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FAQ/Walkthrough by ocissordei

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/01/02

Mech Assault (xbox)
By Ocissordei
Version 1.0

1. Intro
2. Game Modes
3. Fighting against computer mechs
4. Mech Analysis
5. FAQ
6. Campaign Walkthrough
6-1- Going down hard
6-2-Suffer the Silence
6-3-Friends Indeed
6-4-Dry me out
6-5-Sailing Away
6-7-Catnap II
6-8-Bright Lights, Dark City
6-9-bright lights dark city II
6-10-Not again!
6-11-Thor on the rocks
6-12-Wolf In sheep's...
6-13-Under the guns
6-14-Size matters
6-15-Sizer matters II
6-16- Not on my watch
6-18-worst day since
6-19 -Ready to Rok!
6-20-Ready to Rok! II
7. Contact/Thanks/Legal
1. Intro
Mech Assault is on of those mech games that you don't want to let go by.  This 
FAQ is intended to assist people in playing this game.  With this FAQ you can 
truly become a master of this game.  The primary objective of this document is 
to get people familiar with the mechs and the single player mode.  This is to 
essentially train them for online play.  Enjoy!
2. Game Modes:
Single Player
-Local xbox
-System link
-Xbox live
3. Fighting against the computer
In the campaign walkthrough, I basically just say, "do away with <insert mech's 
name here>.  There are certain ways to deal with types of these Mechs
PPC using mechs (ones that shoot electrical bolts)
-You can fight fire with fire.  Use your own PPC against them.
-Warhammer Missiles from long distance
-Stay as far away as possible
Null Sig
-Shoot them once with a machine gun to find them and then lay your load on them
-Explosives will show you their location
Big mechs (atlas, Prometheus etc.)
-Out dodge them
-Have better weapons (in an atlas v. atlas fight, people that can dodge better 
or have more power ups will usually win)
For other computer controlled units you can do the following:
Bridges and buildings
-Although it isn't very obvious by common sense, blowing up buildings and 
bridges is most easily done by using the machine gun.  
-The squash method, just run over them.  Very entertaining.
-Missiles are good as well as lasers 
-Anything that homes will help (crossbow etc.)
-lasers work well, especially when powered up
4. Mech Analysis (by alphabetical order)
Health: highest
Speed: Low
Jump jets: No
Weapons:Pulse Laserx4, Autocannon x4, javelin missile x2.  
Other: AMS

Health: Medium
Speed: High
Jump jets: Yes     
Weapons: Pulse Laser, 2x Gauss Rifle, Crossbow Missile

Health: Low-Medium
Speed: Very high
Jump jets: Yes
Weapons:2x Pulse Laser, Autocannon, Javelin missile

Health: Low
Speed: Low
Jump jets: Yes
Weapons:Pulse laser, crossbow missile x2.  

Mad Cat
Health: Medium-high
Speed: Medium
Jump jets: No
Weapons: PPC x2, Machine Gun x2, Javelin missile x4
Other: target jamming

Health: Very High
Speed: Low
Jump jets: No
Weapons: Medium laser x3, Gauss Rifle x2, Warhammer missile x2
Other: AMS

Health: Low-Medium
Speed:Very high
Jump jets: Yes
Weapons:PPC, Machine gun, Crossbow missile
Other; null signature.

Health: Very High
Jump jets:  no
Weapons:Lava Gun, gauss rifle x2, javelin missile x4
Other; shield

Health: Medium-High
Speed:Medium High
Jump jets: Yes
Weapons:Pulse Laser x4, auto-cannon x2, warhammer missile

Health: Medium-high
Jump jets: Yes
Weapons:Medium Laser x2, Machine gun x4, Crossbow Missile x2
Other: Target Jamming

Timber Wolf
Health: medium-high
Jump jets: no
Weapons:Pulse Laser x2, Gauss Rifle, Crossbow Missile

