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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tyrlan

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/08/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dead to Rights
    For the X-Box by Namco
    FAQ Written by Tye 'Tyrlan' Arnett
    Version: 1.1
    This document Copyright 2002 by Tye Arnett.
    1) Introduction/Warning.
    2) Version History.
    3) Help Section.
    4.1) Move List.
    4.2) Survival guide
    5) Character Introduction.
    6.1) Weapons
    6.2) Items
    7.1) Walkthrough
    7.2) Boss's
    8) Enemies.
    9) Cheats.
    10) Links.
    11) Credits
    1) Introduction/Warning:
      Well first off I'd like to thank you for taking the time to look at 
    my FAQ/Walkthrough of Namco's Dead to Rights for the X-box.  I spent a 
    lot of time with this game to help bring it to you.  All the way from 
    work, where I helped unload 6000 little box's with 2-3 DTR games each, 
    too spending a lot of time playing the game and writing this FAQ.  If 
    you wish to post this on your website, give me an e-mail and I will 
    give you my approval.  Also lastly, if there is anything you find 
    confusing/wrong, please feel free to drop me an e-mail at 
    tyrlan@pacbell.net if you need to.  
    *WARNING* Dead to Rights involves Mature themes throughout the game.  
    If you are not of legal age, or mental age to handle them please do not 
    try.  This game involves killing, politics, stripping, blood, and a few 
    other mature things.  Please remember above all that this is JUST A 
    GAME.  Now please enjoy.
    2) Version History:
    Next Update:  Links section with approved websites, and a little more 
    tweaking on wording... anything else I find wrong.
    1.1: Sorry this took so long, but between a very nasty flu and work I 
    was kind of dead to the world.  I want to thank all the people that 
    sent me comments and thank you notes. Anyways, I edited walkthrough a 
    little to help a few parts.  Added in full boss section/walkthroughs.  
    1.0: Edited walkthrough for better reading and to make more sense in 
    curtain places.  
    0.7.5)  Finished walkthrough, move list (no disarm list still), and 
    added more sections I forgot the first time.
    0.5)  Got First half of walkthrough done... working on rest and all other 
    3) Help Section:
      Now for any of you that have read any of my FAQ's in the past, this 
    one has again evolved into a better FAQ format.  There are more breaks 
    in the walkthrough section, as to make it easier to tell where you are.  
    I have also changed the format for how the boss's in the game are 
    handled.  The Format is "Boss name (#)".  What this does is during the 
    walkthrough you will come to the place where you meet the boss. (Have a 
    boss fight) The number is for referring to the Boss's section on 
    strategies on how to beat them.  This helps prevent some spoilers and 
    also gives those of you who just want to fight the boss's yourself a 
    way to avoid reading how to defeat them.
    4.1) Move List:
      First off Jack has two different sets of moves.  The First is your 
    Hand to Hand (HTH) and the second is your moves with weapons.  Please 
    refer to your manual for what the different gauges on screen are.
    These are all the moves you use while not wielding a deadly weapon.
    A = Punch
    X = Kick
    B = Throw
    R = Block
    Now you can perform combos with your punches and kicks, they are:
    A, X
    A, A, X
    A, A, A, X
    A, A, A, A, X
    A, A, X, X
    All finishing moves for combos (if they hit) will knock the enemy off 
    guard/onto the ground.
    Also you can use A+X to do a sweeping punch behind you.  This helps a 
    LOT in crowds.
    B is used for grabbing guys and throwing them (hit a direction on your 
    pad) but you can also hit A or X to add a little more damage, but not 
    throw them as far.
    B is also used for disarming guys if they have guns.  Just run up to 
    them and hit B and you will disarm them in a fun move.  If you have 
    random disarms off you can unlock disarms for different types of 
    weapons.  There are 4 disarms to unlock per weapon class. 
    (Pistol/Shotgun/Rifle) and you do them by hitting a direction (Up, 
    Down, Left, Right) on the D-pad while hitting B.  This takes a little 
    practice, but becomes VERY fun to watch.
    Weapon Combat:
      First off is your Dog.  Use him when in range and not only will he 
    kill the enemy but will bring back their gun to you.
      Well actually first off is aiming.  Just hit R (right trigger) to 
    auto target a bad guy.  If the icon is red, shoot and he will die.
      Next is one of the MOST USEFUL skills with a weapon.  Run up to a 
    guy, and press B to take a guy as a human shield.  Now anyone firing at 
    you (except from behind) will have to take out the shield first.  There 
    are parts of the game where you HAVE to take a shield or else you will 
    be very much hurting/not moving on.  
      Manual Targeting is done by pressing the Black button, and the only 
    bad thing is that you can not move while you are using it... but you can 
    4.2) Survival Guide:
      This section will give you some basic moves/tactics that will help 
    you throughout the game.
      Diving:  This is done by hitting Y.  If you press Y really fast you 
    will just dive, but hit you hit it and hold it, you will dive in slow 
    mo.  Tap Y again to get out of the slow mo dive.  This uses up your 
      Toss and Shoot:  There are canisters all over the game for you to 
    pick up.  Once you have one (and a gun), once you target an enemy you 
    can hit A to throw the canister at them and then you should quickly 
    target it R and shoot it once it gets to the enemy.  It will then 
    explode.  This is good for taking out big groups of enemies.
      Icons:  They will be Red or Green.  If they are Green you can use 
    them, but if they are red it means you need a key or to do something 
    first.  Try using the red icon to find out what it is.
    5) Character Introductions:
      Ummm I left this part of the walkthrough on my other computer and its 
    half way across the nation right now. (Yes on the other half :( )  I'll 
    have it in with the 1.1 update.
    6.1) Weapons:
      Same place as my Character Intros.  
    6.2) Items:
      More details to come.
    1) Access Cards
    2) Armor
    3) Canisters
    4) Cigarette packs
    5) Fire Extinguisher
    6) Fuse
    7) Health Packs
    8) Keys
    9) Wire Cutters
    7.1) Game Walkthrough:
    Dead to Rights consists of 15 chapters of butt kicking, hard ass fun.  
    The following is a pretty detailed description of what you will find in 
    all of them.
    Chapter One: Last Call.
      This is a tutorial level that is made to get you familiar with the 
    games controls and basics of fighting.  If you need help with this 
    level you should stop reading, pick up your copy of DTR, and go return 
    it at the store you got it from.  Anyways, all joking aside this is one 
    of the easiest startup levels in ANY game I have ever played... they 
    won't LET you do anything besides what you need to.  The only advice I 
    have for you is that after you perform the "human shield" move, 
    remember that you need to target and kill the other guys on the screen.  
    Taking out the shotgun guy right next to you is a big help, and you can 
    always grab another shield if the one you're using runs out of health.
    Chapter Two: The Den of Iniquity:
      Now moving on with the story, we bump into one of jacks old friends 
    and she offers to distract the guards for him while he sneaks into the 
    Club.  This leads us to the first mini game.  You have to dance and 
    distract the guards.  This takes place in three sequences, where you 
    have to hit buttons in the correct order as they come onscreen.  Watch 
    the gauge at the bottom of the screen as if it empties all the way you 
    will get caught. (About 5 miss's in a round)
    First Dance: A,Y,B,X,A,Y,B,A,X,B,Y
    Second Dance: A,B,Y,A,X,B,Y,A,B,A,X,Y,B,X,Y
    Third Dance: A,B,Y,X,B,A,X,B,A,X,Y,B,X,A,X,Y,B,X,Y,A
      Now that you are inside the main dance club, head to the left and up 
    the stairs.  First off you need to clear the people out of the 
    building, and what better way to do that then pull the fire alarm.  
    Head to the left by the telephone you will see an action button.  Pull 
    the alarm and watch the people leave.  Sadly they catch Hildy and force 
    you to run downstairs to help her out.  Now you will get a brief menu 
    on how to do hand to hand combat.  Kick the goon's butts and Boris (1) 
    will come out.  Boris is like all the other goons in his fighting 
    style, but he's got more health and does more damage per hit.  Now that 
    Boris is killed, 3 guys will come out of the elevator in the far corner 
    of the room, rush them and kill all three, taking their ammo and giving 
    you dual guns.  Using the pole for cover, head up stairs, and take out 
    all of the guys up here.  Over by where you pulled the alarm is a great 
    place to seek cover and kill anyone that wonders close enough to you.  
    After that head back downstairs and kill the rest of the goons here.  
    Remember to use the canisters to help take out groups of enemies.  
    After they have been dispatched all of them 2 goons pop up from behind 
    the bar.  Kill them and then go behind the bar to grab and canister and 
    some health/armor.  Turn around facing out from the bar and you will 
    see Dimitri (2).  Once he sees you he will come running at you.  Throw 
    the canister and shoot it, then use your duck/shoot method to finish 
    him off.  Pick up the key from his corpse.  Collect any 
    health/armor/ammo you need then head to the elevator and active it to 
    go up.
      Now as you exit the elevator grab the guy in front of you and use him 
    as a shield.  Don't feel sorry for him; just concentrate on killing the 
    guys coming down the hallway.  A few guys will come out the doorway on 
    the right, but after that keep going down the hallway.  Remember to use 
    your wall hugging so that you aren't a huge target.  Go down the 
    hallway and through the arch, to your left is 2 shot gunners and one of 
    them has a keycard.  Use the computer to unlock the door through the 
    next archway.  Go through the door, but remember to pick up the large 
    armor and large health before you do.  After a small cut scene you will 
    dive behind a couch.  Crouch behind it and take out the 4 guys in the 
    room when they pause in their firing.  "Now I have a machine gun... ho... 
    ho...ho" oh wait... wrong game, but still you do now.  After you chase 
    Blatz out of the room you will come into another room filled with more 
    guys!  I suggest getting behind the bar and pop shooting everyone in 
    the room from there.  After you are done, get your health/armor/ammo, 
    and use the switch behind the bar to unlock the door.  Now run to the 
    doorway and open it, if it locks you have to unlock it again from 
    behind the bar.
