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Boss Guide by Roguesquad6

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/28/2010


.oOOOo.                            o          `O                     
o     o                            O           o                     
O.         O                       o           O                     
 `OOoo.   oOo                      O           O                     
      `O   o   .oOoO' `OoOo.       o     o     o .oOoO' `OoOo. .oOo  
       o   O   O   o   o           O     O     O O   o   o     `Ooo. 
O.    .O   o   o   O   O           `o   O o   O' o   O   O         O 
 `oooO'    `oO `OoO'o  o            `OoO' `OoO'  `OoO'o  o     `OoO' 

`o    O                   o                            .oOo 
 o   O          o        O                             O    
 O  O                    o       O                     o    
 oOo                     O      oOo                    OoO  
 o  o    'OoOo. O  .oOoO OoOo.   o   .oOo        .oOo. o    
 O   O    o   O o  o   O o   o   O   `Ooo.       O   o O    
 o    o   O   o O  O   o o   O   o       O       o   O o    
 O     O  o   O o' `OoOo O   o   `oO `OoO'       `OoO' O'   
       o                 .oOOOo.   o      o 
      O                 .O     o. O      O  
  O   o                 O       o o      o  
 oOo  O                 o       O O      o  
  o   OoOo. .oOo.       O       o o  .oOoO  
  O   o   o OooO'       o       O O  o   O  
  o   o   O O           `o     O' o  O   o  
  `oO O   o `OoO'        `OoooO'  Oo `OoO'o 
`OooOOo.                      o     o          
 o     `o                    O     O  o        
 O      O                    O     o           
 o     .O                    o     O           
 OOooOO'  .oOo. .oOo. O   o  OoOo. o  O  .oOo  
 o    o   OooO' O   o o   O  O   o O  o  O     
 O     O  O     o   O O   o  o   O o  O  o     
 O      o `OoO' oOoO' `OoO'o `OoO' Oo o' `OoO' 
o.oOOOo.                          OOooOoO    Oo     .oOOOo.   
 o     o                          o         o  O   .O     o.  
 O     O                          O        O    o  o       O  
 oOooOO.                          oOooO   oOooOoOo O       o  
 o     `O .oOo. .oOo  .oOo        O       o      O o       O  
 O      o O   o `Ooo. `Ooo.       o       O      o O    Oo o  
 o     .O o   O     O     O       o       o      O `o     O'  
 `OooOO'  `OoO' `OoO' `OoO'       O'      O.     O  `OoooO Oo 
 o     o        
 O     O        
 o     `O O   o 
 O      o o   O 
 o     .O O   o 
 `OooOO'  `OoOO 
`OooOOo.                                                           o        
 o     `o                                                         O  .oOOo. 
 O      O                                                         o  O      
 o     .O                                                         o  o      
 OOooOO'  .oOo. .oOoO O   o  .oOo. .oOo  .oOoO' O   o  .oOoO' .oOoO  OoOOo. 
 o    o   O   o o   O o   O  OooO' `Ooo. O   o  o   O  O   o  o   O  O    O 
 O     O  o   O O   o O   o  O         O o   O  O   o  o   O  O   o  O    o 
 O      o `OoO' `OoOo `OoO'o `OoO' `OoO' `OoOo  `OoO'o `OoO'o `OoO'o `OooO' 
                    O                        O                              
                 OoO'                        `o                             

|Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic ASCII Art|

I used an online ASCII Art Generator for the ASCII art above.

|Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic|

Boss Guide for Microsoft Xbox/PC versions

February 3rd 2009
Version 1.0 (First Complete Version)
Author: Roguesquad6
E-mail: kevinstu93[at]yahoo[dot]com
Replace [at] with "@" (no quotation marks) and
[dot] with "." (no quotation marks) when e-mailing
NOTICE: When e-mailing me, use the subject KotOR 1
Boss Guide (or something similar to that). Anything
else will be ignored and not responded to
(or deleted/marked as spam).


This guide is Copyright 2009 by Roguesquad6. Do
not edit or change this guide in any way. Do not
post this guide on GameFAQs (or another website)
and credit yourself for the guide. You must e-mail
me if you want to put this guide on your own website
or another site (but credit must be given to
Roguesquad6 - me).

