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Gem/Time Trial Guide by josher1212

Version: 1.44 | Updated: 12/11/04



(C) 2004 josher_1212@sbcglobal.net


	a. Arctic Antics
	b. Tornado Alley
	c. Bamboozled
	d. Wizards and Lizards
	e. Compactor Reactor
        f. Rumble in the Roks
	a. Jungle Rumble
	b. Sea Shell Shenanigans
	c. Banzai Bonsai
	d. That Sinking Feeling
	e. H2 Oh No
        f. Drain Damage
	a. The Gauntlet
	b. Tsunami
	c. Smokey and the Bandicoot
	d. Eskimo Roll
	e. Fahrenheit Frenzy
        f. Crashes to Ashes
	a. Avalanche
	b. Droid Void
	c. Crashteroids
	d. Coral Canton
	e. Weathering Heights
        f. Atmospheric Pressure
	a. Crash and Burn
	b. Gold Rush
	c. Medieval Madness
	d. Crate Balls of Fire
	e. Cortex Vortex
        f. Crunch Time
	a. Knight Time
	b. Ghost Town
	c. Ice Station Bandicoot
	d. Solar Bowler
	e. Force of Nature
Plain and simple.
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***Note that this guide is intended for the US Gamecube version of the game.

Overview of time trial
For those of you that have read my guide for Crash 3 time trial,
this guide is in exactly the same format. I copied and pasted roughly
half of the guide, me being a lazy FAQ writer :-)

After you get the level's crystal, there will be a floating gold
clock at the start of the level. Grab the clock to start TIME TRIAL.
Obviously, you want the best time. If you go fast enough, you will
recieve a relic. There are 3 kinds of relics:
Most of these are easy. There are a couple of tricky ones, but you should be
able to get at least 15 to 20 of these before you beat Cortex and Crunch,
when you get the running shoes.

Not too hard to get, but will challenge you. There are a few of these you
could get without the shoes, but most of the running levels need them.

These need running shoes, and even then you need near perfection
on many of the levels. These are for experts only!

Many of these require the skill of a master to beat.

These were submitted to me by e-mail, and are often better than mine.

The times are shown in this format:
Relic Kind     Relic Time (interval from some other time)
Strategies for getting it, and comments

Level 1: Arctic Antics

Boxes: 147
Rating: 3/10
Fairly easy level. After all, it's the first one!
Most of the 147 boxes are in plain sight. There are a few tricky ones near
the end, where the bonus level is.
Checkpoints: 1st  -  9/147
             2nd  - 40/147
             3rd  - 61/147
             Bonus- 74/147

Death Route
Rating: 5/10
Reward: Blue Gem


Sapphire       1:15.00
Rating: 2/10
Try not to get hung up on anything. Get all the time boxes,
and you can do this without the shoes. This is a sinch with
them. Don't fret if you miss a box or two...or five.

Gold             45.00 (-30.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 7/10
You really have to haul bandicoot to make this time. Spin and jump as
little as possible except on the ice, where spinning will cut your time.
By the time you first get to the skiers, around 13.45 is a good time.

Platinum         37.00 (-8.00 Gold)
Rating: 8/10
If you struggled with the Gold, this takes a lot of patience. If you
got 40.50 or less on your Gold run, this is something to try. 

My Time          34.08 (-2.92 Platinum)

First, run up to the set of boxes after the first five Wumpa fruits,
then turn around and shoot the clock. You won't be able to see it, so
you'll have to listen for the lock-on "beep", then shoot. Try to get
the feel for how long it takes for the shot to hit the clock, and
spin the boxes at the exact moment when the shot hits the clock.
You should have no more than 0.10 on the clock. You can get it down
to as low as 0.01 of a second! Anyway, just run and spin all the time
boxes. Don't jump or spin unless you have to; otherwise, you lose time.

Once you break the time box in front of the ice, you should have about
6.80 on the clock. Run across the ice. When you get to the point with
the 2-sec. box, the jumping fish, and the TNT box, jump across the gap,
spinning the 2-sec. box without setting off the TNT. You should now be
at the point where the skiers are. About 12.90 would be a good time here.
Dodge the skiers (only spin if a collision is imminent), spin the time
boxes, and enter the tunnel. About 17.80 would be great here. There are
a few gaps you'll need to jump, not to mention some penguins, some TNT,
and a few time boxes. Once you get to the first time box on the other
side of the tunnel, about 27.50 would be great.
Now, this lake section will make or break your time. Here is a diagram
of the lake:
| __  \^\                   | X = Box (Nothing, ignore it)
|\ X\  \ \     _            | 2 = 2-sec. box
| \_/  | |    /2/           | 3 = 3-sec. box.
|      | |   /_/            | U = Spring Box (3-sec box above it)
|      | |     _____        | ^ = Rest of level
|       \ \   /U ___/       |
|       |  |                |
|       |  |       __       |
|        \  \     /2 \      |
|        |  |    /___/      |
|     ___|  |____           |
|  __/           \_____     |
| /                    \    |

First, jump to the first 2-sec. box. Off the 2-sec. box, double-jump and
spin the 3-sec. box. Now jump to the other 2-sec. box, spin it, and move
on. It is very easy to miss the 3-sec. box off the double-jump, and
just as easy to fall into the water. If you dawdle too long here, it
is going to cost you a lot of time. Now, run up until the final ice section.
The last time box is just past the very short tunnel. When you break it,
about 32.10 is great. From here, just run across the ice, toward the
exit. I told you to slide across the ice before; don't do it anymore.
Running across the ice will give you a faster time.


