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Item Locations Guide by Rhavin

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 12/27/2005

Batman - Dark Tomorrow (for NINTENDO GameCube)
FAQ/Guide by André Luiz Junqueira - andreluizjunqueira@hotmail.com
FAQ/Guide version 1.00

Copyright 2005 André Luiz Junqueira.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Batman, its characters and GameCube are copyrighted by their 
respective owners.


1   Introduction
      1.1   Useful Moves

2   Items Walkthrough
      2.1   Gotham City Rooftops
      2.2   Gotham City Alleyway
      2.3   Gazette Square
      2.4   Warehouse District
      2.5   Gotham Docks
      2.6   GCPD Rooftop
      2.7   Talbot Factory
      2.8   Underground Sewers
      2.9   Arkham Asylum
      2.10  Ra's Al Ghul's Castle

3   Extras List
      3.1   Cinematics
      3.2   Game Music
      3.3   Art Assets


   This is a quick-walkthrough of Batman - Dark Tomorrow, with 
tips, locations of music CDs, sketchbooks, special items and 
boss strategies.
   Some of the information can be used by the xbox users as well 
(except music CDs and sketchbooks).
   NOTE: I missed 1 Music CD and 3 Sketchbooks (I believe). Contact 
me if you found and I'll post it here (crediting to you).


CROUCHING SWEEP - this is a must, with one strike you can knock down
all surrounding enemies so you can use your Batcuffs.

WAKING SWEEP - keep pressing A or B when you get knocked down, it
will bring down all nearby opponents.

RUNNING ATTACKS - simply press A or B while running to knock down
any enemy. You can start a Combo running too (see the next move).

COMBO - can be done pressing repeatedly A or B buttons while holding
the L button. Excellent against most bosses. You can start a Combo

STEALTH MOVES - you can walk in stealth mode pressing Z once, with
this you can knock the enemies down with one blow from behind (with
you didn't alert them). The crouch mode is very silently as well.
Use shadows for your advantage.



-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 1.Batman: Dark Tomorrow Prologue A
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 2.Batman: Dark Tomorrow Prologue B
-Beat the 3 thugs and cuff them.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 3.A message from Oracle
-Reach the Batsignal using the Batcable to swing and the Batgrapple
to move up and down. You can only go to the gray areas of the Radar.
-Item GC Dept. of HUD lying on the ground of the 2nd rooftop 
-Music CD inside a wooden box (break it), in the roof just before a
glass building and the heliport.
-Sketchbook in a gas barrel (throw a Batarang to explode), in the
roof with wooden tables, after the heliport and just before a metal
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 4.Meeting with the Commissioner


-Music CD in the first area, turn left in the alley with construction
-Item Gotham Gazette in the apartment, next to the TV.
-Keep following the bandit who ran away from the apartment to the
street in flames (enter in a space to the right of the fire).


-Item Newstime Magazine, in the 2nd area, on ground near a store
with the name "YON".
-Music CD at the end of de 2nd area (very visible).
-Item Inside Gotham magazine on a table inside the mini-market.


-After you jump the fence, you can open 2 warehouse doors with your
Universal Tool.
-Sketchbook inside a gas barrel near 2 bandits, in the warehouse
near a gold car.
-Music CD inside a wooden box, in the warehouse whose door stands
near a trash can.
-Item Ammunition Crate near a Computer (PC), in the same warehouse
-Music CD in a gas barrel under the side-stairs of the last
warehouse (with several bandits guarding the main gate).
-BOSS - BLACK MASK - use this simple strategy (the best strategy
for the majority of bosses): do a Combo/Sweep/Running Attack, avoid
his waking attack, run and do another Combo/Sweep/Running Attack,
and repeat.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 6.Interrogation


