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FAQ/Walkthrough by Hellfire X

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/26/04

\\-\/-// ======        __  ===  __        ___ ___  __  __   __  ====  \\-\/-// 
//-/\-\\   ||  | |\/| |   /__  |__| |   |  |   |  |   |__| |    ____| //-/\-\\
========   ||  | |  | |--    \ |    |   |  |   |  |-- |\    \   |     ========
\\-\/-//   ||  | |  | |__ ___/ |    |__ |  |   |  |__ | \  __\  |___  \\-\/-// 
        O U T N U M B E R E D ,  B U T   N E V E R   O U T G U N N E D

AUTHOR  - Charlie Emery - Hellfire X
VERSION - 1.01
E-MAIL  - ce_hellfire@yahoo.co.uk

NOTE ON E-MAIL: My e-mail address is open if you have any comments to make on 
the guide, such as if anything is missing, if something could be more concise, 
etc. Sensible comments please, any flames and you won't be mailing me again. 
Please don't mail me with any questions on the game if the answer can be found 
in the guide. If I have missed something, then by all means mail me, and if 
it's something important, you'll get a mention in the credits. But above all, 
DO NOT SPAM MY INBOX. I don't read any spam and it gets irritating. Spam my 
inbox and you get blocked immediately. 

Remember, this is a full FAQ to practically the whole single player game 
except the Mapmaker, so there are bound to be some spoilers here. Just to let 
you know in advance.

\\-\/-//                           **CONTENTS**                       \\-\/-// 

\\//   :VERSION HISTORY:   \\//

\\//   :INTRODUCTION:   \\//

\\//   :CONTROLS:   \\//

\\//   :GAME MODES:   \\//

\\//   :STORY MODE:   \\//

     - SIBERIA, 1990
     - CHICAGO, 1932
     - NOTRE DAME, 1895
     - RETURN TO PLANET X, 2280
     - NEOTOKYO, 2019
     - WILD WEST, 1853
     - ATOMSMASHER, 1972
     - AZTEC RUINS, 1920
     - ROBOT FACTORY, 2315
     - SPACE STATION, 2401

\\//   :ARCADE MODE:   \\//

     - IT'S A BLAST

     - MAXIMUS


\\//   :CHALLENGE MODE:   \\//


\\//   :WEAPONS:   \\//

    - SOVIET S47
    - TNT

\\//      :FINAL WORD:      \\//

\\//   :LEGAL DISCLAIMER:   \\//

\\-\/-//                      **VERSION HISTORY**                     \\-\/-//

V 1.01 - Added the fire extinguisher to the weapons section

V 1.00 - It's actually been a year since I last looked at this! Tidied up the 
         guide and finished off Challenge mode, and finally decided to submit 
         it!. First public release.

V 0.90 - FINALLY finished Elite league after that absolute PAIN of a last 
         Assault level. Weapons guide complete.

V 0.70 - Elite league almost done, Challenge mode about 60% complete.

V 0.50 - Substantial chunk now done. Decided to leave out Mapmaker after 
         discovering how crap I was at it! Several changes made to story mode 
         walkthrough, and tidied up the general layout of the guide. Honorary 
         league complete.

V 0.30 - Made a few minor changes to the formatting. Story mode complete, 
         Honorary league half done. Challenge mode started, Glass Smash half 

V 0.20 - Story mode walkthrough complete up to Aztec. Amateur league complete.

\\-\/-//                       **INTRODUCTION**                       \\-\/-//

Well, I should start by saying thanks for reading this. It's my first full 
FAQ, and this great game happened to be the one I chose to begin with.

You remember TimeSplitters, that brilliant FPS release title for the 
PlayStation 2? I loved it from the start and was absolutely thrilled to see 
the impending release of TimeSplitters 2. The original was so addictive that 
it can still hold it's own today, and the sequel is even better. I had 
already played the demo of Siberia and an 8-player deathmatch at the 
PlayStation Experience in Earls Court, London. There was nothing more to be 
said than it was really amazing.

Let's face it, Free Radical have come up with a masterpiece here. The single 
player has been vastly improved from the original, with a proper story mode 
and the introduction of the Arcade Leagues. Multiplayer is now better than 
ever with a multitude of new game modes, and the Mapmaker has also undergone 
an improvement, with the ability to create full single player missions. If you 
want to read my full opinions on the game, read my review on GameFAQs.

\\-\/-//                          **CONTROLS**                        \\-\/-//

This is an explanation of the default controls for the PS2. Other consoles are
not covered.

Left Analogue Stick - Move forwards/backwards, strafe left/right
Right Analogue Stick - Look up/down, turn left/right
D-Pad - Left/right to change weapons, up/down to zoom with sniper rifles.
L1 - Crouch
L2 - Fine aim
R1 - Secondary fire
R2 - Primary fire
Triangle - Reload
X - Interact, respawn
START - Pause the game and brings up the game menu
SELECT - Brings up a menu of the current objectives (does NOT pause the game)

\\-\/-//                         **GAME MODES**                       \\-\/-// 

Here is an explanation of the various arcade league/custom modes:

\\//   :DEATHMATCH:   \\//

The classic blow-up-everyone-and-anyone. All on all action. A kill counts for 
one point, and then you have a little choice. You can choose whether to lose 
points for being killed, lose points for suicides, or don't lose points at 
all. Large numbers in a small arena with ballistic weapons is always a laugh.
Try a 12 player game in Chinese with just rocket launchers!

\\//   :TEAM DEATHMATCH:   \\//

Exactly the same as above, but now it's one team against the others in an all 
out blast up. You need a big arena for this one, as it's all too easy to get 
your teammates caught in the crossfire.

\\//   :BAG TAG:   \\//

Objective is to hold the bag for the longest time in the time limit. If you're 
killed, you drop it, free for someone else to pick up. Holding the bag makes 
you an instant target, so be ready to defend yourself. Kills count for 

\\//   :CAPTURE THE BAG:   \\//

The same as the classic Capture The Flag games from other FPS games. Two 
bases, two bags, get their bag to your base with your bag still there to 
score. See someone with your bag, blow them up to make them drop it, and then 
touch it to return it to your base.

\\//   :THIEF:   \\//

A variation on Deathmatch. The principle is the same, but every kill causes 
the victim to drop a Monkey Coin. The kill itself counts for nothing, whereas 
picking up Monkey Coins is what earns you your points. This is why the game is 
called "Thief". You can steal other's kills. More frantic than Deathmatch as 
long range tactics don't work.

\\//   :FLAME TAG:   \\//

This is the opposite of Bag Tag. Someone starts the game on fire, and tries to 
pass it to someone else. Setting someone else on fire extinguishes themselves. 
Stay uncooked for the longest time to win.

\\//   :VIRUS:   \\//

A variation on Flame Tag. Same situation at the start, but if you're set 
alight, you stay alight, and you need to set everyone else on fire to end the 
match. Last one to be incinerated wins.

\\//   :ELIMINATION:   \\//

Again, same as Deathmatch but with a little variation. This time, every player 
have a set number of lives, and each death knocks one off the counter. Losing 
all of your lives eliminates you from the game. Be the last one alive to win.

\\//   :REGENERATION:   \\//

See Deathmatch, but health regenerates after a short period of time without 
taking damage.

\\//   :LEECH:   \\//

See Deathmatch, but damage inflicted on opponents helps refill your own health 

\\//   :VAMPIRE:   \\//

Same as Deathmatch, but each player has an energy meter at the top of their 
screen which slowly decreases as the game progresses. Keep it topped up by 
blowing the opposition to hell. If it runs out, you drop like a rock.

\\//   :ZONE:   \\//

It's basically Domination from Unreal Tournament. There are four neutral Zones 
in the level which need to be claimed for your team by running over them. Your 
score goes up based on the number of zones you control every couple of 
seconds. First team to reach the designated score wins.

\\//   :GLADIATOR:   \\//

Another twist on Deathmatch. Here, kills count for nothing unless you are the 
gladiator. The gladiator is defined by a gold aura and shows up in blue on the 
radar. Only the gladiator can score kills. To become the gladiator, destroy 
the current one, and you stay that way until you are killed.

\\//   :ASSAULT:   \\//

Something else taken from Unreal Tournament, this is a very basic objective-
led mission. You need to complete three objectives in a given time to win, 
while the other team tries to stop you.

\\//   :MONKEY ASSISTANT:   \\//

They had to be in here somewhere. It's a Deathmatch with an interesting twist, 
and is a very good training game for absolute beginners. Every so often, a 
troupe of armed monkeys teleports into the arena and hunt down whoever is in 
first place, taking out anyone else who gets in their way. All monkey kills go 
towards the last player's score. Once the player in first has been killed, the 
monkeys vanish, and appear again about 30 seconds later.

\\-\/-//                              **STORY**                       \\-\/-//

NB: Story mode guides have been written for Normal mode. Easy mode follows the 
same basic guidelines except some of the harder objectives are missing, and 
for Hard mode all secondary objectives become primary and there could be the 
odd extra camera/auto-turret lying around. If I find the time, I'll add the 
difficulty differences.

               \-\/-/          **SIBERIA, 1990**           \-\/-/

CHARACTERS: Ilsa Nadir (player 1), Gregor Lenko (player 2 in co-op)


  - Deactivate the communications dish
  - Restore power (added later) (not in easy)
  - Investigate the secret digging site
  - Retrieve the time crystal
  - Destroy the biohazard container at the digging site (added later)
  - Access the top of the dam (not in easy)
  - Eliminate the gunship (added later) (not in easy)
  - Escape through the time portal (added when all objectives complete)
  - Burn all evidence in the filing cabinets
  - Don't allow any mutants to survive (added later) (not in easy)

The Oblask Dam is one of the more stealthy missions in Story mode, and is also 
quite easily one of the longest. Silent, patient tactics required, no posers 

                                     - -

Start by picking up the sniper rifle and silenced pistol in front of you. 
Switch to the rifle's zoom function and take out the guard on the balcony 
right in front of you. Now move out into the open and turn right slightly 
until you can see a guard walking towards you, take him out when he stops 
moving. Shooting him any further back could risk him being seen by another 
guard. Remember, if you're spotted or seen killing someone, three extra guards 
will come running, and you're not ideally armed for a firefight. It's this 
guard who is your next target. Facing the same direction, move over to the far 
fence and look between the main building and the one right in front of you. 
You should see the female guard through the fence. The rifle is able to fire 
through fences, so go ahead and pop her one. Now it's time for the cameras. 
You can use the temporal uplink to locate them accurately, but they are quite 
easy to spot. The first one is near to where the first guard was standing. Use 
the rifle to shoot out the lens, or you can use fine aim with the pistol if 
you want to save ammo. Move into the complex and position yourself between the 
same two buildings you shot through to hit the female guard. You now have a 
clear shot at the second camera and you are standing outside its sight range. 
Again, use either the pistol or rifle to take it out. Move into the main 
building and stand by the windows at the front. You should see another guard 
pacing along the side of the building, and he'll eventually move in front of 
the far window. When he walks past, get him in the back of the head with the 
pistol. Be careful not to let him see you if he turns round. Go back out of 
the building and move over to the river bank. To make things a little easier 
later, get out the rifle and zoom right in on the building on the opposite 
bank. There is a security camera over to the right, shoot it out and you'll 
have an easier time coming out of the dam on the other side. After this, move 
up the stairs to the left. Before moving right up, take the time to zoom in on 
the far side of the dam itself near the top. You should see a small window. 
Try to keep the rifle trained on that window as you move up the stairs. When 
you reach the wooden boards joining the roofs of the various minor buildings, 
a sniper will appear in that window and start shooting at you. If you can spot 
him quickly, you can take him out before he gets a second shot. Once the 
sniper has been disposed of, move over the planks to the far building and drop 
through the hole in the roof. Pick up the timed mines on the shelf and go back 
outside. You now have the means to destroy the comms dish. Go back up the 
stairs and throw a mine on or near the dish. Stand back and watch the 
fireworks. With the first objective done, go into the second floor of the main 
building and throw the switch on the far console. This will open the door to 
the dam. But before going in, check your secondary objectives. There are five 
file cabinets that need to be disposed of, and two of them can be found here. 
If you check each of the rooms, you will see a cabinet in the one next to the 
main building, and the one round the back. Throw a mine at them to burn the 
evidence inside, there's no need to open them beforehand. And if you check the 
room closest to the dam, you'll find a crate of ammo for the sniper rifle. Now 
it's time to go inside.

                                     - - 

The first thing to do is to push the button for the lift. It doesn't work, and 
the primary objective "Restore Power" will be added to your list. Get out the 
pistol and start moving up the staircase. A little way up, you'll see a jet of 
steam blasting across the corridor, duck under this to avoid damage. A couple 
more flights and you'll see a guard looking almost directly at you. If you 
stay close to the inside wall he won't see you, knock a hole in his head with 
the pistol. Be careful on the next staircase, there's a camera waiting for 
you. Move to the far wall and it won't be able to see you and you can knock it 
out with the pistol. Moving further up, you'll come across a guard facing away 
from you. Same procedure, bullet to back of head. Go to the top and move 
through the corridor until you see a door with a glass pane. You should be 
able to see a guard facing to the right through the glass. Put a bullet in 
them through the door and move into the room behind them. Grab the armour and 
your first automatic weapon, the Soviet S47. Turn off the valve and go back 
outside. Switch to the sniper rifle again and take out the guard in the 
distance, then switch back to the S47. Move round the corner and pump a clip 
(well, not that much!) into the guard before she can alarm anyone. Now go on 
to the next two rooms and switch off the valves. The steam that was blocking 
your way before has now gone, allowing you through. Before descending the 
stairs, refill your S47 clip if you need to and keep your view down slightly. 
As you go down, a guard will confront you. Tear him apart and keep going down. 
There is a fresh suit of armour on one of the shelves if you need it. There is 
one more guard on the stairs and they'll be walking away from you. Pop a 
bullet in her head and descend to the bottom of the dam. Push the button to go 

                                     - -

Ready your sniper rifle before stepping out. Remember the sniper that shot at 
you on the other side? There's one this side now. Zoom in on the same spot on 
the other side of the dam and dispatch them quickly. The security camera is 
out of action from your shot earlier so move towards the building. Face away 
from the dam and you'll see a guard in the distance. Do him in with the pistol 
or rifle and move back towards the dam and around the corner. You'll catch 
another guard with his back turned. Deck him and turn the corner again. Take 
out another guard in the distance and move forward. You'll see a camera 
scanning in front of the door, move away from the building and take it out 
from a distance to avoid being seen. Now you can go into the main complex.

                                     - -

Head straight downstairs until you come to the first room. There's two guards 
here. Start by shooting the one through the shelves with the rifle. The other 
guard will probably hear, so blow him away with the S47. It's easier this way 
round as the first one is nearer the alarm. Go down the next set of stairs and 
you'll see a guard standing near some fuel drums. Do not be tempted to blow 
him to hell by shooting out the drums, you'll probably attract far too much 
attention. Instead, pop one in his skull. Take out the camera in this room 
also. There is a small room to the right before entering this room, inside is 
another file cabinet. Move towards the next staircase, but remember to take 
out the last two cabinets before going down. The checkpoint will activate 
here. If you die, you can restart from here with the same armour, health, ammo 
and objectives complete. But if you complete any more objectives, die, and 
restart from here, you'll need to do them again.

                                     - -

Don't rush into the next room. Instead, draw your pistol and wait. A guard 
will walk round the corner past you, if you take him down you'll be able to 
move more easily. Go round the corner and move towards the door on the other 
side. Look up at the balcony and snipe off the guard standing up there. Now 
move round the other side and take out the guard patrolling. Go up the stairs 
opposite the balcony and take out the guard standing in front of the control 
room, but do NOT go inside yet. Before that, go up on the balcony and look at 
the ceiling in front of the windows. You'll see a couple of auto-turrets 
waiting to greet you. You could waste your S47 ammo blowing them up, but let's 
be a bit sneakier. Zoom in on one of them with the rifle, you should see a 
small box in the bottom right corner of the turret. One bullet to that blinds 
the turret. Do the same with the other one, and switch to the temporal uplink 
to make sure they're blind. If they are, their view arc will have disappeared. 
Now go into the control room and flip the switch for the door to the mining 
site. Go over to the newly opened corridor and enter the second door on the 
right. The first door is the only one unlocked. Go in, but before flipping the 
switches for the other doors, go over to the auto-turret control. Shred the 
guard in the next room and switch off the camera. Now throw the two switches 
and go into the new corridor, picking up the Tactical 12-Gauge on the way. 
There are two guards in the next room, one of them will swing round the door 
in front of you. Surprise him by lobbing a grenade into the door from the S47, 
and if you miss, you can always blow him away. The other one is on the other 
side of the room. Move round quickly and you can catch him off guard. Switch 
to the 12-Gauge before picking up the disk he drops. Five zombies will now 
start waddling towards you. You need to take their heads off to kill them 
efficiently, and this is where the 12-Gauge excels. Watch the ammo though, 
there's not much.

                                     - - 

Once you've beheaded the zombies, go all the way back to the control room and 
insert the disk into the console. This will switch the power back on, and the 
lifts are now available to use. However, you're not done down here yet. As the 
power returns, the containment facilities fail and six or so zombies come 
trundling towards you from the corridor where you've just been. You probably 
don't have enough ammo in the 12-Gauge for this, so use the pistol instead. 
S47 ammo is very valuable at this point and mustn't be wasted on zombies that 
can be killed in one shot. Use fine aim to target their heads in the same way 
as before. You can now go into the other rooms next to the room leading to the 
disk and pick up a crate of grenades, fresh armour and the flamethrower. Now 
go deeper into the mining facility. Another objective will be complete when 
you enter. The time crystal is on the floor in front of you, so pick it up and 
be ready for another four zombies to come your way. Dispose of them with the 
pistol and go over to the containment chamber. Throw three mines onto it to 
destroy it.

                                     - - 

Now things get difficult, and this is where you need the S47. Special Forces 
units have now been dispatched, as have a whole load of zombies and mutants. A 
new secondary objective has been added telling you to take out all 5 mutants. 
However, don't think for one second the Specials are on your side. Once 
they've taken care of any zombies, they'll come after you. But zombies take 
priority, they won't attack you if there are any in the near vicinity. This 
doesn't apply to the zombies however, they will go for the nearest person, be 
it Special or you. Go back into the main room at the top of the corridor. 
You'll see two zombies and a Special in a firefight. Pick off one of the 
zombies and leave the other two to fight in peace. Take out whoever is left. 
Before going upstairs, wait at the foot and take out the flaming mutant with a 
shot to the head. There is a fire extinguisher nearby if you get caught on 
fire. The same strategy applies to the next two rooms, let the Specials and 
zombies take each other out and clean up afterwards, but be careful in the 
last room before the exit, as one of them has a flamethrower.

                                     - - 

By the time you clean up outside, there should be no more mutants, so all that 
is left is to go up to the top of the dam. Use the lift to reach the top 
floor. When you walk outside, a gunship will appear, obvious what you've got 
to do when there's three gun turrets sitting there isn't it? However, before 
parking yourself behind one of these nice pieces of artillery and blowing this 
thing to hell, check both sides of the dam, as two Specials will now be 
running towards you. Blow them away before taking up one of the turrets and 
turning on the gunship. You'll notice four missiles on the underside of each 
fin. These are your targets, as the gunship will not go down until they are 
all destroyed. The gunship will fire at you periodically, use the shields on 
either side of the turret to block the fire and return fire as often as you 
can. Keep checking the sides of the dam periodically as more Specials will 
appear. Once all four missiles have been blown up, just fire away with what 
you've got left and the gunship will soon drop like a rock, and the time 
portal should now open if you've completed all objectives. Jump in to complete 
the level.

                                     - - 

               \-\/-/          **CHICAGO, 1932**           \-\/-/

CHARACTERS: Jake Fenton, Lady Jane


  - Drain the whisky barrels (3 in easy, 4 in normal, 5 in hard)
  - Prevent Tony's brother from escaping (added later)
  - Rendezvous with your informant
  - Protect Marco as he returns to his hideout (added later)
  - Obtain the Nightclub pass card (given to you by Marco in easy)
  - Eliminate Big Tony
  - Retrieve the time crystal
  - Escape through the time portal (added when all objectives complete)
  - Minimise civilian casualties

Ah... the classic 1930s gangster setting. Lovely music in the background too. 
A degree of stealth is needed in this level as well, hence the vintage rifle, 
but there will be some good firefights here as well.

                                     - -

You start on the balcony overlooking the docks. There are two people walking 
around near the barge, and a third inside who'll be alerted if this isn't done 
right. A common mistake is to get out the rifle straight away and snipe at one 
of them. Bad idea, this attracts the other two. First things first, drop down 
onto the nearest crate and pick up the sniper ammo, then select the temporal 
uplink, drop down behind the crate on the left, and wait. The gangster on the 
barge will eventually walk back towards you and go behind the crate you are 
next to. When he does, select the silenced Luger, run behind after him and pop 
him. Now run up behind the one patrolling alongside the barge and do the same. 
To get inside the building without being noticed, use the uplink from behind 
the door to see when the gangster inside is walking away from you. When he 
does, you can run in behind him and drop him. Before going upstairs, make sure 
you shoot out the whisky barrel in the alcove. To drain it, you need a hole 
near the bottom. Going upstairs, you will see another gangster at the top of 
the next set of stairs. Though it would be spectacular to put a bullet through 
both windows and in his head, it will once again attract those downstairs. 
Instead, stay away from the windows to avoid being spotted and shoot him from 
around the corner. Go downstairs after checking with the uplink that one of 
the guards has walked towards the door. Run down after him and shoot him, and 
then back inside to take care of the one around the corner from the door. 
There is another barrel in here as well.

