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Challenge/Arcade League FAQ by Mallys

Updated: 08/19/04

Challenge / Arcade League FAQ
Timesplitters 2 (GCN)
By: Cayene of Doma

I. Introduction

II. Version History

III. Legal Jargon

IV. Challenges

V. Amateur League

VI. Honorary League

VII. Elite League

VIII. Frequently Asked Questions

IX. Closing

                            Section I: Introduction
I've seen many a topic on the message board, demanding help on a Challenge or 
Arcade League match. There have been FAQs for the Arcade League mode and the 
Challenge mode separately, but none for the Challenge mode and the Arcade 
League mode together. So, now you have one.

                          Section II: Version History

Version 1.0  (Submitted 12/15/02)
-The initial attempt. Criticism is welcome!
-Challenges complete.
-Most Arcade Strategies complete.

Version 1.1
-Fixed a couple of mistakes.

Version 1.2
-Changed Legal Jargon section.
-Made a few changes to platinum requirements.
-Changed a few strategies.
-Added the strategies I missed.
-Added some B/S/G requirements.
-Added Rewards sections.

Version 1.3
-Added the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Version 2.0
-Reformatted the guide.
-Added Level to match information.
-Added Briefing to match information.
-Added Character to match information.
-Added Game Mode to match information.

Version 2.0 Part II
-Changed my email address. Go GMail!
-Removed defunct sites from the allowed list.

                           Section III: Legal Jargon

Copyright 2002 Joel Barnett

This guide may only be posted at the following sites:
-GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) 
-Timesplitters 2 Planet (www.ts2planet.vze.com)
-Cheats.de (www.cheats.de)
-NeoSeeker (www.neoseeker.com)
-GameNotOver (www.gamenotover.com)
-IGN (faqs.ign.com)

If you see it anywhere else, tell me so I can notify the parties involved. 

If you'd like to post this guide somewhere:
1) Email me and ask me. 99% of the time, I'll say yes.
2) I'll email you a confirmation and an updated version of the FAQ.

If you post this on your site, and you don't have my consent, I will send you a 
notice to remove it. If it remains posted after 48 hours of my sending the 
notice, legal action will follow.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

                            Section IV: Challenges

                         -----| Glass Smash |-----

                          ---Pane in the Neck---

Briefing: Those Russian soldiers aren't that bright! Today's military training 
involves breaking all the glass in the Siberian compound. Nikolai managed this 
in one minute flat. Beat his time or you'll be the laughing stock of the 
barracks for weeks!

Character: Lt. Frost

Level: Siberia (Outside)

Bronze: 1:00.0     Silver: 0:00.30     Gold: 0:18.0     Platinum: 0:11.0

Rewards: Rotating Heads (Cheat)

There are a few variations to get a good time here. I'll be relating mine. From 
the start, run to the small stairs and strafe up them. Fire a grenade at the 
windows near the metal stairs. Fire two grenades in the top floor windows of 
the large building. One should bounce to the back and destroy the door window. 
The other should stay near the windows. It will destroy the top floor and 
bottom floor windows. Run between the small building behind you (the one that 
has a Med Kit in Golden Thighs) and the lower dam area. Fire a grenade through 
its windows so that it takes those four out. Run along the edge until you get 
to the area between the two small buildings on the edge. Fire a grenade through 
its window and get those four. Run between the buildings, fire a grenade      
through the last door, and let it take the other windows out.

                            ---Bricking it---

Briefing: After Private Poorly's incident with a grenade yesterday, all 
ammunition has been confiscated until further notice. This is no excuse to miss 
training though, so you'll have to improvise!

Character: Lt. Frost

Level: Siberia (Outside)

Bronze: 1:30.0     Silver: 0:45.0     Gold: 0:35.0     Platinum: 0:27.9

Rewards: Brick (Weapon)

You'll have to be quick and nearly perfect to do this well. From the start, 
immediately run up the small stairs. Throw bricks and knock out all of the top 
floor and bottom floor windows on the large building. Run down the side, hit 
the three windows near the stairs, and then go up the stairs. Hit the window on 
the door, and then drop down to the side of the small building. Hit its 
windows, then the door, and then move to the small building near the entrance. 
Hit its door and windows, then move to the last building. Hit the windows as 
you approach. When you are destroying the last windows, try to throw a brick so 
that it hits the door window as well. It takes a little practice, though.

                           ---Stain Removal---

Briefing: The life of a zombie would be far more pleasant if it weren't for the 
Hunchback spoiling the Wednesday morning sacrifices. Get your own back on him, 
and knock out as many stained glass windows as you can within the time limit.

Character: Undead Priest

Level: Notre Dame (Upper)

Bronze: 23     Silver: 28     Gold: 32     Platinum: 32 & 0:47.9

Rewards: The Hunchback (Character)

As soon as the match starts, back pedal to either side. As you do, shoot the 
three lower windows near where you start. Look up as you go and take out the 
windows as you strafe by. Use incendiary grenades to take out the far windows 
and the ones in the side cavities. As soon as you shoot all the glass, run 
around to the other side and repeat the process.

                     -----| Behead the Undead |-----

                     ---Fight Off the Living Dead---

Briefing: Another one of Khallos' attempts to take over the world has failed at 
the hands of Harry Tipper. As usual, Khallos has fled the scene, leaving a 
henchman to deal with the consequences (lots of zombies in this case). See how 
long you can keep him alive for...

Character: Henchman

Level: Compound

Bronze: 10,000     Silver: 15,000     Gold: 20,000     Platinum: 145,000

Rewards: Sewer Zombie (Character)

This takes more patience and endurance than skill. You can try punching the 
zombies during the first few waves, as punching them will net you 100 points a 
hit, while shooting them only gets you 75. If you're not good at punching, 
though, just shoot them, and try to get Perfect ratings for the first four or 
five waves. Know the starting patterns. After the first few waves, two zombies 
will always start in the lower right room, then one will come from the left 
hallway, then they'll do it once again before the main swarm arrives. Grab the 
Shotgun as soon as you need the ammo. When the room starts to get crowded, 
circle around, shooting them. Don't get trapped in corners, and always use the 
crosshairs; they guarantee a head shot.

                        ---Sergio's Last Stand---

Briefing: The last act performed at the circus tonight, this will star our very 
own Sergio the Strongman. We feel privileged to welcome our guests, a time 
traveling troupe of flaming zombies. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands 
together for Sergio's Last Stand!

Character: Sergio

Level: Circus

Bronze: 5,000     Silver: 15,000     Gold: 25,000     Platinum: 35,000

Rewards: Sergio (Character)

As with Fight Off the Living Dead, use your crosshairs for guaranteed head 
shots. Also make use of the quick switch to instantly reload your 12-Guage. As 
soon as the math starts, run behind either post and grab the fire extinguisher 
on the ground. If you catch fire at any time, simply arm the fire extinguisher, 
point it at the ground, and fire it until you're extinguished. The same basic 
strategy from Fight Off the Living Dead applies here. Don't be afraid to stray 
from the area to avoid damage, but don't get counted out.

                         ---Day of the Damned---

Briefing: It looks rather like curiosity got the better of Nikolai. Gunshots or 
no gunshots, he'd have been better off steering clear of the research center 
altogether, and he should definitely have taken his gun. Keep him alive for as 
long as you can, using just his fists!

Character: Nikolai

Level: Siberia (Inside)

Bronze: 10,000     Silver: 15,000     Gold: 20,000     Platinum: 25,000

Rewards: Feeder Zombie (Character)

The first few waves are pretty tame. Try to clear the first few waves with 
Perfect ratings. Once things pick up. You'll want to constantly spin your view, 
since monsters appear on all sides of you. Going out of the area is okay, but 
try to go through open panes if possible, since jumping through glass hurts 
you. If the area gets crowded, run around the outer area. The zombies will 
damage each other. Whenever you hear them getting hurt, jump in and knock a few 
heads off, then continue circling the area. You won't get points as quickly 
this way, but you'll last longer.