Health: medium
Jump jets:Yes
Weapons:PPC x2, Machine gun, Crossbow Missile
Other: AMS
5. FAQ
1. Help! Jane! How do I stop this crazy thing?!
A:Here are the basic controls:
Use the left thumb-stick to move your mech and the right thumb-stick to pivot.  
The right trigger fires the selected weapon. -jumping click and hold the left 
thumb-stick.  Steer using the same button.
2.  What the heck is an artillery? 
A: I sometimes use dumb language like that.  I mean a turret, a stationary 
object that shoots you.  
3. What mech should I use for mission X?
A: If they don't give you a good hint, then check here, I usually tell you or 
hint to you, which mechs are good ones to use for that mission. .  For some it 
is just preference. For example, I prefer the cougar over the puma, and the 
Prometheus over the Atlas, but that's merely because I like those weapons better.  
4. I want to contribute to your FAQ! How?
A: See the final section for contact info
5. I can't get this game to work online.  How can I fix problem X with my 
internet connection etc. 
A: Don't ask me, ask Microsoft or an xbox live FAQ on their website.
5: I know x and R shoot, but How should I hold the controller? 
A:  You should rarely use anything but the R and L triggers and the two control 
sticks.  This is so that you can aim easier and still be able to shoot.  Just 
try aiming and shooting with the A button and the right control stick
6: How do you strafe?
A:  Use the right control stick to put your mech in the direction that you want 
to be looking in, then use the left control stick to move him.  
7: How Do I use PPC's?
A: Use them from close range, the more you power up (by holding the fire button), 
the more damage that you will do.  Don't use them from faraway, because they are 
hard to aim.
8: How do I use Warhammer missiles?
A:  hold down the fire button and you will fill up the timer, you don't have to 
fill it up all the wayq.  The warhammer is a timed explosive.  Unlike the PPC 
the warhammer will do the same amount of damage no matter how long it is charged 
up.  The warhammer is good to use from far away as it does tons of damage when 
you can just pop out of a corner with a charged one, shoot it (and it will stick 
to your opponent), run away and wait for it to explode.  Repeat for victory.  
6. campaign walkthrough.

Mission 1
Going down hard:
-verify the condition of mech, and secure the area.  Stay alert ; the situation 
may change
Available Mechs:

Head forward and take out all of the infantry by stepping on them.

Jump over the rocks, head in between the trees and the rocks, and destroy the 
infantry's buildings.  
Take the power ups and head out of the base, trample all of the infantry and 
head forward. Follow the blinking arrow on your radar and destroy as much of the 
vehicle convoy as you can.  Head forward into their establishment.  Destroy 
their artillery cannons with your missiles and fire away with normal fire at the 
vehicles that try to hit you.   Destroy all of the buildings and make sure you 
take ALL salvageable items. When you enter the large base, a bunch of little 
mechs will attack you.  Take them all out with your missiles or other weapons.  
Sometimes one will go and hide, destroy all of the buildings for powerups if you 
get low on health.  
-mission complete
Mission 2
Suffer the silence
-destroy comm. Tower
Rout defending forces

Available Mechs:
Puma NEW!

Head forward, destroying the two buildings and two tanks .  then cross the 
bridge and  destroy anything in sight.  Eventually the power armored mechs will 
appear.  Beat them with your missiles and head forward into the rocky area.  
Destroy all of the artilleries while walking forward. Once inside, kill all of 
the tanks and raise hell with the buildings.  It's not necessary to destroy them 
all so exit the base through the other side and head towards the large base.  
Here there will be tanks and infantry...again.  Easy as pie.  When you're done, 
head out towards the even bigger base.  A light mech will approach you. You can 
either attempt to take it on along with a  legion of tanks and infantry or 
retreat to the base while firing away.  The ladder strategy makes a lot more 
sense if you want to conserve your health.  If u get to low health, return to a 
previous base and get health.  This may seem like an extremely difficult fight 
but in the end it really isn't, just keep on shooting. USE POWERUPS, it's not 
that complicated.  PPC helps.  