                                     - -

Going outside, arm the vintage rifle and turn the scope to the row of windows 
up and to your left, above the tunnel. There is a sniper waiting for you here, 
so pop him one first. You should be able to hear the phone ringing. Run over 
to the phone booth and answer it, and Marco will tell you where he is. You 
need to find the news stand further down the road, but there's a couple of 
other things to do first. Remember your secondary objective, civilians are not 
to be harmed. You can tell civilians from gangsters by the simple fact that 
they aren't carrying a gun. To check, zoom in on them with the rifle. Down the 
road, you'll see a gangster with a Tommy gun. Depending on how well you can 
sneak up on him, you could use the Luger to take him out, but if you're shaky, 
use the rifle from a distance instead. Grab his tommy gun and arm it 
immediately. If you look down the next street as you go on, you'll see a car 
burst out of the nearby warehouse. The objective "Prevent Tony's brother from 
escaping" will now appear. Painfully obvious what you need to do, right? Blast 
at the front of the car to blow out the radiator, and then shoot out his front 
left tyre. Done correctly, the wheel should fly off and you'll be treated to 
the satisfying fireworks of the car careering into a hydrant and exploding. Go 
into the warehouse that the car appeared from and grab some armour and extra 
sniper and Tommy gun ammo. Waste the barrel in there as well.

                                     - -

Now, you should be able to see Marco waiting for you down the road, but you'll 
need to complete what is effectively a tertiary objective before you can 
proceed. You need to clear out the gangsters in O'Learys before Marco will go 
anywhere. The Tommy gun will be your best friend here. If you can get all the 
way through the bar quickly enough, you can catch a few as they run in, 
keeping the civilians inside out of harm's way. You might need to run back in 
to finish off the few coming in the other way. Now rendezvous with Marco, 
which will finish one objective and add "Protect Marco as he returns to his 
hideout" to your primary list. Now gangsters will assail you from various 
directions in the same way as the Escort challenges from the original 
TimeSplitters. Keep your eyes both ways until you go round the next corner. 
Arm the rifle and turn the scope to the balcony over to the right. There is a 
sniper there who needs to be sniped, and depending on how unlucky you are, you 
might attract the attention of the sniper in the building in front of you as 
well. In this case, run the scope up the left column of windows and shoot 
whoever you see. It'll probably be worth doing this anyway as it'll be one 
less person to worry about when you storm the building. But remember, your 
priority is with the ones on the ground, use your tommy gun to waste them. 
Once Marco is inside, he'll tell you where you can obtain a pass to the 
nightclub. Pick up the TNT on the table. Make sure you don't use this on 
anyone, you need it to blow the safe. There is a building over to the right of 
the door you have just come out of. The top floor is where you'll find the 
safe, and it's back to the old stealth tactics. Run into the building with the 
Luger armed and aim at the head of the gangster immediately to your left. 
Don't shoot until the other gangster has moved into the doorway, otherwise 
he'll see you. Pop them both and run upstairs. You need to move slowly up the 
spiral staircase if you want to surprise anyone. Check each room as you go up 
as well, as there are some useful bits in there. Once you're at the top, throw 
the TNT on the door of the safe and get right back. This will blow the door 
off and you can take the nightclub pass. Ignore the phone, wrong number...

                                     - -

Coming back down can be difficult, as four snipers have now taken up position 
outside and will shoot at you given half a chance. Arm your rifle and go up to 
one of the windows. The snipers can be found at the end of the street 
opposite, in one of the windows in the building opposite, on the roof of one 
of the buildings to the right, and on the balcony where you found another one 
earlier. Take them out one at a time using the beam between the two windows as 
cover. Once they are gone, run all the way back downstairs and arm your Tommy 
gun. Two gangsters will be waiting for you outside on either side of the door. 
Waste them and make your way down the street towards the club. You might want 
to arm your rifle and take out anyone at long distance here, and keep your 
eyes left and up for a while, as there is yet another sniper waiting for you. 
The last two snipers reside at the end of each branch-off street behind the 
windows on the ground floor. Pop them both with the rifle and take their ammo 
if you can. Be careful with the last gangster before the gates, he has a 
shotgun. Finally, go up to the gates and use your pass. The checkpoint will be 

                                     - -

The two gangsters by the entrance will most probably see you before you can 
snipe them off, so greet them with your Tommy gun. Go into the building and 
round towards the nightclub entrance. There are two gangsters behind the door, 
so remember not to go charging in. Once they are wasted, pick up the armour at 
the base of the stairs and go into the club. There will be a gangster waiting 
for you round the first corner. Take him out and pick up the twin Tommy guns 
nearby. From here on, you can just have fun as the twin Tommys will destroy 
anyone who dares stand in front of you. When you reach the main room with the 
staircase, stop and arm your rifle. You should just be able to see a gangster 
hiding behind each pillar on either side underneath the stairs, so snipe them 
out before going in. Big Tony will appear when you do, and he's a joke. Mow 
him down with your twin Tommy guns, and if you can reload quickly enough, you 
can take him out before he even gets a shot. Pick up the time crystal from his 
carcass. Scourge Splitters will now start appearing, try to ignore them and 
just make a run for the portal at the foot of the stairs. Mission complete.

                                     - -

               \-\/-/         **NOTRE DAME, 1895**         \-\/-/

CHARACTERS: Viola, Mr Underwood


  - Rescue the maidens (3 in easy, 4 in normal, 5 in hard)
  - Help the Hunchback escape with the maiden (added later)
  - Retrieve the time crystal
  - Fight off the Portal Daemon (added later)
  - Make your way to the roof of Notre Dame
  - Eliminate Jacque de la Morte
  - Escape through the time portal (added when all objectives complete)
  - None

This should bring back memories of Mansion from TimeSplitters. Remember 
blowing zombies back to hell with a shotgun? Same thing here, but now you're 
in the historic setting of Notre Dame cathedral in 1895.

                                     - -

From the start walk round the corner and blow the head off the zombie walking 
towards you. Walk slowly past the two corpses but keep your eye on them. The 
second they start to move, run back to the doorway to get a clear shot. Take 
them out and move on, keeping your eyes left. There is a corridor on the left 
next to an alcove with shotgun ammo. Go down the corridor towards the switch, 
and decapitate the two corpses when they start moving. Flip the switch and run 
back out down the main corridor. There are two zombies in need of cranial 
enlightenment before you can go through the sewer. Run up to the closed gate 
and flip the second switch to the left. This will open it. There is armour in 
the next room at the back, pick it up before going on. A zombie will warp in 
before you can reach the next door, and there are another two waiting round 
the corner for you. Go up the stairs, but keep your sight up and take it slow, 
as another will appear at the top of the stairs. Going up the staircase will 
bring you to the wine cellar. A gate will close behind you (be aware of this 
in co-op mode) and the gate at the top of the cellar will explode when you 
reach it. The corpses lying on the floor will get up, and several flaming 
zombies will stumble through the wreckage. Run back towards the closed gate, 
decapitating the two other zombies before lining yourself up and blasting the 
three flaming zombies. Be careful when running over flaming corpses, you can 
still be set on fire if you run over them too soon. Now go through the 
wreckage into the prison, picking up the shotgun ammo on the floor if needed.

                                     - -

The prison is the place to complete the majority of the "Rescue the maidens" 
objective. You can see them hanging on the wall in manicles, just walk up to 
them and press X to free them and they'll make their own way out. The first 
maiden is right in front of you, but several zombies will warp in to hold you 
off. There is also a full armour nearby, but picking it up will cause three 
zombies to warp in behind you. Follow the same procedure for the other 
maidens, but keep a close eye on the zombies. If ANY of them look like they 
are going any other way then towards you, they take priority, as they are 
going after one of the maidens instead. If they kill just one of them, you 
fail the level, so take these ones out first. And remember to clear out the 
other zombies before freeing them. You should also be careful if any of the 
maidens have their heads bowed. These are Changelings, fakes there to distract 
you. Freeing one of these will cause them to lumber after you like any other 
zombie, so do the unmerciful thing and blow a large hole in them while still 
hooked up. If you want to check, crouch down and look at their face, a 
changeling will look remarkably different. Depending on your difficulty, you 
will find either 2,3 or 4 maidens down here. That's one less than the required 
number, she's in the main hall. Once you've got one left to find, run upstairs 
to the hall.

                                     - -

Take this one slowly, there are a lot of undead priests in here that can 
easily wipe the floor with you if you're not careful, especially on hard mode. 
Walk into the main hall and turn left. You should see three undead priests in 
the pews. Rather than take a blind shot and attract them all, slowly walk up 
behind one of them and shoot them in the back of the head. This will 
definitely attract the others, but it's one less to worry about. You can blow 
away the other two without any hassle if you're good at dodging. Quickly pick 
up the Luger pistols left behind and arm them, shotgun ammo becomes very 
valuable from here on in. There should be one more undead priest bearing down 
on you from the other direction. Just riddle him from long range with the 
pistol. From here, you should be able to see the last maiden hanging from the 
ceiling on a rope. Pick up the time crystal from the altar and then turn round 
and run over to the wooden door at the back of the cathedral. There is another 
full armour in here, but only pick it up if you really need it, it's the last 
one in the level. Don't run straight down the corridor, as there's an undead 
priest waiting to pop round the corner. He has twin Lugers, so it's not a good 
idea to just run down and blast him. If you're good with the fine aim and 
you're sure you can get a head shot, then walk down slowly until he appears 
and shoot him in the head. Otherwise, blast him with the shotgun. Pick up his 
twin Lugers, these will be much more useful in a firefight, but stick to the 
single Luger for now. The spiral staircase needs to be taken carefully as 
well, there is a zombie on the stairs that will attack you as soon as he sees 
you, and could quite possibly force you all the way back down the stairs. The 
second you spot him, give him a bullet to the head (be extra careful in hard, 
there are two then and the second one is on fire! It's the same case later). 
Run to the top of the stairs and switch to the twin Luger. You should be in a 
position to strafe round the corner, as you'll have to blast an undead priest 
at the end of the balcony. Pull either one of the ropes to lower the last 
maiden to the ground, and go back downstairs to her.

                                     - -

Hey, it's Quasimodo! Yep, the Hunchback has come in to help you fight off the 
zombies after the maiden. Objective "Help the Hunchback escape with the 
maiden" has now appeared in the menu. He will run in with a shotgun and blast 
the heads off of any zombies that get too close. However, you need to protect 
the maiden by yourself until he gets in position. The first three zombies will 
reach the maiden unless you shoot them. Use the weapon you feel more 
comfortable with. I recommend the Luger, as it is more accurate and the 
zombies don't fight back, so there's no real need to blow them away really 
quickly. Just don't get between a zombie and the Hunchback, he'll probably 
shoot you instead. Once they are all gone, he'll thank you and run off with 
the maiden (that's a nice way to thank you, eh?). I've noticed sometimes that 
the Hunchback will just stand there and look at you even when there are no 
zombies left. It might be a small glitch, but I think it could happen if you 
shoot him by accident, so watch where you aim. The Hunchback will run back 
towards the prison, you need to go to the opposite door. There is another, 
larger spiral staircase through here with up to three zombies waiting for you 
(two on fire in hard mode). Do the same as in the first staircase, bring them 
back down to the bottom if you need to. If you don't have full ammo, you can 
pick up a shotgun in the alcove halfway up the staircase and another one in 
the doorway at the top.

                                     - -

Right, now you get to see why I've been telling you to save your shotgun ammo. 
"Fight off the Portal Daemon" has just appeared in your objectives, and if you 
can't see it, it's the great big sod-off thing in the middle of the hall. 
Don't waste any time, as soon as it appears arm your shotgun and start 
blasting it. Whatever happens, keep moving and keep shooting, zombies and 
undead priests will start warping in behind you. Don't waste time on them, 
they will just reappear until you take out the daemon, and if you're moving 
they shouldn't be able to get a clean hit. Blast all the shotgun ammo you 
have into him, and if you somehow run out, switch to the twin Lugers and 
finish him off. THEN you can take out the zombies and undead priests behind 
you. Your armour should have held out if you took even a respectable amount of 
damage (unless you're doing hard, in which case you should be a bit more 
careful) Run to the other side of the balcony and pick up the shotgun ammo 
crate. The corridor will take you outside and there is half armour in there if 
you need it. Outside, things get a little more hectic. You've seen your last 
zombie, now you're going to get waves of undead priests and the odd Scourge 
Splitter. With the priests, you can use strafing tactics and the twin Lugers, 
but the shotgun is the only way to take on the Splitters. At the end, you'll 
see Jacque de la Morte armed with a shotgun. He's easy as long as you don't 
give him much opportunity to attack, keep blasting him with the shotgun and 
he'll go down quickly. The time portal will the open behind you, run in to 
finish the level.

                                     - -

               \-\/-/     **RETURN TO PLANET X, 2280**     \-\/-/

CHARACTERS: Hank Nova, Candi Skyler


  - Locate the crashed UFO
  - Repel the beach attack (added later)
  - Fight off the raid on the crashed UFO (added later)
  - Find the UFO base (added later)
  - Fight off the invading UFOs (added later)
  - Retrieve the time crystal
  - Escape through time portal (added when all objectives complete)
  - None

Return To Planet X is a different kettle of fish compared to the others so 
far. Where the others have had some sort of planning and strategy to clean 
them out as efficiently as possible, this one involves blasting everything as 
it comes TimeSplitters 1 style.

                                     - -

You start on a plateau with two UFOs shooting in your general direction. 
Rather than spending the first few valuable seconds getting your head blown 
off, immediately grab the sci-fi handgun right in front of you and drop down 
the hole in the ground. Go down the passageway and take either branch round to 
the doorway. An Ozor Mox will warp in at the end of the passageway, so give 
him a burst from your handgun. Remember, three shots from the handgun will 
take out a Mox, so an accurate burst is all that is needed. Move out of the 
doorway facing right so you can shoot at the two Ozor standing right ahead of 
you and on the ledge above you. Use the doorway as cover if you need it. Once 
they're toast, move on but be aware that an Ozor will pop out from an alcove 
on the left near the first left turn. He'll be armed with a lasergun type 
weapon and it is powerful, so make sure it doesn't hit you. As you turn left, 
you'll see another Ozor on a ledge with an autorifle, so cover is needed here. 
Your best bet is to fire a burst and immediately jump into cover. Repeat until 
he goes down and move on, picking up the weapon part as you go. Another Ozor 
will pop out from the left as you go down the passageway. At the end of the 
passage, drop down the hole and pick up the armour nearby. Go towards the 
beach and pick up the ammo crate sitting by the cliff. It's homing launcher 
ammo, you can't use it yet but it'll make life a lot easier later on. As you 
pick it up, a new objective will be added, "Repel the beach attack". This 
isn't easy, as wave after wave of Meezor will warp in and come at you. You 
should see three cannon turrets at the back of the beach. For the easiest 
time, use the one right over in the corner near to the laser fence. Most of 
the Meezor will just run straight at you from two entry points and these can 
be gunned down. However, several of the more sneaky ones will get round the 
back and shoot at you from virtually point blank. Disengage from the cannon 
and use the handgun if this happens, but be aware that the others are getting 
closer all the time. If you get swamped, disengage and either take them on at 
long range with the handgun or run to another turret. Once the final Meezor 
has been roasted, the laser fence will go down.

                                     - -

As you go through the lowered laser fence, an Ozor will pop out from the left 
passage. Take him out quickly and pick up the plasma autorifle in the alcove 
on the right. This is far more powerful than the handgun, but ammo is scarce 
at the moment, so stick with the handgun. There is another two-way passage up 
ahead. Go either way and be careful of the insect swarms up ahead. Get too 
close and they will charge you. Obviously it would be a waste of ammo to shoot 
them all down individually, so we need something with a bit of area effect. 
The autorifle's plasma grenades are perfect here. Shoot one onto the wall near 
the swarm and the resulting area explosion should blow them all away. Repeat 
with the other swarm if they're in your way. Proceed down the passage, taking 
care of the Ozor popping out from the right up ahead. At the end of the 
passage is a fresh suit of full armour and the other weapon part, giving you 
the homing launcher. Normally you'd only have two rockets, but picking up the 
crate on the beach earlier gives you five more. Now switch to the autorifle 
and prepare for another hectic objective. You've located the crashed UFO and 
the objective "Fight off the raid on the crashed UFO" is added to your list... 
right as a whole heap of Meezor warp in. The autorifle's high rate of fire 
coupled with lots of strafing should keep you alive here. Use a plasma grenade 
on a group if things are getting too crowded. While slaughtering the Meezor, 
keep an eye on the UFO, as Ozor will begin to arrive at some point. Remember, 
the Ozor and Meezor despise each other, and will slaughter each other before 
you. Once they warp in, lure the Meezor over to the UFO and make a run for it. 
The Ozor will do your job for you, and once they are out of the picture, you 
can pop up and blow away whatever is left of the Ozor force. Go into the UFO, 
avoiding the cannon fire. Once inside, run to the top of the slope to get into 
the outer ring, and then locate the hole in the hull and drop through. The 
checkpoint will be activated upon landing.

                                     - -

You are now presented with a two-way path. Go right first, being aware that 
there is an Ozor ready to pop out from the left and another on the ridge when 
you reach the end of the passage. Grab a fresh set of full armour and go back 
along the other branch. The passageway entrance is guarded by three Ozor, you 
can mow them down with the autorifle or just lob a plasma grenade at them. 
Both work just as well. Go down the passageway until you are back out into the 
open. Now you will use the Ozor and Meezor's hatred of each other against 
them. Ahead is the UFO base exterior, guarded by a large number of Ozor. You 
could just run in all guns blazing but you'd probably be seriously damaged. 
When approaching the base itself, a group of five Meezor will warp in. When 
they do, retreat back down the passage, keeping your auto rifle pointing at 
the exit. The Mox will now tear each other apart, and any that try to pursue 
you, you can just blast down with the auto rifle. Once silence is restored 
outside, go back out, being aware that there could be up to two Ozor standing 
on ledges in the cliff. Sometimes the Meezor will take them out for you, 
other times you need to do it yourself. There should be an absolute ton of 
autorifle ammo lying around. Pick up as much as you can and then go over to 
the cliff face next to the launch bay. There should be a passageway in the 
cliff, go in and blow away the Ozor that appears up ahead. Follow the passage, 
going left at the fork until you come to a bridge. There is an insect swarm 
and an Ozor at the other side. Shoot the Ozor when he appears and use a 
grenade to take out the swarm. If you don't have any left, just run for it, 
sometimes they will miss you. Continue through the passage to the next bridge. 
Similar scenario here, an Ozor appears in the distance on the other side of 
the bridge and another from the right once across. If you need more armour, 
there is a fresh piece being guarded by an insect swarm. You will also see a 
piston lift here as well. This will take you down to the bottom of the canyon, 
which is not where you want to be. Instead keep following the passage, taking 
out two more Ozor on the way. You should see a door at the end of the passage. 
Go in and take a seat in the Ion Cannon gunpod. As you do, a new objective 
appears: "Fight off the invading UFOs".

                                     - -

This mission is pretty much a waste of time, as you can't fail it and you only 
have to shoot down 15 UFOs as they fly by in groups of three. The difficulty 
comes in finding them in the first place. Just sit back and enjoy this one. 
Once the UFOs are dust, you will see a door open outside and two Ozor will 
warp in. Go back into the corridor towards the piston lift, but don't use it 
to go down just yet. Instead, go into the passageway on the other side of the 
lift and you'll find you can get into the other gunpod. Now just mercilessly 
blow away the two Ozor that warped in from the safety of the gunpod! 
Incidentally, you can also use this gunpod for the UFO mission if you want a
different point of view of the terrain. Up to you in the end. Go back 
to the lift and exit the gunpod bay, and enter the UFO base. The level is 
pretty linear from here on. Follow the passage, taking out the Ozor at the 
bottom, and the two on the walkway when you reach it. As you approach the 
spinning UFO, the launch doors will open and three Ozor will warp in on the 
ledge. This can be tricky, as movement is restricted. The handgun may be more 
useful here if your aim is good, as a single burst will take one out. Once the 
Ozor are down, go into the portal on the left and into the UFO. Once inside, 
keep moving, as Reaper Splitters will now be chasing you around the ship. 
Again, go into the outer rim and follow it round to find the time crystal. Go 
back into the inner section and jump into the portal to clear the level.

                                     - -

               \-\/-/          **NEOTOKYO, 2019**          \-\/-/

CHARACTERS: Ghost, Chastity


  - Follow the hacker to the research area
  - Obtain the hacker's password (added later)
  - Gather evidence of TimeSplitter research (not in easy)
  - Shut down the TimeSplitter machine (added later)
  - Upload the evidence to the local police server (not in easy)
  - Retrieve the time crystal
  - Escape through the time portal (added when all objectives complete)
  - Minimise civilian casualties

NeoTokyo is interesting. A subtle mix of stealth and all out war, this one can 
be tricky. Compared to some of the others though, this is quite a short level.

