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Strategy Guide by KLove

Version: Final | Updated: 01/27/04

Your Guide to the Strategy of

by Kevin Love
Copyrighted by Kevin Love, 2003


Raw 2... is it good, or is it bad? Let's put it this way: If you're reading
this, you aren't thinking about whether or not the game is made well or made
poorly. You want to know how to win, and this guide will help you do that.

3, 2, 1... CONTACT

You can send me an e-mail at neo_aa@hotmail.com . This is my personal e-mail
address, you'd better believe it. I'm giving you this immense privelage so that
we (the video game community) can improve this guide. If you've got a question
or something to add, go ahead and write me about it. Try to make the subject
"WWE Raw 2" if you would, easier to sort my mail that way.


If you send me an e-mail about something that is already answered in this
guide, I'm probably not going to write back to you.  So if you don't hear from
me, read through the guide again. Try using your browser's "find" function if
you need to search this document. If you're positive that the subject you
brought up isn't in the guide, just write another e-mail. Don't be rude, just
make it clear you really couldn't find something and you're stuck for an


I gave the FAQ portion one final update. It seems that all the questions that
people have are answered. I also updated the permission list. This guide was
fun to work on, so thanks to all of the readers for checking out! Special
thanks to all the contributors, who made this guide as good as it is. :-)

I apologize for the delay, information slowed down somewhat on Raw 2. I've
gone through my e-mails and added many new questions. To those who are now
contributors, thank you for your patience! The FAQ portion was updated
significantly. I want to do at least one more version of this guide, but
probably won't need to do anything else after that. Send me any questions you
have about the game, or let me know if there's a match I didn't go over that
you are having problems with. :)

-Updated FAQ Portion (including new Unmasked Kane information!)
-Updated Legal Information.
-Updated Contributors list.

-Added permission to WWE Gaming Forum.
-Updated FAQ Portion significantly.

-Easier to read format for FAQ portion, now has sections.
-Updated FAQ Portion.
-Updated Hell in a Cell tactics.

-Added Section "Science of the Ladder Match"
-Updated FAQ
-Updated Ladder Match Tactics
-Updated Cut-Scenes
-Updated Table Match Tactics

-Updated "Steal" information.
-Updated FAQ Portion.
-Updated Ladder Match Tactics.
-Added cut-scene list.
-Added GM assigned matches.
-Added Contributors section.

-Added permission to GamingRing.com.

-Added section that describes each character alignment type.
-Changed second "Manipulate" failure to a success, as is in game.
-Permission list added to Legal Information.

-Changed language within guide.
-Added details of season mode actions.
-Refined cage match details.
-Updated question about not receiving a title won.


-Game Basics
-Specific Match Tactics
-Science of the Ladder Match
-Season Mode
-Frequently Asked Questions
-Legal Information



Playing efectively means understanding the rules of the game. Every character 
has ratings in Punching, Kicking, Grappling, Submissions, Acrobatics, and
Rough-Housing. Each of these has an offense value, and a defense value. The
offense value determines how effective your attacks with that move type are. 
The defense value determines how well you handle having that attack used on

For example, Rob Van Dam is awesome at kicks. He has a kick offense rating of
5. Steven Richards takes kicks like most wrestlers do, he has a kick defense
rating of 3. RVD's kick offense has a rating 2 points higher than Richards'
kick defense, so RVD should clearly use kicks. If RVD also has a rating of 5
in acrobatic offense, but Richards only has a rating of 1 in acrobatic defense,
RVD has a 4 point advantage! RVD could beat Richards much more quickly by using
acrobatic moves more often.

While it's not necessary to know your opponents inside and out, it certainly
tweaks your performance if you know how to hit the opponent where it hurts.


There are also physical parameters. These are not in competition with your
opponent's stats directly. However, you must incorporate these in to your
strategy or you will most likely lose. These parameters include power recovery,
 voltage recovery, jump distance, and movement speed. Keep these tips in mind:

=Power Recovery= If you have a low power recovery, you'll need to take extra
caution not to get hit. Your "health" will drop more quickly during a match. 
If power recovery is high, however, you can afford to be a little more 

=Voltage Recovery= The higher your voltage recovery is, the more effective 
taunts are. If this rating is high only perform a few moves between taunts to 
pump up your voltage meter more quickly, resulting in the gain of special
moves. The lower your voltage recovery is, the more moves you should pull 
between taunts.