    Now outside the bar follow Blatz up the street, using the cars for 
    cover to dispatch all the guys that come out to try and kill you.  
    Check most of the ally ways for health and armor.  Follow Blatz into an 
    alleyway and then up into a building.  If you keep going down the 
    street instead of following Blatz you will auto loose.  Now inside the 
    building, run up the stairs and grab the armor, this will start a 
    string of goons coming out of the elevator.  Run back to the top of the 
    stairs and wall hug to snipe off the goons.  Remember to use the 
    canisters to your advantage.  After killing all the goons go up to the 
    elevator and head up stairs to learn the truth about your fathers 
    death.  Well part of it.
    Chapter Three: Iron Point:
      Now you're in prison, what do you have planned?  What else! A jail 
    break.  But first you have to find your way out, and also everyone in 
    the prison seems to be gunning for your head.  My guess is because you 
    put most of them in there in the first place.  Head off and take on the 
    two groups of convicts.  One of them in the second group will drop a 
    keycard.  If you need health, grab it out of the cells and then 
    continue on through the double doors.  Go threw the doorway and then 
    threw the next doorway to the left.  Take out the convicts and continue 
    along the hallway.  Head up the stairs, through the doorway and keep 
    following the hallway up some more stairs.  Exit Cell Block A through 
    the double doors.  Go to the left and hang the left into the first 
    doorway on your left.  You are now inside the workshop.  Kill the six 
    guys in here and get the key to the backroom.  After talking to wire 
    boy, you need to head out to the gym to earn some packs.  The gym is 
    across the main Hub from the entrance to the workshop.  First go to the 
    boxer, he will teach you how to break throws and give you a pack when 
    you beat him.  Next head over to the speed bag.  Here you not only need 
    to hit the keys fast, but you also have to hit it in rhythm with the 
    bag or else you will fail.  Win and you get a pack of ciggs.  Now move 
    onto the weights at the back of the gym.  Follow the on screen 
    instructions to learn how to use the weights.  It might take a few 
    tries for the higher weight setting.  Head out the gym and go to the 
    right and get an offer to earn cig's for kicking mad dogs butt.  Now go 
    into cell block B (it's on the other side of the workshop then cell 
    block A) and take out all the guys waiting for you in the hallway 
    leading to the main cell block.  Once you're in the cell block, watch 
    out for the big groups of inmates that try to gangbang you.  After you 
    kill the 2 groups of inmates mad dog himself will appear.  If and when 
    you need it, head up the stairs for some health kits.  Oh yea, you 
    should have 9 cigg packs now.  Head back out the way you came and head 
    across the hall to C block.  Okay, now more guys are waiting for you in 
    the halls, dispatch them and move on.  Remember to get all the health 
    kits you can, this next cell block is a killer.  Again you have to 
    fight 2 groups of guys before you can talk to Big Arm Tony.  But first 
    is a group of 7-8 guys and next is a group of 9 guys.  There's health 
    on all three levels of the cell block, so I suggest you use it as you 
    need it.  After that is done you have to arm wrestle Tony.  This is 
    done just like the lifting, but more challenging.  After you are done 
    with Tony, a guard will ask you to get his picture back from cell block 
    D, so head back out and to Cell block D.  You should have 16 packs now.  
    Now comes another pain in the ass fight.  There are only 3 health 
    packages on the lower level and you can't go to the upper level until 
    you've cleared ALL the guys on the bottom.  After the guard leaves the 
    stairway, go up it and grab the 3 healths up top.  Now go up to the 
    third story, and go to the third cell on your right from the top of the 
    stairway, the photo should be inside there.  Now the guy that occupied 
    the cell will be waiting to the bottom of the stairs.  So kill him and 
    his 2 friends and be on your way out of the cellblock after picking up 
    health again if you need it.  Once out of the cell block head to the 
    left and give the guard and photo for your last pack.  Now head back to 
    the workshop and visit wire boy.  After a small conversation, we get to 
    hear one of the most disturbing lines in the entire game.  Anyway, head 
    out of the workshop and head to the left after you little puppy.  Now 
    you get to have fun messing up Sickle (3).  Go through the gate to the 
    left and hang a left hand turn to get to the showers.  If you need it 
    there is a large health here and on the opposite side of the showers.  
    Now you get to have another boss fight, and this time it's Tattoo (4).  
    You see he's not too happy with the idea of having to give up his map 
    out of this place.  After you beat him, you hear that Sickle is looking 
    for you, so you decide to go back to your cell and review the map.
      After a nice long cut scene you will find yourself free... well sort 
    of.  Now all you have to do is run. Go into the door on your left and 
    pick up the key, and then head out and follow the pathway in front of 
    you.  At the end are some doors that lead to the central part of the 
    prison.  Go in and head to the left, then right through the metal 
    doorway, then left and through another metal doorway.  Follow the 
    inmate into the drain in the ground.    Now you have a map!  For those 
    of you who don't listen... all you have to do is follow the dotted line 
    and it will lead you out of there.  Also be warned that there are 
    inmates with guns down here.  You want to disarm them and continue on 
    your way.  At the end of the first map, head up the stairs and you come 
    to the second part of the tunnel.  Get the large health pack and ammo 
    (if you need it) and continue on with the map.  In this section you 
    need to watch out for fallen out parts of the mine.  Now continue until 
    the path is blocked, if you want scoot along the wall and get the armor 
    to the right, otherwise head left, take a right and then another right 
    to get back onto the path.  Head to the right, then the left, then 
    across a ledge.  Head to the left and kill the two shotgun wielding 
    guys, there's also a health here... now head back down the pathway all 
    the way until the end.  You will be forced to go left and then you want 
    to take the first left you come to after that go right, then left 
    again.  Watch out for ambushes all along this route.  At the end you 
    will see a metal gate with a ton of inmates on the other side.  Bust 
    out your trusty shotgun and do some nice slow mow dives to take them 
    out without taking too much damage.  Run to the door at the end of the 
    room and pick the lock.  This is the exact same as the other lock you 
    picked except it moves a little faster and you have a 30 second time 
    limit.  Fail and the guards will catch you.  After that you are home 
    free, well sort of.  Now it's off to Chinatown.
    Chapter 4: Black Orchid:
      Right after you exit the cutscene, 3 goons will try and shoot you.  
    Driving towards them in slow motion works great.  After they are dead 
    grab the armor and ammo and head down the street after Fat Chow.  
    Basicly each set of cars on this street is an ambush.  Use the cars to 
    cover and take out the guys as you see fit.  Remember what ammo you 
    left behind, in case you run out latter, you can come back and get 
    more.  When you get to the end of the street, where you saw Fat Chow 
    run up the stairs, some cops come and bust you.  They are then taken 
    out by the goons and you have to use shadow to get a weapon from the 
    guys that come running down the street (from the direction of where you 
    started the level).  After that, kill the guys on the stairs and go up 
    them.  Follow Fat Chow into the club.  Once you go down the stairs you 
    will trigger about 8 guys in the next room.  I like staying in the 
    stairwell and drawing them to me.  It helps save health.  Or you can go 
    in and do some fancy diving, but you have to watch out for the guys 
    with the shotguns.  After you kill them all go to the cage and try to 
    talk Fat Chow out.  This will not work, but it will get some more guys 
    into the room with you.  Kill them and then return to the cage with the 
    key you picked up from the dead guys.  Fat Chow is perfectly willing to 
    talk now.  After he's done talking, grab the armor/health and the 
    sniper/assault rifles from the cage, then run to the backdoor and exit.  
      Now you are stuck in the streets and Chow's backup has arrived.  
    Entering wall mode is best here, as you can use it to look around the 
    corner.  Using a combo of shadow/pistols get the guys on top of the 
    stairs, and use the shotgun if anyone gets close.  Now go up the steps, 
    there are three snipers on the rooftops to the left.  Take them out and 
    then use the dumpsters as cover to make your way down the street to the 
    right.  Remember to use Shadow.  At the end of the street you will come 
    to another gate you have to pick.  Same thing as before, but this time 
    you only have 20 seconds, and get moved back a tumbler if you fail.  
      Now that you are inside the Black Orchid it's time to have a look 
    around and find Silt.  Beat the 2 thugs in the hallway and head to the 
    left and all the way across the parlor.  There is a door with a red 
    indicator on it that you need to click on. (Also some nice noises 
    coming from the other side of the door)  Head back into the center of 
    the Parlor to find Horse (5).  Since he won't give your guns back you 
    will have to force him to.  Once you get your weapons back you 
    automatically go to Silks room and "talk" to him.  Here you will meet 
    Eve for the first time also.  When the lead starts flying it's time for 
    you to leave.  Now you have to protect Eve and get out of the place.  
    Once you head out into the main part of the building Lotus and her 
    Assassins (6) will come into the room.  After dealing with the 
    assassins and Lotus you will head out of the club.  Other then the 
    health kits all being back inside the club, there is now a shotgun in 
    the room you started in.  Once outside the club has been cut off by the 
    Triad, so hug the wall on the left side and have shadow bring you a 
    shotgun.  Kill anyone entering the doors and after nobody keeps coming 
    proceed outside.  Now head to the right back down towards Fat Chows 
    club that you came out of earlier.  Once you reach the end of the 
    street you will run into Fat Chow (7) after defeating him, talk to eve 
    and take her card.  
    Chapter 5: A Late Goodbye:
      Now you're off to visit your father's grave and say goodbye.  Once 
    there you meet up with an old friend and learn a little more into why 
    your father was killed.  After being interrupted, it's time for some 
    action again.  Remember to use Shadow around here to take out guys and 
    save ammo.  Also there is a helicopter on this level, so when you hear 
    it HIDE, because it will TEAR you apart with its gun.  Go past the 
    little arch and lean around to shoot the clown up on the ramp and to 
    the right.  After that head up the ramp and dispatch the 2 clowns up 
    there.  Flip the switch up here on the far wall to open the gate down 
    below.  Kill the 3 clowns that enter and if you need it follow the 
    right wall all the way down to get an armor and large health, otherwise 
    head out the gate.  Right before the gate on the right side is a small 
    grave with health and armor around it.  