                                     - -

The first part of this level is pure stealth. You should see the hacker 
Krayola in front of you, and she'll be the one leading you right to where you 
want to go. Look at your objectives first and don't do what I did the first 
time I played this level and shoot her in the head. Instant failure. Instead, 
keep the temporal uplink handy, it will save your life here. Incidentally, 
this part of the level changes between difficulties. On easy, Krayola will 
take a much shorter route and lead you through security cameras, but on hard, 
she'll take the same route with a cloaking device, so you'll be relying purely 
on the uplink. And on NO account let her see you, as she will start shooting 
at you and you'll have no choice but to restart. Once you know where the base 
is, you could just ignore Krayola altogether and go straight to the base, but 
this walkthrough is written on the assumption that this is your first run. 
Start by following her to the right. Keep as close to her as possible along 
the walkway, as a police car will fly past as you near the end. If it sees 
you, Krayola will notice you. When she turns right towards the stairs, stop 
and hide behind the wall while she goes down. As she goes down she will 
disappear from the uplink. Wait five seconds before pursuing, as she will be 
able to see you through the gap in the stairway if she is still descending. 
Once she is down, follow her into the street. Now you need to watch out for 
cameras as well. These need to be treated like the police cars. If they catch 
you, you're screwed. Krayola will simply walk along the left side of the road, 
you need to use the right to stay out of the way. Krayola will stop
periodically to catch you out, so when she does, you need to as well. Once she 
starts walking again, she will turn left into the next road. There are now 
cameras on both sides of the road. Use the uplink to move through their lines 
of sight when they sweep past. Look out for two cameras that cross their lines 
of sight, a police car will fly past once you reach this area. There is a suit 
of half armour in one of the windows that you can pick up if you want. Krayola 
will turn left again and stop. Get back onto the right side of the road and 
wait for her to move. Once she does, follow her underground, being careful of 
the camera above the entrance. Keep your distance when underground, and when 
you see the base entrance on the uplink, stop and wait for her to go in. When 
you see a second hacker move behind her on the uplink, run into the base.

                                     - -

Once inside, go into the room on the left and activate the security camera. 
You need to obtain a password to go further into the base. Scroll through to 
camera three and wait for Krayola to appear on the monitor. She will input her 
password into the terminal and go inside. Now you know her passcode, you can 
ditch the stealth approach and get pounding. Walk up behind the hacker 
standing at the end of the passage and punch her in the back of the head. Pick 
up her silenced pistol. Follow the passage through to the terminal and 
activate it. The checkpoint will be activated here as well. The passcode will 
be put in automatically and the door up ahead will unlock. Don't rush upstairs 
just yet though, as there will be another hacker wandering around up there. 
The door will open when she reaches the door, stay out of sight and pop a 
bullet in her head when she turns round again. Before going on, you need to do 
a bit of surgical work on that minigun turret that you must have seen on the 
way in. Treat these in the same way as the auto turrets in Siberia, shoot out 
the camera to blind it. These will activate later, so it is imperative that 
you blind them while you have the chance. Now go down the corridor and into 
the room straight in front of you. Shoot the hacker in the head and pick up 
pistol ammo, full armour and the digital camera. Take out the hacker running 
in from the other door if you were noticed, otherwise pop her later. Before 
going in, check out the lockers behind you. Second from the right is an 
Astrolander cartridge for use in the uplink (minigames explained later) and 
more importantly, in the second one from the left, is an SBP90. This thing 
will tear down anyone that stands in front of you, just watch the ammo. 
However, save it for now and switch back to the pistol. Go through the other 
door and turn left, going into the room in front of you. You should see a set 
of blueprints on the table and pinned up on the wall. Get out the camera and 
grab a picture of either of them. This isn't enough however. The big one is in 
the next room. Go back out and down the corridor, blinding the turret at the 
end. Take a look through the windows into the lab and you should see the real 
evidence, a TimeSplitter machine. Take a photo of this and then go back into 
the room where you found the SBP90. Go over to the terminal and upload the 
data. Sadly, the hackers aren't as stupid as you thought and have placed a 
sensor in the system to detect all unauthorised data transfer. You've been 

                                     - -

Any stealth tactics now take a long flying leap out of the nearest window. You 
need to deactivate the TimeSplitter machine and get out in one piece. The 
first is easy enough. Go into the lab and flip the switch to the right of the 
machine, being careful to avoid the lightning charges the Splitter is throwing 
at you. Once deactivated, go back outside and pop a couple of bullets into the 
two hackers who are waiting for you. Now switch to the SBP90 and prepare to 
have some fun. The main thing to remember here is that the SBP90 is ravenous 
when it comes to ammo, so short bursts are the order of the day. It'll still 
be enough to take down anyone getting in your way. Go back to the entrance, 
taking down the hacker that pops out from the right by the gun turret. From 
here on, it becomes pretty linear. Run back towards the open, riddling anyone 
you see with SBP90 fire. Don't just run outside when you reach the ramp. As 
you go onto the ramp, a grenade will be thrown at you. The second you hear it 
bounce, get back inside. Turn right 90 degrees and strafe out, shooting at the 
hacker hiding behind the box in front of you. Follow the road, turning right 
twice. Shock troops have now been alerted by the hackers' attempt to escape 
and will attack them wherever possible. However, your name has not been 
cleared yet and the will still go after you as well. To remedy this, take no 
prisoners and just blast anyone who gets in your way. Be careful not to hit 
civilians though, it is your secondary objective to make sure they are not 
harmed. When you receive the message that the crystal has been located, Sadako 
herself will make an appearance. You should still have plenty of SBP90 ammo, 
so forget the short bursts and just unload on her. She'll drop the crystal 
when she goes down. Finally, you need to locate the time portal. Assuming you 
caught up with Sadako outside the station entrance, turn back round and follow 
the road again, going left and then right at the bottom. There will be one 
more hacker around the first right turn and two Shock Troopers guarding the 
portal. Take them down with the SBP90 and jump in to finish the level

                                     - -

               \-\/-/         **WILD WEST, 1853**          \-\/-/

CHARACTERS: Elijah Jones, Ramona Sosa


  - Rescue Ramona from jail
  - Put out the fire in the barn and rescue the girl (added later)
  - Eliminate the Colonel
  - Retrieve the time crystal
  - Escape through the time portal (added when all objectives complete)
  - Destroy the wanted posters to clear Ramona's name (3 in easy, 5 in normal,
     6 in hard)

Wild West is straightforward enough, but the Colonel likes his snipers in 
town. Keep your eyes on the windows as you move through. Don't worry about 
the vintage rifle for the first part of the level, Elijah is extremely 
accurate even with the Garrett.

                                     - -

The Colonel's mercenaries waste no time in trying to mangle you. As soon as 
the level starts, one of them pops out from the right and shoots at you. Start 
moving as soon as you can and return fire with the Garrett to avoid early 
embarrassment. Go over to the corner of the building to your left and aim into 
the distance. Move forward slightly and a merc will take a pot shot at you, 
fill him up with the Garrett. Now go into the building on your right, going 
upstairs. Remember, the stairs are on the outside, so don't go into the ground 
floor first. Once upstairs, another merc will be taking shots at you through 
the window. Take him out, he's on the balcony in front of you. Once he's 
sorted, go out onto the balcony and go right. If you need extra Garrett ammo, 
follow the balcony until you reach a doorway and there should be a crate 
inside. Moving on, you should see a slope on the right going down into the 
back of the saloon. Go in and rip down the wanted poster from behind the 
counter. There will me another merc shooting at you from the roof opposite, so 
cane him with the Garrett. Go outside and approach the sheriff's office over 
on the right. There is another merc waiting for you in the doorway. Rip down 
the poster and go inside. Ramona is in a cell in the back, but the gate is 
locked tight. You need to go in another way. You should be able to find a 
chest in the office, open it to get a barrel of gunpowder. Return to the 
street and turn left, going around to the back of the office. Be careful on 
your way out, as there is a sniper waiting for you in the tower towards the 
right. Rip down the poster on the archway and go into the courtyard. Now comes 
a little sneaky bit. To get Ramona out of the jail, you need some high 
explosives, and they're supplied on the cart in front of you. Trouble is, your 
piddly little revolver can't ignite it, but there's a crate nearby that you 
can. Getting the idea? Push the cart into the back of the office and go over 
to the loose crate next to the archway in the corner. Pour a line of gunpowder 
over to the cart, making sure it is roughly in contact with both. Then shoot 
the crate and stand well back. The back of the sheriff's office will be blown 
to pieces and Ramona will run out miraculously unscathed. I love realism in a 
game! ;) Go back out in front of Ramona so you can flatten the two mercs 
running towards you before they get to Ramona. There's another that appears on 
the right as you come out as well. Once Ramona is away, she can look after 
herself. Time to move on.

                                     - -

Things get a little more hectic from here. Go into the next street, but don't 
follow it round unless you want to end up like Swiss cheese. Run over to the 
left hand side of the road and take up cover. As you run in, the objective 
"Put out the fire in the barn and rescue the girl" appears in your primary 
objectives, but it's the least of your worries at the moment. You will now 
engage in a shootout with four mercs. One of which has obviously lent the 
family brain cell to someone else and just stands in the middle of the road, 
just blow him to pieces. The others are a little more sensible. One of them is 
holed up behind the next building in front of you, one has a sniper rifle and 
is on the roof at the end of the street, and the third is hiding behind the 
end building on the right. Move forward and crouch behind the barrel at the 
end of the building you are next to. This should give you a clearer shot. Take 
out the nearest one first, he's easy, but you might need to crack out the 
rifle for the one in the distance, and possibly the sniper as well. There is a 
piece of full armour over on the left in the doorway, but don't go for it just 
yet. There's another merc in the barn doorway who will shoot you in the back 
if you even try to get it first. Take him out and then pick up the armour. Now 
go over to the barn, but backpedal into the doorway and look towards the upper 
left window of the opposite building. Another merc waiting for you. Take him 
down and go inside and upstairs to the fire. Shoot a couple of holes in the 
barrels to put the fire out and the girl will run back to the start of the 
level. Go back outside and over to the left again. Move forward slowly and 
look towards the upper window in the building on the right. Take out the merc 
in there and also the one in the right hand window of the bank around the 
corner. Tear up the poster on the wall you are up against and shoot the sniper 
standing on the balcony around the corner. Go towards the gate to the next 
area to activate the checkpoint.

                                     - -

Don't be inclined to just run round the corner, as there's a merc waiting to 
pop out on the left with twin Garretts. He'll pummel you, so take it slowly. 
Also pop the miner running towards you down the road. Pick up the twin 
Garretts. Now, move round the corner slowly and with your back to the wall 
facing the large building. You'll probably see a merc in the window nearest to 
you, but don't let him distract you, as the second you can get a clear shot 
another will pop out from behind the far corner of the building. Take him down 
first before riddling the guy in the window. There is also another merc around 
the back of the smaller building. You probably saw the last poster on the 
outer wall of the large building upstairs. Tear it down and then go into the 
mineshaft. There is a fresh piece of full armour on the right if you need it. 
Don't bother pushing the cart, it'll go along the wrong track. You need to 
change the points over first. Walk to the end of the shaft and gun down the 
two mercs waiting for you. There's another around the corner on the right. As 
you walk out, you'll hear the Colonel bellowing at you. He'll make an 
appearance from the left along with a whole load of mercs and miners from 
various directions, including the shaft from where you've just entered. The 
Colonel is pathetic, a few good rounds from the Garrett will take care of him, 
it's the swarms of mercs you need to be remotely worried about. Not that 
they're much of a threat either, but there you go. Once they're out of the 
picture, you need to get those track points changed over so you can get at the 
crystal. Go over to the shed at the back of the mine area. There will probably 
still be a few mercs waiting here, be aware of that as you go in and out. Pull 
the lever in the shed to change the points and go back over to the cart. Now 
comes a little bit of fun. Push the cart along the tracks and into the boarded 
up area at the end. The TNT will blow it away and you can go in and claim the 
crystal. However, the TimeSplitters have other ideas, and two Reapers will 
warp in behind you. Fill them full of lead and make a run for it. Once 
outside, drop down on the right onto the gantry and run over to the portal. 

                                     - -

               \-\/-/        **ATOMSMASHER, 1972**         \-\/-/

CHARACTERS: Harry Tipper, Kitten Celeste


  - Activate the reactor
  - Defuse the bombs (3 in easy, 5 in normal/hard)
  - Retrieve the time crystal
  - Eliminate Khallos
  - Escape through the time portal (added when all objectives complete)
  - Minimise scientist casualties

AtomSmasher is evil. To enjoy this level on Hard, you either need to be a 
masochist or just so damn good at this game that you don't care. There are 
enemies absolutely everywhere, but time is your real enemy, and unless you 
know what your doing, you don't have a hope in hell.

                                     - -

You start where the cutscene left off, with the laser going mental. Notice the 
timer in the top right corner? Let that reach zero and there will be a huge 
fireworks display, with you in the middle of it. Wait for the laser to destroy 
the door lock, then go outside, pick up the temporal uplink and open the door. 
Don't go though yet though. Go back over to the window of the laser room and 
you should see a camera control on the console. Activate it and turn off all 
cameras, and use the gun turret to take out the henchman. Wait a few seconds 
and another one will run around the corner to see what's going on. Greet him 
with a hail of bullets, and they obviously don't learn, because about five 
seconds later another one comes around the corner! Once they have been safely 
neutralised, go into the passageway and pick up their pistols. Open the next 
door and run back and to the left. You should see a bomb and a scientist on 
the other side. Run over to the scientist and he'll deactivate the bomb, which 
will add two minutes to your time remaining. Go back to the newly opened door 
and use the pistol to put a bullet in the poor henchman's head in front of 
you. Keep going and you should see another henchman. However, it's unlikely 
you'll be able to get rid of him without any of the others seeing you. Take 
him out and proceed to take out two more and an elite henchman. The elite has 
twin pistols, so be extra careful when fighting him and make sure you pick 
them up when he goes down, you'll need them for the next part. Open the hatch 
into the next area and go left. There will be an absolute horde of henchmen 
and elites waiting for you. Keep moving and mow them down as quickly as you 
can, and make sure the scientist isn't caught in the crossfire. Oh... and 
don't hit the bomb either unless you want to be blown to pieces. Once they're
all down, don't rush ahead just yet, there's an autoturret at the end of the 
passage. Shoot out the camera with the pistols and at the same time take out 
the henchman on the stairs if you haven't already. Don't forget to get the 
scientist to defuse the bomb. There is a sniper hiding to the right of the 
stairs on the first floor, use the pistols to let him know what you think of 
the coward. Don't go up the stairs yet. Instead, pick up the fire extinguisher 
on the wall, turn the valve on the pipe and pick up the remote mines behind 
the stairs. Now go upstairs, and the checkpoint will activate as you do. Now 
you won't have to waste time with the items and the valve if you have to 

                                     - -

There is another henchman waiting for you on the first floor, and an elite 
sniper on the second. Take them out and then arm the fire extinguisher. Make 
sure you pick up his sniper rifle to make things a little easier ahead. The 
bulkhead blocking your way is a fire door. Putting out the fire will open it. 
Slightly obvious, eh? ;) Use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire and 
then immediately arm the double pistols. There is a henchman waiting for you 
on the crate ahead, and an elite with an S47 inside the crate. Take them down 
and run into the crate to pick up the S47 and full armour. Depending on how 
much ammo you have left for the pistols, it might be worth sticking with them 
for the time being, but if you're really low, keep the S47 active. As you exit 
the crate you will see a henchman running towards you and an elite behind the 
crate. The crate will also open to reveal another henchman. There is a box of 
grenades inside the next crate on the right. Moving on, three more henchmen 
will run towards you, and be careful when you see the next crate, there's a 
sniper on top of it. The twin pistols can take him out, but to make life 
easier, use the rifle. As you go further, there will be another henchman and 
elite waiting for you and another will appear behind the crate. You should be 
able to see two doors on either side of the corridor, ignore them for the 
moment. You should also be able to see an autoturret on the crate in front of 
you. Either knock out the camera or go the whole hog and launch a grenade at 
the base of the crate. Go past the crate to take out two more henchmen, and go 
back towards the doors. The crate to your left will open to reveal a henchman 
and elite. Now go into the door next to the open crate and turn the valve. 
Pick up another fire extinguisher while you're in there as well. Go into the 
other door and over to the console. You should see bomb number three on a 
conveyor belt inside the containment chamber. There's no way to deactivate 
this one, so there's only one thing to do. You'll have to detonate it. The 
left analogue stick moves the magnet and pressing R2 toggles it on and off. To 
pick the bomb up, move the magnet over the bomb and press R2. You need to keep 
the magnet over it until it has picked it up. Once it has it, move it over to 
the chute and drop it in. You may need to come out of the camera view to check 
it is correctly lined up, as the perspective is awkward. Drop it in 
successfully, and it will safely detonate at the bottom of the chute. Drop it 
anywhere else, and you'll be thrown 800 feet into the air and scattered over a 
wide area along with the rest of the facility. Go back out of the room and 
move on down the passage. Grenade the autoturret up against the wall and arm 
the sniper rifle, there's an elite sniper waiting for you on the next crate. 
Approaching the crates will cause another two henchmen to appear from behind 
the crates, and there are another two waiting inside them as well. If you got 
through here in relatively good shape, you're doing well, this is one of the 
hardest parts of the level.

                                     - -

Another fire door blocks your path ahead, use the fire extinguisher to do the 
obvious thing. Arm the twin pistols or rifle depending on ammo as the door 
opens and lay down the henchman on the pipes. There is an elite sniper on the 
balcony around to the left as well. Go round into the main room and you should 
see a henchman on the balcony, snipe him before getting medieval on some 
henchman backside in the next section. Mow down everyone in the main room, 
being aware that there is a bomb out in the open and that the two scientists 
needed to disarm it are hiding in on of the crates. Once the area is clear, 
open the bulkhead and get the bomb disarmed. There is a piece of armour in one 
of the crates as well. Once it is open, go left, putting a bullet through the 
henchman's head around the next right turn. There is a henchman and an elite 
waiting in the next room on the balcony. Run up the ramp and take them down, 
them run over to the final bomb. The scientist needed to defuse it is waiting 
a little further along. Get him to disarm it and flip the switch on the 
console to raise the fire door ahead. Now the timer has gone, you can relax a 
little. There are two henchmen with rifles at the end of each bridge across 
the facility. Use either your own rifle or pistols to take them both out and 
then walk across the pipe, being careful not to touch the steam jets. Once 
across, you'll notice that the corridor ahead is full of flaming consoles. You 
can go about this one of two ways. You can do it the old fashioned way with 
the fire extinguisher, or you can just push the fire alert button on the wall 
to turn on the sprinklers. No question really. Follow the passage down to the 
control room, grenading an autoturret on the way, and flip the switch on the 
console to turn off the laser grid. Go out onto the balcony to pick up more 
sniper ammo and fresh armour, and drop back down. Now you can cross over to 
the reactor. Go through the deactivated laser grid with the S47 armed, as 
there are three final elites waiting for you before you take on Khallos.

                                     - -

If you thought the earlier corridor was hard, this defines the level. There 
are two objectives to be completed in quick succession here. Firstly, you need 
to activate the reactor via the three switches in the room, and then there's 
the issue of the nutter in the middle of the room with twin S47s and the time 
crystal, plus a Reaper Splitter just to be annoying. You can't really do one 
before the other. Kill Khallos first and you'll have Scourge Splitters trying 
to stop you turning the reactor on. Go for the reactor first and Khallos will 
just gun you to pieces while you try to activate it. You'll need to do them at 
the same time to an extent. The reactor switches are less sensitive than other 
switches in the level, you need to be standing right up next to them before 
they recognise the input. The best idea is this. Keep Khallos busy by firing 
at him while moving to one of the switches. Remember, if he is hit, he is 
stunned for a split second. Try using short bursts from the S47. Remember, 
you don't necessarily want to damage him a great deal, just to stop him 
returning fire. Use this time to flip one of the switches. Do the same for 
the others. If you do manage to take down Khallos before the other switched 
are flipped, grab his twin S47 to make life a little easier, but the Scourge
Splitters are not to be messed with. If they appear, get the switches flipped
as quickly as you can and get out of there. Don't waste any time shooting them
down, and don't forget to pick up the crystal from Khallos. The portal appears
in the middle of the room.

                                     - -

               \-\/-/        **AZTEC RUINS, 1920**         \-\/-/

CHARACTERS: Captain Ash, Jungle Queen


  - Find the lost temple
  - Defeat the golems (added later) (4 in easy, 7 in normal/hard)
  - Retrieve the time crystal
  - Escape through the time portal (added when all objectives complete)

Aztec Ruins is a little trip back in time, and I'm talking about weapons 
here as well as environment. A lack of automatics means you need to be
accurate, and when your enemy is equally accurate, you need to be quick as 

                                     - -

Start by following the monkey into the ruins and then follow the group into 
the next area. A warrior will be waiting to greet you with a crossbow, and 
remember how accurate this thing is. A headshot with the Luger will do it. 
Pick up his crossbow and go round to the right side of the gorge. You can 
probably hear buzzing, this is coming from the beehive on the left side of the 
gorge. Get too close to this and you'll be savaged by a swarm of bees. The 
answer to this lies just along this side of the gorge. Up ahead is a torch 
that you can use to ignite the end of the crossbow, giving you flaming bolts 
until you reload the clip. Just point the tip at the torch to ignite it. Fire 
one of these at the hive and it will burn down, clearing the path. Go across, 
but be careful of the wood golem that will be moving towards you from around 
the corner. Again, the fire bolts are the only way to kill them. As you go 
into the passageway, another warrior will attempt to engage you. There is no 
need to conserve crossbow ammo, it is recoverable once it has been used. Plant 
a few bolts firmly in his chest and keep following the passage. Remember the 
door you passed, this is the door to the temple. Do the same with the next one 
further along. Another golem will try it on when you reach the next area, but 
you've probably run out of fire bolts. There is a torch on the wall in the 
passage that you can use. Go in and toast the golem and the hive on the right 
hand side. Go out into the main area and take the second left, the first will 
lead you in a circle. Another warrior will engage you at the entrance. Pop him 
and move along the passage, igniting the crossbow again as you go.

