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Siberia (Hard) Walkthrough by Vaul

Updated: 01/08/03

TimeSplitters 2: Siberia Walkthrough. (Hard)
Written By Stewart M.


1.0 - Before You Start.
    - 1.1: Preparation.
    - 1.2: Control.

2.0 - The Walkthrough.
    - 2.1: The Dam Entrance.
    - 2.2: Up And Down.
    - 2.3: To The Checkpoint.
    - 2.4: Mines And Mutants.
    - 2.5: Special-Ops!
    - 2.6: Gunning Down The Gunship.

3.0 - Alternate Strategies And Secrets.
    - 3.1: Sniping The Sniper.
    - 3.2: Anaconda.
    - 3.3: Fire Extinguisher Fun.
    - 3.4: Ammo From Nowhere.

4.0 - Contact and Legal.

1.0 - Before You Start.

Please read and follow the instructions in this section, *before* attempting
to beat any level on Time Splitters 2, on Hard.  You have been warned. :)

1.1 - Preparation.

Firstly, a few words about the difficulty.  Hard mode on Time Splitters 2 is
just that - hard.  All 3 difficulty levels for Siberia, Easy, Normal and Hard
are available from the start, but I highly recommend you complete the game on
both easy and normal, before attempting Siberia on Hard.  This will allow you
to find a control scheme you are comfortable with (see 1.2), and give you some
idea of what is required.  Also, with the main challenge coming from the very
aggressive and accurate AI on Hard mode, you will need to know the mission and
layout of the level like the back of your hand, so as not to increase the
difficulty further.

1.2 - Control.

Before you start, make sure you have a control set-up you are comfortable with
and one which allows you to perform the 3 main activities (Moving, Shooting,
Sniping), quickly and efficiently.  I have listed below my chosen control
set-up, which I find allows me to best take on the rigours of Hard mode.
You don't have to use the exact same set-up, of course, but you will need to
be 100% familiar with your chosen set-up; a split seconds hesitation on Hard
mode, and its game over.

Custom Control Set-Up. (Vaul Variant)

L BUTTON  -  Crouch.
R BUTTON  -  Activate.
Z BUTTON  -  Alternate Fire.
B BUTTON  -  Aim.
Y BUTTON  -  Manual Reload.
X BUTTON  -  Not Used.
A BUTTON  -  Fire.

C Stick: (The yellow control stick on a standard Game Cube control pad)

UP\DOWN     -  Look.
LEFT\RIGHT  -  Side Step.

Control Stick: (The grey control stick on a standard Game Cube pad)

UP\DOWN     -  Run.
LEFT\RIGHT  -  Turn.

+Control Pad: (The flat cross-shaped pad, below the Control Stick)

UP\DOWN     -  Zoom in \ out.
LEFT\RIGHT  -  Swap Weapon.

I find this set-up allows me a lot of freedom within the game; shooting is as
simple as it could be, with the 'fire', 'aim' and 'alternate fire' buttons
close together.  I prefer to control all of my standard movement from 1 control
stick, so I've changed the original controls, which used both control sticks.
The yellow C stick is now used only for side-stepping, and aiming whilst not
holding the aim button.  Sniping is also very intuitive with this set-up,
allowing you to move the cross-hairs up, down, left and right with the C. stick
without walking to the side at the same time, as can be the case, with other

Anyway, once you have your required set-up, and you feel completely comfortable
in-game with it, it's onto Siberia; and with all the lead flying, you won't be
cold, I can assure you. :)

2.0 - The Walkthrough.

Time Period: 1990.

Location: Oblask Dam. Siberia.

Starting Equipment: Silenced Pistol (28 rounds), Sniper Rifle (10 rounds),
Temporal Uplink.

Difficulty: 9\10.

The walkthrough will be split into several areas, so you can practice the
mission in smaller chunks, should you wish.  It is very important that you
reach the checkpoint (the end of area 3), with full health and 50% armour, as
this gives you the best chance of completing the more difficult later areas and
surviving the Gunship encounter.

The areas are:

The Dam Entrance.
Up And Down.
To The Checkpoint.
Mines And Mutants.
Gunning Down The Gunship.

I recommend restarting if you take any damage before you reach the checkpoint,
and restarting from the checkpoint if you take any damage during 'Mines and
Mutants', and this is one of the easier areas.

Anyway, on with the mission...

2.1 - The Dam Entrance.

