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Guide and Walkthrough by Billy Lee

Version: 1 | Updated: 05/07/2003

                                                  Dragon's Lair 3D
                                                  by: Billy Lee
                                                  Version 1

This document (c)2003 Billy Lee.  This FAQ may not be used or distributed for
commercial use.  This guide is not to be sold by any means at all, printed,
electronic, or by any other method.  Doing so, or the attempt thereof, is a
violation of the American Copyright Laws.  Dragon's Lair 3D (c)2002 Ubi Soft
Entertainment.  Dragon's Lair (c)1983 Bluth Group Ltd.  This guide must be
displayed in its entirety.  No pieces of it may be removed and/or copied to
another location for public display.

Guide best viewed in a monowidth font, such as Courier New or Lucida Console.

Version History:
Version 1: Initial Release.  I've done a walkthrough of the game, the only
           things that I'm missing are some of the treasures for levels.
           Whether the treasures actually have any bearing on the game is
           unknown to me at the moment, if I find out that they do, I'll
           update the guide accordingly.

Table of Contents
1. Essences and Weapons
2. Enemies
3. Walkthrough
4. Acknowledgments

1. Essences and Weapons

Throughout the game you will acquire various essences that will give you
magical abilities, and a few weapons to help you along the way.  You will be
required to use these and master them so you can progress and, ultimately,
beat the game.


Sword - Your basic weapon that you start the game with.  Melee only, but once
  you get the Dragon's Ring, you will be able to charge it up for a whirlwind

Magic Sword - At a certain point in the game, your normal sword will be
  replaced by this one.  It works the same way, but has a few added benefits
  to using it: It can absorb special kinds of fire to become enchanted and
  have a flame power (becoming more powerful), and it deals double the amount
  of damage as your old sword.  It can also absorb the attacks of a few
  bosses, which are listed in the walkthrough and not here to avoid spoiling.

Crossbow - Your other weapon for the game, the crossbow is a more versatile
  weapon since it can be loaded with 3 different types of ammo.  You start
  with one type and have to find the others to be able to use them.  You can
  hold up to 100 of each type in your inventory, except for the magic arrows
  which you can only hold one of at a time.
  (Side Note: The game calls the ammunition for them arrows, but in reality
  crossbows use a different type of ammo called bolts, that are usually a bit
  smaller than arrows.  Nifty little tidbit, huh?)
  Steel Arrows - Your basic arrows, weak, but can knock enemies back.  If you
                 are facing only 1 or 2 enemies, you can use these without
                 worrying about getting hit yourself, provided you keep some
                 distance from the enemies.
  Flame Arrows - Like the Steel Arrows, but are 2-3 times more powerful, and
                 can ignite certain objects, such as explosive barrels.
  Magic Arrows - The most powerful ammo in the game, can kill normal enemies
                 in one hit, but are really designed for one purpose, which
                 is explained in the walkthrough.


Dragon Ring - The first power up that you get, it will house the other
  essences you find, and allow you to charge up your sword with a whirlwind
  attack, performed by pressing and holding down the attack button.  The
  whirlwind has 2 levels of power, purple and yellow, with yellow being the
  more powerful of the two, and using more mana.

Dragon Wing - Allows you to fly.  Of all the essences in the game, you'll be
  using this one the most.  No matter how far you free fall, if you use this
  essence even just before you land, you'll be able to land without taking
  any damage at all.  You'll also need it to get to platforms and ledges that
  are too far to jump over to, and to avoid some attacks and traps that sweep
  across the ground.

Dragon Spirit - Uses mana to restore life at a rate of 3:1, respectively.

Dragon Eye - Will show you paths and doors that are not normally visible in
  the game.

Dragon Scale - Protects you from the hot areas of the game and lets you walk
  through certain weak fires.  Does not protect you from lava or dragon fire
  attacks/breath attacks.

Dragon Fire - Enchants your sword with fire, letting it deal more damage with
  both the normal swing and the whirlwind attack.  Also works as a torch for
  dark areas.

2. Enemies

You'll have to fight your way through the game to save your princess, going
past dragons and bats, and many more bad things that would do you harm.

Whelps - Cute and cuddly, they come in two varieties: Armed with a
  dagger, and armed with a crossbow.  The easiest enemies in the game, but
  can also be quite annoying since they pop up at the most inopportune times.

Bats - You'll see very few of these in the game, and the ones you do see are
  of little consequence, since they die easily and are easy to avoid.

Knights - They come in about 6 varieties, which consist of 2 colors (which
  determine how many hits they take to go down) and 3 types of weapons (which
  determine how much damage they inflict).  Alone they're incredibly easy to
  beat, just stay close to them and swing.  When you're facing a group of 3
  or more, you'll need to charge up your whirlwind attack before they get
  near you to take them out safely.  If you cant charge the whirlwind, just
  run towards them, turn around and run away, and try to get them to come at
  you one at a time.

Dragons - They're green and will fire a small fire breath attack at you, and
  will either be hopping around or flying.  If they're hopping you can use
  the sword to take them out easily enough, just strafe around them and move
  in to attack.  If they're flying, you should probably use the crossbow to
  take them on, since it will be a lot harder to hit them with the sword.

Ogres - They are purple, have one eye, and a spear.  If you want to take them
  on with your sword, you'll have to attack from behind, the side, or get
  them when they're not paying attention since their spear has a longer range
  than your sword.  They're easy enough to take out with the crossbow and you
  should never really have an ammunition problem, so don't worry about it.

Salamanders - They're red/orange versions of dragons, but will not shoot a
  breath attack at you.  A few have crossbows, but for the most part, they
  will fly around and slam into you, dealing damage.  Take them out with the
  flame arrows, as the normal arrows will be weak and might not work as well.

Smithees - They start as statues and will animate, swinging their big axes at
  you.  The only way to beat them is to hit them with fire.  Specifically,
  your sword enchanted with fire, either from one of the smithee flames (they
  burn a yellowish-green as opposed to the normal orange/red) or with the
  dragon flame essence selected.

Thunder Dragons - Black versions of the dragons, they will shoot a thunder
  breath at you which will deal quite a bit of damage.  Take them out with
  the flame arrows before they get a chance to hit you.

3. Walkthrough

-Outside the Castle, Cliffs
After the opening cinematic, you're standing outside the castle, listening
 to instructions as to how to play.  Just follow them, they're pretty much
 straightforward.  The only point of concern is when you get to the running
 long jump, you should walk to the edge first in order to trigger the boulder
 that comes down, then go back and get a running start for the jump.  After
 that it's back to just following the path laid before you.  When you're at
 the top of the cliffs, there will be a cave opening for you to go into.
 Don't rush too much or you'll fall into the pits.  You'll notice that there
 is only 1 platform for you to jump on.  The other platforms appear as you
 progress (in other words, jump on one to make the next one appear).  When
 you get to the 4th platform, no more will appear since you're close enough
 to the platform to do a running jump and grab the edge, allowing you to get
 on.  Once you're on that, jump over to the other small platform and you'll
 advance to the next area.

-Outside the Castle, Gate
There's nothing to really do here unless you want to walk around and look at
 the scenery (just watch out for the pits, they're instant death), so just go
 across the bridge and a fight will trigger.  The fight is incredibly easy to
 win, just get close to the tentacles and swing 2-3 times, it will die just
 that easily.  You'll need to block at least once before you head in, maybe
 twice if you're not fast enough.  After the fight, go inside.

-Main Hall, Foyer
Fight the little dragon whelp, then destroy the barrels for jewels and hit
 the switch (near the door to the right when you enter the lit room) to get
 more treasure.  When you go into the other available door in this room, the
 floor will start to give way under you.  Quickly dash to the back left
 corner of the room to get the gem and then back to where you came in.  The
 door you're supposed to go through will have a path made to it (more like
 the floor leading to it is the only part of the floor that won't break away)
 so go through and into the next area.

-Main Hall, Welcoming room.
As soon as you get out into the main area, a wall will break down and you'll
 be attacked by another dragon whelp.  Beat it and get the treasure chest in
 the area it was in, then follow the wall on the opposite side of the table
 (the area will the table and chairs will disappear on you, creating an
 instant death pit on you if you're not careful).  Through the door is
 another whelp to dispatch, take it out and follow the path to another door.

-Main Hall, Library 1
This is the first puzzle of the game, the object is to get to the door on the
 other side of the room.  If you go straight ahead you'll be attacked by
 books, which are very easy to dispose of if you want to (and you may want to
 since there is a jump up ahead that will be easy to miss).  To the left of
 the entrance are two bookcases that will form a sort of gauntlet for you to
 go through (books will come at you from either side as you run through), but
 you can get through it easily enough just by rolling through (run and press
 the crouch button).  Once you're past them, you'll have to get past another
 bookcase, this one by waiting for it to come at you.  Once it gets to the
 wall, it will start to head back to the other wall, follow it and stand in
 the little nook off to the side, then wait for it to come back and go past
 you.  Now you can freely go up the staircase where two more books are
 waiting for you.  Defeat them and then go to the wall where you'll see a
 broken bridge across the bookcases to the other side of the room.  Do a
 running jump across to the first bookcase, but before you go on, you can
 walk along the top of it to get more treasure.  Once you get that continue
 across to the other side.  The bookcase next to the one in motion will fall
 down when you get near it, but it won't fall on you.  Go over it and to the
 next one which won't fall.  However, the bookcase after that one will fall
 and if you try and go past it, it will crush you.  To get around it, do a
 walking jump over the railing onto the ledge and walk along that past the
 bookcase, and then jump down into the hole.  Get the treasure on the floor
 then go through the door to the next area.