Continue into the base and destroy all resistance.  Shoot the artillery from a 
far and then blow up the comm. Center.  
-mission complete
Mission 3
Friends Indeed
-save the resistance

Available mechs:

Head across the bridge, and destroy all of the tanks and infantry.  The 
helicopters here are really annoying, so knock them out of the air ASAP.  Just 
lock on to them and shoot.  Head across the next bridge into the "suburbs".  Uh 
oh, another light mech fight. This one is significantly easier, blast him a few 
times with your missiles, and he'll run away.  Follow him and he'll get some 
back up.  Retreat back into the ocean, and fire even more missiles at him.  His 
laser beam and missile attacks are very easy to dodge, just run to one side 
while firing your missiles at him and he'll rarely make contact.  Pick up the 
health he drops and head into the large city to which he had previously fled.  
The heavy powered mechs are back.  Knock them dead...again.  Hop up on the road 
near the ocean when you are done and across the bridge.    There is some health 
in the little warehouses in the area, so if you need them, get them before you 
leave.  Yup, another mech fight.  This one is a lot easier because you could 
have raided the warehouses and you probably have a ton of power ups,  fire away 
while dodging his missiles.  This is one of the easier mech fights that you have 
encountered.  Head into the next city once you are ready to and prepare to fight 
another group of those heavy powered mechs along with a bunch of tanks.  Pound 
your missiles (again) and you should be done with these pretty easily.   You 
will arrive too late, and there will be TONS of forces running against you.  Do 
as much damage as possible and then retreat to the ware houses.  Heal up and go 
back at it.  The small mech will probably follow you, but he is much easier 
alone then he is with a ton of forces behind him.  Head back and destroy the 
other mech.  When that is done destroy the rest of the forces within the city.  
-mission complete
mission 4
Dry me out
-Secure your flank
-cripple WOB air Power
-destroy key structures

Available Mechs
Uziel NEW!

You probably picked Uziel for this mission, as it is the most sensible thing to 
do.  Go around destroying tanks and artillery turrets in this area.  It is very 
important that you take out the artillery as they will be the things doing the 
majority of the damage to you in the beginning part of the mission.  On the 
other side of the city, there is the tank depot.  The tank depot has 4 
artilleries in front of it.  Destroy all four of them and fire away at the 
actual tank depot.  Once it is destroyed jump over the back wall.  In one of the 
small buildings there is a health pack, take it if you need it.   Continue down 
the hill until you reach another city.  When you get here, you will be notified 
that they have called for some air support.  Destroy the bombers before they 
take off, and shoot the helicopters a few times with your missiles to make them 
go down.  Check all of the warehouses for bombers, and make sure you kill the 
big plane next to them for some salvageable items.  Then go to the drawbridge 
and shoot the control center next to it.  The bridge will lower.  Kill the 
artillery on the other side and yet another mech fight will occur.  Retreat will 
firing missiles at this beast.  Continue dodging its attacks and it will 
eventually fall.  When he does, cross the bridge and jump up to the helicopter 
port.  Destroy all of the helicopters and their stations, and destroy the 
building in the back of the helicopter depot.  This will cause a fight with two 
Blake Mechs.  My strategy for this fight is: Focus Fire.  Focus all of your meat 
and power on one of them.  Once one is gone this fight gets really easy.  Just 
keep on shooting missiles at them and they will both fall pretty easily.  Make 
sure to use all walls and barriers to your advantage in this fight.   When you 
are done with the, go take out the other depot and you will be done with this 
-mission complete
Mission 5
Sailing Away
-destroy all barges
-destroy escort vessels

Available Mechs
Belial NEW!`

Follow the convoy at the beginning and blow up the numerous ships on your way.  
Shoot the robots that shoot you as you pass under the bridge and continue on.  
Find the next convoy and repeat what you did at the beginning of the mission.  
Fight the small mech while trying to stay close to the ship, this shouldn't be 
too hard considering the power of the Belial if you chose it as your Mech.  You 
can also just flat out ignore it if you are pressed for time. Sink all the ships.  
Easy eh>
Mission complete!

