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Reviewed: 07/05/02 | Updated: 07/05/02

Makes me long for Jet Moto 4

Well, after 3 copies of this game with skipping music on the Playstation 2, I had had enough. The intro and endings were a mass of skipping music so I exchanged it for Agent Under Fire, but still hoping for a day when fresh new ''working'' batches of Splashdowns would be released... *Flashforward 6 months* Whats this? It's coming out for Xbox! No way! Way? Well, I got this the day it was released and haven't looked back. Great game. (Although, even on Xbox there seems to be a freezing problem when choosing certain characters in career mode, but it's a definite step up from the PS2 version.)

Graphics: 10/10
The amount of detailed lighting in this game would make a seasoned electrician blush. If you happen across a track in this game called The Amazon, and aren't impressed, you need to quit gaming. It is that astounding. Fireflys, shimmering water, moonlight... it's all there. The character models in Splashdown are quite good, a bit arcade-like for my tastes, but then the whole game has a lean towards an arcade feel so it's passable. Since you are racing on water almost all the time the water needs to look great, and not only does this water look great it is THE BEST looking water currently in videogames.

Sound: 9/10
Finally my revenge on all these so called ''sites'' and ''mags'' that won't reward a company for implementing the custom soundtrack editor! Alas, I will reward thou Rainbow Studios. EGM gave the sound a 4? Lets, see I can turn the ridiculous voices off, put on any song in my cd collection, and the craft/water sounds are perfect... and it gets a 4? Not here. But there is one problem with the custom soundtrack: When it is done playing one block of songs (one complete soundtrack) it will then start the next soundtrack from the Xbox... the one you don't want to hear in Splashdown because it doesn't ''fit''. A silly oversite, Project Gotham has the best set-up for this feature and I wish other companies would use it thusly. Although, they have a good idea here, in that when you restart a track the song continues to play so you won't be hearing only a beginning of a song for an hour while you perfect a track.

Gameplay: 8/10
Well, the gameplay seems a bit easy and also forgiving for my tastes (Jet Moto it's NOT). I beat the game on the normal setting with a commanding 35 point lead in a few hours. However, there is so much high flying stunts and jumps to be had it's very hard to fault the title. There is such a rush in jumping off a 100 foot cliff, it's remarkable. The actual hands-on control is very good and quite responsive and even the stunts are easy to pull off, but they get quite repetitive. To qualify for a race is an interesting idea but in general doesn't work because it's not worth it. Why start in first when you can make one mistake and be in 5th within moments, only to be back in first within a 1/2 lap? The racers could do with some ''spreading out'' because whether you are doing great or poorly the pack tends to stick together.

Lasting Impression: 9/10
You should be playing this title for a few months on sheer enjoyment. There is a boat load of tracks and the ending cinemas are quite funny. This is a nicely handled port that is well worth the money.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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