
located on the top left of the screen,next to your HP and your TP.
Its yellow in color.

I added the "Mag's Max Stats" so your Mag's Maximum Stats should
PROBABLY look something like what I stated. It won't be accurate, but
that's the APPROXIMATED value of your Mag's final stat. The maximum
level of a Mag is 200. So try not to make any wrong or stupid
mistake and crash your Mag's stat. Also note that only when your
Mag's stat is an even number, your stats will increase.
So here are a few examples of the Mag you should raise:

Average Hunter:
An average mag would be great. Just basic stats, all equal. I'd
advice you to increase your DEF and MIND stats for your Mag.

Mag's Max Stat:
DEF  - 50
POW  - 50
DEX  - 50
MIND - 50

Note: Average, like I said...

Techless Hunter:
Since you're techless, the MAG's Mind Stats isn't really important to
you. Please be reminded that if you're playing as an android, NEVER
increase your Mind Stats for your Mag, its purely useless. You'll
be relying on your POW much.

Mag's Max Stat:
DEF  - 50
POW  - 125
DEX  - 25
MIND - 0

Note: You'll be relying on your POW most of the time. The DEX
      is 50 because you may need better accuracy unless you're
      making a POW Hunter.

POW Hunter:
POWER is what you need. Increase this as much as you can to deal major
damage. But DEX is what you lack. So if possible, increase your DEX.
But some player prefer to miss but deal rather a deadly amount of
damage. So if you're that type of player, increase your POW ONLY.

Mag's Max Stat:
DEF  - 5
POW  - 193
DEX  - 2
MIND - 0

Note: This is like a Berseker Hunter, attack, and attack, regardless
      of how many DEX it has, it can deal major damage. It will add
      5 to DEF and 2 to DEX.

DEF Hunter:
Increase your Mag's DEF, and if you're using spells as well, increase
MIND as well.

Mag's Max Stat:
DEF  - 150
POW  - 0
DEX  - 0
MIND - 50

Note: There may be 1 or more for the DEX and POW though. Can someone
      mail me and tell me about it?

DEX Hunter:
Increase your Mag's DEX, and try to max the Mag's synchro. The maximum
for the synchro is 120%. If you'd like to deal damage as well as
hitting accurately, increase POW.

Mag's Max Stat:
DEF  - 5
POW  - 6
DEX  - 189
MIND - 0

Note: You need to have 6 POW because the POW stat will increase to
      approximately that level.

EVA Hunter:
These is no Evade Stats for your Mag. But don't worry, increase your
DEX. And use lots of Evade Material on yourself if you happen to
find any.

Mag's Max Stat:
DEF  - 5
POW  - 30
DEX  - 135
MIND - 10

Note: Increasing your DEX actually increases your chance of parrying
      and/or blocking...I think. You'll earn 30 POW and 5 for DEF.

EVA and DEX Hunter:
Increase your DEX and MIND if you're using techs, else just
increase your DEX. And as for your Evade, find Evade Material and
use them.

Mag's Max Stat:
DEF  - 60
POW  - 10
DEX  - 120
MIND - 10

Note: Again, not only you must evade attacks but blocking and parrying
      them as well. So increase your DEX and your MIND to cast a
      little bit of healing tech.

Cover Hunter:
Increase your MIND, DEF and if possible, your DEX. You don't really
need to increase your POW much since you're playing multi-player.

Mag's Max Stat:
DEF  - 80
POW  - 20
DEX  - 20
MIND - 80

Note: Increase your DEF, DEX and MIND. You don't need much POW
      mainly because you're playing in multi-player. There are
      many different types of Cover Hunter. This is some sort
      of an aid, so you heal and attack and lure a little, run
      and lure, let your allies kill for you.

Mage + Hunter:
Increase your MIND, and lots of it. Because you're gonna need it.
And increase your DEF, again, you're gonna need it. And lots of
it. You cast spell and use techs most of the time so you don't
need much DEF or POW.

Mag's Max Stat:
DEF  - 89
POW  - 10
DEX  - 2
MIND - 99

Note: If you really intend to play as a Mage + Hunter, I'd
      rather you use a Force right-away, but of course
      there are people who love a little challenge
      of raising a character. So here is one. You'll earn 2 DEX and
      10 POW.
Here are the tactics against the monsters as hunter...