You'll see an FMV of Mechs getting destroyed.  
Mission 6
-Defend the Icarus
-Secure Mad Cat

Available Mechs

Defending the Icarus is pretty simple, equip your strongest attack (missiles or 
the 2 lasers) and blast away at anything that comes near you.  The only 
difficult part in this part of the mission is fighting the light mech, but a few 
double laser shots are all that is necessary to defeat him.  Soon you'll get 
called being told that the Icarus is out of danger.  Now head into the city by 
following the blinking arrow on your radar.  You  will have to do some jumping 
across a small river and then fight another light mech, some tanks, and some 
artillery. Continue following the blinking arrow on your radar.  Destroy the 
artillery and tanks while still following the arrow, and you will eventually get 
to the city.  Follow your arrow and you will find the convoy.  Destroy all of 
the tanks and you will complete this part of the mission.
Soon you will find out that this is far from over as enemy mechs will try to 
attack you.  Eventually Foster will get the hang of it and drive away.  Make 
sure he doesn't get killed.  If you are always looking around and killing 
anything that might get the Mad Cat and he'll get away.
Now head to the north of the city to the large base. Destroy everything there 
(the helicopter and tank depot should be the first thing you take out) and your 
mission will be completed. 

-mission compete.
Mission 7
Catnap II
-Secure the LZ

Available Mechs:
Mad Cat NEW!

Easy as pie,.  See the enemy, shoot the enemy,  Not only is this simple, you get 
help from whatever mech you used in your last mission!.  That same mech that has 
been shooting lightning at you appears twice in this mission but is simple of 
course.  Especially now that you are in a heavy mech.   Make sure that you kill 
all of the helicopters. If at one point you feel as if no more people are coming 
and there is a messed up trigger step outside as if you were going to go to that 
big city and you will see that PPC using mech again.  
-mission complete
Mission 8
Bright Lights, Dark City
-Stop Reinforcements
-Clear your approach
-Gain Access
-Shut off the Power

Available Mechs:
Mad Cat

First, stay back where you start off and fire away with your 4x missile.  Kill 
as many artilleries and tanks as you can from far away.  Head back into the city 
and destroy the tunnel where they are coming from.  Head back to the starting 
point for a fight against two pumas (this will trigger after all of the tanks 
are destroyed).  They will eventually die, and possibly explode destroying a 
bridge.  If you can't get them to explode on the bridge just go up to the bridge 
and fire away with your missiles.  They break in about 2-3 4x missile blasts. 
When you are blowing up the bridges,   stay as far away as possible as the 
destruction of the bridge results in a great amount of damage.      Now head 
back to the place where you destroyed the tunnel to fight a heavy mech that can 
fly.  Now continue forward and destroy all artilleries.  Enter the power 
-mission complete
Mission 9
Bright Lights, Dark City II
-stop Reinforcements
-clear your approach
-gain access
-shut off power

Available Mechs
Mad cat
When you start off, bang a right and destroy the two artilleries.  Then those 
high powered mechs will fly from the sky.  They are now a piece of cake with the 
Mad Cat.  Head inside the base, and fight the tanks, helicopters and the mech 
that has the same functions to Belial.  Once your done, heal up by destroying 
Destroy the Power Generators and head back to the starting point. Once here 
defeat the mech and head into the fusion base.  Once inside the fusion base you 
will partake in a difficult battle against one of those heavy mechs and a Belial 
clone. Ignore them, and run past them, go to the left of the building that is 
emitting green steam.  Then attack them.  As is always the case in a multi big 
mech battle, FOCUS FIRE.  Pick one and unload on him.  Make sure that you can 
easily pick up a health pack if necessary when one dies. Once they are dead, go 
in and blow up the generator in front of the nuclear plant.  
Mission 10
Not again!
-Locate the Icarus

