Killing Juhani - Good thing or bad?

  1. On Dantooine you supposedly find Juhani and can add her to your party, unless you kill her.
    Is killing her a bad thing? Does she help later on in the game? What else happens if you kill her?

    User Info: Red_Signal

    Red_Signal - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Warning! Spoiler Alert!

    Killing her is considered an evil act. Plus, her best friend gets upset at you and becomes a Sith. You will have to fight her on Korriban. I don't consider killing her to be a bad thing if you intend to be a dark sider. As A Jedi guardian, Juhani is a tank and there are others who can fill that role. Also, at the temple on the unknown world, if you declare yourself to be a Sith Lord and join with Bastila, both Jolee and Juhani will turn against you. So, by killing Juhani back on Dantooine, you avoid this nuisance later.

    If you are a light sider, redeem the cat lady for light pouints. As a Guardian, she's a useful tank., especially if you're playing as a consular. She's handy to have around. Keep her. Even if you are a guardian, you lose Bastila eventually and having a Jedi ally to replace her is useful.

    So, light side, redeem her. Dark side, kill her

    User Info: whiteking910

    whiteking910 - 11 years ago 3   2

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