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Mini-Games Guide by RedXevious

Version: 2.10 | Updated: 01/06/04

   _____ __ _____   ___ ____  ____ __   __ __________ ___ ____ ____   ____
  /    // // _ _ \ / _// __/ /   // /  / //    /    // _//   // __/  / __ \
  ¯/ /¯/ // //// // / / /   / / // /  / / ¯/ /¯¯/ /¯/ / / / // /    / / / /
  / / / // //// //  / \_¯\ /   // /  / /  / /  / / /  //   / \_¯\   ¯¯/¯/¯
 / / / // / ¯/ // /¯   / // /¯¯/ /  / /  / /  / / / /¯/  \¯   / /   /¯/¯
/ / / // /  / //  / /¯¯ // /  /  ¯// /  / /  / / /  // /\ \/¯¯ /   /  ¯¯¯/ 
¯¯  ¯¯ ¯¯   ¯¯ ¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯   ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯   ¯¯   ¯¯  ¯¯¯ ¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯
TimeSplitters 2 Mini-Games Guide (PS2/GC/X-Box) Version: 2.10

Written and Created by: |¯o¯)|¯_||¯o\\¯\/¯/|¯_|\¯\/¯/|¯|/¯o\|¯|¯|(¯/
REDXEVIOUS              |_|\_|_¯||__//_/\_\|_¯| \__/ |_|\__/|___|/_)

E-mail: RedXevious@hotmail.com
Website: www.TopGamer.netfirms.com

After you read the guide, please take a couple of moments to send me an
e-mail with your likes/dislikes, if I have left anything out or if you have
a question that needs answering. I would really appreciate the feedback!

| Contents | <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

I:    Introduction
II:   The Three Carts
III:  How to use the guide

IV:   Where are they?
         IV.1: Anaconda
         IV.2: RetroRacer
         IV.3: AstroLander

V:    Anaconda
         V.1: Information
         V.2: The Guide
         V.3: Multiplayer Tips
         V.4: Multimedia
         V.5: World High Scores

VI:   RetroRacer
         VI.1: Information
         VI.2: The Guide
         VI.3: Multiplayer Tips
         VI.4: Multimedia
         VI.5: World High Scores

VII:  AstroLander
         VII.1: Information
         VII.2: The Guide
         VII.3: Complete Walkthrough
         VII.4: Multimedia
         VII.5: World High Scores

VIII: Final Words

IX:   Frequently Asked Questions
X:    Version History
XI:   Copyrights/Thanks

| I: Introduction |<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
Hi, what's up? Okay, sit back, get a cup of coffee, and get ready to learn
EVERYTHING there is to know about the three mini-games in TS2. Now, when I
say mini-games, I don't mean any of the Arcade or challenge levels... or
any of the story levels. I mean the hidden mini-games that Free Radical
sneaked into the game to increase the lifespan of TS2. There are three game
cartridges (or "carts") hidden somewhere in the story levels... Once you
have found one of them, you can play that mini-game any time you want! They
are kind of old-school games, kinda like the ones you used to play on your
old NES or Amiga, only these are totally new games, NOT re-makes of some of
the old ones. I used to think they were, but they aren't.

So, you're thinking "what's so good about old-school games?" Well if you
never played any older games, you'll soon realize that what they lack in
graphics, they make up for in shear playability. You can play these games
for HOURS, and build up whopper scores! Kinda like "Snake" on your mobile
phone. And nothing beats the satisfaction of beating your old high score!
Anyhow, whether you like em' or not, it's always nice to take a break from
trying to beat Robot Factory on Hard sometimes to play a nice old- school
mini-game! They are quite fun! Either way, in this guide I'll be giving you
guides (with maps) for all three mini-games as well as where you can find
'em. I've tried to make everything easy to read and understand, so if you
have a problem with it, you can all jump in the lake... just kidding!! ^_^
Send me an e-mail and I'll take care of the rest. Actually, you should send
me an e-mail anyway with your likes and dis-likes, or if you find an error,
have a question, or think you can improve on one of my ideas. I would
appreciate ANY feed- back (even if it is BAD feedback) So, e-mail me after
you read the guide.

***** HOW TO PLAY THEM **************************************************

Now, how are you able to play these mini-games after you get the cart? I
don't see any new menus anywhere? Well, there has been some confusion over
this, but it's quite simple really! Just start ANY story level, whip out
your Temporal Uplink and tap "Y" on GameCube/X-Box or "Triangle" on PS2.
This will pause the game, and bring up a list of mini-games that you have
found! You can play them all from here! If you've only found 1 or 2 of the
carts, then the other slots will be marked as "?". But don't worry, when
you find one of the other carts, it will instantly be available to play,
even if you die after collecting it!

| II: The Three Carts |<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
Ok, so you want to know what these three games are, right? Don't worry,
here a short run down on the three games that you can find.

***** ANACONDA **********************************************************

This is a nice little game that is very similar to the "snake/snake II"
game that is on nearly EVERYONE'S mobile phone. Anyway, the object is to
eat up as many little orbs as possible. You get points for each one you
eat, but the more you collect, the longer your snake becomes, increasing
the chances of you "crashing" into yourself! The game ends when you crash.
There are three different types or orbs you can get. Red ones, that just
stay in one spot. Dark blue ones that move slowly. They bounce off the
borders of the screen. And light blue ones which are UBER fast, and are
worth the most points! It'll take you a while to get to a very high score,
but you'll enjoy each moment of it!

***** RETRORACER ********************************************************

A racing game with very classic steering and controls... kinda like some
old NES racing games. This one is simple, complete 5 laps around the little
course... but how fast can you do it?? Quite simple, and it's my favorite
cause' it's easy to get into, and fun to play. But unfortuanly for n00bs,
the RetroRacer cart is also the hardest one to get... Why? You'll find out
later on in the guide. RetroRacer only has one track to race on. Now I know
what you thinking, "it's gonna get boring fast!" Well that's where your
wrong! There are so many different ways to go about getting the best time
on this track that you'll probably be playing it for ages just to get under
a minute! Very addictive!

***** ASTROLANDER *******************************************************

The hardest one of the three! In this game, the objective is to land a
small spaceship on a landing pad WITHOUT crashing! Sounds easy, but is very
hard! When you land, if your going to fast, you'll crash! If you run out of
fuel, you'll crash! And you have to make it through 11 whole levels! This
is not too hard on Easy or Normal... but on Hard, it's a pain cause' you'll
always find yourself running out of fuel! The first few levels are fun and
easy, but as you progress, you'll start to get to more twisted and maze-like
levels. Not as addictive as the other two mini-games, but still very fun!
(there are guides for all the levels below)

You can find a much more detailed explanation of the games below. I put in
this quick reference for n00bs who haven't even found them yet! So now, you
are well on your way to mastering the three mini-games!

| III: How to use the guide |<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
I thought it would be a good idea to add this, just so you know what's in
here and how to get around. Just for you n00bs out there!

Ok, first off, if you need to skip ahead to a certain section, just click
"Edit" then "Find on this page..." (the shortcut is "ctrl+F") now type in
name of the section/chapter/guide/stage etc. and it'll show it for you!
Now, I've also included some maps in ASCII as well (If they apeard slighlt
scrambled, please contact me), and also the controls for all three next-gen
consoles so you won't have to worry about not knowing what buttons to press.
And before you send me a TON of e-mail about it, the answer is yes, you CAN
use this guide for the PS2/GC/X-Box versions of the game, as well as PAL and
NTSC. Next, If you have a new World High Score, please DON'T send it to me.
I have gotten all the world high scores from NGC-Elites, and when I wrote
this guide, I made it to match the scores there. So if you have a new high
score, submit it to NGC-Elites.net, NOT me. Now, If you have any new
multiplayer tips, send them to me and I'll add them in here with your name
and e-mail address if you like.