-In the 1st area, use the Universal Tool to open a door on the left.
-Item Gotham Magazine on the floor of the room whose door I
-Sketchbook inside a gas barrel near a great vertical sign
"Building 2", still inside the room I mentioned.
-Item Ammunition Crate # 2 is on top of a large crate, still inside
the room I mentioned.
-Music CD in a single gas barrel in the corridor leading to the 2nd
-Sketchbook in a wooden box in the 2nd area (be careful because you
can't get back from the 3rd area).
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 7.Scarface and the Ventriloquist
-BOSS - SCARFACE - you only need to reach him to win, be careful
with the towers. Climb your way up using the stairs and knock both
bandits of the towers. Jump from the 2nd tower to reach Scarface.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 8.Disappearance


-Get down 4 floors, then proceed to Gordon's office.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 10."A deck of cards..."


-Music CD is in the beginning of the 1st area, in the corridor to
the right.
-Sketchbook in the midst of great vertical cylinders, next the
steer machine, once inside the factory.
-Item Form 2A on a table inside the office.
-Proceed to the ventilation system (opening next to the office,
jump to reach it).
-Use the Universal tool to get out the next room with 2 thugs.
-Music CD in a wooden box, inside the last room of the factory
(get it before getting out).
-Sketchbook in a gas barrel, inside the last room of the factory
(get it before getting out).


-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 12.The sewers of Gotham
-Sketchbook just after you encounter 4 thugs, in the 1st area.
-Go underwater, and after the loading proceed to the rusty door.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 13.Back Online
-Turn the valve in a small room, after you pass through a electric
flooded room.
-Sketchbook in a gas barrel, in a room in front of the valve's one
(mentioned above).
-Music CD visible across the water, throw a Batarang or go get it
with Batcable/grapple.
-Music CD in a wooden box, in a corridor linking rooms with rats
(get it before proceeding).
-Sketchbook in a wooden box, in a corridor linking rooms with rats
(get it before proceeding).
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 14.The Ratcatcher
-BOSS - RATCATCHER - instead fighting the Ratcatcher you'll have to
face two Giant Rats. Stay crouched all the time (Z button twice),
approach with a rolling (B button crouched, you are invulnerable
during a roll) and then sweep (Y button crouched). You'll be hit
sometimes, so keep your Medical Kit equipped all the time.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 15.Picking garbage
-Go straight to the Asylum's Door.


-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 16.Arkham Asylum
-Item Memorandum near a fire extinguisher in the 1st area (near a
destroyed wall).
-Music CD in a wooden box, inside a room with 4 inmates.
-Sketchbook in a gas barrel, inside the same room mentioned before.
-Ignore for now the two metal sliding doors, go down the hall and
use the Universal Tool in the door. Once inside, use the control to
open the two sliding doors.
-Go to the 1st sliding door (the right one) to turn off the cooling
system (this action will reduce by half Croc's HP).
-Go to the 2nd sliding door (the left one), all the floor will be
flooded and you're getting near the Killer Croc.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 17."It's lunchtime for Croc."
-BOSS - KILLER CROC - use the main strategy (used on Black Mask),
just be careful with his grab (it will drown you) so keep your
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 18."Killer Croc -- defeated!"
-Item Killer Croc Cell Key near Croc's body, close the valve in the
end of the hall to see it better.
-Free the Doctor using the Cell Key in the door in the beginning of
this same area.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 19.Dr. Mckee and the Batman
-Item Arkham Pass Key will be in your possession after the VIDEO.
Now enter in the other metal sliding door and use it in the locked
-Music CD in a wooden box just after the Pass Key Door.
-Item Diary Entry on a desk in the same room where you save two
-2 Music CDs in gas barrels in a room with a inmate hidden inside
a box.
-Use the Arkham Pass Key in the red door.
-To free the guard enter the door on your side and kill the plant
downstairs, then go back to see him.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 21.Rescue from the vines of death
-Item Computer Email on the floor near the location where the guard
was entrapped. Proceed until you get in a room with a computer desk
and a jail division.
-Item Computer Email in the printer in the mentioned room.
-Item Defoliant (a red thing in the desk) can be found in the same
room mentioned. A VIDEO will star when you grab it.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 22.Poison Ivy
-BOSS - POISON IVY - you only have to beat her Monster Plant, which
is far worse. Use the defoliant to make the Plant hide its tentacles,
then use a COMBO, repeat the operation. Equip your Medical Kit (DOWN
in the digital directional) and then keep the Defoliant equipped (UP
in the digital directional, the select it), the Medical Kit will be
used automatically even if not selected.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 23."You know this isn't over..."
-Go through the door (showed after the Plant's defeat) then use
your Pass Key in the dark green door.
-Proceed to the frozen area, jumping the ice streams. In the
kitchen (a room with 3 doors), get the Item Computer Email on a
desk in the left door, then go to the middle door.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 24.Cool as ice
-BOSS - MR. FREEZE - use the main strategy, however, instead of
using combos, use running attacks (I prefer kicks than punches).
If you get your legs frozen, rotate the analog stick repeatedly.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 25.He was going to kill us!
-Item High Access Security Card will be in your possession, use it
in the right door within the kitchen.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 26.Inmates attack!
-Music CD in a wooden box, inside a office with windows.
-Sketchbook in a wooden box, in the first corridor of the
Restricted Area (get it before going to the 2nd corridor stairs).
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 27.The insane Mr. ZSASZ
-BOSS - MR. ZSASZ - use the main strategy (Black Mask).
-BOSS - THE JOKER - you must defend Gordon from the inmates. Use
the sweep to knock them and then use cuffs. Each wave of enemies
start when you get closer the Joker (he is in the top floor).
There are 10 inmates (I think). Defeat them all and then get
closer the Joker (it will start a VIDEO).
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 29.Red herring


