Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File10/04/03Twister2KX52K
-Unit Jeff Hardy custom Caw The Hulk Unmasked Kane and Scott Hall
Save Game File10/05/03Twister2KX66K
11 New CAWS
Save Game File10/05/03Twister2KX61K
13 New CAWS
Save Game File12/27/03Lazyboy596481K
around 60 classic/new wrestlers not in game [for wrestler names check CAW messageboard(if you need theme songs, or aim= Lazyboy0172]
Save Game File10/20/03Twister2KX48K
DirtyBum - All Arenas and Movies unlocked - NTSC US
Save Game File10/05/03Twister2KX78K
Hall Of Fame: Icon Status And The Real Kane
Save Game File05/10/04Real_Archaic57K
Jennifer Garner as Elektra, Batman, Catwoman, Captain America, Psylocke, Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, The Hulk, SpaceMan, Captain Picard, Data, T'pol, Myth Busters, And many others...
Save Game File10/20/03Twister2KX61K
Legends CAWS
Save Game File10/20/03Twister2KX37K
Lover707 CAWS - NTSC US
Save Game File10/26/03Twister2KX81K
Many CAWs from Twister2002
Save Game File10/20/03Twister2KX45K
Millennium CAW 2year
Save Game File10/20/03Twister2KX39K
Modded Wrestlers and Created CAWS And Everything Unlock
Save Game File02/04/04Twister2KX84K
Twister2KX 2004 !!MaddNess!! Save
Save Game File12/08/03stu anderson79K
WWE RAW 2 Custom Edit

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