And that's it! Now enough chit-chat, let's get to the guide!! So why are
you still reading this? Let's go and find the three mini-games!

| IV: Where are they? |<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
Now, how are you gonna play the mini-games if you haven't even found them
yet? Don't worry, I’m here to tell you where they are! So where exactly are
these three carts hidden? Well, as I said before they are hidden in three
story levels, but what you may or may not know is they can only be acquired
during certain difficulties! For example, the AstroLander cart can only be
found on the NeoTokyo level during the normal and hard difficulties. It wont
be there on Easy! So, here is a run down on the locations of the carts, and
what difficulty you have to be playing that stage for it to be there.

IV.1: ANACONDA >>>>>

Found in: Siberia
During: Easy, Normal or Hard
Difficulty to find: 4/5

Okay, I actually found this one by accident! But here's where you can find
it. You can find Anaconda in the building on the OPPOSITE end of the frozen
river from where you start. After you have taken out the guards, destroyed
the dish and opened the door, continue on going up ALL the flights of stairs
then go through the area with all the guards and the three steam valves.
After this, continue DOWN all the flights of stairs in the next room, hit
the button to the door and go outside. You are now on the other end of the
river! try not to get seen by any cameras and go inside the building. The
Anaconda cart is in this room. Take out all the enemies here first, then
look at the first metal shelf to the left, with all the boxes on it. The
cart is on the bottom shelf. Just walk up to it, and you will collect it!


Found in: Robot Factory
During: Hard Only!
Difficulty to find: 5/5

Ok, this one is actually the hardest to get cause' it can only be gotten on
Robot Factory Hard! Anyway, once you get to the final big room before the
boss, (the one with the big rocket launching bots) kill all of the bots in
here, and cross over to the other side. The RetroRacer cart can be found in
the north-east corner of the room. (under the ramp to the right) People keep
asking me where it is cause' they can't find it. The reason why is because
it's almost invisible due to the size of the room. You won't be going in
that direction cause' there's nothing there! That's why you'll probably miss
it. But now that you know where it is, you can head over, and pick it up!


Found in: NeoTokyo
During: Normal or Hard
Difficulty to find: 4/5

AstroLander is hidden away in one of the lockers in the room with the armor
and the computer uplink, in the hackers hideout. Just walk up to the lockers
and press "A" on the GameCube/X-Box or "X" on the PS2, and the lockers will
open. You can only open two of the lockers. In one, there is a SBP90
machine gun, and the AstroLander cart is in the other. Pick em' both up!

***** IMPORTANT *********************************************************

Ok, I have recieved alot of e-mails about this, so let me make it clear now,
YOU CAN NOT FIND THE THREE CARTS IN CO-OP MODE!! Sorry to break it to you,
but you can't. You can only get them in 1-player Story mode. Otherwise,
getting the three games would be very easy because you'll always have a
friend to help you. So, sorry. Find them in 1-player mode. Be happy! :)


And that's it! You have found all three mini-games! Now that you have found
them, it's time to master them. Read the guides below! (If you still have
problems with anything, send me an e-mail, and I'll help you out.)

|  V: Anaconda  |><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|>|


***** GAMEPLAY **********************************************************

Type of Game: Strategy

Ok, the first mini-game you'll probably get is Anaconda. It plays very much
like the snake/snake II game on your Nokia phone. The object of the game is
to eat up as many little orbs as you can. You get points for each one you
collect, but each one you collect makes your snake a little longer... after
a short time, you'll start having a hard time avoiding your own tail! And
if you touch it (or any of the walls) once, then it's game over! So, you
want to avoid the walls and your own tail for as long as you can, whilst
collecting the little orbs. In addition to the "still" red orbs, there are
moving dark blue and light blue orbs. These ones bounce of the walls and are
harder to get! But they are worth many more points! The dark blue one moves
kinda slowly, and the light blue ones move very fast. Either way, they do
increase the size of your snake more than red ones would. You are also able
to speed up your snake with the tap of a button. This comes in handy when
trying to get the slow moving dark blue orbs! Anaconda can take a while to
get a huge score on, so chances are, you will be playing on it for a long
time... much longer than you would with the other two mini-games.

***** CONTROLS **********************************************************

GameCube and X-Box:

JoyStick/D-Pad       =  Move the direction the snake is heading
"A" button           =  Hold it to speed up the snake

Playstation 2:

Left Joystick/D-Pad  =  Move the direction the snake is heading
"X" button           =  Hold it to speed up the snake

***** SCORING ***********************************************************

Make your snake eat as many orbs as you can to score points!

Red Orb:          20 - 100 points  ~  Increases the size of the snake by 3
Dark Blue Orb:   200 - 300 points  ~  Increases the size of the snake by 8
Light Blue Orb:  300 - 500 points  ~  Increases the size of the snake by 20

***** OTHER INFO ********************************************************

Time to finish:  As soon as you crash! But I would say about 20 minutes
                 or more depending on how good you are.

Lifespan:        Very good! You'll always be coming back to try and better
                 your score. It's addictive!

Multiplayer:     Bad! It seems as though the game ends much too quickly,
                 and only one person is left on the screen.

Gameplay/Stages: It only has one stage, a big empty screen. This can tend
                 to make it feel a bit boring sometimes. But the gamplay
                 more than makes up for it.

Difficulty:      Easy when you start, but gets much harder the more orbs
                 you eat up. The entire screen will be filled with snake
                 later on!

Overall score:   8/10. I have always loved playing snake on my cell phone.
                 I can't get enough! Nothing beats the joy of getting a new
                 high score!

V.2: THE GUIDE >>>>>

Ok, so now your expecting me to wave my magic wand and make you a really
good player on Anaconda, right? Wrong! You still have to do 99.9% of the
work. I'm only here to give to guidance, hence the name "guide". Got it?
Now, I've separated the guide into three parts. The beginning, the mid-point
and Near to the end. These basically represent a guide on the best way you
should go about getting the orbs once your snake gets to a certain size.
Remember, the more points you get, the longer your tail will be! So, let's
get to the guide! Read on...

***** THE BEGINNING ******************************************************

Around 0 to 5000 Points.

The start isn't that hard, you don't have to worry about crashing into
anything since you have a very small tail, so just go around eating up all
the little orbs you see! But what many people don't know is that the
beginning is probably the most important part of the entire game! Why?
Cause' this is the only part of the game where it's easiest to the highest
scroing orbs. Now, when I say highest scroing orbs, I don't mean the fast
moving blue ones you see sometimes, I'm talking about the freshly spawned
ones. What on earth am I talking about? I'll tell you. The ammount of points
an orb is worth depends on how long it takes you to get to it after it
spawns. So, the orbs that are worth the most points, are the ones that have
just newly spawned! Keep going around in circles and ONLY pick up the ones
that have just popped-up.

The whole point of the game is to get as many points as you can before your
snake gets too long to avoid. So, collecting as many newly spawned orbs as
you can when you start can really make a big difference on your score after
you crash later on. You can collect more newly spawned orbs when you just
begin the game because you have more freedom to move around, speed up, turn,
and go wherever you want. You won't have this freedom after you get around
5000 points, cause' chances are most of the time your tail will be blocking
you from going where you want. Whenever you see a orb that has just spawned
near the beginning, forget about what you are currently going for, and go for
it before it disappears. Of course, these are tips for getting the best score
possible. If you would rather take a more laid back approach, and go for the
orbs closest to you rather than the moving ones, then you will never get a
very high score. Even if an orb is right next to you, don't pick it up! Wait
until another new one spawns, and quickly go for it!