-Main Hall, Hot pot room
Get the barrels, but don't worry about the locked door yet.  When you try and
 go into the area with a whelp and a pot on a fire, a table will block the
 path on you.  To get around it, just jump up onto the ledge next to it and
 jump down on the other side.  Take out the whelp, drink the potion if you
 need to, then go through the doorway into a tunnel.  There's another whelp
 around the first corner, take him out and continue.  Before you destroy the
 barrels at the end of the tunnel, jump onto the bookshelf on the left wall,
 and then jump from that to the ledge where there is more treasure.  After
 you get that, fall down, destroy the barrels, and roll through the hole in
 the wall.  Get the gold key and go back to the room with the pot, over the
 ledge again to the other side, and use the key to go through the door into
 the next area.

-Main Hall, Out of control furnace room and Library 2 room
To get past the flames coming out of the furnace, roll under them.  After you
 do that, hit the switch on the wall to put them out.  Get the barrels and
 hit the switch on the wall, then go through the doorway.  Follow this, when
 you get to the side door a pair of whelps will attack you.  Take them out
 and continue to the door they came out of, where another one will attack you
 when you open the door.  Take him out and go into the next library.  Walk
 along the wall and when you get into the main area another whelp will attack
 you.  Take him out and go to the opposite corner of where you are (back
 near where you entered the room, but on the other side of the table) and up
 the ladder there.  Run and jump at the swinging rope and then jump again
 once you're across the gap and you'll be on the other side of the room.  Do
 the same thing with the next rope, getting you on the ledge with a switch.
 Hit it with your sword, swing back to the other side, and go through the
 door.  Jump down into the next area and go through the open doorway.  There
 will be another small cinematic, after which you'll be attacked by 2 more
 whelps.  Take them out, get the treasure beside the small staircase, then go
 down the hallway to the next area.

-Atrium, Main Hall
After the cinematic, you'll be in control again, and there's only one door
 you can go into right now, the door directly across from where you start.
 Inside is another "run the gauntlet" type of area.  There are flaming rocks
 that fly at you from the other end of the tunnel, and you have to make it to
 the other side alive.  If you watch, there is a pattern to how they fly.
 They will fly in a sort of triangle pattern, if you see the first 3 spots on
 the ground on both sides where they land, 2 rocks will hit one side and one
 will hit the other side (spots 1 and 3 on one side and spot 2 on the other).
 Navigate your way down the tunnel and make sure you're on the left side at
 the end (where there is a gap).  Run and jump to the chain hanging down
 (make sure your sword is put away) and you're half-way there.  Before you
 head over to the other side, go all the way up the chain you're on and jump
 to the ledge along the wall.  Follow that to get the treasure, then go back
 to the chain you started on.  Jump over to the next one (which will be to
 your right), then from there jump to the next one (back towards the left
 side of the room) and finally onto the safe ground (make sure you climb down
 the chain a bit first so you don't take excessive damage on the jump to the
 lower ground).  Hit the switch on the back wall and then jump back across
 the chains to the other side.  Now, you're clear to go through the doorway.
 Get the treasure directly next to the door then dash as fast as you can down
 the hall to avoid the fire and falling supports.  Go through the door at the
 end of the hall into the next area (be sure to get the barrels first).

-Atrium, Tarzan room
The first thing you should notice (other than the fact that you can't rotate
 the camera) is that the platform you're standing on is slowly retracting,
 meaning you're not going to be able to stand there much longer.  Move right
 and jump to get onto the rope, then jump from that one to the next rope when
 the rope you're on is at it's furthest right point.  Do the same thing with
 the next rope and then jump from there back to the castle floor.

-Atrium, Big arrow room and Catapult room.
Walk to the edge of the pit, wait for a big arrow to go by you, then move
 forward and roll your way through this area.  In the next area hit the
 switch on the catapult near the door you came in and it will turn off the
 flames preventing you from moving forward.  Now, go through the door into
 the next room.  Ignore the statue in front of a hole for now, just take the
 door to the right.  Follow the carpet to another door between 2 statues.
 After the cinematic, pick up the mana cell and carry it back through the
 door.  Watch out, it will bring the statues to life, so drop it and fight
 them, then pick the cell back up and carry it through the door you came in
 to trigger the other statue.  Kill it and roll through the hole it was
 blocking.  Get the heart container (it increases Dirk's maximum health, a
 very good thing) and go back through the hole.  If you're quick you can pick
 up the cell before it disappears back to the pedestal, otherwise you'll have
 to go get it again.  With the cell, go through the newly opened door on the
 carpet back into the main area of the Atrium.

-Atrium, Main Hall, part 2
Fight the knights (first 1, then 2 at a time, then 3 at a time) and a
 staircase up to the second level will appear.  Take it up and fight the
 knight with a mace (remember you can block).  After he's gone, break the
 barrels on the other side of the room and then jump onto the stone pillar
 for some treasure.  After that, run through the door behind where the mace
 knight was to the next area.

-Atrium, checkers room
Well, that's the best way I can describe this area...  The floor is covered
 with tiles and the big knight guy at the end will send ripples down your way
 and you have to get over to him without touching any of the lighter colored
 tiles (the right side of the room is an easier path to cross).  If you do,
 you'll take damage.  When you get to the knight, attack him and he'll move
 over to the other side of the room and the tiles will glow in a different
 pattern (taking the same side of the room you took last time is still the
 safer path).  Make your way down to him again the same way you did before
 and hit him again.  Do that and he'll go back to the other side.  Again,
 repeat the same process to get back across (he'll use the same pattern as
 he did the first time you had to go across).  After you hit him a third time
 he'll die and you will get the Dragon's Ring.

::Interlude - Dragon's Ring::
The Dragon's Ring will give you a whirlwind attack (similar to the one Link
 has in Zelda games) that is performed by holding down the sword button and
 letting the energy charge around it.  The longer you hold the swing button
 down, the more it will charge and the more damaging it will become, draining
 more and more mana (also similar to the one in Zelda 64).  When your mana
 stops being drained, it will be at maximum power (wow, a third similarity,
 go figure).

-Castle Depths, starting bridge
Hit the barrels near the door to restore your life, then move across the
 bridge and you'll be attacked by 4 whelps.  Gee, this would be a nice time
 to try that new skill you've got, wouldn't it?  Beat them into a pulp and
 then smack the rest of the barrels to recover your mana.  Go into the tower
 like area at the end of the bridge and you'll be attacked by the two statues
 when you get near one of the doors, and then by 2 whelps, and then one more
 after those two are dead.  Take them all out and go through the door with
 the barrels in front of it.  You'll be attacked by another whelp on your way
 through, take it out and then go back across to the door on the other side
 of the room.  Take out the whelp on your way through the door.  Jump across
 the gap and then go to the right side of the tower to get a mana container.
 Fight the two whelps and go back to the door of the tower, and go in.  Take
 the stairs up, fighting the 2 whelps along the way.  Get all the barrels at
 the top, then go through the door to the next area.

-Spiral Stairs, big staircase
Before you go up the stairs, go left and jump onto the platform where the
 middle pillar is (it's also next to a wooden rafter) and jump up onto the
 wooden beams to get some treasure.  If you need any health/mana, break the
 barrels down in this area as well, otherwise go back and up the stairs.
 When you get up to where they stop, another set will appear.  Jump across
 the small gap and onto them, following them up to stone ground.  Now is
 where things get interesting.  In case you didn't notice, the stairs are now
 disappearing behind you, so quickly run up the rest of the stairs or you'll
 have to start all over again (and possibly die if you're too high up).
 Fight the whelps at the very top, hit the wooden beam with your sword and go
 across to get the treasure, then go back across and through the door.  Get
 the mana potion near the first window, then go down the hall.  Bats will fly
 out of the second one, so avoid/kill them and move down the hall.  There are
 3 whelps down at the other end near the door, one of which has a crossbow.
 Take them out and go through the door.

-Spiral Stairs, Lake
Don't go into the water, that's instant death.  Instead, go along the walk-
 way and kill the whelp, then hit the switch on the wall near where the whelp
 was.  Go back and across the planks that form a bridge, watching out for the
 eye tentacles.  Don't bother killing them, new ones will show up to attack
 you.  Get the treasure and go back to the switch.  Hit it two more times,
 then take the bridge across to the other side.  Kill the whelp that appears
 and go climb up the chain in the corner.  Go all the way up to the top and
 wait for the moving platform to come close to you.  Jump on and ride it to
 the bridge.  There is another switch in the corner, but when you get near it
 a whelp will appear.  Take it out, then hit the switch.  Go across the walk-
 way and jump onto the moving platform.  Ride that to the next platform, then
 jump from that one to the landing (when it gets close, of course).  Hit the
 switch, then go back onto the moving platform.  Take it to the one going up/
 down, and go from that one back onto the bridge.  Follow that to the next
 landing.  Watch out for the whelp with a crossbow and jump onto the chain,
 then across to the next landing where the crossbow whelp is and take it out
 (do this quickly or he'll knock you off the chain and kill you instantly).
 Now that he's out of the way, jump back onto the chain and go down a bit (if
 you press down 7 times from the top, that will be where you want to be) and
 jump across to the ledge with some treasure on it.  Get that and go back to
 the chain, and to the landing where the whelp was.  Walk along that landing
 to another chain.  Climb all the way up that one and jump over to another
 chain.  Climb up that one and jump onto the platform with a wall that moves
 out.  Two whelps will appear, but if you're lucky the wall will come out and
 push them off the ledge, and you won't have to fight them at all.  If you do
 fight them, just stay where you are (where you landed from the chain) and
 hit them once to knock them back and stun them.  They should land in front
 of the moving wall and get knocked down to ground level.  Anyways, once
 they're gone, wait for the wall to come out.  As it's going back in, dash
 past it and you won't get knocked down.  You can't go in the door yet (it's
 locked), so walk along the wall to a moving platform and get on.  This one
 will keep going past the landing you need to get onto, so you'll have to
 jump to the next one while it's still moving.  Do that and then jump to the
 center pillar (when you can) and a whelp will appear.  Get rid of it and
 continue around the pillar.  There will be another whelp to take out, so do
 so and then continue around to get the key.  Once you have that go back to
 the door and exit to the next area.