                       -----| Infiltration |-----

                        ---Silent but Deadly---

Briefing: Even highly dangerous mercenaries like Gregor Lenko need to use 
stealth when outnumbered. Destroy the radar and enter the dam, without being 
detected by any of the Russian guards.

Character: Gregor Lenko

Level: Siberia (Outside)

Bronze: 0     Silver: 700     Gold: 1,000     Platinum: 1,000 & 0:39.9

Rewards: Viking (Hat)

A couple of tips first: if you don't hit a guard in the head, restart; try and 
use only one shot to knock out the camera. From the start, run up and grab the 
Silenced Pistol and Sniper Rifle. Aim up toward the guard on the railing before 
you switch to your scope. Take out the guard and the camera. Slide left a 
little and shoot the guard that patrols between the buildings. Move forward and 
left until you see the female guard. Shoot her, and then run through the fence. 
Run toward the metal stairs. As soon as you see the guard between the stairs, 
take your shot. Run up the stairs and activate the switch in the building. Run 
across the bridge to the hole in the ceiling. When you fall in, activate the 
door, then back up and grab the mines. Run out the door and around the left 
corner. As soon as you pass under the wooden plank, throw a mine up at the 
dish. Switch to the Temporal Uplink. Run right up under the camera, then along 
the side of the small building on your right. Run down the stairs and into the 

                        ---Trouble at the Docks---

Briefing: It's 3am and a new shipment has just arrived by barge, so there are 
goons crawling all over the docks! If you want to get through the Falucci Bros. 
warehouse alive, particular care will be needed.

Character: Lady Jane

Level: Chicago (Beginning)

Bronze: 0     Silver: 700     Gold: 1,000     Platinum: 1,000 & 0:24.9

Rewards: Pirate (Hat)

Strafe right, and then jump off the ladder to the left. Kill the guard, then 
turn right and get off the barge. Go up the stairs and peek around the corner. 
As soon as the guard turns his back, run up the stairs. Hug the right wall at 
the top, and then go around the corner. Kill the guard at the top of the 
stairs, and then run down the stairs. If you're fortunate, the last guard will 
have his back to you. Shoot him, and then run out the door.

                      ---Escape from Neo Tokyo---

Briefing: It's late past curfew, and Chastity Detroit has ended up stuck in a 
rough district of Neo Tokyo. If the police find her, she'll spend the night in 
a cell, so get her out without being spotted! The temporal uplink should come 
in handy here.

Character: Chastity

Level: Neo Tokyo (Streets)

Bronze: 0     Silver: 700     Gold: 1,000     Platinum: 1,000 & 0:19.9

Rewards: Big Ears (Hat)

As the level begins, hold forward to start running. Run straight forward to 
pass the first camera, then slide right a little to avoid the second. Now 
here's the tricky part. As you pass the second camera, there's a small alcove 
that the third camera is about to block. You need to duck inside before it's 
blocked if you want the platinum. As the camera sways by, run out to the alcove 
near the corner. As soon as the police car's side is facing you, make a break 
for the end, avoiding the cameras.

                       -----| Banana Chomp |-----

                           ---Gone Bananas---

Briefing: Jojo the Monkey has been causing mischief around the village, and the 
villagers have had enough. To teach him a lesson, they've thrown his bananas 
away. Help him get them back!

Character: Monkey

Level: Aztec Ruins

Bronze: 1:30.0     Silver: 1:00.0     Gold: 0:55.0     Platinum: 0:45.0

Rewards: Private Coal (Character)

Run forward, and then follow the path until you reach the pillar room. As you 
enter, you should have three bananas. Grab the bananas on the left, go around 
between the pillars for three more, and then around again for the other two. 
Grab two more, and then go across to the ramp for the banana. Go up the stairs 
for two more, and then go in the doorway. Grab the one in the corner, and then 
head right. Grab the three on the right side, and then grab the far left as you 
head back out. Go around the corner, then left, into one of the early rooms in 
Story mode. Grab the first one you see, then strafe right for one more. Go 
forward and repeat. Grab the two in the back, then the one on the mound. Go 
into the hallway until you get to the final stretch. Grab the two on the left 
side, and then turn around for another. Go to the right for three more, and 
then go back across the log. Grab the one you see, the one in the trench, and 
then the one by the door.

                          ---Monkey Business---

Briefing: Jojo's been up to his old tricks again, and the villagers are really 
riled now. Not only have they taken the bananas, but they've conjured up some 
zombies to stop Jojo forever. Keep that monkey alive!

Character: Monkey

Level: Aztec Ruins

Bronze: 1:30.0     Silver: 1:05.0     Gold: 0:58.0     Platinum: 0:48.0

Rewards: Private Poorly (Character)

The strategy is exactly the same as Gone Bananas, except that you have to avoid 
the undead as you go along. Learn where they are and avoid them as you move 
along. A few areas can be frustrating, like the area just after the six 
pillars. Just keep trying, as a bit of luck is involved where zombies pop up.

                         ---Playing with Fire---

Briefing: Jojo shot The Wood Golem with a flaming crossbow bolt. The Golem's 
not got long left but he's intent on getting his own back by eating as many of 
Jojo's bananas as possible! Go for the burn, Woody!

Character: Wood Golem

Level: Aztec Ruins

Bronze: 18     Silver: 22     Gold: 24     Platinum: 24 & 0:00.9 left

Rewards: Wood Golem (Character)

Go forward to the corner, right, and then take the first left. You should have 
two now. Grab the banana in front of you, then the one to your right. Grab the 
five in the pillar room, and then move to the next path. Grab the three in this 
hallway. When you get to the fourth, take a left. Grab five in the next room. 
Don't bother with the one on the far side. Head down to the next area. Grab the 
group of five in front of you, and then head to the right near the dead end for 
the last.

NOTE: If you get a gold, don't allow the game to save. There is a glitch. If 
you do get the gold, and let it save, you will be unable to get the platinum 

                     -----| Cut-Out Shoot-Out |-----

                           ---Take 'em Down---

Briefing: Uh-oh! The small town of Little Prospect is under siege by some 
vicious cardboard figures, and it looks like they have no intention of leaving. 
Take 'em down!

Character: Elijah Jones

Level: Wild West

Bronze: 1,500     Silver: 2,500     Gold: 3,500     Platinum: 4,000 (4,300 MAX)

Rewards: Ample Sally (Character)

You have to aim for body shots to get 100 points for a target. To start off, 
shoot the alien against the far wall, since you have only one chance. Shoot the 
two bandits on either side. Shoot the alien at the corner, then the bandit that 
comes out of the house. Shoot the six cutouts on the roof of the sheriff's 
building, and the three in the windows. Shoot the one hiding behind the old 
lady, and then move on. Shoot the two that pop up in front of you, then the two 
on the far roof. There are three that slide across the streets. Turn left just 
before the barn and turn left. Shoot the cutout that appears, but make the shot 
count; he only appears once. Shoot the three on the upper level of the barn, 
and the two on the lower level. There are two on both the first and second 
floors of the building across from the barn. On the building past the barn, 
there are two on the upper level, and one on the lower level. There is one in 
the bank, and two on top of it. There are two targets on the building at the 
end of the street. Turn the corner and take the last three shots.

                             ---Fall Out---

Briefing: After turning snitch on Big Tony, it seems poor Marco didn't have his 
escape route planned. Tony's not the brightest of guys though, and he's sent 
some cardboard cutouts after Marco. Help Marco through Chicago without killing 
any old ladies...

Character: Marco the Snitch

Level: Chicago

Bronze: 1,200     Silver: 1,500     Gold: 1,650     Platinum: 1,700 (1,700 MAX)

Rewards: Marco the Snitch (Character)

Shoot the targets as soon as they appear to avoid losing points. Walk forward 
and around the right side of the box for the first cutout. Go around the left 
side of the car for the second. The third appears on top of the large crate you 
see. The fourth appears out from between the wall and a dumpster. The fifth 
pops up in front of Marco's hideout. The sixth and seventh are on either side 
of the car. The eighth appears from behind the crate around the corner. The 
ninth is in the newsstand and the tenth is at the corner. Go around both sides 
of the large stack of crates for the eleventh and twelfth. The garage opens for 
the thirteenth. The fourteenth is behind the car. The fifteenth is above the 
next car. Approach the right side of the last car for the sixteenth, then go 
around the left side for the seventeenth.