                                     - -

The next area is tricky. There are six pillars that each have four pictured 
painted on them. They can be rotated, and the temple will not open until they 
are arranged correctly. As it stands, there are 4096 different combinations, 
so it would be completely out of order if you had to guess them. The fact is, 
you don't. Even though there aren't any clues, the pillars are already 
arranged in the correct order in Easy mode. You could play through this first 
and note them down. However, we're already part way into the level, so I'll 
describe the layout of the combination. Before that though, there are several 
warriors that will periodically try to attack you and there are two monkeys 
perched on the pillars throwing explosive watermelons at you. There is also a 
hive in the next room. Pop the warrior and ignore the monkeys for the time 
being, fry the hive instead. Another warrior will have run in behind you, so 
stick one on him. Now go up the stairs above the archway and peek through the 
hole next to the torch. You've now got a much clearer shot at the monkeys and 
you don't have to worry about retaliation. Take them out along with any 
warriors that have run in from the first passage and go back to the pillars. 
Firstly, take a look at the shape of the door into the waterfall in the room 
with the burnt out hive. This symbol is also found on the pillars. To start 
with, you need one of these facing inwards on each pillar (i.e. top left and 
top right pillars facing each other, centre left and centre right facing, and 
the same for the bottom left and right). Turn the pillars by pressing X next 
to them until this symbol is facing inwards on every pillar. Next, you'll 
notice that some of these pillars have two of these symbols in an L-shape, the 
general rule here is that the second one should be facing a wall and not 
another pillar. The final type has two symbols, but on opposite sides. 
Assuming you are facing the archway going towards the waterfall door, the 
centre left pillar should have an animal sitting upright facing towards you 
and the one in the top right should have the dragon head facing you. The door 
should now open. Two warriors will run out towards you, pop them at your 

                                     - -

Run through the door and across the bridge. Follow the passage at the end 
until you come to a lever. You should see a monkey sitting on a ledge across 
the river. Use the crossbow to smack it up and turn the lever in front of you. 
The temple doors have now opened. Run back to the door you passed earlier, 
taking out six warriors on the way back from various directions. Be careful 
not to get caught short of bolts in the clip, reload immediately after killing 
one. Drop into the pit through the doors to enter the temple and activate the 
checkpoint. Following the passageway, you'll come to an area with a monkey 
sitting in the middle of a path. Dash through this path into the temple as 
quickly as you can, there are several monkeys sat waiting to throw exploding 
melons at you. Immediately take out the warriors who appear from both the left 
and right and then move round towards the stairs. Shoot up the warrior 
approaching you and then the two standing next to the doorway at the bottom. 
Before going through, you need to open the door to the main part of the 
temple. The lever for this is behind the staircase. Open it and go under the 
large doorway. The door you just opened is on the left and a piece of full 
armour is on the right. Pick up the armour before going down the spiral 
staircase. An Aztec Chief will engage you on the second flight, and a warrior 
is waiting on the sixth. The next area is difficult. You need to take out four 
stone golems while being bombarded by monkeys with melons. You can pop a 
couple of the monkeys before going into the first part of the level properly 
with the crossbow. Once in, two golems will run towards you and try to flatten 
you. Your weapons are totally ineffective against them, so you'll have to 
utilise the conveniently placed traps in the floor. The switches for the 
nearest trapdoor can be seen jutting out of the ground. Run over them to open 
the corresponding trapdoor for about two seconds. The golems are indeed stupid 
enough to run into the trapdoor while it is open. Lure one into the path of a 
door and open it as it runs towards you. The golems can also activate the 
traps, so they could fall in through their own stupidity. If you're wondering 
about the other three you need to take out, you'll be meeting them later. Oh, 
and don't fall in yourself, it's mighty embarrassing.

                                     - -

Once the golems have been taken care of, scan the outer wall for a passageway. 
You'll know if you're in the right one, as there's a monkey at the end. Take 
this passageway slowly, and if you see spikes on the sides of the wall, DON'T 
just run straight through them. They will fire out across the passage if you 
get close. Move close enough to trigger them and run past as they retract. At 
the end of a passage is a bridge leading into the inner sanctum of the temple. 
Only, it's too short. Look up at the walls and you should see seven tablets. 
Periodically, a random tablet will turn around and fire at you. As they are, 
they are invincible, you can only destroy them when they turn around. Pick up 
the vintage rifle in the middle of the bridge and listen for a scraping noise. 
When you hear it, quickly scan across the walls until you find the one 
attacking you, zoom in on it and shoot it out. Don't waste ammo here, only 
fire if you have a clear shot, and remember that the tablet will fire back 
before turning back into the wall. Try to get the shot off before it can fire. 
Once they are all toast, the bridge will move over to the entrance and a 
warrior and a chief will attack you from each end. Once the bridge has locked 
on, go into the temple and follow the passage. Do NOT just run into the 
stairway at the end, take out the warrior waiting a little further and then 
edge into the stairway and snipe the chief waiting on the right further down. 
Once in, run like hell and don't stop until you are safely through the 
doorway at the bottom, as you are being followed by a huge stone ball rolling 
down behind you. Try to ignore the warrior that runs in at the bottom, the ball 
will take care of him. Follow the path still further until you reach the last 
room. The crystal is in the middle of the room, but your immediate concern is 
the last three stone golems bearing down on you, and chances are you don't 
have much health left. Run over into the right alcove to pick up the grenade
launcher and blow the last ones to pieces. Two grenades will take one out,
just don't launch at point blank. Once they are down, grab the crystal and 
get into the portal.

                                     - -

               \-\/-/        **ROBOT FACTORY, 2315**       \-\/-/

CHARACTERS: Gretel Mk II, R-109


  - Gain access to the inner processing area
  - Locate and collect the Electrotool
  - Overload the energy nodes with electricity (3 in easy, 4 in normal, 5 in 
  - Find the factory core
  - Eliminate the Machinist (added later)
  - Retrieve the time crystal
  - Escape through the time portal (added when all objectives complete)
  - None

Another hectic level here, Robot Factory likes to keep you on your toes. Most
of your enemies will warp into a room when you enter, and the Sentry Bots are 
just plain evil. If you thought Siberia was long, you ain't seen nothing yet. 
This level is immense.

                                     - -

You get thrown head first into this one, five Chassis Bots greet you as you 
walk out of the first door. Save the autorifle for now, it's valuable. The 
handgun will serve you well against these paper robots. Once they've been 
scrapped, go left and follow the corridor. You'll see six Chassis Bots and 
some sort of laser scanning across the room. Don't worry, the laser can't hurt 
you... but with a quick amendment, it can hurt those poor little Chassis Bots 
in the middle of the room. The console on the opposite wall is the control for 
the laser. When it is just about to scan across the Chassis Bots, run through 
it. This will deploy the bots, but if you're quick enough, you can set the 
laser to defence mode at the console. Anything it passes through will now be 
carved to pieces, and hopefully it has now just carved a nice big path through 
the Chassis Bot ranks. Take out anything left with the handgun and move on. 
The next room has two corridors. The first one is blocked by a green energy 
field, and the other contains a set of full armour. Go for the armour first 
and then take a look at this energy field. It's obvious you can't get past it, 
and it'll blow you to pieces if you try. Take a look next to you and you'll 
see a camera remote, but this is no ordinary camera. It's a railbot, and it's 
rails seem to be going straight across the field. Send it through and let it 
take the punishment for you. With a clear path, now you can grab the crate of 
grenades and open the bridge to the next part of the factory. Three Chassis 
Bots will warp in at the other end of the passage as you try to leave, greet 
them with your handgun and make your way back to the main hallway. Four 
Chassis Bots will try to cane you as you go back through, so show them who's 
boss and go into the door down the hall.

                                     - -

The little dustbin thingies are automated turrets. When they pop their heads 
up, they'll start shooting a green laser at you. It's quite damaging, but slow 
moving and easy to avoid. Activate them and give them a few handgun blasts 
between the lid and the body. They should blow up after a few well placed 
bursts. A Chassis Bot will also warp in for some fun. Clear the room out and 
prepare the autorifle for the next bit. It's tricky to say the least. This is 
what you've been saving those grenades for. There are two Sentry Bots pacing 
up and down the hallway very slowly. They may be slow, but they can take quite 
a lot and they've got autorifles as well. The last thing you want is a 
firefight, so sneak up behind them and pop a grenade on their shoulders. It 
probably won't kill them, so just finish them off with the autorifle in this 
case. Also be aware of the railbots running about over your head, shoot them 
down if they fly towards you. There are also another two dustbins along the 
sides to make life a little more difficult. Go into the next door and take out 
two more dustbins. Moving into the next room, you may want to be packing the 
autorifle. Five Chassis Bots will warp in, and there is a Sentry Bot at the 
top of the ramp. Annihilate the Chassis Bots in the usual manner, and lob a 
grenade on the Sentry Bot. Run up the ramp and blow up another dustbin with 
the handgun before crossing the bridge, taking out three more Chassis Bots and 
another dustbin at the end. Equip the autorifle for the next part, you're 
about to meet an interesting new enemy. As you walk past the little nodes on 
the wall, one of them will pop out. This is a floating mine, and it will home 
in on you until it hits a wall or you shoot it down. If it hits you, the rest 
of the nodes in the battery will pop out and try it on as well. A single shot 
from the autorifle will eliminate this threat. Go into the next room to see 
one of your objectives.

                                     - -

The big thing in the middle of the room is a power node, one of the things you 
need to blow up. To do this, you need the electrotool, so forget it at the 
moment and be a little more worried about the Sentry Bots in the rooms to 
either side of you. One is your bog-standard Sentry with the autorifle, but 
the other has a lasergun, and you don't want to be hit by this thing. Looking 
from the bottom of the ramp, start by grenading the Sentry Bot in the room to 
the right and keep your eyes open for a couple of floating mines that have 
been a bit sneaky and released themselves. Now go over to the opposite room 
and grenade the other Sentry Bot, but don't stay in his line of sight for 
long, or you'll be seeing what that lasergun can do from the wrong side. Pick 
it up and go into the next corridor. A floating mine will be waiting to greet 
you, so clear it and go outside. The yellow thing sitting on the pedestal is 
the electrotool, guarded by some rat-looking thing on the floor and another 
dustbin. Two surprises here. The "rat" is actually packing a laser and some 
mini rocket launchers, and this dustbin grows legs. The mini tank can be taken 
out with a simple burst from the handgun, but the moving dustbin might need a 
grenade if your aim is shaky, otherwise treat is as normal. Look out for the 
railbots as well. Pick up the electrotool and four Chassis Bots will warp in 
two at a time. You could pound them with the handgun, but use the electrotool 
for a laugh. See the effect? They are stunned for several seconds by even a 
small exposure to the stream. You can use this to temporarily immobilise them 
before blowing them to pieces with another weapon. Do with them as you will 
and go back inside.

                                     - -

Equip the electrotool and go back to the node you saw earlier. Stand well back 
and unleash a stream on it until it explodes. At this point, it would be a 
wise move to switch to the autorifle and prepare to do some mangling, as up to 
eight Chassis Bots will warp in around the wrecked node. Once they are 
slaughtered, you will see a red energy field disappear at the top of the ramp, 
so follow this new passageway, but don't be too hasty in running out into the 
main corridor, as there is quite an arsenal waiting to greet you. A Sentry 
Bot, railbots, walking dustbin and four Chassis Bots are the sum of what 
you'll have to deal with in this small corridor. The Sentry Bot is first, a 
grenade will take care of this, and there's a fresh crate nearby if you've run 
out. Railbots will fly by periodically, so be ready to pick them off. Further 
up is a set of full armour and the walking dustbin, and finally the four 
Chassis Bots warp in at the end. At the end of the corridor is another 
electrotool adn a console. The railbot is now going to do a little more work 
than just pummel an energy field. Take control of it, and before anything 
else, annihilate all other railbots on the line. This will make your job a lot 
easier. Now move the bot through into the next room. You'll see a node on the 
ground surrounded by some sort of barrier. The generators at the feet of the 
node are creating an electric shield, protecting it from the charge outside. 
All you need to do is take out two of the generators, and the electricity will 
do the rest. Deactivate the railbot and go into the next corridor.

                                     - -

Around the corner is another railbot console, and now it's going to do a 
little dirty work for you. Line up the bot with the first dustbin, which 
happens to be a mobile one, and run out to activate. Once activated, get back 
to the console and blast it with the railbot. Now move it along to the next 
one and do the same. Be aware that floating mines will activate as you move 
round. This one is immobile, so it'll be much easier. The final target is a 
Sentry Bot at the end of the passage, and it's not going to take any rubbish 
from a piddly little railbot. You'll need to convince the Sentry to warp in 
first. Pummel it for as long as you can before the Sentry Bot blows it to 
pieces and then finish it off with a plasma grenade. There is another Sentry 
Bot waiting for you in the next room with a lasergun, give him a grenade and 
then smash up the four Chassis Bots that warp in as you enter. Around the 
corner is another energy field like before, but this time there isn't a 
railbot to play kamikaze for you. There is another way round it. Lob a grenade 
onto it and watch the fireworks. There's a homing launcher behind it as well, 
but with so little ammo you might want to wait before using it. Now go over to 
the ramp. A Chassis Bot will warp in on the gantry, so tear it up and then 
activate the dustbin at the top. Plasma grenades need to be conserved from now 
on, so let's see what the lasergun can do. Warm up a nice charged shot and aim 
right between the two laser cannons in its head. Instant fried dustbin. Now go 
up the ramp and over to the console on the left. This will lower the yellow 
energy field and bring the node over to you so you can give it the electrotool 
treatment. As it blows, four Chassis Bots will warp in and try it on. Mangle 
them and prepare for the hardest part of the level.

                                     - -

The last node is suspended on a rail above the main arena. You need to bring 
it out in order to destroy it, and this involves messing about in the main 
arena with Sentry Bots... with homing launchers. This isn't going to be easy, 
and if this is your first attempt, you'll probably get overwhelmed. To begin 
with go left and over to the console in the entrance. Activate it and this 
will move the energy node into the open. The excess power is being absorbed by 
the tracks below. Go back down and through the door behind what was the green 
energy field. Activate this one and a platform will be moved into place 
underneath the node. The power flux will be reflected back to the node and the 
effect will be similar to that of the electrotool. Quickly run back to the 
first console and wait. Once it's blown, swarms of Chassis Bots will be coming 
your way, as well as those Sentry Bots that had happily stayed out of your way 
up until now. Arm the autorifle and keep your eyes in both directions, hacking 
down the Chassis Bots as they come, keeping well out of sight of the Sentry 
Bots. They will be coming in via the door you are next to and the door that 
you went through to move the platform. Two Sentry Bots will also move in 
through these doors. Once the Chassis Bots are history, switch to the 
lasergun. Two charged shots (not necessarily fully charged) will take out a 
Sentry Bot, and this is how you're gonna clear out the arena. Use strafing 
tactics with the wall as cover. Charge, move out, fire, move back in, repeat. 
As long as you don't let them sneak up behind you or get hit by one of their 
rockets, this should be easier than it originally looked. Once the Sentry Bots 
are down, the laser gate at the top of the ramp will open and the way to the 
Machinist will be clear. Run around and pick up the laserguns and homing 
launchers that your unfortunate victims dropped and look out for two walking 
dustbins and fresh armour underneath the side ramps. Once you are ready, go 
through the laser gate and into the Machinist's chamber.

                                     - -

The fight itself is a little on the insane side. If you thought you would be 
fighting the child you saw in the opening cutscene, you are sadly very much 
mistaken. The Machinist has a little toy he'd like you to play with, and it's 
got several giant lethal looking tools stuck to it that will shoot out 
periodically in your general direction, and to make matters worse, Chassis 
Bots will warp in on occasion to keep you busy on the flank as well. This is 
why you should have saved your grenades. Keep on the move to make yourself 
more difficult to hit and launch everything you have at the little bit in the 
centre of the machine. That's where the Machinist is piloting it. Grenades 
need to go, homing rockets need to get in there, and when they're all out, 
just give him what for with the autorifle to finish him off. Take out the 
Chassis Bots on the sidelines as well if you get a chance, and there is spare 
autorifle ammo there if you need it. Once he has gone down, you will see a 
pair of doors nearer to the machine than the ones the Chassis Bots were 
spouting from. Go in here and up the ramp towards the rear of the machine. 
What have we here, it looks like the Machinist was using the time crystal to 
power his little toy. Liberate it from the machine and start running, there 
will be some angry Reapers warping in. Get back down to the centre of the room 
and get through the portal quick as you can. Dying inches from the portal is 
horrible, trust me...

                                     - -

               \-\/-/       **SPACE STATION, 2401**        \-\/-/

CHARACTERS: Sgt.Cortez, Corp.Hart (don't ask me how)


  - Collect the crystals
  - Activate the self destruct sequence
  - Shoot down the incoming TimeSplitter ships (added later)
  - Escape from the space station
  - None

A subtle lack of real objectives in Space Station make for a quick, hardcore 
finale to TimeSplitters 2 story mode. The first two are completed virtually 
instantly leaving you with a timer to complete the last two.

                                     - -

The crystals are on the console in front of you. Run over to them and pick 
them up, and then drop down to the next level. Pick up as much autorifle ammo 
and armour as you can carry and then go into the outer ring. There are three 
consoles in here that need to be activated to initiate self destruct (The 
Splitters were obviously impressed by Khallos's technology, their computer has 
the same voice as the AtomSmasher!). It's obvious which ones they are as they 
are the only ones that weren't mangled by Cortez and Hart on their way in. 
Once they are activated, the countdown will start. Same as AtomSmasher, let it 
reach zero and you'll go up with the rest of the station. Go back to the 
bridge and drop to the bottom level. Reaper Splitters will be dogging you 
throughout this level, so keep your eyes behind you and never stop moving. 
Find the door to the hangar and go through. This will be locked until the self 
destruct sequence is activated, so you'll know what door it is. There will 
probably be a Reaper behind you, and there will be two Scourge Splitters next 
to the lift in the next room. Take them out before calling the lift. Once 
down, you first need to go right to pick up an envirosuit. You'll be going 
outside later, you need this. There is also full armour in here as well. Now 
go back the other way. Be ready with the grenades as there are two turrets 
waiting for you in the first and third rooms ahead. You'll come across baby 
drones in here, they go down without much contest, but a couple of Scourges 
will show up as well. Try grenading one and concentrating fire on the other. 
You'll also pass another corridor on the way. This isn't needed yet, but 
remember where it is, it leads back to the hangar. Once in the third room, the 
objective "Shoot down the incoming TimeSplitter ships" will appear. Go into 
the airlock and run over to the turret once outside. This is a similar 
scenario to the UFO mission in Return To Planet X, more of a timewaster than 
anything else. Blow them up as they come as quickly as possible and get back 
inside. Fresh armour is available if needed.

                                     - -

A Reaper will appear in the airlock with you as you go back in. Stand at one 
end and blast it when it appears, and then go back to the corridor you passed 
earlier. You'll be swamped by drones and Scourges, this will be the real test 
of your abilities. Use grenades on the Scourges and destroy the drones as they 
come, they can smack you silly if they get close enough. Go down the corridor 
and through the door, grenading the turret in front of you as you go in. Pick 
up the full armour and your final weapon, the minigun. You've pretty much 
finished now, you'll mow anything with this baby. Further down, another 
Scourge will challenge you, slap on secondary fire show him what the minigun 
can do. The main lift to the hangar is in the next room, and typically, it's 
at the bottom, and two Reapers are waiting to play with you as well as two 
turrets on the shaft. Switch back to the autorifle for the time being and run 
around the shaft, grenading the two turrets, and then back to the minigun to 
blow away the Reapers if they get on your nerves. Whatever you do, don't miss 
the lift, you won't have time to call it again. Get on when it appears and 
descend to the hangar. You've probably got only a few seconds left by now, so 
just run for the ship. Get on board and relax, you've just finished 
TimeSplitters 2 Story mode.

                                     - -

\\-\/-//                         **ARCADE LEAGUE**                    \\-\/-// 

NB: With some of the unknown platinum times, you'll see that I've put ? 
seconds instead of ? minutes. This indicates that I've achieved a time of 
under 1 minute but still have not received a platinum, and I know that a time
of under 1 minute is needed. Platinum times sometimes ignore patterns in the 
scores and I want to verify them to some extent before noting them down. As I 
cannot tell an exact platinum score/time, I've given my best estimate for the 
platinum awards I've achieved. Any contribution to actual times/scores would 
be appreciated.

               \-\/-/           *AMATEUR LEAGUE*           \-\/-/

\\//   :BEGINNERS SERIES:   \\//

- Adios Amigos!

*Platinum* - 10 kills in ? seconds
  *Gold*   - 10 kills in 3 minutes
 *Silver*  - 10 kills in 5 minutes
 *Bronze*  - 10 kills in 10 minutes

Game Mode  - Deathmatch
Arena      - Mexican Mission
Character  - Elijah Jones
Unlockable - Hector Baboso, Lean Molly

The first arcade challenge, and the easiest. 10 kills in 10 minutes? If you 
can't do this, you really shouldn't be playing this game. Twin Garrett 
revolvers will give quick kills, as will two blasts from the shotgun. The 
flamethrower can give a few fire and forget kills (pardon the pun), but to 
really rake them in, you need the homing launcher. This can be found in the 
basement. As long as you don't rely on the plasma autorifle, which is a bit on 
the slow side, you'll get a gold easily. Platinum takes practice though.

