Review by jimfish

Reviewed: 10/13/05

Wacky Races in the Sky...

Remember that day when you finally found a copy of Diddy Kong Racing which wasn't firmly grasped in the hand of a desperate gamer as SOLD OUT signs began to emerge over the empty shelf where the game stood.


That was just me then. That game was sheer genius all the same, combining the antics of Mario Kart Racing with little tiny tricked out planes. <3 But now the XBox sports a similar title which just happens to bring back that day of playing.

Freaky Flyers is a "karting" game with a difference. There are no karts. Just a whole bunch of customized planes for all of the individual racers (More than 12 characters will you be able to play with) which'll take to the skies. In this lovable title, it brings back the simplicity of Mario Kart 64 where it was all about having easy controlling and a whole lot of mayhem.

Learning your way around the maps is what all good karters should do, as there is always your favourite route, but thanks to the great level design, Freaky Flyers is far from being a linear track race as you can easily decide how to make it to the next checkpoint. The scenery as it passes by beneath you is nice and lush, adding to the whole game's enjoyability. The variety of levels and maps are huge, as you can be whizzing down the barren canyons out in the desert one moment, before moving onto another race out in the mountains of Canada. It's great and offers something refreshing each time.

To make the game even more interesting, the developers added the idea of sub-missions and bonus objectives to complete during the high-paced racing action. Think of this as trying to hit a sign-post a couple of times with a rocket and you've got the general idea of what these missions are about, but they are enjoyable none-the-less.

Freaky Flyers is something new and innovative for you to play, with it's sardonic sense of humour and lovable characters. There's the wonderful flow of the map design which gives the player the chance (or lack of) to think about how to go about winning the race. It's got a lot to it and it could of had a bit more work put into it, but it's got a nod from me and I hope to see sequel to this very soon...

Rating: 8

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