                           ---Pick Yer Piece---

Briefing: A lawman needs a gun he can rely on. Elijah's gone down to the 
Compound to test out the performance of some firearms. Shoot as many cutouts as 
you can- but remember, accuracy will also improve your score.

Character: Elijah Jones

Level: Compound

Bronze: 700     Silver: 875     Gold: 1,000     Platinum: 1,250 (1,700 MAX)


I suggest switching aiming controls to where the left stick aims, especially 
for all those who played GoldenEye and Perfect Dark. The key here is to know 
where to look. I suggest using failurewarning's strategy, located at:

               -----| TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic |-----

                      ---Badass Bus Pass Impasse---

Briefing: Badass Cyborg is having one of those days. First of all he loses his 
bus pass and now he's realized that his spare brain is on the other side of 
town. It's not going to be easy going to get it back on foot. Especially when 
Special Forces have been deployed... again!

Character: Badass Cyborg

Level: Streets

Bronze: 5:00.0     Silver: 3:00.0     Gold: 1:30.0     Platinum: 0:45.0

Rewards: Badass Cyborg (Character)

This level is all about speed. Never stop for anything. Time is not your friend 
here. First off, run straight forward and around the corner, staying along the 
right wall. When the woman jumps out, go for a head shot. If you can, great; if 
not, oh well. Grab the Soviet if you killed her and keep going. When soldiers 
get in front of you, use the soviet to take them out. Run down the path, 
weaving to and fro so you won't get shot. When you reach the brain, grab it and 
high tail it back to the start. Again, don't stop, and ignore guards that 
aren't in your way.

                  ---But Where do the Batteries Go?---

Briefing: R107's therapist won't be pleased. Just when it looked like he was 
finally cured, his will has crumbled. He's slipped on a dark lycra bodysuit and 
donned the crudely crayoned cardboard boxes once again. I- am- Robot!

Character: R One-Oh-Seven

Level: Scrapyard

Bronze: 10:00.0     Silver: 7:00.0     Gold: 5:30.0     Platinum: 4:30.0

Rewards: R One-Oh-Seven (Character)

Run straight toward the entrance, ignoring the Chassis Bots as you go. Head 
through the doors and into the first room. Shoot the Chassis Bot just in front 
of you, then the one to the left as you head left down the corridor. Shoot the 
Chassis Bot that appears, and then continue on. Turn the corner, and then waste 
R-109. Ignore the walker bot you pass and head to the spiral-like room. Try to 
kill the Chassis Bots as they appear in front of you. At the bottom, run by the 
walker and keep running. There's an automated turret to avoid, and an R-109 on 
the right. Kill the robot, and take his minigun. Warm it up, and keep moving. 
Grab the body armor. In the next room, try to get out of the turret's range as 
you take out the three R-109's. Head down the hallway on your right, and take a 
right at the end. Take out the Chassis Bots in this room, and head straight 
across. Kill the walker in the hall, and then turn the corner. Waste the wave 
of Chassis Bots that appear, and keep moving. Kill the walker you see before 
you grab the disk. Grab the disk, and run like mad. Try to avoid stopping to 
fight anything that isn't blocking your path. Just get out and make it to the 
Time Portal waiting outside.

                    ---Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time---

Briefing: It's autopsy turvy down at the Hospital, the corpses just won't stay 
put and undead priests are roaming the corridors. Mr. Underwood can't believe 
his luck- he's brushed up his bowler hat and grabbed his trusty shotgun...

Character: Mr. Underwood

Level: Hospital

Bronze: 8:00.0     Silver: 4:00.0     Gold: 2:00.0     Platinum: 1:00.0

Rewards: The Cropolite (Character)

For the most part, you'll ignore the zombies if necessary. If an Undead Priest 
gets in your way, shoot him; otherwise don't waste your time. Run forward and 
into the left door. Run down the hall and ignore the zombies that rise to greet 
you. Take the corner at the end wide to avoid the two zombies that try to 
surprise you. Run through the large room toward the door. When the zombies 
come, fake to one side, and then run around the other side past them. Run 
straight through the next room with the stairs. Go down the hall until you get 
to another room. Take the door right, into a hallway. Turn right and go in that 
door, then left across the room with all the cots. When you approach the 
stairs, you'll hear a Crispin. Walk up the stairs a little ways, and when he 
falls off of the corner, run up the stairs. Go past the balcony and into the 
other room with cots. Use the broken cots to avoid the Crispin, if they 
appeared. Go out to the balcony, grab the Bones, and turn around. Work your way 
back across the second floor to the other balcony. Leap of and into the Time 

                     -----| Monkeying Around |-----

                          ---Simian Shootout---

Briefing: An unscrupulous merchant is trying to flood the market with imitation 
clay monkeys. Use your trusty shotgun to dust those cheap replicas and put him 
out of business!

Character: Mikey Two-guns

Level: Mexican Mission

Bronze: 600     Silver: 1,000     Gold: 1,800     Platinum: 2,000


When the match starts, run up to either side of the fountain. Look up and 
prepare for the monkeys. The key here is monkey combos. Another helpful thing 
to do is learn where the monkeys come from. Use single blasts on the single 
monkeys, and double blasts on the groups. You have unlimited ammunition, and 
you don't have to reload, so don't worry about how often you fire.

                           ---Monkey Mayhem---

Briefing: Some evil circus clowns have enslaved the performing monkeys and 
forced them to carry their watermelons! Free the monkeys by shooting the 
watermelons out of their paws, but aim carefully...

Character: Ringmistress

Level: Circus

Bronze: 1,000     Silver: 1,500     Gold: 2,500     Platinum: 3,000


At the start, center your crosshairs and zoom out all the way. Aim down until 
there is just a small bit of area visible above the upper level barriers while 
you're looking through the scope. You may have to fine tune to find the 
position. Every single monkey runs by this spot. If you miss one of the monkeys 
that runs from left to right, he'll swing back around, and you'll just have to 
aim up a little to hit him. This challenge is mostly luck, as you'll need to 
rely on many Monkey Combos to hit 3,000 points.

                           ---Dam Bursters---

Briefing: The Russian Mafia object to the building of the Siberian Dam, and are 
trying to destroy it through the tactical use of exploding monkeys. It's up to 
you to save the villages downstream by blowing up the monkeys before they reach 
the dam!

Character: Sgt. Shock

Level: Siberia (Atop dam)

Bronze: 4,000     Silver: 6,000     Gold: 8,000     Platinum: 9,300


When the match starts, warm up your minigun with the secondary mode. Strafe 
left and right as the monkeys come, trying to score combos as you go. Try to 
shoot the monkeys that will hit the dam, and avoid the ones that fly high 
overhead. If you're minigun overheats, do a quick switch, then when your weapon 
comes back up, warm it up again.

                          Section VI: Amateur League

                     -----| Beginner's Series |-----

                           ---Adios Amigos!---

Briefing: Everyone was enjoying a siesta at the mission until that dirty dog 
Hector Baboso decided to liven things up. Now everyone's at each others 
throats! Make 10 kills within ten minutes for a trophy!

Game Mode: Deathmatch                  Character: Elijah Jones

Level: Mexican Mission                 Target Rank/Score: 10

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 5:00.0     Gold: 3:00.0     Platinum: 0:40.0

Rewards: Hector Baboso (Character), Lean Molly (Character)

Getting the platinum here is based on a lot of luck and some skill. Try to 
start in the outside area or somewhere near it. Your weapon of choice should be 
the pistols (Luger x2) that you start out with. Hang out near the fountain 
outside and kill anyone you see. If you die, you probably won't have time to 
get the Platinum, so restart. Don't go hunting bots unless you only need one or 
two kills. It takes practice and much luck to get under 40 seconds.


