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Drizzt Do'Urden FAQ Guide by grand lethal 364

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/06/2005

Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance
Drizzt Do'Urden FAQ
Written by Jake Sexsmith aka grand lethal 364
Copyright 2004, all rights reserved

Table of Contents

1.0) Introduction
2.0) Version History
3.0) Legal Junk


4.1) About Drizzt Do'Urden
4.2) How do I get Drizzt?
4.3) The Gauntlet
4.4) Drizzts' Scimitars
4.5) Active Feats
4.6) Passive Feats
4.7) Statistics
4.8) Strategies
4.9) Drizzt in Co-op Mode

The Stuff That Always Comes Last

5.0) Credits
6.0) Contact Information

1.0) Introduction

Hey all, its me grand lethal, back with a new FAQ for BG:DA. I put together this
little guide because i noticed that although there are numerous FAQs concerning
how and where to get Drizzt, none actually explores his feats, strategies, and
fighting style in depth. I will of course include how to get Drizzt in this FAQ,
but my main purpose is to help you understand how best to use him and all that
stuff i just mentioned. Should you have any additional questions, you can either
E-mail me or Instant Message me. For information on how to contact me, see the
section entitled.....wait for it....Contact Information. Wow, i was surprised

2.0) Version History

Version 1.0 - Didn't bother with a rough draft this time but went right to it.
This is my first copy, fixed up. Expect a few mistakes though. But don't worry,
i'll be updating it soon.

Version 1.1 - Confirmed the GC load glitch and the fact that you can never get 
Drizzt at level 1. Props to Jozef Malek and Gamergeek5747 for information on 
these subjects.

3.0) Legal Junk

This guide, and all pieces of original work within it, may not be reproduced
under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed
on any web site or otherwise publicly distributed without my advance written
permission. Use of this guide on any other website than www.gamefaqs.com is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All unoriginal works within
this guide, such as statistics, may be freely copied and distributed, as they do
not belong to me, and are simply facts that I am displaying. If you would like
to have my guide on your website, you must first contact me and ask my per-
mission. For contact information, see the section labeled...wait for it....
"Contact Information"...wow, who woulda saw that coming.

4.1) About Drizzt Do'Urden

Yes, it's the same Drizzt from the massively popular bestselling series "Legacy
of the Drow" put out by Forgotten Realms. For those familiar with the series
(or the various other books starring Drizzt) you will remember that Drizzt only
uses his two trusty Scimitars: Twinkle and Icingdeath (Icingdeath was originally
unnamed, but I guess Snowblind thought it would be weird for him to be carrying
around a weapon called "Untitled"). That of course means that it is impossible
to equip him with any other weapons, even bows. This kinda sucks as it limits
your long range arsenal. Furthermore, Drizzt only has two active feats so the
majority of the game will be done melee style. This all sounds kind of bad, but
Drizzt is still a great character overall.

4.2) How do i get Drizzt?

Well, there's quite a few guides telling how to do this, but since this FAQ is
all about Drizzt i'm obligated to add this section. So here's a quick step by
step guide on how to obtain "teh c00lest dr0w in teh w0r1d".

Method 1: The "legit" method.

Step 1: Beat the game on any difficulty mode with any character. If you're hav-
ing trouble with this, see DMauls Walkthrough, it's the best one. Once you've
done this, the Gauntlet will be unlocked.

Step 2: Beat the Gauntlet. See my crappy Gauntlet walkthrough in section 4.3.

Step 3: Beat Extreme Mode. This is quite difficult so you may want to see the
Extreme Mode Walkthrough by MCBanjoMike.

Step 4: Import Drizzt into a new game from the Gauntlet.

Method 2: The Cheating Method.

Step 1: Start a new game in any difficulty mode.

Step 2: In the Character Selection screen hold L1, R1, Triangle, and press X.
Drizzt will then appear in your new game. Yay!!
*Note* You can also pressing R1, R2, L1, L2. Also note that no matter what combo
of buttons you use you will always get Drizzt at lvl 16. It doesn't matter what 
system you're playing on, you can't get him at level 1.

*Note2*In the Gamecube version you cannot load your game after saving or dieing 
if you used the cheat method to get him. This does not occur in the PS2 version 
and I have no idea about the X-Box version. If you have the X-Box version and
can confirm this glitch please tell me.

