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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (DC) 11/09/03 Crazyreyn 0.9 188K
FAQ/Walkthrough 03/13/05 American Arsenal 3.3 228K
FAQ/Walkthrough 05/12/03 winnie the poop 2 1.0 231K
FAQ/Walkthrough (DC) 08/15/11 etjester Final 122K
FAQ/Walkthrough (DC) 03/27/03 NekoFever 2.6 111K
FAQ/Walkthrough (DC) 02/17/02 RIrawan 1.6 97K
Spoiler-Free Walkthrough 05/14/03 winnie the poop 2 1.0 15K
FAQ/Walkthrough (DC) 12/01/01 CChan 0.5a 45K
FAQ/Walkthrough (DC) 01/15/03 Scream 0.6 71K
FAQ 08/26/03 Oniken 19K

In-Depth FAQs

Collectables FAQ 04/15/03 Oniken 18K
Fangmei Side Quest FAQ 06/18/03 SamiKaze 1.0 27K
Kowloon City Guide 12/05/03 Oniken 1.0 12K
Notebook Guide (DC) HTML 03/12/16 PeterC138 340K
Secret Snapshot Guide 11/12/02 Hibiki 1.0 16K
Shenmue Collection FAQ 12/20/18 J Twelve-Sixty 2.3 12K
Xbox/DC Changes Guide 04/08/07 cvxfreak 2.0 10K

Secrets FAQs

Secrets FAQ 09/08/03 Oniken 42K

Maps and Charts

Aberdeen - Beverly Hills Wharf (DC) 11/19/19 Reala 131K
Aberdeen - Fortune Pier (DC) Interactive 11/19/19 Reala 288K
Aberdeen - Queen's Street (DC) 11/19/19 Reala 261K
Aberdeen - Worker's Pier (DC) Interactive 11/19/19 Reala 264K
Guilin - Forest (DC) Interactive 11/19/19 Reala 326K
Kowloon - Dinsum Quarter (DC) Interactive 11/19/19 Reala 351K
Kowloon - Dragon Street (DC) 11/19/19 Reala 333K
Kowloon - Stand Quarter (DC) Interactive 11/19/19 Reala 370K
Kowloon - Thousand White Quarter (DC) Interactive 11/19/19 Reala 386K
Wan Chai - Golden Quarter (DC) 11/19/19 Reala 336K
Wan Chai - Green Market Quarter (DC) 11/19/19 Reala 355K
Wan Chai - Lucky Charm Quarter (DC) 11/19/19 Reala 280K
Wan Chai - South Carmain Quarter (DC) 11/19/19 Reala 357K
Wan Chai - White Dynasty Quarter (DC) 11/19/19 Reala 273K
Wan Chai - Wise Men's Quarter (DC) Interactive 11/19/19 Reala 302K
Wise Men's Qr. Map 9/18/03 Crazyreyn 20K

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