      Now run down the left side of the passageway until you come to the 
    bride (don't bother shooting at the guys on the bridge as they run by) 
    Kill the clown that jumps down at you, and duck for cover.  A few more 
    guys will come rushing at you... kill them and then wait for the guy on 
    your upper left to stop firing.  Once he does it's easiest to run to 
    the right wall and have shadow kill him (no bullets used) Now keep 
    going down the pathway.  And head up the ramp to your left.  Kill all 
    the guys and go across the bridge.  You will be ambushed on the other 
    side by 4 guys so kill them and then head to the wall on your left.  If 
    you need it there is a large health in the middle of this area.  Kill 
    the 3 guys inside the wall and go in to grab some armor.  Then throw 
    the switch to open the gate down below.  Circle back around and go 
    through the gate down below that you opened. Go under the bridge for 
    some good cover and then sneak out and kill the guys shooting at you 
    from above.  After this head to the left (up a ramp) and left again 
    across the top of the bridge.  There is a switch to the left against 
    the wall that will open up the gates that lead away from here.  Head 
    back across the bridge you just came across and through the gates.
      Now head up the pathway until it bends right and wait there until the 
    helicopter leaves.  Now continue along the pathway.  Shoot the 2 guys 
    up above and follow the pathway to the left.  You will curve around a 
    locked gate and then after killing 3 mercenary's you should go to the 
    far side of the room and crouch/walk up the stairs.  Shooting the guy 
    at the top will trigger the helicopter to come in again.  Just duck 
    behind the wall by the stairs and wait until it leaves.  Then head up 
    top and kill the new guys down below.  Now go back down, and past the 
    gates that opened... there are some guys over here that you want to kill 
    so they don't come up behind you.  After that go through the gate that 
    you opened with the switch.  Kill the guys waiting at the bottom of the 
    stairs and go into the next room.  There is an item on the inside of 
    the cage that you need... but well it's on the inside.  Use the walls to 
    help get you through this place unharmed and head up the stairs on the 
    other side.  At the top, wait for the helicopter to leave and then use 
    shadow to take out a lot of the guys in here.  When you leave the 
    stairs, head to the right and use the gravestones as cover.  Once the 
    area is clear, try using the switch (say's you need a handle, hmmmm) 
    and then jump down the hole in the ground.  After killing the guys down 
    here, grab the handle and run back up the stairs in the back of the 
    room.  At the top there are now guys on the far ledge.  Use the cover 
    to get close to them and kill both of them, grab the sniper rifle and 
    use the handle to open the gates.  Go through the gates to move on.
      Move to the end of the tunnel and use the sniper rifle to take out 
    the three clown snipers way up on the far wall.  Snipe the 2 guys to 
    the right and another one to the left.  Down below a few goons will 
    appear, use shadow/guns to kill them off and then go flip the switch 
    that is across the bridge by the large health.  If you need it the 
    armor has reappeared where it was before.  Now go down the through the 
    big gates and head left to exit.  Now you just have to walk through the 
    exit... but the clowns have other ideas!  Now you have to take out their 
    big gun (8) you need to keep moving in order to avoid the guns fire.  
    Pick up canisters and throw them at the gun from the far left and 
    right, shooting them when they are near the gun.  Once it blows up you 
    are out of there.  Also more clowns will appear and try to shoot you.  
    For the most part you can just avoid them, if you want pick them off 
    for more ammo.  
    Chapter Six: Mayhem Incorporated:
      Okay now it's time to go have some fun at the stadium.  Now this is a 
    different kind of level compared to all the rest that you have done so 
    far.  This is what we like to call a "rail shooter" level.  For those 
    of you that have played SOF2, Agent under fire, or any of those arcade 
    shoot things with guns games, you will know what this is like.  
    Basically, you are inside a helicopter with a M60 and unlimited ammo.  
    The helicopter follows a path and you have to use the M60 to cover Eve 
    as she runs around the stadium.  Holding down A will fire out all your 
    M60 bullets, if you run out just let go of A for a second or two and 
    you will reload the gun.  Since you don't even have to move I'm going 
    to just list some general tips/tactics.  First off watch out for guys 
    close to Eve.  You always want to kill them first as they will have a 
    better chance to hit her and if she dies you loose.  After most 
    sections Eve will regain all her health so don't worry if it gets a 
    little low.  Now between protecting Eve she will find Bombs.  Following 
    the onscreen instructions about how to disarm the bombs is easy.  You 
    just have to use the 2 sticks to move the pin outside the bomb.  You 
    have 45 second on all the bombs but the last one, but you will also be 
    able to extend the time by passing check points.  Just watch out if the 
    pin turns red because this means it's about to blow up.  There are also 
    4 bombs total.  After you defuse the forth bomb you will watch a cut 
    scene and then head out to the parking lot.
      The best way to beat the parking lot is to start at the left or right 
    side and move in a circle pattern.  There are three waves of guys that 
    you have to kill.  Watch out because now they are shooting at you and 
    it's your health on the line.  So try and hit as many guys as you can 
    in the head, because it's an instant kill, and make sure you get the 
    snipers first.  After you kill all the guys a car will peel out of the 
    lot and you will follow it.
      Now you have to catch Patch and he doesn't want to be caught.  Now 
    you have to stop the cars and the helicopter will fly past them.  You 
    need to hit all the important spots on the cars to stop each one.  
    These spots are: All Four Tires, The Hood, The Trunk, The Side door.  
    As you are taking out the cars a guy will come out of the sunroof to 
    shoot at you.  Once you see the goon coming out the sunroof, turn your 
    gun on him and then move back to taking apart the cars.  Now once the 
    sedan's health reaches zero it will crash and patch will come out of 
    the first Limo and shoot a rocket at you.  As it spirals towards you 
    shoot it out of the air.  After that go after the second sedan and once 
    that one is toast it's time for Patch (9).  After you "stop" his car 
    you will get a pager and move onto the next chapter.
    Chapter Seven: No Vacancy:
      Now that your down to your last lead it's time to find Exner.  Now 
    the bomb squad is on the scene, but the funny thing is they aren't 
    looking to defuse bombs.  So it's your job along with shadow to find 
    them and save Exner, again.  You start off by grabbing the blueprints 
    by the door and going into the restaurant.  Now head into the 
    restaurant and follow the left wall.  Use Shadow to grab take down the 
    GAC member closest to you and then use his MP5 to take down the other 
    closest GAC member.  Circle around the room following the left wall and 
    using the chairs for cover.  Once you kill the next 2-3 GAC members 
    that come in the far side of the room 2 more will come out from the 
    lower left corner of the room. (Usually behind you)  Take them out and 
    then deal with the next wave coming from the far side of the room.  One 
    of the GAC members will radio about the bombs and after you kill him 
    take the key and then head for the now green door on the left wall.  
    Now you get to use Shadow to find the bomb.  Take him forwards until 
    you can turn right and then sniff (Left trigger) in that room to see 
    where the bomb is.  It is a case to the right side of the soda machine.  
    Take shadow to it and you will have to defuse it like the other bombs 
    before. (55 Second timer)  After its done go to the double doors at the 
    end of the hallway by the soda machine.
      You are now in the Lobby.  Go to your right and then down the small 
    stairs to the right and more GAC members will come out, taking one as a 
    shield works great while subduing the rest of them.  The last GAC goon 
    will yell "Damn!" once you kill him and you get another key from him.  
    Now go back up the stairs you first came down and head to the right and 
    through the doorway with the green icon.  Now you must find the second 
    bomb with shadow in less then two minutes.  Just run straight down the 
    hallway until the end with some pillars to find the bomb.  Disarm this 
    bomb like the rest of them.
      Now you are in the Theatre.  Go down to the end of the hallway and go 
    right down the side isle until you hit some shelves.  Once there you 
    can run down the middle of the seats and will be spotted.  Just crouch 
    and keep moving to the other side of the theatre.  Once there go down 
    the side and head left through another row of seats.  You can now take 
    out the GAC members on the stage and go up there to have more come in 
    from the back.  After taking them out go back to the rows of seats and 
    more GAC members will appear on the stage.  When you take out the last 
    one he will say "Son of a...".  Now grab the key from him and continue 
    your bomb hunt.  There is also an armor by the stage if you need it.  
    Go back to where you entered the theatre, but instead of going down the 
    stairs head up the flight to your left.  Take a left at the top of the 
    stairs and use the door to go back in to Shadow.  Just head to the left 
    and go to the end of the hallway and stuff to see where the bomb is.  
    Head around the small wooden wall at the end and you will find the 
    briefcase.  Disarm this bomb like the rest of them. (45 second for this 
    one)  Proceed up the hallway in front of you and then go up the stairs 
    to your right.  Now go all the way down to the end of the hallway, hang 
    a right and all the way down to a dark hallway which you will turn 
    right into.  Now after you get past the first set of doors more GAC 
    members will come out at you.  Kill the closest and run to the end of 
    the hallway with the 3 GAC members.  Kill them all and hide behind the 
    carts.  Kill the GAC's that come down the hallway you just came down 
    and then after the last one comes from the end of the hallway kill him 
    to get a key.  He will scream as he dies.  Now go to the doorway right 
    before the cart and use the key on it.  Now to find the forth bomb.  