4.3) The Gauntlet

Okay, here's my little Gauntlet walkthrough i put together. To be honest, you're
better off using NeoGamers, but since this FAQ is all about Drizzt i feel kind
of obligated to put this in. And you never know, maybe I'll add a new perspec-
tive on things. Enjoy.

Before you begin.

To begin with, there are a few things you should know about the Gauntlet before
you dive in. First and foremost (and most obviously) you can only run the Gaun-
tlet as Drizzt. Secondly, you have only fifteen minutes to do it in and there's
nine rooms to battle through (although the 1st one doesn't contain any enemies).
The enemies are medium-range strength and for the most part not exteremely
dangerous (except for those Umber Hulks, curse them!). Even so, it may take you
a few tries to get through. Now for the room by room walthrough. Hope it helps.

Room #1

Enemies (none)
Chests: 3
As I mentioned before, there are no enemies in this room so hit the chests as
fast as you can (rapidly pressing square works) and head out of the room via the
northern corridor.

Room #2

Enemies: Small spiders x14
Chests: 1
This room may take a while due to the large number of enemies. Anyway, you will
want to take on these enemies one at a time by luring them out into the corridor
and then smacking them around with your scimitars for a while. If your lucky you
may be able to freeze a few of the spiders. Last thing to keep in mind is that
Repulsion works excellent for clearing these pesky bastards out from around you.
It's also very cheap, so feel free to use it liberally.

Room #3

Enemies: Kobolds x13
         Kobold Shaman x4
Chests: 3
This room isn't overly dangerous however it may take you a little while to clear
out all those pesky kobolds. If you can, go after the shamans first as they are
the most dangerous. Just watch out for their poison attack, it can lower your
health pretty significantly. With the regular kobolds, try to lure them into
the previous corridor and take them on in small groups.

Room #4

Enemies: Umber Hulk x3
Chests: 4
Three enemies may not sound like much, but they're probably the single most
dangerous enemy in the Gauntlet. To begin with their regular attacks can take
anywhere from one quarter to two thirds of your health and they're faster than
you might think considering their size. They also have obscene amounts of HP so
this room can take a while. Anyways, the best way to fight these guys is to lure
on of them into the previous corridor (only one can fit at a time) and then
stand in front of them attacking, and then blocking after two or three strikes
(you'll probably pick up the timing on your own). Just do this for a while and
it will eventually croak. Then repeat. If your really lucky, you may be able to
freeze one and then shatter it, but this doesn't happen often. Still, doing this
can save a good half a minute so if you freeze one attack it for all its worth.

Room #5

Enemies: Large Spider x4
         Small Spider x4
Chests: 4
Okay, remember how i said Umber Hulks were probably the most dangerous creatures
in the Gauntlet? Well, i take that back. That honor would go to the Large spi-
ders. Granted, their attacks don't inflict as much damage and their HP is a bit
lower, but they make up for it with much higher speed, the ability to poison you
and are nigh impossible to block. Repulsion doesn't work very well on them
either. The best way to handle these guys is to start out far away with a few
Icy Spheres (as many as possible, you can afford the Rejuvenation Potions).
Then, when they're close enough, just dive in and slash as fast as possible,
using potions when needed (often). Its messy, but there's not really any pretty
way to do it. Then repeat with the others. The small Spiders can be taken care
of with typical Hack-and-Repulse techniques.

Room #6

Enemies: Gnoll x5
         Kobold Shaman x6
Chests: 3
This is a relatively easy room as the gnolls have fairly low HP and can thus be
disposed of easily. Just make sure you don't get surrounded and keep an eye out
for the Kobold Shamans poison attacks. Once you're done with then slaughter the
Shamans, collect the loot from the rooms three chests and head out to the next

Room #7

Enemies: Gnoll x12
Chests: 3
This room is a snap. Just repeat the same tactics as in the previous room and
watch out for surroundation (is that a word?). I  don't think i even have to say
anything else about this room.

Room #8

Enemies: Gargoyle x15
Chests: 5
This can be an extremely hard room if you do it wrong. Basically, just do the
typical run in and lure a few out tactic. Just bear in mind that these weak-
looking flyers have VERY high attacks so don't be afraid to use a few potions.
Also bear in mind that this room will take quite a long time, so don't worry if
it takes a while, its supposed to.