Also, NEVER EVER EVER pick up the fast moving orbs. Now, you may think that
they are worth more points, which is true, but they increase the size of your
snake much much more than a regular orb would. Plus, since they move around,
they will take you longer to get. And of course, it's point worth will go
down. Believe me, you will get a much higher score if you JUST go for the
newly spawned red ones, and NOTHING else!

***** AROUND THE MID-POINT **********************************************

Around 5000 to 8000 Points.

Ok, here's where it starts to get hard! At this point, you should have quite
a large snake that is becoming harder and harder to avoid... So listen up!
Your gonna have to start filling in all the gaps. That's right! You could go
about trying to get the closest orb to you, but it's very dangerous, and you
could crash if you get too careless. Now, what do I mean by "filling in all
the gaps"? Well, that means NOT always going for the first orb you see...
Cause' if you do, then maybe a couple of seconds later, you will find
yourself in a "blocked" area, meaning your tail hasn't moved out of the way
fast enough, causing you to crash. So, the best way to do this is to kinda
start filling in big areas, whilst making sure not to trap yourself at the
same time. How do you do this? Well, every time your in a big kinda "open"
area, (let's say, a small open place between the border and your tail) you
may want to fill it in by turning left and right to slowly start filling it
up. For example, if your in a area with a red orb in front of you, don't
head straight there and try to pick it up... Instead, slowly make your way
to the orb by turning left and right to fill up the whole area behind you.
Here is a picture of the basic route you should be taking.

|   _______           _______           _______   |
|  /_______\         /_______\         /_______\  |
| //       \\       //       \\       //       \\ |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||       || |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||       || |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||       || |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||       || |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||       || |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||       || |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||       || |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||       || |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||       || |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||       || |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||       || |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||       || |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||       || |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||       \/ |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||          |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||          |
| ||       ||       ||       ||       ||       __ |
| ||       \\_______//       \\_______//       || |
| ||        \_______/         \_______/        || |
| \\___________________________________________// |
|  \___________________________________________/  |
|                                                 |

And please remember, as I said above, you MUST only collect newly spawned
orbs to get the most points. Keep following the route above. You soon find
out why in the next section. This is the way is has to be, cause' you'll
soon discover that if you just go for any orb, you'll start to find yourself
in sticky situations, because a large part of your snakes tail will still be
in the way. Now, there's only one exception to this... Newly spawned orbs.
You won't be able to get as many as before, but this is your last chance to
get as many as you can, cause' once you get around 8000 points, chances are
you will NOT be able to get many on them since spaces will be very tight. If
you see a new orb spawn, forgetabout following the above pattern, just go
for it! And when you get it, you should try to go back and get back into the
pattern again. You should be able to continue like this, but watch out! If
you aren't careful, you could crash at any moment!

***** NEAR TO THE END ***************************************************

Around 8000 to 12000+ Points.

Well, this is the final stretch! The hardest part in Anaconda... Why? Cause'
at around 8000+ points, you will have such a large snake that that you have
nowhere to go! You could veer too close to the tail... You could get
"caught" in a dead end... You could go too fast and then not have enough
time to turn... There are so many odds against you, and getting through them
can be hard... VERY hard. So, here is what you should do. Basically, you
want to do the same thing you did in the "Around the Mid-Point" guide above,
only this time, slowly start making the pattern tighter and tighter untill it
looks something like this:

|   __      __      __      __      __      __   |
|  /__\    /__\    /__\    /__\    /__\    /__\  |
| //  \\  //  \\  //  \\  //  \\  //  \\  //  \\ |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  || |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  || |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  || |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  || |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  || |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  || |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  || |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  || |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  || |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  || |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  || |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  || |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  \/ |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||     |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||     |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  __ |
| ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  ||  || |
| ||  \\__//  \\__//  \\__//  \\__//  \\__//  || |
| ||   \__/    \__/    \__/    \__/    \__/   || |
| \\__________________________________________// |
|  \__________________________________________/  |
|                                                |

Most of the time you won't have anywhere to go (since the whole screen is
filled with snake) and the only thing you will be able to do if follow
around your own tail as it moves. Which means following the same path you
went before. Occasionally, you will come to a small open area. If you do,
the first you should do is try to stall here for as long as possible. That
means turning left and right, filling the area up. Every time you get to a
small area, you should fill it up, otherwise you may run out of space and
crash into the tip of your snakes tail as you are following it. But remember,
as you collect more orbs you MUST keep making the pattern tighter and tighter
untill you are so close to the walls and tail. If you don't, then you will
surely run out of space.

A I said before, you will NOT get many chances to get any types of orb here,
what you have to depend on is luck. As you are following your tail, you may
pick up an orb or two on the way, but NEVER EVER go for an orb if it's too
much in the corner, or too close to a wall or your tail. It's not worth the
risk. The stage will move more slowly, but you don't have a choice. Your
snake will be blocking you at every turn, so the only way to go is following
the tip of your tail as it moves back around, whilst picking up any stray
orbs on the way. You have to continue like this until you slip up. As I said
before, how many new spawned orbs you ate at the beginning makes a big
difference on your score when you crash. Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes
you will get TONS of freash orbs at the start and then you crash and still
have a bad score. Why? Simple, you crashed too early. Eating the newly spawned
orbs WILL give you many more points, but the size of your tail will still
increase. So if you don't be careful, you can crash. When you finally slip up
and crash (get trapped or careless), then hopefully, you should have a good
score, with a HUGE snake on the screen!

***** ENDING NOTES ******************************************************

Well, that's about all the advice I can give you about Anaconda. I really
hope you learned something from this. As I've said about a million times:
It's all about practice, especially with Anaconda. You don't get better by
reading this guide... You get better by practicing more and more and more.
So don't be sad if you suck the first few times you play... (like I did)
Don't worry. You will get better, if you practice a lot!

**** SPECIAL THANKS *****************************************************
*                                                                       *
* I would like to give a very very big special thanks to MostFrantic who*
* actually told me about the new spawned orb scoring meathod, and for   *
* showing me the award winning pattern that helped me get a HUGE score  *
* on Anaconda. Thanks alot, MostFrantic! ^_^ You deserve a gold medal!! *
*                                                                       *


Anaconda features a multiplayer mode for up to 4 players. It's quite similar
to the single player mode, only here, you keep on playing until all other
players are eliminated, (by crashing) and only one player is standing! And
here I'm going to share some tips on the best way to win when playing
against friends! So keep reading.

Well, it's obvious that in multiplayer you don't want to go for the orbs,
you want to try and make you opponent crash as soon as you can! The best
way to do this is to be very fast and furious! ALWAYS keep your finger on
the "speed up" button and whenever you get a chance, zoom in front of your
opponents head, and try to get them trapped. Now, if you're playing one-on
one (2 players), then you want to take a more laid back approach. Go for the
orbs closest to you, and try to make your sake as big as you can before you
enemy does. The bigger your snake, the better chance you have to defeating
your opponent! Now, if you're player a triple threat match (3 players) then
you still want to go for orbs, but being EXTREMELY careful at the same time.
If you get a chance to wipe-out one of your opponents, take it! Cut in front
of them as often as you can, to increase your chances of winning! As I said,
before, keep your finger on the "boost" button to keep yourself alive. And
if you're playing a 4 player match, then forget about picking up any orbs,
just keep going for your opponents. Head towards their head really really
fast, and just before you hit them, turn away so that they hit your tail!
Try to trap them by making a quick U-turn whilst you're in front of them.
This is very effective. With any luck, once all other players are eliminated
and it's just down to you and another player, it all comes down to who has
the longer tail. So, just ignore him for now, and collect as many orbs as
you can, and when your long enough, go for the kill! Anyway, if you do win,
you'll be the only one left on the screen, giving you plenty of time to go
and collect those orbs and try and better your score!