-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 30.To the castle
-I prefer use 1st person mode in this part.
-Sketchbook in a single gas barrel in the beginning of the first
building (indoors).
-Now we will have a new feature: cameras! Walk beneath them or
throw a Batarang to turn them to the wall.
-To enter the Castle use a Batgrapple under the Machine Gun on
the right side wall of the castle. While hanging, use a somersault
(with A button).
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 31.The Dark Knight -- discovered!
-Proceed using the shadows and batarangs. Once you enter in the
Castle, you can't return.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 32.A little help from a friend
-Talia turned off all the cameras for you!
-Item Computer Email in the 1st left door (with 3 soldiers), print
it using the computer.
-2 Music CDs in gas barrels in the 2nd right door, stay alert - a
soldier will come to check the explosion.
-Item Ammunition Crate # 3 on the top of a box, in the 3rd right
door (with a soldier distracted).
-Item Personal Notes on a bed, inside the 1st dormitory (with a
engineer sleeping) on Corridor D (this corridor starts from the
right door upstairs).
-Proceed to Corridor B (corridor started from the door on the 1st
floor), jump the laser, and use the Universal Tool in the "Keep
Out" door (which is the Communications Room).
-Item Computer Email on a desk inside the Communications Room.
-Use the Universal Tool in the computer (red flashing light)
of the Communications Room.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 33.Conspiracy theory
-Item Computer Email on the principal chair of the Conference Room,
which is opened by the Universal Tool and it is located
near the Communications Room.
-Go downstairs, to the Boiler Room, and then open the valve
(2 soldiers will appear).
-Music CD in a wooden box near the Boiler Room.
-Sketchbook in a gas barrel near the Boiler Room, in a room with
-Now go to the left door upstairs. Through a room with 2 soldiers
and a double door. Be warned - after the VIDEO, all cameras will
be turned on.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 34.A disobedient daughter
-Now we have 4 Demon Doors.
-The left Demon Door will take you to the Lazarus Pit. The gate to
the Pit must be opened with the Universal Tool.
-The right Demon Door has the requirement for the Complete Ending.
-Music CD is floating above a great hole in a room, get it throwing
a Batarang.
-Enter the sliding metal door. Go straight to the Satellite 
Control Room (great room with engineers).
-ATENTION - this will change your ending - use the Universal Tool
on the base of the main computer (red flashing light) to Override
and Disengage the Weapon Control System.
-Sketchbook near a great hole, after you pass the location of the
Weapon Control System through the ventilation.
-Find a ventilation entrance on the left wall, just after a laser.
Crouch an press A button to enter.
-2 Sketchbooks in a gas barrel and wooden box in a room, after you
enter the ventilation crouched.
-Sketchbook above the ventilation, get it with Batgrapple
(just hit it), after the room mentioned above.
-The middle-right Demon Door leads to the final battles. After the
laser you'll have to fight a SUB-BOSS.
-SUB-BOSS - 2 ELITE SOLDIERS - use the main strategy (Black Mask).
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 35.Ubu vs. the Batman
-BOSS - UBU - use the main strategy (Black Mask).
-After his defeat you can proceed. ATENTION - when you reach the
final door will be no turning back, therefore, will be impossible
to change the ending.
-CINEMATIC VIDEO - 36.Showdow with Ra's Al Ghul
-BOSS - RA'S AL GHUL - use the main strategy (Black Mask). Now
you'll use a sword against Ra's, but the tactics will be the same.
Just try to get Ra's from behind when he get up, it'll make your
life easier. The damage caused by the attacks of Ra's is the main
difference of this combat. Keep the Medical Kit equipped (as
- Batman dead and didn't Disengaged the Satellite - CONTINUE
- Ra's defeated, but didn't Disengaged the Satellite - GAME OVER
- Batman dead and Satellite Disengaged - CONTINUE
- Ra's defeated and Satellite Disengaged - CREDITS



