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Reviewed: 08/25/02 | Updated: 08/25/02

The Madden Legacy continues with madden 2003

The madden legacy started over 10 years ago with Madden 92. And since then it has become the flagship for football games. This year it reclaims its title with this years head busting edition of madden football. Madden 2003. This game shows why it is the king this years improvements and fun gameplay show why madden is da Boss.

Gameplay 10/10
I love how they finally did away with season mode and put more focus on franchise mode. one of the modes that has made madden so fun. We now have preseason which helps you see who you should cut and keep. Also the new rookie scouting option is just plain awesome. But one thing they should have kept is the expansion draft. The mini-camp feature is a fun mode that challenges you and really tests your football playing knowledge.Practice and madden 101 helps you with making play and deciphering what they mean if you dont understand them. Situation is a great mode where you pick how a game ends and try to make well a situation.For example you have to score with a second left or try to stop a team from scoring.

Graphics 10/10
they are just plain awesome. to some they look like your watching a real football game. The menu and layout are awesome. It is a great layout its easy to use.

Audio 8/10
i love how madden went with a rock style this year. But some hip-hop would have been nice. and some songs were just terrible and not needed in the game.Please no more Andrew W.K.

Playing the Game-10/10
The actual game itself is awesome. what i mean is when your on the field playing. The defense plays better and plays more real. if youy have a weak defense your going to give up a lot of points. But if you have a strong defense you wont give up hardly any. The running game has improve dramatically. This is one of my favorite types of plays to run during a game. The coaches again like last year add a very real atmosphere to the game and makes it feel again like your watching a real football game.

This game is definitely a must but for hard core madden gamers. even if your just starting to play the madden series still you must buy this game. All together though some stuff could have been put in and some left out I give the game a 10/10.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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