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances
except for personal, private use. It may not be
placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of
this guide on any other website or as a part of any
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

Current sites allowed to host this guide:

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is copyright
2003 by Bioware and LucasArts.

|Common Abbreviations|

This is a list of common abbreviations used in this guide:

LS - Light Side
DS - Dark Side
FP - Force Points
xp - Experience Points
VotDL - Valley of the Dark Lords, located on Korriban.
1st - First encounter with a boss.
2nd - Second encounter with a boss.
3rd - Third encounter with a boss.
KotOR - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
KotOR 2 - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
FAQ - Frequently Asked Question(s)
CTRL+F: Key combination on your keyboard, used to find something (such as a
piece of text on a webpage in Internet Explorer.

|Version History|
Current Version: 1.0 (First Complete Version)
February 3rd 2009: Began the guide.
February 3rd 2009: Version 1.0 Completed.

|Search Feature|

To find something quickly in this guide, take advantage
of your web browser's quick search feature. To do this,
press CTRL+F and then in the Table of Contents section,
type in | before any number that you want to choose. Be
sure to not include a space after the |. For example:

Find: |5

That would take you to section 5 in the guide. This also
works with subsections, such as 5.5. Browse the Table of
Contents for sections so you can search for them.

|SPOILER Alert!!!|

Be warned, this guide contains spoilers about several characters and plot
points in the game. If you intend on using this guide, please make sure
you've beaten this game at least once before. Read on at your own risk.

|Table of Contents|

1. Introduction
2. Character Classes
3. Jedi Classes
4. Bosses
5. Upper City Cantina Dueling Arena
5.1. Dead-Eye Duncan
5.2. Gerlon Two-Fingers
5.3. Ice
5.4. Marl
5.5. Twitch
5.6. Bendak Starkiller
6. Lower City Cantina Bounties
6.1. Selven
6.2. Largo
6.3. Matrik
6.4. Dia
6.5. Bendak Starkiller
7. Calo Nord (1st Encounter)
8. Gadon Thek and Kiera
9. Rancor
10. Kandon Ark
11. Brejik
12. Sith Governor
13. Davik Kang and Calo Nord (2nd Encounter)
14. Juhani
15. Sherruk
16. Calo Nord (3rd Encounter)
17. Darth Bandon
18. Saul Karath
19. Darth Malak (1st Encounter)
20. Genoharadan Bounties (Optional)
20.1. Lorgal (Republic Embassy - Manaan)
20.2. Zuulan Sentar (Matale Estate - Dantooine)
20.3. Vorn Daasrad (Sand People Territory - Tatooine)
20.4. Ithorak Guldar (Docking Bay - Manaan)
20.5. Ruulan Prolik (Upper Shadowlands - Kashyyk)
20.6. Hulas (Dune Sea - Tatooine)
21. Master Uthar or Yuthura Ban (or both)
21.1. Master Uthar
21.2. Yuthura Ban
21.3. Both
22. Bastila (1st Encounter)
23. Bastila (2nd Encounter)
24. Malak's 3 Apprentices
25. Darth Malak (2nd Encounter)
26. Difficulty Levels
26.1. Easy
26.2. Normal
26.3. Difficult
27. Bosses By Location
28. Frequently Asked Questions
28.1. Glitches
29. Special Thanks
30. End of Guide

|1. Introduction|

Hello and welcome to my Boss Guide for Star Wars: Knights
of the Old Republic! I've written this guide to help anyone
who has difficulty beating a boss, or getting past a boss in
KotOR. You can e-mail corrections, feedback, missing bosses,
boss vitality, and anything else related to this guide.

NOTE: The three difficulties in the game are Easy, Normal,
and Difficult. Try lowering the difficulty if possible if
a boss battle has proven to be too hard. Or the opposite,
if a boss battle has proven to be too easy, increase your
game's difficulty setting to Normal or Difficult.

NOTE: KotOR is designed to play on the Normal difficulty
level. Adjust to Easy or Difficult if necessary. Try a
boss battle on Normal Difficulty for your first playthrough,
as that is the designed level of difficulty for KotOR.

Also, be sure to take advantage of your party members in
combat and use them wisely. Canderous can make stimulants
and Zaalbar can make grenades for you. Mission and T3-M4
can also make Computer Spikes/Security Spikes. Be sure to
stock up on grenades and stimulants for the final boss
battle. I would recommend not selling anything you gain
throughout the entire game. Also don't buy from shops
regularly unless you have a lot of credits (from swoop
racing or Pazaak). Be sure to buy beneficial or useful
items only.

|2. Character Classes|

There are 3 character classes at the beginning of the game to
choose from, the Soldier, Scout, or Scoundrel. I will briefly
describe each class and the advantages and disadvantages of
that particular class.

|2.1 Soldier|

In-Game Description: A battle-ready fighter with no equal in combat.

The Soldier, in most RPGs, is the fighter class. You're dangerous
and difficult to defeat wielding any weapon. Soldiers gain the
least skill points every level, and have very few Force points
when they become a Jedi (later in the game). Soldiers have the
fastest feat progression of all 3 starting classes, however. Below
is what the Soldier is given at the start of the game.

Armor Proficiency: Light
Armor Proficiency: Medium
Armor Proficiency: Heavy
Power Attack
Power Blast
Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Pistol
Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Rifle
Weapon Proficiency: Heavy Weapons
Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons

Skill Points: 4

|2.2 Scout|

In-Game Description: An explorer most at home on the fringes of space.