Briefing: Dr. Peabody left the morgue door open and now zombies are running 
loose all over the Hospital. Visiting time starts in ten minutes- try to kill 
15 of the living dead before then!

Game Mode: Deathmatch                  Character: Dr. Peabody

Level: Hospital                        Target Rank/Score: 15

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 5:30.0     Gold: 3:30.0     Platinum: 1:00.0

Rewards: Dr. Peabody (Character), Crypt Zombie (Character)

Try to start near the small hallway. (The one near the staircase.) Get a 
LaserGun, Electrool, or Plasma Autorifle and stay in that general area. Again, 
if you only need one or two more kills, go hunting, otherwise stay where you 
are. It takes a lot of luck to get it in less than one minute, but it is 

                             ---Top Shot---

Briefing: Prove your authority to the young cadets during combat training! 
Everyone has 6 lives each, but lose them all, and you'll be out of the military 
for good!

Game Mode: Elimination                 Character: Sgt. Shock

Level: Hangar                          Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 4:00.0     Gold: 3:00.0     Platinum: 1:10.0

Rewards: Hangar (Arcade Level), Sgt. Shock (Character), Elimination (Game Mode)

Try to find one general area to cover until right near the end. I suggest the 
hangar or the area just off of it. (Not the side with all the crates.) Grab the 
minigun closest to the start point, and then get to one of these areas. Kill 
any bots that come to you. Most of them fall pretty easily, but there is one 
Capt. Snow, who is much smarter and skilled than the rest. Don't be tempted to 
run across the map to a group of bots. Most of the time, many of them will have 
been killed, and will restart just where you left. When there are only one or 
two bots left, and they only have a life or two, go ahead and chase them down, 
otherwise, stay where you are. Avoid using the flamethrower, as the bots take 
too long to die that way.

                       -----| Mode Madness |-----

                          ---Chastity Chased---

Briefing: Chastity is honing her combat skills in a simulated shootout against 
Sadako at the Compound. Virtual health regenerates so you should hold back if 
you are wounded. The same applies to Sadako- so persevere to score kills.

Game Mode: Regeneration                Character: Chastity

Level: Compound                        Target Rank/Score: 10

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 4:00.0     Gold: 3:00.0     Platinum: 1:10.0

Rewards: Regeneration (Game Mode)

Try to get the start point near the Rocket Launcher outside. Grab the launcher 
and make a beeline toward Sadako. Every time you waste her, watch for the new 
start point and repeat the process. If you run low on rockets, swing back 
around to the launcher outside. If your aim is good, the rockets will have 
respawned by the time you need them.

                      ---Shrinking from the Cold---

Briefing: The Time Portal has caused spacetime anomalies around the Dam. People 
have been shrinking! Lt. Frost, Nikolai and Sgt. Shivers have spiced up guard 
duty by making a game out of it. Remember, you won't win if there's anyone 
bigger than you!

Game Mode: Shrink                      Character: Lt. Frost

Level: Siberia (Outside)               Target Rank/Score: 10

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 4:30.0     Gold: 3:00.0     Platinum: 0:50.0

Rewards: Private Sand (Character), Sgt. Slate (Character), Shrink (Game Mode)

It can be helpful to disable the Auto-Look Ahead option. Try to get the start 
point on top of the building. Grab the minigun and begin eliminating the two 
bots. Grab their Soviet S47's when they drop. Keep running as quickly as 
possible between the two enemies. If you run out of minigun ammo, use the 
Soviet's grenades.

                            ---Scrap Metal---

Briefing: UltraNet headquarters want this ChassisBot disposed of as quickly as 
possible. Although not heavily armored, it is very agile, so be careful! Power 
drained from the ChassisBot will refresh your EnviroSuit batteries- don't let 
them run down!

Game Mode: Vampire                     Character: Female Trooper

Level: Scrapyard                       Target Rank/Score: 10

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 4:00.0     Gold: 3:00.0     Platinum: 1:05.0

Rewards: Scrapyard (Arcade Level), ChassisBot (Character)

Try to start near the LaserGun. Get it and head straight towards the Chassis 
Bot. It should only take one or two half-charge shots per kill. Keep going 
right towards it as soon as it respawns. If you're lucky, you can nail the 
platinum. Try to put in a kill about every seven seconds or so.

                       -----| It's a Blast |-----

                            ---Night Shift---

Briefing: It is night shift at the factory, and the Machinist is having a nap. 
Time to play! Inject some enthusiasm into the other workers before he wakes up. 
Your health is replenished by damage inflicted so keep up a good hit rate to 
stay alive!

Game Mode: Leech                       Character: R-109

Level: Robot Factory                   Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: NSL     Silver: 15     Gold: 25     Platinum: 50

Rewards: SentryBot (Character), Leech (Game Mode)

Stay out in the large area and use the Homing Launcher whenever possible. I 
would suggest staying in the upper ramp area. Shoot at anything you see. Don't 
worry about shooting things directly in front of you, as you'll leech much of 
the health back. You'll have to continually kill bots if you hope to get 50.

                           ---Spoils of War---

Briefing: Kills count for nothing in this game, only the rewards left behind by 
dead contenders are worth collecting. Be the first to 25 points!

Game Mode: Thief                       Character: Sgt. Cortez

Level: Ice Station                     Target Rank/Score: 25

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 6:00.0     Gold: 4:30.0     Platinum: 2:40.0

Rewards: Meezor Mox (Character), Thief (Game Mode)

Grab the speed and cloak power-ups whenever possible. Use the Homing Launcher 
when you can. Simply run around and kill the opponents as quickly as possible, 
and take the coins as you do. You'll have to be quick, so never stop moving.

                         ---Demolition Derby---

Briefing: There's nothing like high explosives for reducing ChassisBots to 
chassis bits. The game lasts 4 minutes. make sure you score top!

Game Mode: Deathmatch                  Character: R-109

Level: Scrapyard                       Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: NSL     Silver: 15     Gold: 25     Platinum: 45

Rewards: Male Trooper (Character), Female Trooper (Character), Vampire (Game 

Run out to the center and grab the Homing Launcher. Use single rockets to knock 
out Chassis Bots, and triple-shots to kill anything else. You'll have to be 
fast and responsive to kill enemies fast enough to get 45.

                     -----| Too Hot to Handle |-----

                         ---Monkey Immolation---

Briefing: Those pesky pyromaniac primates have been juggling burning torches, 
with disastrous results! The game ends when everyone is set on fire. so avoid 
those frantic furry flamers!

Game Mode: Virus                       Character: Venus Starr

Level: Mexican Mission                 Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: 0:30.0     Silver: 1:00.0     Gold: 2:00.0     Platinum: 3:00.0

Rewards: Crispin (Character), Flame Tag (Game Mode)

Grab a gun you like and get outside. Get on top of the building towards the 
back of the area. If a single virus gets to you, kill it. If a large group 
comes, leap off the building and run into the mission. Head to the back end and 
upstairs. Run to the bell, leap off, and get back up on the building. Repeat as 

                           ---Disco Inferno---

Briefing: Lady Jane is busy strutting her stuff in the nightclub, and the 
dancefloor is hotting up. literally! Avoid the night fever for as long as 

Game Mode: Virus                       Character: Lady Jane

Level: Nightclub                       Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: 0:30.0     Silver: 1:00.0     Gold: 2:00.0     Platinum: 3:00.0

Rewards: Louie Bignose (Character), Lt. Wild (Character)

When the level starts, work your way outside to the fire escapes. Get up to the 
top level on the side with the TommyGun. Grab it and face towards the ramp on 
your side. Whenever an infected person runs up the ramp, gun them down. If they 
have a speed powerup or are in a large group, run backwards as you shoot in a 
path parallel to the side rails. If you're moving fast enough, you'll "jump" to 
the other side with the max damage power-up. Use the new power to kill all the 
viruses you see. If the area is clear, move back to the side with the TommyGun 
and repeat the above process as needed. NOTE: You can't "jump" back to the side 
with the TommyGun from the side with the max damage power-up.

                         ---Burns Department---

Briefing: You might want to keep away from the other patients in the hospital. 
There's a nasty hot fever going around. you wouldn't want to catch it!