-Wizard Chambers, Entry area and bedroom.
First go to the right to get the health and mana potions, watching out for
 the table and chairs that will attack you, as well as the books from the
 bookcase that will attack if you get near the bookcase.  Once you have the
 items, go the other way, past the door and around the corner.  Two more
 books will come at you from the bookcase here, so watch out for them and go
 through the door.  After the brief scene a bunch of whelps will appear.
 Take them out and get the health potion in the corner and the treasure in
 the next corner.  Do not go near the pot in the center, or even inside the
 area near it where the wooden beams are, doing so will trigger 3 whelps to
 attack you.  Walk along the walls of the room to the other side and go
 through the door.  In here, go up the chain about 2/3 of the way and jump
 over to the landing.  Walk around and into the door, into his bedroom.  Walk
 along the wall to get the treasure and then dash like crazy past the bed so
 you're not trapped and poisoned.  Watch out for the books that will attack
 you from the bookcase and go through the door, also watching out for the
 flying robes that will knock you down, but not deal any real damage.

-Wizard Chambers, Sphere room
Jump down onto the bookcase and then onto the ground, and run all the way
 around the edges of the room so you'll be attacked by a bunch of books, a
 table and some chairs, and some spheres.  Destroy the stuff attacking you
 and go to the two stone octagons on the floor, near the big sphere in the
 room.  You have to stand on each of them in order to raise the platforms and
 allow you to cross, all the while being attacked by little spheres.  You can
 either stand there and swing you sword and hope to get lucky while the
 spheres attack you, or you can stand on one for a second or two and then
 jump off and run away while the spheres come at you and (hopefully) crash
 into the floor.  Do the same thing with both of them.  Once both platforms
 are up, climb up the ladder in the other corner close to where you came in
 the room and run and jump your way to the switch.  Hit it to unlock the door
 and go through as fast as you can to get the heck out of this area.

-Bells and Ropes, Bells
First, get the health potion on the table near you, then run and jump onto
 the chain.  Jump to the next one, then jump onto the landing to your left
 and take out the crossbow whelp.  Hit the bell and a timer will appear, as
 well as two more whelps.  Kill them and then get across the pit as fast as
 you can to the other side and hit the bell there.  The door will become
 unlocked, so make your way back to it, kill the 3 whelps that appear (one
 normal and 2 crossbows), get the treasure behind the little wall that sticks
 out, and go through the door.

-Bells and Ropes, Ropes
Two more whelps will attack you, dispatch them and go up the rope.  Turn
 towards the next one, but wait for the spike on it to come down.  After it
 comes down and is going back up, jump over to the rope and quickly turn and
 jump over to the wooden landing.  Walk around that and do the same thing,
 wait for the spike to come down and go back up, then get on, go up, and jump
 back off.  This time though, jump off to the right, so you don't land next
 to the whelp and take damage.  Take out the whelp and then go up the next
 rope, again watching out for the spike, and the whelp that appears on the
 platform.  For the next rope, go up part of the way, jump onto the platform
 where 2 whelps will appear, take them out, jump back onto the rope after the
 spike goes down past it, and go the rest of the way up and jump onto the
 platform near the window.  Now, head towards the next rope and wait for the
 spike to come down, then jump on it and go up to the next landing, where 2
 more whelps will show up, one of which is a crossbow whelp.  Take them out
 and then wait for the moving platform to come down to you and jump on.
 After it goes up a bit, jump over to the beam and get the treasure, then
 jump back on the platform.  Once it's all the way up, move onto the next
 platform and ride that all the way up as well.  Jump over to the rope up
 here and climb that all the way up.  Wait for the platform moving over the
 spike landing to come near you and jump over (watch out, the spikes are an
 instant death thing).  Jump back onto the rafter that has the rope you were
 just on, but try to make it to the top of it, where you can walk around.
 Walk over to the treasure and get that, then jump to the rope and climb up
 into the opening.  There will be 3 whelps there, so jump off away from them,
 kill them, get the barrels to refill your health, and go through the door.

-Bells and Ropes, Chains
Jump onto the chain to your left as you enter the room.  Now, if you want the
 treasure, keep reading.  Otherwise, just follow the chains across to the
 other side and go through the door.  To get the treasure however, you need
 to do some acrobatics.  First, climb all the way up the chain and then jump
 towards the golden cup on the rafter, but immediately hit back.  If you're
 lucky you'll wind up on top of the rafters.  If not, you'll be back on the
 chain.  If you're unlucky, you'll be in the pit and have to start all over
 again.  Anyways, once you're up on the rafters, *carefully* walk around and
 get the 3 treasure pieces.  After you've got them all, you could try and
 jump onto one of the chains, or you could more easily go back to the door
 you came in (jump down to the landing from one of the low spots in the
 rafters) and go across the chains from there.  Either way you decide, you'll
 have to watch out for the spike walls that will close in on you when you go
 through that area.  Once you're past them and onto the landing with the
 door, go through and you'll finally be out of this incredibly annoying
 section of the game.

-Platform Madness
First, go to the right and get the treasure near the opening in the wall,
 then jump onto the platform near the landing you're on.  Ride it and jump
 off to the next one as it goes by (you'll have to time it just right).  Ride
 that one all the way to the end, but jump off onto the next platform before
 the one you're on goes into the wall.  Before that one fades into the wall,
 jump to the next one and ride it through the archway type area.  Right after
 you go through it, jump off onto the ledge and walk along that to get a mana
 container and a gem.  Now, jump back on the platform as it's going past the
 ledge and ride it towards the grinder.  Jump off onto the next platform
 before you get crushed and then continue riding platforms to get to the next
 area.  A simple breakdown of them is:
 - From the one after the first grinder, jump forward to the next one.
 - Jump back from that one after it goes past the wall, back onto the one you
   were just on (it goes through the wall).
 - Ride that to just past the next wall and get on the platform there.
 - Ride that to a platform that is raise up a little bit from the rest of the
   ones you've been on.
 - Face to the left (from the direction you jumped on to) and ride this
   platform until it goes over another platform.  Run (don't walk or dash,
   just the normal run) off the corner in the direction you're facing and you
   will wind up on another platform.
 - Before this one goes into the wall, jump off in the same direction you
   were going on the last one (should be to your right) to get to the next
 - Ride this to the end and jump off through the opening in the wall to the
   next platform.
 - Midway through this platform, you'll have to jump over a beam to stay on.
   Make sure you're at the back of the platform and then jump forward so you
   don't wind up in the pit.  Once you're past that, keep an eye out for the
   next platform to the left.
 - This one will be similar to another platform you've done already, but
   instead it will go under the next platform.  Anyways, jump onto the next
 - Just ride this one for a while and walk onto the next one it goes under.
 - You'll have to do a bit of maneuvering on this platform.  First, make sure
   you're against the wall, then once the platform goes past the first wall,
   run to the other side of it to avoid the next wall, then run back to the
   other side and stand on the front corner of the platform so you can get
   the treasure (watch out for the protruding edge of the wall), then get all
   the way to the other edge so you're not pushed off the platform and jump
   over the beams to stay on the platform.  Now, see the moving wall?  Get to
   the front of the platform you're on and move into the wall, you should
   have enough platform to make it through. Once you're past that, turn to
   the right to get on the next platform.
 - Rid this all the way the wall, and jump off at an angle so you make it.
 You're on solid ground again, but not for long.  Jump onto the next platform
 to continue the fun.
 - Run all the way to the back edge of this platform so you're not pushed off
   immediately.  For clarity purposes, the edge you're on now will be called
   the back edge and the edge on the opposite side will be called the front
   edge.  Once you're past the first wall, run to the front edge, and then
   after you're past that wall, run back to the back edge.  Again, go to the
   front edge once you're past the next wall, but this time stay there.  The
   platform will move to a little nook, where it will slow down quite a bit.
   Get the treasure inside the nook, then run all the way around the platform
   and jump onto the solid ground.
 Again, you're not on solid ground for a long time.  Jump over to the next
 - This one won't disappear on you, just time your jump to the next platform.
 - Same thing as the last platform.
 - This one is a bit tricky, you have to time your next jump so that not only
   do you make it to the platform, but you also want to avoid the pillar
   moving around, blocking your jump.
 - The same thing happens with this one, only the next platform is moving a
   bit faster.
 - Once you're on this platform, jump over to solid ground.
 Congratulations, you're through.  Just follow the path to the next area.

-Bell Challenge, Entrance
Walk out into the main area where you have a choice of going 1 of 3 ways.  Go
 left first to where there are large beams coming out of the wall.  Time your
 dash so you make it past the first set of three, and in the mid-part, jump
 up onto the ledge on the wall.  When the beam directly to the right starts
 coming out, jump onto it, and when it goes back into the wall, run off it to
 get on the middle one and get the treasure on it.  Chances are the beam will
 go back into the wall before you can get back over to the left one, so go
 back to the middle area and get on the ledge again.  When the middle beam
 comes out and goes back into the wall, jump right so you'll land on the left
 of the three beams as it's coming out.  Now, immediately run and jump to the
 left and you should (hopefully) wind up on the left set of beams.  Get the
 treasure on that and then continue to the end of the walkway you're on.
 From here, jump onto the platform and ride it up.  Jump over to the bell and
 hit it with your sword and a timer will appear.  Jump back onto the platform
 and go back across the beams to the other path.  Don't worry about the
 statues coming to life right now.  Make sure your sword is put away and jump
 to the swinging rope.  Ride it across and get on the platform, then go up
 that to the other bell.  Hit it and the next door will unlock.  Go back
 across the rope and face the knights, then go through the door.

