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FAQ/Walkthrough by DarkNightwing

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 06/01/03

| P H A N T A S Y   S T A R   O N L I N E |                                    
|                                         |
|     E P I S O D E S   I   &   II        |

       /  Game by SonicTeam \
      / FAQ by DarkNightwing \

This FAQ is copyrighted by DarkNightwing, you can not use any part of it
without DarkNightwing's express permission, this FAQ is not to be linked to,
copied in whole or in part, or even profited from in any form.  At the 
current time it is only ok for it to be posted at GameBunker, GameFAQs, IGN,
PSO Hunter's Guild 
(http://www.psohg.ionichost.com/main.htm) and PSOLife.com and Ragol.co.uk
and it will probably stay that way.  If you have any questions feel free to
ask DarkNightwing.

V1.7  6/1/03  Changed some minor formatting issues on advisory on
              advice from GameFAQs members.  Removed my AIM name
              and effectively closed my PSO help desk.

V1.69 4/28/03 Added a tidbit to the credits section about the
              plagiarism of my FAQ.  Also added a new site that
              is allowed to host my FAQ.  New Olga Flow tips.
              New question in the FAQs section.

V1.61 3/9/03 New Hints for Ultimate Mines and Ruins.  Also some misc.
             Info. On a side note, I was in the Emergency Room
             yesterday getting an ultrasound.  It looks like I
             may be ok, but I'm still a little shaken up.

v1.6 2/16/03 More Olga Flow strategy.   

v1.5 1/9/03 Yet more FAQs, also some of the more commonly asked
            questions are going to now be addressed in multiple
            parts of the FAQ, since no one seems to read the
            FAQs section...  New stuff in item descriptions,

v1.4 12/31/02 More FAQs, Ultimate Caves tips.

v1.3 12/29/02 More FAQs, I got asked a lot of the same questions,
              and the message boards are bombarded with the same

v1.2 12/12/02 Tips on the Ultimate Difficulty's Sil Dragon, as 
     well as some fixed information on the Luck Stat.  A brief
     outline of character classes.  

v1.1 12/8/02 A lot of corrections mainly, but also new item stats 
     and Gal Gryphon help for V.Hard.
     Added Credits section.

v1.0 Full Walkthrough and Background on PSO Episodes I & II


Table of Contents


(1) An Introduction to PSO (Phantasy Star Online)
(2) Game Modes
(3) Fighting
(4) Stats/Techniques/Items/MAG/Class Overview
(5) Questing and Why You Don't Care
(6) Walkthrough Episode I
(7) Episode I Ending **SPOILERS**
(8) Walkthrough Episode II
(9) Episode II Ending **SPOILERS**
(10) FAQs
(11) About DarkNightwing
(12) Corrections and Credits


(1) An Introduction to PSO


  Phantasy Star Online is an RPG styled game that plays more in the vein 
of Diablo II or Everquest. Many people play the game online but it is just
as enjoyable offline.  The main goal is to 'train' your character and bash
hordes of enemies as you pick up nice shiny items to taunt your friends.
PSO was originally released on the Dreamcast, it had a sequel on that
system and since then has had an incarnation on the Gamecube, XBox, and 


(2) Game Modes


Phantasy Star Online can be played in 3 different modes, all of them
can be played alone online or offline.  Battle and Challenge Mode 
require other players to play.  Here's a quick idea of 
what each mode does for ya.

Normal Mode

- The player progresses through the story and levels alone or with
  friends.  Fighting hordes of enemies and chatting with no danger
  of being killed by fellow players.  There are level requirements
  to advance to the next difficulty.  The hierarchy is as follows:

    - You must be Level 20 to go into Hard

    - You must be Level 40 to go into Very Hard

    - You must be Level 80 to go into Ultimate

  These only apply when you're playing online, or with your 
  friends offline.  When you're alone level requirements are not 
  in place.

Battle Mode

- Up to 4 players are pit against each other in organized battles,
  set up through the guild hall.  Sometimes battle mode is used to
  enable Player Killing, when you go into normal levels in this mode
  other players can kill you and take the weapon you have equipped.

Challenge Mode

- This mode temporarily sets your level to a preset, and pits you 
  and 1-3 friends against harder versions of the normal levels.
  Each Challenge is split up into 9 stages, depending on how fast
  you clear all the stages you will get rewarded with a better item
  of your choice to give back to your Normal character.  If any of
  your party members die in this mode, the level ends, thus it's a


   You cannot access the next stage in the series in multiplayer
   until you have beaten the preceding stage in singleplayer.
   For example you cannot go to Caves 1 without beating
   the Forest boss on your own and then talking to the principal.
   You can never start at anything but level 1 of each stage
   unless you are playing a quest.  This means that every-time 
   you play you have to beat Forest 1 and then Forest 2 to fight 
   the boss, this way you can't just benefit from the thousands
   of experience points you'd get from an easy boss kill.
   It really isn't THAT difficult of a concept.  


(3) Fighting (It's better you learn now than later)


  Since the bulk of the gameplay in PSO is the fighting a lot is expected
out of you in terms of battle prowess.  Instead of throwing you into my
confused jumble of lingo, I'll lay down the ground rules of battling
that I DEMAND YOU FOLLOW for your own safety and enjoyment.

-  Never bite off more than you can chew.  If the enemies are knocking you
off your feet everytime they hit you, backtrack and level up at least 5
times before you go back into that level alone.

-  Know the enemies.  Most enemies are simple melee attackers than will
lumber up to you and attack, you need to be aware of what enemies are
capable of what.  

-  Know how you can cure status defects.  When frozen, alternately
   hit left and right on your control stick, if you complete this
   about 3 times you'll be free much faster than usual.  For other
   conditions use a Sol Atomizer or a corresponding healing item;
   Antidote for poison, Antiparalysis for paralysis.

In the forest use a partisan or another weapon that can hit multiple 
targets, you'll easy repel all of them at once since the only ranged 
attacker is Hildebear.

In the caves be wary of the sharks they get extremely fast 
in hard difficulties.  Also the lilies will paralyze you, 
just stand at a distance and wait for them to poison you, 
at this point you can cast Anti to reverse the poison and be back
to normal condition.

In the mines take out Sinow Gold's as fast as you can, they cause 
decent damage and can heal their friends.  Dubchics won't die until
you've taken out the Control Mine (which appears after seriously
injuring one of them).  Garanz bots' missiles can do insane
damage, get them to chase you and then run the missiles right
into the Garanz.

In the Ruins be ready for the tough Dimenians they make the Sharks
look weak.  Take out the Chaos guys first, they can cause massive
damage with their techniques and huge weapons.  If the Chaos
Sorceror freezes you in the middle of even 2 dimenians you are
almost guaranteed to die.

Episode II enemies are not incredibly different, they do use a
few nasty tricks though, the biggest threat I noticed was that
many of them can poison, freeze, or even kill you with a simple
attack, always carry ample Sol Atomizers (it's a cure-all).

- Worst case scenario you can't handle a certain enemy without
healing yourself several times, when it comes to this, get a
friend with a different character class to help you, even
a buddy that's 20 levels lower will be a great help.


(4) Stats/Techniques/Items/MAG/Class Overview


[4A] Stats
[4B] Techniques
[4C] Items
[4D] MAG
[4E] Basic Weapon Stats
[4F] Character Classes

[4A] Stats

Your character has the following stats that you need to keep
track of:

HP - Health points, these empty and you're dead.

TP - Technique points, these empty and you can't cast anything.

ATP - Your 'attack power', determines the weapons you can use,
      and how hard you swing them.

ATA - Your attack accuracy, doesn't affect techniques because
      they always hit, but don't always damage.

DFP - Your defensive ability, this reduces damages.

EVP - Your evasion ability, helps you dodge attacks.

MST - Helps you learn magic abilities and do more damage with them.

LCK - Your luck, the lowest stat, very difficult to raise and very
      mysterious, apparently affects your chances at getting a 
      'critical' hit (more damage).

[4B] Techniques

You need to know what all items and techniques do, so when
some clown is spamming a room demanding you Resta him you
know what he is talking about instead of casting everything
until he shuts up.

Forces are the main technique users, although hunters/rangers
can learn a vast array of techniques theirs are very limited.
Techniques are broken down into 5 categories:

Normal Attack 

   Foie - A simple fire attack that shoots only one 

   Barta - Ice attack that attacks a row of enemies 
           directly in front of you.

   Zonde - Lightning attack strikes from the air, only hits one 
           enemy but it hits them instantly.

Medium Attack

   Gifoie - Fire starts from the caster and then spirals outward,
            hits multiple enemies.

   Gibarta - A flurry of ice is shot in front of the caster, hits
             multiple enemies and can freeze them.
   Gizonde - Chain lightning attack, attacks as many enemies as
             the caster is looking at instantly.

Strong Attack

   Rafoie - Caster creates an explosion on one enemy that can
            hurt a few others.
   Rabarta - Aura of ice surrounds caster for a brief instant.
   Razonde - Aura of lightning surrounds caster for a brief instant.