The Scout is similar to the Scoundrel because, like the Scoundrel, it
is not primarily a fighting class. For this class I'd recommend either
blaster rifles or melee weapons. Stock up on medpacs (or buy them from
a merchant). Also stock up on adrenal items (or buy them as well). The
first Implant level comes free with this class, and you gain Implant
level 2 at Level 4, and Implant level 3 at Level 8. Below is what the
Scout is given at the start of the game.

Armor Proficiency: Light
Armor Proficiency: Medium
Rapid Shot
Implant Level 1
Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Pistol
Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Rifle
Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons

Skill Points: 20

|2.3 Scoundrel|

In-Game Description: A skillful rogue that gets by on stealth and guile.

The Scoundrel is not a fighting class, as I said previously, and is more
for those who prefer combat and powers. They aren't proficient at either,
however they can be quite good combatants if you use them correctly. Once
you become a Jedi, you'll become quite adept at Force powers, if you 
chose this class first. Below is what the Scoundrel is given at the start
of the game.

Armor Proficiency: Light
Critical Strike
Sniper Shot
Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Pistol
Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Rifle
Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons
Sneak Attack 1
Scoundrel's Luck

Skill Points: 24

|3. Jedi Classes|

There are 3 Jedi classes available to choose from later in the game
(after completing Taris). They are the Jedi Guardian, Jedi Sentinel,
and Jedi Consular. I will briefly describe each class and the advantages
and disadvantages of that particular class.

|3.1 Jedi Guardian|

In-Game Description: Jedi Guardians battle against the forces of evil and
the dark side. They focus on combat training and masterful use of the

10 Vitality Per Level
4 Force Points Per Level
Fast Feat Progression
Slow Skill Progression
Force Jump feat is automatically gained

|3.2 Sentinel|

In-Game Description: Jedi Sentinels ferret out deceit and injustice,
brining them to light.  They strike a balance between the physical and
mental disciplines of the Jedi Order.

8 Vitality Points Per Level
6 Force Points Per Level
Slow Feat Progression
Average Skill Progression
Jedi Immunity feat is automatically gained

|3.3 Consular|

In-Game Description: Jedi Consulars seek to bring balance to the 
universe. They focus less on physical combat and more on mental
discliplines in order to augment their mastery of the force.

6 Vitality Points Per Level
8 Force Points Per Level
Slow Skill Progression
Slow Feat Progression
Force Focus feat is automatically gained

|4. Bosses|

What you came to read this guide for, right? KotOR consists of many bosses 
throughout the game, ranging from easy to difficult. I will post each boss
in this section and give you tips on how to defeat that boss. As I said 
before, e-mail me for corrections and missing bosses.

|5. Upper City Cantina Dueling Arena|

You can participate in the Upper City Cantina Dueling Arena. Just talk with
Ajuur the Hutt. Bendak Starkiller is the only fight in which you gain DS
points for the match.

|5.1 Dead-Eye Duncan|

Difficulty: Easy

Dead-Eye Duncan likes to fight melee. However, he's a pushover and very 
easy to defeat. Simply hack-and-slash with your sword, or fire at him 
from a distance with your blaster pistol. He should go down pretty quickly.

|5.2 Gerlon Two-Fingers|

Difficulty: Easy

Gerlon Two-Fingers likes to fight ranged from afar, but as you close the
distance between you and him, he will fight melee. Take out your melee weapon
(vibroblade, sword) and repeatedly attack him. Use a medpac if you go low
on health.

|5.3 Ice|

Difficulty: Medium

Ice will fight both ranged and melee. I recommend you take this battle when
you're Levels 5-6, as she may be too difficult to defeat early in the game.
Use your melee weapon and hack away, or fire at her with your blaster pistol.
When you get low on health, use medpac(s).

|5.4 Marl|

Difficulty: Hard

Probably the most difficult battle in the Dueling Arena (besides Bendak
Starkiller). Marl is a dedicated melee fighter, and will reduce your health 
quickly if you're too close. Recommended to fight at Levels 6-7. You could
use the run-and-gun technique, such as gunning at him when he's away, then as
he approaches, run, then gun. Rinse and repeat.

|5.5 Twitch|

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Easier than Marl. Twitch is a dedicated ranged fighter, and will only use his
blaster(s). Because he only fights ranged, close the distance and take out
your melee weapon, then simply Flurry away at him (get Flurry if you're a 
Scoundrel or Soldier). Use adrenal items if needed. Use a medpac if needed.

|5.6 Bendak Starkiller|

Difficulty: Hard

You WILL get Dark Side points for this, however it's worth taking a hit (even
if you're Light Side). Wait until Level 8 for this battle, it's a tough one.
Bendak prefers ranged fighting, but is very competent at melee. He will begin
lobbing grenades at you so you need to run fast. If you have spare grenades,
use them. Concussion grenades are especially helpful. Then just whack at him 
from far or away at your leisure. Never stay too close to him (unless he's 
stunned from a Concussion grenade).