    You have 30 seconds, so when Shadow starts off head to the left and 
    then around the chair and box's in the middle.  After you get past 
    them, go to the left again and the bomb is behind the box's there.  You 
    have 40 seconds to defuse this bomb.  After this bomb is defused you 
    will see a cutscene and then it's time to find Gloria Exner.  Head back 
    out the doorway to this room and dispatch the two GAC members outside 
    there.  Head to your right and up the stairs to the next floor of the 
    Floor Three:
      Now the rest of this chapter is kind of on a timer.  What has 
    happened is that fires have broken out all around the building, and 
    there is a Temp gauge onscreen now.  Once it reaches the max, the floor 
    will burn up and you will fail.  You can lower the Temp by putting out 
    fires on each floor.  Now head up the stairs to your right and along 
    the hallway.  Go through the door that opens and follow the wall until 
    the corner.  Use shadow to take out one GAC and your MP5 for the other.  
    Go to your left and through the doorway there.  Dispatch the GAC in the 
    next room and head through the door on the opposite side. (Get the 
    health if you need it)  Now go out the door and head to your left and 
    left again along the hallway there.  Kill the 3 GAC's and take the fire 
    extinguisher at the end of the hallway.  Head back to the door you came 
    out of and go past it to the fire.  Equip the extinguisher like you 
    would a weapon and target the fire to put it out.  Make sure you put 
    all the flames out and then proceed forwards.  You will find a person 
    in the middle of the fire that will give you a key, and now you must 
    keep fighting the fire until there is no more.  The pathway on the left 
    will be blocked so go forwards until there is a doorway on the right 
    (and fire ahead).  Go in the door, grab the extinguisher, and go back 
    out and keep fighting the fire.  The pathway forwards will be blocked, 
    so go to your left and when you come to the wall at the end go to your 
    right.  At the end is another extinguisher and after you grab it more 
    GAC's will come down the hallway to get you.  Take them out and then 
    follow the hallway until the end where you will get another key from a 
    civilian.  Now go all the way back and head right at the intersection.  
    Go through the doorway on the left that's now green and use wall mode 
    again to take out the GAC's in the next room.  Watch out for the auto 
    shotgun guy in here, but then keep going until the end.  Once through 
    the doorway there head to the left and put out the fires to be able to 
    go up the stairs.  
    Floor Four:
      Go up the stairs to your right and go through the doorway on your 
    right.  Kill the GAC's on the other side of the big carpet rolls and 
    continue down the hallway.  Around the corner is another 2 GAC's and an 
    armor behind the carts.  Exit the door and head to your left.  Kill the 
    3 GAC's up there and then turn around.  Go to the end of the hallway 
    and head to the right.  At the very end is some more GAC member and a 
    health/armor.  After you get that, go back to the doorway you came out 
    of keep heading straight and then hang a right around the edge of the 
    room.  You will pass a door with a red icon on it, so keep going.  Head 
    left up the small stairs and go around the left side of all the crap in 
    the center of the room.  Go past the fire and you will run into a guy 
    that will give you a key.  Use it to go in that door that was red (its 
    green now) and get another extinguisher.  Use it to put out the fire on 
    the pathway.  Once you get to the door on the left go in there and turn 
    on the sprinklers.  Now head all the way back to where you started the 
    level, watching out for GAC's on the way.  Head to the left once your 
    there and go up the stairs to the next floor. 
    Floor Five:
      Head up the stairs to your right and then keep going until you can 
    enter a doorway on your left.  Use your wall shooting tech to take out 
    the three GAC members and then go into the small outlet on the right 
    for health and a key from the guy in there.  Now go back to the doorway 
    which you came in the room from, and turn left and take out the GAC's 
    in the center of the floor.  Now go across the center and turn left, at 
    the next intersection hang a right and enter the door with the green 
    action icon on it.  Inside you will meet Gloria.  Now you have to 
    follow her out and protect her from any GAC members.  Grab the armor 
    and head out into the hallway and back to the left.  Once you get to 
    the center run up and take out the GAC's while she takes cover, after 
    they are dead keep following her.  Once you enter the room just charge 
    the GAC's in there with the auto shotgun and grab the armor by the 
    doorway you entered after you've killed them.  Now follow Gloria out 
    the other doorway, follow her to the left and up the stairs.  
      Now you are on the final level of Chapter Seven, and that of course 
    means that there is a boss Antorcha (10).  This fight is pretty easy, 
    just remember to circle strafe and take out and GAC's that appear.  
    Once Antorcha is dead it ends the level, so if his health is really low 
    don't worry about the goons, just finish him off.  So head up the 
    stairs and out onto the roof to take him on.  After its done watch the 
    cut scene.  
    Chapter Eight: A Boatload of Trouble:
    The Docks:
      After Gofer runs into the warehouse, try to follow him, but the door 
    will be locked.  This triggers a few Mercenary's to come in the other 
    side of the docks.  Kill them and use shadow on the last one to get the 
    warehouse key from him.  Remember to grab the armor before entering the 
    Inside the First Warehouse:
      Use the metal box's you start by as cover to kill the goons that came 
    in trying to get you.  After killing the guys up stairs, run up there 
    and all the way around, you will find a keycard and a box with a green 
    icon on it that opens the door down below.  Kill the goons that enter 
    because the door is unlocked and then round up health/ammo before going 
    through the doorway.
      Follow Gofer to the next warehouse.  Take a right and run down the 
    peer towards the docked boat.  Kill the 2 goons on here with your 
    shotgun and then use the cover on the boat to clear the docks of guys.  
    Then run down the other dock and enter the bottom of the second 
    warehouse.  Before you can go inside you have to pick the lock.  This 
    is just like the other picking games, but you have 20 seconds, and if 
    you fail more bad guys will come out.  You have to kill them before 
    trying again.  
    Second Warehouse:
      Once inside the second warehouse kill all the guards that come 
    rushing at you, and then deal with the guys up above.  There is a 
    health kit under the right stairway and an armor on the small suspended 
    platform in the opposite corner.  After you restock on 
    ammo/armor/health head to the doorway under the left stairs.
    Walkway 2:
      First off you want to take out the guy with the AKM to your left, and 
    then hang back and wait for the other guys to come to you.  Use Shadow 
    and your AKM to take them down really fast.  After they are dead head 
    to the far end by where they died and get the health and pick the lock 
    on the doorway there.  Again if you don't pick the lock the first time, 
    you will have to kill more goons before being able to try again.  
    Third Warehouse:
      Wait where you start with your pistol or shotgun ready, and the guys 
    will come around the corner to get you.  After they stop coming, go 
    around the end of the cage and take out the guys on the upper level.  
    Then head all the way around the cage.  After you get to the door with 
    a red icon, turn around and face the guys that come in.  The last one 
    you kill will have a key to open this door.  Grab ammo/armor and leave 
    through the doorway.
    The Docks:
      Head for your right and use the crate as cover.  Take out the guy 
    with the grenade launcher as fast as possible.  Now use the crates for 
    cover as you move down the pier.  Make sure to try and hit as many guys 
    as you can from a distance, and then head out to the left and onto the 
    dock/boats.  There is an armor at the end of the boat if you need it.  
    Now follow the docks and head to the right to get back onto the pier.  
    The last guy you kill here will drop some wire cutters, so pick them up 
    and then go back to the start.  If you need it there is a large health 
    on the second boat and another large health/armor/sniper rifle to the 
    left of the place you started at.  By where you killed the guy with the 
    grenade launcher there is a green icon now that you will use the wire 
    cutters on.  You disable the alarm with the cutters and then you have 
    to go back along the wood docks to the other side of the creates and 
    enter the Tank Room.  
    Tank Room:
      Run straight forwards and use these tanks as cover to take out the 4 
    goons on the floor.  The last one will drop a key.  Go and grab it, but 
    watch out for the one guy up above.  Grab health if you need it and 
    then exit out the doorway on the opposite wall to the left of where you 
    came in.  
    Helicopter Fight:
      Now there have been quiet a few posts on the forums about how to do 
    this and how annoying it is.  So I'll give it my best go.  There is 
    more then one way to do this, but I like the hiding method myself.  Now 
    turn around and go hide behind the barrels behind you.  Sit back here 
    and use your close range weps on guys that charge you and long range on 
    the guys that way back.  After they are all dead you have to take on 
    the helicopter (11).  After the fight is over collect the health and 
    armor and move onwards.  Head back to where you started the helicopter 
    fight and activate the green icon on the forklift.  This will open a 
    hole for you to go through and keep chasing Gofer.  
    The Icehouse:
      Run in and use the crates for cover while you take out all the goons 
    and stick to the left wall.  Once the last one dies he drops and key 
    which you will use on the box on the far wall.  When you do 2 more guys 
    will come in, so dispatch them and then head up the stairs.  Equip your 
    shotgun and at the top two assassins will come out so teach them who's 
    boss and then exit through the doorway.
    More Icehouse:
      Start by running down the stairs and taking cover under it be the 
    crates, there is also an armor here.  Then move across the way 
    (shooting the guys on the boat) and go behind the fencing.  Follow this 
    back pathway all the way around the area until you come to a little 
    dock that leads onto the boat.  After you cross the boat work your way 
    down the other dock.  Now once you get to the next cement pad kill all 
    but ONE of the enemies.  You need to take the last guy as a human 
    shield and take him over to the scale by the big door in the corner.  
    If you do kill them all its okay, you just have to wait for a few more 
    to respawn.  
    Another part of the Icehouse:
      Run forwards and crouch behind the crate on the left.  After you kill 
    all the guys that come running through the door, go in and sweep the 
    room clean.  The last guy will drop a key.  In the corner directly 
    across from where you entered is an armor and the thermostat is in the 
    far corner on the lower level.  Once you activate it, you will trigger 
    more guys coming into the room.  Dispatch them and then go up to the 
    second floor and the door that is now open.  Go through it and kill the 
    4 guys waiting around the corner to the left.  Then proceed forwards 
    through the doorway to exit.  
    Back in the Icehouse but up top:
      Now just follow the pathway through the upper level of the Icehouse.  
