• All Spells

    This code works for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance

    I think I have found another code that uses a varation of the existing Warp code

    Code gives !<All Spells>!, For any character

    1. This can only be done each time the xbox is turned on, and inside of the game not the main menu.

    2. Hold down Y button

    3. Hold down A button

    4. Hold the left analog trigger all the way down.

    5. Hold the right analog trigger down half way.

    6. Push the left analog stick to the right. If done properly You will hear the character say something.

    elf- ''Your a naughty boy''
    Archer-''Time to break some rules''
    Drizt-''Let the cheating Begin''

    Drawbacks- All your stat points are reset to 1's ,2's

    Contributed By: HEXA G.

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  • Cheat Code Menu

    I obtained this information by communicating with someone at Snowblind Studios.

    I have verified it as well.

    This must be done from inside the game, not from the main menu.

    1) Left analog trigger down all the way

    2) Right analog trigger down a LITTLE bit

    3) Y button

    4) A button

    5) Move left analog stick to the right

    6) Hold all that down and press start.

    It's hard to do but possible.

    This will let you access the warp menu and invincibility option.

    The unlock Drizz't code does not exist in the XBOX version.

    Contributed By: ThresholdRPG.

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  • Play with another character than Drizz't in "The Gauntlet"

    To play with any character in ''The Gauntlet'', start that level with Drizz't. Then let him be killed by the first creature you find, and while he is falling on the ground, quickly press start. You can now access the load character menu and load any character in ''The Gauntlet'' level.

    Contributed By: lhurgoyf.

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  • Unlimited items/gold

    While playing in the 2-player mode you can duplicate items. To do this save your game in progress, then drop the items that you want to duplicate then have the 2nd character pick it up. Then delete the first player, and import the same character that you had before the drop. Both characters now have the same items.
    To get the gold just drop everything from one character and have the other one sell it.
    This can be done as many times as you want.

    Contributed By: Damien82.

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  • The Gauntlet mode

    Complete the game on any difficulty to unlock.

    Contributed By: nado.

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  • Unlock Extreme and Play as Drizzt Do'Urden

    Unlock Extreme
    Successfully complete The Gauntlet to unlock the Extreme difficulty level.

    Play as Drizzt
    Import a standard player into Extreme mode and complete it with that character. Now you can import Drizzt(from your Gauntlet save file) into the main game.

    Contributed By: NeoGamer.

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