NOTE: There is a way not to earn Dark Side points. It is on the KotOR cheats
page at GameFAQs.com.

Not earning dark side or light side points

Ok, sometimes when you end a conversation, you can gain light side, or dark
side points. To not earn these, simply after ending conversation, this must be
done very quickly, press start and save game. After saving, load the game and
you shouldn't have earned any light/dark points. For example, in the duel
rings of Taris, when you fight Bendak, to not gain any dark points, save/load
after commentary and you haven't gained any dark points!

|6. Lower City Cantina Bounties|

NOTE: You must speak with Zax the Hutt in the Lower City Cantina to acquire
these bounties. All of the following bounties except Selven's will net you DS
(Dark Side) points. Also take note that these are optional side quests (not

|6.1 Selven|

Difficulty: Easy

She will be openly hostile to you. Just do your thing, hack-and-slash, throw a
grenade, or blast at her. Use adrenal items and medpacs if needed.

|6.2 Largo|

Difficulty: Easy

No real challenge. Simply blast at him or whack him with your melee weapon.

|6.3 Matrik|

Difficulty: Easy

Same as above.

|6.4 Dia|

Difficulty: Easy

Same as above.

|6.5 Bendak Starkiller|

Difficulty: Hard

See Section 5.6 for more detail. Also get your rewards from Ajuur and Zax (the

|7. Calo Nord (1st Encounter)|

Difficulty: Impossible

You can avoid this fight by not talking to him at all in the Lower City
Cantina. If he counts to three and you haven't left the conversation, he will
kill you as he's impossible to beat currently.

|8. Gadon Thek and Kiera|

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

This is the dark side option to resolving the gang wars in the Lower City. Do
not do this if you want to be light or are light sided.

Be prepared for a difficult fight. Gadon uses an energy shield, so he's harder
to hit with blasters. Use vibroswords and vibroblades if possible. Kiera is
easier than Gadon so focus on her first. When they're both defeated, you'll
find some nice items on their remains.

|9. Rancor|

Difficulty: Easy

Not really a boss per se. Don't fight him directly. Just put the vial scent
and a frag grenade in the trash in the middle of the rancor pit. Use stealth
mode just to be safe (or switch to a character in your party with stealth

|10. Kandon Ark|

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

The light side option to resolving the gang wars in the Lower City. Do not do
this if you want to be dark or are dark sided.

Kandon Ark and his female bodyguard will have energy shields so have at least
one proficient melee attacker using a vibroblade. Use a shield or two on your
party as well. Concentrate on the female bodyguard first, then all your power
on Kandon. Finish off the two ranged attackers in back.

|11. Brejik|

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

After the swoop race, you'll fight Brejik and some thugs. Focus on the thugs
first, Bastila will aid you in this battle. You should use vibroblades or
blasters and once Brejik is the only one left, gang up on him with Bastila and
he should go down fairly quickly.

|12. Sith Governor|

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

TIP: Wear a good melee shield before beginning the battle. Also use stimulants.

He's not overly difficult, however he will still prove to be a challenge. He's
got a double-blade and throws on an energy shield to boot. Use Bastila to your
advantage (you should have given her some offensive force powers). Also use
concussion grenades so you can stun him. Once he's stunned, either chop him
up with Bastila's double-bladed lightsaber or just take him on yourself.

Alternate Strategy
Once the conversation is finished, before he enables his energy shield,
quickly pause if the game hasn't already done so, switch to Bastila, and fill
up the combat queue with Flurry. She should take off some of his health before
he begins to fight or can fight.

|13. Davik Kang and Calo Nord (2nd Encounter)|

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Calo begins this fight by tossing a grenade in your way. Run clear of the
grenade, and enable your energy shields. Maybe toss a grenade or two in there.
Davik is somewhat hard, so focus on Calo up close using vibroblades or other
melee weapons. When Calo's vitality hits around one-fifth of his total, a 
cutscene will occur. Davik will lose his life from the roof caving in. Don't 
forget to search Davik's remains before you leave Taris.

|14. Juhani|

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Not overly difficult, just equip an energy shield and flurry away at her. When
most of her health has been depleted, she'll end combat and talk to you. Here
is your chance to turn her back to the light.

|15. Sherruk|

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

This can be a difficult encounter. Sherruk will use an energy shield during
this fight. You could use vibroblades instead of lightsabers to speed up this
fight. Bastila's Stun power comes in handy here when dealing with Sherruk. I
also recommend using Force Whirlwind during this encounter. Maybe throw a
grenade or two in there to speed up the battle. Focus on Sherruk's backup
troops first, then focus on him. This should make the fight a little easier.

|16. Calo Nord (3rd Encounter)|

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

This battle could be difficult. Regardless of planet, Calo Nord and some of
his goons will accompany him to take you down. He'll likely toss a grenade at
you if you're close enough. He also uses an energy shield. Again, use melee
weapons against him until his energy shield is depleted, then use lightsabers
again. Buff up your party with stimulants and any useful Force powers (if you
have any). Concussion grenades work efficiently against Calo and his goons.
After the others are disposed of, concentrate on Calo and you should be able
to take him down. Calo Nord can be found at any of the planet points if you're
on your first planet in the game (not including Dantooine). Also note that
Calo will be accompanied by two Wookiees if encountered on Kashyyyk.

