1. Derek Watts Art Director
  2. Derak Watts Art Director
  3. Ryan Hoyle Assistant Lead Programmer
  4. Ryan Hoyle Assistant Lead Programmer
  5. Julio Torres Assistant Producer
  6. Harrison Deutsch Assistant Voice Editor
  7. Coya Elliot Assistant Voice Editor
  8. David Chan Audio Producer
  9. David Chan Audio Producer
  10. Jennifer Hale Bastila Shan
  11. Jennifer Hale Bastila Shan
  12. John Cygan Canderous Ordo
  13. John Cygan Canderous Ordo
  14. Raphael Sbarge Carth Onasi
  15. Raphael Sbarge Carth Onasi
  16. Justin Lambros Content Coordinator
  17. Jory Prum Cutscene Mixing
  18. Rafael Ferrer Darth Malak
  19. Rafael Ferrer Darth Malak
  20. Ray Muzyka Executive Producer
  21. Greg Zeschuk Executive Producer
  22. Ray Muzyka Executive Producers
  23. Greg Zeschuk Executive Producers
  24. Steve Gilmour Lead Animator
  25. Steve Gilmour Lead Animator
  26. Tony de Waal Lead Cinematic Animator
  27. James Ohlen Lead Designer
  28. Jason Knipe Lead Graphics Programmer
  29. David Falkner Lead Programmer
  30. Julian Kwasneski Lead Sound Designer
  31. Darren Wong Lead Tools Programmer
  32. Darren Wong Lead Tools Programmer
  33. Ed Asner Master Vrook
  34. Ed Asner Master Vrook
  35. Cat Taber Mission Vao
  36. Cat Taber Mission Vao
  37. Ben Burtt Original Star Wars sound effects
  38. Michael Gallo Producer
  39. Casey Judson Producer/Project Director
  40. Marc Audy Programmers
  41. Robert Babiak Programmers
  42. Sophia Chan Programmers
  43. Howard Chung Programmers
  44. Michael Devine Programmers
  45. Dan Fessenden Programmers
  46. Aaryn Flynn Programmers
  47. Janice Thoms Programmers
  48. Cindy Wong Senior Voice Editor
  49. Cam Clarke Sith Diplomat Voice
  50. Darragh O'Farrell VO Director
  51. Charles Dennis Voice Actor: Davik Kang
  52. Phil LaMarr Voice Actor: Gadon Thek
  53. Robin Atkin Downes Voice Actor: Griff Vao, Mekel
  54. Frank Welker Voice Actor: Jorak Uln, Sunry, Gar, Swoop Fan
  55. Cam Clarke Voice Actor: Junior Czerka Scientist
  56. Cam Clarke Voice Actor: Kono Nolan
  57. Cam Clarke Voice Actor: Sith Student
  58. Cam Clarke Voice Actor: Trask Ulgo
  59. Cam Clarke Voice Actor: Trewin
  60. Jennifer Sloan Voice and International Coordinator
  61. Screen Music Studios Voices Recorded At

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