Available Mechs
Mad Cat

Start off by moving forward and destroying the artilleries up on the side of the 
hill.  Destroy the tanks that criss-cross the road.  Next up are the guard 
towers, take them out with one shot each of your 4x missiles.  Once inside you 
will engage in a fight with another medium mech.  Retreat and try  to take it on 
1 on 1.  if you try to take it on in the middle of the mini-base you will 
receive fire from all directions and most likely get killed. Once you're done 
with this battle, find some health packets by destroying the buildings.  Now 
head down the path lighted by guard towers (you can destroy it if you like). At 
the end you will be greeted by another mech battle, which is extremely simple as 
it is merely a 1v1.  Destroy it as u normal would with charged electric shots or 
4x missiles.  Continue alone the icy path destroying guard towers and 
artilleries.   You will eventually reach another base, destroy what you want in 
it and  you will then have to fight two of those medium mechs.  These are pretty 
simple if you just focus fire again with your 4x missiles and electric bolts.  
Continue on the black path through the ice until your reach the Icarus.  There 
are two mechs and a bunch of tanks here.  This is a lot less difficult then it 
seems. Just focus fire on one of the mechs at a time, and then the other.  Then 
clean up the tanks.  If you run low on health run as fast as possible to one of 
the many health packs that are dispersed around the Icarus.       This is where 
this level reaches insane difficulty.  You are now approached by another Belial 
rip off and a MAD CAT.  You heard me right, another mad cat.  The only real way 
to disperse of them both without them dispersing you is to use the Icarus as a 
blockade and take them down one at a time.  This really isn't that hard 
considering the large amount of health packs dispersed around the Icarus. Once 
you disperse of both of them, you'll complete this mission.
-mission complete
Mission 11
Thor on the Rocks
-Raze Sensor net
-destroy enemy Mechs
-protect the Icarus

Available mechs
Mad cat
Timber wolf NEW!

Start off the mission by taking down the helicopters that come near the Icarus 
(the 4x missiles will help, and if you chose the mad cat or the Timber wolf you 
will have it).  Then head out the lone pathway and fight off some tanks. Take a 
right at the place where the path splits into two and head into the small 
infantry base.  When you get there destroy what you want but make sure you take 
down the tall sensor net building.  When you have done that head to the left 
side of the road.  You will get a transmission that the Icarus is being attacked 
by some helicopters.  Go back and destroy the helicopters.  Head back to where 
you took a right, and take your first left.  Destroy the mortar turrets and 
continue in.  You will fight a mech and some tanks.  Use your PPC's., dual gauss 
lasers or 4x missiles to take it out.  Make sure you are killing tanks as well 
as they can do a lot of damage to your mech.  Destroy the sensor net building 
and head back to where you took the right and take the furthest left (on your 
way out, on your right there is a big rock and Foster will tell you it looks 
like a cave.  Fire away at the rock to reveal a health pack and a power up.)  
Head left and find a small bridge, here there will be some artilleries and tanks, 
blow them up alone with the sensor tower.  Head back and continue left and take 
on the heavy Blake mech and then head to the right and run under the collapsing 
bridge as fast as possible.   Here there are two heavy Blake mechs and a sensor 
tower (destroy the snow/ice in the direction of it to get to it). Continue along 
the various paths and you will find the helicopter base, destroy everything here 
and then continue on the path using the guard towers and the blink arrow on your 
radar as your guide. You will eventually get to the final one and a fight with 
two large mechs will trigger.   Destroy both big mechs here and the radar tower.  
Now you will have to fight a "mech champion".  This is an extremely hard fight, 
but PPC and some good aiming is all that is necessary to take him down.   Unload 
any left over power ups you have on him.  

-mission complete
Mission 12
Wolf In sheep's...
-enter base
-intercept communications
-reach extraction

Available Mechs

Alright this isn't too hard as long as you aren't reckless. Head forward down 
the black path.  Follow the tanks while avoiding all infantry.  If you kill some, 
the alarm will sound.  At the fork in the road bear left.  You will be 
'Welcomed" home.  Continue down the path until you reach another fork.  One path 
leads to a heliport, take the other one (it should be to your left). Continue up 
the path until you find two atlases guarding a metal door.   Walk into the door 
and they'll grant you access.  Once inside, find the communications center (yet 
again, the blinking arrow helps).  Stay there for the 45 seconds.  After the 45 
seconds find the power generators ASAP, destroy them and book yourself out of 
there.  There's a big hint in this mission.  A lot of the small buildings and 
trucks have powerups.  Whatever you do don't stop to fight mechs or tanks.  Just 
run and destroy anything that looks like it might have a health pack. This 
should be simple.  Just follow the path and the blinking arrow out.  When you 
get to the bridges that you have to destroy , take out your machine gun and 
damage  first one as you are walking across it.  Once you are across it finish 
it off so that when it explodes it doesn't take you with it.  Repeat with the 
same tactic with the second bridge.  Your mission will then be completed. And 
you'll learn about something huge.  The RANGNAROK! 