1.Batman: Dark Tomorrow Prologue A
2.Batman: Dark Tomorrow Prologue B
3.A message from Oracle
4.Meeting with the Commissioner
5.Gang War!
7.Scarface and the Ventriloquist
9.GCPD Rooftop
10."A deck of cards..."
11.The Dregs
12.The sewers of Gotham
13.Back Online
14.The Ratcatcher
15.Picking garbage
16.Arkham Asylum
17."It's lunchtime for Croc."
18."Killer Croc -- defeated!"
19.Dr.Mckee and the Batman
21.Rescue from the vines of death
22.Poison Ivy
23."You know this isn't over..."
24.Cool as ice
25.He was going to kill us!
26.Inmates attack!
27.The insane Mr. ZSASZ
28.The Joker
29.Red herring
30.To the castle
31.The Dark Knight -- discovered!
32.A little help from a friend
33.Conspiracy theory
34.A disobedient daughter
35.Ubu vs. the Batman
36.Showdow with Ra's Al Ghul
-1st ENDING - Batman dead and didn't Disengaged the Satellite
-2nd ENDING - Ra's defeated, but didn't Disengaged the Satellite
-3rd ENDING - Batman dead and Satellite Disengaged
-4th ENDING - Ra's defeated and Satellite Disengaged - CREDITS


1.Batman: Dark Tomorrow - Main Theme
2.Gang war in Gotham City
3.Enemies attack!
4.Bad vibrations
6.Dark Knight
7.The duel against Ra's Al Ghul
8.The Underground Sewers
9.Labyrinth of danger
10.Fight Music - Part I
11.The Joker
12.Mr. Freeze
13.To the Himalayas
14.The castle
15.Arkham Asylum
16.The Talbot Factory
17.Fight Music - Part II
18.Flower Garden
19.Inside the lair of the Demon's Head


5.Talbot Factory
6.The Waynes
7.Batmobile Cockpit
8.Lieutenant Montoya
9.Gazette Square
11.Lieutenant Bullock
12.Commissioner Gordon
13.Arkham Asylum 1
15.Arkham Asylum 2
16.Wayne Manor
17.Arkham Asylum 3
19.Batjet Cockpit

-------------------------------THE END-------------------------------

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