=Jumping Distance= The larger the number, the farther you can leap from the 
turnbuckle. If this rating is low, only use flying moves when your opponent is 
close to the turnbuckle. If this rating is high, you can be more liberal with 
the number of flying attacks you use.

=Movement Speed= This not only governs how quickly you run and walk, but how 
fast your moves are performed. If your character is poor at strikes, give 
yourself high movement speed and make up for your weakness with a higher 
number of strikes. If you're strong in strikes, you can afford to have a lower
speed since your hits are more effective.

There are also personal stats, but we'll talk about those later.


Playing Raw 2 requires that you know what each button does, as well as what
combinations of buttons do. Slightly different combinations could mean 
different things entirely.

CSA will denote "character specific attack." If a combination has its own 
listing, CSA represents a unique attack. If two combinations are identical, 
they will be listed as one move.


-Movement: Use the d-pad to walk around. Double tap the d-pad (or press the 
left analog stick) to run. Try pressing X while running to strike an opponent, 
or A to grapple them.

-Aim: Press L repeatedly to cycle through all of the wrestlers. Press R to aim 
at the wrestlers nearest you. Press L + R to enter free-walk, where you don't 
face anybody constantly.

-Strikes: The X button is used to strike your opponent, plain and simple.

        X = CSA
   X + Up = CSA
 X + Down = CSA
 X + Left = CSA
X + Right = CSA

Strikes will be important to characters with high ratings in punches and kicks.
Know your arsenal of strikes well... while some are quick, they may be weak. 
While some strikes are slow, they may knock down your opponent.

-Dodging/Countering: To dodge or counter a move, press B right before your 
opponent lands a strike or initiates a grapple to counter it. This will damage
them and/or put you in an advantageous position.

-Grapples: The A button is used to grapple your opponent, IE lock up with them.
Once you've locked up, press X or A to perform a maneuver. All of these 
combinations assume that you've locked up with your opponent (using A, 

        X = CSA
   X + Up = CSA
 X + Down = CSA
 X + Left = CSA
X + Right = CSA

        A = CSA
   A + Up = CSA
 A + Down = CSA
 A + Left = CSA
A + Right = CSA

           Y = Nothing
White Button = Nothing
Black Button = Switch to Grappling Opponent's Back
           B = Release Opponent (should only be used if you accidentally grab
referee or team member)

                        Directional Pad = Drag Opponent
Directional Pad + Black Button (tapped) = Irish Whip
  Directional Pad + Black Button (held) = Haul opponent to edge of the ring
and throw them out (does not work in Royal Rumble!) If your back is towards the
turnbuckle, you'll whip the opponent at it, and they will bounce off the post.
(Thanks to Dennis De Bernardi for the correspondence.)

Grapples contain so much variety: They're not strictly for grapplers,
interestingly. Many of the moves you'll perform while grappling will actually
be considered strikes. Use grapples that incorporate your character's

-Back Grapples: These are like regular grapples, but occur while holding your
opponent from behind.

                X = CSA
X + Any Direction = CSA

		A = CSA
A + Any Direction = CSA

           Y = Nothing
White Button = Nothing
Black Button = Switch to Grappling Opponent's Front
           B = Release Opponent (should only be used if you accidentally grab
referee or team member)

-Special Moves: While grabbing your opponent with a flashing voltage meter 
(cranked up by your attacks and taunts,) you can hit X + A to perform a 
signature special move. The game will prompt you with text near your voltage 
meter when you can do this move, so it's obvious when you can and can't do it.
There are front, back, turnbuckle, and rope special moves. Special moves are 
very damaging, but you can only perform two in a row before your voltage falls

-Turnbuckle Opponent: If you whip or smack your opponent in to a turnbuckle, 
you can grab them and attempt an attack. Use A to grab, or X to strike.