First Ice Patch:      6.83
Ski Section:         12.93
Enter Long Tunnel:   17.78
Exit Long Tunnel:    27.76
Last Time Box:       32.16
Overall Time:        35.53

Level 2: Tornado Alley

Boxes: 15
Rating: 3/10
Just destroy all the balloons. This is a very easy gem.


Sapphire       2:00.00
Rating: 2/10
This is plenty of time. If you can't get this, I don't know what to tell you.

Gold           1:20.00 (-40.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 5/10
This is also very easy. Don't forget there are time boxes in these levels,
unlike in Crash: Warped!
Platinum       1:00.00 (-20.00 Gold)
Rating: 6.5/10
This is the easiest platinum to me. I got it on the first try, believe it or
not! There is no real pattern, just hit time boxes wien you can and take out
the machines quickly. My first attempt was 59.90. No restarts or anything!

My Time          41.18 (-18.82 Platinum)

The pattern I used to get this time was flying into the clock and shooting
the machine directly in front of you (obviously.) From here, turn around
and shoot the one right behind you, then shoot the others in a clockwise
order. Shoot down all the time boxes. Try to hit the box instead of the
balloon, especially the one by the last machine, because you might not
get all of the box's effect. You might not even get any of it at all!

Low Reader Time   39.51 (-20.49 Platinum)
Achieved by: Joe Palmer

Level 3: Bamboozled

Traveller's Tales did a lot better job than Vicarious Visions did with their
GBA Atlasphere levels, although time trial is just as frustrating.

Boxes: 125
Rating: 3/10
There's no time limit, so take your time. Be thorough and this should come
no sweat.
Checkpoints: 1st  - 24/125
             2nd  - 91/125


Sapphire       1:15.00
Rating: 4/10
Get used to the speed of the Atlasphere time trials with this relic. It's the
last easy one you'll get in this level style.

Gold             35.00 (-40.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 7/10
OK, there are a couple of secrets you need to find to get this relic. First
of all, you need to be able to jump off of the half-pipes and onto the lower
sections of the course to save some time. Second, you need to learn to conserve
momentum, even if you need to take a wider turn.

Platinum         25.00 (-10.00 Gold)
Rating: 9/10
This is a very frustrating challenge, and there's a shortcut at the end
that's critical to take. At the point where you would ordinarily make
a U-Turn to get on an elevator near the end of the level, turn the other
direction, towards the screen. There are four Nitros guarding the entrance
I'm talking about. There are tons of time boxes down there, and the route
itself is shorter.

My Time          13.05 (-11.95 Platinum)

This is nearly impossible to get and takes a great deal of luck. Here's
what I did.

The timing you get with the first elevator is going to determine your
time, and there is no way to get it right every time because it has no
guaranteed "start" position every time you restart. The suggested split
times assume you got near-perfect timing. Here goes!

At the top of the first elevator, about 1.00 to 1.20 is what we're looking
for. When you go into the first half-pipe, head up the near half so your
momentum can carry you into the time box on the inside corner of the first
turn. Right after that, it will begin to curve the other way. Completely
ignore the turn. In fact, TURN THE OTHER WAY, and jump off the half-pipe.
The target of your jump is the lower half-pipe. Try to land on top of the
3-sec. time box down there. About 5.80 is great here. Now, follow the
half-pipe, breaking all the boxes until it ends. This next part is a bit
tricky. Here's another diagram for you.
|_____________________      |
|     <-          *X3 |     | X = Box (Nothing, ignore it)
|____________1****   *|     | # = Time box
|            \^^^^^^^^*     | <-= Rest of level
|             \^^^^^^^^*    | V, ^, <, > = Hill
|             \^^^^^^^^*    | * = Suggested path
|              \VVVVVVV*\   |
|               \VVVVVV*V\  |
|                \VVVVV*VV\ |
|               /     *   / |
|              /     *2   | |
|             /  ****     | |
|            /_**_________| |
|           />*><<</        |
|          />*><<</         |

The tricky part is getting all the time boxes, conserving your momentum,
AND not going out of bounds, all at the same time. What I do is slam into
the 2-box while making the turn, then keeping to the right side of the hill,
VERY close to the edge. Once I have made it about halfway down the hill,
I turn about 45 degrees to the left, bouncing off the wall as I hit the
3-box. That way, I don't lose so much momentum. Then I get the 1-box
and continue as before. Anyway, when you get the first box, about 8.80
is good, and the second, 3-box, about 10.30 is good.