- Casualty

*Platinum* - 15 kills in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 15 kills in 3 minutes 
 *Silver*  - 15 kills in 5 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - 15 kills in 10 minutes 

Game Mode  - Deathmatch
Arena      - Hospital
Character  - Dr.Peabody
Unlockable - Dr.Peabody, Crypt Zombie

*bing bong* Ladies and gentlemen, if you would care to make your way to either 
the operating theater balcony, the large first floor balcony or the hospital 
toilets, you will find a homing launcher with which you can mercilessly batter 
zombies in a ridiculously short amount of time. Please remain on the ground 
floor when maiming for best results. Thank you. *click*

- Top Shot

*Platinum* - 1st in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 1st in 3 minutes 
 *Silver*  - 1st in 4 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - 1st overall 

Game Mode  - Elimination
Arena      - Hangar
Character  - Sgt.Shock
Unlockable - Hangar, Sgt.Shock, Elimination

Nothing special happening here, your bog-standard S47 will see you through 
nicely. For a little extra kick, pick up the rocker launcher upstairs and blow 
away some opposition. There is also a damage amplifier between two stacks of 
crates near one of the entrances to the main hangar that might help.

\\//   :MODE MADNESS:   \\//

- Chastity Chased

*Platinum* - 10 kills in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 10 kills in 3 minutes
 *Silver*  - 10 kills in 4 minutes
 *Bronze*  - 10 kills overall 

Game Mode  - Regeneration
Arena      - Compound
Character  - Chastity
Unlockable - Regeneration

Nice and easy, this one. Pick up the rocket launcher at the back of the arena 
and you're laughing. Remember you've only got six shots with it before you 
need to wait for it to respawn, but direct hits will give you six kills 
straight off.

- Shrinking From The Cold

*Platinum* - 10 kills in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 10 kills in 3 minutes 
 *Silver*  - 10 kills in 4 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - 10 kills overall 

Game Mode  - Shrink
Arena      - Siberia
Character  - Lt.Frost
Unlockable - Private Sand, Sgt.Slate, Shrink

Try to get on top of the room with a hole in the roof, as the minigun up there 
will make mincemeat out of Nikolai and Sgt.Shivers. If you can't get up there 
quick enough, the twin S47 will also be very useful. Just don't resort to 
using the 12-Gauge or twin pistols, as these are incredibly ineffective 
against them if they are very small. Lob a couple of grenades if you see them 
both having a little firefight.

- Scrap Metal

*Platinum* - 10 kills in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 10 kills in 3 minutes 
 *Silver*  - 10 kills in 4 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - 10 kills overall

Game Mode  - Vampire
Arena      - Scrapyard
Character  - Female Trooper
Unlockable - Scrapyard, Chassis Bot

Once again, the homing launcher is your best friend. You can also find the 
electrotool here as well, but sadly it doesn't work like it does in story 
mode. The launcher is in the middle of the arena. Just be aware that going a 
prolonged period without damaging the Chassis Bot will deplete your power 
gauge. If it runs out, it's the same as if you'd been killed.

\\//   :IT'S A BLAST:   \\//

- Night Shift

*Platinum* - 1st with ? kills
  *Gold*   - 1st with 25 kills 
 *Silver*  - 1st with 15 kills 
 *Bronze*  - 1st overall 

Game Mode  - Leech
Arena      - Robot Factory
Character  - R-109
Unlockable - Sentry Bot, Leech

Ahh, a rocket arena. Lovely. Why don't we spice it up a bit with a homing 
launcher from the back area or outside the Machinist's room? Because this is 
such an open area with restricted movement, the homing launcher works 
surprisingly well. Chassis Bots make for easy kills, but be a little wary when 
taking on Sentry Bots.

- Spoils Of War

*Platinum* - 25 kills in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 25 kills in 4 minutes 30 seconds
 *Silver*  - 25 kills in 6 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - 25 kills overall 

Game Mode  - Thief 
Arena      - Ice Station
Character  - Sgt.Cortez
Unlockable - Meezor Mox, Thief

Homing launcher... main complex... top floor... nuff said. Well, not quite. 
Just remember that this is a Thief match, and kills count for nothing. You 
need to ditch the long range tactics with the homing launcher for this one. If 
you see a group all having a shootout, stand by to pick up any coins dropped. 
Only join in when there is one left and there aren't any rogue coins lying 
around, or if they all start shooting at you instead.

- Demolition Derby

*Platinum* - 1st with ? kills
  *Gold*   - 1st with 25 kills 
 *Silver*  - 1st with 15 kills 
 *Bronze*  - 1st overall 

Game Mode  - Deathmatch
Arena      - Scrapyard
Character  - R-109
Unlockable - Robot Factory, Male Trooper, Female Trooper, Vampire

Similar case to the Night Shift mission, all rocket launchers with the odd 
homing launcher scattered about. However, because the arena is so open and 
there are so many opponents, the rocket launcher may be your best bet here. 
The homing launcher is still in the middle of the arena, but it takes a while 
to lock on, and with so many rockets lying around and so many things to aim 
at, you'll get a higher kill count with the rocket launcher.

\\//   :TOO HOT TO HANDLE:   \\//

- Monkey Immolation

*Platinum* - Last 3 minutes
  *Gold*   - Last 2 minutes 
 *Silver*  - Last 1 minute 
 *Bronze*  - Last 30 seconds

Game Mode  - Virus 
Arena      - Mexican Mission
Character  - Venus Starr
Unlockable - Crispin, Flame Tag

This one relies a little on luck. You could find that none of the other 
monkeys get caught for two minutes and you have an easy time, or they could 
all get done in 10 seconds and you'll have five flaming monkeys after you. 
Even worse, you could start right next to the virus monkey and it'll all be 
over in two seconds. Remember, the monkeys are all faster than you, so unless 
you have the speed powerup you won't outrun them. The key to getting the gold 
in this one resides in the basement in the shape of the homing launcher. Go 
and pick it up as soon as the game starts, and if there aren't any monkeys 
nearby when you do, you might want to wait around for it to respawn to pick up 
an extra heap of ammo for it. As soon as you've got it, run up to the top 
floor and out onto the left outcrop overlooking the courtyard, where the cloak 
powerup is, face the doorway you came out from, and camp there. If any virused 
monkeys come through, greet them with a rocket. Don't be tempted to pick up 
the cloak when it appears, it won't help you. Keep this up for as long as 
you've got the ammo and you should get a relatively easy gold. The game ends 
if you last for three whole minutes, and you'll be rewarded with a platinum.

- Disco Inferno

*Platinum* - Last 3 minutes
  *Gold*   - Last 2 minutes 
 *Silver*  - Last 1 minute 
 *Bronze*  - Last 30 seconds

Game Mode  - Virus 
Arena      - Nightclub
Character  - Lady Jane
Unlockable - Lt.Wild, Louie Bignose

Also simple if things go your way. This one involves camping out with a tommy 
gun. When you start, find two as quickly as possible so you have a full heap 
of ammo. Then find the room with the central staircase, go down the stairs and 
straight on through the corridor in front of you. Follow this to the end and 
camp here where you can see anyone walk around the corner. Same procedure as 
last time, any virused characters that walk in need a heavy lead injection. 
Some of them are inclined to pick up speed powerups that could catch you off 
guard, just make sure you reload after each kill and blast them the second you 
spot them. The only problem you could have is if they start respawning near to 
you, as the temporary invincibility given by respawning means you won't have 
time to shoot them down. There is another method. You can camp outside on the 
gantries with the damage amplifier. If you keep an eye on the radar, you can 
see where any possible virused characters are coming from and move to shoot 
them down. Again, three minutes will end the game and give you a platinum.

- Burns Department

*Platinum* - Last 3 minutes
  *Gold*   - Last 2 minutes 
 *Silver*  - Last 1 minute 30 seconds 
 *Bronze*  - Last 1 minute 

Game Mode  - Virus 
Arena      - Hospital
Character  - Viola
Unlockable - Undead Priest, Nightclub, Virus

This level verges on the ridiculous. It's set in Hospital, and there aren't 
any automatic or ballistic weapons. The best you'll get here is a shotgun, and 
being set in such an enclosed arena it'll be almost impossible to get a clean 
shot if you get pinned down. You have a speed advantage here, but it's not 
much use in an enclosed arena. If you're just going for the bronze, or perhaps 
a silver if you're lucky, just running about hoping not to get found works 50% 
of the time. However, for a gold, another strategy is needed. Firstly, find 
your way to the large balcony on the first floor with the shotgun in the 
middle. Picking up a second shotgun on the way up helps as well. The balcony 
is the most open area in the level with a quick escape if you get rushed by a 
large number of virused zombies. Camp out here, blasting anyone that comes in. 
If you do end up getting rushed, jump over the balcony yourself and start 
running. Try to get back up there if possible. This level is based almost 
purely on luck. Sometimes the other zombies will all get caught in the first 
20 seconds, sometimes it'll be over a minute before the first gets caught. If 
you get a platinum on this level, consider yourself either extremely lucky or 
just plain good.

\\//   :TEAM SERIES A:   \\//

- Club Soda

*Platinum* - 20 kills in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 20 kills in 3 minutes 
 *Silver*  - 20 kills in 4 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - 20 kills overall

Game Mode  - Team Deathmatch 
Arena      - Nightclub
Character  - Braces
Unlockable - Slick Tommy, Jimmy Needles

This one is a breeze, although a knowledge of the layout of the Nightclub 
would help. Braces and Marco do most of the hard work, your best bet is either 
a tommy gun scattered in various places, or the twin shotgun lying by the 
entrance. The radar is a minor help as well, but it's difficult to know where 
the others are due to the multi-leveled nature of the arena.

- Station Stand

*Platinum* - 1000 points in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 1000 points in 4 minutes 30 seconds
 *Silver*  - 1000 points in 5 minutes 30 seconds 
 *Bronze*  - 1000 points overall 

Game Mode  - Zone 
Arena      - Ice Station
Character  - Female Trooper
Unlockable - Lt.Shade, Zone

The first truly difficult mission. Zone is a real pain in the rear, and your 
up against a team that has far more stamina than you. Forget the ballistics 
here, the lasergun is the way to go. Even only lightly charged, the projectile 
is virtually instant and it keeps them stunned for a split second while you 
charge up another shot. Thing is, the Sentry Bots are very accurate with these 
things, and because you have less stamina, you go down after two or three 
charged shots. Main strategy is to keep moving towards neutral or blue zones. 
Don't try defending your zones, or you'll end up with just one. Remember, 
kills add nothing to your score. You just want to slow the Sentry Bots down, 
not necessarily blow them to pieces.

- Men In Grey

*Platinum* - Complete in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - Complete in 3 minutes 
 *Silver*  - Complete in 6 minutes
 *Bronze*  - Complete in 10 minutes

Game Mode  - Assault
Arena      - Training Ground
Character  - Private Grass
Unlockable - Accountant, Lawyer, Training Ground (assault)

A gold on this first assault requires a lot of practice. Assault missions need 
you to know how to tackle each objective with maximum efficiency, and getting 
a platinum on any one of them is a feat in itself.

You start in your base on the first floor. Run down the ramp and pick up the 
S47 and Homing launcher. One of your teammates will draw the fire from the 
autoturret on the opposite bunker. Use this opportunity to run out and to the 
left into the bunker next to you. There is a plasma autorifle in there, and 
the plasma grenades are your best bet of finishing this in good time. Arm it 
straight away and lob a grenade onto the turret, keeping moving all the time. 
Do the same for the two guarding the canyon. Blue team members can be 
dispatched with the homing launcher, but if you manage to pick up a minigun 
from one of them, use that instead. Storm through to the waterfall to reach 
the first checkpoint.

Going up from the waterfall is another autoturret. If you have any grenades 
left, lob one onto it, otherwise smash it with the minigun. You don't have 
time for blinding tactics if you're going for a good time. Once out in the 
open, you need to destroy five fuel barrels, but concentrate on the two 
autoturrets in the arena first. Use either homing rockets or plasma grenades 
to take them out, there is another autorifle in the back bunker if you need 
more grenades. Now for the barrels. There are three out in the open and two 
hidden. The three easy ones are in front of the ruin on the left, at the back 
on the left behind the bunker, and behind the blue base. The hidden ones are 
in the left ruin and on the first floor of the blue base. Once these are out 
of the way, you need to storm their base and blow up their computers. Just get 
in and go berserk with the homing launcher in here. If any blue team members 
give you any hassle, tear them up with the minigun. Remember to always use 
secondary fire.

               \-\/-/          **HONORARY LEAGUE**         \-\/-/

\\//   :MAXIMUS:   \\//

- Cold Corpse Caper

*Platinum* - 1st with 40 kills
  *Gold*   - 1st with 15 kills 
 *Silver*  - 1st with 10 kills 
 *Bronze*  - 1st overall

Game Mode  - Gladiator 
Arena      - Hospital
Character  - Cyberfairy
Unlockable - Gargoyle, Cyberfairy

A nice and easy introduction to life in the Honorary League. This is a 
Gladiator match, which means that everyone will only go after the gladiator. A 
perfect opportunity to get fully stocked up. An initial thought is to go 
straight for the grenade launcher, but if you're going after a large number of 
kills, this is far too awkward to use. There is an easier solution, and it's 
located in the operating theater, the toilets and the large balcony in the 
shape of the twin tommy guns. Very accurate and with a fast rate of fire, 
these will mow down tons of zombies before you get smacked down. A couple of 
things to be careful of though. Gargoyles are very resilient to pretty much 
everything you throw at them except the twin tommy guns, and be careful of 
anyone with a grenade launcher. They have a nasty habit of using incendiaries, 
and with only one place to put yourself out, it's not pretty if you get 

- Killer Queen

*Platinum* - 15 kills in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 15 kills in 3 minutes
 *Silver*  - 15 kills in 4 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - 15 kills overall

Game Mode  - Gladiator 
Arena      - Aztec
Character  - Jungle Queen
Unlockable - Leo Krupps

This one is slightly harder than the previous one. I say that in the sense
that you can't get a massive number of kills very easily. Your best friend 
here is the twin shotgun, which can be found on the ledge in the room next 
the pillars. Again, the gladiator is everyone's target, so take your time on 
your first try just to get the hang of the level. You only need to get the 
shotguns once, ammo can be procured from virtually every other weapon in the 
level. Oh... and look out for the Stone Golem... he's tough.

- R-109 Beta

*Platinum* - 1st with ? kills
  *Gold*   - 1st with 40 kills 
 *Silver*  - 1st with 25 kills 
 *Bronze*  - 1st with 15 kills 

Game Mode  - Gladiator 
Arena      - Ice Station
Character  - R109
Unlockable - Lt.Chill, Ufopia, Gladiator

Gold here is difficult. Bronze is easy enough, but remember, you can only add 
to your score when you are the gladiator. The real difficulty is that all 
weapons are rocket and homing launchers, so it's likely you won't stay the 
gladiator for long. You need to be as heavily armed as possible at all times, 
as once you are the gladiator, you need to annihilate as many R109s as 
possible before you are blown away. Save nothing on them, if you need to 
launch three rockets at them, do it. And the homing launcher from the top of 
the main building will make it much easier.

\\//   :ELIMINATION SERIES:   \\//

- Baking For The Taking

*Platinum* - 1st in 2 minutes
  *Gold*   - 1st in 3 minutes 
 *Silver*  - 1st in 4 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - 1st overall 

Game Mode  - Elimination 
Arena      - Chinese
Character  - Chinese Chef
Unlockable - Gingerbread Man, Chinese Chef

Something tells me this was meant to be in Amateur League. Try this: my 
favourite character in my favourite arena with my favourite weapon as the only 
weapon. This is a minigun arena with you against nine gingerbread men. And 
with the word "minigun" in the sentence, this can only be an absolute 
walkover. This should be your first platinum. What other strategy can I give 
other than slap on secondary fire, hole up somewhere and let them have it as 
they come. This may be a little too slow for platinum, so in this case, just 
run around the restaurant blowing up anyone in your way. You might get smacked 
down a couple of times, but remember that your rate of fire puts the 
opposition's to shame.

- Brace Yourself

*Platinum* - 1st in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 1st in 1 minute 45 seconds 
 *Silver*  - 1st in 2 minutes 30 seconds 
 *Bronze*  - 1st overall 

Game Mode  - Elimination 
Arena      - Nightclub
Character  - Braces
Unlockable - Braces, Trooper Brown

Again, nice and easy. No big, bad, blow-up-anything-and-everything weapon 
available in this one, it's a straightforward Luger pistol duel. It's not as
bad as it sounds if you can get hold of two Lugers. With one, you'll just be
blown to pieces due to its useless rate of fire, but even so much as doubling
it makes a whole lot of difference. Needles and Big-Nose take so long to take
aim that you can just plug them to pieces before they even get a clear shot.

- Starship Whoopers

*Platinum* - 1st with ? kills
  *Gold*   - 1st with 25 kills 
 *Silver*  - 1st with 15 kills 
 *Bronze*  - 1st overall 

Game Mode  - Monkey Assistant 
Arena      - Scrapyard
Character  - Candi Skyler
Unlockable - Chinese, Monkey Assistant, Trooper Black

This one WOULD be easy if it weren't for those infernal monkeys! If you're 
good enough for gold, the monkey siren is bad news, as they'll more often than 
not be coming your way. Unless you can blow them up quickly enough, it means 
that you won't be carrying the homing launcher for long. Remember though, the 
homing launcher can lock on to more than one target at once, so launching a 
rocket salvo will take out a fair number, but it wastes a lot of ammo. Since 
rocket launchers are standard weapons, the homing launcher issue isn't such a 
bad thing, but it just gets irritating when you're wiping the floor with the 
opposition and then get your hide smacked by a bunch of monkeys...

\\//   :BURNS 'N BANGS:   \\//

- Chinese Burns

*Platinum* - 20 kills in 1 minute 30 seconds
  *Gold*   - 20 kills in 2 minutes 
 *Silver*  - 20 kills in 2 minutes 30 seconds 
 *Bronze*  - 20 kills in 3 minutes 

Game Mode  - Team Deathmatch 
Arena      - Chinese
Character  - Chinese Chef
Unlockable - Calamari, Chef Hat (Silly Hats)

Another pathetically easy level just so long as you leave the flamethrowers 
well alone. Rocket and homing launchers are all you need here, and because 
this is an all-on-one, they'll come to you rather than you having to look for 
them. Grab a launcher, sit back, and fry some Calamari explosive style. ;)

- Snow Business

*Platinum* - 20 kills in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 20 kills in 2 minutes 30 seconds 
 *Silver*  - 20 kills in 3 minutes 15 seconds 
 *Bronze*  - 20 kills overall 

Game Mode  - Team Deathmatch
Arena      - Ice Station
Character  - Machinist
Unlockable - Snowman, Trooper Grey

Now comes an absolutely ridiculous level. Flamethrowers are the only weapons 
here, and seeing as everyone has one, every attack turns into a suicide run. 
You'd be better off just running straight at them and punching them to pieces. 
The flamethrower is not meant to be used in this situation, and because the 
Machinist is so short, you can't resort to using the gun turret in the 
complex. The problem here is that the only outcome of a stand-off in this 
situation is a draw, because the second one of you gets in range, you both get 
toasted. The best advice I can give is to follow a snowman around while it 
pursues one of your teammates and wait until he does something stupid like 
slide in front of you. Remember, when bots pull off some of their digitised 
trick flips and other things, they can't attack. See a snowman slide, get in 
and toast it. If you do get set on fire and there are any other snowmen in the 
area, run up to them and toast them before you go down. I wish you the best of 
luck here, I've a feeling you'll need it. 

- Rocket Man

*Platinum* - 40 kills in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 40 kills in 1 minute 30 seconds 
 *Silver*  - 40 kills in 2 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - 40 kills overall 

Game Mode  - Team Deathmatch
Arena      - Streets
Character  - Sergio
Unlockable - Venus Starr, Captain Sand

Up close and personal with a rocket launcher is the way to go with this one. 
What may strike you first with this mission is the insanely high number of 
kills required. It may relieve you to know that this is effectively a one-hit-
kill just for you and there are plenty of bots to go around. However, long 
range tactics are time consuming. You need to charge in as close as possible 
before letting loose. Don't worry about unleashing whole salvos, there's
plenty of rockets to go around. Try to get at least one kill every couple of 
seconds, especially if there are a lot of bots in your general area. If you 
get a homing launcher, the secondary fire will come in handy if distance 
combat is unavoidable, it'll blow three or four away at once. Practice is 
needed for a gold, but a bronze is quite easy enough. Your main problem is 
mass suicides in the other team, as a suicide or friendly fire kill doesn't go 
towards your score.


- Someone's Got To Pay

*Platinum* - ? kills
  *Gold*   - 60 kills 
 *Silver*  - 50 kills 
 *Bronze*  - 40 kills 

Game Mode  - Team Deathmatch
Arena      - Hospital
Character  - Big Tony
Unlockable - Duckman Drake

This is hard. Your first priority is to pick up a twin shotgun from the usual 
places in the Hospital. Just remember, whenever you see a large group of 
ducks, unload on them and KEEP SHOOTING. If any of them also have twin 
shotguns, they'll make life very hard for you. Your biggest enemy here isn't 
the ducks, it's Big Tony's inability to hit anything from point blank. Tony's 
accuracy is pathetic, you could be looking a duck in the face and he'd still 
miss. Camping won't work here if you're going for the gold. You need to search 
them out, and blow them away with absolutely everything you have. This one 
will take a few tries. It's possible, but by no means easy.