-Rope Opponent: Same as above. Wait for your wrestler to drag the opponent to 
the center of the ropes after grabbing them (unless they are already centered.)

-The Mystical Black Button: This button will help you exit the ring and climb
turnbuckles. Press towards the ropes or turnbuckle to exit or climb. From the 
apron, you can punch, grab, and taunt opponents in the ring. You can drop on an
opponent below with the A button. From the turnbuckle:

X = CSA (probably a flying move for a standing opponent)
A = CSA (probably a flying move for a fallen opponent)

-Weapons: Pick up a weapon by pressing the white button. Some weapons (tables, 
ladders, chairs) can be "set up" for further uses. Press the black button to 
set up a weapon that you are holding.

White Button = Pick Up/Drop weapon
Black Button = Set Up weapon being held

X = Strike Opponent with Weapon
X + Any Direction = Strong Strike with weapon

A = Throw Weapon (if holding chair, starts a chair grapple)

Ladder Tips: Begin climbing by pressing towards the ladder and pressing the 
black button. Hold up to climb once on. When at the top, press up + black to 
leap for the title (if hanging.) Press A to attempt an aerial attack.

Chair Tips: Press A while holding a chair to grapple your opponent.

                  B = Strike with Chair
  B + Any Direction = Alternate Strike with Chair

                  A = Strike with Chair
  A + Any Direction = Alternate strike with Chair

If a chair is set up, you can run at it and press the black button to perform a
diving attack.

Table Tips: After setting up a table, you can knock an opponent through it. Try
using body slams, suplexes, or even knocking an opponent from a height on to 
the table.


These moves assume your opponent is down.

-Strikes: Press X to strike your opponent.

                X = CSA
X + Any Direction = CSA
X (while running) = CSA

-Grapples: Depending on what you stand near, you can grab your opponent by the 
head or legs. While holding them, try these combinations.

                X = Pick Up Opponent (force to face towards you)
X + Any Direction = CSA (most likely a grapple or strike, not guaranteed)

                A = Pick Up Opponent (force to face away from you)
A + Any Direction = CSA (likely to be a submission move, not guaranteed)

Black Button = Flip Opponent (different moves depending on whether they face 
up or down)
White Button = Nothing
           Y = Nothing
           B = Release Opponent (should be used only if you accidentally grab 
referee or team member)

-Pinning an opponent: Press Y while standing over your opponent to attempt a 
pin. Try rotating the d-pad and tapping A while holding them down. This may 
help, or it may not... inconclusive so far.

You may strike your opponent with weapons while they are down as well, by using
X (or even A to throw it at them.)



Essentially, these are Hardcore matches with a twist: There are no pins. You 
must climb a ladder, grab the belt, and pull it down (it's incredibly 

Step 1: Beat down your opponent. Using your knowledge of regular matches, put 
your opponent to the Danger point and then some. They may try to set up a 
ladder. Stop them by knocking them down or grabbing them. If they manage to set
up a ladder, knock it down. You can strike the ladder or the opponent as they 
climb it. The ladder is a great weapon, so don't forget to bash the opponent 
with it. If they're about to hit you while you're holding the ladder, press X 
on its own for a quick swing. If you have a little time, press a direction with
X for a harder swing. Throws are quick and knock down the opponent, so throw 
the ladder using A button at your own discretion.

Step 2: When your opponent is down, set up the ladder where you can. Move to 
the opposite side of the ring from your opponent. When your wrestler is holding
the ladder over the shadow of the suspended belt (a dark spot in the center of 
the ring) press the black button to set it up.

Step 3: Wait for your opponent to stand. When they do, knock them down (before 
they try to move the ladder to the lower central position.) When they are down,
run to the side of the ladder OPPOSITE the suspended belt (so that when you 
climb the ladder, you are facing the belt.) Press towards the ladder and press 
the black button.

Step 4: With your wrestler on the ladder, hold up to climb the ladder. When 
they stop, press up + the black button. They should leap and grab the belt 
(assuming it's the short ladder. If it's a tall ladder, they will simply grab 
the belt.) The tall ladder seems to work faster. Quickly rotate whichever
movement control (Left Analog Stick or D-Pad, both work) you are most
comfortable with. Position your thumb over both the A and X buttons, and press
them rapidly at the same time. Please read "Science of the Ladder Match," found
in this document, for more information.