   Grants  - Force only tech that uses the light element.

   Megid   - Force only tech that uses the dark element.


   Shifta - Boosts attack of caster and later on, his party members.
   Deband - Boosts defense of caster and later on, his party members.

   Jellen - Lowers enemy attack power (more enemies per level).
   Zalure - Lowers enemy defensive ability (more enemies per level).

   Ryuker - Opens a 'telepipe' back to the Pioneer 2, it stays open
            until the caster uses it to return to the level he left.


   Resta - Heals caster and later on, his party members.

   Anti  - Cures status defects for caster and later on, his party
   Reverser - Revives that bozo on your team that died kamikazing
              into the boss.

[4C] Items

The list of basic items is fairly compact, you need to know these definitions
though to get through the game.

 Meseta - It's MONEY.

 Mono, Di, Tri -  These are prefixes that go before a few items, mono is
                 the worst, tri is the best.

 Mates - The primary healing item, they restore more HP
         depending on the difficulty and the prefix of 
         the one you used.

 Fluids - Technique Point (TP) healing items, just like the mates, 
          the healing is instant. These also come in Mono, Di, and Tri.

 Sol Atomizer - Cures status defects (shock, paralysis, poison, slow).

 Star Atomizer - Replenishes all of your HP and one party member.
 Moon Atomizer - Revives a party member who bit it.

 Antidote - Cures poison.

 Antiparalysis - Cures paralysis.

 Trap Vision - Shows all traps in the room (cause traps are normally 
               invisible to non-Android characters).

 Grinder - Pumps up that happy + value at the end of your weapon name, each
           weapon has a different 'max grinder' but it's usually 30 or lower,
           for each point grinded you gain 2 ATP (Attack Power).

 Disk _____ Lv X - Teaches a certain technique of an X level.  You don't need
                   to know earlier levels of the spell to get the advanced 
                   ones, but you do have to have enough MST.

There's been some confusion surrounding slot items as of late and I'm
going to try to clear it up here.  To find out if an item is socketed,
simply pull it up on the menu (if you don't own the item, then just
hit R while it is highlighted in the shop).  Accessing the second
page of the item's information will detail its stats for you, near
the bottom of the second page is the text 'Slot' followed by a
numerical value.  This value can range from 0 to 4, 4 being the best.
Each slot can store one item and one item only, the item can only
be of the slot type *recognizable by an egg like symbol on the left
of the name*

[4D] MAGs

You'll also notice when you begin you have this thing named MAG equipped, 
it's a little robot dealie that evolves like a Pokemon and eats like a pig.
You feed it edible items, and it will grow stats accordingly.  Certain items
will boost certain stats.  I only offer a generic listing here, because there
is a very nice FAQ out already by noZedive13.  It is for the Dreamcast version
though, so maybe later I can collaborate with him. 

It's like this:

Your MAGs different stats are POW, DEX, MIND, DEF, IQ, and Synchro.  
When he gains a level in POW, your character benefits 2 ATP points.
When he gains a level in DEX, your character gets a half of an ATA
When he gains a level in DEF, your character gains a DFP point.
When he gains a level in MIND, you earn 2 MST points.

According to Nintendo Power, a MAG requires 100 'points' in an area
to get a level up for that area.  Different items will give you different
amounts of these points.  The higher evolution your MAG is the more 
diversified the item intake's effect becomes.  Meaning that a MAG 
centric on POW, is probably not going to want to eat MIND boosting items
like fluids.

For more MAG information check out the great In-Depth faqs on GameFAQs.

[4E] Basic Weapon Stats

A lot of FAQs are floating around with information on all the rare,
hard to find weapons.  Many times you find yourself using a basic weapon
before you get these godly items.  So it is for this reason that I bestow 
upon you, statistics on the basic weapons.  I will list the item's family,
its name then the stats it boosts and the stat it requires.  Most items
in the lists start out as green, then higher levels are blue, purple,
red, and gold colored.  I'll try to add another category for each update,
I got many more written down already, just not the complete set,
and I hate updating parts of a part.


  - Saber    ATP +45  ATP required 30
             ATA +30

  - Brand    ATP +100  ATP required 90
             ATA +33

  - Buster   ATP +160  ATP required 155
             ATA +35  

  - Pallasch    ATP +220  ATP required 233
                ATA +38 

  - Gladius     ATP +280  ATP required 296
                ATA +40

Daggers, pistols, mechguns, swords, maces and all other items are coming

[4F] Character Classes

When you begin the game you're given a bunch of choices.  You got 12
different possible classes to choose from, and a very common topic
on the message boards tends to be "What Class should I use?" here
I'll attempt to end these topics.

If this section fails to aid you, go to faqs.ign.com for my 
class guides.  Soon a complete compiled Class Guide will be
posted at GameFAQs.

The word Hunter in this FAQ and the game 
is used interchangeably with the name of the Hunter 
class and just being a player.  All players of PSO are 
Hunters, regardless of them being in the Hunter class or not.

Keep in mind these generic rules:

- Androids can't learn techs, they can only use traps

- Newman classes are the best in techniques

- Cast/Caseal are the best in physical stats like ATP/DFP and max
  HP, since they are androids they make up for the lack of techs
  with these great stats.

- Humans are balanced in all sorts of skills, but the scales
  are slightly tipped in favor of the major class they're in.
  (i.e. a HUmar is good with techs and normal weapons, but being
  a Hunter he is better off with a weapon)

Hunters are the melee dudes.  If you like being the guy that runs
up to everyone and bashes them senselessly with a huge sword then
you want a HUmar.  In general they have higher HP/DFP/ATP but lower
TP/MST.  But they do have a certain aura of balance to them.

HUmar - (Human-male) these are the most common class.  If you want
        to be different this is not the way to go.  The character
        is fairly balanced, while he has a proficiency in power
        he can also cast a fair amount of techniques, he CANNOT
        learn Anti above Lv. 5, Grants, Megid, Shifta or Deband,
        or Reverser however.

HUnewearl - (Newman-female) HUnewearls sport the lowest HP of the
            Hunters.  But as with all newmen they have a great 
            understanding of techs.

HUcast - (Android-Male) Highest ATP of all the classes.  The
         final word in laying the smackdown when it comes to
         close up combat.

HUcaseal - (Android-Female) More ability in ATA and EVP than
           ATP really, but having Hunter ATP with great ATA
           creates a healthy mix for those who don't like to miss.

Rangers are supposed to be used for ranged combat (with guns
and other 'ranged' weapons).  But in many cases you'll find
their high ATA makes them great for close combat if you need
the extra damage.  Worst for casting techs.

RAmar - (Human-Male) Unlike some of the Hunters RAmar can
        use Shifta and Deband, this is great to have a 
        passive ATP/DFP boost as you fight, but due to the
        lower MST of the RAmar you might consider being more
        dependent on healing techniques than support or attack.

RAmarl - (Human-Female) Newman/earl are not in the Ranger class
         so that gives RAmarl the rank of best Ranger techniques.
         It's safer to use attack techs with them, but if you
         really want to cast a lot just use a Force.

RAcast - (Android-Male) Best ATP of the rangers.  And as with
         all Androids he's got good all round stats, he can
         take a beating and he can dish one out, but he can't
         cast a single tech.  

RAcaseal - (Android-Female) Best DFP of the rangers.  More
           accurate, less power, and overall they just look
           less clunky.

Force types are the uber magic users of the game.  If
you like the idea of chunking large balls of fire/ice/lightning
at hordes of enemies then this is the class for you.  You'll
occasionally use other weapons but you're mostly going to
be creating a light show, not beating someone with your cane.
Overall they're bad in close-up fighting and have low HP.
Forces learn techs far beyond the max levels of other classes.

FOmar - (Human-Male) Bad DFP/HP.  Great balance of slightly
        above average techs, also has melee fighting skills.

FOmarl - (Human-Female) Better in support techniques like
         Shifta/Deband/Jellen/Zalure.  Being a human they
         have acceptable ATP... for a Force.

FOnewm - (Newman-Male) Very good techniques, but slightly
         lower max TP than the FOnewearl, the only advantage
         of FOnewm over FOnewearl is the slightly better
         melee powers.

FOnewearl - (Newman-Female) Best max TP in the game.  Probably
            the ultimate in casting classes.


(5) Questing and Why You Don't Care


Phantasy Star Online has always offered a healthy about of side quests that
aren't needed to beat the game.  In the GCN game you have many of the quests
from the Dreamcast Episode I.  The Episode II quests must be downloaded.
You're only going to need the quests for these reasons:

- Quest rares (see the nice guide by LordKarasuman)

- Quick Meseta

- Offline you can use quests to refresh the normal levels.

- To trade in Photon Drops for rares (Episode II, so offline people don't 
  need them for the most part).

If you really want to engage in some shoddily put up little quests that
supposedly further the story, be my guest, but the most enjoyment I ever got
out of them was filling my CheckRoom with precious MESETA.