    Kill all the guys along the way and after the third room take a left 
    before going right to get an armor.  Once you kill the last guy he will 
    drop a key that opens the door at the end of this pathway.
    Icehouse Boss fight:
      Inside here you get to fight Longshoreman X (12).  Just look in the 
    boss section to get the low down on hot to put him out of his misery.  
    After your finished you get a nice long cut scene, and then another 
    mini game.
    Finding things out:
      Okay what you need to do for this mini game is to hit the A and B 
    buttons as fast as you can to hold your breath while under water.  
    Basicly as soon as you are thrown into the tank (before the gauge shows 
    up) start pounding those buttons.  I find it best to put the controller 
    in my lap and use one hand for A and the other for B.  After 3 dunks 
    (10/15/20 second each) your guards will be called away and you will be 
    set free by shadow.  Now you will backtrack through the maps you just 
    finished on your way into the warehouses.  Kill all the workers with 
    HTH and shadow and the last one will drop a key to use to get out of 
    there.  Head through the doorway and take out the next wave of guys 
    inside the warehouse.  Kill the guys that come from your right, then 
    head that way and to the left.  Grab the 2 health packs and the armor 
    in the middle before exiting the far doorway.  Once they see you, and 
    start firing guns... run back the way you came and start taking out the 
    guys hand to hand.  Once a guy with a gun rush's you, disarm him and 
    grab the gun to take out the rest of the guys, also grab a shield if 
    you need it.  After they are all gone circle around the stuff in the 
    middle and kill the last guy up on the walkway.  Go up there and get 
    the health/ammo/armor/key then go through the door underneath it.  Kill 
    the guys in here and take the elevator up.  At the top of the shaft you 
    will have more guys to deal with and once you get the key you can head 
    out the doorway on the far wall.  Ouch outside, crouch and use 
    Shadow/your guns to take out the guys below.  Once you go down stairs 
    there are 2 clown snipers on the boat... use your M4 or the sniper rifle 
    at the bottom of the stairs to take them out.  After they are dead, 
    grab the armor and full health before going to the double doors.  You 
    only have 20 second to pick this lock, and if you don't you fail.  Now 
    you are back inside the second warehouse.  Head forwards and kill the 
    clowns in front of you by the crates, and then use the crates for cover 
    as you kill the rest of them.  Head up the left stairway and once you 
    take fire (about half way up) turn around the use your M4 to kill the 
    guys in the windows.  Once at the top of the stairs, it's easiest to 
    use shadow to kill the guy at the end with the key; if you keep going 
    you'll get a double barreled shotgun.  Go back and go up the right set 
    of the stairs and use the key on the door at the top.  Now head back 
    out and kill the last 3 goons down below.  Remember there is an armor 
    under the right set of stairs, and a full health in the room up top.  
    After getting these and ammo, head through the double doors in the 
    upper room.  Go down the stairs and take out all the goons here, there 
    is an armor at the top of the stairs once your finished with them head 
    through the double doors.  Clean out this room like you did the ones 
    before and then head up the stairs and all the way around the walkway 
    to flip the switch to open the main doors down at the bottom.  Go back 
    down and through the doors to find Hildy being taken off.  Take out all 
    the goons here to get a keycard to the far gate, after you go through 
    it hang a left.  After you get past the second truck, guys come at you 
    from both sides, so grab a shield and keep firing.  After the last guy 
    is dead (remember to take care of your shield) you will see a nice cut 
    scene and it's onto chapter nine.
    Chapter Nine: A Billion in Bullion:
      It's time to look around the smelting plant and see what cooking.  
    Head off to the right and take out the workers/ security that are 
    around here.  Staying near the truck and letting them come to you is 
    okay, but you have to watch you back more.  Once everyone is dead head 
    for the stairs, instead of going up head into the open container and 
    get some armor/health and then take out the new guards that come.  Grab 
    a canister and head up the stairs.  Use the canister on the group of 
    guys at the top of the stairs and then sweep the rest of the guards if 
    you can, remember that some will come up from behind you.  Use the 
    canister up here if you need to and then go to the door on the far side 
    of the walkway.  You have 15 second to pick this lock, if you fail you 
    will have to kill a few more guards and then try again with 5 more 
    seconds on the timer.  
    Smelting One:
      Now once through the doorway you want to head off to the left and 
    stay near the left wall.  Use your M629 and your AKM and Shadow to take 
    down the guards hiding behind the boxes.  Then go through the double 
    doors.  Take out the guys up top here and then circle around the right 
    side walkway to reach the stairs leading down.  Once at the bottom go 
    to the little stairway in the center and up into the cage to kill the 
    guy with a keycard.  Now head back up the big stairway and across the 
    room to the door with the green icon on it.  Head through the doorway 
    and fight your way down the next corridor.  
    Smelting Two:
      Once through the big doorway kill the guy to your left and then 
    circle around right and take out the rest of the guys on the upper 
    level.  Head down the stairway and half way down, stop to kill most of 
    the guys on the bottom floor.  Once you get to the bottom level there 
    is a turret there.  Use the tanks as cover and circle around the floor 
    killing all the goons before you take on the turret.  Grab the armor 
    from the other side of the room and under the stairs if you need it.  
    After the turret is dead go up the small stairs in the middle and grab 
    the key and flip the switch.  Now head back up the through the doorway 
    that's now unlocked.  
    Smelting Three:
      Head along the right wall the take out the guards as they come to 
    you.  Use the crate as cover to take out the last guard.  Grab the 
    armor on the left and the canister on the right and head through the 
    double doors.  Take out the 4 guards to your left and then head that 
    way.  After you get all the way around the room you will get to the 
    stairs to go down.  Take the canister and head down the stairs.  Use 
    the canister on the group of convicts at the bottom (usually on the 
    left) and then head forwards to take out the rest of them.  After you 
    have dropped them all Tattoo (13) comes out to join the party.  After 
    you have disposed of him, grab his key and gun, then head over to the 
    doorway he came out of and use the green icon there.  
    Tunnels Again:
      Now we are back inside the tunnels.  Kill the guard that's behind 
    you, and then head to the right down that tunnel.  Use shadow to take 
    out the guy around the left corner, and then head forwards.  Once you 
    see the cutscene move back a little and shoot the 4 guys as they come 
    around the corner.  After they are all dead, grab the armor and 
    canister and kill the guards to your left and right, then head to the 
    right.  (There's an armor to the left if you need it)  Head to the 
    right at the end of the tunnel and kill the 2 guys at the very end, and 
    the 1 on the tunnel to the left about half way down.  After that head 
    down the tunnel on the left, and follow the ledge on the right side.  
    At the end of it 2 convicts will come out, so take them down.  Turn to 
    the left and head to the end of the tunnel.  After you trigger the 
    goons, run back and wait at the end shooting anyone who comes around 
    the corner.  Watch out for the guard with the flame thrower.  Once they 
    are all dead, get the key and ammo on the ground and head to the right.  
    Use the barrels as cover and head to the end of this hallway to get out 
    of the tunnels and the chapter.
    Chapter Ten: Full Circle:
    Construction Yard:
      Wow, look where we are now... back where this whole thing started.  But 
    this time you don't have a nice walkthrough of the level... oh wait your 
    reading one. (Insert dead silence here)  Anyways, back to the killings.  
    Equip shadow and move forwards into the Construction yard.  Head to 
    your left and then up the pathway there.  Kill the guard with your dog 
    and HTH and move on until you can go through a gateway to the left.  
    Kill the workers waiting for you here and then head into the trailer.  
    Grab the armor/health/guns, and head back out.  A bunch of guys will 
    come from where you just came so run forwards; use a few as a shield 
    and take out the rest.  Another big wave will come once you pass the 
    crane, and after they are all dead, head back to where you started the 
    level.  Once you get to the start of the path you will kill your guard 
    (this is also a save point) and there is now an armor (at start point) 
    and health (on fork lift) here.  Take out any guards that rush you and 
    then after the way is clear, head around the corner to the right and 
    take out the 2 guys on top of the scaffoldings.  Slowly make your way 
    down the path and dispose of any guys that get in your way, when it 
    circles around to the left use wall mode and look around the next area.  
    There are usually a lot of guys here, so you have to pop and shoot 
    them.  Watch out for the grenade launcher guy and if you need leave 
    your wall spot and wait around the corner (by where you came from and 
    cover) and take out any guys that come at you.  After they stop coming, 
    go back around the corner and take out the guards that stay around the 
    top of the area.  Once its all clear, head through the green icon gate 
    at the top.  
    Second part of Construction Yard:
      Now run to the right and take cover behind the port-a-potty and kill 
    the guys rushing you.  Grab the health if you need it and then head 
    forwards and use the crane as cover.  You can actually shoot guys from 
    between the treads and the top half of the crane without taking much 
    damage.  After they are all dead, there is a large health in the open 
    trailer in front of you.  After you exit the trailer, head to the right 
    across the bridge.  Use the grenade launcher on the streams of guys 
    that come out, and then after you're across, nail the snipers and head 
    into the trailer to get some armor and a sniper rifle.  Head out and 
    down by the blue container the copper will come in and drop guys.  Use 
    wall hug and nail each guy after he hits the ground.  Then run back a 
    little ways, and the sniper across the way will shoot at you.  There is 
    a point where he hits the container, but you can hit him in the head, 
    nail both the snipers across the way and then move to your right.  Use 
    the lighting as cover and nail the other 4 snipers across the way.  If 
    you need it the large health has respawned.  After you kill everything, 
    head down the pathway a little ways and more guys will jump out.  Go 
    back up to the blue container, and snipe the guys on the bridge. (4 of 
    them) creep up to the edge and use your AKM on the guys left below.  
    After that run down to the bottom of the bridge, and you will see the 
    helicopter again.  Now from the hiding place you can run backwards up 
    the road and on your right will be an armor after the big blue beams.  