Step 5: Pull down the belt or your opponent will set up the ladder, join you in
holding the belt, and probably beat you. It's that simple (yet frustrating.)


When you get the opportunity, set up a table (pick it up with the white button,
set it up with the black button.) Try to body slam or suplex your opponent 
through it. When it breaks, you win (unless YOUR ass broke it!) Just a matter 
of learning how to lock up with your opponent and angling a grapple through the
table. Many different throws work, but start with slams and suplexes.

You'll need to perform a staggering move to lay your opponent out on a
table. This move is the same one you may have seen knocking your opponent
backwards in a daze, forcing them to become hung up on the ropes or turnbuckle.
Most wrestlers can perform this move by grappling and pressing Left + X. Line
up the opponent's back with the long side of the table and perform the move.


This match finds you in the ring, surrounded by metal gates. Give your opponent
a good beating. Climb on to the cage with the black button. While hanging there
you can kick with X. Press the black button and down to drop, or the black
button and up to continue climbing. While climbing to the top pound the buttons
rapidly, along with the d-pad. When your wrestler starts to sit on the top,
stop mashing buttons. Press away from the ring along with the black button
to drop out.

When you grapple and press a direction while holding the black button in the 
cage, you won't be able to throw your opponent out of the ring. Instead, you'll
throw them in to the metal, injuring them.


Another cage contraption surrounds the ring... but this time it's two stories 
tall and has a ceiling. You must pin your opponent in the ring to win. However,
you can have fun with this match. Exit the ring, and run at the left or right 
side of the cell. Strike the side while running to burst open the doors. From 
here, you can climb the doors of the cell from the outside. Press against the 
side of the cell (near the door) and hit the black button to begin climbing.

When your opponent joins you on the roof of the cell, try to smash them through
one of the four central squares. It should give way, damaging your opponent
vastly. Good opportunity for a pin, assuming you both land in the ring. Nothing
much to this match.

When on top of the cell, you can knock your opponent off the side. This will
cause a KO. This can only occur in the central two rows of the cell, on the
left or right edge. Try grabbing them, and pressing Left + X. When you see your
opponent waving their arms like they are about to fall, grab them and press an
attack button, and enjoy. (Thanks to "Shotgunner" for correspondence on this.)



The ladder match... so confounding. So troublesome. Yet this match can be
amazing if you know how to play it.


While hanging from the belt, rotate whichever movement control is most
comfortable to you. Position your thumb over both the A and X buttons, and
press them rapidly at the same time. My fastest time with this method is 14
seconds, though it may be possible for some to do it faster.


I sat down and tested each individual button. If the button does not do
anything, the wrestler will fall to the ground in a little more than a
minute. If the button works, the wrestler obviously gets the title eventually.

=Buttons That Do Nothing=

Left Trigger
Right Trigger
Y Button
B Button
White Button
Black Button

=Buttons That Work=

Left Analog Stick
Directional Pad
X Button
A Button


That's all there is to it. Some buttons don't work. Buttons that do work take
a long time to work on their own. Following the procedure above is the most
optimized way of getting the belt. Done and done.



This game mode allows you to pick a wrestler and engage your opponents/allies 
in true WWE style. You can play with up to three of your friends in season 


There are several choices when you start a new season (or continue one.)

=Start Event= Use this to begin the night's matches.

=Registration= This is where you can change who you play as, and how many 
players are playing.

=Profile= You can check the profile of any player's character. This will 
include friends, manager, enemies, personal stats, and the titles you hold.

=Save/Exit= Press A to save when this is selected, or B not to save. After 
that, press A to exit or B to stay.


When a show begins, you'll have the opportunity to select actions you would
like to perform. Think about the goals you want to accomplish: If you're an
unpopular character, you'll need to boost your popularity. Start a feud, use
sneak attacks, make allies with encourage, call out your less popular enemies
to challenge them to matches, etc.

Remember to rest every once in awhile, for your vitality is used up through
these actions.