(6) Walkthrough Episode I


   [6A] Forest
   [6B] Dragon/Sil Dragon
   [6C] Caves
   [6D] De Rol Le/Da Ral Lie
   [6E] Mines
   [6F] Vol Opt/Vol Opt V2
   [6G] Ruins
   [6H] Dark Falz

*WHEW*  I'm glad we're through with the educational stuff, by the time you're
reading this I assume you know how to fight, train, feed your mag, and 
generally survive.  If you have any questions please refer to the prior
sections, although I will have special pointers as I go along.

The game starts you off in the Pioneer 2, depending on whether you're going
solo or with friends you'll start in the Principal's Office or the Hunter's
Guild respectively.  The ship itself has weapon shops, a tekker (who
identifies items for you), a medical center, a CheckRoom (for storage), and
a teleporting platform (for getting to levels).
 Your first goal is to go down to Ragol, through the portal that you find 
behind the large garage style door between the medical center and the guild.


A red portal takes you forward, as long as you step into the red portal you
will never backtrack, a blue portal takes you backward, and a green one takes
you to a different part of the same stage.

[6A] The Forest

From this point you'll be thrust into 'Forest 1' with your character class'
standard equipment, although your character is a little weak, your weapons
will not need replacing for awhile.  
 The levels layout is simple, there are a few key things to look for in 
 finding the goal:

- Do not go to the bottom room on the map, its door is a barrier of lasers,
  if you want items then it's ok to go in there, but it's really just a 
  waste of your time usually.

- Walk up to locked doors.  A few of the enemies that you need to kill to 
  unlock the next area won't appear until you're in vicinity of the door.

- The goal usually appears in the middle of the room with the river, if 
  it isn't in there take the door on the shorter side, instead of the one
  the long ways across, because that just leads you back to the beginning.

The only enemies here are melee attackers, the wolves can jump but since 
they take so much recoil from your attacks they're not even as big of a 
threat as a Booma.

Difficulty: 1/10
Length: 1/10
Recommended Weapon: Use a gun, you can stay at a distance and slaughter 
Bottomline:  This is the beginner level, even in the hardest difficulties the
             enemies do not pose the slightest threat.  When you're just 
             starting off though, it's ok to return to town to get more 
             healing items.


Forest 2 believe it or not can give you some problems if you're not careful.
You're going to run into Hildebears here, they have attacks that do roughly 
3x the damage of the other enemies and they can shoot Foie out of their 


For optimum safety, approach a Hildebear from an angle, get him to swing his 
arm at you, retreat, come back during the attack animation and get one normal 
attack in, repeat until you've killed it.

Do not leave Forest 2 without hitting the huge brown column you see standing 
around.  This thing is vital to your completing the game, it can appear in a 
few different rooms, but wherever it is, it will NOT be on your way to the 
goal.  You simply have to clear the entire level.  Make sure that you know 
the following:

- The column can either be behind the light blue door (near central dome, 
  it is a darker room you access from the huge area with 6 doors), or around 
  the small lake.

- Hildebears and GigoBoomas start appearing here, they will inflict more pain
  and take more damage than the enemies you're used to at this point, 
  be prepared to hit and run if you're a little low on the experience points 
  side of things.

- The goal is always at the same place, but to get to it, you use a green 
  warp, this warp can either be in the large room at the very bottom right 
  hand corner of the map, or the room in the very bottom left.  In both cases 
  it will be   behind a laser barrier within the room.  Once you take the 
  warp, you'll be on 'Central Dome', kill all the enemies in the immediate 
  area, go through the only door that's there.  You'll find 4-6 enemies in 
  the next room, at least one is always a Hildebear so be prepared.  When 
  you've killed the 2nd group   in this room, the red portal will be 
  accessible and you can advance to the boss.

Difficulty: 1/10
Length: 2/10
Recommended Weapon: Use a gun, you can stay at a distance and slaughter 
                    almost everything.
Bottomline:  This doesn't offer a great challenge either, just keep far from
             the hildebears and you'll be fine.

[5B] The Forest Boss Dragon/Sil Dragon

The dragon is the first boss you'll have to contend with, and although he 
may seem invulnerable to a first time player, I'll see to it that you can
beat him down even at the lowest levels.

His Attack Patterns:

-  Walking

   As the dragon walks he can and will step on you, the damage resulting 
   is the next to worst he can do, so if you're taking 80% HP damage every 
   hit you might consider training some more.  Best way to remedy the dragon 
   walking is to take it off its feet, by repeatedly attacking them.
-  Crushing

   When the dragon takes about 1/4 worth of his HP damage in his feet he'll 
   fall to the ground.  If you're too close you'll take damage, but it's the 
   least he can dish out. 

-  Walking/Spewing Fire

   If you're in the dragon's sight before he decides its fun to take off, 
   he'll spread a continuous wave of flames over a large area.  Just run away
   to avoid this one, straight flight, nothing fancy.  The damage is average.

-  Aerial Stomp

   After flying around for a decent amount of time the dragon will stomp 
   the ground.  You'll receive a damage if you're within a few steps of his 
   torso range, just stay at least clear of his wings, after he lands you 
   can rush in for the attack.  This attack is the dragon's most dangerous.

-  Flying/Spewing Fire

   When flying, the dragon shoots out 5 balls of fire in a spread fashion.  
   They're fast and somewhat hard to dodge.  If you stay right under him he 
   won't have a chance to hit you, when his flight path starts changing get 
   out from under him or you'll be in for a stomping.

-  Flying/Burrowing

   After taking 3/4 of his life away, the dragon will use a desperation 
   attack, he starts flying but instead of lobbing fire at you, he's going 
   to make a quick shift in speed and altitude, and then drop straight down 
   THROUGH the ground.  The ground will begin to shake and he'll dig in 
   random directions.  In mid movement he will change his direction to come
   towards you.  Stay moving towards him, but constantly along the walls so 
   you can avoid this one.  This is the next to most damaging move in the         
   dragon's arsenal.

Your Attack Patterns:

- Melee attackers should go for the dragon's feet, if they're out of reach go
onto the defense until he lands again.

- Ranged attackers can keep a constant stream of fire going at the dragon even
while he's high above them, Zonde/GiZonde/RaFoie should make up the only techs
you try to use on him.  Even with the extra range, go for the feet, they have
less defense.


-  When fighting the Sil Dragon, it is very important that if you don't have
   a CURE/FREEZE slot item that you do not get hit.  Every attack the Dragon
   does has a chance of freezing you, and as such will leave you in a spot to 
   be hit again.  Luckily his attack patterns are still very predictable 
   and very closely follow the ones listed above.  Just wait until he stands 
   still to attack if you don't have a CURE/FREEZE.

-  Sil Dragon moves at about double the speed of the normal Dragon.

-  Sil Dragon's burrowing attack is slightly modified.  After burrowing,
   he will leave an icy patch instead of a fiery hole, these patches can
   freeze you if you touch them... and then they can damage you as you stand

-  The burrowing attack zig-zags the room still but afterwards Sil goes
   into a fast spiral starting on the outside and working its way inward.
   After a few underground attacks have been launched stay on the inside
   and cross the dragon's path as he works his way in.  If you can't pull
   this off, then just stay on the extreme outside of the level so you
   only get hit once.

[5C] The Caves

The Caves are almost universally the least liked levels of the game.  They 
aren't that pretty and they certainly don't earn any points in the innovation
category.  Most enemies are melee, but there are a few curveballs here and

-  The blue blobs moving along the floor are enemies you can only hit them once
   before they return to their invincible state, this makes them very annoying
   to kill.  ***ULTIMATE NOTE*** The slimes split in ultimate just about
   everytime you hit them, until you've split one slime into 4, you won't
   be able to kill it.

- A rather wide enemy called PanArms is also found that is basically 
  immune to physical attacks, fear not it will soon split in two and 
  become vulnerable.  

-  More dangerous ranged attackers are in the caves, the Nano Dragon gets
   stronger with every kill it makes, and the Poison Lilies will cause 
   status defects.  ***NOTE***  In ultimate difficulty, these Poison Lilies
   become Ob Lilies, who have the ability to shoot Megid, a one hit kill
   move.  It fires quickly at you in the form of a purplish orb, you can
   dodge it much like the poison lily attack if you're paying attention,
   just get close in and they'll stop shooting at you.  However if your combo
   doesn't do the job, you are likely to get paralyzed.

-  Grass Assassins and Poison Lilies have desperation attacks.  When the Grass
   Assassin's head begins to glow get out of the way and attack after the
   charge.  When a poison lily begins to spin, attack from a distance or face 
   the consequences.

-  ***ULTIMATE*** Crimson Assassins are the upgraded Grass Assassins.
   When they spit their webbing at you, they're trying to freeze you,
   so be ready to hit left and right alternately very fast.

Cave 1 is much larger than any of the Forest levels, many of the rooms look the 
same and this makes it difficult to guage where you are.  Stay away from doors
that you have no intention of entering, this way they won't get drawn onto your 
map and you won't accidentally skip them because you think you've explored them

To get to the goal:

- Pass through the large room with volcanic lava falls and a hole in the middle.