-mission complete
Mission 13
Under the Guns
-locate the gun batteries
-destroy the guns

Available Mechs
Mad Cat
Summoner NEW!
Timber Wolf

You're told to pick either a mech to fight your way through, or a mech to jump 
around the side and go in.  The smart way to do this is pick a mech that is 
strong and has jump jets.  Thor and Summoner will do the trick. I would pick 
Thor over Summoner because of the crossbow missiles, and machine gun.   I 
personally think that it is easier to take the "go around" approach because you 
will take less damage and overall it is easier.  You really only have to fight 
1-2 mechs and you only really need to confront them if you need health.   Start 
off the mission by heading forward and taking the path on the right.  Continue 
on this path destroying the artilleries cannons and such and ignoring the mech 
to the left.  Just jump all of the spots where you need to.  Eventually a PPC 
equipped mech will meet you and you can either fight him or ignore him.  I'd 
fight him because you'll probably need the health he drops.  Pick off as many 
artilleries as you can from far away, and continue along the path.  Continue 
until you get to the place with the helicopters.  This is the most annoying part 
of this mission IMHO.  Just take them all down and continue destroying 
artilleries and such.  You will eventually get to an orbital gun.  Destroy it 
and continue down the path.  You will find another one.  Destroy it.   You can 
drop down behind this one if you miss the jump.  This still leaves one more.  
When you destroy it you will be forced to destroy a few remaining mechs.  This 
is pretty difficult, but as long as you just fire away and avoid their PPC you 
will be fine.  Try to get them stuck behind something and fire away with your 
crossbow or other missiles.  
-mission complete
Mission 14
Size Matters
-Locate Mech base
-Eliminate Defenses
-destroy mansion

Available Mechs

This mission is well, mech gear solid.  The hardest part is locating the mech 
base.  Head forward jumping over all of the lava pits.  Kill any infantry that 
you see in the upcoming base then jump over a wall into a bigger base.  There 
will be a big mech here, avoid it at all costs.  It will surely destroy you if 
you attempt to fight it.  Head into the next base, and through the sliding black 
door between two guard towers.  Avoid all combat.  Jump from island to island, 
avoiding lava pits and fire from other mechs.  Continue on, avoiding the power 
armors and go through a small cave.  Head on in to the next base avoiding the 
tanks (you can actually destroy them if u want).   Then destroy the building 
next to the sliding metal door (it looks like a small guard tower.  And head on 
in.   You'll hop into an atlas.  
-mission complete
Mission 15
Size matters 2
-Eliminate defenses
-destroy mansion. 

Available Mechs
Atlas NEW!
Start off by killing that annoying mech.  You will tool him in the atlas.  
Destroy that wall and continue on in.  Destroy the artilleries, and you'll have 
to fight a cougar.  You'll tool him also. Head towards the lava pit under a 
bridge, you'll fight another mech.  He'll also go down easily.  Now here's where 
it gets interesting.  Destroy the mansion and as many helicopters that you can.    
A bunch of mechs will come down.  One of them being an atlas.  Maneuver as well 
as you can in your bulky machine.  It's nice to have full heath going into this 
if possible so make sure you pick up health packs along the way (many of the 
little buildings in these bases have health packs).  Make sure that you are 
using any powerups that you may have collected upon the way.   It may be better 
to take everything out and then the atlas if you think you'll have more health.  
There's really nothing I can do for you in this fight they emphasize how 
important dodging is and how you really need to try to move away from stuff even 
in the Atlas.   Take stuff out one at a time.  When you are done head up to the 
mansion destroy the Atlas-esque mech and then destroy the mansion.  Your mission 
will be successful
-mission complete
Mission 16
Not on my watch
-destroy local forces
 -secure escape route
-liberate prisoners.