Game Mode: Virus                       Character: Viola

Level: Hospital                        Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: 1:00.0     Silver: 1:30.0     Gold: 2:00.0     Platinum: 3:00.0

Rewards: Nightclub (Arcade Level), Undead Priest (Character), Virus (Game Mode)

Work your way to the large balcony where the Shotgun spawns. Camp there until 
most of the bots have been infected. From now on, killing the bots is bad. Once 
they crowd onto the balcony with you, back off the edge, then run to the left 
door. Run down the hallway until you get to the smaller grand hall. Go past it 
into the operating room. Head up the stairs and through the door. Go through 
the room with the beds, and get back onto the balcony.

                       -----| Team Series A |-----

                             ---Club Soda---

Briefing: Slick Tommy and Jimmy Needles just knocked over your drink, and 
they're refusing to buy another! Teach them some manners, and score 20 kills 
before they do! Braces and Marco will back you up.

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch             Character: Louie Bignose

Level: Nightclub                       Target Rank/Score: 20

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 4:00.0     Gold: 3:00.0     Platinum: 1:30.0

Rewards: Slick Tommy (Character), Jimmy Needles (Character)

Find a weapon you're comfortable with, and start hunting down bots. As soon as 
you kill someone, make a beeline to another enemy bot. Your teammates will be 
quite helpful here, and will be instrumental in your success.

                           ---Station Stand---

Briefing: A squad of SentryBots are attempting to take over the Ice Station 
asteroid. Team up with the Space Troopers to secure critical locations and 
repel the attack.

Game Mode: Zones                       Character: Female Trooper

Level: Ice Station                     Target Rank/Score: 1,000

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 5:30.0     Gold: 4:30.0     Platinum: 3:15.0

Rewards: Lt. Shade (Character), Zones (Game Mode)

Find a good weapon quickly. (I recommend the LaserGun.) Run from point to 
point, securing the Zones. Kill enemies as you see them, unless you're running 
for a Zone. If you're fast, this level shouldn't pose very much of a problem.

                            ---Men in Gray---

Briefing: A bunch of suits have been seen near the Training Ground blockhouse. 
They've put in some computers and it looks like they might be starting a dotcom 
consultancy business. Hit them hard and fast before they try to float the 
company and pocket the cash!

Game Mode: Assault                     Character: Private Grass

Level: Training Ground

Bronze: 10:00.0     Silver: 6:00.0     Gold: 3:30.0     Platinum: 1:00.0

Rewards: Accountant (Character), Lawyer (Character), Assault (Game Mode)

Grab the Soviet on your way out. Run down to the center and grab the armor, 
while avoiding the turrets' fire. Fire a grenade to take out the left turret, 
then one to take out the right one. Try to avoid killing enemy bots at this 
point. Try to conserve grenades and rockets if you get them. If you die before 
completing the first objective, restart. Work your way past the bots and move 
up the hill. Avoid the turret's fire and run past it. Go around the corner and 
shoot the barrel in the open area. Go left, shoot the barrel in the partially 
destroyed building, then get the one in the back behind the bunker. Run into 
their base, then up the ramp. Shoot the barrel, grab the armor and minigun, and 
drop over the edge for another barrel. Turn around, shoot the last barrel, then 
run into their base. Destroy every terminal completely using grenades or 

                         Section VII: Honorary League

                          -----| Maximus |-----

                         ---Cold Corpse Caper---

Briefing: After dark, the freaks crawl off their slabs and prowl the Hospital 
morgue. Cyberfairy has dropped in to sprinkle some hot lead pixie dust and send 
them back to sleep!

Game Mode: Gladiator                   Character: Cyberfairy

Level: Hospital                        Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: NKL     Silver: 10     Gold: 15     Platinum: 40

Rewards: Cyberfairy (Character), Gargoyle (Character)

This is a very easy platinum to get. Remember, you're Cyberfairy. Use your 
speed and small size to your advantage. Immediately try to find a Shotgun or a 
TommyGun/TommyGun x2. Once you're armed, go straight toward the Gladiator with 
your radar. Once you've become the Gladiator, use your map to hunt down the 
zombies and gargoyles and start racking up kills. You probably won't have to do 
a lot of hunting, as they have a real annoying tendency to swarm and attack 
from all directions. You can camp if you want, but it isn't necessary.

                           ---Killer Queen---

Briefing: ".the monkey wasn't too happy but the lion said he was glad he ate 
her!" Ha ha ha! The Jungle Queen is sick and tired of what passes for humor 
round these parts. Crack some heads and wipe those silly smiles off their 

Game Mode: Gladiator                   Character: Jungle Queen

Level: Aztec Ruins                     Target Rank/Score: 15

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 4:00.0     Gold: 3:00.0     Platinum: 1:50.0

Rewards: Leo Krupps (Character)

Get the TommyGuns whenever possible. Hunt down the Gladiator and then begin 
hunting down other players. Avoid the Stone Golem unless you're armed with 
TommyGun x2, as his stamina is much higher than the other characters. If you 
camp, camp in the small open area next to the area with the pond.

                             ---R109 Beta---

Briefing: The latest production run of R109 prototypes is being combat tested. 
The most lethal unit will be awarded with a command firmware upgrade. 
Demonstrate that you are the best.

Game Mode: Gladiator                   Character: R-109

Level: Ice Station                     Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: 15     Silver: 25     Gold: 40     Platinum: 42

Rewards: Ufopia (Arcade Level), Lt. Chill (Character), Roman (Hat), Gladiator 
           (Game Mode)

You'll probably want to hang out around the central tower. When the match 
starts, find the Gladiator as quickly as possible, and kill him. Then hang 
around the center tower, and kill everything that moves. There should be some 
health on the second level of the tower, should you need to get it.

                    -----| Elimination Series |-----

                       ---Baking for the Taking---

Briefing: Chef's baked up nine delicious gingerbread fortune cookies. Looks 
like he used too much raising agent- they're running away!

Game Mode: Elimination                 Character: Chinese Chef

Level: Chinese                         Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 4:00.0     Gold: 3:00.0     Platinum: 2:20.0

Rewards: Chinese Chef (Character), Gingerbread Man (Character)

Grab the minigun as soon as possible and then make your way to the kitchen. 
Camp here and kill the bots as quickly as you see them. When only one or two 
are left, hunt the rest down.

                          ---Brace Yourself---

Briefing: It had to happen. Braces just caught Louie Bignose and Jimmy Needles 
badmouthing him in front of Big Tony. Doity rats, now they're gonna pay, see?

Game Mode: Elimination                 Character: Braces

Level: Nightclub                       Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 2:30.0     Gold: 1:45.0     Platinum: 1:20.0

Rewards: Braces (Character), Trooper Brown (Character)

You're stuck with Luger Pistols on this challenge. Try and get Luger Pistol x2 
as soon as you can and make a beeline for the closest opponent. It'll only take 
a few shots to kill someone, so just aim to hit. When that one is dead, run for 
the other. On occasion, they'll kill one-another, but it won't happen often. 
Try not to get shot in the back much, as dying can really hurt your chances of 
getting the platinum. Just be fast and accurate, and you should have the 
platinum within a few tries.

                         ---Starship Whoopers---

Briefing: Hank, R109, and Gretel II are helping Candi learn advanced combat 
techniques. During the lesson, prototype space monkeys will be beamed in to 
help the weakest player. Never a dull day in the Academy!

Game Mode: Monkey Assistant            Character: Candi Skyler

Level: Scrapyard                       Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: NKL     Silver: 15     Gold: 25     Platinum: 30

Rewards: Trooper Black (Character), Monkey Assistant (Game Mode)

Always keep moving and use the Homing Launcher as much as possible. Even though 
the monkeys don't count as kills, they will get annoying, so kill them as you 
see them. Stay near the center and kill everyone you see.

                      -----| Burns 'n' Bangs |-----

                           ---Chinese Burns---

Briefing: The Chinese Chef insists on only the freshest ingredients. Look's 
like he's got more than he bargained for with the latest air freighted shipment 
of Calamari- they leapt straight out of the pan and now they're trying to 
flamb‚ him!