    Kill the guys that try and rush your position under the bridge and then 
    I find it's best to charge the guys at the top of the raise (under the 
    copper) with the grenade launcher and kill them, using your AKM to 
    finish off anyone that's left.  Grab the health if you need it and then 
    the rocket launcher.  Now the guys come in groups of two, so you can 
    stand where the rocket launcher spawns and kill the 2 of them with your 
    AKM, then use manual aim to aim the RL at the copper and shoot it 
    twice.  Grab another RL and then wait for the 2 guys to repel down.  
    Shoot them again, and then finish off the copper with another 2 
    rockets.  After it's down, grab some armor and health (there's a bunch 
    around here) and then go through the doorway to exit the level and 
    Chapter Eleven: Post Riot Syndrome:
      Look here, we are back at another place we have been already... but 
    this time we have GUNS!!!  It's your job to find the Mayor now.  Your 
    first stop is the shower area of the prison so, head forwards and go 
    into the door with the green action icon. (Grab the armor to your right 
    of the start first)  Kill anyone you can from the starting place and 
    then creep into the showers and use the stalls as cover to nail anyone 
    else that rush's you.  After that, head to the other side of the 
    showers and kill the leader by the exit door.  Use the doorway to go 
    back into the main hub.  Head through the open doorway and go into cell 
    block B.  Use the left wall as cover and take out the 2 guys around the 
    corner.  This will also draw 2 more guys around the corner, so take 
    care of them and then more on into the hallway and keep going until you 
    get a broken gate.  Kill the foreman on the other side of the gate and 
    keep peeking around the corner until they are all dead.  
    Cell Block B:
      Kill the two guys standing here (or use one as a shield) and then use 
    your pistols/AKM on the guys in the distance.  Shoot the guard with the 
    m60 through the hole in the middle of the debris to not have him fire 
    back at all.  Now grab the fuse and weapons and head back out.  All the 
    guards are back in the hallways, so take them out and head back into 
    the main hub.  Head to the right and enter cell block A.
    Cell Block A:
      More guys greet you in the hallway leading to the cell block, so use 
    the lean and shoot method and take them all out.  Right to the left of 
    the start of the hallway is a door that leads to an armor if you need 
    it (2 guys in there); also make sure to grab the health right by the 
    entrance of the cell block if you need it.  Once you clean the end of 
    the cell block on the upper level, by where you started 2 guards will 
    appear with a sniper and grenade launcher.  Kill them and then grab the 
    key and health if you need it before exiting.  Kill the guards on the 
    hallway out again and then head for cellblock C.  
    Cell Block C:
      In the hallway leaning to cell block C there is an Armor in the first 
    room off to the side, and a health in the last room.  The only thing 
    you need to watch out for is the guard with the AKM that's hiding to 
    the right after you take a right from the busted down grate doorway.  
    After entering the cell block it's best to run forwards and use the 
    blue barrels as cover.  Shoot anyone who tries to rush you and save the 
    leaders for last.  Once both leaders are dead more guards will come 
    into the cell block.  Once you have taken care of this new wave of 
    guards, go forwards and get the key from the foreman.  If you can, 
    instead of killing the foreman, rush him and take him as a shield.  
    Walk him around to get the health and armor, and then kill him right by 
    the armor.  Then you run into the entranceway, and snipe the guards up 
    top from there.  This works great to save you a lot of armor and 
    health.  Exit the kill all the guys in the hallway.
    Main Hub:
      Once out in the main hub head forwards through the open gate door, 
    and shoot the guys through the window to the left.  Also watch out for 
    guys coming through the gate doorway.  Once they are all dead head back 
    around to the other side of the center room and enter there to grab the 
    main fuse.  Leave the room and run through the gate there and too the 
    box on the wall.  Use the fuses here and then exit the doorway in this 
      Use shadow to take out the first guard, and then gun down the second.  
    Once out into the hallway a guard enters for each side room, so take 
    them out and then grab the armor/health/ammo before going to the 
    doorway between the 2 side rooms.  Now dive into the middle room and 
    kill the group of guards in there, to get the key to the left room.  Go 
    in and flip the switch to open the right room, and call in more guards.  
    Now go into the right room and flip the switch to open the gas chamber.  
    Kill the guards on the way to the gas chamber and... NO mayor, awwww.  
    But Diggs (14) is there to play with you.  After some tough talk you 
    two get to rumble.  After it's done you will head out into the hallway, 
    so grab the armor and health and head through the double doors with the 
    2 switch rooms.  In the next cut scene you will get a HUGE chunk of the 
    story line.  
    Chapter Twelve: The Stash:
      Your first job is to stop the GAC member from calling Hennessey.  Use 
    shadow to take out the first GAC member and then head to the right and 
    up the stairs.  Shoot through the window to silence the GAC member.  
    Now head down stairs and use the bus and squad car in the middle as 
    cover and take out the 2 waves of 3 GAC members.  One last GAC member 
    will come and have a key, kill him to get it.  Head back upstairs to 
    the radio room and enter.  You can't use the radio, but try and more 
    guys will come in and try to radio using the squad cars.  Take out all 
    4 guys down below to spot them from radioing out and then take out the 
    three more GAC's that come in afterwards.  Remember to grab one at a 
    shield from the M60 user.  Pick up the Key from the last GAC member and 
    use it on the radio up stairs, then head through the open doorway.  
    Inside the Police Station:
      Hang a right at the first hallway and then a right into the meeting 
    room, kill the GAC's in here and grab the armor/key from up on the 
    stage.  Now head back out and hang a left and then a right and then 
    another right, and lastly another right.  Go through the doorway here 
    and disable the locks that lead downstairs.  Now grab the armor and 
    health, and head out the doorway and to the right.  Hand another right 
    and then a left and follow this hallway to the end doorway.  Go down 
    the stairs, killing the GAC member on them, and into the bottom on the 
    station.  The key to this level is to run... as there is an infinite 
    amount of guards coming at you.
    Evidence Lockers:
      Grab the armor if you need it and head to the left, at the end hang a 
    right and kill the two GAC's with your shotgun.  Hang a right and then 
    another right and then a left.  Head to the end and then go left.  Then 
    go left again and then right (watch out for the 3 GAC's) and finally 
    left.  Now it's time to get out of there with the evidence.  Follow the 
    route you took in to get out and toast any new GAC's that are in your 
    way.  After you meet with Gloria another new twist or three comes to 
    the plot.
    Chapter Thirteen: Greed:
      Shoot the two mercenary's with the sniper rifle, and then head to the 
    right or left.  I like the right, because you can use the big truck as 
    cover, but to the left is a few more guys/shields, and box's to cover 
    you.  Clear out the area of guys and then circle around to the far side 
    of the yard.  After you kill the two guys there, try and use the red 
    box.  It's a lock that you need to grab an assassin to open, so go hide 
    behind the red container while the helicopter drops off guys and cap 
    them until you can grab an assassin.  Shoot anyone in your way and take 
    him to the box to open the door.  Now kill your hostage, and turn 
    around.  The gate is on the far side of the compound.  Hang to the 
    right and grab the armor/health from inside the canister if you need 
    it.  Now follow the right wall around the chain link fence and past the 
    canisters on the left there will be a TON of guys.  Run in guns blazing 
    and hit the use button on the little green icon, and after the gate 
    opens run inside.  You can also hang back and kill most of the guys, 
    but they will never stop, since the helicopter keeps dropping more.  
      Use Shadow to kill the guard in front of you and then your AKM to 
    take out the guard to your right.  Head down the walkway.  You will see 
    mercenaries charging you from above, take out the group of four and 
    then keep heading down the stairs, once another group of two GAC's get 
    to you, turn around and dispatch them.  Once you get to a place with a 
    large rock and an outcropping, take out the guys here and use the rock 
    as cover to take out the other guys down below.  When you've cleared 
    the path head down the way to the next section, and remember to grab 
    the armor before you get there.
    Cliff 2:
      Just keep running is the best advice I can give.  Except when you get 
    to the part where a guy is way up top and you can barely see the gate 
    down below from where you're at.  Stop for a moment to snipe the guy up 
    top, and then keep running.  Once you get to the gate, it is locked, 
    turn around and head up the path to the left.  You will circle around 
    to the control room up there with a large health/armor/RL/switch.  
    Throw the switch to unlock the gate and then blow your way through the 
    guys that come up the path.  Get to the gate and open it and go through 
    to the next section.
    Cliff 3:
      Now it's time to slow down a little again, because of all the snipers 
    in this area.  Hug the right wall and snipe the guy on top of the 
    buildings.  Then snipe the guys down below on the docks, but save 1 or 
    2 bullets for your sniper rifle.  Use the rock on the left as cover and 
    kill the remaining sniper.  Now move down to the stairs where you can 
    clear the next area of guys, and then move down there.  Stay low and 
    use cover to take out the rest of the guys further on the dock.  Once 
    it's clear, head for the pathway on the left that leads down under the 
    building.  More guys will appear as you make your way down.  If you 
    need it there is a side room with health and armor.  Once you are at 
    the bottom follow the path to the right and try to use the elevator.  
    It won't work and the helicopter will come, so storm your way back up 
    top and this time keep going on the dock.  Work your way around to the 
    right of the building, and there is an assassin in the back that has a 
    key.  After you have the key no more guys come down from the 
    helicopter, so go back around the building, down the stairs, and into 
    the elevator.