Bell Challenge, Docks
Go forward and take the branch in the boardwalk to the left, follow that to a
 chain and climb up.  Go all the way to the top and jump off onto the bridge.
 Now, run to the bell, hit the bell, and face the axe knight.  Don't worry
 about the timer for now, just get on the nearby rope and go down.  Hit the
 support and then get back on the rope and take it up.  Go across the ropes
 to the walkway ledge and go all the way down that, but don't go to the next
 bell.  Instead, get on the corner of it and jump to the beam sticking out of
 the pillar.  Get next to the pillar and jump up to the next beam.  Walk
 along this one to get the treasure, then carefully jump back down to the
 previous beam (jump from the tip of the top one to the tip of the lower one)
 and then back across to the ledge.  Now, run back and hit the bell, then go
 back across the ropes and walkway and jump down to the other bell.  Hit it
 and fight the axe knight, then run down the bridge to the other end and go
 down the chain.  Jump back onto the docks and go under the archway, and do a
 running jump over to the next ropes.  Climb up all the way and jump over to
 the next rope.  Jump from there back onto the docks where you came in.  Go
 through the door that's been unlocked (to your right).

-Bell Challenge, Stairway
Go up the staircase and fight the first sword knight.  Once he's gone go up
 the rest of the staircase and charge your sword spin to max and discharge it
 when the next 3 knights get close.  You should kill at least one of them.
 For the remaining 2 (or 1, if you're lucky), run back down the stairs and
 face off against them individually, then go back up to the top of the
 stairs.  Hit the barrels if you need to restore your health/mana and go
 through the door to the next area.

-Boss: Bat King
Watch out for it's sonic attack and run to it in the center area and attack.
 It will fly off and fly around the room.  Notice the giant bells in the
 walls around the room?  Remember them for later.  He'll land in one of the 4
 corners of the room (near the doors, near the bells, and also a platform
 that you can't get to), so attack him when he does.  The easiest way to get
 to him consistently is to wait in the center of the room and watch him until
 he starts to come down, then quickly run at him and hit him.  After a while
 he'll start to hang around the huge bell in the middle of the room.  Hit
 both large bells and it will make him fall down to the middle area.  Keep
 hitting him while he's down there and he'll die eventually.  Also, when he
 falls down from the huge bell, he'll bring a couple smaller bats with him to
 defend him.  They're nothing big, so take them out and continue to thwap the
 bat.  Before you go through the door to the next area, jump up to the
 platform next to the door and go up to the top for some treasure.  Get any
 barrels you may need to restore your life, then go through the door.  Walk
 down the hallway, getting barrels if you still need to replenish life, and
 go through the door at the end to the next area.

-Falling Platform
You're standing on a platform that's going down.  Ride it until to one of the
 landings where it stops, they all lead to the same place.  If you want to
 know the difference between the 3 of them, the first one just has a few
 barrels for you to get health from, the second has this areas only treasure,
 and the third has 2 crossbow whelps on it.  If you stay on after the
 crossbow whelps go by, then you die.  My recommendation is to get off at the
 second landing so you can get the treasure.

-Deathly Discs
You have to jump from platform to platform and make your way across, but you
 also need to watch out since they will fall, with you on them if you're not
 careful.  There are 3 colors, Green, Blue, and Red, and only one of them
 will not fall.  The way to tell which ones will fall is to look at the
 torches on the pillars throughout the room.  Whichever color the torches are
 is the color that will not fall.  When you get about 4 platforms out, there
 will be a ledge with a health container for you to get.  Also near that
 ledge will be the two treasures for this level, so the next time you can,
 jump over to them.  Keep going across the platforms to get to the Dragon's

::Interlude - Dragon's Wing::
The Dragon's Wing will allow you to glide through the air allowing for larger
jumps and no damage from long falls.  When you glide, however, it will
constantly drain your mana supply, and if your mana supply runs out before
you land, you're dead.  Well, you're not dead, you'll just fall the rest of
the way down, which may result in your death.

-Deathly Discs, continued
Glide across to the door and go through to exit the area.

-Castle Depths, Tower
Recognize where you are?  Good, go along the walkway and jump across the
 small gap to get back to the main intersection.  You'll be attacked by a
 whelp on your way through the door, and again by another after the first one
 goes down.  Once they're gone, go through the door to the left of where you
 came in (it has a green border around it).  Another whelp will attack but
 don't worry about it.  Get a running jump and glide across the long gap to
 the other tower.  Get the barrels if need be, then go to the other end of
 the tower.  Climb all the way down the ladder (you may have to jump off and
 then glide back into it) to get a mana container, then go all the way back
 up the ladder and through the door to the next area.

-Hall of Skulls
This place is a kind of maze, there are openings on the sides of the walls,
 some of which are dangerous, some aren't.  The first two are instant death
 if you try to go in them.  For the next pair, the left one is a skeleton
 hand that will clench onto you and deal quite a bit of damage (but will not
 outright kill you), and the right one is an actual path, but the door in
 there is blocked.  When you get near the third pair, the ceiling will
 collapse and block the door at the end of the hall.  The right door is
 locked, so go through the left one into a tunnel.  Watch out for the hands
 that fly off either of the walls (there are 4 of them) and hit the switch at
 the end.  Go back into the main hall area and fight two Reaper-looking-like
 enemies, then go back to the middle set of nooks.  Go in the left one where
 the door that was blocked is, and now the door is unblocked, so go through.
 The coffins will open up and you'll be attacked by 3 reapers.  Take them out
 and get the treasure in the coffin that nothing came out of, then continue
 to the next set of coffins.  Break them open and get the key as well as the
 treasure, then go back to the main room and use the key to unlock the door
 (in the third set of nooks, remember) to get to the next area.

When you enter the room, start swinging to kill the nearby bat easily, then
 glide down to the lower area.  When you step from the bridge down to a lower
 area, watch out for the spikes that will shoot from the wall (just move
 slowly and they won't be a problem).  From here just glide down to the door
 and go through.  A crossbow will be pointed out to you, glide down to it and
 pick it up.  Now, the water/poison below you will start to seep up, so jump
 to the platform to the right, then up again one more.  From here get a
 running start and glide over to the ledge above near where the crossbow was.
 Follow these platforms up to the top, where you will be shown an eye, and a
 reaper will appear.  The reaper will come at you, so don't worry about that,
 kill it and get the crossbow bolts it leaves behind (hopefully), then glide
 over to where it appeared, dispatch the spider quickly, get all the stuff
 over in the area, shoot the eye with the crossbow, then glide back to the
 ledge with the door and run through.  Wait for the moving platform to come
 near you and jump onto it, getting the nearby crossbow bolts.  Kill the two
 reapers that appear (don't bother with the crossbow, just use the sword),
 then continue to the other end of the room (another reaper will appear when
 you get the next set of crossbow bolts) and use the key to go through the
 locked door to the next area.

-Coffin Trouble
Break all the nearby barrels to restore you health, then hit the switch.  The
 gate in front of you will open, as well as the room start to fill with
 poison water.  If you want the treasure, you can get it by quickly running
 and jumping onto the ledge to the left, then doing a running jump off that
 and gliding to the crown in the rafters, then roll to the treasure in the
 crevice to the left, and run the rest of the way and through the hole in the
 wall that is closing up.  Be forewarned though, this will take exact timing
 to pull off without getting killed, so you may want to just skip the
 treasure to avoid a giant headache.  Once you're through, wait for the
 middle coffin to open (don't get the bolts, they're instant death, as is the
 coffin on the right) and go through.  You can break open the cement coffins
 in this next area, but two of them hide reapers.  The one you do want to
 break open is the one all the way to the rear end of the area, which has
 treasure inside it.  Get that, break open the barrels for health, mana, and
 bolts, then climb up onto the wooden coffins and glide over to the hanging
 stairwell.  Break the cement coffins up at the top of it to get some more
 treasure, but ignore the ones near the door, as they have reapers in them.
 Once you've collected all the treasure, go through the door to the next

-Crypt Creeps
Charge your sword and wait for the two reapers to come to you.  Let them have
 it, then glide across to the metal bolts, and then across to the other side.
 There will be a cinematic where the energy cell is taken by a reaper and you
 are attacked by two ogres.  You can either charge your sword and attack them
 or glide back all the way across the pit and 'snipe' them with the crossbow.
 Do whichever, then get the barrels for the life/mana/bolt refills, then move
 to the coffin with the fire coming out of it and jump into/over the side
 with the treasure, avoiding the flames.  Also get the treasure behind where
 the mana cell is, and then go through the door the reaper went through.  Get
 the health potion on the table, then roll down the corridor.  Ignore the
 skulls that pop out of the cracks in the wall, and continue rolling around
 the corner so that you're not clotheslined, then do a running glide across
 the pit, kill the ogre over there, then glide to the ledge to the right,
 inside where the wall has crumbled.  From there glide over to the ledge near
 the crumbled wall, fight the reaper that appears, then jump up onto the wall
 right where you are.  Glide over to the treasure and to the health
 container.  Glide back down to the landing where the ogre was and hit the
 coffin against the wall in the corner to open it.  Now, go through the door.
 Take out the crossbow and go forward a bit, and lock onto the reaper.  Kill
 it and get the barrels for fill-er-ups, then pick up the cell.  Walk through
 the door and place the cell on the podium, and get ready to fight.  Take out
 the crossbow and move around to avoid the skulls.  Shoot the reapers via the
 auto-target system and they will come down into the coffins along the edges
 of the wall.  Hit the coffins they go into with your sword and fight the
 reapers there, switching to the crossbow when they fly up to the ceiling.
 After a few hits each of them will go down, and when all 3 die, the door at
 the other end of the chamber from where you came in will open.  Go in and
 get the Dragon's Spirit.