Episode I:


Boomas species:
This species has three different type of...errr...species. Booma,
Gobooma and Gigobooma. Don't let them surround you. Just beat the
heck out of them.

There are two types of wolves, Barbaros and the normal ones.
Like Red Ring Rico said, don't let them get behind you. Cause
they like to attack from your big behind. So change the camera
angle facing them as you lock onto them.

Rag Rappy:
This bird will sit around, it looks like its laying eggs though.
Anyway, if you use a long-range weapon to attack it from afar,
it will run away. But if you're near it, it will attack you
head on. And it doesn't really die. It faints. So after a while,
they will wake up, and as soon as they do, TRY to hit them, you
will get items.

Note: There's an Al Rappy, its a rare version of a Rag Rappy.
      They give you items to change your Mag's appearance. And
      some really neat rares.

Note from Yoshi_King: Rare Rappy in Ultimate mode is Pal Rappy.
                      Getting online during the holidays will
                      also enable you to find new type of rappy.

Santa Rappy     - Christmas
Love Rappy      - Valentines Day
Halloween Rappy - Halloween
Easter Rappy    - Easter Day

This flying nest are able to spawn minions. Little mosquitoes.
Don't worry, the mosquitoes are easy to kill *until it gets
to hard mode...*, kill the Monest to stop is from spawning
any more of its blood suckers.

This large monster is rather dangerous if you're low level.
Stay too far and he'll launch himself onto you with some
sort of Leap Attack. And if you're standing a few steps away
from him, he'll spit fireballs at you. Just run behind him
and start attacking him. As soon as he turns, run behind him
and attack again. But if you're near enough, he'll just lay
a smackdown on you...big damage.

Note: There's a Hildeblue, its a rare version of a Hildebear.

Note from Yoshi_King: In Ultimate mode, Hildebear is Hildelt.


There are three version of these sharks, Evil, Pal and Guil.
Again, the same tactics against a Booma, don't let 'em
surround you. Kill it as soon as you see it coming towards you.

Poisonous Lilly:
This poison plant pops out of nowhere and start spiting
some sort of green goo on you. If the green goo hits you,
you get poisoned. So wait till it spit the goo, dodge it
and as soon as you do, run towards the plant and kill it.
But beware, if you're too slow, he may do two things,
either peck you, or he may cast some sort of tech that
causes your character to suffer paralysis.

It can also self destruct, he will close its petal,
turn around and around, quickly kill it.

Note: There's a Nar Lilly, a rare version of Poisonous Lilly.

Note from Qwert Yuiop: In Ultimate Mode, Poisonous Lilly is Ob Lilly and 
      Nar Lilly is Mil Lilly.

Note from Nate: Ob Lilly in the Ultimate mode cast Megid. A one-hit kill
                spell. Beware...thanks Nate!

Grass Assasin:
This insect that looks like a giant caterpillar with claws like
that of a mantis...claws? Anyway, he'll have three different types
of attacks. One, he hit you. The second, he spit something that
looks like a spider-web, it doesn't slow you down though, instead,
you're stuck there. Hehe! So attack it as soon as you can. Third,
he'll do a charge attack. Rushes towards you, but you can easily
dodge that move, just run behind him.

Nano Dragon:
Dragon, cool! NO! Instead, this Dragon is rather wierd. It can
attack its allies. And when his allies die, he actually
become stronger. If you're far, he'll toss a blue energy ball.
Or else he'll shoot some sort of laser on you. The laser
attack deals more damage. And if you're too near, he'll fly
away. So attack as soon as you can. Try to get to him before
you are able to lock onto him, so you can kill him.

Note: Remember this, he may hit your enemies for you, but if
      your enemy dies, the Dragon turn stronger.

Pofuilly Slime:
Slime ball, its pretty wierd. He turn into a slime, then
he'll travel on the ground and get behind you. Once you see
him, immediatly lock onto him and attack. Once you attack
him, he'll turn into a slime again and then travel again.
Wait for him once more to take his form and attack him.
He'll attack you, toss a light blue energy ball on you
and damage you. Note that it can split itself, make some
sort of a clone. So becareful.