You start this mission in the relative safety of a storage tunnel, not far
from the dam entrance.  Take a few steps forward, and pick up your Sniper
Rifle and Silenced Pistol.  Equip the Sniper Rifle, and you will notice that it
holds 5 rounds per clip.  There are 5 guards patrolling the perimeter of the
dam, so 5 head shots with the Sniper Rifle is the most effective way of
clearing the area.

Guard #1 - From where you picked up the Sniper Rifle, you can see a stationary
guard, standing on a ledge at the top of some stairs.  Hitting a non-moving
target, even from this distance shouldn't be any trouble, so take him out.

Guard #2 - After the first guard drops, slowly approach the exit of the
tunnel, ducking down if this helps, and look to your right.  A guard is
patrolling here, and follows the same simple route.  Wait for him to stop
and drop him with a single shot to the head.

NOTE: This guard is the most likely to spot you during the first area, as you
only have to step out from the tunnel slightly, and he will become aware of
you. If he does spot you, the other guards will be alerted, so either run
back to the box in the tunnel, and shoot it out from there with your Silenced
Pistol, or just restart.  I'll assume you restarted, as we want to approach the
level professionally, not all guns blazing. :)

Guard #3 - After dropping the second guard, run through the gap in the chain
link fence where he was patrolling, and run behind the hut to your right (the
one with the locked door).  Go past this hut, and look in the window of the
next, and you will see your 3rd target.  *Do not* open the door, just snipe him
through the window, and don't worry if the glass breaks, the 2 remaining guards
will not be alerted.

Guard #4 - Turn back towards the hut with the locked door, and go around the
corner to the right.  Advance slowly, looking to your right, until a female
guard is visible.  Again, she isn't moving, so a simple shot to the head is all
that's needed.

Guard #5 - From where you killed guard 4, turn slightly to the left, and you
will eventually see the final guard, patrolling on the far side, by the dam
entrance.  Depending on how quickly you killed the other guards, he may
appear from the left or right.  It’s a moving target this time, but you
shouldn't have a problem taking him down.

5 shots, 5 guards iced.  Not bad.

Now for the cameras; equip your Temporal Uplink, and back-up, returning close
to the gap in the chain link fence, where you shot the first guard.  On the
Temporal Uplink's display screen, you can see the cameras field of vision, as a

Wait until its looking off to the right, and dash forwards, towards
the camera, and into the building it is mounted on.  This is the camera control
room (you'll know you're in the right place, if you can hear broken radio
signals and static feedback).  Go to the control device at the far end of the
room, and cycle through the 3 surveillance cameras (R BUTTON), and switch them
off (Y BUTTON).

Now is the time to stock up on Silenced Pistol ammo.  Collect the guns of the 5
guards you shot, until you have a full clip, and 52 more rounds.  This is the
maximum you can hold, so don't bother collecting any more once you reach this

After collecting your ammo, return to the camera control room, and go into the
small hut to the right.  Inside, take the box of Sniper Rifle ammo (10 rounds)
leave again, and climb the stairs on the far side of the camera control room
Enter through the door, and push the button on the control panel at the far
end of the room, which will open the security door, and trigger a sniper to
take up his position, on top of the dam.

Go back outside, turn left and run across the planks of wood, dropping into
the hole at the end. The sniper will take a shot at you, but as long as you
keep moving, it will miss.  Once in the room, take the box of Timed Mines (20)
on the shelf, unlock the door, and leave.

Now we have a choice, we can either dodge the sniper, or take him out.  I
prefer to dodge him, as it’s not very hard and saves time and ammo.  If you do
want to take him out, for whatever reason, refer to 3.1- 'Sniping The Sniper.'

Anyway, after leaving the room with the timed mines, wait for the door to close
again behind you, and turn to face it.  Get right up against it, and then hold
left on the yellow C stick, again, the sniper will shoot and miss, and you can
now re-enter the building where you shot guard #3.

Inside, in the corner by the door, you will see a filing cabinet.  It is these
that must be destroyed, in order to complete the 'Destroy All Evidence In The
Filling Cabinets' objective.  Approach it, and press activate, to open it.
Equip your Timed Mines, and throw one onto or near to the cabinet.  You don't
have to run out of the room, so you can stand in the corner to make sure the
evidence is burned if you like.  '4 Filing Cabinets Remaining' will flash on
the screen, confirming that it has.