::Interlude - Dragon's Spirit::
When you have the Dragon's Spirit selected, it will restore your health by
using your mana.  You will gain approximately 1 life for every 3 mana spent
this way.  This ability will not work only if you have no mana left, or your
health is at max.  Back to the story now...

-Castle Depths, Tower
You're back where you entered the tower, glide back across the pit and go
 through the door.  Fight the whelps and then go through the door to your
 left.  Fight another whelp and then use the crossbow to hit the eye and
 make a bridge appear.  Take the drawbridge to the next door and go through
 both to the next area (getting the barrels to make sure you're at max).

-Impossible Room, Entry area
We're in the fun house now.  To simplify things (and to prevent me from
 losing track of where I am), we're gonna do this part of the game in bullet
 - Go forward and up the stairs to the next level.
 - Go through the first door before the bridge over where you entered the
 - Follow this and you'll wind up on a ledge where there are two other doors
   you can go through.  One of them has a red flame burning upside-down, go
   through that one.
 - Follow the path through 2 doors and it will split.  Turn to the right and
   go through the door there, the doors straight ahead are a non-ending loop.
 - You're back in the main area now, but it's been turned upside-down.  Go
   through the circular door to the sewers.

-Castle Sewers, Entrance
Glide across the water to the other landing and hit the switch to lower the
 water level.  Jump down and a mass of whelps will show up (it helps if you
 jump down into the corner next to the landing you're on and just swing your
 sword there).  Once they're gone, the door at the bottom will start opening
 and closing.  Jump through when it's open and then take out your sword.
 Go down to the area to the left and smash the barrels, then go through that
 tunnel into an open area.

-Castle Sewers, Fire Arrows
There will be a brief cinematic in here, then you will be shown a path of
 flames.  To get through, follow that pattern.  In case you're wondering what
 it is, the pattern is (think of the area as a 3x4, xy grid, with 1x1 being
 the lower left corner and 2x1 being the lower middle platform):
 - 1x1, 1x2, 2x2, 2x1, 3x1, 2x3, 2x2, 3x2, 3x3, 4x3, end.
 Note that you'll still have fireballs coming at you, you'll just now be able
 to get through without being hit.  Bear in mind that it's still a complete
 pain to get through without something going wrong, as the game becomes
 extremely touchy when it comes to whether you can jump from one to the next.
 Once you get across to the other side, the switch that was covered in fire
 will extinguish, so step on it, then go across the pipes to get to the fire
 arrows.  Go back across the platforms to the other side and take out the
 barrels in the corner to get some more fire arrows, then leave the area back
 to where the door-in-constant-motion is.

-Castle Sewers, Entrance
Stand near the moving door and take out the fire arrows.  Shoot one at the
 red barrels under the pipes and then roll past the pipes.  Keep following
 the tunnel around the corner and carefully roll through the pipes, staying
 on the beam.  Around the next corner, there will be 2 flame jets on the
 right wall, get close and wait for them to extinguish, then dash through as
 fast as you can.  Around the next corner is a flying dragon.  Just stay in
 the corner and take out your crossbow.  When it starts to get close lock on
 to it and fire a bolt.  Keep repeating the above process until it's dead.
 The next corner has another flying dragon on the other side of some pipes.
 It can go through (well, under) the pipes, so keep your crossbow ready.
 Once he's gone, roll under the pipes yourself.  After this, follow the path
 to an open area, where 2 whelps await.  Take them out and get the barrels
 for more fire arrows, then go across the bridge.  Before you get to the end
 of it, jump up onto the railing and then jump from there onto the platform
 to get some treasure.  Go back down and to the pit to get the other treasure
 for the level and a dragon will appear, as will some eye tentacles out of
 the pit.  Take them out, then take a fire arrow and blow up the red barrels
 to reveal a switch.  Hit that to open the door and go through to the next

-Sewer Depths
Go to your right when you enter and destroy the barrels, then jump onto the
 ledge, then jump up to the next, and finally across to above the door you
 came in.  Take out the dragon wing and glide over to the rope, which you
 will automatically grab hold of.  Swing across to the next rope (or glide
 the rest of the way, it doesn't make a difference) and the next until you
 wind up on a ledge with one normal barrel on it.  Take out that barrel for
 some fire arrows and glide over to the stairs.  Take out the fire arrows and
 shoot the red barrels on the opposite wall from where you are, then glide
 over there and get the health container.  From still inside that area, shoot
 the other red barrels (move forward a bit if you can't see them) to open up
 the rest of the doors, one of which is locked.  Glide back to the set of
 stairs and go through the door there, inside which are 2 flying dragons.
 Take them out, get the health potion under the door you came in, and go
 through the door at the end of the hall.  You can't get to the mana cell
 since there are cyclops worms guarding it (so that's what the eye tentacle
 things are...).  Oh well.  The water here isn't deep so you can step on it
 without dying.  Go past the flame jet, around the corner, and past another
 jet to the door.  Through that are 3 flying dragons.  Take them out and then
 go along the path to the big pit.  Get the key, then go back the way you
 came, all the way to where the locked door was (remember the acid pit where
 you blew up barrels to get to the health container?) and unlock the door so
 you can go through.  Once through, take out the flyer and jump up.  Don't
 hit the switch, instead, blow up the red barrels at the top to lower a block
 for you to jump on.  Go up that and to where the barrels were and through
 the door.  Run along the back edge of the wall (where there is a ledge next
 to it) so you won't fall in the pit, and go through the door.  Don't pull
 the chain, it kills you.  Go past the flame jets and then shoot the eye with
 your crossbow.  Go all the way back to that intersection room again,
 watching out for the flying dragons along the way, and this time go through
 the door at the top of the stairs.  Go to the energy cell, but don't pick it
 up yet, first turn around and take out the flying dragon coming at you.
 Once he's gone, then you can take the cell.  Carry it all the way to where
 the key was and place it on the pedestal there.  The hardest part about
 making it back there will be to get past the flame jets since you can't run,
 but they will be slow enough for you to avoid easily.  Once you've placed
 the cell on the pedestal, a walkway will appear.  Go across that and through
 the door to exit the area, watching out for the cyclops worms along the way.

-Pool Room
First things first, take out the 2 dragons in the area with your crossbow.
 The floor will crumble next to you, so make sure you stay on th yellow brick
 road.  Once the 2 dragons are gone, along the yellow path all the way to the
 other end and kill the hand, then roll through the door to get out of here.
 Run across the bridge straight ahead and take out the barrels, getting the
 treasure near them.  Glide over to the ledge near the flame jets and take
 out your crossbow, then shoot the eye.  The water level will go down, so
 make your way down (either drop and glide or go back to the chain and take
 that down) to the bottom and shoot the eye under the door you came in.
 Fight the two ogres that appear, then get the gold key.  Run to the other
 end of the area and look into the barred off gate to the right of the locked
 door.  There is a switch in there that can only be hit with your sword's
 whirlwind attack, so charge up and do so to open the gate at the other end
 with a mana container in it.  Get that, then go back to the other end and
 use the gold key to unlock the door and go through.

-Cyclops Worm
Run to your right towards the landing with stairs leading to it and a switch
 on it.  Hit the switch to trigger a drawbridge, then run back towards the
 door you came in and take the ladder up.  Get the barrels if you need the
 health/mana/bolts, then glide over to the switch above the barred off area
 where a really big cyclops worm is trapped.  Hit that switch, then glide
 over to the next one and hit that to trigger the fight with the big worm.
 The fight is simple enough, hit it with a crossbow bolt and then run up to
 it and hit it with your sword.  Watch out for the other tentacles that come
 up when it's not stunned and repeat the process until it dies.  After it
 goes down, go back up to the platform and get the barrels to refill your
 health/mana/bolt supply, then go through the newly opened door to get the
 Dragon's Eye, then select it and go through the door it shows you.

::Interlude - Dragon's Eye::
The Dragon's Eye will let you see stuff that would normally be invisible,
like platforms, switches, etc.  As long as it's selected, it will drain your
mana supply.  Continuing.

-Impossible Room
You're back where you first entered the room the first time.  Yay.  Go out
 into the main area and up the first staircase, and take the door before the
 bridge like you did last time.  This time, go through the door to the left
 and follow that.  When you're back in the main area, go up the ladder (take
 out the ogre on the ledge below with some flame arrows first).  Once you're
 up the ladder, go in the left door and go straight through the wall (you
 don't need the dragon eye to go through, just to see through) to get a mana
 container.  After you get that, go back into the main area and through the
 door on the other side.  When you're in the main area again, glide down to
 the bridge that doesn't look like it has any doors on it, equip the dragon
 eye and go through.