***** YOUR MULTIPLAYER TIPS *********************************************

Submitted by "Dan" a.k.a "Khallos":

"I normally go round the middle, since if you hit something with the head of
the snake you die, but if something hits your side, the person who hit you
will die.  Basically, what I do, is charge full speed at my friends snakes'
head, and then at the last minute, I turn away, so my friend gets killed,
and I'm left collecting crosses, hehe."

Submitted by "Wabs":

"Main tip for Anaconda: don't play it on PS2!"


Keep those multiplayer tips coming! If you want to see your multiplayer tips
and "new ways to play" posted here, please send them to me via e-mail. ^_^



This is a short video by MostFrantic of the tight pattern I explained to you
earlier. Altough the clip is only 9 seconds long, it does show you what
pattern to do if you want to get some of those very high scores link the ones
below. Basically, you should have a pattern that looks something like this
after you have collected alot of orbs. Earlier on in the game, keep this
pattern looser, and slowly make it tighter and tighter as you get more orbs
and your snake grows longer. *Big special thanks to MostFrantic for the clip*


This is a great little MIDI of the Anaconda music made by BTHive. Unlike
other MIDIs, this one sounds spot-on! He also added a bit of a re-mix right
at the end. Very instrumental, but still cool. You have got to hear it!

|~ Provided by NGC-Elites.net ~|

Rank:             Player:                Score:

 1.               ShadowZero             21671 pt(s)
 2.               LauLeZzzeeerrr         21251 pt(s)
 3.               YANDARK                20878 pt(s)
 4.               oli                    20365 pt(s)
 5.               Spy12                  20004 pt(s)
 6.               Morpho                 19275 pt(s)
 7.               MostFrantic            18566 pt(s)
 8.               DarkMaster             18126 pt(s)
 9.               skeff                  17459 pt(s)
 10.              KaMiKazZ               17326 pt(s)
 11.              humma                  17259 pt(s)
 12.              BeachBug1              17254 pt(s)
 13.              R.M.Zouk               17132 pt(s)
 14.              nice_boy               17100 pt(s)
 15.              Perfectjoe             17049 pt(s)
 16.              sweetmonkeylove        16984 pt(s)
 17.              thegame                16982 pt(s)
 18.              Ts2Lenny               16980 pt(s)
 19.              Starrocky              16960 pt(s)
 20.              RAR                    16933 pt(s)

* For up to date high scores on the three mini-games, please go to:     *
* http://www.ngc-elites.net/ts2/index.php?p=elite5                      *

|  VI: RetroRacer  |><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|>|


***** GAMEPLAY **********************************************************

Type of Game: Racing

A very Retro-type racing game (hence the name "RetroRacer"). But quite
simple... Race 5 laps around a small track as fast as you can, to get the
quickest total time. It may sound very basic... and it probably is. But
after you play it a few times, you'll soon realize that there's much more
then meets the eye! It isn't your classic Gran Turismo style racing game,
the steering here is much different from other racing games, and takes some
getting used to. You don't take turns like you normally would in other games
to get the fastest time... there is a much more complicated way, which I
will explain below. There is only one track to race on, but believe me, It
lasts! Once you find out how hard it is to get under a minute, you'll be
back to play it over and over again! The overhead camera view also provides
much better control over your car, this combined with the cool two-player
mode makes RetroRacer a nice little game that can be played anytime for a
much-needed break from TimeSplitters 2!

***** CONTROLS **********************************************************


Joystick/D-Pad       =  Steer the car
"A" button           =  Accelerate
"B" button           =  Brake


Joystick/D-Pad       =  Steer the car
"A" button           =  Accelerate
"X" button           =  Brake

Playstation 2:

Left Joystick/D-Pad  =  Steer the car
"X" button           =  Accelerate
"Square" button      =  Brake

***** OTHER INFO ********************************************************

Time to finish:  Between 1 minute 10 seconds to a little under a minute.
                 the better you take the turns, the better time you'll get!

Lifespan:        Good! The one track can get boring if you play it
                 continuously, but provides a nice break sometimes from all
                 the FPS action in TS2.

Multiplayer:     Excellent! Playing with a friend is really fun! It would be
                 even more fun if there were more tracks to choose from, but
                 there aren't. So, BLAH!

Gameplay/Stages: Well, I said it before and I'll say it again... There is
                 only ONE track. But there so many ways you can go about
                 getting a good time!

Difficulty:      If you're going for under a minute, then I would say very
                 hard! But you don't HAVE to go for under a minute...

Overall Score:   7/10. I used to play it for ages to get under 59 secs. Now
                 I'm so good at it, I ALWAYS get under 59 secs! Anyone who
                 likes racing games will like RetroRacer!           

VI.2: THE GUIDE >>>>>

Completing 5 laps around the course is easy... But getting a total time of
under a minute is hard! It's all comes down to how well you take the turns.
As I said before, this is a very Retro-style racing game. You don't take the
turns like you normally would in a next-gen racing game. There is a certain
way you should take the U-turns to give you the best results. I'm here to
tell you exactly how you can get a time of under a minute with the unique
steering system and annoying U-turns in RetroRacer.

***** TAKING THE TURNS **************************************************

Now, the best way to take the U-turns is to kind of drive into them... This
is a bit hard to explain. You want to turn into the wall a few inches before
you actually turn. So, if the U-turn goes left, then you want to turn into
the left wall a couple of inches before the turn. This will kind of slow you
down just a bit, which will prevent you from hitting the opposite wall when
you come out of the turn, and provide you with a good speed afterwards.
As a matter of fact, the more it slows you down, the better your speed will
be after you come out of the turn. But, you don't want to slow down TOO much
otherwise you will lose too much time... If you turn into the wall too hard,
then you will come to a complete stop! Now, turning into walls is a good
strat for the U-turns... But of course, there is still the much dreaded
double U-turn to the right of the track. This is the hardest part in the
whole game. You can get a excellent time if you know how to get around this
obstacle. Now, let's have a look at a overhead picture I made of the track,
it's a little crappy, but please bear with me... I have provided a guide for
each part of the track.

***** THE TRACK *********************************************************

|    ________     ________________________   |
|   /        \   /                        \  |
|  /          \ /            3             \ |
| /            \|                          | |
| |     /\     ||     /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\     | |
| |     ||     ||     |   ________   |     | |
| |     ||     ||     |  /        \  |     | |
| |     ||     ||     | /          \ |     | |
| |     ||     ||     |/            \|     | |
| |     ||     ||     ||     /\     ||     | |
| |     ||     ||     ||     ||     ||     | |
| |     ||     ||  4  ||     ||  2  ||     | |
| |     ||     ||     ||     ||     \/     | |
| |     ||     ||     ||     |\            / |
| |  5  ||     ||     ||     | \          /  |
| |     ||     ||     ||     |  \________/   |
| |     ||     \/     ||     \___________    |
| |     |\            /|                 \   |
| |     | \          / \                  \  |
| |     |  \________/   \____________      \ |
| |     \                            |     | |
| |      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯>>¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      / |
| \                      >> 1             /  |
|  \_____________________>>______________/   |
|                                            |

1: Ok, this is where you start and finish. You have to do 5 laps around the
   small track. Don't worry, there isn't any time limit, so you can take as
   long as you want. But if I were you, I'd would try to get the best time
   possible rather than just fool around and waste my time. The first U-turn
   is easy to take... Just drive into the u-turn here (as mentioned above)
   and try to get a good set-up for the horrible double U-turn. Read below.

