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Reviewed: 09/22/02 | Updated: 09/22/02

Simply...Just Great..But Not Amazing!

The Madden Series.....Has been down right excellent...but only those for the ones from PS2- starting with Madden 2001.. but now adding Madden 2003 makes this game alot better for the series....including new modes like mini camp and some new thing called 101 now to the Review

Gameplay: 9/10

Madden NFL 2003 has had great gameplay from the start of 2002....why i say this is because the game has just changed totally....from 2001..i meen no more 1 handed catches...but the gameplay is great and can be a little slow for the time which i racked up just too much yards at one point...but the tackling sequences are great u can actually hear the player snap his helmet as he gets rugged down by the tough defense but overall the gameplay has been tweaked alot from the last year and has good gameplay! and even better Ea Sports added Gang Tackling!

Graphics: 10/10

''The Graphics Will Always be better'' said by John Madden...which EA Sports has accomplished many times...the graphics for this game are mind bending and amazing like a jawdrop...i meen espicailly when u go to the demo looks your watching the game...its kinda cool...but the graphics are great from the players shoes up to his neck...the faces are kinda messy for some of the players but some of the players look like there real life counterparts but overall the graphics are a amazing grade

Sound: 7/10

The Sound in madden is always great accept for one point which i will get to soon..but to start the sounds of the tackling are great and excellent no game has done better than this can hear the players knees hit the dirt as he rolls over to get a first down...The Music in Madden is another good thing...the songs give me a push of my adreniline....i love the sounds in this game but the downpoint of this sound is...The Commentating, well Al Michales did a good job and so did that other girl.. but John madden has said the same words from Madden 1992. nothing has changed mabye a 100 more words for madden but that is just one point in this game is it sickening!

Features: 9/10

The Features in this game are flawless...i havent seen better from the mini camp drills over to the popular franchise mode which has been amazing adding a boost of energy to the franchise was the pre-season but still this game has great features and finally some good madden cards were added in the game (GALE SAYERS!)

Difficultly: EAzY

Madden NFL 2003 gets to a point where its hard and where its easy...if you play this game non stop you will rack up 50 points against the rams with the panthers which is kinda sickening...but if you play this game mabye 1nce a day scores will be like 26-21 which is good score...i quit franchises sometimes because i score so much

Buy or Rent: Buy

If You have liked other games like this..including madden 2001 or 2002 this game is ur kinda game but if you like fast paced games like NFL 2k3 still go for this..i defintly choose this over NFL 2k3 without a doubt!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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