- Find a green warp, kill the Poison Lily and the Grass Assassin, use the warp 
  then walk to the right , inside the door is the exit.

Difficulty: 3/10
Length: 5/10
Recommended Weapon: Have a gun ready for the nano dragons they flee a lot.  Use
                    your most damaging weapon on everything else.
Bottomline:  Long and exhausting, get through it as fast as you can so you don't
             bore yourself.


Cave 2 just like all the other '2' levels has a column.  And since the 
column is always on a path alternate from the one that reaches the exit, 
it can be like dental surgery playing long enough to find it.  Luckily, 
like all the other columns it will be placed out in the open.  In this case
it will be in the middle of a square room, or on a small inlet in a 
waterfall room.
  Other than that obscure detail, Caves 2 has nothing new to offer, you'll
run into the same door lock mechanisms (life force and sets of switches).

- Don't forget the column

- You're getting close when the rooms start losing their happy organic look,
  and are getting smaller.

Difficulty: 4/10
Length: 4/10
Recommended Weapon: Have a gun ready for the nano dragons they flee a lot.  Use
                    your most damaging weapon on everything else.
Bottomline:  Although not as long as Cave 1, you might get frustrated in here
             too, since there are more enemies amidst the maze.


Cave 3 isn't exactly a walk in the park on later difficulties.  Its maze
structure and awful size make it the most discouraging level to play in my
opinion.  Just know that a huge chunk of EXP is right around the corner when
you take on the boss.  Getting to the goal you should look for these things:

-  Y-Shaped rooms, you'll run into two before you get to the exit.

-  Long rectangular rooms, they throw tons of enemies at you, but the doors
   they unlock are the ones you need to go through to reach the end.

-  Stay away from doors that are already opened when you get there, they're
   just going to lead you to items, and every now and then more enemies.

Difficulty: 5/10
Length: 6/10
Recommended Weapon: A weapon that can hit multiple enemies is best, a partisan
                    launcher or aura technique for example.
Bottomline:  GET OUT AS FAST AS YOU CAN, this level is TERRIBLE.

[5D] De Rol Le/Da Ral Lie

SonicTeam decided to keep the boss in trend with the level.  Meaning that
this boss is the cheapest little punk you'll have to fight in the game.
He has several quick hitting attacks that you cannot dodge without 
completely interrupting your own attack patterns.  A force with good Gizonde
will have the easiest time.

Del Rol Le and his later incarnation swim around the murky water while
you try desperately to end your suffering from a raft.

His Attack Patterns:

-  Beam Shooting

   He goes to the rear of the raft and shoots a purple beam at you about 8
   different times.  The damage he does with this attack is on level with
   all the rest of his attacks.  

-  Side Spray

   As he splashes up and down on the side of the boat, he'll give a quick
   leap to signify that he's going to launch tons of purple projectiles at
   you.  Because of the transparency effects used by the game it can be
   very hard to tell how to dodge this move.  Since he shoots the 
   missiles at 2 crossing angles, walk in accordance with each one 
   alternately for best results.

-  Mines A

   With a thrash of his tail, several mines land on the raft and remain
   stationary.  In normal you'll find them very difficult to destroy,
   but in later diffs they're HP isn't so high, destroy one of them
   in a corner, and then stand at the extreme corner to avoid all damage.

-  Mines B

   The tail whips again, and you're surrounded with 3 mines, they blow
   up in succession giving you a chance to take out each one in the order
   that they landed.  

-  Antenna Poke

   When he rests his head on the raft, anyone standing still is in 
   danger of taking a hard hit from the antennae, these hits usually,
   result in a knockdown, screwing melee players out of their only chance
   to hit him easily.

-  Rock Shower

   This attack is just cheap, you can't really judge where the rocks are
   going to fall because the shadows are late and the rocks spawn just above
   your head.

Your Attack Patterns:

-  Gizonde!

   This is my favorite technique and after fighting this boss you'll see why.
   While he swims alongside you zap him a few times with this, you get whatever
   damage your gizonde does times the amount of parts you hit.  You can usually
   get 8x your normal damage with this, and considering the amount of HP this
   dude has you're gonna want every bit of it.  

-  Guns, lots of guns

   Range weapons aren't necessary, but they certainly do speed this up a bit, if
   you aren't packin' heat, be prepared to heal frequently.

-  Caution

   When his head is resting on the raft, attack until you notice an antenna
   moving.  At this point cease the attack and retreat,  immediately after
   impact start the offense again, but this time stop attacking when the antenna
   returns to a ready position from its stationary hold on the raft.


In Ultimate difficulty you're up for an even longer fight.  Da Ral Lie
attacks much faster than the versions of him in the easier difficulties.
Keep these pointers in mind and you'll survive:

-  His Beam now shoots much faster, his quick successions will almost
   always leave you on the floor.  Be ready to take at least one hit.

-  He can still sidespray.

-  He is immune to Gizonde, and resistant to most force techs (this is 
   why it takes so long).  Personally I'd use gi or rafoie instead.
   The damage is miniscule but you need to hit him with something.

-  His antennae strike earlier and faster than normal when he is
   resting his head, be ready to stop your attack.

[5E] The Mines

Well the bulk of your work in Episode I is over.  The mines present a unique
graphical style as well as several new fighting aspects.  The Mines are 
divided into 2 levels.  

- Dubchics and Gillchics will fall down when attacked usually

- Many enemies hit and run.  This can get annoying, but it does mean you won't
  get too many crowds around you.

- The red canadine's trigger self destructs in the normal ones, kill the red guy
  and then run until the others have exploded, it'll save you a lot of time.

- If a Sinow Gold appears take him out fast, he can heal his fellow machines.

- Uses Garanz's missiles against itself by running circles around it.

- Keep trap visions with you, there are plenty of confusion and slow traps.


- Dubchic/Gillchic recoil from your attack on a basis of luck, no matter
  how hard you hit them they'll only fall back 20% of the time.

- Sinow Blue/Red replace Beat/Gold.  Blue/Red are more cowardly and will
  leap backwards after almost every attack they do to you, so be ready
  to use a ranged weapon.  Red has the ability to cast Shifta and Deband
  as well as Resta.

Mines 1 doesn't lead you into many alternate paths, just don't go through any
doors that require you to hit 4 switches and you'll find Mines 2 with 
little more trouble than the oil stains you got from killing all those robots.

- Avoid the 4 switch door.

- Check the branched off doors, but if they're dead ends just keep moving on,
  the path is fairly linear.

Difficulty: 4/10
Length: 3/10
Recommended Weapon: A weapon that can hit multiple enemies is good
                    but isn't really necessary since Gillchics which
                    are the bulk of the enemy population, fall back
                    when hit.
Bottomline:  Beware the Canadine and Gillchic attacks, you could
             easily be paralyzed or get into slo-mo.


Mines 2 unfortunately is a tad longer than Mines 1.  It's also a smidgeon
more difficult.  But it is by no means on par with the horror that is the

- The huge four pronged rooms signify you're on your way to the goal.

- If you see a Garanz you are on the path to the goal.

- The four pronged rooms' other paths usually lead straight to the column,
  which is easy to find as ever, this is the last column in the game, so
  you can breathe easily.

- Dubchic will not die unless the weird floating mine is killed.  The mine
  does not become vulnerable until one Dubchic loses its first set of HP.

- Again keep some trap visions, you're going to go through a ton of narrow

Difficulty: 5/10
Length: 4/10
Recommended Weapon: A weapon that can hit multiple enemies is good
                    but isn't really necessary since Gillchics which
                    are the bulk of the enemy population, fall back
                    when hit.
Bottomline:  Try to line all the enemies up, there are a lot in here,
             but they're all fairly easy to kill, use Zonde techs for a 
             chance at paralysis.

[5F] Vol Opt/Vol Opt v2

Admittedly this boss intimidated me the first time I fought him with
my little bro's RAmar in tow.  Vol Opt goes through 2 stages, both of
which are easy to fend off after you read the following notes.

- In Stage 1 Vol Opt consists of several bonk a mole style columns
  popping out of random holes, an electric nozzle in the center of the
  room, and many computer monitors.  The monitors are only vulnerable when
  they turn red.  The nozzle is always vulnerable, as are the columns.

- In Stage 1 hit the red column when you can, it'll prevent your 

- In Stage 2 start running laps around the area when a laser sight is
  pointed at you.

- In Stage 2 rip off the healing and missile launching sides of Vol Opt.

His Attack Patterns (Stage 1)

- Electrocution

  This is the only method of attack Vol Opt has in stage 1.  It's instant and
  paralyzes you 90% of the time.  Unless you have items to prevent electrocution
  you're going to need to hit the red columns to protect yourself.  I suggest
  Sol Atomizers when you're a lower level, just to be sure you don't get 
  stuck in long spells of paralysis.