Room #9

Enemies: Drow x11
         Small Spider x8
         Onyx Golem x1
Chests: 6
There's quite a few enemies in this room, but you will probably find this a rel-
atively easy room compared to a few others you've been through. When you first
enter the room you will be faced by a number of drow elves. Run back into the
passage and cut them up one by one, Repulsing when needed. This shouldn't take
too long as the drow have relatively low HP. When you're done with them, head
back into the room to deal with the spiders with similar tactics. If you are in
desperate need of potions and have run out, loot a few chests. Once the small
army has fallen before your mighty blades, head to the back of the room to take
on the boss of the Gauntlet: the Onyx Golem. Don't worry, he's not hard, just
make sure you are healed up to full health before you take him on; his sword-
strikes are easy to avoid but if you do get hit by one it can take off up to two
thirds of your HP. As for fighting him, just run circles around him, striking
whenever you have an opening. Standing in front of him and blocking isn't a good
idea as some of his attacks will make it through. Anyhow, keep at it for a while
(he has a LOT of HP) and he should fall. Then just head to the back of the room
and you'll be prompted to save your progress. Congratulations, you've just beat
the Gauntlet! 

4.4) Drizzts' Scimitars

Okay, just in case you were wondering, these are the stats of Drizzts scimitars.
Note that although i gave the resale value, you can never sell them. Other than
that there's not much else to say.

Icingdeath [+3 Frost Scimitar]
Strength: 11-25 [Frost]
Resale Value: 6541 g. Weight: 4.0 lb
*Note* You can sometimes freeze enemies with this blade.

Twinkle [+5 Defending Scimitar]
Strength: 17-33
Resale Value: 6641 g. Weight: 4.0 lb
*Note* +5 Defending means that it adds 5 points to your overall armor stat.

4.4) Active Feats

For one of Drizzts repute, he actually has very few Active Feats, (fewer than
Kromlech, oh my god!) two to be precise. Neither of them are unique to Drizzt,
one being from the Sorceress' skillset, and the other from the Arcane Archers.
Only two Active feats may sound restricting but the two afforded to you are both
quite useful, and really all you need along with a good set of Passive Feats.
So here's a brief explanation on Drizzts two Active Feats, their cost, how best
to use them, and whatnot.

*Note* An "X" means that the skipped information is irrelevant as the Feat has
already been advanced beyond that level when you recieve Drizzt at level 16.


    Level    :   1st     2nd     3rd     4th     5th
Points Spent :     X       X       8      10      14
Energy Cost  :     X       8       8       8       8
Damage       :     X    1-17    1-24    1-31    1-38

Notes: This Feat has a rather long "recovery" period in which you cannot use any
Feats. This is not particularily hindering, but it's definately something you
should keep in mind, especially in the harder modes. Also note that the closer
your enemies are to you, the more damage they will take. For example, an enemy
at the very edge of the ring may only take 3 or 4 damage, while one right next
to you will probably take closer to the maximum. Keep this in mind while using
this Feat for the best results.

Description: A ring of energy radiates out from Drizzt, pushing all nearby
enemies back and inflicting mediochre damage. This is taken from the Arcane
Archers skillset and it's an incredibly useful Feat. As I said, the damage
isn't that great, but you should max it out anyway. Not much else can be said
about this Feat exept that it is DEFINATELY worth investing in, as you will use
it a lot, especialy in Extreme Mode (if you do decide to use Drizzt in Extreme).
One particularily fun strategy you can use with this Feat is to run into a group
of enemies, hack-and-slash for a couple of seconds, Repulse, hack some more, and
so on.  

Otilukes Icy Sphere

    Level    :   1st     2nd     3rd     4th     5th
Points Spent :     X       X       X      19      23
Energy Cost  :     X       X      12      12      12
Damage       :     X       X    1-30    1-35    1-40

Notes: This Feat can sometimes freeze your target. Very useful.

Description: Taken from the sorceress' skillset, this isn't the best one she has
but it's still a pretty good Feat in its own right. Anyways, with this Feat,
Drizzt will fire a ball of ice in a straight line, causing mediochre damage and
sometimes freezing your enemy. It's worth noting that this Feat is somewhat ex-
pensive (both Feat-point-wise and Mana-wise) but seeing as it is your ONLY long
range option (Repulsion only counts as medium-range) i like to invest in it. Of
course it's all up to your preferences and playing style, so if you don't expect
to use this much, your points are probably better spent on some good Passive
Feats (that is, if you haven't maxed out Repulsion yet).

