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Weapons FAQ by theevilgenius

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/01/04

                      WWE  *****  *****  *       * 
                           *   *  *   *  *   *   *
                           *****  *****  *   *   *
                           * *    *   *   *  *  *
                           *  *   *   *    *****  2
                               WWE Raw 2 (Xbox)
                               Published by THQ
                            Developed by Anchor Inc.

                                 Weapons FAQ
                        FAQ Copyright 2003-2004 theevilgenius
                                 Version 1.0
                         31st December 2003-1st January 2004

     Legal Info  
This FAQ is Copyright 2003-2004 theevilgenius and may be published solely by 
GameFaqs (www.gmefaqs.com). Yo may print out this FAQ for your own personal 
use, but please do not lend it to someone, rent it out, give it to the dog 
etc. That's it.

In this FAQ, I will list all of the weapons found in WWE Raw 2, whether they
can be used in your wrestler's entrance or not, and how far they can be thrown
(Not Far, Medium Range or Far).

    Weapons List

Weapon                     Can it be used in entrance?     Throwing distance
------                     ---------------------------     -----------------  
Table                      No                              Not Far
Blue Steel Chair           No                              N/A*
Yellow Steel Chair         No                              N/A*
Standard Ladder            No                              Not Far
20ft Ladder                No                              Not Far
Baseball Bat               Yes                             Far
Kendo Stick                Yes                             Far
Broken Steel Chair Frame   No                              Far
Broken Steel Chair Base    No                              Far
Broken Sections of Table   No                              Medium Range
Steel Ringside Steps       No                              Medium Range**
Announcers' Table          No                              N/A***
Sledgehammer               Yes                             Medium Range
Wooden Stick               Yes                             Medium Range
Golf Club                  Yes                             Medium Range
Wrench                     Yes                             Medium Range
Umbrella                   Yes                             Far
Barbed Wire 2x4            Yes                             Medium Range
Kendo Stick                Yes                             Medium Range
Long Steel Pipe            Yes                             Medium Range
Plunger                    Yes                             Far
Brush                      Yes                             Medium Range
Frying Pan                 Yes                             Far
Stick                      Yes                             Medium Range
Judge Gavel                Yes                             Far
Bowling Ball               Yes                             Medium Range
Samurai Stick              Yes                             Medium Range
Weight                     Yes                             Far
Soda Mug                   Yes                             Far
Soda Can                   Yes                             Far
Soda Bottle                Yes                             Far
Microphone                 Yes                             Far
Nightstick                 Yes                             Medium Range
Cactus                     Yes                             Far
Stuffed Animal             Yes                             Far
Banana                     Yes                             Far
Pineapple                  Yes                             Far
Watermelon                 Yes                             Far
Pumpkin                    Yes                             Far
Guitar                     Yes                             Medium Range
Crushed (Broken) Guitar    Yes                             Medium Range
Snowboard                  No                              Medium Range
Ring Bell                  No                              Far
Stop Sign                  No                              Medium Range
Giant Tuna                 No                              Not Far
Tire                       No                              Not Far
Heavy Weight               No                              Not Far
Box                        No                              Medium Range

Note: The Tables, Ladders and Chairs can all be set up and then you can 
perform a specific move. You can slam opponents through tables with normal 
moves, or you can climb on the table and do a diving attack.
You can climb the ladder and do a diving attack, or, if your opponent is on
the othen side of the ladder, you can do moves off the ladder.
When the chair is set up, you can run at it and press the black button to
vault off it and do a stinking attack.

*You cannot throw the chair until it is broken. You must use A to instead
do grappling atacks until the chair breaks, and then you can throw the broken

** The Ringside Steps must be broken using a normal move and then you can 
throw the broken steps.

***You can break the Announcers' Table using normal moves, but it cannot be

Thanks to GameFaqs for hosting this FAQ.
Thanks to THQ, Anchor and Jakks Pacific for producing such a great game!


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