Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File05/22/04jimfish162K
The Jaccuzi Job

Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (Europe)

Save Game File04/20/04jimfish272K
Save Game File05/22/04jimfish190K
At The Gates
Save Game File05/22/04jimfish226K
Basement Killing
Save Game File06/13/06jimfish287K
Basement Killing - Long Trail Of Bodies Leading From Basement Door to Toilet. Drop Smoke Bomb Down Chute To Trigger Mass Alerts.
Save Game File05/22/04jimfish211K
Hidden Valley
Save Game File04/21/04jimfish273K
Invitation To A Party
Save Game File05/22/04jimfish171K
Murder At The Bazaar
Save Game File05/22/04jimfish273K
Redemption At Gontranno
Save Game File06/13/06jimfish317K
Redemption At Gontranno - Final Boss. Shoot the Confession Box's Window To Trigger Boss Fight.
Save Game File05/22/04jimfish275K
Shogun Showdown
Save Game File06/13/06jimfish303K
St Petersburg Revisited - Crouching Behind An Unaware Agent 17. Kill Him To View Cutscene.
Save Game File05/22/04jimfish255K
St. Petersburg Revisited
Save Game File04/20/04jimfish211K
St. Petersburg Stakeout
Save Game File05/22/04jimfish263K
Temple City Ambush
Save Game File05/22/04jimfish292K
Terminal Hospitality
Save Game File05/22/04jimfish190K
The Death Of Hannalore
Save Game File04/20/04jimfish169K
The Gontranno Sancutary
Save Game File05/22/04jimfish170K
The Graveyard Shift
Save Game File05/05/04jimfish200K
The Jaccuzi Job - Agent 47 Holding On To Charlie Over Balcony
Save Game File05/22/04jimfish161K
The Motorcade Interception
Save Game File05/22/04jimfish185K
Tracking Hayamoto
Save Game File05/05/04jimfish204K
Tubeway Torpedo
Save Game File06/13/06jimfish332K
Tubeway Torpedo - Dressed in Military Outfit Looking Through Interrogation Room Window. Kill the General and Free the Prisoner.
Save Game File05/22/04jimfish175K
Tunnel Rat

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