- Time To Split

*Platinum* - 15 kills in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 15 kills in 2 minutes 30 seconds 
 *Silver*  - 15 kills in 3 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - 15 kills 

Game Mode  - Team Deathmatch
Arena      - Compound
Character  - Krayola
Unlockable - Barby Gimp, Scourge Splitter

Once again, the SBP90 will make mincemeat out of the opposition, and taking on 
Scourge Splitters with anything less is normally considered insane. If you 
find two, you're really going to make them look stupid. The problem with this 
level is that there's no radar to help you out. If you can't see them , you'll 
be blindly searching, and it'll cost valuable time. And if you do get killed, 
you'll need to find another SBP90 quickly, or you'll just get mowed again 

- Can't Handle This

*Platinum* - 40 kills in 2 minutes 30 seconds
  *Gold*   - 40 kills in 3 minutes 
 *Silver*  - 40 kills in 3 minutes 30 seconds 
 *Bronze*  - 40 kills in 4 minutes 

Game Mode  - Team Deathmatch
Arena      - Nightclub
Character  - Hatchet Sal
Unlockable - Handyman, Chasm, Hatchet Sal

There's a trick to doing this one. It involves the same strategy as Disco 
Inferno in the Amateur League. Get down to the entrance of the nightclub (go 
down the main staircase and its straight in front of you) as quickly as you 
can, there's a nice pair of tommy guns waiting for you, and this is the only 
way you'll have a chance of beating these things. Pick them up and camp there. 
They'll come looking for you, all you need to do is blow them away as they 
come round the corner. Sure-fire platinum strategy.

\\//   :TEAM SERIES B:   \\//

- Hack A Hacker

*Platinum* - 20 kills in ? seconds
  *Gold*   - 20 kills in 1 minute 20 seconds 
 *Silver*  - 20 kills in 1 minute 40 seconds 
 *Bronze*  - 20 kills in 2 minutes 

Game Mode  - Team Deathmatch
Arena      - Compound
Character  - Riot Officer
Unlockable - Krayola, Milkbaby

Repeat after me... SBP90... SBP90... SBP90... Get it? If you have one of 
these, you can just sit back and mow to your heart's content. It may take a 
few tries to get the 1 minute 20 for the gold, but as long as you've got an 
SBP90 and you know how to use the radar, you'll have no trouble here.

- Rice Cracker Rush

*Platinum* - 5 bags in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 5 bags in 4 minutes 
 *Silver*  - 5 bags in 5 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - 5 bags in 6 minutes 

Game Mode  - Capture The Bag 
Arena      - Streets
Character  - Ghost
Unlockable - Riot Officer, The Master

This is basically a solo mission, because your team are useless. In fact, 
you'll be getting killed by your team mates more than the opposite team. As 
soon as the game starts, run and grab the cloak and then go into the next door 
and grab the armour. As you come out, you should arm the plasma autorifle 
you've hopefully picked up from the start and stick a couple of grenades to 
the other team as they run past. Keep your eyes to the right for an alcove 
with a rocket launcher, but this isn't the real weapon you want. Further along 
the same wall is a door with stairs leading up to the balcony. There will 
sometimes be a damage amplifier up there depending on if the other team has 
already nicked it. Still cloaked, run downstairs and outside. You'll be 
standing right next to the enemy bag. There should also be a minigun nearby. 
If there isn't, restart. You need the minigun to get back in one piece. Pick 
it up and switch on secondary fire. Grab the bag and run, because you can now 
be seen. I don't recommend going back the same way, as the enemy probably has 
your bag by now. Run back through the roads and you should see the enemy bag 
carrier running your way, mow him with the minigun and reclaim your bag. On 
the way back towards their base on your second run, it's unlikely that the 
cloak will be back, but the minigun should be able to cut a path to the bag 
without much trouble. Repeat as needed.

- Superfly Lady

*Platinum* - Complete in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - Complete in 2 minutes 
 *Silver*  - Complete in 3 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - Complete in 6 minutes 

Game Mode  - Assault 
Arena      - Hangar
Character  - Kitten Celeste
Unlockable - Captain Pain, Hangar (assault)

Again, it's no holds barred for this assault level. This one is a little more 
hectic than the last one, and you'll still be using your team as cannon fodder 
while you do the precision work. Don't worry about the other team, let your 
teammates handle them. If you die, just pick up whatever weapons you can and 
resume where you left off, and you'll be dying quite a bit in this one I can 
tell you.

Let your teammates leave first so they can attract the first two turrets' 
attention. They are on opposite walls, run under one of them and shoot the 
camera out and then do the same with the opposite one. If you picked up an 
S47, you can launch a grenade at the one waiting around the corner, otherwise 
you'll need to employ rushing tactics. This involves meeting the turret head 
on and getting into its blind spot before it mows you to pieces. Granted, 
you'll take quite a bit of damage, but it's the only way to do it quick 
enough. The next two need the services of a grenade. They are both covering 
one another, so rushing won't work and they are too far away to have their 
cameras shot out. Two grenades ought to do this, and be careful of blue team 
members shooting rockets at you from above. You need to rush the one through 
the door on the right, as it's on a crate so you can't grenade it. Get behind 
it and pump it with the S47, and then grenade the one out in the open. The 
final three are tricky. Two are on the ceiling and the third is on the ground 
behind them against the right wall. Rush the one on the ground and launch a 
grenade at it while running. If it isn't destroyed, finish it with the S47, 
and then use what you've got left on the last two from behind.

The hangar is still locked at this stage, so you need to go upstairs to open 
it. There are three more autoturrets up here, but they shouldn't pose much 
problem. Ignore the first one on the ceiling and launch a grenade at the one 
on the left around the corner. Grab the lasergun and flick the switch on the 
wall ahead of the dead turret. If you want a rocket launcher, just take out 
the turret opposite the switch and pick one up. It'll come in handy for the 
final part of the mission, which incidentally, is a walkover compared to the 
last two parts. The final step involves blowing up three fuel drums at the 
base of the wheels of the plane. If you've got a rocket launcher, you're 
laughing. The two on the rear wheels are guarded by autoturrets, but they 
shouldn't pose any problem with rockets. Just blow up the barrels to complete 
the mission. If you die and time is running out, don't bother grabbing any 
extra weapons, just go on a suicide run to finish off the barrels.

               \-\/-/           **ELITE LEAGUE**           \-\/-/

\\//   :ONE SHOT THRILLS:   \\//

- Babes In The Wood

*Platinum* - 1st with ? kills
  *Gold*   - 1st with 20 kills 
 *Silver*  - 1st with 15 kills 
 *Bronze*  - 1st overall 

Game Mode  - Shrink 
Arena      - Aztec
Character  - Harry Tipper
Unlockable - Jo-Beth Casey

This is a difficult series, as they are all one-shot-kill matches. This one is 
made even more difficult by being a shrink match as well. Your only weapon is 
a crossbow, which is some relief due to its accuracy. There's very little you 
can do in the way of planning for this one, but you need to keep an eye on the 
ground for the really tiny ones and be as accurate as possible. Use the fine 
aim if you think it will help, remember you can stub their toe and you'll get 
a kill. However, it's recommended you try to stick to the bigger enemies as 
you've got more chance of hitting them before they hit you.

- Double Bill

*Platinum* - 20 kills in 2 minutes 30 seconds
  *Gold*   - 20 kills in 3 minutes 30 seconds 
 *Silver*  - 20 kills in 4 minutes 30 seconds 
 *Bronze*  - 20 kills overall 

Game Mode  - Thief 
Arena      - Chasm
Character  - Big Tony
Unlockable - The Impersonator, Beetleman

A thief match with one-shot-kill rules, this one can be a little irritating. 
Chasm is quite view restrictive and there are so many places where they could 
be running around. The only weapon here is the 12-Gauge, so it's handy this 
match is a one-shot-kill. Try to stick to open areas and pop them off as they 
appear. Don't go for long shots, remember you can't pick up points for kills 
alone. If you're really lucky, you might find them all having a shootout in 
the same room, so pick them all off and grab as many monkey coins as possible 
before they steal them from you.

- Nikki Jinki Bricky

*Platinum* - 20 kills in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 20 kills in 2 minutes 
 *Silver*  - 20 kills in 3 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - 20 kills overall 

Game Mode  - Team Deathmatch 
Arena      - Chinese
Character  - Nikki
Unlockable - Nikki, Jinki

Okay, a team brick deathmatch. I hope you got a good score in Bricking It in 
the challenges, you need to be good with bricks to get a good time on this. 
The zombies like throwing bricks while circling you, making it difficult to 
hit them. You need to get in close and use secondary fire to hit them, 
otherwise the brick will bounce off them and kill you as well. If you can 
manage to hit them, the best time to attack is just as they are about to 
throw, as their movements are predictable. Jinky will sometimes pick up a lot 
of kills as well.

\\//   :DUEL MEANING:   \\//

- If I'm Ugly... You Smell! 

*Platinum* - 1st with all lives remaining
  *Gold*   - 1st with 4 lives remaining 
 *Silver*  - 1st with 3 lives remaining 
 *Bronze*  - 1st overall 

Game Mode  - Elimination 
Arena      - Mexican Mission
Character  - Jared Slim
Unlockable - Mikey Two-Guns, Jared Slim

This one is pretty simple, but requires a bit of planning and luck to get a 
high life count. First things first, get hold of the twin Garrett revolvers. 
Now wait out in the courtyard, Mikey will come to you. Keep an eye on the 
radar to see where he's coming from and plug him a few when he appears. Now 
wait and do it again. If he appears behind you, remember he is unarmed and an 
easy kill. There's no time restriction on this one either, so be as careful as 
you like.

- Golem Guru

*Platinum* - 1st with all lives remaining
  *Gold*   - 1st with 4 lives remaining 
 *Silver*  - 1st with 3 lives remaining 
 *Bronze*  - 1st overall 

Game Mode  - Elimination 
Arena      - Site
Character  - The Master
Unlockable - Kypriss, Fat Characters

This one can be difficult, you need to take out a Stone Golem five times. 
Thing is, he's extremely durable and can't be set alight. You could always 
grab the nearby grenade launcher and circle him while blasting away, but it's 
not all that effective. You only need to be worried if he gets his hands on a 
shotgun, he's incredibly accurate. Anyway, the trick here lies in the building 
site itself on one of the steel girders. Go up the stairs in the back onto the 
first floor and walk to the end. You'll see a homing launcher perched on one 
of the girders. If you walk along the girders, you can reach it. Now you can 
blast him effectively. When you get a lock, fire off three rockets. It's an 
instant kill every time, and now you only need to worry about getting more 
ammo when the time comes.

- Golden Thighs

*Platinum* - 5 kills in 1 minute 40 seconds
  *Gold*   - 5 kills in 2 minutes 
 *Silver*  - 5 kills 2 minutes 30 seconds 
 *Bronze*  - 5 kills in 3 minutes 

Game Mode  - Elimination 
Arena      - Siberia
Character  - Kitten Celeste
Unlockable - High Priest, Aztec Warrior

Jungle Queen is tough... VERY tough. Even the almighty SBP90 won't be enough 
here. You need to get onto the roof of the sheds as quickly as possible and 
pick up the twin S47s. They may be slightly less powerful than the SBP90, but 
they have grenades, which is what you'll be using to catch old Jungle Queen off
guard. If you get into a firefight with her, fire back as usual, but engage 
her at a distance that your grenades can be effective. Hopefully she'll be 
stupid enough not to move and get blown to pieces. If you run out, engage her 
with the SBP90 as usual. She'll take a whole clip though. However, she isn't 
as stupid as you might think. There is one health pack in the arena inside the 
shed nearest the dam. If she gets low on health, she will run back to pick it 
up. It doesn't respawn, so it's in your own interest not to let her reach it 
first. You may need it later, and it lengthens the duel.

\\//   :Frantic Series:   \\//

- Hangar Hat's Off!

*Platinum* - 30 kills in ? seconds
  *Gold*   - 30 kills in 1 minute 30 seconds 
 *Silver*  - 30 kills in 2 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - 30 kills overall 

Game Mode  - Team Deathmatch
Arena      - Hangar
Character  - Sgt.Shock
Unlockable - Dark Henchman, Henchman

You need to be fast with this one. Even with some truly competent teammates 
for a change, 30 kills in 1 minute 30 seconds is asking quite a bit. To make 
life easier, there is a rocket launcher on the upper floor, and the odd 
lasergun dotted around is also very useful Give one of the opposition a fully 
charged blast followed by a slightly charged blast is a guaranteed kill if 
they aren't wearing armour. If you're just going for a bronze time, your team 
will give you a real helping hand, but to get a gold, you need to make at 
least 15 kills yourself.

- Can't Please Everyone...

*Platinum* - 800 points in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 800 points in 3 minutes 
 *Silver*  - 800 points in 4 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - 800 points overall 

Game Mode  - Zone 
Arena      - Hospital
Character  - Maiden
Unlockable - Maiden, Changeling

As a maiden, a stiff breeze will blow you to pieces, let alone the heavy 
arsenal that the undead priests will be packing. You need to be sat 
comfortably behind a pair of tommy guns to even stand a chance in this one. 
They can be found in the usual places, ie. in the toilets, on the large 
balcony, etc. You just need to employ the same strategy as Station Stand in
Amateur League, keep moving towards zones you don't own and don't even think
about sitting back to defend. Against three undead priests, even the twin
tommy guns won't save you 100% of the time due you your character's pathetic

- Big Top Blowout

*Platinum* - 1st with ? kills
  *Gold*   - 1st with 35 kills 
 *Silver*  - 1st with 25 kills 
 *Bronze*  - 1st overall 

Game Mode  - Deathmatch
Arena      - Circus
Character  - Ringmistress
Unlockable - Mister Giggles, Stumpy

Bronze here is easy provided you can use cover to avoid homing rockets, but 
even silver will be hard to achieve here. It's not killing the opposition 
that's the problem, it's the large number of kills in such a short space of 
time. This is a homing rocket arena, so don't hesitate to go absolutely mental 
if you see several standing together. Don't wait to get a lock, start firing 
straight away, the lock will come of its own accord. Besides, there's so much 
ammo to be had you may as well just use secondary fire all the time. Main 
difficulty is the arena itself, which can be an absolute maze at times.

\\//   :TEAM SERIES C:   \\//

- Bags Of Fun

*Platinum* - Win by ? bags
  *Gold*   - Win by 7 bags 
 *Silver*  - Win by 5 bags 
 *Bronze*  - Win by 3 bags 

Game Mode  - Capture The Bag 
Arena      - Ice Station
Character  - Corp. Hart
Unlockable - Ringmistress, Big Hands, Slow-motion Deaths

This is the exact opposite of its title. It ain't fun. It is VERY difficult, 
and it's you and Cortez against four Splitters in a game of Capture The Bag. 
You're outnumbered, and contrary to the game slogan, you're outgunned too. 
Taking up the gun turrets is a sure-fire way of getting slaughtered, so don't 
bother. A cunning strategy is needed here, and you need to be on the attack 
all the time. Start by picking up the rocket launcher and then immediately 
running towards the bunker to the left of their base from the station. There 
you can pick up a full armour, a homing launcher and a speed powerup. Don't 
bother with the homing launcher, as for some reason their rockets have a habit 
of disappearing in the face of massed autorifle fire (they may be getting shot 
out of the air, but this could be a glitch in the game, or maybe just my 
version. If this happens to anyone else, please let me know). By the time you 
have the speed powerup, the Splitters should have your bag. Immediately run 
and get theirs and start making your way back to your base. The bag carrier 
will likely be a Scourge Splitter with a cloak, who is given away by the blue 
flame coming from his torso. Give him three rockets and pick your bag back up, 
then run straight up to your base to score. Don't waste time on the defensive, 
pick up a new rocket launcher and jump straight back out towards the bunker 
again. The armour will have respawned, but it's unlikely the speed will be 
back. Do the same thing again, but this time just blow up anyone shooting at 
you, grab their bag, blow up whoever has yours and run back. Pick up the 
rockets again and head back to the bunker. The armour and speed should be back 
by now, so repeat until you win.

- They're Not Pets!

*Platinum* - 1st with 50 kills
  *Gold*   - 1st with 40 kills 
 *Silver*  - 1st with 30 kills 
 *Bronze*  - 1st overall 

Game Mode  - Team Deathmatch 
Arena      - Circus
Character  - Mister Giggles
Unlockable - Baby Drone, Bear

Another large kill count required for any sort of real award, but this time 
it's so much easier to achieve, simply due to the fact that there are twin 
SBP90s sitting in the middle of the arena when you start. Just sit back and 
mow, and when you run out of ammo, grab one of the numerous plasma autorifles 
and grenade anything and everything that moves. Try not to waste ammo on the 
bear though, he's quite durable. And don't get flamed either, there's nowhere 
to extinguish yourself.

- Nice Threads

*Platinum* - Complete in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - Complete in 5 minutes 
 *Silver*  - Complete in 10 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - Complete in 15 minutes 

Game Mode  - Assault 
Arena      - Scrapyard
Character  - R One-Oh-Seven
Unlockable - Scrapyard (assault)

As usual, we finish off the team series with a nice assault level, but no joke 
here, this one is extremely difficult as indicated by the times needed. Your 
team mate, Leo Krupps, is rubbish and should be used as cannon fodder whenever 
possible, and to make matters worse, you're up against a team of four sentry 
bots. Don't even think about taking them on with anything less than the homing 
launcher. I'll explain how to get through the automated defences, but you 
should remember to pummel any sentry bots that get in your way with three 

You start at the back of the scrapyard behind a couple of wrecks. Your first 
objective is to get inside. Easy right? Wrong. There are laser thread turrets 
lining the outside of the compound wall, and you'll be cut to pieces if you 
even get close. To get in, you need the plasma autorifle with grenades. Run 
over towards the turret on the far right using the terrain for cover and lob a 
grenade at it. If it's close enough, it'll take it down and you can then run 
along the foot of the wall towards the door. Be careful you don't run straight 
in though, there's two more turrets inside the door. Pick up the autorifle in 
the alcove on the right, trigger the doors and lob a grenade between both of 
them, this should clear the way to get inside. Before completing the 
objective, you should look upwards opposite the ramp and grenade the grenade 
turret waiting for you (...). If you're really low on health, run outside and 
commit suicide and try again, as you need as much health as possible before 
you try the next objective. If not, run up the ramp to pick up the homing 
launcher and go into the corridor to finish the first objective.

Go down the corridor until you can see a small alcove on the right. There's a 
sneakily placed thread turret in the alcove waiting to blast you as you run 
past. Stop just before you reach it and lob a plasma grenade round the corner. 
Then move on to the main core. There are three thread turrets in here. 
Firstly, fire a grenade around the first corner to the right, and then fire 
one onto the outcrop itself. This should take out two of them, the third is 
underneath the next outcrop, so again, fire a grenade onto the outcrop and 
move on. Be careful of any sentry bots here, there is a homing launcher at the 
bottom of the core and it's more than likely they'll pick it up. Before moving 
into the cooling tower facility, turn to face the door into the room itself. 
Strafe into the door and then immediately back behind the wall again. There is 
a rocket turret on the opposite wall and this will trigger it. Once it has 
fired, you can run out. Run straight towards it and fire a grenade underneath 
it, and then immediately turn right and do the same on the wall now in front 
of you. This will clear the path and you can now pick up the new homing 
launcher in front of the first turret and go into the next corridor to finish 
the second objective.

The last objective is easy if you know where to go. Arm the autorifle and pick 
up the armour. There is a rocket turret on the opposite wall, lob a grenade 
over there to destroy it, but don't run into the room. There's one on the wall 
behind you as well, so take it out before going on. Now you just need to run 
for the control room. Follow the corridors as quickly as you can towards the 
control room, ignoring the plasma turrets until you see another homing 
launcher. The path ahead splits in two, the one that goes straight on leads 
back to the room with the two rocket turrets, so you need to go right. But 
don't run round the corner just yet, as there's one last thread turret waiting 
for you. Grenade it and run into the control room to finish the assault.


- Aztec The Dino Hunter

*Platinum* - ? kills
  *Gold*   - 70 kills 
 *Silver*  - 60 kills 
 *Bronze*  - 45 kills 

Game Mode  - Team Deathmatch 
Arena      - Aztec
Character  - Aztec Warrior
Unlockable - Dinosaur

Okay, now this is fun! It's you up against six dinosaurs with crossbows. One 
hit will kill them, so it's just a matter of running around having fun. If you 
need lots of kills quickly, find somewhere to hole up and let them come to 
you, and plug them when they appear. The only thing you might find difficult 
is the large number of kills, so you need to treat this like Can't Handle This 
from Honorary League.

- Half Death

*Platinum* - 20 kills in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 20 kills in 2 minutes 30 seconds 
 *Silver*  - 20 kills in 4 minutes 30 seconds 
 *Bronze*  - 20 kills 

Game Mode  - Team Deathmatch 
Arena      - Hangar
Character  - Dr.Peabody
Unlockable - Drone Splitter

Start by getting yourself upstairs and grabbing a twin S47 and a rocket 
launcher. Then just get stuck in. Fire your rockets off, switch to the S47s 
when it's empty and just run back for more ammo when the time comes. When 
you've got weapons like these available, you just know the mission will be 
easy. Just be careful of anyone else with a twin S47. They've got good aim and 
like using grenades as well.

- Dead Fraction

*Platinum* - 20 kills in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - 20 kills in 3 minutes 
 *Silver*  - 20 kills in 4 minutes 30 seconds 
 *Bronze*  - 20 kills overall 

Game Mode  - Team Deathmatch 
Arena      - Chasm
Character  - Jebediah Crump
Unlockable - Jebediah Crump

You're outclassed in this one. Taking the troopers on with anything less than 
the SBP90 or rocket launcher is asking for trouble. The flamethrower isn't 
much use, as you need to be in close range to use it and you'll get mowed down 
before you get anywhere. A handy tactic is to find the large alcove with the 
rocket launcher and camp there. This will allow you to blow them apart as they
follow you up the ramp.