      Proceed forwards until guards come rushing through the doors in front 
    of you and use the cover to take them out with no problem.  After they 
    are gone, go through those doors your self.  Go in and take cover to 
    take out the guys in this room, after it's done go straight forwards 
    and try to open the door.  This will let more guys into the room from 
    the doorway on the left (from where you entered), so turn around and 
    use the pillars as cover to take out the guys that just entered.  After 
    they are gone, you can go through the door that they came in and hang 
    to the cover on the left.  Kill the guards and hang a right at the end 
    of the hallway.  At the end of that hall is the next door to go 
    through.  Be careful when you open the door, because there is a guy on 
    the other side with a grenade launcher.  Run backwards to avoid the 
    blast (which will kill a bunch of guards) and then go forwards and 
    storm the room. (Taking out the nade launcher first)  Head to the right 
    and go up the stairway.  Follow the hallway at the top to get to a room 
    with a security guard that has a key.  There is also an armor/health in 
    this room, so after you grab them head back to that locked doorway by 
    the start.  The room where you kill the guy with the grenade launcher 
    now has a bunch of guys down below that you can use the grenade 
    launcher on.  Once back at the locked door (now unlocked) head through 
    it and use the grenade launcher on the guys down the hall way.  Once 
    you are at the end you will find a level 3 doorway to the right.  So go 
    in the doorway to the left and kill all the guys in there.  Move 
    through the doorway at the end and sweep through this hallway.  At the 
    end you will go up a small slop and enter a room with 4 pillars.  Kill 
    all the guys in the room and then head up the ramp on the other side.  
    You will hear some guys talking about the busted elevator, so relieve 
    them of their keys and then head back to the level 3 doorway.  Go 
    through it and keep going down the hallway until there is a doorway on 
    your left.  Go into it and kill the guys inside.   The last one has a 
    fuse that you need, so grab it and head back out.  Kill all the guys 
    that try to intercept you.  If you need armor/health head to the left 
    and grab it at the end, otherwise head right and back to the elevator.  
    Remember guys will be back guarding the hallways.  Watch out in the 
    room with 4 pillars, there are a bunch of guys up top on the walkway.  
    Landing Pad:
      Now you are on the landing pad, grab the health if you need it and 
    then go right and then left down the walkway to find Pinnacle (15).  
    After you are done with him, head inside, grab the health/armor and 
    then head over to the green icon on the wall to get the explosives.  
      Before you go down, use your sniper rifle on the guy on the steps at 
    in the hanger.  Then head down the steps, and go to the left at the 
    bottom and follow the wall.  Half way along the wall there is a machine 
    with a green icon, use the explosives on it.  Follow the wall and plant 
    the rest of the explosives.  (Rail tail of the plane, right wall back, 
    right wall forward, Last on the forklift)  After they are all planted, 
    you will have to fight the twins (16)... on a timer! After you defeat the 
    2 of them, run to the door and watch the cutscene.
    Chapter Fourteen: Heavy Cargo:
    Lower Deck:
      Why do action games always seem to have 1 level on a plane?  Oh well, 
    time to kick some more butts.  Grab the guy near you and use him as a 
    shield... kill the 2 other guys in the room and the 2 more that enter.  
    Grab the armor if you need it.  Then move onto the next room.  Use your 
    wall hug/lean shoot to take out the three guys in here.  After that 
    move through the double doors, and continue forwards to the next set of 
    double doors.  Kill the 3 guys on the upper platform, and the one 
    behind the car to get a key.  Head back through the double doors and 
    hang a left and through the doors to go up stairs.  
    Middle Deck:
      Hang a right and go to the end and wall hug.  Look around the corner 
    and then rush the guy there, and use him as a shield.  Move towards the 
    other end of the plane taking out guys as you go.  Once you get to the 
    other end stop before going around the corner.  If you are low on 
    health/ammo, go in the 2 doorways and kill the guys inside each room to 
    fully restock.  Now if you want you can go back to where you started, 
    and do the same thing down the left-hand side of the plane.  Lean 
    around the corner and take out the 2 big guys guarding the doorway 
    there.  Use the wall/lean/shoot technique to take out all the guys 
    inside and then go in and grab the key.  Now go back to where you 
    started (more guys will come down the side while your running, just mow 
    them down, and activate the green icon to go upstairs again.
    Upper Deck:
      Grab the guy in front of you and use him as a shield while you take 
    out the 2 guys around the corner.  Then go to the bathroom on the right 
    and take out 2 more goons. Go in either door (they both lead to a room 
    full of bad guys) and take them out.  At the end is a doorway that's 
    unlocked with the key you picked up from one of the guys in the last 
    room.  Go upstairs and you have to "rescue" some females up there.  
    After you deal with them head back down the stairs to fight Fahook 
    (17).  Head down both flights (watch out for guards) and take a right 
    to take on Fahook in the cargo bay.  After you take him out in there, 
    head into the other side of the plane to finish him off.  Now you have 
    to disengage the auto-pilot.  Head for the door on the left and down 
    the stairs.  Once in the middle decks, go straight and down the hallway 
    to the right.  At the end of the hallway, enter the doorway on the 
    left.  Go down through the middle of the seats and to the hallway on 
    the right.  Use the green action icon to open the door and right in 
    front of you is the auto-pilot.  Now you get to disarm the bomb on the 
    switch, but there's one kicker.  The lights are flickering... so it pays 
    to over rotate and remember where the path was while the lights are 
    off.  You can also just barely see the sides of the path when it's off 
    in most places.  Now head back out the room and past the seats and down 
    the hallway on the right.  Following the hallway as it bends to the 
    left take the small hall on the right.  You will now be inside the 
    cargo bay on the walkway.  Follow the walkway to the left and keep 
    following it as it bends around.  When it turns to the right there is a 
    doorway on your left, go inside and disarm the second bomb.  This will 
    save the plane and your life.  Now it's onto the last chapter.  
    Chapter Fifteen: Story of the Century:
    Inside the lobby:
      You start staring at a door.  Soon a GAC member will pop out of it, 
    so use Shadow to take him down and then run to the right and through 
    the green doorway there.  Grab the health if you need it and then use 
    the pillar as cover to take out the guys in the center of the room.  
    Now the right way to do this is to go to the center of the room, and 
    use the RL on the copper, and then work your way around the outside of 
    the room and get the other 2 RL's and use those on the copper, and then 
    shoot it a few times, and it's dead.  Now the EASY way to do it, is to 
    use the 2 pillars as cover and take out a LOT of GAC's that come along 
    the rope.  After you have a HUGE pile of m4's on the ground, take out 
    the guy with the RL on the other side of the lobby, and then use all 
    the m4's on the ground to shoot the copper down.  It takes about 20+ 
    rounds of 20 bullets, but no more guys will come to bother you once the 
    guy with the RL is dead.  Remember to only grab one gun at a time, or 
    else your wasting 10 bullets.  After the copper is dead, Hennessey (18) 
    comes out to play.  Now you get to fight him multiple times, so after 
    you defeat him the first time, follow him through the door and use your 
    HTH moves to take out any GAC's in the next corridor.  Save the large 
    health at the start if you can until you need it or the GAC's are dead.  
    Once you get to the end you can pick up a gun and armor before going 
    into the boiler room to fight Hennessey (19) again.  After he's dead 
    this time, its game over... enjoy a well earned final cut scene.  Oh yea, 
    watch the ending credits... as they will wrap up any loose ends.
    Total Game Time: A little over 8 hours 15 minutes.
    Total Play/FAQ Time: Over 20 hours.
    7.2) Boss's:
    1) Boris:
      This guy is really easy.  He's basically just like the other guys in 
    the game that you have fought, but with more health.  An easy way is to 
    hit and run, and try to avoid blocking.
    2) Dimitri:
    Weapon: Automatic Shotgun
      Again this guy is easy.  Starting off by grabbing a canister and 
    using it on him helps a bit.  Use your duck and pop up shooting methods 
    from behind the bar and you can take him down pretty fast. Remember to 
    pick up the key he drops.
    3) Sickle:
    Weapon: None
      Now to save your dog from Sickle you will have to do some more HTH 
    fighting.  This guy is one of the better HTH fighters in the game and 
    it's best to keep moving around him and just throw combos when you get 
    close before darting back out of his reach.  Make sure you break his 
    throws, because they will take a HUGE chunk out of your life meter.  
    Just keep running and hitting and he will go down pretty fast.
    4) Tattoo:
    Weapon: None
      You can knock down his friends, but they won't stay that way.  So 
    what you want to do is just concentrate on hitting tattoo.  Again your 
    running skills will be brought into play here... try running around the 
    showers and getting the 2 inmates stuck on the other side while you 
    have tattoo to yourself.  They will come around, but you will still get 
    in 2 or 3 good combos on him.  Only attack the other guys if you really 
    have to, and remember there's a large health in the closet.
    5) Horse:
    Weapons: None
      Again with the HTH boss, but don't worry this is the last one for a 
    while.  The big problem with this fight is that there are a lot of 
    henchmen around.  Trying to get horse into one of the side rooms is a 
    good idea.  While you can kill the other guys in this place, they will 
    keep respawning until you kill Horse.  Sometimes the goons do drop 
    health packs though, and also you might want to check the side rooms 
    for more health packs.  Once he's down remember to grab your weapons to 
    take out the rest of the guys.
    6) Lotus and Her Assassins:
    Weapons: Lotus: M4, Assassins: MP5
      Now this fight is a pain.  You start in the middle of the room and 
    more people keep coming into the room the longer you draw the fight 
    out.  The best thing to do is make this fight fast and dirty.  At the 
    VERY START of the fight, target on of the assassins and do a slow mo 
    dive.  Use this time to fill her with all the pistol ammo you have and 
    usually you can take down one of them before you hit the ground.  Now 
    run up there and target the other assassin on the way, shooting her if 
    you have the chance.  Grab the MP5 the assassin dropped and use another 
    dive to take out the second one.  Now just concentrate on Lotus.  If 
    you get too close you will get mowed down by her M4, so stay a mid 
    distance and unload everything you've got into her.  Try to avoid 
    wasting time on the side goons.  Don't worry about using up all your 
    ammo as you will get more.  After they are dead it will go to a cut 
    scene of you and Eve running outside.
    7) Fat Chow:
    Weapon: Rocket Launcher
      At the start of the fight, use the car to take the first rocket and 
    damage Fat Chow.  After that run back and grab the armor in the ally 
    way if you need it.  In this fight it really depends on your style.  