Available Mechs
Mad Cat
Prometheus NEW!
Timber wolf

Once you've chosen your mech, head forward.  Destroy the tanks  and the mech (if 
you chose the Prometheus, all I have to say is, damn, warhammer missiles are 
great huh?).  Head around the bend and take out all of the tanks.  There is 
another mech hanging around with an artillery cannon here.  Take him out from 
afar if possible (use that rock wall as a shield from his PPC).   Once you take 
him out head into the base.  Foster will give you a navigation point telling you 
where the first comm tower is.  There are a lot of tanks in this area.  As usual, 
they shouldn't give you much of  a problem especially if you chose a heavier 
mech (which you probably did considering that you just witnessed the awesome 
power of the atlas).  Destroy the mech in this area and then follow your 
blinking arrow and destroy the communications tower.   Follow the blinking arrow 
towards the salvage yard.  This should take you under the bridge where you 
fought the mech.  There will be more tanks here, destroy everything in sight and 
head towards the right.  Foster will tell you that the salvage area is near.  
Follow your blinking arrow as usual, and go towards the yellow target, you will 
encounter a mech destroy it and continue in that direction.  Here there will be 
a fight with a  BUCNH of mechs.  Most of them have PPC, so avoid that, if you 
don't your ass good as dead. Warhammer missiles are nice here as they will take 
down your each enemy in 2-5 shots. Remember that you can always use time to your 
advantage.  If you can leave the base without some mechs following you wait for 
your heat meter to drop down so you can have the optimum amount of heat to use. 
After you've destroyed all of them exit the base (in the direction of the 
blinking arrow).  Bombers will come after you.   STAY UNDER THE ROCK BRIDGE.  
You will escape their fire unscathed.  Continue on and you will reach a big base.  
Destroy as many helicopters, artilleries and tanks as you can from the outside.  
There really isn't much inside of here.  Destroy the second communications tower 
and continue forward outside of the base.   Destroy the tanks as you move 
through the valley (if you can call it that).  Destroy all the turrets in this 
valley, they are really easy to see, they have two little lights on top of them.  
Snipe them with anything you have and they will explode.  Once you are done, 
destroy the small pillar next to the gate.  Head inside and you will have to 
destroy some airdropped mechs.  The first mech is simple, dodge it's gauss 
rifles and fire away with everything you have.  Again, warhammer missiles, PPC 
and at times Gauss, are great for this.  The next time he will drop not 1, but 2 
atlases.  They drop pretty easily, especially if you are using the Prometheus. 
When they drop, you will return to the Icarus
-mission complete
Mission 17
-prevent escape

Available Mechs
Mad Cat
Timber Wolf

You probably want to pick something easy to maneuver yet still decently powerful 
like a Thor or Summoner for this mission. I like Warhammers, so Summoner was my 
choice (as you can see above).  Start off the mission by jumping over the lava 
pools.  Then ignore everything.  Just run and gun like you did when you were 
trying to escape the base guarded by those two atlases.   You will eventually 
find the line of mechs and tanks.  Switch on your strongest weapons and go after 
all of the ones with arrows over them.  Don't bother with the others.  I like to 
stay up top and snipe them with warhammers.  It's pretty easy as they don't seem 
to return fire, and the only stuff you have to worry about firing at you is on 
the top level.   You will eventually have to drop down and you will be informed 
that there is another convoy.  Just take out everything in sight with warhammers, 
lasers or anything else in your inventory.  There's nothing much I can tell you 
then keep on shooting.  Eventually you'll get them all and your mission will be 
a success.  
Alt strategy
Oh, ya.  This is what we call the Ocissordei way of doing things.  Oh ya, we 
like it.  Pick the Prometheus or atlas.  Run as fast as you can through  the 
first lava pit.  Destroy the turret and the helicopter.  Wait until the last 
heavy mech has gone by you.  Drop down and fire your most powerful missiles 
(warhammers are very nice) at the last mech, and then the tanks and then the 
mechs and so on.  Pick up their health packs in case you have to rejuvenate.  
Very simple, very efficient.  I like it.  