\\-\/-//                         **CHALLENGE MODE**                   \\-\/-// 

\\//  :GLASS SMASH:  \\//

- Pane In The Neck

*Platinum* - All windows smashed in ? seconds
  *Gold*   - All windows smashed in 18 seconds 
 *Silver*  - All windows smashed in 30 seconds 
 *Bronze*  - All windows smashed in 1 minute 
Character  - Lt.Frost
Arena      - Siberia
Unlockable - Rotating Heads

Challenge mode is difficult. Fact. Not so much in getting basic awards, but 
just look a the time needed for a gold in this one! I dread to think what a 
platinum time is! This requires you to know the quickest route around the 
compound and to be very precise with the grenades. As soon as you start, go up 
the stairs and to the left. Lob a grenade through the middle window and keep 
moving along to the next shed. Again lob one through the middle. Now go over 
to the front of the main compound and lob a grenade through the middle window 
and then go round the side and lob one in the doorway. Quickly turn round to 
face the shed behind you and send a grenade through the window in the door. 
Now run upstairs onto the gantry and lob a grenade through the window in the 
door. This should finish it. Remember, the radius effect of the grenade will 
blow out all windows in range, so don't try and send a grenade through each 
one. One per room is enough in most cases. If your times are still over 18 
seconds, try altering the route slightly to see what best suits you. 

- Bricking It

*Platinum* - All windows smashed in ? seconds
  *Gold*   - All windows smashed in 35 seconds 
 *Silver*  - All windows smashed in 45 seconds 
 *Bronze*  - All windows smashed in 1 minute 30 seconds 

Character  - Lt.Frost
Arena      - Siberia
Unlockable - Brick

Grenades explode. Bricks don't. I guarantee, this one will have you tearing 
your hair our. Now you need to put a brick through every window in the 
compound. First things first, use secondary fire if you don't want to suffer 
the embarrassment of killing yourself when the bricks rebound of the walls. 
Start in the same place, but this time go around to the door. Try to throw a 
brick through the door window and simultaneously through one of the main 
windows. Go back round the outside and take out the two that are left. Now go 
over to the main compound and lob one through all six ground floor windows 
starting from the door and moving around towards the stairs. Go upstairs and 
take out the door window, then go inside and break the three at the end. Try 
to get back outside before the door shuts on you, it will waste valuable 
seconds otherwise. Once back outside, drop down to the shed just in front of 
you and send a brick through the door window and an opposite window at the 
same time. Don't go inside, just strafe around the edge of the shed and take 
out the remaining two on the way around. You should have four left. Now go to 
the shed right over the back and put a brick through the door and one of the 
windows, go inside and finish off the last two. If you're going for the gold, 
make every brick count. If you miss with too many, start over.

- Stain Removal

*Platinum* - All 32 windows smashed with ? seconds remaining
  *Gold*   - All 32 windows smashed 
 *Silver*  - 28 windows smashed 
 *Bronze*  - 23 windows smashed 

Character  - Undead Priest
Arena      - Notre Dame
Unlockable - The Hunchback

Time to wreck Notre Dame. It's actually quite difficult to even get a bronze 
here. You've got one minute to take out as many windows in the main hall as 
possible with a grenade launcher. This is long range smashing here, and make 
sure you use incendiaries. They have much longer range and you can see where 
they're going. Right from the off, put three grenades through the windows 
behind you, then move over to one side of the balcony. Use fine aim to get the 
firing arc correct and strafe along the balcony, taking out all the windows 
you can see on the top row. Don't go right to the end, as the pillar will 
block your view of the square window and the one below it. Once they are out, 
shoot out the three on the bottom row and then four on the top. Now dash over 
to the other side of the balcony and repeat the process.

\\//   :BEHEAD THE UNDEAD:   \\//

- Fight Off The Living Dead

*Platinum* - ?? points
  *Gold*   - 20000 points 
 *Silver*  - 15000 points 
 *Bronze*  - 10000 points 

Character  - Henchman
Arena      - Compound
Unlockable - Sewer Zombie

This one is pretty easy provided you're good with the manual aim. You can't 
leave the room you're in for more than three seconds, by the way. All you need 
to do is keep the manual aim at roughly head height and you won't have any 
trouble at all. Keep moving though, they'll be coming at you from three 
directions. Try positioning yourself in the doorway on the right and blow off 
a few free heads while the zombies spawn. When you get large groups coming at 
you, try getting them to attack, they'll hit each other and possible take a 
couple out for you. You'll get no points for it but it makes the numbers a bit 
more manageable. What is puzzling me though is the requirement for platinum. 
I've scored 98075 and I'm still getting a gold. If anyone can enlighten me, 
I'd love to know.

- Sergio's Last Stand

*Platinum* - ?? points
  *Gold*   - 25000 points 
 *Silver*  - 15000 points 
 *Bronze*  - 5000 points 

Character  - Sergio
Arena      - Circus
Unlockable - Sergio

The first few waves are quite easy despite the fact that the zombies can now 
approach you from up to six directions and that they're on fire. Use the first 
wave to get the hang of the 12-Gauge, as it handles slightly differently from 
the normal shotgun. Once you've passed the first wave, run around one of the 
pillars and pick up the fire extinguisher, you'll need this later on. By about 
wave five, you'll be getting a large influx of zombies. Don't engage them 
straight away, remember that there can only be a certain number of zombies in 
play at any one time. Let as many zombies as the game will allow into play and 
get them to group together. Now aim at head height into the mass and use the 
12-Gauge's secondary fire. You'll be taking down at least two at a time. Be 
careful of others spawning to replace the ones you've beheaded and you should 
be fine. Make sure you stay in the centre of the arena between the two 
pillars, or you'll be out in three seconds.

- Day Of The Damned

*Platinum* - ?? points
  *Gold*   - 20000 points 
 *Silver*  - 15000 points 
 *Bronze*  - 10000 points 

Character  - Nikolai
Arena      - Siberia (inner facility)
Unlockable - Feeder Zombie

Right, you're unarmed and you've been told to PUNCH their heads off this time. 
Oh joy(!) This is VERY hard, and running in punching randomly is a sure-fire 
way of getting yourself killed in a remarkably short space of time. You'll 
begin in a strange position, in front of an X-ray display board. Don't let 
that distract you, move into the centre of the arena and prepare for an undead 
boxing match. Let the zombies come to you and try to provoke them to attack. 
When they do, rush in and smack their head off while their guard is down. Get 
back after each attack in case it either doesn't work or there is another 
zombie bearing down on you. Keep moving and try to attract the zombies into 
one group so that they can smack each other to pieces when they attack. Make 
sure your viewpoint is tilted slightly upwards as well so that you are in line 
with their heads. The real trick to this is to let them take each other out, 
it really is asking too much to have you smack the heads off of so many 
zombies on your own. Let them beat each other up and take out whatever is left 
by yourself. You won't get points for it, but at least you'll stay alive a lot
longer. Be patient here, this one takes practice.

\\//   :INFILTRATION:   \\//

- Silent But Deadly

*Platinum* - Finish with 1000 points left in ? seconds
  *Gold*   - Finish with 1000 points left 
 *Silver*  - Finish with 700 points left 
 *Bronze*  - Finish with 0 points left 

Character  - Gregor Lenko
Arena      - Siberia
Unlockable - Viking Hat (Silly Hats)

This is exactly the same procedure as Siberia story mode. Follow the first 
paragraph in the story mode walkthrough. Just be aware that there is no 
sniper, you'll lose points if you're noticed, and you're timed. You may want 
to take out the camera and the first two guards on the ground before the one 
on the balcony to save a little time.

- Trouble At The Docks

*Platinum* - Finish with 1000 points left in 25 seconds
  *Gold*   - Finish with 1000 points left 
 *Silver*  - Finish with 700 points left 
 *Bronze*  - Finish with 0 points left 

Character  - Lady Jane
Arena      - Chicago
Unlockable - Pirate Hat (Silly Hats)

Gold is easy on this one, but I'm going to tell you how to get a platinum. To 
even have a hope, you need to be good with the manual aim, as you need to make 
three quick head shots on the way. This must be executed flawlessly, any delay 
and you'll be caught waiting for a gangster to go past again. Start by going 
outside and dropping down behind the gangster on the left. Pop him and run 
towards the warehouse entrance, behind the guy walking along the bank. Now, 
peek around the corner and wait for the gangster inside to turn his back and 
run upstairs. Go along the landing and pop the gangster standing at the top of 
the stairs. Go down, and if you've done this quickly enough, the last gangster 
should now be walking away from you towards the exit. Give him a bullet from 
behind and run outside to finish the challenge.

- Escape From NeoTokyo

*Platinum* - Finish with 1000 points left in 20 seconds
  *Gold*   - Finish with 1000 points left 
 *Silver*  - Finish with 700 points left 
 *Bronze*  - Finish with 0 points left 

Character  - Chastity
Arena      - NeoTokyo
Unlockable - Big Ears Hat (Silly Hats)

Again, a gold is easy, as there aren't even any guards this time, just a load 
of cameras sweeping across the main road. Avoiding them is one thing, but 
doing it in 20 seconds is quite another. Firstly, you need to be aware that 
each camera has a blind spot in its field of vision. This is directly beneath 
it and goes a small way into the field of vision itself. You need to work out 
how far out it goes. Start by going straight forward and under the left 
camera's blind spot. Keep going and strafe over to the right slightly which 
will take you under the second camera's blind spot. You should be able to see 
a rectangular pillar near the third camera. Run behind it quickly to escape 
the second camera and run under the third and over to the corner on the right. 
You'll see a police car coming around the corner, but it doesn't have any 
effect on your stealth points if it sees you. With this in mind, there is a 
camera on the corner you are on and one further up the road on the same side. 
There is also one on the other side, but if you were quick enough, it should  
be pointing up the left side of the road and not across to where you are. Run 
out in front of the police car and along the right side of the road towards 
the exit. The car will start shooting at you, but your stealth points will not 
decrease. Try not to get seen by the final camera on the way out.

\\//   :BANANA CHOMP:   \\//

- Gone Bananas

*Platinum* - All bananas in ? seconds
  *Gold*   - All bananas in 55 seconds 
 *Silver*  - All bananas in 1 minute 
 *Bronze*  - All bananas in 1 minute 30 seconds 

Character  - Monkey
Arena      - Aztec
Unlockable - Private Coal

It's very difficult to explain how to do this one without the aid of a 
diagram, so bear with me here. Start by immediately turning right and 
picking up the banana right in front of you folowed by the one to the 
right of it behind the pedestal. Procees to grab the one next to the 
pedestal and then the one on to of it. Drop down and grab the bananas 
over the back and then follow the line drawn by the last two in this 
room to the next area. Follow the passage into the bridge area. Grab the 
banana behind the pillar and the one next to it behind the low wall. Now 
go along the right side of the bridge to grab three more before crossing 
the bridge and carrying on along the passage. Don't forget the banana in 
front of the temple doors. The next area is there to distract, the open 
area contains nothing with all the bananas around the outside. As soon as 
you reach it, hit a hard left and grab the three bananas in the alcoves. 
Follow the path until you are back out in the open area. Now go to the end 
and swing to the left, grabbing the banana as you go. Follow the passageway 
through to the pillar room. To clear this out efficiently, you need to 
slalom around the pillars in rows. Start by grabbing the two bananas on 
the left, then turn right around the pillar and pick up the three bananas 
in a line. Then swing to the left and pick up the last two. Backpedal and 
grab the two bananas leading into the pond room. Run up the ramp for another, 
and the last two can be found on the staircase above the archway.

- Monkey Business

*Platinum* - All bananas in ? seconds
  *Gold*   - All bananas in 58 seconds 
 *Silver*  - All bananas in 1 minute 5 seconds 
 *Bronze*  - All bananas in 1 minute 30 seconds 

Character  - Monkey
Arena      - Aztec
Unlockable - Private Poorly

This is exactly the same as before, only this time there are a load of 
zombies lumbering around. You can't attack them, so your only hope is 
to stay on the move and use your speed to your advantage. Follow exactly 
the same route as before, but you've been given an extra few seconds to 
the gold and silver times to allow for the zombies. You might have to 
take several corners wide to escape, and don't hesitate to take another 
route to get out of the way in a room provided you stay on the route.

- Playing With Fire

*Platinum* - 24 bananas with 1 second remaining
  *Gold*   - 24 bananas 
 *Silver*  - 22 bananas 
 *Bronze*  - 18 bananas 

Character  - Wood Golem
Arena      - Aztec
Unlockable - Wood Golem

Different character, differnt route, different position for the bananas. 
This one is hard, as indicated by the threshold between gold and platinum. 
The key to this is to ignore bananas that would take you sufficiently 
off route. Stay moving and know what bananas you can and can't pick up. 
When I say "follow the route" in this part of the guide, I mean follow 
the line of bananas left for you. Start by going straight ahead, following 
the passage. Turn left when you get the chance into the pond room. Follow 
the route into the pillar room. These bananas are in roughly the same 
position, you need to repeat the slalom move from before, but in reverse. 
Starting with the banana on the right, follow the route around the pillars 
and then into the next passageway. Keep your eyes open for a left turning 
which will take you into the area you started with in the previous 
challenges. Grab the bananas in roughly the same order as before, but 
ignore the one right over the back behind the wall. Follow the next 
passage into the bridge room. You should see a line of three bananas 
curving slightly towards the pillar. Pick these up and then the one behind 
the pillar. Now go onto the right side of the bridge and grab two more 
bananas before time expires.

\\//   :CUTOUT SHOOTOUT:   \\//

- Take 'Em Down

*Platinum* - ? points
  *Gold*   - 3500 points 
 *Silver*  - 2500 points 
 *Bronze*  - 1500 points 

Character  - Elijah Jones
Arena      - Wild West
Unlockable - Ample Sally

You need to take your time here. A lot of the cutouts will just move in and 
out of a corner or window, but some of them will slide across a road and back, 
and if you miss them you won't see them again. There aren't any points for 
time here, but just be aware how much you've got left. Wait for a perfect shot 
before committing yourself, points are given for accuracy. This isn't 
calculated like shooting at a person, you need to shoot the exact centre of 
each target to get 100 points. Slightly out, and you'll get 75, and it 
decreases to 50 and 25 if you're even further out. Neutral targets include 
kiddies with balloons, women and old ladies. Shoot any of these to say good 
bye to 100 of your points.

- Fall Out

*Platinum* - 1700 points
  *Gold*   - 1650 points 
 *Silver*  - 1500 points 
 *Bronze*  - 1200 points 

Character  - Marco The Snitch
Arena      - Chicago
Unlockable - Marco The Snitch

This is easy if you know where to look for the cutouts. No points for accuracy 
here, it's 100 points per hit. Make sure you don't miss any, or you'll start 
losing a point every half second until you shoot them. Walk forward and one 
will appear right in front of you. Same with the second one. The third will 
appear on top of the boxes, so raise your view before triggering it. Two 
neutral cutouts will emerge from either side of the boxes as you pass, don't 
shoot them. Another target will appear from behind the boxes on the left, and 
a neutral from the corner of the building on the left. The next target will 
appear from over the top of the boxes in front of you. The next two need to be 
triggered by walking either side of the car. Walk left, and one will appear 
from the corner, right and one will appear from behind the post. Keep moving 
forward, ignoring the neutral on the right. A target will appear virtually in 
front of you, and two will emerge in the news-stand, the one on the left being 
the target. Another target will appear from the corner of the wall on the 
left. Move either side of the boxes to trigger two more targets, and then 
shoot the target on the right when the warehouse doors fall down in front of 
you. Move over to the left before advancing. Two more cutouts will appear from 
either side, the one on the left is the target. Move on, and two more will 
appear from behind the car on the right, the target on the left. Another 
target will appear in front of the car. To trigger the last target, move 
around the other side of the car. 1700 points indicate a perfect run, which 
will give you platinum.

- Pick Yer Piece

*Platinum* - ? points
  *Gold*   - 1000 points 
 *Silver*  - 875 points 
 *Bronze*  - 700 points 

Character  - Elijah Jones
Arena      - Compound
Unlockable - Sgt.Rock

You start off with a sniper rifle. Okay... just try using it. Awkward isn't 
it? Why don't you use the tommy gun conveniently located next to you instead? 
The thing with the sniper rifle is if you go into fine aim, you'll get the 
scope, and you can't zoom back in all the way. With the tommy gun, you can see 
the whole complex and move the fine aim cursor much more quickly. It's also 
surprisingly accurate for an automatic. The only time you need the rifle is 
for the ones right over the back.


- Badass Buspass Impasse

*Platinum* - Finish in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - Finish in 1 minute 30 seconds 
 *Silver*  - Finish in 3 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - Finish in 5 minutes 

Character  - Badass Cyborg
Arena      - Streets
Unlockable - Badass Cyborg

Classic Story Mode is no less hectic than it really was in TimeSplitters 1. 
This strategy has no style, no finesse, it's just a blow-up-everything-
possible way of doing it while staying alive, and it works. Keep moving and 
you'll get a time of just over a minute. You'll be taking the same route as in 
Rice Cracker Rush.

Start by sniping the guard in the distance before planting one in the nearer 
guy's head. Switch to silenced pistol and walk over to the right hand corner. 
Another guard will spring out with an S47, pop her in the head and grab the 
gun. That was the most precise part of the mission, the rest is pure madness. 
In the next street, there are two guards that will fire at you from the 
alcoves on the left and a sniper will be taking pot shots from the balcony in 
front. Ignore the sniper and just blow away the guards on the ground. There 
will be another behind the window on the right at the end of the street. 
Turning right, you'll see another guard on the balcony and several more wil 
appear at the end of the road. Lob a grenade into the alcove on the right and 
mow down the two at the end of the street. Go left and lob another grenade 
into the alcove on the right and mow down anyone in front of you. Lob a couple 
more grenades to keep them on their toes. Dart into the door on the right when 
you reach it and follow the passage. Take out the sniper on the balcony and go 
downstairs, cleaning out the two gusrds at the bottom. Run outside and pick up 
the brain. Now run back exactly the way you came. Shoot up any guards getting 
in your way and the odd baby drone, but don't engage the Reapers.

- But Where Do The Batteries Go?

*Platinum* - Finish in 4 minutes 30 seconds
  *Gold*   - Finish in 5 minutes 30 seconds 
 *Silver*  - Finish in 7 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - Finish in 10 minutes 

Character  - R One-Oh-Seven
Arena      - Scrapyard
Unlockable - R One-Oh-Seven

This one is hard. You need to move quickly, but carefully. There's only one 
thing worse than a Sentry Bot, and that's R-109. You'll be taking him on quite 
a lot throughout this level. Start by simply mowing down the three Chassis 
Bots in front of you while moving towards the front of the scrapyard. Take out 
the two in the bunkers at the front and go in, mowing down six more inside. Go 
up the ramp first, and blow away the Chassis Bot at the end of the passage. 
Now for your first encounter with R-109, but to make it so much easier, just 
turn left and lob a plasma grenade into the alcove on the left. If he doesn't 
go down, finish him off with the autorifle. Go to the end of the passage to 
pick up the lasergun. This is your weapon of choice from now on. Go back to 
the main lobby, maiming the Chassis Bot that followed you up the ramp, and 
this time go through the tunnel. R-109s are easily dispatched with a charged 
shot from the lasergun, and there is one waiting in the middle of the passage 
after the first left turn. Moving further down, two Chassis Bots will engage 
you and there will be a walking dustbin on the right. Dispatch them in the 
normal manner and pick up the full armour from behind the dustbin. Switch back 
to the autorifle for a second and move through to the spiral ramp section. As 
you go in, you should notice a small section jutting out to the right. There 
is an autoturret under this, so quickly move down and stick a grenade under it 
before switching back to the lasergun. Take out all the Chassis Bots that try 
it on and the walking dustbin at the bottom. Again, switch back to the 
autorifle and move into the next area. Stay in the doorway and launch a 
grenade at the autoturret opposite. Now switch back to the lasergun before 
taking out the R-109 to the right. He has a minigun, pick it up and prepare to 
really shred some metal. Move further into the complex until you see another 
opening. there are two R-109s on either side of the doorway, take them out and 
launch a plasma grenade at the turret opposite. Be very quick, as there is an 
R-109 in the next doorway with a minigun. Mow him up to pick up his ammo and 
keep moving. Keep your eyes open for the sign to the control room and a branch 
off to the left. When you see it, smash up the R-109 waiting around the corner 
and grab his minigun. Going into the next part causes six Chassis Bots to warp 
in, that's four in the main section and two in the bunkers. Wipe them out and 
follow them up with the walking dustbin waiting for you in the corridor. 
Follow the corridor to the end and take out the last walking dustbin to get 
the disk. Turn round quickly and shoot up the Reaper warping in in front of 
you. Now make your way back to the exit. R-109s and Reapers will warp in in 
front of you on occasion on your way out, just mow them with the minigun. It's 
quite an easy exit until you get back outside, when you have to go through a 
whole load of R-109s and Sentry Bots to get back to the portal. Just don't 
stop moving and you'll be fine.

- Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time

*Platinum* - Finish in ? minutes
  *Gold*   - Finish in 2 minutes 
 *Silver*  - Finish in 4 minutes 
 *Bronze*  - Finish in 8 minutes 

Character  - Mr. Underwood
Arena      - Hospital
Unlockable - The Cropolite

No jokes here, this one is extremely difficult. Not so much to get a bronze, 
eight minutes is almost too much time to do it carefully if you know the 
route. To get a gold, you need not only to know where to go, but to know where 
everything is. And more importantly still, what you can avoid by reaching 
certain parts of the level quickly enough. This walkthrough is written 
assuming you are moving as quickly as possible and that you are managing to be 
where you are when you need to be, and if you follow the route, you should be.