4.5) Passive Feats

You would think that due to his nausiating lack of Active Feats Drizzt would
have a massive arsenal of Passive Feats and I suppose he does with a total of
eleven. The only ones he's really missing out on are the unnecessary ones. 
Targetting and Arcane Quiver are useless as you can't use bows. Same with Accu-
racy and Enchant Arrows. And Shield Expert isn't very useful without a shield 
now is it? Sword and Fist would have been nice i suppose, but that's the only
one that Drizzt really could have used that he's missing out on. Every other
Passive Feat is afforded to you however, including the incredibly useful Impr-
oved Block. So here's the dirt: all of Drizzts Passive Feats, what they do,
when you should invest in them, and everything else.

*Note* An X means that that rank of the Feat has already been invested in when
you recieve Drizzt at level 16.

|     Feat      |     Points Needed Per Level         
Dodge            :  ( 1)   ( 2)   ( 3)   ( 4)   ( 5)
Deflect Missiles :  ( X)   ( X)   ( X)   ( 4)   ( 5)
Endurance        :  ( 2)   ( 4)   ( 6)   ( 8)   (10)
Toughness        :  ( 1)   ( 2)   ( 3)   ( 4)   ( 5)
Willpower        :  ( X)   ( 2)   ( 3)   ( 4)   ( 5)
Meditation       :  ( 1)   ( 2)   ( 3)   ( 4)   ( 5)
Intestinal Fort  :  ( X)   ( X)   ( 3)   ( 4)   ( 5)
Combat Reflexes  :  ( 2)   ( 4)   ( 6)   ( 8)   (10)
Death Blow       :  ( X)   ( X)   ( X)   ( X)   ( X)
Improved Critical:  ( X)   ( X)   ( X)   ( X)   ( X)
Improved Block   :  ( X)

Dodge: An average but useful Feat, this gives you +1 Armor Class per rank. You
don't really have to concentrate on investing in this but if you have a few ex-
tra points you should think about putting them here. By the end of the game,
this should probably be maxed out.

Deflect missiles: Exactly like Dodge except that it only affects missiles (aka
projectiles). Because of the limited effect, i don't recomend investing in this
anymore than whats already there. You will however, be very grateful for those
three existing ranks when you're surrounded by pesky Kobold spear-throwers and
the like. 
*Note* Drizzt starts with three ranks in this Feat.

Endurance: Gives you an extra 15 pounds of Carrying Capacity. This is an exce-
llent place to invest a few points as you only have 130 base Carrying Capacity
at the start of the game. Plus, if you're in Extreme Mode you will need it due
to all the heavy armor you will be equiping.

Toughness: Gives you +3 HP per rank. This is NOT a good place to invest because
frankly 1 HP per Feat Point is really quite a rip off. Only Invest in this once
your done with everything else. Besides, if you want more HP, just put one or
two stat points towards Constitution and you'll be very satisfied.

Willpower: Gives you +5 Mana per rank. This is quite similar to Toughness but
it's a little more worth it because A) you get more points per rank and B) your
Mana is usually a lot lower than your HP anyway. Still, if you're finding your-
self low on Mana, you should consider Meditation as a first choice and this as
a second.
*Note* Drizzt starts with one rank in this Feat.

Meditation: Raises your Mana regeneration rate at a ratio of 25% per rank star-
ting at 100%. You probably won't need to invest in this due to Drizzts lack of
Active Feats unless you are using Otilukes Icy Sphere a lot. So it really all
depends on your playing style.

Intestinal Fortitude: Increases your health regeneration rate by 50% per rank.
I don't really recommend putting your points into this unless you have extras
left over because at level 16+ it's not really very effective.
*Note* Drizzt beggins the Gauntlet with two ranks in this Feat.

Combat Reflexes: Increases your attack rate with each rank. I really recommend
investing in this as you will spend most of the game meleeing. With this maxed
out (strongly recommended) you can hack most monsters to peices in a matter of

Death Blow: Increases the damage caused by critical hits. Because you begin the
Gauntlet with this maxed out, i can't really say a lot about it exept that you
will be thankful for it.
*Note* Drizzt begins with five ranks in this Feat.