2: Ahhh... The hardest part in RetroRacer, the dreaded double U-turn! What
   makes this so hard? How well you take this turn will dramatically effect
   your total time at the end. It's the hardest turn cause' most of the time
   you won't be able to do a perfect turn on it without losing too much
   time. When I say "perfect turn", I mean getting through it in the fastest
   possible way. So, what's the fastest way? Well listen up... The very
   first U-turn in the race (the one mentioned in area 1) provides a good
   line-up to the double U-turn. When you come out of the first U-turn, you
   will able to kind of hit the opposite wall, allowing you to turn into
   that corner. Keep turning, this is important. After that turn, your car
   should be facing the tip of the first U-turn of the double U-turn. Make
   sure you turn into the wall slightly before the tip, and you will be able
   to cut through it facing the tip of the second U-turn in the double
   U-turn. Now this is where things can go horribly wrong... When your
   facing the tip of the second U-turn, turn into it very sharply or else
   you will miss it entirely and hit the far right wall causing you to lose
   a lot of time. But if you turn into it TOO sharply, your car will come to
   a full stop because you are heading too much into the U-turn wall! This
   is why it's so annoying! Anyway, the whole point is to not hit that far
   right wall whilst trying to take the FASTEST route possible... You'll
   find out that sometimes you will do it perfectly, and sometimes you will
   really screw up! That's why it's so hard... Of course you could always
   take the "lazy" way, which means ALWAYS hitting the far right wall. It's
   less risky cause' you won't have to worry about that annoying "full
   stop". I have found that it is very possible to get a good time doing the
   "lazy" way, but I don't suggest it unless you really suck at RetroRacer!

3: A very easy area! Having just got through the double U-turn, the rest of
   the track is easy from here on... There are just 2 small turns here. Just
   cut across them and it shouldn't be too hard.

4: Now these are what I like to call the "long U-turns". Basically, these
   aren't that hard to steer around (remember to drive into them) but they
   do make a big difference on your total time. After you come out of the
   U-turns, you should NOT hit the opposite walls... If you do, then chances
   are, you didn't turn into the U-turn enough before trying to steer
   through it, and have lost some time. But don't worry! When I say "lost
   some time" I'm talking about 10 hundredths of a second (00:00.10), which
   doesn't seem like much now, but can make a difference if you screw up on
   every lap.

5: This is it! The final stretch! Only one more corner stands between you
   and the finish! Cut across it, and cross the finish line. Of course, you
   have to finish the rest of your laps... but if this was your last lap,
   then the race would finally be over!

***** RACE TIME TABLE ***************************************************

If you're going for a time of 1:05.0...
Difficulty: 1/5

Beating the No.1 time is very easy. So here is a run down on how fast your
lap times should be if your trying to beat 1:05.0! Now, you should get a lap
time of 13.50 to 14.00 seconds on the first lap, and on every lap after that
(laps 2 to 5) you should be getting around 13.00 seconds or less. You have
to stick to these times if you want to get your name at the top!

If you're going for a time of one minute...
Difficulty: 4/5

Now it's staring to get much harder! To get a time of under a minute, your
first lap time should be around 13 seconds, and every lap after that should
be 11.75 seconds OR LESS! The way you take that double U-turn really makes
a big difference here. You've got to stick with the 11 second lap times if
you want to get under a minute!

If you're going for a time of under 59.00 secs...
Difficulty: 5/5

Woah! The hardest time to get! Now you MUST take every turn with accuracy
and intensity or else you can forget about ever getting a time of under
59 secs! Nearly every double U-turn you take must be almost perfect! (you
can still use the "lazy" way if you like) Anyway, your first lap time should
be between 12:40 to 12:00 seconds and with every other lap, you should be
getting around 11:40 to 11.70 seconds! Now that's hard! But it can be done,
if you try hard enough and practice a lot!

***** ENDING NOTES ******************************************************

And that wraps up another guide! I hope I was able to teach you the
importance of taking the turns properly, and how to get the best times...
And that it takes *A LOT* of practice on RetroRacer to get a time of around
00:58.58 (my best time!) So go and start practicing, and remember what I
taught you about the double U-turns, and you will do just fine!


Well, there's only a two player mode here, but it's actually very fun
compared to just racing alone in the one player game. Anyway, the rules are
the same as the one player race. You have to complete 5 laps around the
track, only this time, you'll be racing head-to-head with a friend! And to
win, you must be ruthless and unforgiving! Very action packed!

Now, the first thing I should tell you is that player 1 ALWAYS has a
advantage over player 2, cause' he's closest to the first turn, and can
easily cut off player 2 and zoom ahead. So that is why I suggest you flip a
coin before you start to decide who gets to be player one. Now, here are
some tips. If you and your opponent are parallel to each other when heading
towards a turn, if you are on the inside then do the "turn into the wall"
strat you used for the single player mode as soon as you can to avoid your
opponent from overtaking you by doing the "brake turn". Now, if you are on
the outside then you will be able to do the highly effective "brake turn".
All you have to do is stay as close to you opponent as you can all the way
to the turn, then at the very last moment (right when you're at the turn)
press the brake button so that you fall behind, then turn through it. Whilst
your opponent is going the "slow" way, (hitting the opposite wall) you will
be able to zoom ahead. Basically for all other turns, you want to use the
same strat as you did in the one player mode. Cut off your opponent as soon
as you get the chance, and practice the double U-turn as much as you can.
The double U-turn makes SUCH a huge difference when playing with a friend.
If you're a lot behind, you can really make up for it, and cut off your
opponent with the double U-turn, so make sure you master it. And the only
way to do that is practice, practice, practice, with the same method you
used in the one player game. Sorry, that's actually all the multiplayer
help I can give you for RetroRacer. Remember, you must master the turns to
become a master!

***** YOUR MULTIPLAYER TIPS **********************************************

Submitted by "Rewind25":

"You can have relay races if you have four or more people to play with. Make
teams of two players each and tell everyone to sit two or three feet apart
form each other. Now, two players start the race, and as soon as a player
completes a lap, he tosses the controller to his team mate, and then after
he does a lap, he tosses it back again. Continue like this until a team
finishes 5 laps to win! You can also do this with 6 or even 8 players too!"

Submitted by "AB-109":

"On retro racer you can take most corner's by just holding turn."


Keep those multiplayer tips coming! If you want to see your multiplayer tips
and "new ways to play" posted here, please send them to me via e-mail. ^_^



(join the two lines)

This is a video of a great full run of RetroRacer by MostFrantic with an
impressive time of 58.76 seconds. You have GOT to watch this video if you
ever want to master the horrible double u-turn in the game. This video also
shows the way I explained earlier about driving INTO turns, rather than just
turning the way you reularly would in other racing games. A must watch for
all RetroRacer players! *Big thanks goes to MostFrantic for this video*

|~ Provided by NGC-Elites.net ~|

Rank:             Player:                Time:

 1.               ExpertGamer            00:57.61
 2.               oli                    00:57.72
 3.               C.P                    00:57.76
 4.               jOSh                   00:57.85
 5.               DarkMaster             00:58.00
 6.               thegame                00:58.18
 7.               DarkLord               00:58.26
 8.               Perfectjoe             00:58.52
 9.               RedXevious             00:58.58
 9.               YANDARK                00:58.58
 11.              Samshady               00:58.72
 12.              MostFrantic            00:58.76
 13.              QuietBol               00:58.80
 14.              krekko                 00:58.82
 15.              Ts2Lenny               00:58.88
 16.              BeachBug1              00:58.90
 17.              dmferrari14            00:58.96
 18.              SnapDragon             00:59.08
 19.              FCBales                00:59.14
 20.              snoozer                00:59.20