    Remember the battle ends when he's dead, so just kill him if you can.  
    Unloading your M11's into his a great for taking down his armor a bit, 
    and it's easiest to stay at a mid distance and shoot him from there as 
    you can just side step to avoid his rockets.  Sometimes Eve will get in 
    your way, but keeping the pressure on Fat Chow avoids having him target 
    her with rockets.  You can also use cars as cover and have him damage 
    himself with rockets if you find that easier.
    8) Big Gun Truck:
    Weapon: Turret
      Running to the left works best at the start of the level.  Use the 
    gravestones as cover until you get up to the left side of the turret.  
    Pick up canisters and then run out in front of the turret and throw the 
    canister to it... shooting the canister in mid air once it gets close.  
    You can also stack about 5 canisters under the truck and use the last 
    one to blow them all up.  The Canisters and armor and health repop 
    throughout the level.  If you need to kill the clowns... you don't have 
    to do this, but it's useful because you will auto target them instead 
    of the truck sometimes.  Just repeat until it's dead and remember to 
    keep moving.
    9) Patch:
    Weapon: Rocket Launcher
      The big thing to remember in this fight is to shoot down the rockets 
    while they are far away from the chopper.  They do have a nice big 
    blast radius.  You can also shoot Patch to stop him from firing his 
    rockets.  Now to stop the car you have to take out all the doors, 
    tires, hood, trunk, sunroofs... pretty much everything on there.  Doing 
    damage to the car is the best way to kill him, you can do it just by 
    shooting him, but it takes forever.
    10) Antorcha:
    Weapon: Flame Thrower
      Run into the area and see if you can get Antorcha to torch his GAC 
    friends for you.  If not, take them down and then target Antorcha.  
    Running in circles around him will cause the fire to just miss you, as 
    he fires at you, and let's you unload into him.  If more GAC units come 
    you might want to break off the fight and take them out really quick. 
    (Also a good way to get ammo)  Just keep circling him and he will die 
    pretty fast.
    11) Helicopter Fight:
    Weapon: Minigun
      Best thing to do is duck behind some creates until the helicopter 
    pauses to reload and then run to the create on your left.  Work your 
    way up the center of the room until you get close to under the 
    helicopter.  There will be a Rocket launcher to the right of the create 
    your standing by.  Pick it up when the Helicopter is reloading and fire 
    it at the helicopter again while it's reloading.  The Rocket launcher 
    comes back once you run out of ammo.  4 rockets latter there will not 
    be a helicopter to deal with anymore.
    12) Longshoreman X:
    Weapon: Crossbow
      This fight is one that gives a lot of people trouble.  The best thing 
    to do is before you get into the fight, unload all your ammo accept 
    your automatic weapons and your pistols.  When the fight starts run to 
    the right and hide behind the big ice block there.  Watch where he goes 
    and just make sure to duck behind other ice blocks so he doesn't get a 
    straight shot on you.  Now after he fires 2 bolts, he has a short 
    reload time, so use this to dive out and pump him full of lead.  After 
    you are completely our of ammo a M60 will appear in the room you fight 
    fought him in, and a Automatic shotgun will appear in the other room.  
    These weapons keep coming back, so grab one or both and unload it into 
    X using the same technique as before.  If you need health you can go 
    upstairs to get it, but it's best not to, because then more guys will 
    run in from the top doorway.  Once X's armor is gone he health will get 
    ripped up by the M60.
    13) Tattoo:
    Weapon: M60
      Use the cover in this room to your advantage.  You first want to take 
    out all the little guys so they don't pop shot you wile you take out 
    tattoo.  Try to stay a mid to far distance away from tattoo as his M60 
    will rip into you.  There is few health's and an armor in this level to 
    help.  If you want to get close to him, use the cover and wait for him 
    to come to you, after he gets up close go out and dive away from him.  
    Unload into him with your shotgun and he will falls pretty easily. 
    Remember to pick up his M60.
    14) Rafshoon Diggs:
    Weapon: None, but he's got a mask
      This is a fun fight.  Once you get his health down, he will put on a 
    gas mask and start the deadly gas pouring into the room.  Basically 
    using your hit and run HTH technique is good here.  You can also just 
    block him until he has an opening or tries to throw you, but this will 
    use up a lot of stamina.  Once the gas is on, all you have to do is hit 
    him and the mask will come off so that you can go pick it up.  Now the 
    gas doesn't seem to really affect him that much, but with you once your 
    oxygen is down to zero you will start taking damage.  Just keep 
    pounding him until he's dead to get out of there.
    15) Pinnacle:
    Weapon: Big Fists
      Now pinnacle is pretty easy once you know how to do him.  Basically 
    you just have to run in circles and dart in and out until he throws a 
    four punch combo at you.  After this he will lean over winded, so run 
    around behind him and hit B to jump on his back.  Now you get to button 
    mash A and B to take down his air and after it's gone, his health is 
    next.  He then will throw you off and you have to repeat the process 
    until he's dead.  If he grabs you, you have to button mash A and B 
    again to get your air back and then you will kick him for a little 
    damage.  Note: You can use dive to avoid his combos also.
    16) Twins:
    Weapons: .45's, Grenade Launcher.
      Now this fight is timed so you got to act fast.  Basically you are 
    using the same technique as the assassins that were with Lotus.  Run at 
    them and slow mo dive while targeting one of them.  Take her out if you 
    can (usually takes 2 dives) and just concentrate on one of the twins at 
    a time while killing them.  You will get a large health pack from the 
    one you kill last.  Which one you want to kill first really depends on 
    you.  I like taking out the one with the guns, so she can't shoot me at 
    range and because the grenades will sometimes hit her.  The grenades in 
    my opinion are really easy to dodge so she is less of the threat.  
    After they are dead remember you need to still get out of there.
    17) Fahook:
    Weapons: MP5, Bad breath
      Farhook is a 2 stage boss.  First you will fight him in the front of 
    the plane.  There is a large health behind the car if you get a chance 
    to grab it, and a repopping M4 in the middle of the room.  Just use the 
    creates for cover and stay away from Farhooks MP5, because it will eat 
    through you.  Keep shooting him until he runs out of the room.  Grab 
    anything you need from here and then go to the other side of the plane.
      The second part of the Farhook fight is where most people start 
    having trouble.  There is an armor and large health near the sides by 
    the doors you came in, and a M4 (repopping) by the open cargo bay door.  
    Now what you have to do is keep shooting him until his health goes down 
    to about 1/2.  Watch out, because the fire can wrap around the creates 
    and still hit you, it's best just to stay out of its range.  Now once 
    he says "A Toast" or something close to that, get out of cover and 
    target him then go into manual aiming.  You need to hit the bottle he 
    is drinking as fast as possible with one of your shots.  One of the 
    best things to do in this fight is to make sure you always have about 5 
    rounds in your M4, just in case he decides to toast.  This will spill a 
    bit of his liquor and now you just have to repeat this process until 
    he's out of Juice.  Once his Juice is gone, he's easy to finish off. 
    (Also he doesn't breathe fire anymore)  
    18) Hennessey:
    Weapon: Electric Riot Shield
      What you want to do on this fight is get Hennessey to run into the 
    fountain and short his shield out.  It's best to run around him and 
    stand to the left or right of the fountain.  The sprinkler on the 
    fountain should take up the center of the screen.  Now when his shield 
    flash's white you should run to the middle of the fountain and then the 
    shield will flash purple.  This is when you want to run to the other 
    side, and get out of the water.  He will run past you and take down a 
    chunk of his shield.  Repeat this about a dozen times before the shield 
    is toast.  I find it's best just to run instead of diving to the side, 
    but that also works.
    19) Hennessey:
    Weapon: Flaming Fists
      This is a pain.  First off the room is exploding.  When you see 
    sparks on the floor and then it heats up it means that the floor will 
    explode upwards there and cause you, but not Hennessey, damage.  Again 
    we are in a HTH fight, and again we want to keep moving and mainly run 
    away from him.  He is faster then you so he will catch up to you, once 
    he is a little over a body width away from you... turn towards him and 
    start your 4 punch combo.  The first one will miss but the other three 
    will land and knock him down.  Repeat this until he's at about one half 
    his health.  He will now open up the furnace, and it's best to use this 
    to your advantage.  Now the more time you spend in here, the more the 
    floor will explode.  So run around until it looks like your almost in 
    the furnace and then run around to the other side of him and combo him 
    into the furnace.  About two rounds in there and he will be a flaming 
    ball of flesh.  You can also throw him in there if you don't want to 
    run a circle around him.  Wow it's over... but not quiet.  Turn around 
    when he comes out of the furnace and one more full combo will take him 
    down.  Be a little careful because he can still kill you at this point.
    8) Enemies:
      I have not really found anything good to put into here as most people 
    don't seem to be having problems with normal enemies.  If anyone is 
    having problems, or wants this section for some reason, you can e-mail 
    me at tyrlan@pacbell.net and I will work on this section more in future 
    9) Cheats:
    No confirmed cheats right now.  Check the www.gamefaqs.com cheats 
    section for the 1 non listed one.  (Go to any chapter)
    10) Links:
    No Links yet... when I find some I'll post them.
    11) Credits:
    This document Copyright 2002 by Tye Arnett. If you want to 
    Post/print/host/submit/whatever else you would do with a walkthrough 
    other then just read it.  You must e-mail (tyrlan@pacbell.net), call, 
    or write me for permission to host or reprint this in any form.  If you 
    have paid money for this, you have been ripped off and should report it 
    to both the police and me.  I'm really light going on letting people 
    use my work to help others, but I will NOT stand for people taking 
    profit off it. (other then me :P)
      I'd like to thanks everyone at Namco again for developing Dead to 
    Rights and Microsoft for making the x-box possible.
      Dead to Rights and all it's trademarks, characters, and code are the 
    property of Namco.

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