• Delay Entrance Music

    Here is a useful glitch to delay entrance music so that a wrestler comes out at a different time on any custom or in game entrance music track.

    All you have to do is unplug controller 1 during the wrestler's entrance. This won't cause the entrance music or video to stop, but will delay the characters movement. It's very useful if you want a wrestler to come out to a key point of a song.

    Contributed By: Correctum.

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  • Don't be eliminated in Royal Rumble

    Make sure that your character has a move like a plancha or a crossbody that will put you to the outside. Then start a royal rumble with that character. Eliminate someone then do that move to them and you should go out of the ring and not be eliminated. You can also just climb out of the ring and not be eliminated.

    Contributed By: robbienewt.

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  • Easy wins due to bad AI.

    Any nomral match can be won by count out with great ease. Simply run out of the ring and move away from the computer. It will come after you. After about 4-5 seconds it'll go back into the ring but it'll come right back out. Now knock the computer down or simply keep away then slide in the ring at the last second. It may take a few attempts but it always works.

    In a HIAC match, you can simply start climbing at the first possible second. All of the computer oppenents will instantly go and climb themselves but since you have a head start you'll win.

    Contributed By: Chris Mishima.

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  • Head Start on Season mode Popularity Ratings for CAW's

    In Create a Superstar mode, cloned Wrestlers will have the popularity ratings of the superstar they were cloned from. Therefore, If you were to create ''Jeff Hardy'' and did not want him to start at 0 Popularity. Simply clone one of your other Created Wrestlers,that has the popularity you want your new superstar to start at, and then edit the rest of clone to become your new superstar.

    Example: Clone Superstar1 with 50 popularity to a new block, Edit the clone to be Superstar2, Superstar2 will now start Season mode with 50 popularity, instead of having to build up from 0.

    Contributed By: EnforcerICE.

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  • Never Lose Sneak Attacks in Season Mode

    To never lose a sneak attack in season mode, whether you are the attacker or attackee, simply pause the game and choose to return to the previous menu. After a loading screen, the game will go to a cutscene of you beating up your enemy, and will claim you victorius.

    Contributed By: cidlectro.

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  • Extra CAW Points

    Extra points for your CAW

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Extra CAW PointWin a Royal Rumble (easiest if humans truce until the end)
    Extra CAW PointWin a Main Event (WWE or World Title match) at Wrestlemania in Season Mode
    Extra CAW pointPlay and win a tournament
    Extra PointsWin the King of the Ring
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  • New Arenas!

    New arenas for you to battle it out in for Exhibition Mode!

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Armageddon ArenaWin at Armageddon in season mode
    Backlash ArenaWin at Backlash in season mode
    Judgment Day ArenaWin at Judgment Day in season mode
    King of the Ring ArenaWin at King of the Ring in season mode
    No Mercy ArenaWin at No Mercy in season mode
    No Way Out ArenaWin at No Way Out in season mode
    Royal Rumble ArenaWin at Royal Rumble in season mode
    Summerslam ArenaWin at Summerslam in season mode
    Survivor Series arenaWin at Survivor Series in season mode
    Unforgiven ArenaWin at Unforgiven in season mode
    Vengeance ArenaWin at Vengeance in season mode
    Wrestlemania XIX ArenaWin at Wrestlemania in season mode

    Contributed By: iggy 992.

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  • Unlock costumes and entrance videos

    In season mode, steal from someone 3 times. The first two things that you can steal are costumes that you can use for create a wrestler mode. The third thing you can steal is that persons entrance video that you can watch in theater mode.

    Contributed By: CharlesBronson.

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  • Easy Season mode wins

    Start a match in season with anyone just as long as they have a submission move. Do any move to the opponent, then lock in the submission and press Start and quit to main menu and you will win the match

    Contributed By: ArdynCaelum.

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  • Get back in the ring during interference

    Normally if you run interference and leave the ring in Season Mode you can't get back into the ring. But, once you get thrown out of the ring, if you pull out the biggest ladder from under the ring and set it up right beside the apron, you can get back in. Simply target your taget, climb the ladder and use a flying attack to get back into the ring. And there ya go.

    Contributed By: Anonymous.

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  • Triple-Threat-Matches in Season

    Call out any superstar at right at the start of the show if he/she accepts wait until either Eric Bischoff or Stephanie McMahon comes out and makes another match for you. If all this happens, then on the next show your match will be a Triple-Threat-Match

    Contributed By: Stan Hansen.

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