Review by alphablitz

Reviewed: 09/02/03

Alright, I guess.

Almost everything about Freaky Flyers is just okay. It looks alright, it sounds alright, it's kind of fun.

Graphics 6/10:
Can't complain. In game graphics are fine. Some of the cut scenes (and there are a lot of cut scenes) have some nice animation, but the majority of it is pretty standard stuff. The style of the game is reminiscent of Kung Fu Chaos. Goofy and sometimes frighteningly misproportioned cartoon characters race around. I personally didn't go for the art work, though this might be a matter of taste.

Sound 8/10:
Cartoony voices abound. Everything comes through nice and clear. The background music is little above average. Some of it actually has lyrics which are mildly humorous.

Gameplay 5/10:
Play this game once, and you've mastered the controls. No big learning curve. The annoying thing is although the controls are tight and responsive, you feel as though you're going so slow. There's nothing as sad as watching the guy in front of you creep across the finish while you creep behind him. Really, all you end up doing is jamming on the gas the whole race with pitiful results. Their are boosters along the way for that quick shot, but this game ends up being more fighting than racing oriented. The only way to beat your opponent is to shoot him down.

Fun Factor 5/10:
Pretty ho hum. You fly around at a snail's pace and shoot stuff. Riveting. The one saving grace of this game is the level design. There is just so much going on. At no point in any level will you feel as though you've hit the ''filler'' part of the course. Every twist and turn goes for broke with amazing complexity. Plus, every race has a number of side quests. Complete a side quest during the race, and you win an extra slot for special weapons (a la Mario Kart) you collect along the way. Thing is, these extra slots last only until the end of the race. By the time you've got some neat upgrades, half your opposition are celebrating their victory at the after party. As far as style is concerned... the designers were really going after the whole ''funny'' angle. I chuckled at the announcer at one point. Other than that, it's just kind of quirky and weird.

There you go. If you loved Diddy Kong, you might rent this one. I could understand how someone might like this game, though I certainly did not. But one last gaping hole in the game: multiplayer. Now we know that Midway's seen the Xbox before. The four plugs are right there. And certainly, the must have heard about Live at some point. So what's the deal?

With so many great games out there, why would play one that's just alright?

Rating: 5

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