Leave the room, and turn right; edge forwards, so the board that crosses the 2
huts above you is between you and the sniper, and then dash across and towards
the chain link fence.  Enter the hut in front of the camera control room, and
dispose of the evidence in the 2nd filling cabinet.  Turn so that you are
facing the camera control room again, and strafe hard-left.  Again, the sniper
will shoot and miss, as soon as he does, run up the stairs again, and go past
the door a little.  Turn around and look up, and you will see the Comms Dish;
throw a Timed Mine onto it, and when it blows, you will have completed your
first mission objective.

Drop off the side of the wooden boards (close to where you are to avoid the
ever watchful eye of the sniper), and again, stand facing the camera control
room.  Strafe hard left, and when the sniper shoots and misses, run forwards,
down the steps, and into the dam itself, completing the first part of this
tricky mission.

Health: 100%
Armour: N\A.

2.2 - Up And Down.

This area is so called, because it requires you to climb and then descend the
2 large stairwells, contained within the dam.  From where you are, approach
the lift at the end, and try to call it, with the button on the left side.
This will trigger a message to flash on the screen, informing you that there is
no power, and a new objective will be added - 'Restore Power.'

Turn right, and climb the stairs until you reach the first floor (it’s painted
on the walls).  Here, steam is escaping through a vent on the wall, and it
will remove you health every bit as effectively as a shot to the head.  To
avoid it, approach it, ducking down and pressed up against the wall on the
left (with the board propping up against it).  Continue up to the second floor
and round the corner, carefully.  A guard is 'side-on' here, and you can snipe
him without being seen.

Go up the next flight of stairs and you will see a security camera guards the
next floor.  It can be taken down with either a Timed Mine or with the Sniper
Rifle.  We will use the Sniper Rifle, as a mine may attract the attention of
a guard on the next floor, who can be sniped if we are a little more stealthy.

Equip your Sniper Rifle, and wait until the camera turns away from you, then
get into position, and fire a single bullet into the ‘eye’ of the camera. 
Continue up to the 3rd floor, and you will see a guard standing with his back
to you (the guard may have been alerted by a mine on the camera below), snipe
him, and continue to the 5th floor (the 4th is unguarded).

When you reach the 5th floor, approach the door in front of you, but *do not*
open it.  Take out your sniper rifle, and snipe the guard closest to you, on
the left, then the guard further away, on the right.  Killing the second guard
will trigger the others in this tunnel to come and get you.  Equip your
Silenced Pistol, and shoot them all from the relative safety of the window.
When they are all disposed of (5 in all, 3 armed with Soviet S47's), open the
door, and collect the dropped guns.

Next, go into the small side room, marked '1', and collect the Soviet ammo
(60 rounds), the armour (50%), and the Soviet lying on the shelf.  Now, turn
the release wheel on the pipe attached to the wall, and a voice will tell you
that the steam pressure is now at 66%.  Continue down the tunnel, entering the
remaining 2 side rooms, turning the release wheels in each of them, dropping
the steam pressure first to 33%, and then to 0%.  When the steam pressure
reaches 0%, the steam escaping at the end of the tunnel will cease, and the
doorway is now free.

Equip your Timed Mines, and open the door, but *do not* go through it.  Stand
in the doorway, and look up and left... a drone gun.  Throw a Timed Mine on it
or somewhere close, and wait for it to explode, removing the threat.

Now start to descend the stairs on the other side.  Drop down to floor 3 1/2
(one lower than 4, one higher than 3), and you will encounter the next guard. 
I like to conserve Soviet rounds here, by backing off and using the secondary
fire to launch a grenade. This is tricky however, so you can just blast the
guards if needs be.

The next guard is patrolling around floor 2 1/2, and again, can be taken out
with Soviet or Pistol rounds, if you can't aim your grenades very well. 
Continue down and deal with the final guard, who will be patrolling around
floor 1, or perhaps slightly lower, depending on how fast you were.  When you
reach the bottom, turn left, and open the shutter, with the button on the wall
and its onto section 3.

Health: 100%.
Armour: 50%.

2.3 - To The Checkpoint.

Yes, the checkpoint is just around the corner now, and being able to reach it
with full health and 50% armour is the first requirement, if you want to
complete this mission.

After opening the metal shutter, look over to the left and you will see another
security camera; equip your Timed Mines, and wait for a few seconds... then
throw 1 or 2 in the direction of the camera.  The reason for the slight pause,
is that a guard is patrolling this area, and by waiting for her to get a bit
closer, we can kill him and disable the camera at the same time.