-Lizard King
Equip the dragon eye if you took it off before you entered and look at the
 Lizard King.  He'll run away into the treasure room (which you can't get
 into) and another door will open.  Use the dragon eye to spot it and go
 through.  Kill the dragon inside, then get the barrels for some flame
 arrows.  Follow the corridor to a door and go through.  Thwap the dragon in
 the next area with your crossbow, then go into the door at the end of the
 hall where he was.  Do not try to go in the door to the left of where you
 enter, that is instant death.  Kill the dragon in the next room and follow
 the red carpet, again with the door near where you come in being instant
 death.  Take out two more dragons along the way (around the corners) and go
 through the door at the other end.  Equip the dragon eye and go through the
 door to the right.  Hit the switch in there, kill the 4 dragons that come
 out, and follow the red carpet to a door.  Through here is another dragon,
 take it out and go all the way down the corridor where it was and there will
 be two more to tango with.  Take them out and go through the next door.
 Follow this to the end and get the two potions on the table, then go through
 the door.  Go to your left through this door to get to a room with 2 dragons
 and the gold key.  Leave and go all the way down the hall to the other end,
 taking out the dragons there.  Jump through the wall between the two torches
 in the path to the right (use the dragon eye if you need help) and get the
 treasure, plus mana container.  After that, go back and take the opposite
 path that you use to get in here and keep following the red carpet.  Take
 out the dragons that appear and go through the door that isn't blocked.
 You're back in the main area where you first started again.  Use the gold
 key and go into the room.

-Boss: Lizard King
When you first enter, a bit pot will take all your weapons, but don't go
 after it just yet.  First run around the walls of the treasure room to get
 the treasure, then go chase after the pot (it goes back into the series of
 corridors you just came out of).  There are a few exceptions this time
 around though.
 - When you get to the room where the first dragon was (the door to the left
   will be instant death, like before), the ceiling will collapse in the
   middle of it, so jump onto the ledges and go through the opening up there.
 - Also, in the next room, wooden supports will fall down from the ceiling,
   which are easy enough to dodge if you keep running at full speed.
 Once you get back into the room where the 3 dragons were (right before where
 you exited back into the main area), the pot will start going in circles and
 you can get your sword back if you keep clicking on the pot when you get
 near it.  You can now hit the Lizard King, but watch out, the pot will try
 and steal it back again.  Keep getting it back, hitting the King, and
 repeating that process until he goes down.  A few things to remember for
 this fight:
 - NEVER STOP MOVING!  You will be smashed by the lizard king if you stand
 - That being said, try to keep moving in a circle around the outside of the
   room.  You'll stay away from the lizard king that way and be able to get
   your sword back easier.
 - Keep clicking your attack button nonstop when you you're near the pot so
   you can make sure you get your sword back.
 - Don't lock onto the lizard king or the pot, you'll just mess yourself up
   that way.
 Once he goes down, the grate blocking a key will open up.  Get that and the
 other grate will open up.  Get the treasure and barrels, then go through the

-Impossible Room
You're back at the beginning again.  Turn the world upside-down again (you
 should know how to do that by now) and glide all the way down to the bottom.
 Use the Gold key on the door and go through.

-Dragon's Lair
After the scene you'll have lost your sword and be running like crazy down a
 corridor.  It's a good idea to have the dragon wing equipped, so do that and
 run down, avoiding all the obstacles.  Since you don't have your sword, you
 can't break barrels by hitting them, so either run around them or jump on
 them.  This is more a matter of reflexes and timing than it is strategy, so
 I don't think I can really help you out other than to say good luck.  When
 you finally get through you'll pick up a new sword.  Equip it and get ready
 to fight.

-Boss: Singe
There's only one way you can win this fight and that is to wait for him to
 shoot a fireball at you (not his firebreath) and block with the sword.  Then
 you swing the sword at him and the charged fire will fly back at him, 
 hitting him in the belly.  That will stun Singe.  While he's stunned, hit
 him in the belly to deal damage.  Keep repeating that process and he'll go
 down.  Stay relatively close to him so he doesn't chase after you, as all
 that does is deal damage to you.  Also, once you hit him, unlock and run
 around so he doesn't hit you with his tail swipe or charge.  Once you hear
 him stop stomping around, immediately go back to the strafing routine so
 you're not caught in the firebreath by accident.  Another thing worth noting
 is that each time you hit him the number of time he uses his breath attack
 before using the fireball increases by 1.  So, on your first one, he'll
 breathe fire once.  After you hit him that time he'll breathe fire twice
 before using the fireball.  After that, 3 times, and so on and so forth.
 After about 6 hits, he'll go down and there will be a cinematic.

-Hollow's Tower
Once you pick up the treasure gem, Dark Dirk will appear and you'll have to
 fight him.

-Boss: Dark Dirk
 - He uses a sword like you do.  Just like you do, with the whirlwind and
 - Auto target him and rush at him swinging.  He should go into block mode
   and start backing away from you.  Keep moving towards him and swinging to
   back him into a corner.
 - Once you back him into a corner, swing and hold down the attack button to
   charge up your whirlwind.  Only charge to the first (purple) level, and
   attack him with that.  Or, if you can't do that for some reason, just keep
   pressing on him until you hit him 3 times.
 - He'll puff into smoke and turn into a different enemy, defeat that enemy
   and he'll turn back into himself
 - Repeat the above 3 directions to win.
 - In case you're interested in what enemies he turns into, here they are:
   1 - Whelp
   2 - Sword Knight
   3 - Flying Dragon
   4 - Ogre
 - If he starts charging up for a whirlwind attack (his charge looks the same
   as yours), un-target him and run to the far corner so you're not hit.
 - As long as you keep pressing the attack button when you're near him, he
   will only block, not attack.  If you're really desperate for health, what
   you can do is back him into a corner and keep attacking him so he'll keep
   blocking and let your mana charge.  When it gets charged up, turn on the
   dragon spirit to recover your health and then repeat the process.

 After you defeat the ogre version of him, he'll be on his last life.  Take
 him out that one last time and he'll die.  Get the Dragon's Scale afterwards
 and watch the scene.

::Interlude - Dragon's Scale::
The Dragon's Scale will protect Dirk from hot areas while it's equipped.  It
will not protect him against the firebreath from dragons or from flame jets.
While it is equipped, it will constantly drain Dirk's mana, so don't hang
around the fire areas for too long.  Also, it will only drain mana when it is
protecting Dirk.  Continuing on...

-Impossible Room
Go out into the main area, get the barrel with a mana refill, equip the
 dragon scale, then jump down into the fire pit.

-Lava Domain
You may notice that your mana is going down quite a bit rather quickly thanks
 to the armor.  As such, time is of the essence in this area.  Quickly run
 through the door, take out the salamanders flying around with your flame
 arrows, then run over to the mana filler along the left path.  Run all the
 way to the end of that and jump over to the platform to the right of the
 door.  Go along those platforms and make your way to the health container
 and large mana refill.  Get both, then go back to the central walkway.  Wait
 for the lava spurt to subside, then get a running jump over to the door to
 the next area.

-Lava Geysers
Run along the path and jump over the first geyser you have to.  Immediately
 after that, turn to the left and follow that path to a mana container, then
 go back to the main path.  When it splits, take the lower path to get the
 mana recharges and treasure (there are 3 pieces, one on the round platform
 to the right and 2 on the area below the bridge), then go back and take the
 upper path.  Kill the 3 salamanders that appear with your crossbow, then
 keep going.  You'll wind up at some geysers that are really big.  Wait for
 them to subside, then jump onto the platform on top of them.  From here,
 jump over to the next landing where the health bonus is, then from there
 jump onto the next geyser platform (when it's safe).  Wait for the one
 you're on to go up and the next one to go down, then jump over to it and
 take that one to the next landing area.  Get the mana refills, then keep
 going forward.  Watch out for the salamanders that appear and take them out,
 then keep jumping across the platforms to the door to the next area.

-Dark Caverns
You no longer need the dragon scale, so you can take that off when you get
 the chance, but as soon as you enter the area take out your sword and fight
 the spider that appears.  Go up the stairs to the top and jump up to the
 ledge on the pillar (there will be 2 stone stairs at the top which you can
 jump from to make it).  Glide down (or jump over to the ladder and take
 that) and get the health container, then go back up the ladder and through
 the door.  When you get to the center of the room the sword knight will
 attack, then the mace knight, finally the axe knight.  Once they're gone the
 door to the right (from where you come in) will open up.  Go through to the
 next area.

-Smithee Forge
Take out the barrels and get the flame arrows, then go hit the switch and
 equip the flame arrows.  Take out the salamanders that appear, then stand
 where the light shines onto the floor and shoot the eye through the hole in
 the wall.  Take out your sword again and move to the flame pit.  Swing at it
 to enchant your sword with fire, then attack the smithee that appears with
 it.  You'll have to re-enchant your sword every time you hit him, so make
 sure you do that.  On the little pillar in the middle of the room is a cog,
 and a little wooden plank under one of the wheel studs.  Hit the stud, then
 go hit the switch in the back corner of the room opposite where the smithee
 was.  That will open a door, so go down the hallway to it and through to a
 corridor.  Walk down this and take out the knights as they animate, as well
 as the salamanders.  Take out the flame arrows and shoot the 3 small torches
 on the wall to ignite them and open up a switch.  Hit it, then go up the
 ladder in the middle of the room to a door.  Through that, hit another
 switch, then get the treasure on the ledge, glide across the room to another
 ledge with treasure, then go back and go across the new bridge.  At the
 intersection up here, go left to the next area.