Improved Critical: Once again, you will have this maxed out at the begginning so
there's not a lot to say. This Feat improves your chances of scoring a critical
*Note* Drizzt beggins with five ranks in this feat.

Improved Block: An essential tool for any melee fighter, this allows you to
block indefinately with your scimitars. You will be very thankful for this Feat
when fighting Umber Hulks and other high HP monsters and lucky for you, you
start out with this Feat already invested in. Yay!
*Note* Drizzt beggins with one rank in this feat.

4.6) Statistics

Most of Drizzts stats are pretty good, except for Dexterity. True, its his
highest stat, but it's not all that useful because you can't use bows so the +1
Ranged Attack is completely useless and the +1 armor bonus isn't even notice-
able. Other than that though, everything seems to be pretty good (especially
Wisdom; +9% EXP right off the bat is damn sexy).

Base Stats

Strength: 13
Intelligence: 17
Wisdom: 17
Dexterity: 20
Constitution: 15 
Charisma: 14
*Note* All these stats are taken at level 16.

Investing - My Recomendations

Strength    : This is definately an excellent place to invest in for Drizzt as
              he only starts with 130 Carrying Capacity and it may be a while
              before you can max out Endurance. But with ten extra pounds per
              point this should help out a bit. I'd recommend investing in this
              twice early on and then max out Endurance as well.
              That will give you a total of 200 pounds, enough to bear the best
              and heaviest armor and keep a hefty supply of potions to boot.

Intelligence: This is a decent-ish place to put a point or two as you will be
              using Repulsion a lot. However Repulsion IS cheap so you probably
              won't need it. If you plan on using Otilukes Icy Sphere a lot
              though you will definately need this. So invest where it compli-
              ments your playing style, it's what i always say.

Wisdom      : Well this is a bit of a dillema. If you plan on using Drizzt in
              multiple playthroughs then you should invest ALL your points in
              this, and nothing else. If you only want to use Drizzt in one
              game then you're better off investing in other areas. So make the

Dexterity   : If you read the introduction to this section you should know that
              this is the worst place to invest in. Period. 'Nuff said.

Constitution: Pretty good place to put your points as Dizzts HP is only medium
              and you'll be up close with enemies most of the game. So if you're
              only planning on one playthrough and are having a hard time evad-
              ing enemies attacks you may want to put a point or two into this.

Charisma    : Big waste of points here because you won't ever need to buy any
              weapons, so you only need enough money for armor and accesories.
              Can't say much else other than that.
4.7) Strategies

With few Active Feats and no way to equip shields, bows or any other weaponry,
Drizzt doesn't have a whole lot of versatility in his fighting style, but lucky
for you the way he does fight is pretty deadly. Here's a couple of strategies
that you can use to make using Drizzt just a little easier.

The old Hack-'n-repulse technique.

This is an easy to use and extremely effective way to take down enemies. Start
out by heading into a group of enemies and wailing away with your scimitars. If
you're lucky, you may freeze one of them with Icingdeath. Then use Repulsion,
scattering you're enemies and dealing medium damage too. Then pick out a single
enemy thats been scattered away from the main pack and finish him off. As soon
as the mob surrounds you once more, just use Repulsion again. If you managed to
freeze an enemy with Icingdeath there is also a probability that Repulsion will
shatter it, an instant KO. Also, if you want to amp up this strategy a wee bit
you can throw in a few of Otilukes Icy Spheres while the enemy is scattered.
All in all, this is probably the most common and useful strategy ever.

Using the environement to your advantage.

There are a couple of ways that Drizzt can use his surroundings to kill his
enemies. Firstly, barrels of explosives. Drizzt can detonate TNT with his
Repulsion Feat which can be very useful, especially in harder modes. Just make
sure that you're far enough away so as not to be affected by the blast. This
strategy has helped me dispose of many a pesky drow in the darven mines. The
second way to use the environment to your advantage isn't nearly as useful but
still worth mentioning. The trick is to get close to a wall where theres enemies
on the other side and then use Repulsion. The ring of energy will travel through
the wall, damaging your enemies but keeping you safe behind the wall.

4.8) Drizzt in Co-op Mode

Here i will discuss the various combinations of pairings that include Drizzt,
how they work, their advantages, disadvantages, and how best to use them. Note
that unless you use the cheating mode of obtaining Drizzt you will need to imp-
ort him into your games from the Gauntlet. Anyway, here we go.