His Attack Patterns (Stage 2)

- Healing

  The black bug shaped side of Vol Opt lifts up to heal the boss.  The healing
  actually isn't that big of a threat since it is so weak.  The part that 
  activates the healing can be destroyed.

- Missile Launch
  The largest side of Vol Opt Stage 2, fires rockets at you.  This side is also
  easily torn off with enough damage, try to take this side out first so you
  don't have to contend with the high damage.

- Column Stomping

  A red laser sight points at the player and 3 columns take turns trying to
  crush the hunter.  Simple run a few laps around the boss and you'll make it,
  when playing with friends make sure you're all running in the same direction
  and at a distance from each other, or the trailing columns will smash your

- Trap Beam

  The blue colored side shoots a green ball at you, if it manages to touch
  you (it usually won't it's VERY slow, just avoid the blue side of the boss)
  then you'll get trapped in a rocky barrier that prevents you from moving,
  attacking, and casting.  You can use healing items still, and you'd better
  because this is the most damage Vol Opt can do.  With buddies around, 
  politely ask "SWEET MERCIFUL @#*&! HELP ME" since they can move, they can
  also destroy the barrier thus saving you from distentigration.

Your Attack Patterns (Stage 1)

- Columns

  Bash the red column with whatever you got, ignore the blue ones unless you 
  absolutely cannot get to the red one in time.

- I Like Blowin' Things Up

  Between Vol Opt's shock attacks, snipe out the TV screens with either a 
  gun or a Gizonde tech.  Gizonde lets you hit all 4 vulnerable screens at
  once, you'll pull massive damage and very easily move on to Stage 2.
  If you'd rather use a large sword, be my guest, but be aware you're more
  susceptible to shock if you're chasing down the red screens.

Your Attack Patterns (Stage 2)

- Break It

  Break the healing part of Vol Opt, it's black and somewhat resembles an
  insect.  It's the weakest part and anything that gives you more room to
  maneuver is a plus.

- Bash It

  The missile launchers can also be destroyed fairly easily, since they're
  the hardest attack to dodge, it's imperative you get rid of the launchers.
  If you'd like to attack them from a safe distance I recommend a long range
  melee weapon, this will let you hit 2-3 parts of Vol Opt by running right
  up to him.

- Hit and Run

  As long as you're out of the laser sights and the Trap Beam's path, you
  can attack whatever whenever.  


Vol Opt V2 isn't drastically different from V1.  He is only different in
a few ways:

- His type alignment shifts throughout your battle.  He can be using Foie
  attacks on you one minute and then Zonde the next.  When he's using Foie,
  you should use Barta, when he uses Barta use Zonde, when he uses Zonde
  use Foie.  If you're a melee character you'll be much better off just
  attacking him with a weapon than you will be with techniques.

- In his 2nd form, the column smashing attack has a few variations.  Now
  the columns (which have been replaced with claw like objects), can drop
  in a random order instead of being even spaced apart, they may all drop
  instantaneously.  In another case, the infrared aiming beams won't target
  you, instead they'll spin around and just drop claws at random points.

[5G] The Ruins

The Ruins are in 3 parts, they involve a lot more enemies, and thus a lot
more fighting.  The levels are extensive but they seem longer than they
are because of the amount of battle involved.  Keep these universal hints
in mind:

- Sorcerors can heal themselves with Resta, knock you out with RaFoie, 
  and freeze you with GiBarta.  They are the #1 priority kill in these 

- All the enemies with the except of Claw are extremely dangerous in this 
  level.  Claw are slow and do little damage, worry about them later.

- Delsaber can only be hit from behind or while he is executing his own 

- Belra gets dizzy if you stay behind him long enough, that's your best 
  chance for a strike.


- Dark Belras are replaced with Indi Belras, they shoot off their arm
  cannons at about double the rate of the former.  The arm shots can
  paralyze you.  Simply dizzy Indi Belra for best results.

- Gran Sorcerors have extremely deadly attacks:  Grants, Megid, and
  a 800+ HP healing Resta.

Ruins 1 is consisted of wide open rooms, look for the room with a large
waterfall, once you get there you're well on your way to Ruins 2.  

Difficulty: 6/10
Length: 7/10
Recommended Weapon: A weapon that can hit multiple enemies 
Bottomline:  Group up the enemies, but take out sorcerers, belras, and
             centaurs first


There's a secret item stash behind the aforementioned waterfall.

Inside Ruins 2 stay away from the 4 switch doors, and find the room with several
warps and the very large room with 4 laser barriers, you'll be right at Ruins 3
when you've done this.  If you're not sure about a set of doors, go through the 
door with the Rico message next to it.

Difficulty: 7/10
Length: 7/10
Recommended Weapon: A weapon that can hit multiple enemies 
Bottomline:  Group up the enemies, but take out sorcerers, belras, and
             centaurs first

Ruins 3 sports a more organic look, as if you were inside the heart of something
of incomprehensible evil.  The more red the place gets the closer you are.  Look
for larger rooms, you'll be about 4 rooms away when you find a really awkward
little cranny with a crystal in the middle of the room and no enemies at all.
When you do teleport to the boss area you'll find yourself in a happy field...
but is all as it seems?  Walk up to the shrine and accept your fate.

Difficulty: 8/10
Length: 7/10
Recommended Weapon: A weapon that can hit multiple enemies 
Bottomline:  Group up the enemies, but take out sorcerers, belras, and
             centaurs first

[5H] Dark Falz

Well it all comes down to this.  Falz has found a host body, and is using it to
puppet this whole evil operation.  Dark Falz goes through 4 stages of incomparable
power before giving in.  The 3rd stage does not appear until Hard difficulty.

His Attack Patterns (Stage 1)

- Darvants

  Weird little mines float around the area, there are easily hundreds of them,
  but only about 20 of them have purple cores, and since only the purple cored
  ones are vulnerable this is a little unfair.  Strike down the purple ones as
  fast you can, it's your only line of defense.

His Attack Patterns (Stage 2)

- Pilla

  Similar to the Photon Blast, Pilla, Falz can call down a rain of damage that
  always hits.  Even a strong character can be taken by surprise with this 
  attack.  He does it rarely luckily, as it is his most damaging attack.

- Super Barta

  Most if not all of the arena's hunters are bombarded with ice and almost 
  every single time he casts this infernal attack you're going to freeze.  You
  can try and mash the controller to break free or you can carry anti-freeze
  items.  When you're frozen there's no delay between the hits you take, so
  if darvants linger too close you could find yourself dead very quickly.

- Darvant Frenzy

  The dragon like heads continually spit out more of these things, you can 
  however destroy all of them now, but there's almost no point since they 
  replenish so often.  You do indeed get EXP from them.

His Attack Patterns (Stage 3)

- Pilla

  Similar to the Photon Blast, Pilla, Falz can call down a rain of damage that
  always hits.  Even a strong character can be taken by surprise with this 
  attack.  He does it rarely luckily, as it is his most damaging attack.

- Super Barta

  Most if not all of the arena's hunters are bombarded with ice and almost 
  every single time he casts this infernal attack you're going to freeze.  You
  can try and mash the controller to break free or you can carry anti-freeze
  items.  When you're frozen there's no delay between the hits you take, so
  if darvants linger too close you could find yourself dead very quickly.

- Quake

  Although not very likely, every now and then Falz shakes the ground, slowing
  you down, like most of his attacks there's no normal way to evade it, you'll
  have to use a Photon Blast to make yourself invincible for a few seconds.

- Healing

  I've only seen it happen once, but in these unholy rare occurences, Falz 
  heals himself, setting you back several thousand meseta worth of effort.

His Attack Patterns (Stage 3 [HARD MODE AND ABOVE ONLY])

- Invincibility

  During and between his attacks, Dark Falz will turn himself mostly
  invincible.  Force characters rejoice, you can still hurt him with 
  elemental attacks (as well as Grants), in this stage.

- Cheapness

  Dark Falz strikes you so fast that you have no chance to react, his 
  claws do the same damage as his other Stage 3 attacks and that is
  not a good thing.  If you keep moving you can avoid the claws but
  you won't be able to attack, it's better to sacrifice the HP here.

- Geez that's cheap

  Well it's not bad enough that he's invincible, but every now and then our good
  buddy flies up and does a series of two attacks, first a barrage of twin blue
  spheres, about 16 in all.  If you circle the arena you'll dodge them all no
  big deal.  Next you get hit with yet another unavoidable attack (Grants), just
  be ready to heal afterwards so you can survive the quick claw strike he likes
  to follow up with.  If you have the extra slots a Resist Light, Saint, or
  Holy might be worth it.  In the harder difficulties preceding this attack
  with be a quick shot of Megid, it has a fairly low chance of killing you,
  and if you're moving you can eliminate that chance completely.

- Sweet mother of cheapness

  Falz crosses a line, he makes a copy of your body, puts it in his mouth, 
  and uses it to save him during his last 1/3 of HP.  As long as he is red
  on the radar any and all damage you do to him, also gets dealt to you, 
  so you have to heal yourself from the damage you did to him...  all the
  while healing from his onslaught.