Below are the planet points in the game where Calo Nord can be found.
Planet Points:
1. Krayt Dragon Cave on Tatooine (after you leave)
2. Shadowlands of Kashyyyk (when you first arrive)
3. Hrakert Station on Manaan (after finding the Star Map)
4. Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban (leaving the Academy)

|17. Darth Bandon|

Difficulty: Medium

You'll fight Darth Bandon and two Dark Jedi upon your return from the Star Map
on the fourth planet (including Dantooine). At this point in the game you
should be very powerful, so Force powers are very effective. Focus on the two
Dark Jedi first, then after finishing them off return to focusing on Bandon.
If you're dark-sided, the Fear and Shock powers work efficiently. For
universal Force powers, the Stun and Push series of powers are a recommended

Below are the planet points in the game where Darth Bandon can be found.
Planet Points:
1. Krayt Dragon Cave on Tatooine (after you leave)
2. Shadowlands of Kashyyyk (when you first arrive)
3. Hrakert Station on Manaan (after finding the Star Map)
4. Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban (leaving the Academy)

Rewards: Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor, 3000 Credits, Double-Bladed Lightsaber

|18. Saul Karath|

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

For this battle you'll be facing Saul Karath and all of his friends at the
bridge. Simply focus on his friends first. I recommend using offensive Force
powers, such as Force Wave or Force Storm. Those are two of the greatest crowd
control powers available in the game. If you don't have those, use any other
offensive Force powers you may have, or simply flurry away at them to finish
the battle quickly. Once his cronies are dead, concentrate all of your attacks
on Saul. Flurry away at him or use the Stun series of Force powers (Stasis
Field works on him most of the time). After you've defeated Saul, he will
whisper something unintelligible to Carth and then die.

|19. Darth Malak (1st Encounter)|

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

This is your first encounter with the Dark Lord of the Sith, and thus it
shouldn't be too hard of a fight. He uses offensive Force powers constantly
so if you have Force Resistance I recommend using it as soon as the fight
begins. For those proficient at using lightsabers/melee weapons, simply Flurry
away at him. He shouldn't take too long to defeat. Once his health is down
halfway, he'll use Force Whirlwind against you and escape the current room.
Find your way through the north and south doors until you reach him again.
He is pretty easy to defeat on your first encounter with him. Use the Stun
series (Stun/Stasis/Stasis Field) against him and attack him repeatedly with
Flurry. After that, there's a cutscene. For the time being you've escaped from
Malak. That won't be your last encounter with him, however.

|20. Genoharadan Bounties (Optional)|

These bounties are optional. You must get them from Hulas on Manaan first.
All of these bounties will net you Dark Side points. If you're lightsided
or want to follow the lightside path, decline Hulas's offer the first time
you see him (alone, no party members with you). Or you could be lightsided
and still do the Genoharadan Bounties anyway. It doesn't matter.

NOTE: You can do both Zuulan's and Lorgal's bounties if you desire.

Also don't forget to collect the bounties from Hulas once you've finished each
bounty so you can receive your rewards from Hulas.

|20.1. Lorgal|

Difficulty: Easy

Lorgal is located in the Republic Embassy in East Central on Manaan. Lorgal
is inside the pod. To kill Lorgal, activate the control terminal to the right
of the pod he's in and reprogram it to kill the prisoner (you should have the
Computer Spikes or Repair Parts to do so, if you need computer spikes ask T3
for them).

Rewards: 170xp, Dark Side points

|20.2. Zuulan Sentar|

Difficulty: Easy

Zuulan is on Dantooine, at the Matale Grounds. You'll see his land speeder
when  you enter the Matale Grounds (search around for his land speeder). The
first method to kill him is to set a frag mine. If you do so, Zuulan and his
droids will come to the land speeder and blow up (plus you'll receive Dark
Side points). The second method is to sound the alarm. If you do this, Zuulan
will come around to see what is going on. You can let him go by offering his
life in return for 200 credits, but why would a Dark Side character do that?
If you choose to do that you won't be able to collect the bounty from Hulas.
Or you can kill him and his droids. He's very easy, no strategy is needed.