When it gets to the point that you want the belt, frequently use surprise
attacks and call out the title holder. Complaining will also help spur on a


There are many actions you can perform, with many outcomes. Each one will
cost you a certain amount of spirit points. If you don't have enough spirit
points, the action will definitely fail.

=Rest= A staple of season mode, this is the only action that does not cost
vitality points (assuming it succeeds.)

Successful Outcome One: Your spirit goes up by 20.

Successful Outcome Two: A friend comes in and encourages you. Your spirit goes
up by 5, your popularity goes up by 1, and your friendship with the person is

Miss Outcome One: You are attacked in the locker room. If you win the fight,
you lose 10 spirit points, gain 2 popularity points, and your hatred towards
your opponent deepens.

Miss Outcome Two: You are attacked in the locker room. If you lose the fight,
you lose 40 spirit points, lose 1 popularity point, and your hatred towards
your opponent deepens.

Draw Outcome: You are attacked in the locker room. If you and your attacker
both fail to win the fight, the event ends in a draw. Each participant loses 20
spirit points. (thanks to Ralph for the reminder.) 

=Surprise Attack= Basically, you're going to beat the heck out of somebody back
stage. The fight is simple: You can strike your opponent, or take them down
with a grapple specific to this fight. Try knocking them down with a hard
strike, and continue stomping on them. When the standing opponent is dazed,
grab them to perform your finisher and win the fight.

Successful Outcome: You win the fight. You lose 10 spirit, gain 2 popularity,
and your hatred towards your opponent deepens. The advantage is that your
opponent loses 40 points of spirit and 1 point of popularity.

Miss Outcome One: Your opponent isn't there. You lose 5 spirit points.

Miss Outcome Two: You lose the fight. You lose 40 spirit points, 1 point of
popularity, and your hatred towards your opponent deepens.

Draw Outcome: Neither combatant wins. Security ends the fight. Each participant
loses 20 spirit points. (Thanks to Aeirch for the information.)

=Interference= This is an expensive action to take, which makes sense since
you'll be directly impacting the outcome of a match.

Successful Outcome: You beat up the ring guards and enter the arena. You lose
20 spirit points and gain 2 popularity. When the match gets underway, you can
press X to run out. Your voltage meter will be full, so take advantage.

Miss Outcome: The guards hold you back, and you leave. You lose 10 spirit

=Steal= This action is used to unlock items. You can rob an individual
wrestler 3 times before it no longer does anything. The first two times will
unlock their costume and alternative costume. The third time will unlock their
video in theater mode. (Thanks to Josh James for info.)

Successful Outcome: You steal an item. Your spirit goes down by 10, and you
lose 1 popularity point (hey, you ARE stealing!)

Miss Outcome: Your wrestler fails to find an item. You lose 5 spirit points.

=Set Trap= Here your wrestler attempts to rig a crate to fall on an enemy.
There are two kinds of crates, cardboard and metal.

Successful Outcome One: A cardboard box hits your target. You lose 10 spirit.
Your target loses 20 spirit and 3 popularity.

Successful Outcome Two: A metal box hits your target. You lose 10 spirit. Your
target loses 40 spirit, and 5 popularity.

Successful Outcome Three: An anvil hits your target. You lose 10 spirit
points, and 5 popularity. Your opponent loses 99 spirit points, and some
popularity. (Thanks to Josh James for the info.)

Miss Outcome One: Your crate misses the target and falls to the floor. You lose
5 spirit points.

Miss Outcome Two: Your crate hits somebody other than its target! They will
hate you, and you will be penalized (details coming soon.)

=Manipulate= This is an entertaining one. You will attempt to trick an enemy
in to attacking the target that you select.

Successful Outcome One: Your patsy obliterates your target, refusing to listen
to reason. You lose 10 spirit along with 3 popularity. Your target will lose
50 spirit points, and hate grows between the patsy and the target.

Successful Outcome Two: Your patsy attacks the target, but the target convinces
them to stop the beating. You lose 10 spirit points along with 1 popularity.
Your target loses 20 spirit points, and will hate you more.

Miss Outcome One: Your patsy isn't such a patsy, and refuses to go after the
target. You lose 5 points of spirit.