When the camera is down, run out and up the steps, and immediately run
forwards, down the side of the long building, as we are now in the sights of a
second sniper.  You can't stop now, so if a guard appears at the other end,
shoot him with the Soviet on the move.  When you reach the end, turn to your
right, and out of the snipers sights.  Go around the corner, to the right, and
kill the final guard patrolling this outside area, and dispatch of the
wall-mounted camera, with a Timed Mine.

Go past the now disabled camera, and past the door (one more camera to disable
before we enter), keep your Timed Mines equipped, and destroy the camera at the
far end.  Remember to stay close to the side of the building to avoid the
sniper.  When this is done, enter the building, and re-equip your Soviet S47.
The Time Crystal will now be located, and more importantly, the checkpoint
isn't very far away.

In this room, 2 guards are patrolling, 1 behind the 2 shelves near you when you
turn into the room, and one away to your left.  Kill them how you like (I fire
a grenade at the one to the left, and the use the Soviet to shoot the second
guard, when she runs to investigate), also note the alarm button at the far end
of the room... never let either of the guards live long enough to push this, as
it will attract the attention of further guards, and we can ill afford a

NOTE: There is also an 'Anaconda cart' in this room, see 3.2 – ‘Anaconda’ for
further information.

When the guards are finished, go down the stairs by the alarm button, and
passed the double doors on the left (these are the showers, where you can come
to put yourself out, if burned, however, you can't afford to lose any health,
so its best to just restart if this happens), and carefully go around the next
corner.  Fire a grenade at the guard standing at the far end of the room,
standing near to some containment drums, and after he is dead, enter the small
room on your right.

Inside, open and mine the filling cabinet, and then leave.  A second guard in
this room may now be investigating the site where you blew up the containment
drums, so have your Soviet ready.  If not, she is behind the shelves around the
corner.  Either way, kill her, and equip your Timed Mines.  Take out the camera
on the wall and turn left, before the stairs.  Here you will find the final 2
filling cabinets, so open both of them, and throw a single mine between them,
to destroy them, and complete your second objective.
 You can descend the staircase, to reach the checkpoint.
<CHECKPOINT> Now you can make it here, practice until you can do so with full
health and 50% armour <CHECKPOINT>

Health: 100%.
Armour: 50%.

2.4 - Mines And Mutants.

One of the easier stages, and far easier than the final two, you can practice
this over and over again, as you can re-start from the checkpoint as often as
you want.  From the checkpoint, go down the first set of stairs, until you can
see under the board, and look for a guard, standing on the metal platform. 
Now, you can either snipe him, or kill him with the Soviet.  Personally, I use
the Soviet, as there are 3 other guards in the area, and my preferred tactic,
is to make some noise, get their attention, and then retreat back up the
stairs, then I kill them as they follow.  Either way, kill the guard on the
metal platform, the guard patrolling the area by the locked brown-metal door,
the guard behind the machinery, and the guard by the stairs leading to the
control room.

When you've killed all 5, collect their dropped Soviets (very important), and
climb onto the metal platform. Turn towards the control room, and look up, and
you will see two more drone guns.  Equip your Timed Mines, press up against the
back of the metal platform, look as far up as you can, and mine first one, then
the other.  If you don't lean back, you may throw the mine too close to the
control room, damaging the computer systems, and failing the mission.  Don't
worry if the glass breaks however, as this has no effect on the computer

When the drone guns are taken care of, enter the control room via the stairs to
the right, and push the button on the computer at the far end, with the two
spinning discs; this will open the brown-metal security door, jump through the
window, and go through it.  Go down the tunnel, and into room #1.
  Inside get the grenades (4), but not the armour, we will collect this later,
after the showdown with the special-ops troops.  Leave and make your way to
room #3.  Inside, collect the Timed Mines (20), and leave, making your way back
to room #2, and going inside.

Enter the first door on the left, and you will see a guard, a drone gun and a
bullet proof screen.  Turn to your left, and activate the red joystick.  Now
you are viewing the guard through the drone guns camera... shoot him, and then
turn the drone gun off, with the R BUTTON.  Next, open the 2 security doors
with the control panel to the right of the drone gun controls, and leave.

Go around the corner, and through the 2 doors you just opened, taking the
Tactical 12-Gauge Shotgun, that the now-deceased guard dropped.  In this next
corridor, there is a 'dead' body on the floor, and 2 hidden guards.  Equip your
Soviet, and advanced down the corridor, hugging the left wall; half way down,
and guard with a Soviet will jump out; shoot him immediately.  Now equip your
Sniper Rifle, and stand in the entrance of this 'operating theatre' of sorts. 
Aim for the left-most x-ray, hanging in front of the glass windows, directly in
front of you, at about head height.

