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    1000 exp. points every time you do thisWhile paused in the school, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, Y,Right
    Control cameraPause during combat and press: Up, Left, Down, Right, Left, Left, Left, Left, Up, Up, Up, Up
    Gives you 1,000 Dinars per entryWhile paused in the school, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, Y, Left
    Higher level enemiesPause at a league office and press: Right, Right, Right, Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up, Down
    Lower Level Enemies & RecruitsRight, Right, Right, Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, Right, Down, Down, Down, Down, Up

    Contributed By: Starky27, BigChain, Ranilin, and jacross.

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  • Remove Equipment Limitations

    Well, first alls you have to do is go into your school.
    Pause the game.
    Now enter; Right,down,left,up,left(4),Y(3)
    If done correctly you should hear and sound.
    Don't worry this code works flaullessly. But you have to enter it every time you turn the game off, and the level still matters, so try to buy weapons for you level character.

    Contributed By: kingpin17.

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  • Recruiting Glitch

    You can only do this when you have LESS than the recruitment cost and the unit is ONLY temporary recruitable. Go to the person you want to recruit and select 'temporary recruit' then select 'don't recruit' This character will join your party forever. Works well if you want to recruit a dervish in imperia.

    Contributed By: anthrax12345.

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  • Unlimited Money

    Location: Imperia Beach, anywhere on the sand.

    Method: During the dawn hours of each day, you can search the beach for items. Simply leave your movement control in neutral (ie: Stopped), and Press A. A Searching box will come up, after a few seconds the results of the search will appear. If you didn't find anything, simply move a few paces and try again. If you did, Select ''Pick it Up''.

    Remember you can only do this during the dawn hours, once morning is over, you can no longer search the beach.

    Once you have your loot, take it to the nearest shop and sell! In one morning, which is a few minutes real time, I made over $100,000.

    Contributed By: OGGleep.

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  • Unlimited Money for the Sellout

    Ever wonder why YOU have to pay GLADIATORS to join YOUR school? Isn't that a little backwards? If only life were that easy.
    Here is a way to turn that around.

    You will need enough money to recruit one gladiator. After that it pays for itself.

    Recruit a gladiator that uses heavy armor, like a SAMNITE or a CENTURIAN.
    Take all of his gear. The way you do this is by going to the item screen, and selecting *NONE* for the gear. This cannot be done with weapons, so buy a cheap weapon to use as the replacement if you so desire.

    Now sell his gear. Expel him too... he's pretty worthless.

    That being said, only use this dirty trick with gladiators that you KNOW you are not going to recruit to have on your team permanently.
    The reason for this is that the gladiators that you expel from your school will go back into the recruit pool, able to be recruited again.

    I made 250,000 in about 20 minutes. Not a bad deal.

    Contributed By: benhawkins.

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