Note: There's a Red Pofuilly Slime, a rare version of Pofuilly Slime.

Pan Arms:
Oooo...Ultraman! Its body is stuck together, but while its stuck
together, use either traps or tech to damage it. But when it splits
into two different monsters, Migium and Hidoom, use normal attack.
When it splits, either of them will attack you and the other will
hit you, but though it doesn't damage you, it will add some sort
of effect on your character making him weak. If they are
stuck together, they will only have two different attacks. One
is a long range red colored laser and the other one is a
blue attack. Both deal quite a pretty large amount of
damage. When its about to split into two, a blue lightning
will struck on it and it will change.

If you can deal heavy damage, you can also attack it when they
are merged together. Otherwise, stick with the Traps and Techs.

Note: Try not to use a Confuse Trap on it, cause I did that, and
      it doesn't seems to seperate itself. If it doesn't seperate
      itself for some other reason, Telepipe back to Pioneer 2
      and go back again.

Notes from Qwert Yuiop: They can heal themselves if you give them
                        time to.

Notes from Scott Sloan: If you have any weapons that has Lord, Master
                        or any other special effects, you can use it
                        on them while they are Merged. It will still
                        affect them.

Tips from Snekadid: When a Pan Arms split into two, killing one makes
                    the other stop attacking and stare at it's twin
                    body for approximately 7 seconds. Use this time
                    to quickly wipe the other out. So concentrate
                    your attack on one, before you go for the other.

Don't confuse this robot with Dubchic. Gillchic's color is greyish
while Dubchic's color is brownish grey. This robot will attack you
with two different types of attack. It either attack you with its
hand, close combat. Else he'll shoot you from afar, both deal pretty
much quite alot of damage. When it attacks you from close range,
you might suffer from paralysis.

They are controlled by some sort of device. So if you see a Dubchic,
its not just a Dubchic but quite a few of them. Don't try to attack
them, but you can try to slow them down though by attacking them.
Try to slow them down for awhile, later you'll see a Star Shaped
looking device. Attack it, as soon as it explodes. The other
Dubchic would go down with it. If a Dubchic hits you from
a close-range. You might suffer paralysis.

They may appear with their leader, Canane. If they do, attack
Canane. Doing so, the other Canadine will self destruct, it'll
start spinning like crazy, if you destroy a Canane, RUN!
But if it doesn't appear with its leader. Then it'll attack you
with one of its attack. It either go above your head and cast
lightning on you or that it will move near you and electrify
you. Equip a Slicer if it does so you can attack upwards.
When they cast lightning on you, you may suffer from paralysis.

Note: Canane are the same as Canadine, they are not rare though.
      They are red in colour with a pair of antenna on its head.

It will beat you as soon as it sees you. But you won't be able
to see it walking, he'll be on top of the celling. Once he drops
down, he'll attack you. His methods of attacking you are either
he beat you by punching you, or if you're quite a distance
away from him, he'll execute some sort of leap attack
on you. And additonal stuff. It actually makes clone of himself.
To get rid of the clones, simply attack the 'original' one.

It looks exactly like Sinowbeat, except he's gold in color.
Its attack are the same as Sinowbeat, but he has an additional
ability. This ability doesn't deal you any damage, don't be
too happy about it yet. That ability enables him to heal
itself. Hoho! Attack it as soon as you see it.

Note: SinowBeat and SinowGold are the same, just that SinowGold
      can heal itself.

This large tank looking robot is quite deadly. You can attack
it and remove its armor. But no, the lesser his armor, the
more damage he deals. Quickly finish him off. He will launch
missiles at you. Run around to dodge them.

Note: They are called Baranz in Ultimate Mode.

Note from Qwert Yuiop: You can run around a Garanz *Baranz* and let
                       its missiles hit him and you get free EXP for
                       nothing. Hehehe!

These monsters have three different species, like the Booma from
the Forest and the Sharks in the Cave. They are Dimenian, La Dimenian
and So Dimenian. They love to surround you and attack you. Don't let
them surround you.