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch             Character: Chinese Chef

Level: Chinese                         Target Rank/Score: 20

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 2:30.0     Gold: 2:00.0     Platinum: 1:45.0

Rewards: Calamari (Character), Chef (Hat)

This level is hailed as one of the easiest Platinum medals to obtain. Go to one 
of the high-traffic areas, and burn and blast everything you can get near. This 
shouldn't be too hard.

                           ---Snow Business---

Briefing: All the children love a Snowman. well, nearly all the children. The 
Machinist and his twisted siblings like nothing better than torching their 
chilly chums. Frosty's nose isn't just shiny- it's dripping with gasoline! 
Anyone got a match?

Game Mode: Team Deatmatch              Character: Machinist

Level: Ice Station                     Target Rank/Score: 20

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 3:15.0     Gold: 2:30.0     Platinum: 1:50.0

Rewards: Snowman (Character), Trooper Grey (Character)

Run after the Snowmen and set them aflame as much as possible. If you catch on 
fire, try to take one or two down with you. If you strafe around the Snowmen 
and fire at them, you can usually get them without being set aflame yourself.

                            ---Rocket Man---

Briefing: Sergio loves to visit the Streets at night! He relishes the feel of 
the cold snowy air gusting through his loincloth as he scampers up and down. 
But most of all, he loves to show off with his rocket launcher in front of all 
the lovely ladies.

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch             Character: Sergio

Level: Streets                         Target Rank/Score: 40

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 2:00.0     Gold: 1:30.0     Platinum: 1:05.0

Rewards: Venus Starr (Character), Capt. Sand (Character)

Head to the room with two entrances that had the armor in Rice Cracker Rush. 
Simply get a Rocket Launcher and camp there. The enemies will file in whenever 
they respawn. As they come in, kill them with the launcher. It takes a few 
tries to get them to come in often enough.

             -----| Outnumbered but Never Outpunned! |-----

                      ---Someone Has Got to Pay.---

Briefing: Big Tony's been having some discrete hair transplant work done down 
at the Hospital. But in an anaesthetic induced daze he thinks that some giant 
ducks are after his new thatcth to feather their nests! Help him out by 
whacking dem malicious mallards.

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch             Character: Big Tony

Level: Hospital

Bronze: 40     Silver: 50     Gold: 60     Platinum: 80

Rewards: Duckman Drake (Character), Capt. Night (Character)

I suggest grabbing double shotguns, and camping in the room with the health 
that is adjacent to a room with cots in it. You'll have to keep moving to watch 
all three entrances. Occasionally, jump into the hallway and waste some ducks. 
Try not to die too often. You can also try camping in the shower area if the 
above method proves too difficult.

                           ---Time to Split---

Briefing: Krayola thought her tattoos and piercings were pretty freaky until 
the Scourge Splitters turned up down at the Compound. Show them that there's 
more to it than just looking hard.

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch             Character: Krayola

Level: Compound                        Target Rank/Score: 15

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 3:00.0     Gold: 2:30.0     Platinum: 1:20.0

Rewards: Barby Gimp (Character), Scourge Splitter (Character)

Make your way to the double SBP90 Machineguns as soon as you start. Then follow 
the same strategy as other missions in the compound. Go straight towards the 
enemies as soon as they appear and kill them. The platinum isn't difficult if 
you're quick.

                         ---Can't Handle This---

Briefing: Welcome to Hatchet Sal's cheese induced nightmare. Well, at least now 
we know what Big Tony's left hand man looks like. Just goes to show, if you 
mutilate people for a living you've got to expect to lose some sleep.

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch             Character: Hatchet Sal

Level: Nightclub                       Target Rank/Score: 40

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 3:30.0     Gold: 3:00.0     Platinum: 2:40.0

Rewards: Chasm (Arcade Level), Hatchet Sal (Character), Handyman (Character)

Make your way to the Story mode entrance and grab the TommyGun x2. Move back 
out and look so that you're facing down the hallway with glass-enclosed areas 
on both sides. Camp here and blast the Handymen as they come around the corner. 
Move to the side whenever you need to reload. If one spawns in front of you, 
they usually go into one of the small glass enclosed areas, before attacking. 
By that time, their temporary invincibility will have worn off.

                       -----| Team Series B |-----

                           ---Hack a Hacker---

Briefing: Sadako's gang have been selling warez down at the Compound. It's time 
for the anti-piracy riot squad to instigate a crackdown. They made 20 illegal 
copies- so kill them 20 times!

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch             Character: Riot Officer

Level: Compound                        Target Rank/Score: 20

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 1:40.0     Gold: 1:20.0     Platinum: 1:00.0

Rewards: Krayola (Character), Milkbaby (Character)

Again, grab the best weapon you can find, and kill the enemies as soon as you 
can. Go for the ones that your teammates aren't before the ones that they are. 
You'll have to rely on your teammates a lot here to get the platinum.

                         ---Rice Cracker Rush---

Briefing: Ghost and a crack team of pacifistic Monks are taking on the Riot 
Squad in a running Streets battle for some bags of munchies. The Monks are 
riding a heady sugar rush after a rice cracker binge and are pretty wired. So 
much for non-violent protest!

Game Mode: Capture the Bag             Character: Ghost

Level: Streets                         Target Rank/Score: 5

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 5:00.0     Gold: 4:00.0     Platinum: 3:00.0

Rewards: Riot Officer (Character), The Master (Character)

Completely ignore the other team when you're going for their bag. On the way 
there, grab the Cloak and Armor around the first corner. When you get to their 
base, grab the bag and the minigun and then head back. Kill them as you pass 
them while you return, but don't go out of your way unless it's the bag 

                           ---Superfly Lady---

Briefing: Khallos is hoping to escape in his executive evil leer jet- but 
typically, he has forgotten to fuel it up. If Kitten can just manage to beat 
off the henchmen and blow their barrels then his evil flight plans will be 
foiled once again.

Game Mode: Assault                     Character: Kitten Celeste

Level: Hangar

Bronze: 6:00.0     Silver: 3:00.0     Gold: 2:00.0     Platinum: 1:30.0

Rewards: Capt. Pain (Character), Hangar (Assault Level)

At the start, move to the left exit, and take the gun out with your pistols. 
Grab the Soviet under it and shoot the other turret. Peek around the corner and 
shoot a grenade at the turret. Move towards the door and shoot a grenade to 
knock out the two turrets guarding it. As you run toward the door, fire a 
grenade to the upper level towards the turret guarding the Hangar switch. Head 
into the door, then either shoot the turret on the box, or run behind it, then 
shoot it. Throw a grenade at the turret between the conveyor belts. Grab the 
armor and run by the two mounted guns. Take out the turret on the ground. Then 
destroy the two mounted ones. Run up the stairs and around the corner. Hit the 
switch and then get yourself killed. When you respawn, run towards the hangar. 
Grab the Soviet and run into the main hangar. Shoot grenades at the turrets, 
then at the barrel between the front wheels. Take out the ones under the rear 
wheels with grenades or by shooting them.

                          Section VII: Elite League

                     -----| One Shot Thrills |-----

                        ---Babes in the Woods---

Briefing: Harry Tipper alone in the Aztec Jungle, with a bunch of gorgeous 
young ladies. with his reputation? Has no one thought of the consequences? Just 
keep your bow in your hand, Tipper, and don't be getting shrunk just so you can 
look up their skirts!

Game Mode: Shrink                      Character: Harry Tipper

Level: Aztec Ruins                     Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: NKL     Silver: 15     Gold: 20     Platinum: 25

Rewards: Jo-Beth Casey (Character)

Make your way to the small area near the area with the pond. Continue to watch 
all three entrances and shoot the girls as they come in. Keep moving around so 
you don't die as much.

                            ---Double Bill---

Briefing: Big Tony thought he was on to a winner when he booked the King and 
the Beetles to play a gig at the famous Chasm club. Imagine his suprise when 
these jokers turned up! And he'd paid in advance! Needless to say, Tony wants 
his money back.