When you do decide it's time to fight Ultimate Falz, do yourself a favor
and be at Level 120 at the VERY least.  Dark Falz in Ultimate has only
one new attack, but it's a doozy.  In his next to last stage, he will
create a green aura around you, and suck 50% of your HP and then he will
heal himself 1200 HP.  Keep these things in mind if you want to escape 

-  There is no benefit to beating Falz on ultimate except for the 39,000
   experience he yields, so don't be in a rush to get to him.

-  Falz is still extremely weak to Grants, and vulnerable to techniques
   during his prismatic invincibility.

-  His Megid/Grants are of much higher level now.

-  His blue homing balls now make 2 dashes at you before disappearing,
   this means they'll change direction once before they're gone.

It sounds bad because it is kids.  Dark Falz is the cheapest enemy in the
game.  He's tough and can take an hour or more to beat, but the point is
he is very mortal and as long as you follow my tips you'll come out alive
every time. 


(7) Episode I Ending



With Dark Falz destroyed, immediately a red-headed female pops out, and flies
off screen.  Dark Falz had inhabited none other than Red Ring Rico, 
the Principal's daughter you were SUPPOSED to save.  Well you failed... 
nice work man.  There's no way to get her to survive so don't even try, 
just reap the benefits of the dead Falz and then watch the credits.  The 
Credits last for a really long time and play some nice orchestrated music 
while a red ring (get it?!?!) spins around.  The credits continue on 
afterward to show your character in different battle situations it's a 
humbling feeling especially to the great music.  Everytime you beat Falz on 
a certain difficulty you earn access to the next one.  But there is one 
other goal you must meet, the level requirement [see '(2) Game Modes' ]



(8) Walkthrough Episode II


An undisclosed time period after the incident on Ragol, our heroes return to
the Pioneer 2.  The military scientists have taken special interest in the 
happenings on Ragol, and have set up an area they call "Lab" from which to
conduct their operations.  They only want the best hunters to go down for
them, so obviously a training exercise is required to test your skill.
There are two VR Training Exercises they are both broken up into 2 levels,
each level has a boss (remade Dragon, remade Del Rol Le).

[8A] VR Temple Alpha/Beta
[8B] VR Temple Boss
[8C] VR Spaceship Alpha/Beta
[8D] VR Spaceship Boss
[8E] Central Control Area
[8F] CCA Boss Gal Gryphon
[8G] Seabed Upper/Lower Levels
[8H] Seabed Boss Olga Flow

[8A] VR Temple Alpha/Beta

The Temple levels are best thought of as shoddily put together little filler stages.
Basically enemies from Episode I are reused in completely unaltered forms.  You'll
find the following punk monsters from your early days:

- Poison Lilies *ARGH*
- Dimenians *DOH*
- Rappies
- Hildebears *yikes*

You also have to contend with the crushing columns ala the Caves.  Don't worry,
just in case you were bored plenty of traps were added as well, now take all
these happy elements and put them into one ultra cramped level with mainly
small rooms, that are too identical for me to have many hints on where to go.
This is the best advice I can offer:

- Go in fully loaded, I'm talking 10 of whatever mates/fluids/atomizers you can

- Try not to go in alone there are high densities of enemies

- Remember what I taught you in Episode I, if you can't the FAQ is always here

- Don't try Episode II if you're already having troubles with Episode I in the
  same difficulty


VR Temple Alpha

- Head towards the two interlocked S curve rooms, you're going the right way
  if you pass rooms with their columns marked as blank on the map

- There are many rooms where instead of a doorway there are barriers that have
  to be smashed with 6 total attacks of any strength

Difficulty: 3/10
Length: 6/10
Recommended Weapon: A weapon that can hit multiple enemies 
Bottomline:  Group up the enemies, but take out the lilies first

VR Temple Beta

Difficulty: 3/10
Length: 6/10
Recommended Weapon: A weapon that can hit multiple enemies 
Bottomline:  Group up the enemies, but take out the lilies first

[8B] VR Temple Boss

The boss of the temple is a remix of the old Caves boss Del Rol Le.  Although he
uses many of the same attacks, he seems easier somehow I guess he doesn't have
as much HP.  The major factor in his easyness is he doesn't have that forsaken
antenna stab attack, so when he rests his head on your raft you can beat him 
senseless with no fear. 

His Attack Patterns

-  Weird Little Piglets

   Bizarre purple/blue pig like things crawl towards you on the raft,
   their damage is mediocre.  If you have a large weapon you can swat
   all of them in one fell swoop.

-  Side Spray

   As he splashes up and down on the side of the boat, he'll give a quick
   leap to signify that he's going to launch tons of purple projectiles at
   you.  Because of the transparency effects used by the game it can be
   very hard to tell how to dodge this move.  Since he shoots the 
   missiles at 2 crossing angles, walk in accordance with each one 
   alternately for best results.

-  Antenna Poke

   He goes under your raft and stabs upward, the spears do little damage,
   but since they cause poison they can get on your nerves.

Your Attack Patterns

-  Range Attackers can shoot him constantly, especially since he has fewer
   attacks than the original.  When he gets under the ship though just be
   ready to cast Anti or use a Sol Atomizer/Antidote.

-  All characters best opportunity is to bombard the boss when he rests his
   head on the barge.

[8C] VR SpaceShip Alpha/Beta

This level as well as the temple is used for an arena in the multiplayer
battle modes.  Spaceship is fairly linear, has decent sized rooms, and yet 
another annoying combination of enemies.

Expect these guys:
- Wolves (both Savage and Barbarous)
- Gillchic
- Delsaber
- PanArms (although he doesn't seem to be physical immune this time)
- Garanz
- Dubchic
- Chaos Sorceror

For strategies on each, look to their respective levels in the Episode I
portion of the FAQ.

VR Spaceship Alpha

- The light switch for the first dark room, is in the room reached by the
  adjacent hallway.

- There is a switch to unlock one of the doors at the end of a deadend 

Difficulty: 3/10
Length: 6/10
Recommended Weapon: A weapon that can hit quickly 
Bottomline:  The enemies recoil a lot, so you don't need to try to fend them all
             off with one swing, you just knock back each individual one with a
             saber or something of good ATP
VR Spaceship Beta

- Dubchics are in here, remember to take out the mine controlling them or you'll
  be fighting forever.

- Chaos Sorcerors are top priority, they're too big of a threat.  They cast
  Gizonde now instead of Rafoie, so you are at a high risk of being paralyzed.

- When you find the room with the 4 switch door, you're well on your way, but
  as always take the doors that open when the enemies are dead and not the ones
  with more than 2 locks on them.

- You don't have any messages from Rico to follow anymore, so follow the Data
  links, they're usually halfway markers for a level.

- Watch your health, it's gonna start training fast near the end of the level,
  there's a room filled with poison gas, keep your health up.

Difficulty: 4/10
Length: 5/10
Recommended Weapon: A weapon that can hit quickly 
Bottomline:  The enemies recoil a lot, so you don't need to try to fend them all
             off with one swing, you just knock back each individual one with a
             saber or something of good ATP

[8D] VR Spaceship Boss

Well the rehashing continues at this point folks, although the arena itself is
much more detailed than the Central Dome of the past, the boss is not exactly
a polygon count beast.  Fortunately for all you readers that doesn't mean he's
difficult in fact he's quite easy.  It's time to kill this Dragon remix.

His Attack Patterns

- Stomp the Floor

  Well this is almost as dangerous as the stomp featured in Episode I Forest,
  except for the fact that it is much more obvious where the stomp damage is
  occurring because of all the floor panels shooting up.  Just steer clear 
  when he leaps into the air.

- Spew

  The Gol Dragon can spew Barta, Zonde, and Foie attacks from its mouth.  It
  uses a side to side spraying motion and it always cycles between the ice,
  lightning, and fire attacks in that order.  You can be frozen/paralyzed from
  the Barta and Zonde techniques.

- Spray
  Again using the 3 element cycle, the Gol Dragon leaps into the air, spins
  as if he were going into a dive but now random throwing tiny chips of Barta,
  Zonde, and Foie.  You can be frozen/paralyzed from the Barta and Zonde 

- Split

  As a desperation tactic the dragon duplicates itself, forcing you to fight
  both at once, but since he isn't the speediest thing that ever lived, you
  will do fine.  The clone dies really fast anyway.

[8E] Central Control Area

Technically this area is split up into 7 stages.  But since the areas are so
small the Lab only directly teleports you to the Central Control Area.  All
the sub areas contain plethoras of new enemies and super shiny graphics that
make all the previous levels look like the garbage they are.  You main goal
is to go through the 3 sub levels, deactivate the security (through a computer
at the end of the stage) and return to the small CCA stage, and then fight the

Here are some must knows for this area as a whole:

- The new enemy attack patterns are more diverse than those of the Episode I

- More and more enemies have the ability to freeze/paralyze you.