Start by running into the first passage to the left. Pick up the shotgun and 
follow the passage, ignoring the two zombies lying on the ground. When you 
reach the end of the passage, two more will wander around the corner. Take a 
couple of pot shots at their heads and keep moving. The next part requires you 
to get past five zombies. Be quick about this, try to lure them into a group 
and blast off a couple of barrels into the crowd and then just run past any 
that survive. The next room is full of zombies that can be easily avoided, but 
take the odd one or two out to make it a little easier. The next corridor 
opposite is the first time checkpoint. If you got here in at most 25 seconds, 
the coast ahead should be clear, otherwise a priest will shoot at you from 
around the corner. Try restarting if this happens. Follow the path round and 
be ready to unload on a priest waiting around the left corner. Go right at the 
junction and then left twice into the main ward. This should also be clear if 
you're quick enough. Going into the next section, don't just run straight up 
the staircase, there is a flaming zombie waiting at the top for you. You don't 
actually have to attack it, if you stand a little way back from the turn in 
the stairs, the zombie will fall off and leave you in peace. Another priest 
will pop out from the corner on the right once you are at the top, and another 
will engage you round the left corner. Turning right again into another main 
ward will introduce you to a large undead army. There are a load of zombies in 
here, two of which are flaming. Blast your way in and take out the flaming 
ones as a priority. Again, there is no need to waste valuable time taking them 
all out, just run for it when you get a chance. Two more zombies will appear 
at the end, and another priest will pop out from the corner on the right. Make 
sure you take out this priest and then run round the corner to pick up the 
bag. You now have two options and probably little health to get back. The 
first involves dropping down and running down the corridor back to the portal, 
which will now be populated by zombies and Splitters, plus the odd priest 
shooting at you. Thre priest wait in the portal room, and taking this bottom 
route will mean a firefight in order to reach the portal. Your best, and 
maddest, bet is to go back the way you came, through the main ward. Again, the 
zombies will be waiting for you, but there is no need to engage them all. Rush 
through them and take out the two priests appearing at the end. Even if you 
get set on fire here, it doesn't matter since the portal is so close. Run to 
the end of the ward and turn left. Then go right out on to the large balcony 
and drop down. The portal is in front of you, don't waste any time standing 
around as the three priests will try to take you out the second you land.

\\//   :MONKEYING AROUND:   \\//

- Simian Shootout

*Platinum* - 2000 points
  *Gold*   - 1800 points 
 *Silver*  - 1000 points 
 *Bronze*  - 600 points 

Character  - Mikey Two-Guns
Arena      - Mexican Mission
Unlockable - Insect Mutant

Right... clay monkey shooting... what next? This is difficult, and you won't 
have a hope in hell of getting a good score trying to do it from where you
are. As soon as you start, run into the main building and up onto the roof. Go
back out towards the monkeys and turn right onto the ledge. Run over to the
large outcrop and turn to face the monkeys. Rather than having them coming
from the left and right, they are now coming towards you and away from you,
and the ones coming towards you before are now flying out from the left. To 
rack up large amounts of points, you need combos of monkeys. Normally, two
monkeys will be launched together. Follow one of them until they cross and
fire off a double barrelled shot. You should hit them both and get extra 
points for it. You won't hit any coming out from the bell tower to the left 
with fine aim, but auto aim can pick up a few if they're close enough.

- Monkey Mayhem

*Platinum* - 3000 points
  *Gold*   - 2500 points 
 *Silver*  - 1500 points 
 *Bronze*  - 1000 points 

Character  - Ringmistress
Arena      - Circus
Unlockable - Mischief

The monkeys are quick, and following them around with the vintage rifle will 
not get you many points. It might lose you a few though. The trick is to keep 
the rifle trained on a certain area of the arena, and shoot the melons from 
the monkeys that wander into your field of vision. Move the rifle as little as 
possible to increase your accuracy, sharp movements will probably result in 
you hitting a monkey. Zoom out slightly to get a clearer shot. Don't try to 
keep it over a doorway, there are six entrances into the arena and you won't 
get many points. Monkeys follow certain routes around the arena, if you learn 
these, you might be able to find the place where the most monkeys will run. As 
usual, several good shots in quick succession will net you extra points.

- Dam Bursters

*Platinum* - ? points
  *Gold*   - 8000 points 
 *Silver*  - 6000 points 
 *Bronze*  - 4000 points 

Character  - Sgt.Shivers
Arena      - Siberia (dam)
Unlockable - Circus, Robofish

Now we're getting into the realms of the ridiculously evil. You need two 
things for this challenge, good aim and a minigun that doesn't overheat so 
quickly. At least the thing has infinite ammo. The problem with this challenge 
is the monkeys come flying in thick and fast, and you lose 30 points for any 
that hit the dam. If your minigun is firing at full rate, you should be able 
to rake in a few valuable combos. The problem comes when it overheats. The 
firing rate drops dramatically and if you let it cool down, guaranteed at 
least two monkeys will hit the dam. Try to aim as far into the distance as 
possible, the hail of fire from the minigun spreads and will cover a much 
larger area the further away the targets are. Initially, short bursts are the 
order of the day to keep the minigun from overheating. No precision here, just
use the minigun like a flak cannon, lay down such a dense hail of fire in the 
distance that the monkeys just can't avoid it. Good luck on this one, you may
need it.


\\-\/-//                            **WEAPONS**                       \\-\/-// 

Here is a quick guide to the various weapons you'll encounter:

NB: Time period indicates which range of story levels they appear in. I'm no 
weapons expert, so please don't e-mail me to correct me if a real weapon is 
actually from another time period.

\\//   :SILENCED PISTOL:   \\//

Time period    - 1970-2020
Max capacity   - 60
Clip capacity  - 8
Primary fire   - Single, quite accurate shot
Secondary fire - Same as primary
Twin?          - Yes
Rating         - This isn't a bad starting weapon. It's accurate, but 
                 quite low powered. In a firefight it's not much use, 
                 nor is it particularly useful in multiplayer. This is 
                 one you want to use pretty much exclusively for 
                 stealth kills. Use only as a last resort in firefights.
\\//   :LUGER PISTOL:   \\//

Time period    - 1890-1930
Max capacity   - 60
Clip capacity  - 8
Primary fire   - Single, slightly inaccurate shot
Secondary fire - Same as primary
Twin?          - Yes
Rating         - Being slightly more powerful than the silenced pistol makes
                 this pistol more suited to shootouts, although a suppressed 
                 version is available in story mode. Still not the weapon of 
                 choice, but it'll fare better than the silenced pistol.

\\//   :GARRETT REVOLVER:   \\//

Time period    - Mid 1800s
Max capacity   - 80
Clip capacity  - 6
Primary fire   - Single, inaccurate but powerful shot
Secondary fire - Same as primary
Twin?          - Yes
Rating         - This is the exact opposite of the silenced pistol. Inaccurate
                 even at relatively close range, you won't get many planned
                 headshots with this thing, but it will take down an enemy 
                 quicker than the other two pistols.
\\//   :SHOTGUN:   \\//

Time period    - Mid 1800s onwards
Max capacity   - 40
Clip capacity  - 2
Primary fire   - Inaccurate spreadfire shot
Secondary fire - Same as primary
Twin?          - Yes
Rating         - The first weapon that can effectively tear apart an enemy 
                 from close range. Unload both barrels in quick succession in
                 the general direction of an enemy, and they won't be standing
                 much longer. Downside is it needs to be close range to be 
                 useful. It's also one of the most effective weapons for 
                 beheading zombies.
\\//   :TACTICAL 12-GAUGE:   \\//

Time period    - 1990
Max capacity   - 40
Clip capacity  - 8
Primary fire   - Single, inaccurate spreadfire shot
Secondary fire - Fires two shots in quick succession
Twin?          - No
Rating         - The 12-gauge is similar to the assault shotgun from TS1. It 
                 holds a larger number of shells than the shotgun, its shots 
                 don't spread as much, and it tends to be a little less powered.
                 Personally, I prefer the normal shotgun, but if it's more 
                 convenient to have a larger clip capacity, then be my guest. 
                 Another feature of the 12-gauge is that each shell is reloaded
                 individually, allowing you to fire while reloading if you're 
                 in a pinch.

\\//   :TOMMY GUN:   \\//

Time period    - 1930s
Max capacity   - 200
Clip capacity  - 32
Primary fire   - Unloads a surprisingly accurate stream of bullets
Secondary fire - Same as primary
Twin?          - Yes
Rating         - An early automatic with attitude. A high rate of fire will 
                 mow down enemies with ease, and they'll go down twice as 
                 quickly when you've got two. It doesn't eat up ammo quickly 
                 either, making it one of the more economical automatic 

\\//   :SNIPER RIFLE:   \\//

Time period    - 1970-2020
Max capacity   - 40
Clip capacity  - 5
Primary fire   - Single, precise bullet
Secondary fire - Same as primary
Twin?          - No
Rating         - During story mode, this rifle can be indispensable. Using 
                 fine aim will give you a nice scope to use, and being so 
                 accurate it can shoot the lens out of a camera from a 
                 massive distance. If you like the stealthy approach, this 
                 will go a long way. Just don't use it in a deathmatch as 
                 you'll never get a decent shot.

\\//   :VINTAGE RIFLE:   \\//

Time period    - Mid 1800s to 1930s
Max capacity   - 40
Clip capacity  - 5
Primary fire   - Single, precise bullet
Secondary fire - Same as primary
Twin?          - No
Rating         - Well... there's not much difference between this and the 
                 newer rifle in terms of performance. Only real difference is 
                 the time period and scope. Treat it like the sniper rifle

\\//   :SCI-FI HANDGUN:   \\//

Time period    - 2280 onwards
Max capacity   - 200
Clip capacity  - 30
Primary fire   - Burst of three rebounding laser blasts
Secondary fire - Same as primary
Twin?          - No
Rating         - This one can be awkward to use. If all three bursts land home
                 it can deal some serious damage, but it's very restrictive in
                 confined spaces. If you miss, the shots can rebound off the 
                 opposite wall and come straight back at you. The slow speed of
                 the bolts make it quite difficult to hit with as well.One to 
                 use in the open.

\\//   :SOVIET S-47:   \\//

Time period    - 1970-1990
Max capacity   - 200
Clip capacity  - 30
Primary fire   - Stream of scattering bullets
Secondary fire - Lobs a timed, non-impact grenade
Twin?          - Yes
Rating         - This isn't bad at all. In story mode it can save your hide 
                 many times, and it can still mow down opposition in 
                 deathmatch. The grenades can be a little awkward to use, but 
                 it's a one-hit kill if anyone is stupid enough not to get 
\\//   :FLAMETHROWER:   \\//

Time period    - 1990
Max capacity   - Charged weapon (fuel tank)
Clip capacity  - N/A
Primary fire   - Short ranged stream of napalm
Secondary fire - Same as primary
Twin?          - No
Rating         - A weapon that is difficult to use, but is one of the most 
                 rewarding. You need to get in really close to get a hit, but 
                 once you do, the unfortunate victim will remain on fire until
                 they die or can find a water source. Bots and story enemies 
                 never use fire extinguishers, so if there's no water in a 
                 level it's an instant kill each time. The problem? It's very 
                 easy to set yourself on fire at the same time. Being so close 
                 to an enemy, it's just a case of being close enough so that 
                 he runs straight into you and sets you alight as well.
\\//   :PLASMA AUTORIFLE:   \\//

Time period    - 2020 onwards
Max capacity   - 200
Clip capacity  - Overheat
Primary fire   - Stream of plasma bursts
Secondary fire - Lobs a sticky plasma grenade
Twin?          - No
Rating         - Not to be underestimated. It is one of the more powerful
                 weapons in story mode, and is well suited to deathmatch as 
                 well. And there's no clip size either, so no need to reload!
                 The longer you hold down primary fire, the higher the 
                 overheat bar gets, and the higher the rate of fire. If you 
                 let it overheat, the rifle will discharge excess plasma fumes 
                 and will start again from the bottom. While it is 
                 discharging, you can't return fire so try not to let it 
                 overheat. The grenades are fun to use. They attach themselves 
                 to the first surface they come into contact with and explode 
                 soon after. Try attaching one to someone else! It's also one 
                 of the most effective means of dismantling auto-turrets.

\\//   :ELECTROTOOL:   \\//

Time period    - 2300
Max capacity   - Charged weapon (battery)
Clip capacity  - N/A
Primary fire   - Constant stream of electricity
Secondary fire - Same as primary
Twin?          - No
Rating         - You can only use this in one story level, and it's pretty 
                 effective. Chassis Bots and Sentry Bots are stunned while 
                 they are inside the stream leaving them defenceless, and it 
                 also deals a lot of damage to them as well. Unfortunately, it 
                 doesn't have the same effect outside of story mode. It's 
                 quite weak and difficult to keep others inside the stream. 
                 Not recommended maiming material.
\\//   :LASERGUN:   \\//

Time period    - 2300
Max capacity   - Charged weapon (laser core)
Clip capacity  - N/A
Primary fire   - Fires a charged laser beam
Secondary fire - Toggles laser shield
Twin?          - No
Rating         - Again, only seen in one story mode level, it is pretty 
                 powerful but awkward to use. To charge the laser beam, hold 
                 down primary fire and release again to fire the beam. As long 
                 as primary fire is held down, energy from the core is 
                 consumed. The shield operates on a similar basis. Press 
                 secondary fire to turn it on and you will be shielded from 
                 any basic fire weapons. You can return fire as well, but as 
                 long as the shield is up, power is drained.

\\//   :CROSSBOW:   \\//

Time period    - 1920
Max capacity   - 50
Clip capacity  - 4
Primary fire   - Shoots a crossbow bolt in a shallow arc
Secondary fire - Same as primary
Twin?          - No
Rating         - Lemme think, would you rather use great big hulking guns or a
                 piddly little crossbow. I know what your answer is, but don't
                 knock this thing so quickly. What it lacks in power it makes 
                 up for in accuracy. Dodging a bolt from close range is quite
                 a feat. You can also set the bolts on fire to double the
                 damage. Still, not exactly a minigun, is it? It also loses 
                 its appeal outside of story mode.
\\//   :SBP90 MACHINEGUN:   \\//

Time period    - 2020
Max capacity   - 200
Clip capacity  - 64
Primary fire   - Unleashes an incredibly accurate, high rate stream of bullets
Secondary fire - Same as primary
Twin?          - Yes!
Rating         - Let's get this straight. This weapon is good, VERY good! 
                 It'll tear down anyone that dares stand in front of you. One 
                 of these is good enough, but the mere fact that you can have 
                 two says it all. With two of these things, you could look at 
                 someone and kill them. There is a downside to this though. 
                 You may think 64 bullets is a lot for a single clip, but this 
                 will eat up ammo at an alarming rate. Use it wisely, 'cos it 
                 won't last long.
\\//   :MINIGUN:   \\//

Time period    - 2400
Max capacity   - 400
Clip capacity  - Overheat
Primary fire   - Spins barrel. Fires a very high-rate stream of bullets when
                 spinning fast enough
Secondary fire - Toggles barrel auto-spin
Twin?          - No (who needs another one?)
Rating         - Easily the most powerful bullet weapon in the game. Holding 
                 down the primary fire button will start the barrel spinning, 
                 and when it is spinning fast enough the fun begins. A massive 
                 torrent of bullets will fly towards whoever is stupid enough  
                 to be standing in front of you, cutting them to pieces.
                 Unfortunately, the barrel takes about two seconds to warm up. 
                 This is where secondary fire comes in. Pressing the secondary 
                 fire button will switch on the motor and will automatically 
                 spin the barrel until it is switched off, allowing instant 
                 carnage. The gun will overheat quicker though. The gun cools 
                 considerably less quickly than it heats up, so try not to use
                 it over long periods.
\\//   :GRENADE LAUNCHER:   \\//

Time period    - 1920
Max capacity   - 40
Clip capacity  - 8
Primary fire   - Fires a single grenade. Explodes if it hits another player.
Secondary fire - Fires an incendiary grenade, setting anyone it hits on fire.
Twin?          - No
Rating         - This isn't a bad weapon as long as you've got a good sense of 
                 how far someone is away from you. The good thing about these 
                 grenades as opposed to the S47 is that they explode if they 
                 hit another character, but act the same as the S47 if they 
                 don't. The incendiaries can be fun as well. It basically 
                 makes it a flamethrower with a longer range, and if anyone 
                 walks over the grenade once it has settled, they can still be 
                 ignited until it extinguishes itself.
\\//   :ROCKET LAUNCHER:   \\//

Time period    - Not in story mode
Max capacity   - 30
Clip capacity  - 3
Primary fire   - Launches a single rocket
Secondary fire - Launches three rockets simultaneously. Reloads if clip isn't
Twin?          - Don't be silly!
Rating         - Does the word "bang" come to mind? Anyone caught in the 
                 explosion of one of these rockets takes tremendous 
                 damage, and a direct hit kills instantly. If you want to 
                 spread the carnage over a wider area, try using secondary 
                 fire when you've got a full clip. All three rockets will be 
                 fired at once over a small area with the same effect.
\\//   :HOMING LAUNCHER:   \\//

Time period    - 2280 onwards
Max capacity   - 27
Clip capacity  - 27 (instant reload)
Primary fire   - Launches a single rocket. Homes in if lock acquired.
Secondary fire - Launches three rockets simultaneously. Also homes in if 
Twin?          - You really want two?
Rating         - Once you get the hang of using this thing, you'll annihilate
                 left, right and centre. Point the launcher at your target 
                 until the locking indicator turns red. Then fire and 
                 hopefully forget. If you're out in the open, there's no 
                 escape. It's not so effective in corridors though, as the 
                 turning circle of the rocket isn't all that great, and it 
                 could also hit a wall while looking for its target. If you're 
                 up against a really resilient opponent (e.g. Stone Golem) or 
                 are just plain sadistic, use secondary fire to send three 
                 rockets after them.

\\//   :TIMED MINES:   \\//

Time period    - 1990
Max capacity   - 20
Clip capacity  - 20 (instant reload)
Primary fire   - Throws a 5 second timed mine
Secondary fire - Same as primary
Twin?          - No
Rating         - I'm not too keen on mines myself, but if you attach it to 
                 anyone, they have five seconds to live. In story mode, they 
                 are only used to fulfil objectives, but it can be fun to lay 
                 a timed minefield just before someone walks in and wait to 
                 see them fly.

\\//   :REMOTE MINES:   \\//

Time period    - 1970
Max capacity   - 20
Clip capacity  - 20 (instant reload)
Primary fire   - Throws a remote mine
Secondary fire - Detonates all remote mines thrown
Twin?          - No
Rating         - Not much use in story mode, but again they can be a lot of 
                 fun in a deathmatch. Attach one to someone, wait until they 
                 are in a crowd, and detonate. Watch them fly! The minefield 
                 is just as much fun. Lay it, wait until someone walks into 
                 it, and blow them to hell.

\\//   :PROXIMITY MINES:   \\//

Time period    - Not in story mode
Max capacity   - 20
Clip capacity  - 20 (instant reload)
Primary fire   - Throws a proximity mine
Secondary fire - Same as primary
Twin?          - No
Rating         - Easily the most fun of all the mines. Attaching one of these 
                 to someone has the same effect as a timed mine, but just run 
                 around the level laying these all over the place, and you'll 
                 rake in the kills. They don't detonate until someone has 
                 walked into one, just make sure you remember where you've 
                 laid them, as there's nothing more embarrassing than walking
                 over your own mines. Cheap strategy though. :) If you've got 
                 one attached to you, try to gauge where it is attached and run 
                 in the opposite direction. The mine pops out before 
                 detonating, and there is a chance you can get out of range 
                 before it explodes.

\\//   :TNT:   \\//

Time period    - 1930
Max capacity   - 1
Clip capacity  - 1
Primary fire   - Throw a piece of sticky dynamite with a five second fuse
Secondary fire - Same as primary
Twin?          - No
Rating         - You do get this in story mode, but you need it to fulfil an
                 objective. It's a shame really, because it's even more fun 
                 than the timed mines. You can only carry one piece at a time,
                 so don't waste it. Throw it in a room with lots of people,
                 and five seconds later they'll all be in pieces. The blast is
                 much more powerful and has a bigger radius. There's nothing 
                 better to clear out a room. Attach it to someone's head for 
                 even better results!

\\//   :FIRE EXTINGUISHER:   \\//

Time period    - 1970
Max capacity   - Charged weapon (water)
Clip capacity  - N/A
Primary fire   - Short ranged stream of water
Secondary fire - Same as primary
Twin?          - No
Rating         - Being set alight isn't a nice experience, and there's only 
                 two ways of putting it right. Either fling yourself into the
                 nearest body of water, or use one of these. Just firing it 
                 isn't enough, you need to point it at the floor and run 
                 forwards while firing it to put yourself out. It does no 
                 damage, and so has absolutely no use other than to save on 
                 cremation costs after being flamed.

\\-\/-//                            **THANKS**                        \\-\/-//

Sony/Free Radical - For making such an outstanding game. Long may it continue.

CJayC, GameFAQs   - For hosting this FAQ.

GameFAQs writers  - For inspiring me to write this FAQ at all. There is some 
                    absolutely outstanding work on GameFAQs and the authors 
                    deserve real respect.

Ethan Noakes      - For kindly pointing out that the fire extinguisher was 
                    missing from the weapons section.

\\-\/-//                         **FINAL WORD**                       \\-\/-//

Although this FAQ is designed to show you one of the best ways through the 
game, it is by no means the only way and it shouldn't dictate to you how to go
about playing the game. Everyone has their own preference on style and 
adapting to someone elses to achieve an objective isn't at all easy. I try to 
give a step by step way to finish a lot of the objective-led missions, but if 
you can adapt your own style to the technique involved and can, at the same 
time, follow what you need to do, then you'll wipe the floor with this game in 
a much shorter space of time.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the game!

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