Game Mode: Thief                       Character: Big Tony

Level: Chasm                           Target Rank/Score: 20

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 4:30.0     Gold: 3:30.0     Platinum: 2:30.0

Rewards: Beetleman (Character), The Impersonator (Character)

Keep running around grabbing the speed and shrink power-ups. The shrink helps 
you to shoot the small Beetlemen, and the speed will help you get around that 
much faster. Always keep moving and don't bother killing enemies unless you can 
get the coins they drop.

                        ---Nikki Jinki Bricky---

Briefing: Nikki and Jinki have taken over the Chinese restaurant. But it is 
haunted by the restless spirits who hit themselves on the head with bricks 
while attempting to master the Brick Flung High challenge from the 
TimeSplitters! Help your sister lay their souls to rest!

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch             Character: Nikki

Level: Chinese                         Target Rank/Score: 20

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 2:30.0     Gold: 2:00.0     Platinum: 1:35.0

Rewards: Nikki (Character), Jinki (Character)

Get down to the lower area and grab the bricks. Face the stairway that led down 
there and just kill the bots as they run down.

                       -----| Duel Meaning |-----

                      ---If I'm Ugly- You Smell!---

Briefing: Mikey told Jared that his center parting made him look like a water 
buffalo so then Jared told Mikey that he smelt like one. There's only one way 
to settle a difference of opinion out West- a good ol' shootout! Yeehaw! Get 
yer guns!

Game Mode: Deathmatch                  Character: Jared Slim

Level: Mexican Mission                 Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: NLL     Silver: 3 lives     Gold: 4 lives     Platinum: 5 lives

Rewards: Mikey Two-guns (Character), Jared Slim (Character)

If you're accurate and fast on the draw, this challenge will be a walk in the 
park. Simply stick to the outside area, armed with a pair of Garret Revolvers. 
If you die, restart the match. Remember, there isn't any time limit, so you're 
not in a hurry.

                            ---Golem Guru---

Briefing: Two years have passed down at the Site and the building still isn't 
finished! The reason? A mass of discarded hardcore has come to life and chased 
all of the builders away. Only the lightning reflexes and guile of the Master 
can finally lay the Golem to rest.

Game Mode: Deathmatch                  Character: The Master

Level: Site                            Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: NLL     Silver: 3 lives     Gold: 4 lives     Platinum: 5 lives

Rewards: Kypriss (Character), Fat Characters (Cheat)

Grab the armor and health whenever you need it. Use explosive weapons. When you 
engage the golem, use the secondary fire of the Rocket weapons, or basic 
grenade shells. Always stay moving, and don't engage him unless you have ammo, 
health and armor to ensure that you won't die.

                           ---Golden Thighs---

Briefing: Kitten Celeste is pretty miffed 'cause Harry Tipper has been spending 
rather too much time in the company of the Jungle Queen. Kitten says too many 
muscles look bad on a lady and her tan's fake anyway. So it looks like it's a 
cat fight at the Dam!

Game Mode: Deathmatch                  Character: Kitten Celeste

Level: Siberia (Outside)               Target Rank/Score: 5

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 2:30.0     Gold: 2:00.0     Platinum: 1:35.0

Rewards: High Priest (Character), Aztec Warrior (Character)

Try to get the spawn point on top of the building when you begin. Run over the 
boards and grab the Soviet S47(x2) and make your way to the building with the 
health kit in it. Face the door and shoot a grenade through the window every 
few seconds. If she opens the door, fire the grenade, then move immediately to 
the right. Whenever you kill her, if she managed to open the door, run out and 
get the ammo, then come back in. Repeat as needed.

                      -----| Frantic Series |-----

                         ---Hangar Hat's Off!---

Briefing: The Henchmen think they're hard enough to beat a Special Forces' Team 
in a shootout down at the old Hangar. They need to be taught a lesson. 
Professional soldiers don't prance around dressed like bananas- and baseball 
caps and IR goggles are so 90's.

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch             Character: Sgt. Shock

Level: Hangar                          Target Rank/Score: 30

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 2:00.0     Gold: 1:30.0     Platinum: 1:15.0

Rewards: Henchman (Character), Dark Henchman (Character)

This can be a very frustrating challenge to do, mostly because you have to rely 
heavily on your teammates for kills, much like Hack a Hacker. Get the Tactical 
12-Guage or the Soviet S47 and head to the room under the crane. Most of the 
Henchmen will swarm in this area or the area filled with crates. If the 
Henchmen aren't near you, then run towards the biggest group you can find that 
isn't near some of your team. This'll take several tries, but it is possible.

                     ---Can't Please Everyone.---

Briefing: The Hospital needs redecorating. The Maidens like the idea of a 
cheerful red but the Priests are dead set on blue. Test out your colour scheme 
in key rooms to see what would be best.

Game Mode: Zones                       Character: Maiden

Level: Hospital                        Target Rank/Score: 800

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 4:00.0     Gold: 3:00.0     Platinum: 2:30.0

Rewards: Maiden (Character), Changeling (Character)

Use the incendiary shells from the Grenade Launcher to light the priests on 
fire. They will burn for a long time since they have such a high Stamina 
rating. Just capture the zones and keep the priests burning.

                          ---Big Top Blowout---

Briefing: There's been unrest at the Circus since Stumpy hammered a tent peg up 
Mr. Giggles' nose as part of last night's show. Mischief has cracked open a 
crate of homing rocket launchers and now it's every freak for themselves!

Game Mode: Deathmatch                  Character: Ringmistress

Level: Circus                          Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: NSL     Silver: 25     Gold: 35     Platinum: 45

Rewards: Mr. Giggles (Character), Stumpy (Character)

Your character is reasonably fast, which is good. You'll be doing a lot of 
running. You have one weapon to use: the Homing Launcher. As soon as the match 
begins, find a Launcher. Start running toward large groups of enemies and blast 
away. Avoid chasing single enemies, as they'll only slow you down. This can be 
a long match, so get comfortable. Always stay moving, and aim low so that if 
the rocket misses your target, it'll hit the ground, and do some damage if it 
doesn't kill them anyway.

                       -----| Team Series C |-----

                            ---Bags of Fun---

Briefing: When Cortez and Hart aren't knocking seven bells out of the 
TimeSplitters they like to invite them over to the Ice Station for a friendly 
game of capture the bag. The TimeSplitters are inclined to take it a bit too 

Game Mode: Capture the Bag             Character: Corp. Hart

Level: Ice Station                     Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: 3 better     Silver: 5 better     Gold: 7 better    Platinum: 10 better

Rewards: Ringmistress (Character), Big Hands (Cheat), SlowMotion Deaths (Cheat)

When the match starts, leap from the tower to the right side. Grab the Rocket 
Launcher and speed power-up. Run to their bag, take it, and head back. If they 
take your bag, simply blast the carrier on your way back. On the second run, 
head left and grab the speed power-up and half-armor as you head to their bag. 
Simply repeat the process until time expires.

NOTE: When improving your medal, you not only must increase your lead, but your 
overall score as well.

NOTE: Avoid capturing the bag as time expires; it can lead to problems.

                         ---They're Not Pets!---

Briefing: Mr. Giggles and Stumpy ordered a bunch of Baby Drone 'Splitters off 
the Internet. When they arrived they bit the Bear's nose and ripped off Lola's 
costume. The Ringmistress is not pleased- she wants rid of them! Watch out for 
the Bear, though, he's pretty mad.

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch             Character: Mister Giggles

Level: Circus                          Target Rank/Score: 1st

Bronze: NKL     Silver: 30     Gold: 40     Platinum: 55

Rewards: Baby Drone (Character), Bear (Character)

This can be a somewhat difficult challenge if you're not prepared. It's a 
three-team match, which means it'll probably be easier to get 1st. You can use 
just about any weapon (pick the one you like best), but I'd avoid the Plasma 
Autorifle and Flamethrower, simply because they take so long to put the kill 
in. Since you don't have a radar, you can basically wander around randomly, 
looking for enemies. The easiest way to kill baby drones is to drop to a 
crouch, then blast them with a 12-Guage. Knowing the map can be helpful, so you 
can keep to well-traveled areas to maximize your kills.