Rewards: 500xp, Genoharadan Blaster, Three More Bounties to Complete (see

NOTE: You must do the following three bounties (have them completed) before
you can talk to Hulas about joining the Genoharadan Guild.

|20.3. Vorn Daasrad|

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Vorn Daasrad is located on Tatooine, in the Sand People territory. Upon
entering this area, you'll see some land speeders and Vorn's personal assault
droid. The droid will attack you no matter what if you're near it. Once you
have defeated his assault droid, you can reprogram it to seek out and attack
Vorn. You and your party members will follow the droid and attack Vorn. Or you
can activate his swoop bike and plant a frag mine and wait for Vorn to come.
He'll discover your trick and reprogram his droid and both enemies will attack
you and your party.

Rewards: 340xp+600xp+1000xp, Dark Side points, and a Genoharadan Stealth Unit

|20.4. Ithorak Guldar|

Difficulty: Easy

Ithorak is located in the Docking Bay on Manaan. You must see Vek at the swoop
tracks first though. You can arrange a meeting with Ithorak at the Docking Bay
and Vek will set it up. Vek will be waiting to go to the meeting upon your
arrival. There are some options here:

- Persuade him to leave (500 credits) - his droid is all that is left
- Reprogram droid to enter Sith Hangar and attack Ithorak for 340xp
- Go in alone
- Allow Vek and his droid to accompany you at the "meeting"

He'll discover that you're an assassin trying to kill him and will attack your
party. For the most experience points, allow Vek and his droid to accompany

Rewards: (340xp)+1000xp, Dark Side points, and Genoharadan Power Gloves

|20.5. Ruulan Prolik|


Ruulan is located on Kashyyyk in the Upper Shadowlands. Find the Wookiee and
search the remains for a datapad. You'll see Grarwwaar at his campfire. You
will find out that he's the shapeshifter, Ruulan Prolik. First he switches to
Jolee to attack you. Flurry away at him and use offensive and defensive Force
powers, then once his health has been reduced significantly, he'll change to a
Terentatek. As a Terentatek, he can lower your health immensely. Heal or use
medpacs to keep from dying, then use offensive Force powers. After that, he'll
change to a Tach and run off. Follow him to see a few Tach in the area. Start
interactions with the various Tach, then attack them. One of these Tach will
be Ruulan Prolik, the shapeshifter.

Rewards: 600xp+1000xp, Dark Side points, and a Genoharadan Visor, as well as
the last bounty available for the Genoharadan optional sidequests.

|20.6. Hulas|

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

On Manaan Hulas has a startling revelation for you. He duped you into killing
all three Genoharadan guild leaders so he could become the only leader in the
guild. You can decline combat (not recommended) or battle him in the Dune Sea
on Tatooine. He says you must go alone and he promises to go alone also. Don't
listen to him however, he's lying and will have backup troops to assist him.
You can bring party members, knowing that he won't honor the agreement either.
Hulas will bring many of his allies to the battle. Before you trigger the cut-
scene with Hulas or the battle, equip some stimulants and utilize your Force
powers. Utilize defensive Force powers that will aid you during the battle. If
you can stun Hulas, be sure to take him out first as he's the most difficult.
Or you could take out his allies first and then focus on Hulas. Be sure to
check the remains of Hulas and his allies for some good items. You get more XP
if you accept his challenge to a duel.

Rewards: 750xp, Genoharadan Mesh Armor, Genoharadan Poison Blade, Genoharadan
Blaster, and 500 credits.

NOTE: This is the last Genoharadan sidequest available in the game.

|21. Master Uthar or Yuthura Ban (or both)|

Depending on what you chose to do back at the Sith Academy on Korriban, you can
fight Master Uthar with Yuthura, fight Yuthura with Master Uthar, or fight both
of them. The opportunity to gain the most XP points is to fight the two of them
but it is more difficult (since you are alone). Or you can fight them separately
rather than at once. The way to gain the most xp and rewards is to fight them

|21.1. Master Uthar|

Difficulty: Medium

If you poisoned him earlier, this should be easy. Gang up with Yuthura on him
and diminish his health. Use offensive (Dark Side) Force powers if you have any
or Stasis Field, activate Master Speed and use Flurry (Improved, Master) against
him. He's not overly difficult because of Yuthura's assistance and the option
to poison him. Strike first and use offensive Force powers against him if

|21.2. Yuthura Ban|

Difficulty: Medium

You'll receive obligatory DS points for siding with Uthar. Easier than fighting
Uthar (or the both of them). Stasis Field + Master Speed + Master Flurry should
be enough to get through this battle. Yuthura should be weaker if you chose to
poison her earlier. After this battle, if you crossed Uthar, you'll fight him
afterwards. You'll gain 840xp plus whatever is on their remains as a reward.

|21.3. Both|

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

You'll have to defend yourself against the both of them. Depending on which
conversation option you chose, you'll receive either LS or DS points. If you
poisoned one of them this battle will be easier and one of them will be weaker.
This battle can be difficult, but use offensive (and defensive) Force powers
and you should be fine. Activate Force Resistance or Force Immunity to defend
against their offensive Force powers. Once they're dead, you receive 840xp, LS
or DS points (depending on the conversation options you chose before the fight)
and the remains on their bodies.