This is a fast, hard-hitting strategy thats overall pretty fun. With two melee
fighters this is an excellent pairing for Easy and Medium Mode, but in the two
harder modes you may find yourself hard-pressed without long range support.
Other than that though, this is a nice pairing for begginers who just want to
start out in an easier mode. With the two of them whacking away (with Drizzt
freezing the occasional enemy) most enemies should fall in a few seconds. If
you get mobbed, then just use Repulsion (or Clanggedins Fist) to disperse the
enemies. In the statistics departement, Drizzt should invest in Wisdom, or, if
you're playing in Extreme Mode, Strength, so that you can equip all the best
armor (Endurance alone won't cut it what with all the potions you'll be lugging
around). Kromlech, as usual, is best off investing in Constitution.


This is a pretty damn good pairing, probably the best you can have with Drizzt.
In many ways its quite like the sorceress-dwarf pairing in that you have an
awsome spellcaster and a proficient meleer but I would actually rate this as the
better of the two pairings. Anyhow, Drizzt should invest heavily in his Passive
Feats and Repulsion. Otilukes Icy Sphere is too expensive to bother with and the
sorceress can take care of the long-range hubalahoo anyways. Drizzt however will
be up close and personal most of the time so Combat Reflexes, Dodge, and Intes-
tinal Fortitude are all good bets (along with Repulsion of course, you will be
using it a lot). The sorceress should put her points toward Melfs Acid Arrow at
first and Ball Lightning later on. If you're in Extreme Mode and have already
maxed out Ball Lightning, then Mordenkainens Sword is your best bet. Its not
REALLY useful, but it's a nice bonus having it working in alongside Drizzt, and
besides, after the afore mentioned Feats (and Meteor Swarm) there's really not
anything else worth your points. As for stat points, Wisdom or Intelligence are
your best bets.

Drizzt-Arcane Archer

Well, this isn't my favorite combo but its all really dependant on your playing
style. Essentially this is quite similar to the Drizzt-Sorceress pairing exept
that the archers Feats aren't quite as powerful but they cost less. So in a way
it's a dilema of quantity versus quality. The one thing the archer has in his
favor is that he can melee much better than the sorceress so thats a nice bonus.
But the majority of his Feats just don't stand up to hers in terms of damage.
Still, if you wan't to get through this game fast, this isn't a bad pairing. In
terms of stats the Archer should either invest in Strength (for more arrows) or
Wisdom (more level ups means you have more points to make those Feats stronger).


Well, this is an interesting one to be sure. With two very strong meleers you
might think this pairing would be boring, but not so. If you want, you can just
have both of you cut your way through, or if you want more diversity have one
character invest heavily in Otilukes Icy Sphere for some long range support.
It's really up to you how you want to play this one and you can't really go
wrong. Just remember that you may have a hard time keeping track of which drow
is yours, especially because you can't equip different weapons to tell you apart
(when i played Dwarf-Dwarf my friend had a Frost weapon while i had a Flaming
weapon). Other than that, not much else can be said except that both you and
your friend should invest in Wisdom.
*Note* You will need to import your second Drizzt from another file in order to
get this pairing. 

5.0) Credits

CJayC - For creating GameFaqs, and posting this, my second guide.

Snowblind and Black Isle Studios - For making this awsome game.

Mark from EB Games - For recomending this game to me.

Happinessisnotafish - For sitting through countless hours of co-operative play
with me.

Jozef Malek - First mentioned the glitch in the Gamecube version to me that 
occurs when trying to load a game that you cheated Drizzt into.

Gamergeek5747 - Confirmed the GC glitch and confirmed that there is no way to 
get Drizzt at level 1.

The Vets of the FFVII General Board - For providing me companionship on the Int-
ernet for so many years. I hope that someday our board returns to the golden
age it once thrived in before the damnned summer contest brought all the bloody

6.0) Contact Information

Alright, here's where you can contact me for questions, comments, and anything
else thats on your mind. Please keep death threats to a minimum, and note that
happy meal orders are not welcome.

My E-mail: grand_lethal_364@hotmail.com

MY IM: (AIM) grandlethal364
*Note* I am harly ever on AIM so you're better off sending me an E-mail.


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