The glass will smash, either killing, or revealing a guard, poised to attack
you.  Kill him, equip your Timed Mines, and collect his gun and the system disc
lying on the floor.  When you collect the system disc, an alarm will sound, and
a voice will announce the presence of 'foreign bodies', locking the doors as it
does.  The foreign bodies in question are the mutants that have now sprung back
into life.  You have 20 mines, and must keep 3 for the next objective, so you
have 17 mines to play with.  Keep moving (the mutants have no guns) and throw
mines at them, until they are all dead... again.

When you do so, the 'lock-down' is lifted, and you can leave via the door you
came in.  Do so, and return to the control room; when you get there, use the
system disc on the red flashing monitor, and quickly return to the brown-metal
security door.

A warning will again be announced, and mutants will come streaming out of rooms
#1 and #3.  Again, stick Timed Mines to them, and remember to switch to the
Sniper Rifle or 12-Guage, when you are down to your last 3 mines.

After dispatching the first 2 waves of mutants, re-enter room #1, for a
Flame-thrower (you still don't need the armour, I hope...), and then continue
down the tunnel, where yet more mutants are waiting.  If you run out of mines,
the 12-Gauge, in aim mode, going for the head, will see you through.  When the
last mutant falls, collect the Time Crystal from the end of the tunnel, and
throw 3 mines onto the container, to complete another mission objective, and
end the section.

2.5 - Special-Ops!

Now things start to get difficult... well, even more difficult. :)

As soon as you throw the third mine onto the container, start running back up
the tunnel... don't wait for the message telling you it’s been destroyed, just
run, and equip your Soviet.  When you reach the brown-metal door, you will see
a Special-Ops trooper, and a mutant.

Start blasting with the Soviet and cut them both down; this is far easier than
trying to kill the Special-Ops Trooper when he's not distracted, as its nearly
impossible to kill him without getting shot.  Finally, a third enemy will need
to be killed in this area, which will sometimes be a mutant, and sometimes a
pistol-armed Special-Ops Trooper. Either way, sort the target out with the

NOTE: From now on, you can collect the armour in room #1, whenever you feel its
best.  Don't collect it until your current armour has been depleted, and damage
will now start to remove your health, or you are ready to enter the lift that
takes you to the top of the dam.

After killing the mutants and Special-Ops Troopers, return to the stairs where
you first entered this area (where the check-point is); as you try to climb the
first set of stairs, a mutant, who is ablaze, will come running down to meet
you.  Back off to a place where you have some time to aim, and drop him with
Timed Mines, 12-Guage fire, or a few rounds from the Sniper Rifle (going for
the head).

When you try to climb the second set of stairs, a pistol-armed Special-Ops
Trooper will come running down, run back down the stairs, and ambush him as he
turns the corner.  Remember - you should have plenty of grenades left for your
Soviet S47: use them.

At the top of the third set of stairs, there are 3 mutants and a Special-Ops
Trooper; kill the mutant closes to you, but let the others fight it out with
the trooper, and use grenades to kill the survivors.  Keep going forward, and
dispatch the soviet-armed Special-Ops Trooper, and the survivors of the fights
between the mutants and Special-Ops Troopers (it will vary from game to game).

There is a pistol-armed Special-Ops Trooper by the doors that lead to the
showers, and a trooper with a Soviet and one with a Flame-thrower, as well as a
mutant, in the room at the top of the final set of stairs.  Once these are
killed (don't forget your armour, if you have less than 50%...), open the door
that leads back outside, to trigger another battle between the mutants and the
Special-Ops... wait inside, killing the survivors when they open the door.

With this complete, the final mutant has been destroyed, and that objective is
done.  Now, make your way back inside the dam, towards the stairwells and the
lift (the sniper is not on top of the dam anymore), and approach the lift,
equipping you 12-Gauge.  Several mutants, one ablaze will come down the stairs,
and towards you; take them out with heads shots, and approach the lift again,
killing the second wave of mutants that appears.  After this, get in the lift,
and press the button marked with an arrow pointing upwards.

The lift will stop several times on the way to the top of the dam (keep your
Soviet armed, just in case), and eventually reach the top.  Leave the lift, and
this completes the second-to-last objective.  Nearly there!

2.6 - Gunning Down The Gunship.

Once you reach the top of the dam, run out onto the dam itself, prompting the
music to change, and a final objective to appear 'Destroy the Gunship.'