* For up to date high scores on the three mini-games, please go to:     *
* http://www.ngc-elites.net/ts2/index.php?p=elite5                      *

|  VII: AstroLander  |><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|><|


***** GAMEPLAY **********************************************************

Type of Game: Flying/Strategy

The hardest mini-game of the three! The objective here is to pilot your
small spaceship to the landing pad, and land it safely. Sounds simple, but
it's quite hard! You only have a limited amount of fuel to get to the
landing pad, and once you run out, you're history! Not only that, if you're
going too fast when you hit the landing pad, you'll crash! It takes precise
timing to land softly without wasting too much fuel. After you land you'll
receive points depending on how much fuel you had left, how softly you
landed, and how accurate you were in your landing. Tapping the "thrust"
button too much during the level will waste too much fuel... Learning how
to get to the landing area without wasting all your fuel is hard, but not
too hard once you learn some good tips. This is the only mini-game that lets
you choose a difficulty before you start. The first few levels are easy, but
when you progress to the later more maze-like levels, you'll have to be very
careful since you start with only 4 lives. If you crash more than four times
it's game over for you! Defiantly very hard!

***** CONTROLS **********************************************************

GameCube and X-Box:

JoyStick/D-Pad       =  Rotate the spaceship
"A" button           =  Thrust/Acceleration

Playstation 2:

Left Joystick/D-Pad  =  Rotate the spaceship
"X" button           =  Thrust/Acceleration

***** SCORING ***********************************************************

Points are awarded at the end of every level depending on how well you did.

Fuel Remaining:    1 - 15000 points  ~  Depends on how much fuel you have.
Landing Speed:     1 - 5000  points  ~  A soft landing means more points.
Landing Accuracy:  1 - 10000 points  ~  Try to land right in the middle.

***** OTHER INFO ********************************************************

Time to finish:  Around 10 minutes. There are a set amount of levels, so
                 this time is accurate. Better players, though, could
                 complete it in less...

Lifespan:        11 levels means good lifespan! You won't get board with
                 this game anytime soon, so don't worry about it!

Multiplayer:     Nope! AstroLander does NOT have a multiplayer feature. I'm
                 still trying to figure out why...

Gameplay/Stages: The gameplay is good! Basically every move you make will
                 determine how many points you get at the end of that level!
                 You will be coming back again and again!

Difficulty:      Ohhhh... Easy and normal modes are kinda easy to beat, but
                 Hard is really difficult to complete!

Overall Score:   9/10. I would say the best one out of the three mini-games!
                 Although it doesn't have any multiplayer feature, it's
                 still a great game, with loads of levels!

VII.2: THE GUIDE >>>>>

Now, I assume you want to go for a good score, not just any score. To do
this, you must save as much fuel as you can whilst trying to land softly
and accurately. It's all in the landing... You can get TONS of points if
you know how to land properly. You really have to slow down and line your-
self up, or else your landing points will be cut in half! Also, saving as
fuel as you can is important, but not as important as landing!

One other thing I should mention before I get to the guide, unlike the other
two mini-games, AstroLander actually lets you choose a difficulty before you
start. There is Easy, Normal and Hard. The harder the difficulty, the less
fuel you will start with on each stage. Also, the speed changes in the three
difficulties, in Easy you move very slowly, in Normal you move a little
faster, and in Hard you might as well have a jet pack attached to your ship,
cause' that's how fast you will be going! You will be getting a lot less
points in the harder difficulties cause' you will essentially be using up
more fuel because of your increased speed. You should try to remember this
when you're choosing which difficulty to play on. Now, let's get to it!
First, I'll explain the best way to save fuel before landing...

***** FUEL FACTOR *******************************************************

Ok, the first thing I should say is you have GOT to save as much fuel as
you can before getting to the landing pad since your landing is gonna suck
a lot of fuel out of you... You will find out why in a few moments. Now, the
best way to conserve fuel is to TAP the thrust button... Never hold it down
unless you absolutely must. Since you're always being pulled back down to
earth again cause' of gravity, you can use this to your advantage! For
example, if you need to get over a hill, just tap the thrust button a couple
of times, whilst at a 20 degree turn to the direction of the hill. And as
soon as you're over it, don't use anymore fuel! Let gravity carry you down.
If you are a bit confused about all this, don't worry. I am providing a much
more detailed guide for all eleven stages below. Now that I've covered the
fuel factor, let's get to the landing.

***** THE LANDING *******************************************************

Now, listen up. The most important thing about landing is the accuracy...
This can be between 1 to 10000 points! So, if you're just a little off
center, then it could cost you around 2000 points! That's why it's so
important to land not only right in the middle, but also with the bottom of
you ship lined-up flat on the landing pad, not on a slant. Also, speed does
play a significant part in the points system, maybe not as dramatic as
accuracy, but still something you should take time to get right. Wasting a
little fuel to land softly is worth it, since you will only lose about 1000
points of fuel to gain around 3000 points of Landing Speed. Unfortunately,
this is where things can go terribly wrong! There is a very fine line
between landing softly for a lot of points, and landing very hard for almost
no points. Just a tap of the thrust button before you land could mean the
difference between 3000 points and 300 points. So forget about saving fuel,
just land as softly AND accurately as you can.

Now, when I say "forget about saving fuel", I don't mean go around wasting
TOO much fuel, fuel also does play a big part in getting a lot of points.
But you must get a good landing on every level if you want to get a good
high score. You should be getting over 20000 points on each level. Anyway,
as I said before, you must practice. To make a good landing without wasting
too much fuel can be hard sometimes, so you have got to get used to it
first. Anyway, here is the guide to all 11 levels. I'll be explaining the
best way of getting through the levels whilst saving as much fuel as you
can before you get to the landing pad. As I said before, it all comes down
to how you land! Anyway, I hope this helps!


***** STAGE 1 ***********************************************************

Very easy, this one! Ok, you start above the landing pad, so just let
gravity take you down! Turn a little to the right and tap the thrust button
two or three times so you line up DIRECTLY above the landing, and when you
get to about a short distance above the landing pad, start tapping the
thrust button to slow you down enough to land. The harder the difficulty
you're playing on, the sooner you will have to start tapping the button. Try
to get a good landing.

***** STAGE 2 ***********************************************************

When you start, turn to the left and start tapping the thrust button to gain
some height and speed at the same time. The landing is on top of a large
hill so to save alot of fuel here, when your half way there, (you should by
now have some momentum, and are traveling towards the landing at a good
speed) you should turn to the opposite direction and start tap-tap-tapping
the thrust button to start to slow you down. Keep tapping VERY gently. You
should be at a complete stop by the time you get over the landing. If
you're too high over the landing, just let gravity carry you down whilst
turning left and right and tapping the thrust button to adjust your line up
with it. Otherwise, just land!

***** STAGE 3 ***********************************************************

A simple mountain stands between you and the landing. Turn to the left a bit
(so that are facing the upper-left corner) and tap the thrust button a
couple of times just to get you over the big hill. As soon as you are over,
tap the thrust once or twice so you gain a bit of momentum for your journey
downwards. Let your ship slowly glide back down to near where the landing
is. Whilst you are slowly going down, turn to the opposite direction (so you
are facing the upper-right corner) and tap the thrust button (or hold it
down for a very short time) to slow yourself down and you should end up
right at the landing!