-mission complete
Mission 18
Worst Day Since...
-assault the spaceport
-stop the WOB retreat

Mechs available:
Mad Cat
Timber Wolf

Well, well, well.  Strader is running away eh?.  Start off by running down the 
path and crossing the bridge with your mech.  Destroy the tanks and continue on.  
Keep on going forward and destroy the turret.  Take a left and destroy the light 
mech.  Continue to the right destroying everything in your path.  Head forward, 
destroy the tanks and artilleries.  Continue in until you reach two light mechs.  
Destroy them both (shouldn't be that difficult).  Head forward and destroy the 
tunnel.  Take a right.  Destroy anything that even resembles a helicopter, tank, 
or turret.  Once you get to the backside, destroy the helicopter depot.  Destroy 
the building next to the gate for it to explode and walk on in.  Destroy the 
artilleries and the tank depot.  Destroy the two power generators and heal up.  
Once you have gotten a lot of powerups head around towards the doors.  Strader 
will tell you that you are about to fight Ragnarok.  Two mechs will start a 
fight with you.  Dispose of them (they are pretty easy).  Head  into the door. 
Destroy the plane for some good powerups and health packets (gauss rifles work 
nice on the plane). There will be some mechs in here with a depot.  Destroy it 
and use those powerups. destroy the power generator and head into the steel 
bolted doors. Then beat up the ship a little. Then,  Oh yes, its time for 
He has reflect, he has a mediocre amount of health. Oh ya, did I mention that 
he's hard?   Okay, If u have your warhammer missiles this is easy.  Just plant 
them on him, he can't reflect them.  Otherwise you'll have to time it so that he 
can't reflect it.
-mission complete  
Mission 19
Ready to Rok!
-stop the drill

Available Mechs
Ragnarok NEW!

Ahhh the Ragnarok.  Turn around and blow up the tunnel.  Head forward, blow up 
the pillar-esque thing next to the metal sliding door.   Let the first mech come 
in and blast his head off with your lava gun, missiles and Gauss rifles.  For 
most of them, getting close to them and lava gunning them will knock them down 
and do lots of damage.  Repeat this and grab health packets  and you'll trample 
through these mechs.  In the next area destroy the mech depots first, and then 
take out the mechs.  Head forward and around the curve, destroy the tanks and 
enter the next area.  In here you'll see a bunch of tanks and an atlas.  Destroy 
them all and exit into the volcanic area.  In here you will fight two mechs.  
Focus fire on one and then the other.  Head across the lava fields and you will 
have to fight yet another mech.  Simple again with the lava gun.  In this next 
area you will have to fight an atlas and two smaller mechs.  Take out the atlas 
first with your lava gun, take his health pack if you need it and deal with the 
other two.  The other two should be significantly weakened because their AI is 
bad and they were swimming in the lava pool while you and the atlas were duking 
it out.  Head through the next opening and your mission will be successful

-mission complete
Mission 20 
Ready to Rok II
-stop the drill

Available Mechs
Ragnarok (duh)

Okay this really isn't a very difficult mission.  Just head across the lava 
fields, destroy all tanks and helicopters in your way (you probably wont need to 
pay attention to the clock so don't bother stressing out about the time.  Once 
you have that done, keep on heading forward until you reach the actual drill.  
There are a few heavy mechs here.  Take out the atlas first and go from there.  
You should have plenty of time left.  When you are done with these mechs head up 
into the center of the drill.  Press A. 
7: Contact/Credits/Legal etc.
First off:
All rights are reserved by their respective owners.  I am in no way affiliated 
with Microsoft Gaming studios or Fasa Studios in anyway.  However, this 
FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted by Ocissordei 2002.  Right now it is only for use 
on Gamefaqs.com.  if you would like to add it to your site you must contact me 
in order to post it (see below for email address).  Thanks
Got any questions (THAT ARENT ANSWERED IN THE FAQ)?  Want to contribute 
something? Got a better strategy? Email me ocissordei@yahoo.com

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