Note: I'm leaving this note...keep in mind that the main objective
      of the Booma, Sharks and Dimenians are to surround you and
      whack you...so beware.

This looks like an undead Knight. It has a shield and a sword. It
will absord your damage if you're near. So I advice you, Hunters, to
use a slicer to attack these monsters from afar. It can parry and
block your attacks, not to mention, absorbing your damage. There are
two ways to attack this fiend. Either use the method I taught you,
slicer and attack from afar, or else circle around him and hit him
from the side or from the back.

Notes from Qwert Yuiop: Cast BARTA then start hitting them.
                        BARTA will stun them. Thus you get free

This sotong *squid* looking monster is extremely funny...well, no.
Attack it as soon as you see it, if you use Heavy Attack on it,
it will become stun for awhile, enabling you to attack him again.
If it 'lands on your head', it will spawn Claws. They don't really
attack, just floats around and spawning Claws whenever they land
on your head.

This looks like a fusion between an eel and a lobster of some sort.
Attack it as soon as you see it, you don't want them to surround
you. Though they don't deal much damage, if you're surrounded
in a room with lots of other monsters, prepare to die...
It will float around, and if you can't hit it with your saber,
equip a slicer and slice it. Always keep a slicer handy. He
will float ontop of you, and if it does, again, use the Slicer.

Dark Belra:
This hulk are extremely big, huge and dangerous. Let me warn you,
if you're too far, they will launch their 'arms' at you, taking
off more than half of your HP and if your level is low, DEATH.
And if you're near it, it'll smack you, again, taking off
major damage, again, beware. The tactic to defeat it is to
run behind him and start attacking him with your saber.

Dark Gunner:
Red or Green crystal, they will shoot you all the same. You
can't damage them when the crystal are in the socket. So wait
till you see the crystal floats, attack. They can escape pretty
fast. So act fast. A slicer would work well.

Notes from Qwert Yuiop: Cast BARTA and attack them. Casting
                        BARTA stuns them, so they won't move
                        about. Oh, you can't just use a BARTA,
                        you have to use Gibarta or Rabarta.

Notes from HitmanDark: The Red crystals are Death Gunner, they
                       appears to be the "leader". The green
                       ones are Dark Gunner.

Tips from Snekadad: Everytime you injure a Death Gunner, it
                    freezes the other Dark Gunners for
                    approximately 3 seconds. Which prevents them
                    from shooting at you. Everytime you destroy a
                    Death Gunner, a Dark Gunner will take its place.
                    So attack it in this sequence, after a Death
                    Gunner, look for another one. You won't get
                    much damage fighting them this way.

Chaos Sorcerer:
Ignore the two crystal floating beside him. Instead, attack him
instead of the crystals. One crystal represent spell, the other
represent healing. Make sure he doesn't cast a spell on you,
else you'll die. Fast too! He'll attack you then disappear,
check your Radar/Sonar for his next location, then attack him.

Chaos Bringer:
This Centurian looking creature is extremely deadly. He'll
charge right into you. Else he'll attack you if you're near
him, poking you with his trident...spear...looking thingy.
Equip your saber, run behind him and start slashing him

This Dragon is pretty scary. Oooo...momma! He has three different
types of attack. First, he'll try and stomp you and smash you under
that webbed feet of his. So watch where he's walking, and attack his
leg, he'll fall down. If you're underneath him, you'll take damage.
Once he's fainted, run to his head and slice.

Second, his other attack will only occur if you're quite a few
distance away from him. He'll breath fire. Open his mouth and start
spiting out fireballs. Dodge them by running in between the fireballs
and running towards him. Then once you're near him, attack his leg
till he fall, and repeat.

Now, lets see how well you can dodge. He'll fly around for awhile,
then dive into the ground. Leaving a hole in the ground, you won't
fall into the hole though, but you will take damage if you step on it.
There're lava in the hole. Hoho!

Once he's IN the ground, he'll act like a mole and start digging
straight into you. Dodge him by running away. This attack can take
quite a large amount of HP off you. You can't attack him if he's
in the ground. Once he attempt to kill you approximately 3 times
while buried underground. He'll burst out of the ground. And then
repeat either his first or second attack. I suggest running
around in circles, when you see him charging towards you, dodge.