- The stages themselves have very high densities of enemies, if you're 
  anything like me you may accidentally skip a large group and have to 
  backtrack, make sure an area is clear before you leave it, since the doors
  aren't as clearly marked as they were in Episode I you might actually get
  stuck here a few times, be on the lookout for logs and large deposits of
  water to be walkable ground.

[8F] CCA Boss Gal Gryphon

A Gryphon is a big ugly demi-bird with horns and hooves.  And this
particular Gryphon is quite nasty, he moves faster than most of the bosses
you're used to, but he can be taken down fairly easily if you avoid his
stomp attack.

His Attack Patterns

- Scamper

  Gal runs around for about 6 seconds in a small circular pattern.  The
  damage is pretty scary, but the attack is very easy to dodge.

- Wail

  After standing still too long, Gal transitions into a new attack by
  rearing back and stomping the ground impossibly hard.  This is his
  most damaging attack, but it is also the easiest to dodge.  Just
  keep out of his immediate area.

- Head Beam

  Using those big ol' horns, Gal sprays a beam of nice looking electricity
  if you can stop staring at it long enough to attack his feet, you'll
  have no problem, he doesn't move at all during this attack, just fires 
  a simple beam right in front of him.

- Head Beam (Very Hard)

  In Very Hard, Gal's beam now covers some of his body as well as the area
  in front of him.  The best way to avoid being hit while still attacking
  is to go for his heels on the back two feet.

- ThunderStorm (Very Hard)

  When landing from flight in V Hard, Gal rains lightning everywhere,
  the damage isn't anything to ignore but the attack is fairly dodgeable,
  keep moving.

- Wing Touch

  Before touching back down from flight, Gal tends to swoop low at you,
  if you stay near the sides of his torso you'll avoid the wings, if
  you stand anywhere else you'll probably be victimized by the large wing
  span.  Only minimal damage.

- Tornado!

  While in the air Gal fires these little pellets at you, they're easy
  to avoid but don't stand still between each evasion, because each pellet
  creates a small whirlwind that chases you around, just keep moving,
  you can attack later.

Your Attack Patterns

- Don't attack Gal when he's flying, even if you're weapon has ludicrous

- When Gal lands, move in just before his 'Wail' attack animation begins.
  By the time you get into attacking range, he will have finished the move
  and you can get in 6-7 hits before he starts moving again.

[8G] Seabed Upper/Lower Levels

Seabed Upper Levels

Seabed uses a lot of mirror and water reflections to create a nice eerie
destroyed ship look. The enemies are a lot tougher in here, and the cramped
hallways and dozens of intersections make navigating repetitive.  You're
going to have a much tougher time here than you did in the Central
Control Area.  And here's why:

- Dolmolm/Doldmarl are these squid creatures that move along at an 
  average speed, they're the primary enemy so be ready to fight swarms of
  them.  The best tricks are to strike them quickly, and run the second
  they surround you, because even the fastest weapons will be too slow
  to hit them before they attack you again.  They whip you constantly
  with their tentacles so if you're alone you're gonna have to play the
  stamina game as if you were fighting a boss.

- Delbiter this is a strange wolf like creature that moves very quickly,
  can shoot beams out of its mouth and wound you mortally with its
  extremely high ATP.  They are the most dangerous enemies in the Seabed.

- RecoBoxes create little bear like heads that bounce around the room,
  launching tiny explosive bombs at you.  They're not incredibly dangerous
  but they do take a lot of damage.

- Recons are the bear heads that come out of the boxes, they just get in
  the way of you unlocking doors, if you can't see the box they're coming
  out of, backtrack and work your way around to an alternate route, there
  are several times when the RecoBoxes will be on a lower floor.

- Security lasers like the ones found in the Central Control Area will
  activate some very annoying trap turrets.  They fire Gibarta and Foie
  at you, destroy them if the alarm goes off.

You'll know you're nearing the exit as you pass datalinks and wrecked

Difficulty: 7/10
Length: 6/10
Recommended Weapon: A high damage weapon 
Bottomline:  Group up the enemies in front of you, don't get surrounded
             no matter how high of a level you are.  Make sure you
             destroy every RecoBox so you can advance.
             centaurs first
Seabed Lower Levels

The lower levels add a few more new types of enemies, the difficulty
jump is enormous here, a character just getting into Very Hard Episode 1
is probably the lowest level character that should go in here.

Keep these points in mind:

- Gibarta turrets appear in some doorways even if an alarm is not set 

- A new enemy called Morfos (dark) starts appearing in here.  It resembles
  a large flying X.  It will lob powerful beams at you that
  are impossible to dodge if you're taken offguard.

- Two forms of Sinow robots appear here:  Zoa and Zele.  They can both
  cloak, look for their reflections in the water if you can't tell
  where you're being hit from.  Watch your weapon, Zele will disarm
  you everytime it hits you, you won't drop the weapon to the ground,
  but you will have to open up your menu and re-equip it.

Difficulty: 9/10
Length: 7/10
Recommended Weapon: A fast weapon 
Bottomline:  Try to separate the enemies, be ready to heal at all times
             some enemies do huge damage.

[8H] Seabed Boss Olga Flow

Inside the deep underground super secret Subject Disposal
Area, your final challenge awaits.  Two stage boss this time.

His Attack Patterns (Stage 1)

- Green Spray

  Similar to the balls shot by Del Rol Le and all his incarnations,
  Olga Flow shoots about 16 of these green orbs in different
  directions.  They aren't very fancy and they aren't very dangerous,
  just know where they're gonna land.

- Green Wave

  I haven't found a way to avoid this attack.  However one of my readers has 
  blessed us with a technique.  When Olga Flow takes his  
  crossbow like weapon and begins to charge, run to the edge of the platform,
  but hang around to one side of Olga Flow, then chase the beam until the attack is over.
  The actual attack unleashes an increasing larger beam on you, he then uses it 
  to push you around the arena in a circular motion, this attack is pretty
  dangerous, the sooner you finish Stage 1 of the battle the sooner
  you can quit worrying about this attack.

- Sword Swipe

  This is a quick strike that is difficult to see coming, the only real hint
  is that Olga Flow is upside-down, but since that's frequently, a bit of a
  problem is presented.  The way to avoid it would be to stand farther from
  the boss, and melee characters don't have that option.  Damage is moderate 
  to low, and seems to be a desperation move towards the end of Stage 1.

- Shockwave

  As a desperation move, just before you've finished Stage 1 Olga, 
  you'll notice him falling for awhile creating blue streaks in his
  wake, this is your warning that a Shockwave is comin'.
  Next he'll float under the elevator you're standing on, and send 
  light spikes up through the floor, the outer rim of the elevator is the 
  safest place to be.

- Light Blast

  A linear attack that comes unexpectedly, just have your health at
  full so you can survive.

Your Attack Patterns

- In-Betweener

  Most guns will reach Olga from wherever you are standing, get in 
  shots whenever you can, you'll have plenty of opportunities.

- Close-up

  Olga frequently comes up close to the platform, he doesn't look
  like he's in melee range, but he usually is.  Any high power
  weapon will do, freestyle on his face.

Olga has now fallen down the shaft, you find yourself at the bottom
with him, and his spirit floats around the room aimlessly.  Heal
yourself now, then touch the spirit to trigger Stage 2.  Olga Flow
is now standing on his feet and similar to Dark Falz he will use
some assistants.

His Attack Patterns (Stage 2)

- Pure Evil

  Olga Flow steals your body and places it inside his chest, he turns
  orange and transparent while you turn into a really old Heathcliffe
  Flowen.  As with the Dark Falz move, everytime you hit the orange
  Olga Flow, you will take damage instead.  This attack can last 
  for unwieldly amounts of time, and the way to end it is not exactly
  clear.  In my experience, if you sustain a lot of damage, eventually
  Olga Flow gives up (like he is taking damage from his own attacks).
- Snakes

  Strange Claw like snakes float around the room dropping 'Giel'
  bombs than can paralyze you.  You can kill all of the assistants,
  but they all can come back.  Take out the Giel so you don't have
  to worry about paralysis everything else is no problem.

- Quake

  1/2 of the arena (from one side to the other) gets a fatal hit. 
  The damage is almost always fatal (meaning your MAG or scape doll
  is the only way to survive it) and the only real ways to dodge the
  attack is to not be on that side of the arena, or to be behind one
  of the huge stones he's knocked down.  Use the debris for cover and
  you're almost guaranteed to get out alright.  This attack comes
  from his 'MAG' snakes.  If they're dead he can't do this move.
- Plasma Rain

  An exact duplicate of Dark Falz's rain attack.  The radius is
  small for this attack and Olga will freeze for about 6 seconds
  before doing it, it's no threat at all if you're paying attention.
  When he begins to charge, just run.

- Elf Shoes

  Those pointy shoes are the most painful boss attack I've ever
  seen.  Melee attackers are in serious danger, they'll be attacking
  the feet all the time, just be aware that Olga thinks he's a
  professional walker.