-Rolling Balls
Take out the mace knight to your left, then jump on the catapult with a
 switch and to the potions on the ledge along the wall.  Now, hit the switch
 on the catapult to fire it, then equip the flame arrows and take out the
 salamanders that appear.  Go through the door behind the smashed wall, and
 take out the flame whelps, one of which is of the crossbow variety.  Once
 they're gone, keep going down the corridor into an open area.  Equip your
 sword, run to the flame in the center of the room, and let the 4 smithees
 come at you one at a time.  Keep next to the flame and auto-target them, and
 just keep swinging.  You should enchant your sword with fire in one swing,
 then hit the statue with it in the next.  Do this for all 4 of them, then go
 through the only door you can.  Take out the salamander flying around, then
 take out the crossbow salamander near the next door.  Go through that and
 you'll be in a room with a fire to your left and a big halfpipe with rolling
 balls in it to the right.  When you approach the halfpipe, you'll trigger a
 really big ball to come at you a la "Raiders of the Lost Ark".  Avoid the
 balls rolling around as best you can, then jump over the pit after the
 purple one and you're through.

-Smithee Gauntlet
Yes, this will be a running the gauntlet area.  Run past the first hammer,
 then glide over to the treasure on a landing.  Next, get near the edge of
 the walkway to the next hammer, and while the hammer is going up, dash and
 jump over the gap and (hopefully) past the hammer.  Or, if you want... you
 can just glide past all the hammers taking the outer wall past them...
 Through the door, is a small corridor leading into another open area.  Take
 out your sword and run like crazy to the fire forge, and take out the
 smithees there (there are 3 of them altogether).  Next, ignite your sword
 and then light the torch in the middle of the room.  Now, quickly run around
 and light the smaller furnaces along the walls (behind where the smithees
 were).  Ignore the salamanders that appear while you're lighting the
 furnaces, but watch out for them, if they hit you or you hit them, you'll
 have to restart the process.  Once all the furnaces are lit, get the
 treasure near the first fire pit you used, then the barrels if you need the
 charge, and then go through the door to the next area.

-Smithee Maze
You have a 3 minute timer to get through this area, so don't worry about
 fighting any enemies unless I tell you to.
 - From the start, get the barrels for a mana boost if you need it and run
   across the grated floor to the solid ground.
 - Around the corner, roll past the first imprint in the wall or it will come
   out and smash you, but don't worry about the other one.
 - At the intersection turn on the dragon eye and go straight.  Follow that
   path and get the treasure.  Turn off the eye after you get the treasure,
   you won't need it for a while.
 - Change to the dragon wing and glide across the pit just past the treasure
   where the path takes the outside of the wall.  Land on the walkway again,
   then glide over the lava again to the opening in the wall.
 - Go to the left at the intersection and glide down to the lower area to get
   the health container, then turn around and go that way.
 - Around the corner, glide to the platforms going up and go across them to
   the landing.  You may want to take out the salamander here with your flame
   arrows (do so after you get onto the platforms though, the lava level will
   rise and kill you if you stay down there too long).  Go across the
   platforms to the next intersection and put on your dragon eye.  See the
   hidden path?  Equip the dragon wing and fly through it.  Get the treasure
   on top of the block that comes out from the wall, then fall down and get
   the treasure down there.  Now glide (the floor will start to fill with
   lava) to the chains and get back up onto the stone floor.
 - Go straight ahead towards the enchanted fire pit.  Glide around the pillar
   next to it to get the treasure, then go down the path to the right of the
   fire (the only other one there is aside from the way you came).
 - Head towards the smithee and go take the path to the left.
 - At the next intersection, again take the path to the left so you wind up
   in an area with another smithee and some flames along a wall.
 - Get the barrels for some mana if you need it, then equip the dragon scale
   and go through the flames.  Next, equip the wing and glide across the lava
   pit.  Now, equip the scale again and go through the fire there.
 - As soon as you jump back on to the grating, roll past the imprint that
   will come out at you.
 - At the intersection, go left.  Once you go around the corner to the right,
   you should see 3 imprints on the walls, 2 on the right side and one on the
   left.  Roll past the one that has only the imprint on the right wall, as
   that is a clothesliner.
 - After that, equip the wing and run to the barrels.  Get the mana from them
   if you need it and then fly over where the pillar just crashed through.
   Once you land on the landing and get the blue key, you're done.  Go
   through the door to the next area.

-Smithee Forge
You're back at the metal bridge intersection, go right this time and use the
 key to go to the next area.

-Master Smithee
Take out the barrels for the life/mana refills, then go through the metal
 door.  Inside you will be surrounded by flames.  Equip the scale and go
 through them, blocking the objects that fly at you (except the anvil, that
 you have to run to avoid).  Jump up to the dais that has a bellows next to a
 fire pit and jump on it.  The fire will light, so light your sword on it and
 run to the corner to light that fire before you take on:

-Boss: Master Smithee
 - The fight will really begin when you light up your sword on the fire.
 - To beat him, light your sword on the fire and hit him with it.
 - If that were all there was to it, this would be incredibly simple.
   Unfortunately it's not.  Once you light up your sword, he'll animate.
   Once you hit him he'll go back to statue mode.
 - While he's in statue mode, the blacksmith tools that came at you earlier
   will come at you again, and keep coming at you until you light up your
 - When he's animated, he'll do 2 attacks.
   1: He'll smash his axe into the ground and knock you on your bum.  The
      only way to avoid this is to jump when he smashes down.
   2: He'll swing at you.  If you were hit by #1, there's no way you can
      avoid this and you'll take a lot of damage.  If you made it through #1,
      you can run like crazy to not get hit, or you can charge him with your
      flame sword when you see him starting the attack (if you're close
      enough, otherwise, run).
 - If you light the secondary pit in the corner on the lower level, you can
   use that to charge your sword as well (which is why I told you to light it
   before you go after the thing).
 - After about 3 hits, he'll go down and the door on the dais will unlock.

 Go through the door and get the Dragon's Flame.

::Interlude - Dragon Fire::
The last essence will basically do the same thing that the smithee fires did,
but only at a cost of mana.  It enchants your sword with fire, and if you do
the whirlwind attack, it will now be a flame whirlwind (just like when you
had the smithee fire enchantment).  Of the constant-mana-drain essences, this
one uses the least to work, but it is still a constant drain so watch out.
Back to the story...

-Dark Caverns
A new path will open up behind a spider web, take that and use your fire
 essence to light the way.  Walk carefully along the path so you don't fall
 off and take out the spider.  When you get to a burned out torch, light it
 with the flame sword and you won't need the sword to see anymore.  Jump
 across the gap after you kill the spider with your crossbow (normal bolts
 will work since it can't cross the gap) and light the torch next to the
 door, then go through.  Watch out for the pit and go through the next door
 to the next area.

-Lair of Thorns
Get the barrels and then go around the corner.  Nice thorns everywhere, huh?
 Get out your wings and glide over and around them.  Light your sword on the
 fire and swing at the thorn that comes out of the ground when you go to the
 door.  Through the door, kill the salamanders and follow the red carpet.
 Shoot the red barrels with the flame arrows to take out the salamanders at
 the other end of the carpet (or just shoot them with bolts, it doesn't
 matter, but you'll have to trigger them, then run back a ways, then shoot
 the barrel if you want to kill them that way), then go to the end of the
 hall and through the door.  Kill the 3 salamanders in here, then run through
 this area.  The thorns on the side will hurt if you touch them, so don't.
 Move slightly in the opposite direction as the conveyors are pushing you
 and don't forget to switch directions when you move onto a conveyor going in
 a different direction, and you should be fine.  Once you get the key, go
 back to the hallway where the salamanders were and more will be there (back
 where they were the first time).  Go back to where the big circle thing in
 the wall is and use the key on the door near there.  Well, that was a new
 way for a door to open, wasn't it?  At the intersection, there is a
 salamander to the right, take it out and ignore the arrows in the corner,
 they're instant death.  Take the other path in the intersection and equip
 your sword and the fire.  Around the bend will be some floor thorns, take
 them out as well as the salamander around the next corner.  Turn back around
 and get the health container.  Continue along the way you were going and
 take out the salamanders near the halfpipe with balls rolling in it.  Get
 the gold key in the side nook and then time a dash through the halfpipe.
 Get the treasure and barrels on the other side, then use the key on the door
 at the end of the tunnel and go through.  Take out the salamanders, then
 continue down the hall.  At the end, put on your eye and go through the
 tunnel to get the blue key.  Use that on the door in the corner on the wall
 to get the Gold Key.  Run all the way back down the hall and unlock the door
 there and go through.  Use your flame sword to take out the vine at the
 first intersection and keep going straight.  Get the treasure in the corner,
 then go back and take the other path.  Watch out for the grabbing skeleton
 hand and the salamander around the corner, then continue along until you get
 to another intersection.  Go straight again and take out the salamander,
 then hit the switch.  A timer will appear, so dash back to the intersection
 and take the other path to a set of moving platforms over a gap.  Either
 ride the platforms or glide past to the other end, ignore the salamanders
 and vine that appears from the floor around the corner and roll through the
 gate as it's closing.  Take the door to the next area.

-Pits and Perils
Get the potion, then jump onto the bookcase.  From there jump to the rafter.
 Now, glide over to the other rafter to get the treasure.  Glide over to the
 next landing (you don't need to jump down first).  Watch out for the hand
 that comes out of the hole in the wall and glide over to the next door.
 Take out the salamanders, then go over to the gap.  There will be a bunch of
 bats that will come around the corner (I think about 7), take them out and
 glide into the corner wall.  From there glide to the ledge under the arch
 and take out your flame arrows.  Take out the crossbow salamander behind the
 divider wall (you can hit him from the edge of the ledge you're on) and
 glide to the next landing with barrels, get the arrows, then go over to the
 next ledge.  Take out the salamanders near the door, then glide over to it.
 A wall will open and two more salamanders will appear.  Take them out, get
 the barrels, then go through the door.  In here first take out the red
 barrels with your flame arrows, then go down the hall as fast as you can,
 the walls will start closing in on you.  Once through that, take out the
 3 salamanders in the next room and go through the door.  Now, for this next
 part you can just swing from rope to rope, the flames on them won't hurt you
 at all, but they will make the rafters fall, so don't spend any extra time
 on the ropes.  Just keep swinging and jumping across.  Get the barrels in
 the room you wind up in for refills, potions, and flame arrows, then go
 through the door to the next area.