Tips for Mage + Hunter: A dragon, fire, are weak against...heh!
                        Obviously you should know my answer...
                        cast BARTA on him.

Tips from Qwert Yuiop: The dragon only dives into the cave when it
                       left 1/3 of his life, both a good and bad

Note from Yoshi_King: In the Ultimate Mode, the Dragon is Ice Dragon.
                      So being Ice, its weakness is Fire. The Ice
                      Dragon has an Ice Breathe that will freeze you.
                      And sometimes freezes you when he smash you
                      under his feet. Equip lots of Resist Freeze or
                      Blizzards in your slots.

This large worm can be quite deadly. He have many methods of
attacking, and here are the method to avoid his attacks or to
damage him. His first attack will be when he's besides the raft.
He'll shoot purple photon blast on your characters. Dodge them by
running in between them or while facing him, run to the top left
corner of the raft. To damage him while he's beside the raft,
use a slicer.

When he's on the raft, take out your sword. Time your attack,
don't just hit his face, instead, walk towards his body and
start attacking. Because when you damage his body, you attack
more than one part of his body, taking off quite a load of

Now he's mad, he'll shoot out either explosive thorns on the
raft. Or he'll shoot out homing explosive thorns that
surround your character. If he shoots out the explosive
thorns that land on the raft, run to the top left or bottom
right of the raft to avoid damage, don't bother taking them
out. But if he shoots out homing explosive thorns, equip
any weapon that you have that can deal lots of damage. Take
out at least the thorn infront of you, so if the other
two explodes, you can run infront avoiding the damage.
The thorns will spark or start flashing, when it does,
run, it shows that the thorns are about to explode.

Now, when the light goes out. Becareful, he'll use his laser
beam attack. Run left and right or all over the place, just
don't run towards him. Keep running around the raft and
try to avoid his blast.

If you see the screen shaking, that means he's gonna
do a land slide...rock slide, or rock fall. Whatever you
wish to call that move. Rock will start dropping from the
top and land on you, you'll take quite a load of damage.

Here's a tip from:
You can actually avoid the rocks that are falling on you
by moving to the bottom right side of the raft. Usually
De Rol Le will miss.

Note: Remember this, if he's off the raft, use Slicer,
if he's on the raft, use a sword. And for Mage + Hunter,
you can try using techs like Rafoie.

Notes from Matthew Plummer: Use Gizonde to hit his body when he's
                            swimming next to the raft.

Not sure what does Vol Opt means, maybe Violent Operation or
something. Ignore the name for now until I find out what it means.
Now, we're here to defeat him. So lets get down to business shall we?
This monster has two forms. His first form is that his body is stuck
onto the celling like that of a Sinowbeat. Around him, you'll notice
that there are enemies on the Radar/Sonar. Ignore them for now. When
you enter where Vol Opt is, you'll see a short cut scene. Showing
a computer screen and his true form. Now, this is where the tough
part begins. You'll notice, on your Radar/Sonar, a orange dot that
will be moving. That is Vol Opt in the Computer Screen. Though you
can attack Vol Opt while he's hanging on the celling, I won't advice
you to do that. Instead, follow the orange dot, you'll soon see the
screen turn red, and Vol Opt moving around the screen. Use a weapon
that can affect several target, probably a Sword, but you'd get a
Gigush, a better version of a sword. Use the Gigush to attack the
screen when it turns red.

When Vol Opt disappear from the screen, you'll notice pillar starts
to pop out from the ground. Attack these pillars, and have plenty
of Sol Atomizer waiting for you. You will need it as Vol Opt and
the pillar with do a charge attack that will give your character
a temporary paralysis. Though its temporary, I would advice
you to use the Sol Atomizer, cause by the time the effect disppear,
your character would have already been dead.