                           ---Nice Threads---

Briefing: United only by a passion for dressing up in silly costumes, R107 and 
Leo Krupps join forces to storm the Scrapyard Control Room. It's a death 
defying assault against the SentryBots- but watch out for those thread lasers, 
Leo! Oops, too late.

Game Mode: Assault                     Character: R One-Oh-Seven

Level: Scrapyard

Bronze: 15:00.0     Silver: 10:00.0     Gold: 5:00.0     Platinum: 2:40.0

Rewards: Scrapyard (Assault Level)

From the start, head right and grab the LaserGun. Put the shield up, and run 
like a madman through the level. Whenever you pass by a drone gun or bot that 
doesn't fire rockets, simply look at it with the shield, and keep running. 
Disable it when you don't need it to conserve energy. (This is a quick 
strategy. I'll have a more detailed one at a later time.)

                -----| Sincerest Form of Flattery |-----

                       ---Aztec the Dino Hunter---

Briefing: Aztec Warrior just loves to hunt dinosaurs! The Aztec Priest has 
tried to convince him otherwise by explaining all of the ethical and ecological 
reasons which make it a morally questionable activity. Aztec Warrior ignores 
him, he says the Priest's just a cerebral bore.

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch             Character: Aztec Warrior

Level: Aztec Ruins

Bronze: 45     Silver: 60     Gold: 70     Platinum: 90

Rewards: Dinosaur (Character)

Work your way to the room mentioned before in Aztec missions. (The one near the 
room with the pond.) Keep moving and shoot Dinosaurs the second you see them. 
You'll have to be quick and avoid dying to hit the platinum score.

                            ---Half Death---

Briefing: The Scientists have been experimenting with reactor cores and 
anomalous materials with the usual result- a trans dimensional rift and aliens 
running amok. The marines have been sent in to shoot anything that moves. That 
includes you, Dr. Peabody!

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch             Character: Dr. Peabody

Level: Hangar                          Target Rank/Score: 20

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 3:00.0     Gold: 2:30.0     Platinum: 2:00.0

Rewards: Drone Splitter (Character)

The Plasma Autorifle and Soviet S47 x2 are your best bets for armament. Stick 
to the hangar area and use the grenades of either weapon to kill the bots 
whenever you see them. Try not to fall far behind though.

                           ---Dead Fraction---

Briefing: The Miners of the Ulcer Corp are dying of a strange Pox and the 
company executives are running a cynical sweepstake on the mortality figures- 
'Guess the Dead Fraction'. The Miners with the Pox are revolting, none more so 
than Jebediah Crump!

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch             Character: Jebediah Crump

Level: Chasm                           Target Rank/Score: 20

Bronze: NTL     Silver: 4:30.0     Gold: 3:00.0     Platinum: 2:05.0

Rewards: Jebediah Crump (Character), Small Heads (Cheat)

Get either a Rocket Launcher or SBP90 Machineguns. The flamethrower can also be 
very effective. Find yourself a nice place to camp (there are several), and 
make yourself comfortable. Whenever a bot runs in, kill him. You should be able 
to get the platinum in a few tries.

                    Section VIII: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I do all those cool acrobatic moves like the bots do?
A: No. In the name of all that is good and pure, stop asking! It's not funny 

Q: The bot died and it won't respawn. What happened?
A: This is an unfixable glitch. Sometimes it just happens, usually in Virus and 
Flame Tag modes.

Q: What are these Character Abilities?
A: If you set them to ON, you'll notice that characters have stats, measured by 
little colored bars. They are Accuracy, Agility (Speed), and Stamina (Health). 
Some characters, like the various robots, are immune to fire. Others, like the 
Wood Golem take more damage from fire. If they're set to OFF, the only 
differences between characters are their heights and models. See my Character 
Abilities FAQ for a complete listing.

Q: Who's the best character?
A: There is no single best character. Some are fast, and others can take more 
damage. Just pick the character whose stats reflect best how you play.

Q: There's a Platinum medal for 'Badass Buspass Impasse', and I haven't even 
unlocked it yet. What happened?
A: By playing a created map, you immediately are given the Platinum medal for 
that challenge. You can play the level after you unlock it to remedy the 

Q: I got a Platinum medal on 'Playing With Fire', but the game still says I 
have a Gold medal. What's up with that?
A: There is a lovely little glitch here. If you get the Gold medal, you are 
unable to get the Platinum medal. If you do get the Gold medal, reset your game 
before it saves. You must get all 24 bananas with at least a second left on the 

Q: Is it possible to get all 66 Platinum medals?
A: Yes, it's very possible.

Q: Are all of the weapons available from the get-go? How do I unlock locked 
ones? (If any)
A: All the weapons are initially available except for the brick. Earn a Silver 
or Gold medal on the 'Bricking It' challenge to earn it.

Q: Silenced Luger?
A: It's available in a couple of weapon sets and Story missions, but it can't 
be set to a MapMaker weapon set or custom weapon set.

Q: Help! How do I beat (insert Challenge or Arcade Challenge name here)? It's 
A: Nothings impossible. You may actually be trying too hard. There are FAQs 
here, like Qbsean10's and mine. If that doesn't work, head to 
www.mathgamehouse.com/ts2 and look there.

Q: How do I unlock (insert character name here)?
A: Again, check the FAQs. The latest version of mine has most of the 
Challenge/Arcade Challenge Rewards. My Character Abilities FAQ has a complete 

Q: How many Arcade Awards are there? What are they?
A: There are about 58, when I checked last. There's a thread at GameFAQs and a 
list at Q's Laboratory that lists most, if not all of them. There's also 
another site, http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/t2arcadeawards/ that lists them all.

Q: The C-Stick is too sensitive. Can I fix it?
A: Nope. Try using the 'Switch When Aiming' setting. Set the left stick to aim 
and you'll be fine.

Q: How do I unlock (insert anything here)?
A: By playing the Challenge, Arcade League, and Story modes.

Q: How do I use the silly hats?
A: Turn the cheat on and play a match in Arcade Custom. Characters will 
randomly wear the hats you've unlocked. Not all characters can wear hats, 

Q: Can I play defense on Assault?
A: Nope.

Q: Oh God the sound! What is it?
A: The Minigun and LaserGun charging sounds occasionally stick. You're stuck 
with them until the match is over.

Q: Random music isn't random. Huh?
A: Yep. It just plays Astrolander.

Q: I beat 'Bags of Fun' 7-2. Why didn't I get a Platinum medal?
A: You have to have 7 more bags than them. For example, if they got 3, you 
would have to get 10. When you go back to improve scores, not only must you get 
x bags better, you must also get more total bags than your last best score.

Q: Chilled, Normal, Frantic; What's the difference?
A: They are basically just how fast you move and how fast the game goes.

Q: Bot Stars?
A: Bot stars indicate how skilled a bot is. 1 Star is the equivalent of a 
MeatSim (pathetic), while 5 Stars is between a HardSim and a PerfectSim. 5 Star 
bots also have a large stamina increase. You can change the stars only when 
Character Abilities are disabled.

                             Section IX: Closing
First off, I would like to thank GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) and The TS2 Map 
Site (www.chriscomputers.com/ts2) for hosting this FAQ, the people at The 
TimeSplitters 2 Network (www.timesplitters2.net) and the Plat Strats group 
(www.mathgamehouse.com/ts2) for help on a few levels I had trouble on, the 
people at NGC-Elites (ngc-elites.net and ts2strats.port5.com) for the drive to 
get better, as well as several people on the message boards who gave me the 
motivation to write this because I was tired of seeing the same questions every 
day on the board.

Special thanks also go out to failurewarning and Stephen Chan, for providing me 
with a few Platinum requirements I was a little off on. Failurewarning is also 
the writer of the Pick Yer Piece Strategy I refer to in the guide.

If you would like to contact me with input about this guide, please email me at 

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