=Encourage= This is your way of making allies.

Successful Outcome: Your target is receptive to you, and you exchange friendly
words. You lose 10 spirit points, gain 2 popularity, and your target will be
more friendly towards you.

Miss Outcome One: Your target isn't in their locker room. You lose 10 spirit.

Miss Outcome Two: Your target seems a bit bothered by your presence, and shoos
you out of the room. You lose 10 spirit points, but gain a bit of friendship.

=Call Out= Use this action to get matches that you want. If you call out many
people in a night, you may get several opponents in a match! The match will
typically take place the following event. When you are more popular than a belt
holder, try calling them out.

Successful Outcome: Your target comes out and the two of you have words. You
lose 10 spirit points, gain 5 popularity, and develop hatred towards the
target. Your target will gain 2 popularity.

Miss Outcome One: Your target does not come out. You lose 5 spirit.

Miss Outcome Two: One of your enemies other than your target comes out with a
mic. You lose 10 spirit points, gain 2 popularity, and develop hatred towards
your enemy. They will get 1 popularity point.

=Complain= This is your way of telling an enemy what you think of them without

Successful Outcome: You argue with your target. You lose 10 spirit points,
and hate develops.

Miss Outcome: Your target isn't there. You lose 5 spirit points.

=Select Manager= When you become friends with somebody, you can ask them to
become your manager. They will accompany you to some matches.

Successful Outcome: Your target agrees to become your manager. You lose 10
spirit, gain 3 popularity, become better friends with the target, and your
target gains 3 popularity.

Miss Outcome One: Your target isn't there. You lose 5 spirit points.

Miss Outcome Two: Your target doesn't want to be your manager (you may already
have one.) You lose 10 spirit.

=Break Up= This ditches your current manager. They will become your enemy, and
you lose 10 spirit (along with their management.)


Ever wonder how the game figures out who your enemies are? It's called
alignment, and everybody has one. Though it's color coded in Create A Superstar
mode, here it is, all broken down.

=Alignment A= A perfectionist. Perfectionsts like helpful people and peace
makers. They hate those who are subdued, and those who watch out only for
themselves. A few of the perfectionists in the game are Triple H, Kevin Nash,
and Trish Stratus.

=Alignment B= Always helps out others. Helpful people like perfectionists and
those who aim for success. They dislike those who aim solely for happiness and
those who watch out only for themselves. A few of the helpful people in the
game are Edge, The Hurricane, and Rikishi.

=Alignment C= Aims for fame and success. Fame chasers like true individuals,
and those who help others. They dislike those who work soley for happiness, and
those who work for physical perfection. A few of the fame chasers in the game
are Kurt Angle, Booker T, and Matt Hardy.

=Alignment D= A true individual who doesn't mind standing out. True individuals
like those who aim for success, and those who are subdued but watch others.
They dislike those who work for physical perfection and peace makers. A few
true individuals in the game are The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and Rob Van Dam.

=Alignment E= Someone who is subdued and watches others. Subdued people like
true individuals, and those who watch out for themselves. They dislike peace
makers and perfectionists. A few subdued people in the game are Chris Benoit,
Rey Mysterio, and William Regal.

=Alignment F= Someone who watches out only for themselves. Those who do so
like those who are subdued, and those who aim solely for happiness. They
dislike perfectionists and those who help others. A few examples of those who
watch out only for themselves in the game are Lance Storm, Test, and Randy

=Alignment G= Somebody who aims solely for happiness. They like those who watch
out for themselves, and those who work for physical perfection. They dislike
those who aim for success and those who help others. A few examples in the game
of people who aim for happiness are Goldust, Eddie Guerrero, and Rico.

=Alignment H= One who works for physical perfection. They like those who aim
for happiness, and those who are peace makers. They dislike those who aim
for success, and true individuals. A few physical perfectionists in the game
are Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, and Steve Austin.

=Alignment I= A peace maker and conflict solver. Peace makers like those who
work for physical perfection, and all-around perfectionists. They dislike true
individuals and those who are subdued. Peace makers in the game include Bubba
Ray Dudley, Billy Gunn, and Val Venis.