Don't stop at the gun turrets, instead, keep running forwards, until a
Special-Ops Trooper appears from the other end of the dam; drop him with your
Soviet, and take control of the nearest turret.  Target the Gunship, and fire
your missiles at it (alternate fire), until all five have been fired, then,
fire with the main guns for a few seconds, and leave the turret.

Now, start running to the other end of the dam, and kill the Special-Ops
Trooper who will appear, and the one behind you.  When they are both down,
climb into the nearest turret, and again, unload all five missiles into the
Gunship.  Now, if the Gunship is close to going down (which it will be if you
were accurate with your missiles), fire at it with the turret, removing the
last of its armour.  As soon as it drops down to the side, and the Time Portal
appears, run as fast as you can into the Portal, as a Special-ops Trooper may
take a touch more of your health, if he catches you with a few Soviet rounds.

If the Gunship isn't close to going down, run to the final turret (probably the
middle turret), blasting Special-Ops with your Soviet as you go, and unload the
last five rockets.  These will take it down (providing you don't miss with all
of them...) and the Portal will appear.  Remember; don't wait for the
Special-Ops to appear before you stop pounding the Gunship; just fire the
missiles, and get to the next turret.

If you manage to reach the Time Portal, congratulations!  You've beaten one of
the hardest first person shooter levels ever, and probably the hardest level on
this game.

You should have no trouble now until the Atom Smasher. ;)

3.0 - Alternate Strategies And Secrets.

Just a few pointers, some tricks and some light-hearted moments, in this very
serious level.

3.1: Sniping The Sniper.

After killing the 5 guards, in the first area, and opening the door that leads
to the dam itself, a sniper takes his place on the very top of the dam, and
tries to make life a difficult as he can for you.  I find it easier and quicker
to avoid him, saving ammo in the process.  However, you may find avoiding him
tricky, or may just want to show him who's boss, and so this, in my opinion,
the safest way to dispatch him.

Firstly, equip your Sniper Rifle, and make yourway underneath the boards that
cross from one hut to the other.  Keep the boards inbetween you and the sniper
(you may hear a shot hitting the boards), and set your Sniper Rifle to maximum
zoom.  Now, walk back very slowly, a little bit at a time, until the sniper is
visable.  You wont be able to shoot him, and he wont be able to shoot you,
because of the boards, but you can now go left or right, until the crosshairs
of your Sniper Rifle are directly above him.

Now, simply wait for him to fire, and when he does, step backwards, lower your
sights, and plug him in the head.

Of course, you can just dodge one of his shots, and then race to hit him before
he next fires, but that is hardly a full-proof method.

3.2 - Anaconda.

Near the begining of section 3, when you first enter the large building, in the
room with 2 guards, an alrm button and lots of shelves, you can find a hidden
version of the classic 'Anaconda' game.  Simply search the back of the shelf,
directly to your left when you first enter the main part of the room, and pick
up the small cart on the bottom shelf.

After picking it up, select it from the list of weapons and items you have, vis
the pause screen, and then select 'Anaconda' from the list of games.  Then
select how many players (1-4), and away you go.

You control the Anaconda, with the control stick, and the object of the game is
to collect the red and blue X's, for points, the catch being that each X you
collect, adds an extra segment to your tail, and you die if you touch either
your own tail, or the edge of the screen.

Try it out, its very adictive, and the music is great.

3.3 - Fire Extinguisher Fun.

This one's really simply, but a good lauch as well.  Find a Fire Extinguisher
(they are usless on Hard mode anyway), and aim a single bullet at the cap.  If
you hit it in the right place, it will fly all around the room, spinning madly,
and shooting foam all over the place.  Its quite a display. :)

3.4 - Ammo From Nowhere.

Finally, just a quick trick, should you ever find yourself short of ammo. 
Equip your Soviet, find a good spot, where you can shoot from, and either allow
a security camera to see you, or push one of the alarm buttons yourself.

Several guards will apear out of nowhere, to attack you, and if you drop them
quickly, you can get more bullets from picking up their guns, than you lost
shooting them.  Do this several times, if you think you can get away with it,
without being shot, to boost you stock of Soviet rounds and grenades.

4.0 - Contact And Legal.

Please send all questions, comments, corrections, etc, to:

Please ask before using this document, or any part of this document, anywhere.
I will let you, so long as I am asked, and you credit me in full.

Many thanks to GameFAQs, the posters on the TimeSplitters 2 board, Free Radical
for not being scared to really pump up the difficulty, Eidos, and Nintendo.

Copyright 2003, Stewart M.

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