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Reviewed: 12/05/02 | Updated: 12/05/02

Good Football Game

The Madden series came along way. This football game is a simulation. In my opinion, simulation football games are more exciting than Blitz and Fever.

I purchased Madden NFL 2002 and was happy for a few months, so I traded the game in. Well, I hope this year's game can make me happy until Madden NFL 2004 comes out. I got a chance to play the game because I was kind of curious. You know, people been saying the Mini Camp mode is very addictive. Anyway, I played the game and this is how I think of it.


This year's game was better than the last one. I had a lot of fun while playing the Franchise Mode. Playing with a human opponent is more fun because you can trash talk to them while they are there. There isn't no Season Mode in his game, but they combined the Season Mode with the Franchise Mode. If you are a newbie, you will might as well try Madden 101(I think that is what it is called). John Madden helps you on plays and formations. He gives you details about them and you can earn tokens for doing them. If you want to be able to collect Madden Cards, you need a profile. You collect tokens to buy the Madden Cards which are 100 tokens for one pack. You collect them in the Two Minute Drill, Madden 101, and while you are playing the computer.

The controls are pretty good. Defense and offense controls are slightly different. For example, on offense, you press the A button to sprint and on defense, you press B. Sometimes I get mixed up with it. Hope they fix it next year. After a while you will get used to the controls. On the Controller S, it is kind of hard to press the stiff arm button, which is the Black button, while sprinting with the ball on offense.


Last year, it was just a port from the PS2 version. The Xbox version of Madden NFL 2003 has slightly better graphics than the PS2 and the Gamecube. The Xbox version is clearer and more crisp because of the hardware.

I've been checking out replays and looked at the player's face. Some of the people don't even look like the real person. EA Sports need to improve this. The grass and turf looks good. The grass actually wears down and the player's jerseys get dirty. The crowd looks improved form last year's . The crowd cheers for the players on the field. Now, the crowd actually moves. After football games, the stadiums are almost empty with a few fans on the stadiums.
I played games on the snow and rain. First of all, I noticed something I hadn't before. It was raining hard on the grass and while I was playing the game, the rain decreases and increases. Sometimes the rain stops for a while and starts to rain again. Same thing for the snow. The weather effects are awesome. The helmets even get scratched on the field.


When I first popped the game in, I didn't hear an intro music. That was a lost to me because they had always pumped me up. Well, the EA Sports Trax is music in which they will play at the menus, Mini Camp and more. The artists feature Good Charlotte, Bon Jovi, Andrew W.K and many more. However, there isn't a button to change the tracks like NBA Live 2003 had. Al Michaels is the new commentary person along with John Madden. Madden says the same old boring lines again and again. The commentary is repetitive. On the field, the sounds are accurate. When someone gets tackled, they make a sounds, which are annoying to me.


The game has over 20 years in Franchise mode. You could play this until the Franchise Mode is over, or when Madden NFL 2004 comes out, or until this game gets boring. The Mini Camp, as I said before is addictive, can make you keep playing and playing until you get all gold.

No Online Play

Some people complain about not being able to play Madden NFL 2003 online. Only the PS2 version has online play. If you want to play online, get the PS2 version.

Final Recommendation

If you know someone who likes football, this game is the one for the person. If you want a football game, go and rent this first and try it. I played this for a few days and got bored, so this game is not right for me. The only football game that is right for me is NFL2K3. Madden Veterans, I recommend that you should buy this because it is better than last years.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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