Now, once the screen explodes, you'll see another cut scene, the
real Vol Opt is out to play. Hoho! This is where the real fun
begins. Equip any weapon that you have that enables you to deal
a large amount of damage. Probably a Brand (a better version of
a saber). The second stage of Vol Opt will have three different
types of attacks. And it'll be in sequence. First, he'll launch
missiles at you, you can probably hit him twice before he launch
the missiles. So hit him two times, and start running around him.
During his second attack, you'll see a red laser targetting on
your character. As soon as you see this red laser, start running.
Don't bother hitting him yet. Just run. Large pillar will fall
or drop from the celling. There will be three pillar each time
he attacks. He'll attack a total of two times. So after six
pillars dropped. Hit him twice again. Then run, if you hear
some sort of charging sound effect, hit him one more time.
Because this means that he's healing himself, don't worry
though. He won't heal a large amount of damage, just a little.
Now, if he doesn't heal himself, that means he'll use his trap

He'll shoot you with some sort of greenish blue energy ball.
Dodge by running around him. Eventually the energy ball will
disappear. But if you're caught in his energy ball, you'll be
trapped like in a prison of some sort, and he'll shoot laser
on your character, giving your character major damage. If your
character's level is not high enough to withstand the damage,
prepare to use a Scape Doll. When you're in the prison, you
cannot use any item that will get rid of the effect, so you
have to take damage. After running around or getting his by
his attack, attack him twice again. And prepare for his
missiles, just repeat and he'll die, real soon.

Note: This may sound like a pretty hard battle, but I promise
      you. Vol Opt is the easiest boss in the game. What I said
      may sound complicating, but he's an easy boss, trust me.
      You may try using ZONDE against this boss. Can someone mail me
      and tell me about the ZONDE thingy?

Notes from Hunter Killer: About ZONDE thing with Vol Opt. It all
                          matters to what ZONDE you're using and what
                          level it is. As well as the difficulty.
                          Because ZONDE level 30 will do more to Vol
                          Opt on Normal then on Ultimate but the best
                          strategies for him that I can think of, is
                          to use GI-ZONDE when he is on the monitor
                          and RA-ZONDE when attacking Pillars.

                          But if you're a Techless Humar, then use a
                          strong slicer with the monitor. And if
                          needed, attack the pillars with a stronger

Note: For me, I used Sword *big blade* for the monitor.

Darkfalz have a total of two different stages (at least for now).
Once you enter the boss portal, head towards the monument. You will
see several spinning thorns, they will damage you, take out at least
three to four thorns and Darkfalz will appear. Careful though, when
you're fighting him, you're fighting him in a barrier.

Darkfalz, a rather fearful boss. Well, not exactly, he's quite easy
except that the damage he deals are very high. He's not really hard,
just that when he attacks, you're gonna be using lots of monomates
and such. So becareful. Before fighting Darkfalz, you should buy
lots of Monomates and Dimates. Now, his first form is like a fusion
between three dragons and a knight mounted on top of it. Try not to
get trap in the barrier. The dragon will just spit out thorns which
you can easily avoid by using any long range weapon, a slicer would
be great. Or a better version of a slicer. But the hardest part is
when the knight cast spells on your character. Your character will
either freeze like s/he's trap in a freeze trap. Just attack the
head from quite a long distance and don't worry much. Just hopes
that he won't cast that freeze spell, if he does, well, just hope
that that's the last time he cast a spell. He also have a fire spell
so look out for it.

This is where he gets real nasty. He'll be in the outside of the
'arena'. But worry not. You can still attack him. He'll be circling
around the outer part. So just look for him and start attacking.
He will have two different spells, so again, watch out. His spells
are pretty much the same, except that you can avoid them this time.
If you see him rise, RUN, that shows that he's going to cast a spell.
And lastly...GOOD LUCK.

After the fight with the second from, next comes the real challenge. 
You teleport to a donught-shaped arena, with falz in the center. He
starts by moving around the inner circle while flashing. If he is
silver colored you can deal no damage to him. When he turns blue, go 
and attack him with whatever you got. But after about 30 seconds he
will fly up, where you cant hit him. Start running! He will shoot
blue balls at you while you run around.
He will shoot about 5 and then use a completly undogeable attack
the deals about 3/4 of your health. After you deal him a good
amount of damage, he will cast a spell on you. On your radar
it will show a big red line from you to him. The effect of the
spell is if you deal him damage, you get that damage dealt back.
The effect of the spell wears off after he hits you. I think that
the hard Darkfalz had 4000 health in his 3rd form. Good Luck.