***** STAGE 4 ***********************************************************

Now were starting to get to the more twisted maze-like levels! Anyway, turn
to the right and tap the thrust a few times to get over the path to the
landing, then turn left and tap thrust to prevent yourself from hitting the
wall, and whilst facing left, tap it again so you start falling in the
right direction. Now, whilst your falling left, turn back to the right again
so when you get to the part of the path that changes direction, you will be
able to instantly tap the thrust button to start heading in the right
direction. Now, keep falling until you get to the landing! (You may need to
tap the thrust some more if you veer to close to one of the walls)

***** STAGE 5 ***********************************************************

This stage features a nice big PIT to the right! Anyway, turn right and
start tapping thrust to gain some momentum, so you're heading towards the
top of the pit. Once you have enough momentum, stop tapping, and turn to
face the left direction. Before you get directly above the pit, start
tapping the thrust button to slow you down, so when you get over the pit,
you will be at a stop. Now just let yourself start falling down. Be sure to
turn left or right and tap thrust if you feel you are going to crash into a
wall. You should start slowing yourself down a good distance above the
landing, (face upwards and start pressing thrust) cause' chances are, you
have gained a lot of speed, and will crash if you don't act early.

***** STAGE 6 ***********************************************************

This one is really easy. Turn right and thrust yourself just a bit so you
get over the hole. As soon as you do, turn left and thrust a bit so you're
over the landing. Now, just let yourself fall down to the landing! (if
you're not lined-up, just thrust a bit to the left or right to line yourself
up above the landing)

***** STAGE 7 ***********************************************************

And now we get to the first and last multi-choice level! Now, when you start
the first thing you'll notice is that you have to choose which path to take.
Either the shorter, but harder to navigate through path that's closer to you
or the easier but longer and more fuel sucking path that's to the left.
Since were going for the best possible scores, I'll be helping you with the
closer shorter path. You start above it so, just turn left a tap thrust once
to line-up above it. As you are falling, turn right so when you get into the
path, you can tap the thrust button to start following the path down. As you
are going down, you may need to tap the thrust once or twice to prevent you
from hitting the left wall. As soon as you get to the mid point that
changes direction, turn as quickly as you can and start thrusting your way
so you don't hit the right wall, but not too much so you hit the left wall.
Follow it down (tapping thrust once or twice to avoid hitting the walls) and
once you get to the bottom, you'll be directly at the lending!

***** STAGE 8 ***********************************************************

After stage 7, this one won't seem so hard. Turn right and tap thrust to
gain momentum and keep taping it until you get over the big hill that is
kinda sticking out. As soon as you get over it, IMMEDIATELY turn left and
hit the trust button to stop yourself and tap it some more to start heading
down to the landing. As you are heading downwards, turn right again, and
when you get to the landing, press the thrust button to stop yourself just
as you're above the pad!

***** STAGE 9 ***********************************************************

The first time I played this, I was shocked cause' it was really hard! A
very twisted stage with the landing pad buried deep underground! Anyway,
face right and thrust yourself a bit to get over the small hill and start
falling down. Again, whilst you are falling, turn left and before you hit
the bottom, thrust yourself so you start heading down the left path. As you
are heading down the left path, you may need to thrust a bit so you don't
hit the bottom wall. Before you get to the next drop, turn left and start to
slow yourself down so when you are above the next drop, you will be
stopped. Now just fall down and start thrusting down the right path as soon
as you can. Now, simply keep thrusting down this path, when you're about
2/3 of the way down the path, turn left and start to slow yourself down, so
when you are over the kind of "spike" that's sticking out, you will be ready
to land.

***** STAGE 10 **********************************************************

Ok, this one looks like a big letter "S" on it's side. Anyway, Turn right
and tap thrust ONCE!! You should start to head downwards, now turn left and
tap thrust to start heading left down the passage. As you are heading down,
turn right and get ready to thrust before you hit the bottom. Thrust up a
bit, (so you start heading up the path) and turn left again, and thrust to
prevent yourself hitting that right wall. As soon as you thrust ONCE in the
left direction, turn right and thrust down the right area. Now there's a 
gentle slope going down here, so just go with it. After the slant, turn left
again, and thrust down to the landing. Turn right again and thrust once so
you don't hit the little alcove walls. Now just land, and that's it!

***** STAGE 11 **********************************************************

Wow! You finally made it to the FINAL LEVEL, and look at it... Just one big
twisted mess!! And you're gonna have to make your way through it! As you can
clearly see, you start this level with a HGUGE amount of fuel. You'll soon
find out why! So, let's get to it... Turn right and thrust ONCE to start
start filling down into the path. As you are falling, turn left and thrust
once to avoid the sticking  out rock. Now quickly turn right and thrust once
more to avoid the rock on  the other side. Now turn left again and thrust
once. Now gently let yourself fall down to the bottom. Turn right, trust
once or twice, then face upwards and start thrusting up! And when you get to
the top of the rock that's knida sticking out, turn right and thrust over
it. Now keep thrusting right until you get to the right wall, then turn left
and start tapping thrust to fall down, and as soon as you get the chance,
thrust down the left passage. Half way down the passage, turn right and
thrust through the very small/slim path. Halfway down that, turn left again,
and as soon as you exit from it, boost left, and after you get a clear shot
at the landing, turn right and start heading for the landing! Make sure you
turn left to boost yourself away from the right wall if you are heading
towards it too fast. Now, just land and that's it!! YOU HAVE JUST COMPLETED
ASTROLANDER! Congratulations!!

***** ENDING NOTES ******************************************************

Well, I think everyone likes AstroLander a bit more than the other games
since AstroLander has a huge array of levels to go to and complete, where
as RetroRacer and Anaconda only have like one level. I know AstroLander is
defiantly my favorite mini-game, and it will be your favorite too after you
complete it! Anyway, if you follow my guide, you shouldn't have much trouble
at all getting a good score on it. Just remember what I said... It's all in
the landing. If you remember that, then you hold the key to being the best!


Unfortunatly, I don't have any multimedia links for AstroLander yet. But
don't worry. I'll be adding some real soon, so watch this space!

|~ Provided by NGC-Elites.net ~|

***** ASTROLANDER EASY **************************************************

Rank:            Player:                 Score:

 1.              DarkMaster              269112 pt(s)
 2.              YANDARK                 268821 pt(s)
 3.              DarkLord                264943 pt(s)
 4.              jOSh                    264398 pt(s)
 5.              C.P                     262969 pt(s)
 6.              ImPerfect_Clark         262333 pt(s)
 7.              Perfectjoe              262245 pt(s)
 8.              Samshady                260212 pt(s)
 9.              Wabs                    259027 pt(s)
 10.             SnapDragon              257987 pt(s)
 11.             ImEvolving              256565 pt(s)
 12.             neoprophet              255772 pt(s)
 13.             harrall                 255102 pt(s)
 14.             FCBales                 255012 pt(s)
 15.             SamSim                  254985 pt(s)
 16.             ExpertGamer             254478 pt(s)
 17.             BeachBug1               251418 pt(s)
 18.             oli                     250700 pt(s)
 19.             Robofish                250600 pt(s)
 20.             FMC                     250245 pt(s)

***** ASTROLANDER NORMAL ************************************************

Rank:            Player:                 Score:

 1.              DarkMaster              242969 pt(s)
 2.              YANDARK                 240799 pt(s)
 3.              jOSh                    237601 pt(s)
 4.              DarkLord                237110 pt(s)  
 5.              C.P                     233016 pt(s)
 6.              Wabs                    231145 pt(s)
 7.              ImPerfect_Clark         230376 pt(s)
 8.              Perfectjoe              230089 pt(s)
 9.              Samshady                228245 pt(s)
 10.             SnapDragon              224460 pt(s)
 11.             FCBales                 222337 pt(s)
 12.             neoprophet              219225 pt(s)
 13.             SamSim                  218611 pt(s)
 14.             BeachBug1               217851 pt(s)
 15.             oli                     216942 pt(s)
 16.             ExpertGamer             216266 pt(s)
 17.             Robofish                211980 pt(s)
 18.             LauLeZzzeeerrr          211815 pt(s)
 19.             snoozer                 210996 pt(s)
 20.             gst_6561                210663 pt(s)

***** ASTROLANDER HARD **************************************************

Rank:            Player:                 Score:

 1.              DarkMaster              217685 pt(s)
 2.              YANDARK                 214867 pt(s) 
 3.              jOSh                    210445 pt(s)
 4.              DarkLord                208278 pt(s)
 5.              Perfectjoe              206212 pt(s)
 6.              C.P                     204786 pt(s)
 7.              Samshady                204089 pt(s)
 8.              Wabs                    201074 pt(s)
 9.              FCBales                 199401 pt(s)
 10.             SamSim                  197259 pt(s)
 11.             ImPerfect_Clark         196434 pt(s)
 12.             SnapDragon              195019 pt(s)
 13.             ExpertGamer             191697 pt(s)
 14.             BeachBug1               188734 pt(s)
 15.             oli                     186883 pt(s)
 16.             neoprophet              182952 pt(s)
 17.             chronorox               181068 pt(s)
 18.             techncl_tactics21       180768 pt(s)
 19.             Robofish                180690 pt(s)
 20.             dam2                    176339 pt(s)

* For up to date high scores on the three mini-games, please go to:     *
* http://www.ngc-elites.net/ts2/index.php?p=elite5                      *

| VIII: Final Words |<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
Well, that's about all I have to teach you about the three mini-games! I
really hope all my advice and tips have helped you become a better player
on the three mini-games! So give yourself a big pat on the back and
congratulate yourself on the fine skill you have just acquired by reading
this guide! And I really hope you will do better the next time you play
any of the mini-games! Please keep those Multiplayer Tips coming as I will
post ALL of them that are sent to me! If you have ANY other questions please
send me an e-mail. Tell me about your likes/dislikes about the guide, also
if you think you could improve any part of it a bit, let me know! I couldn't
have done it without you!

As we all search for the ultimate power... the never ending quest to get all
66 plats and 100% complete on TimeSplitters 2, it sometimes helps to just
take a break from it all... Pick up one of the mini-games and unwind for a-
while. And you never know... you might just do better the next time you
play! I have played the mini-games over 100 hours in total, and it took me a
long time to master them, and you can too with the info I have just passed
on to you! Spread your wings and fly! Fly into the sky and don't stop until
you are No.1! The best player! And don't forget to give credit where credit
is due... Good luck, all you soon-to-be TS2 masters! ^_^

| IX: FAQ |<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
Q: I still can't find the RetroRacer cart... please help!

A: As I said before, It can only be found in RobotFactory during Hard. Once
   you get to the room with the rocket launching bots, cross over to the
   other side, and look under the ramp to the right.


Q: Can I find the three carts in CO-OP mode insted of one player?

A: No. You can't find the three carts in CO-OP mode. If you want all three,
   you'll have to get them in 1 player mode.


Q: In AstroLander, I keep running out of fuel. What should I do?

A: Don't hold down the thrust button. Try tapping it. The hardest part is
   landing, so try and save some fuel for when you have to land. Follow my
   guide above and you will do just fine!


Q: I can't find the Anaconda cart cause' I can't complete the Siberia stage!

A: Sorry, I only provide guides for the three mini-games, NOT the story
   levels. Try checking out some guides at GameFAQs.com.


Q: In AstroLander, I can never get a 10000 landing accuracy score. Help me!

A: Woah! Getting that landing accuracy score is *VERY* hard. I don't think
   anyone has got a perfect score yet... Just try and get as high a score
   as you can and that should be good enough!


Q: In RetroRacer, I can't get a time better than 59.80 secs. Please advise!

A: It's all about how you take the turns in the track. And it takes a lot of
   practice and patience. Just stick to my guide and keep playing.


Q: In Anaconda, no light blue orbs ever appear. Is there a bug in my game?

A: No, there isn't. Light blue orbs are rare, and it does take a while for
   them to appear, so don't be surprised if they don't show up the first few
   times you play... They will eventually!


Do you have a question you would like answered? Send me an e-mail with your
question and I'll try to help you out! My E-mail: RedXevious@hotmail.com
I'll be adding many more FAQs here after I get some feedback from the guide!

| X: Version History | <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
Version 2.10: (79 KBs) January 4th, 2004
I made the new TimeSplitters 2 ASCII art and added my name in ASCII as well,
updated the NGC-Elites scores yet AGAIN, and added the NEW Multimedia sections
which included links to video clips and other stuff for the mini-games. Also
added the "Type of Game" info, and file sizes here in Version History.

Version 2.02: (75 KBs) November 7th, 2003
Not much of an update. All I did was a few tweaks with the headers and made
a few changes to the copyright info. And added one or two things to the ST.

Version 2.00: (75 KBs) October 4th, 2003
Ok, the MASS UPDATE is here! I finally updated the Anaconda guide (Thanks to
MostFrantic) and updated all the NGC-Elites scores. Also, I added a few
things to the copyright info, as well as fixed more spelling errors and stuff.

Version 1.02: (70 KBs) June 25th, 2003
Made a few tweaks here and there. Corrected some errors and added some more
FAQs. And I also updated all the NGC-Elites scores after I found out that
"V-GSSJ4" was removed from them for lying about his scores!

Version 1.00: (68 KBs) May 19th, 2003
This is the first version of the guide. I wrote all the mini-game guides,
made the headers, spellchecked the WHOLE thing, then uploaded it to GameFAQs.

| XI: Copyright info/Thanks |<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

Copyright © 2003, 2004. Andrew S.

This guide is copyrighted to me. Anyone found copying/tampering/stealing
from it without my prior permission will be dealt with by legal action!
Also, any sites found hosting my guide that are NOT on the list bellow are
comitting a crime and should be reported to me immediatly.
Oh, and one more thing, don't bother e-mailing me asking if you can use
this guide on your site, because the answer will always be NO. Sometimes, I
MAY consider submiting my guide on other sites, but sending me e-mails about
it only makes me more angry. Also, the ASCII art in the guide (including the
header at the top and the pics) are ALSO copyrighted to me. I made them
myself. So, don't try and steal them or anything.

Sites that are allowed to use my guide:

GameFAQs officical site.

NeoSeeker's official site.

IGN's official site.


SPECIAL THANKS goes out to these great people:

* My sister for really helping me along with the walkthrough.

* MostFrantic for his ENDLESS ammount of help with the guide. Thanks, MF!

* AB-109 for helping me with the challenge/arcade stages.

* GameFAQs/CJayC for hosting some really great guides and FAQs.

* Neoseeker and IGN for ALSO hosting some great guides and FAQs.

* NGC-Elites.net for providing the World High Scores.

* Free Radical for creating the best game in the world ever!

* And ALL the people in the Eidos/NGC-Elites/TimeFall forums that provided
  some of the multiplayer tips for Anaconda and RetroRacer.

Thanks for all the help, guys! Catch you later!

Please e-mail me with your comments about this guide. If you find an error
or you would like to improve it a bit, please let me know! I guarantee a
reply within 8 hours! E-mail me anytime at RedXevious@hotmail.com. Thanks!


If you can play without trying then you can live without dying

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