Occasionally, the General Manager of the show you're on will come out (Eric
Bischoff for Raw, Stephanie McMahon for Smackdown.) They will put you in a
match, to take place on the next show.


There are a few cut-scenes which don't have any apparent effect on stats or
alliances, but are amusing all the same.


I will not be adding the details of these scenes. They don't have any effect
on gameplay, and I don't want to spoil them for those who haven't seen them.

(Thanks to Josh James for asking about these scenes.)



Question: When I grab the belt, I just dangle there! I can't get it down, but 
my opponent can. What do I do?

Answer: Please read the section titled "Science of the Ladder Match." It gives
the best method for getting the belt, as well as describes how I came to that
conclusion. (Thanks to Purunga10@aol.com for correspondence on this issue.)

Question: When my volatage meter flashes "danger," my opponent won't stop
pinning me even if he fails several times! What do I do?

Answer: If you're playing against the computer, your only option is to pound
the buttons quickly and hope they give you a slight break. I've never seen
it go more than 5 times in a row, but it could go further theoretically. Try
not to worry: if they didn't get you the first time, they aren't likely to get
you with further pin attempts (though your wrists may get tired.) If you are
playing against a friend, consider giving them a bruised arm (though I do not
endorse violence.) :)

Question: Can I fight backstage when not in season mode? (Thanks to
DavisDragon@aol.com for the question.)

Answer: Nope. There isn't any way to exit the arena.

Question: Can I fight near the titantron? (thanks to Vincent Rodriguez for the

Answer: No, there's no way to head up the ramp.

Question: How do I lay somebody on a table?
(Thanks to all of those who asked this question.)

Answer: You'll need to perform a staggering move to lay your opponent out on a
table. This move is the same one you may have seen knocking your opponent
backwards in a daze, forcing them to become hung up on the ropes or turnbuckle.
Most wrestlers can perform this move by grappling and pressing Left + X. Line
up the opponent's back with the long side of the table and perform the move.

Question: Whenever my enemies interfere in my matches, they attack my opponent
and not me! What's going on? (Thanks to all of those who asked this.)

Answer: It's unknown whether this is a glitch or just a poor decision by Anchor
(the first is much more likely.) There is nothing you can do about it.

Question: I've got the *insert title* belt and I don't see it on my wrestler!
(Thanks to Darryn for this question.)

Answer: It doesn't show up during entrances. The only time you'll see that you
have the belt is before a title match in season, or the beginning of a show in
season (assuming it's the WWE or World title.)

Question: Where do I get weapons?

Answer: Pushing towards the center of the side of the ring, press the white

Question: How do I get weapons in to the ring? (Thanks to all those who asked.)

Answer: While holding the weapon, press towards the ring and the white button.

Question: How do I taunt in the corner? (thanks to Bill for the question.

Answer: Press against the corner and tap a direction on the right analog stick.


Question: How do I rip music for my custom wrestler's themes?

Answer: This function is done at the XBox's starting interface (the thing with
options and all the green when the XBox starts up.) Insert an audio cd and
exit out of the play mode. Use the copy option, and follow the instructions
from there. For those of you with "backup" copies of songs, go to the following
link for a list of CD-Rs and CD-RWs that work with the XBox. Thanks to
xbox-modchips.com for the great page.


Question: All of my heel characters become faces during season mode! What can I
do to keep them as heels? (Thanks to Ralph for the question.)

Answer: This seems to be another glitch. I have had the same experience and
have found no solution.

Question: I accidentally changed a character, and now he looks like another
character! How can I change him back? (thanks to Brandon Winston for the

Answer: Use the "default" option when in the create mode.

Question: My stats somehow got set to all 1's! I don't want to lose my belts in
season, what can I do? (thanks to Dante for the question.)

Answer: You'll have to go in to season registration and take the character out.
There is no other way to fix this problem, you will have to lose the belts.

Question: How do I clone the original wrestlers with the game? (thanks to
METS1JR5@aol.com for the question.)

Answer: You can only clone created characters, not the regular ones. There are
many options that appear in red, for example, but none of those features can
be unlocked for those characters where they appear red.