Uthar's corpse: 3,000 credits, Security Domination Interface, Cinnagar War Suit.

Yuthura's corpse: 1,500 credits

|22. Bastila (1st Encounter)|

Difficulty: Easy

This battle is very easy. Bastila likes to use offensive Force powers such as
Force Lightning and Horror. Use Force Resistance to minimize any damage that
Bastila may cause. Not a particularly tough battle. Once you get her vitality
down to less than half, she'll Force Wave your entire party. You've beaten her
for now if you chose Light Side, otherwise she rejoins you if you choose Dark
Side. You'll do battle again on the Star Forge if you chose Light Side.

|23. Bastila (2nd Encounter)|

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

You'll battle Bastila if you're Light Side or chose not to join her at the
Temple Summit on the Unknown World. She's harder than if you were to battle
the three Dark Jedi in the Command Center. She'll freeze your party members
before fighting, so it's one-on-one combat. You'll converse with her regularly
giving you chances to persuade/redeem her back to the Light Side. You'll fight
her 3 times if you successfully redeem her, or 4 times if you don't turn her
back to the Light Side, in which case, you'll have to kill her. Regardless of
whether or not you redeem her, cast defensive Force powers such as Force
Immunity/Resistance if you picked those (which you should have). That should
minimize damage from her offensive Force powers. Also equip stimulants if you
have them. Fight her with everything you've got. She's not too hard to defeat.
If you intend on redeeming her, having a high Persuade skill or having romanced
her (if you're playing as a male character) throughout the course of the game
successfully is essential. You actually just need to pass the Persuade checks
when conversing with her.

|24. Malak's 3 Apprentices|

Difficulty: Medium

This battle is easier than the fight against Bastila. Three Dark Jedi are
located at the Star Forge's Command Center. This battle isn't easy, but
shouldn't be tougher than any previous battles against Dark Jedi or Sith. Use
offensive or defensive Force Powers to your advantage and they'll be no match
for the new Dark Lord of the Sith, you. Also use your party members to your
advantage, they're there to help you, after all.

|25. Darth Malak (2nd Encounter)|

Difficulty: Hard

TIP: Remember you can save during battle (so you don't have to keep repeating
or reloading an earlier save if you lose against Malak. Also you can lower the
difficulty setting if you're having trouble with Malak.

Congratulations on making it this far in the game! Darth Malak is the final
boss in this game. Fortunately, he's not overly difficult, that is, if you're
prepared or created a properly-built character throughout the course of the
game. If you didn't create a properly-built character or aren't prepared, be
ready for a difficult challenge ahead. There are several ways to defeat Darth
Malak, depending on your style of play. Also you'll do this battle alone, no
party members will accompany you to defeat Malak.

Notice there are 8 pods scattered around the room. Inside these pods are
captive Jedi. There are 8 capative Jedi total. Darth Malak uses their energy to
replenish his health. Malak is resistant to Force powers, so don't directly use
offensive Force powers against him (waste of Force points).

At the start of the battle, your primary goal is to lessen Malak's health (or
Force) points. Master Flurry+Master Speed is a good combo to use against him.
Once he's down to critical health points, he will disengage you in combat and
head towards the closest captive Jedi. Now that you know his weakness, exploit
it! Activate Master Speed so you can travel faster throughout the room. Don't
engage in combat with him yet. For Dark Side characters, use the Force Storm/
Force Lightning powers or Drain Life/Death Field Force powers to destroy the
captive Jedi, thus eliminating one of Malak's healing sources. For Light Side
characters, use Destroy Droid or Throw Lightsaber to eliminate the Jedi pods.
You should have at least one of these offensive powers, if you don't, you'll
be fighting Malak for a long time (first round + 8 rounds + final round). You
may not win if you can't destroy the captive Jedi. After eliminating all 8 pods,
diminish Malak's health as quickly and efficiently as possible. After that's
complete, you've won the game.

TIP: Use the Heal power, Master Speed, stimulants, and medpacs, as well as
other useful items. This should make the battle end quicker and you should
have less trouble defeating Malak.

Alternate Strategy
You need some skill points invested in the Demolitions skill for this. By now
in the game you should have plenty of mines. Distance yourself from Malak and
lay mines in the path leading to Malak. He'll run over them if he follows you
and a substantial amount of his health will be depleted. Use this at the final
stage, after the 8 captive Jedi are destroyed, so that the mines aren't put to
waste. This is a recommended strategy for Scoundrels or Jedi Consulars that
have points in the Demolitions skill.