DARKFALZ THIRD FORM: - By Qwert Yuiop (Mnementh)
After the fight, you rise up in an arena shaped like a bagel, and
falz is floating in the center. If he is iridescent, weapons cannot
hurt him, but techs can. Hit him with everything until he flies up
into the sky. He will then shoot little blue beams at you (run around
the arena in a circle to avoid) and then cast a Grants at you (which
you can't avoid).

TIP: Resist/light will help to not take as much damage. After he is
about to the last 1/4 of his HP, he will cause an image of you to
appear in his mouth, and a colored line appears from him to you. In
Multiplayer, you can tell who is 'absorbed' by the color of the line.
As long as that line is there, you take all damage he takes. After
a bit, it wears off. When he has you absorbed, he no longer has the
little blue beams, he has a Megid instead. Hard Falz has 5000 HP 1st
stage, 6000 2nd, and 4000 3rd.
                                VI. FAQS
And now its time for the Frequently Asked Questions...
Q. How old are you?
A. I'm born in the year 1986...you figure it out.

Q. What weapons are recommended for *Insert Hunter Type*?
A. I'll be adding that section later, need some help with that.

Q. Some of your Mag's MAX STATS are wrong...
A. I know, I'm trying to figure that out. I'm sorry.

Q. Should I play as a Hunter?
A. Ask yourself some of the questions located in my guide.

Q. Mind introducing your character a little?
A. Gen, POW Hunter. He's probably level 30+ and now in Mines.
   I'm beating Vol Opt many times until I level up to fight

Q. What weapon do you usually use?
A. Since I'm using a new character, I start with a normal saber.

Q. How the hell did you manage to get a Musashi? What's that?
A. Musashi, a twin saber. That means a saber on each hand, w00t!
   Fret not. You can find this weapon when you defeat the Dragon
   Boss in Hard mode. Y'know, the Dragon Boss in the Forest.
   If you didn't get it the first time, try again, don't worry,
   it took me around 10 times or more to finally lay my hands on
   this weapon.

Q. Since you already have the Musashi, can I ask about the
A. ATP + 380 to 390
   ATA + 40
   Max Grinder = 40
   Class = Twin Sword
   Required ATP: 385
   Stars: 9
   Thanks to www.pso-world.com again for this information.
   And Mike/Mephisto for the Max Grinder information.
   Rokuhatu and Dakuu for the Required ATP information.

Q. I noticed that only MAGs with stats that are even gives you
   additional stats, but why are some of your MAG's stats odd number?
A. Angel Of Death told me about it, I'll update the stats, sorry.

Q. I'd like to ask some more questions...
A. Mail me at: wongyeangchiong@hotmail.com

Q. If I have a weapon with Shadow effect, can I kill the bosses with
   one hit?
A. Scott has already comfirmed this. You CANNOT kill a boss with
   Shadow or Dim or anything other stuff, so don't evenm bother
   trying to.

Q. What can I not ask?
A. Questions about the Hunter Guild's quest. I only focus on Hunters,
   not the quest. Or any other questions not related to Hunters.

Q. Anything else I should take note of?
A. Read the guide carefully before e-mailing me and asking quesitions.

Q. My android's trap are all used up, how do I restore them?
A. There are many methods. You can save and exit, then come back
   again. If a nurse heals you. When you level up, and lastly,
   going into the 'Healing Ring', y'know, the spiral looking thing
   that heals you whenever you walk under it? Yeah, that!

Q. Its about the GameBoy Advance and the cable.
A. Thank you very much Blue for the information. You can play a
   mini-game. Its about raising a Chao or something. First,
   complete the Fake in Yellow quest. Then teleport back to the
   forest. Talk to the rappies. Follow the stream in that room and a
   Chao should pop up. Talk to you and give you a Mini Chao Garden Key.
   Go back to Pioneer 2 and you should see a large GBA near the
   Hunter's Guild. Plug your GBA cable to the fourth socket on your
   GameCube Nintendo console. Download the Data...and ta-da! Enjoy!