Question: Why can't I use the names of the real superstars for my created ones?
(thanks to Eric Porter for the question.)

Answer: It's just not possible. You'd have to ask Anchor why they made the
decision to make it impossible.


Question: What modes can a three man team be used in? (thanks to Terrence
Hamilton for the question.)

Answer: There are two formats of matches that work, which can be selected under
several of the match types. The two formats are 1 vs. 3, and 3 vs. 3.


Question: I won the belt in season mode, but *insert wrestler's name* has it 
instead! What happened?

Answer: This is a common problem, it shouldn't happen but it does. It is likely
that it occurs when an enemy interferes in your match. If you can, win before
anybody runs in (usually 2, 3 minutes in) or save your game when you suspect
you will be in a title match.

Question: Can I turn on subtitles in Season Mode? (Thanks to Eunice3D@aol.com
for asking this question.)

Answer: No. There is no actual conversation, just video.

Question: How do I go on a date/get a manger/etc?
(Thanks to all who asked this question.)

Answer: To get friends, you need to encourage other wrestlers (target the ones
who you want to be friends with.) Check your profile (press X when planning
your actions) to see how close you are to being friends with somebody. Once
their name is displayed in green, several things can happen. Dates will
will automatically happen at this point (assuming you're a male and your friend
is a female) or you can ask them to be your manager. If their name isn't green
in your profile, you shouldn't even bother asking them to manage you.
Encouraging takes awhile to apply to people you don't know, and especially your
enemies. As long as you find the person in their room (even if they shoo you
out) your friendship will improve a bit. Once they become a friend in yellow,
they'll no longer shoo you out.

Question: How do I get a shot at the World/WWE Championships? (Thanks to all
those who asked this question.)

Answer: Successfully call out the champion. Assuming a match is made (you'll
know if it is,) don't save before the match. The match may be re-configured,
removing your title shot!

Question: How do I get a shot at the tag team titles? (Thanks to all those who
asked this question.)

Answer: There is no definite way to do this. Try starting a feud with one of
the tag team champions, and calling them out. Remember, if you save before a
card, the match may be changed! It may also help to have yourself in a created
stable. (thanks to Christina for the suggestion.)

(Marc suggests interfering in a tag title match, and says this typically
results in a title shot. Thanks Marc!)

Question: I don't understand the cut-scenes at all! What do they mean? (thanks
to Jessica for the question.)

Answer: They are very confusing, especially without dialogue. I'd go in to
details with my interpretation, but I don't want to give any spoilers.
Basically, the name of any scene says it all.


Question: My game froze! What is the problem?

Answer: Your guess is as good as mine. My Raw 2 hasn't frozen. There's always
the possibility that some faulty copies of the game were released. If cleaning
your system and CD doesn't work, hope that you still have the receipt and 
exchange the game for another copy.


Question: How do I unlock the videos in theater mode?

Answer: Steal from a wrestler three times to unlock their video. (thanks to
Josh James for this answer.)

Question: Can Kane be unmasked in the game? (thanks to Vincent Rodriguez for
the question, and to Brien Johnson for the information and save file.)

Answer: Even though he is unmasked in his titantron video, the character model
for Kane cannot be unmasked. However, if you have the proper equipment, you
can download a save for the game where he does not have his mask on. In order
to use this save, you must have special equipment for the XBox (such as a Mega
X Key.) Here is a link to the page with the save:


(The author of this FAQ is NOT responsible for any equipment or data involved.
No questions regarding this save or equipment will be answered. Everything you
do with this information is at your own risk.)

Question: Are there any wrestlers who can be unlocked?
(Thanks to all those who asked this.)

Answer: No. Definitely not.

Question: But I read that Mick Foley, Ken Shamrock, and Vince McMahon can be

Answer: The internet is full of sites that take in false information. The sites
with high quality remove something once it is declared false. Others simply do
not care. I repeat, there are no hidden characters.

Question: I found a cheat code that unlocks a new character! Isn't that cool?

Answer: No, because there are no cheat codes in this game. When was the last
time a WWE game had cheat codes? You know better.


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questions. If it was added to the guide in any form, their name appears here.
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