Reward: Game Completed. Light Side or Dark Side ending cutscene.

|26. Difficulty Levels|

There are three difficulty levels in the game to choose from.
The game is normally configured to play under the Normal difficulty.
Lower your difficulty setting if a boss battle has proven to be too hard (or

|26.1. Easy|

Self-explanatory. The easiest/lowest difficulty setting in the game.

|26.2. Normal|

Self-explanatory. The balanced/middle between the easy and difficult levels.

|26.3. Difficult|

Self-explanatory. The hardest/highest difficulty setting in the game.

|My Recommendation|

Play the game on the Normal setting first.

Then as you start other playthroughs, choose Easy or Difficult.

Or you can keep the difficulty level as Normal.

- A boss will be harder on Difficult than they were on Easy or Normal.

- A boss will be easier on Easy than they were on Normal or Difficult.

- A boss will be easier on Easy or Normal than they were on Difficult.

|27. Bosses By Location|

This section will lists all bosses based on their locations in the game.

      Boss                             Location
      ----                             --------
Dead-Eye Duncan         Taris >> Upper City Cantina Dueling Arena
Gerlon Two-Fingers      Taris >> Upper City Cantina Dueling Arena
Ice                     Taris >> Upper City Cantina Dueling Arena
Marl                    Taris >> Upper City Cantina Dueling Arena
Twitch                  Taris >> Upper City Cantina Dueling Arena
Bendak Starkiller       Taris >> Upper City Cantina Dueling Arena
Selven                  Taris >> Lower City West Apartments
Largo                   Taris >> Upper City North Apartments		
Matrik                  Taris >> Lower City East Apartments
Dia                     Taris >> Upper City South Apartments
Calo Nord (1st)         Taris >> Lower City Cantina
Gadon Thek/Kiera        Taris >> Hidden Bek Base >> Gadon's Quarters
Rancor                  Taris >> Undercity >> Upper Sewers
Kandon Ark              Taris >> Black Vulkar Garage
Brejik                  Taris >> Swoop Race
Sith Governor           Taris >> Sith Base >> Governor's Chambers
Davik Kang/Calo         Taris >> Davik's Estate >> Hangar
Juhani                  Dantooine >> Ancient Grove
Sherruk                 Dantooine >> Grove
Calo Nord (3rd)         Kashyyyk, Manaan, Tatooine, or Korriban (1st Planet)
Darth Bandon            Kashyyyk, Manaan, Tatooine, or Korriban (3rd Planet)
Saul Karath             Leviathan >> Bridge
Darth Malak (1st)       Leviathan >> Hangar
Lorgal                  Republic Embassy - Manaan
Zuulan Sentar           Matale Estate - Dantooine
Vorn Daasrad            Sand People Territory - Tatooine
Ithorak Guldar          Docking Bay - Manaan
Ruulan Prolik           Upper Shadowlands - Kashyyyk
Hulas                   Dune Sea - Tatooine
Master Uthar/Yuthura    Korriban >> VotDL >> Tomb of Naga Sadow
Bastila (1st)           Unknown World >> Temple Summit
Bastila (2nd)           The Star Forge >> Command Center
Malak's 3 Apprentices   The Star Forge >> Command Center
Darth Malak (2nd)       The Star Forge >> Viewing Platform

|28. Frequently Asked Questions|

*No questions have been posted yet.*

If you have a question or strategy
about this game, feel free to e-mail
me (my e-mail address is listed at
the top of this guide).

|28.1. Glitches|

Glitch: Beat any boss

To defeat any boss and take no damage, attack the opponent. When the attack is
done and you have successfully given damage, pause the game, save it, and load
the game you just saved. It will instantly be your turn and you can keep this
up and beat any enemy/boss without letting them attack once.

Glitch: Hidden Ending

This is a glitch that can skip the last boss fight. Before opening the door
where Darth Malak is waiting for you (save at this point), have 2 controllers
plugged in, one you use in the first port, and the other in the fourth port.
Press L & R and Y on BOTH controllers and then open the door and confront Malak.
After you converse with him and are about to begin fighting, you use the Force
to turn Malak into a dancing Twi'lek girl and you will begin dancing with him
and the game will end with the cutscene of the Light Side or Dark Side path
(whatever one you chose). This just skips the final boss fight, and nothing

|29. Special Thanks|

Special Thanks To:

Myself: Writing this guide.
You: For reading this guide.
Bioware: For making KotOR.
Obsidian: For making KotOR 2.
LucasArts: For releasing both games.
GameFAQs: For hosting this guide.
NeoSeeker: For hosting this guide.
SuperCheats: For hosting this guide.
ChapterCheats: For hosting this guide.

I hope you found something useful
from this guide or learned something
new. Feel free to e-mail me your
feedback if you loved this guide,
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written, etc. My e-mail is at
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*Your name will be added to the
Special Thanks section if you asked
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to this guide. You will also be
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|30. End of Guide|

-End of Guide-

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