   Another extra information from Matt Simons:
   If you have a Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, you can get an EXTREMELY
   rare Chao. It looks exactly like Tails. To get it, once you have
   it in the tiny Chaos garden in your GBA. Turn off your GameCube
   and put in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Then go to the Chao World,
   and go to the Chao Teleporter. Once there, you select pick up.

   Additional information from Matt Simons:
   For all those who do have it, and like to raise the Chaos. The
   Tails Chao is IMMORTAL (like a Neutral Chaos Chao) and it's
   stats are all A's at 250 points at level one.

Q. I have *Insert name of weapon*, I was wondering what the
   requirements are?
A. I've a good website for you to check if you want to know about
   the requirements of weapons and armour and stuff. Kindly go to

Q. What is the difference between Shocked and Paralyzed?
A. When you're Paralyzed, you cannot attack UNTIL you use a status
   healing item like Sol Atomizer. But when you're Shocked, the
   'Unable to attack' effect will last approximately about 6 seconds.
   Androids can be shocked, but not paralyzed.

Notes from Bloodude: CURE/SHOCK is a must for androids in the mines.

Q. Is there a limit to how much Material you can use?
A. As a matter of fact, yes! There is a limit. So plan carefully
   before you start giving Materials to your character. Thanks to
   KnightsRage who provide us with his valuable information.

HUmar, RAmar, RAmarl, FOmar and FOmarl:
250 materials limit for: Mind, Power, Defense, Evade and Luck
(all together, not of each)
125 HP/TP Materials (Separate from the other 250)

HUcast, HUcaseal, HUnewearl, RAcast, RAcaseal, FOnewm, FOnewearl:
150 materials limit for: Mind, Power, Defense, Evade and Luck
(all together, not of each)
125 HP/TP Materials (Separate from the other 150)

Notes: You may be confuse and if you need to verify or ask about it,
       e-mail me and ask. I'll just clear up some confusion. Thanks.
                     VII. CREDITS AND DISCLAIMER
Thanks to:
             GameFAQS - For hosting my guide and a wonderful site
                  IGN - For hosting my guide
            Cheats.de - For hosting my guide
     Jane Rosengarten - My dear sister in Hawaii for cheering me on
            Pso-World - For the great website you made which helped
                        me to find out lots of PSO informations
       Jesper (Snake) - Helped me out with my character's weapon
         Rubber Ducky - For keeping track of my guide at IGN and
                        being so supportive
               Jessie - For being so supportive
          KnightsRage - For providing me the information for the
                        Materials Limit
        Hunter Killer - For the mistakes I've made and some help
                        with fighting Vol Opt
       Angel of Death - For helping me out with the Mags' Stat
        Yoshi_King226 - For additional information on Ultimate mode
                        and the various Rappies that are in the game
                 Blue - For the Mini-game and the GBA Cable info
          Matt Simons - For additional information about the
                        Mini-Chao game
      Mike (Mephisto) - For the Max Grinder information
          Scott Sloan - For detecting the errors and correcting them
            Wormaster - Additional help with Darkfalz's Third Form
Qwert Yuiop (Mnementh)- For all other informations that I added from
                 Nate - For the Ob Lilly deadly spells that I missed
            Joey Held - For SinowBeat making clone of itself
               Omayra - The only female gamer who mailed me, and also
                        bringing up the issue regarding Traps
        SamusKnight2K - Giving me information regarding the ability
                        to set the amount of traps
         Quest65Freak - For giving me information on how to restore
                        the ability to set traps
      Matthew Plummer - For additional advice on defeating De Rol Le
             Bloodude - Information about Shock and Paralysis
      Chris Parkinson - Bring up the issue regarding Shock and
          Tailsfox853 - About androids being able to be Shocked
                Dakuu - Regarding my mistake I made for Musashi
             Rokuhatu - For verifying the mistake about the Musashi
             Snekadid - Tactics for beating Death Gunner and Pan
           HitmanDark - For verifying the information regarding Dark
                        Gunners and Death Gunners
            Dark Nova - For verifying the information regarding Pan
             Everyone - For reading my guide

                      THANK YOU SO MUCH!

This guide is Copyright 2003 by Wong Yeang Chiong. If you'd like this
guide to be on your website, please e-mail me and let me know. 
Thank you very much.

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