Your Attack Patterns (Stage 2)

- Fancy Footwork

  While Olga flails around, get to his heels and unleash the fury of
  hell.  Take a quick weapon that can only hit one enemy.  Gun users
  won't have to contend with his constant stomping at least.  There is
  never a time where Olga isn't vulnerable so just let loose.


(9) Episode II Ending



It has indeed been the government's own ambition that caused all 
this evil.  Olga Flow drops its blade, which slowly disentigrates
as a body (It's Heathcliffe Flowen, the hero that everyone wants
back) flees the dead shell.  How will life go on under the corrupt 
government?  Will the hunters rebel?  Will this game ever get a sequel?
Chances are yes, because this game has always been popular.  The ending 
does have a certain element of sadness to it though, because it is the 
end of my time writing this, my first FAQ and finally reaching out to 
the PSO community.  



(10) FAQs


This is the section where I predict what kind of questions people
might ask me, and with my magic crystal ball, I conjure up the 

Q:  What is the best way to get a certain Section ID?
A:  Take a name that ideally you want to use.  Then go to
    ragol.co.uk's Section ID generator.  As you're typing the
    name it updates with what ID that name will be.  Add
    spaces or other characters after the name and you will
    cycle through most of the IDs.  There seem to be exceptions
    to this rule, so if you find yourself in that situation,
    capitalize one of the original letters of the name; and then
    continue with the aforementioned process.

Q:  What is this Booma's Claw (or any other enemy body part) I 
    found?  And what do I do with it?
A:  Ah a common question.  All "enemy weapons" are made from
    enemy body parts, and in many cases the body parts are a
    player's first rare.  To convert your enemy body parts,
    you must have beaten all the quests, this will give you
    free access to the quest "Unsealed Door".  Since you have
    beaten "Doc's Secret Plan" by this point, you can revisit
    "Unsealed Door" and find Montague in the lobby.  Hold the
    items you want to convert, and when you talk to Montague 
    he'll ask for one.  Simply select the item you want converted
    and he'll give you the new weapon/shield immediately.

Q:  I remember a Dressing Room feature in the Dreamcast version
    of PSO.  Is this feature still I the Gamecube game, and if 
    so how can I access it?
A:  If you have more than 10,000 meseta that you're willing to
    spend yes you can access the Dressing Room.  It allows you
    to change your hair type/color as well as your costume.
    Simply carry around the 10,000 meseta on your character,
    NOT your checkroom stash. Quit the game, and return to 
    the character select screen, hit 'A' on the character
    holding the meseta.  Alongside the "Confirm" message is 
    a "Dressing Room" option.  Enjoy!

Q:  Is there any truth to this Beat-Time-Rares business?
A:  Well I must admit I was very skeptical at first.  But
    after numerous tests I can say that the time of day has
    at least some effect on the amount of rares you find.
    For instance, just before I finished this version of the FAQ
    I had done a Mines run with my Bluefull and my friend's
    Yellowboze.  We had found only one or two rares in the 
    last 5 hours of playing.  But within 5 minutes of the Mines
    we found 6 rares!  Shortly afterwards we were back to finding
    no rares again.  This is more than enough proof for me.
    When I have some more concrete information, I'll post it
    here.  Until then, feel free to reach me on AIM with 
    your stories with beattime rares.  

Q:  How can I tell if an item has slots?
A:  You cannot tell simply by the color of an item's text.
    You have to pick it up and examine its item screen's 2nd
    page.  It will tell you plainly with this text "Slot #"
    When shopping the same process can be used.

Q:  How come I can't reach the next stage?
A:  If you beat a full set of stages (That means you have to beat
    ALL of the Forest or ALL of the Caves, not just Forest 1 or
    Caves 1) you talk to the principal and then you can advance.
    If you beat a set of stages in multiplayer, your progress 
    through the stages is not saved.  You have to progress in 
    singleplayer to start at the later levels in multiplayer.

Q:  What is the fastest way to escape being frozen without items?
A:  I've heard all the theories too, but the one method that gets
    you out faster is hitting left and then right alternatively and
    repeatedly on your control stick.  You can time it for yourself
    it helps a great deal, whereas ice duration is normally around
    6 seconds, when hitting left and right you can get out in less
    than 1!

Q:  What does an Amplifier of Resta/Zonde/Foie/Barta/Anti do?
A:  These rare items have to be used in conjunction with corresponding
    merge shields.  A zonde type amplifier needs to be used with a 
    yellow barrier.  Equip the barrier and then click use on the amp.
    Use Foie with RED, Barta with BLUE, it's pretty easy to figure out
    just kinda hard to get both the amp and the shield.

Q:  Are there new items in this game?
A:  Yes, there are lots of new rare weapons and armors and a few
    new items like the Amplifiers.

Q:  How come everytime I play I have to start over?  It seems
    No matter how many times me and my friends beat Forest we always 
    have to go back there.
A:  Level progress is not saved in multiplayer offline!  You have to beat
    the levels on your own when you're offline for the progress to be
    saved.  Also, no progress is considered to be made unless the boss
    has been killed.  Thus you cannot go on to Caves 1 until you
    have beaten the Dragon (Boss of Forest 2).  You always have to 
    start at stage 1 of a level, you cannot just jump into 2.
    But you can go into the next SET of levels.

Q:  What is new in the GCN version as far as gameplay?
A:  This took some people by surprise, but you can hit the columns
    in mid level just like I instruct in the FAQ.  In the DC
    version you had to beat the level before you could activate
    the column.

Q:  If a weapon has a max grinder of 30 how many Digrinders can I 
    use on it before I hit the max?
A:  15.  The max grinder is the max grinder value, not the max
    amount of grinders you can use on the item.

Q:  Can I find rares offline?
A:  Yep, as far as I know there isn't a single rare that you 
    can't find offline.

Q:  What do photon drops do?
A:  Using an online quest you trade them in for items, see
    the nice Photon Drop FAQ at www.gamefaqs.com

Q:  What color item boxes represent what?
A:  Armor, slot items, and MAGs come in blue boxes.
    Weapons come in orange boxes, even if they have to be identified
    to find out their mod.
    All rare things come in red boxes.
    Green boxes house disks, healing items, and grinders.

Q:  How come some weapons are different colors?
A:  Weapons colors display their power, in the beginning of the
    game you'll find green items, stronger than that are blue ones,
    and then purple, red, and finally gold.

Q:  Should I get this game if I'm not going to play it online?
A:  Definitely, I only play offline and it is a blast.

Q:  What can't I do offline?
A:  Download Episode II quests.

Q:  How come you left so much information out of your FAQ?
A:  Much of it was covered by other FAQs, but my updates to 
    this one will fill in a lot of the gaps.

Q:  How long did v1.0 take to write?
A:  3 days.  Not bad, but I'm insanely addicted to this game
    so that made it easier.


(11) DarkNightwing


DarkNightwing is an aspiring game developer that owns more than 500
Nintendo products.  And since he's me I can tell you he's a very nice
man and likes to play games so much that his birthday parties usually
end up being Super Smash Bros. Melee tournaments.  If you find any of
your questions are not answered by this guide, please seek the aid
of the wonderful in-depth faqs at GameFAQs:

They have just about everything you can imagine listed there, MAG
Evolution, Quest Listings, Rare Item stats.  So check those out 
before you go pleading for answers. 

If you need to know how to find items check out the drop charts


If you take any interest in other stuff I do, you might like to know
I'm making a Zelda fangame.  The website is closed now, but the game
is still covered on http://www.zeldadungeon.com/



(12) Corrections and Credits


[12A] Corrections
[12B] Credits

[12A] Corrections

In v1.1 the following corrections were made:

- Fixed really obvious numbering error
- Fixed information on Dark Falz's invincibility
- Changed 'spoiler' in Episode II to be correct
- New information on Olga Flow's Quake attack
- Changed Level requirement info's location
  and Ultimate's req to 80.

v1.2 brought about these changes

- Luck was confirmed to boost critical hits
  and not item finding %s.

[12B] Credits

Paul Johnson (PSO Life Webmaster) - for clearing up the little
       crisis we had with one "Vulcan T90" when he stole my FAQ
       and then emailed me with accusations saying that I stole
       HIS work, laughable.  Without Paul's integrity this 
       stunt would have still been going on.

H24.X51 - For some Olga Flow strategy (dodging the crossbow beam)

KI-Revenant - sent the most organized and helpful email I've
              seen in a while.  He provided the info on
              Olga Flow's Quake attack, I confirmed this earlier
              the same night.  He also invited me to a clan, you
              guys should check it out www.kaoticisland.com

Hamm - For backing me up on the change from the DC version that
       lets you hit columns before beating a level.

PSOGCN Board members - For being patient with me as I update,
                       instead of trying to drag me down.

HoorayforPunkRock - He's got a flamboyant personality but
                    he keeps the PSO site I use most, check
                    it out http://pso.wumarkus.com 


FAQ is copyright DarkNightwing 2002-2003.
Game is copyright Sega and SonicTeam.

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