-Grim Reaper
As soon as you enter, you'll be treated to a fight with a big hat.  Yup.

-Boss: Big Hat
 - Use your sword for this one.
 - Run down the bridge, jumping over the sweepers on your way to the hat.
 - When you get near it, it will shoot a halberd at you.
   - If the halberd has a purple glow, roll under it.
   - If it's yellow, jump over it (or fly over it, which is easier to do).
 - Hit the hat with the flame sword when you get over to it.
 - Vines will also appear from the ground at the two ends where the hat goes.
 - After you hit it once, the bridge will get smaller, the second time there
   will be another sweeper in addition to the loss of a section of the
   bridge.  The fourth time another sweeper will appear.  The fifth time, the
   sweepers will speed up.
 - Once it's dead you'll get a magic arrow.

 The traps will stay there, but the vines will no longer appear, so you can
 get the barrels near where you first entered the area for life/mana refills.
 Go through the door, get the thorn key, and leave to the next area.

-Dark Caverns
You'll have come out the only other door there was in this area.  Head back
 to where you used the flame sword to light your way to the door you took
 before, but this time kill the spider across the small gap to a ledge near
 you, then jump over to the ledge and target the spider up ahead.  Shoot it
 with your crossbow, then walk to the end of the path you're on.  Put the
 sword and fire away and get out your wings.  Fly across the gap to the
 torch.  Light it with your sword, then go through the door.  Kill the
 salamander across the gap, then it's buddy that shows up when you go across.
 Once they're gone, use the key and go through the door (you may want to save

Trial 1: Descent
After the little chat, run down the stairs and jump to the door.  In case you
 didn't know, you're already in your first challenge.  Run to the edge of
 the cliff and put on your wings.  Glide down, avoiding both the lava and the
 metal gates.  To get through the metal gates, just wait for them to open and
 free fall through, then start floating again so you don't land on a lava
 pit.  Just keep floating and dropping down to the bottom.  Once you're down
 at the bottom a thunder dragon will attack.  Take it out with your flame
 arrows, and then another one will appear.  Take it out as well and the door
 will open.  Before you go in, put on the scale to protect yourself from the
 heat inside.  The next goal is to run down the staircase without getting
 caught in one of the spurts.  Timing is everything here, so wait for your
 opportunity and run through.  Once you're past that hit the barrels to
 refill your life/mana and go through the door.  Put the wing back on and
 jump down into the hole.  This one is like the first falling exercise, only
 it's flame spurts you need to watch out for.  Once you land on the bottom
 put the scale back on and fight the thunder dragon with your flame arrows.
 Like last time multiple dragons will appear, only this time it's 3 of them.
 Take them out and get the barrels, then go through the door to your next

Trial 2: Metal Madness
You don't need the scale anymore, so put that away (unless you like Dirk to
 have green armor).  Next, wait for the platform to come over to where you
 are and jump on.  Ride that one to the next set and get on the one that
 connects (it's railing links to the one you're on).  Ride it across and 2
 thunder dragons will show up.  Dispatch them and get on the platform that
 goes up.  Ride that platform as it goes up and look at the central pillar
 from where you are, you should be able to see a piece of treasure on it.
 Glide over to it and get it, then glide back (or take the platform that
 meets it).  Once you're back on the platform that goes up, go up the ramp to
 another upwards platform.  When this one gets all the way up, go back across
 the same way you came from to get to a horizontal platform heading towards
 the back of the area (you may have to wait a few cycles, the one you want to
 meet has a longer pattern than the one you're on).  Take it to the next ramp
 and get on that.  Run down this one and jump to the chain, then climb it all
 the way up.  Jump over to the next ramp platform and wait for another one to
 meet up with it.  Get on that one and equip the scale.  Run down this one to
 the other end and switch to the wing so you can glide over to the barrels.
 Two more thunder dragons will appear, take them out or push them into the
 big spikes going across the floor that will also kill them.  Do not touch
 these spikes at all.  Run/glide past them around the corner and do the same
 with the next set.  Once you reach the end of the walkway, jump to the chain
 hanging from the red pillar.  Go all the way up it and jump to the next one
 near it.  Up that and jump to another chain.  From this one glide over to
 the top of the pillar where there are some barrels for refills.  Get those
 and then go along the bridge, watching out for set of 2 ogres that appear
 halfway down, and a set of 3 that appear 2/3 of the way down.  At the end,
 get the barrels and glide across to the door (ignore the last set of ogres,
 you can jump before they make it to you).  Before you go in, glide to the
 other side of the pillar near the door and get the other treasure for this
 level, then go back and through the door to the next challenge.

Trial 3: Checkerboards
Get the flame arrows and equip the crossbow, then jump onto the checkerboard.
 - You'll be attacked by a thunder dragon.  Kill it and a piece of the board
   will fall away.
 - Now, 2 thunder dragons will attack.  Each time you kill one another piece
   of the board will fall away and another thunder dragon will attack.
 - After about 5 or 6 dragons, the entire board will start to go away.  Fly
   over to where the pieces are re-joining.
 - When you land on the new pieces, several crossbow whelps will show up and
   fire at you, take them all out.  The crossbow whelps will continue to
   regenerate every 30 seconds or so after you kill one, so don't waste too
   much ammo on them.
 - Once those are all gone, jump over to one of the two platforms that are
   separated from the others and are near the side of the wall.
 - Jump over to the ledge near the wooden beam, then up onto the next ledge.
 - Jump up one more ledge and fly across to the wooden beam to get the
 - Go through the door at the end and get the potions.
 - In this next area, run along the walkway and fight the thunder dragons
   that appear.
 - Once they're gone, wait for the whitish-blueish-spirity-kinda thing to
   come through the circle with a ball, then dash through yourself.  A dragon
   and a couple thunder dragons will appear.  Yes, more regenerating dragons.
 - Keep going through the loops avoiding the balls and spirit clouds (which
   will become increasingly frequent the further you get along the path).
 - Once you get past the last loop and near the spirit cloud dispenser, it
   will disappear.
 - Keep going and through the door to the next area.
 - When you look out at the big field in front of you, take notice that the
   areas will the items on them are the ones that will stay around when parts
   of the board disappear.
 - To the left of the entrance, there is a platform floating in the middle of
   the air.  Fly to it and then look for another platform in the middle of
   the air, near the left side of the checkerboard.
 - It will go up and down a little, so when you fly over to it, if it's a
   little higher than you are, you'll have to wait for it to come down (watch
   out though, a thunder dragon will show up when you get near it).
 - Take out the thunder dragon and let the platform go all the way up to its
   maximum height, then jump and fly off towards the end of the checkerboard.
 - You're going to need about « of your mana gauge to make it all the way
   over, so if you don't have enough mana, use a potion.
 - Take out the thunder dragons and crossbow whelps here, then fly over to
   the other corner of the board.  Again, you'll need about « of your gauge
   to make it across.  Take out the thunder dragon when you get there.
 - Now, jump to the door and go through to the next area.

-Portal Room
Take out your sword and charge up a whirlwind, then release it on the knights
 when they get close.  Once they're gone run to the other end of the room to
 fight 2 more knights.  When those are gone, you'll have to fight 4 smithees,
 so take out the fire and kill those.  If you need refills, run around to all
 the barrels to get them, then carry the mana cells over to the pedestals,
 one at a time.  When you place the first one, 4 thunder dragons will appear,
 and once they're gone 4 more will replace them.  The barrels will have
 replenished, so get those for the refills, then place the other cell.  There
 will be a cinematic, watch it, then refill if need be, save, and go through
 the portal.

-Boss: Wizard
You no longer have any of your essences, so please, don't try to use them...
 Anyways, he's got 3 attacks he'll use against you:
 1 - Spirit zap: Well, it's basically a light that will fly straight at you,
     you can either move and dodge it, or block it with your sword.
 2 - Laser sweeper: A red light will move across the floor, simple to avoid
     by jumping over it.
 3 - Emerald shard stream: Similar to the spirit zap, but will be a
     longer and faster stream, which you can't block.
 - To beat him, fire your magic arrow at him.  Now, it takes more than one
   arrow to kill him, and you can only hold 1 at a time, so how do you kill
 - You may have noticed there are 2 thunder dragons attacking you at all
   times.  Take them out and they will drop another magic arrow for you.
 - Use those to keep pounding away at him until he goes down.  It takes
   about 5 arrows.

 There will be a cinematic, and then you're fighting again.

-Boss: Dragon wizard
 - Your sword has become supercharged for the fight.
 - Much like you did for Singe, let him shoot his lightning bolt attack at
   you and block it with the sword, then send it flying back at him.  That
   will knock him down, so run like hell over to him and hit him with the
 - Watch out for the lightning breath attack he has, you can't absorb that.
 - You can tell when he's going to use his lightning breath attack as his
   mouth will have electric currents moving around it before he fires it.
 - It takes about 5 hits to send him packing.

Once you beat him, watch the cinematic and then the ending credits.  Yup,
that's right, you've just beat the game.


4. Acknowledgments

Most recent version available at www.gamefaqs.com

Mike - My best friend.  Awwwww.......

Don Bluth - A great animator and the person that brought use the Dragon's
  Lair games.

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