Here, the track should turn towards the screen. You will reach a junction.
Go left. Carefully hit the 3-box next to the Nitros. Head down the hill,
breaking a 1-box on the way down. Once you do, slow down, so you won't
go over the edge in the process of breaking the four 3-boxes. Hit
the 1-box on the side of the hill opposite the Nitros. Now, shortly, you
will see another elevator on the right side. Take that up and you find
two 3-boxes and two 1-boxes to break.

At this point, if you have more than the target time, restart. The clock
is frozen for the entire last half of the level after this point. The
only parts that can make or break your race from here are the second jump
and the shortcut.

Right after the jump, there is a hill. If you just go straight at it from
the jump, you will not make it. You will roll back down the hill and lose
a LOT of time. There is, however, another hill a little ways back from
there, sloping down. So what we want to do is after we jump, push the
Control Stick upward, in the opposite direction. That way, we catch the hill
and get enough momentum to make it over the hill without losing too much
speed. Right after this, make sure you stay on the far side, because two
time boxes are over there. Follow the rest of the half-pipe. When you exit,
break all the time boxes and try to stay to the left side. There is a
2-box that's very easy to miss. From here, dodge the Nitros and head
toward the screen. Stay as high as you can on the slope without falling off.
Once you get to the other side, there are two 3-boxes stacked in the
near-left corner. If you don't get them right away, the clock will unfreeze.
I had this happen to me once, and I'd have a new record if I didn't. Still,
I got a very respectable time of 13.56.


Top Elev. 1:    1.05
End Jump 1:     5.80
Begin Hill:     8.80
End Hill:      10.40
Left Junction: 12.81
Overall Time:  13.56

Low Reader Time  12.76 (-12.24 Platinum)
Achieved By: Joe Palmer

Level 4: Wizards and Lizards

Remember Crash 1's BOULDER DASH level? Well, this is much the same. Except
you're being chased by a dragon instead of a boulder.

Boxes: 129
Rating: 3/10
The gem is pretty easy because the dragon breaks the boxes for you. But you
don't get the rewards inside. Unlike in Crash 1, the boxes the dragon breaks...
they count towards being broken for your 129-box quota!
Checkpoints: 1st  - 12/129
             Bonus- 13/129
             2nd  - 45/129
             3rd  - 66/129
             4th  - 81/129

NOTE: On PS2 version of the game, you can hit SELECT when you get the clock and
you get an automatic platinum. There is NOT an equivalent of this on the GCN

Death Route
Rating: 6/10
Reward: Green Gem


Sapphire       1:15.00
Rating: 2/10
This is not hard to get at all. Just don't dawdle over any one time box.

Gold             45.00 (-30.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 5.5/10
This is a gold relic of average difficulty. Make sure you don't miss any of the
boxes during the dragon chase.

Platinum         35.00 (-10.00 Gold)
Rating: 8/10
This is pretty tough. You don't need to shoot the clock, it'll only save you
a half second at most. Do not stop moving. If you need to take out an enemy
wearing a shield, slide into it.

My Time          30.95 (-4.15 Platinum)

For once, DON'T shoot the clock. Just run into it and immediately jump
up and spin the two boxes. You should have only 0.40 on the clock here.
Turn right and spin or dodge the first bat. Slide into all the shield-
bearers and spin all the time boxes. If the second enemy you slide hits
the time box that was the first checkpoint, you should have around 2.60
or so on the clock. Otherwise, add about a half-second. It won't make
much difference whether you spin it or the enemy hits it.

In the dragon chase sections, if you miss a box, restart. These sections
are very simple. The boxes are easy to get. It's just memorizing where
everything is. At the end of the first section, you should have about 9.20
on the clock. At the end of the second, 17.80 is good. At the end of the
third, and last, section, around 26.40 is good to have. From there, just
boogie through the rest of the level, getting all the time boxes. When
you reach a stack of 3 boxes with a 2-box on the bottom and a Nitro on the
top, slide into the 2-box and you won't get hurt. Unfortunately, the clock
will be frozen at the end of this level.


Start 1st dragon:     2.60
Start 2nd dragon:     9.28
Start 3rd dragon:    17.78
End dragon chase:    26.26
Overall Time:        32.43

Level 5: Compactor Reactor

Boxes: 150
Rating: 5/10
The mine cart section will give you fits. Otherwise, it's easy.
Checkpoints: 1st  - 39/150
             Bonus- 53/150
             2nd  - 87/150

Gold Gem Route
Rating: 9/10
You thought the mining cart section on the regular level gave you fits?
Then get a load of this! All you can do here is memorize the pattern and
hope your reflexes are quick enough.


Sapphire      1:45.00
Rating: 3/10
This is not hard. You don't even need to take any of the alternate routes.

Gold          1:05.00 (-40.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 5/10
This is not very hard either. If you have trouble, take the alternate route(s)
and grab the time boxes. They are quite hard, though.

Platinum        58.00 (-8.00 Gold)
Rating: 8/10
This is tough. You should come into the time trial with an Aku or
two in case something gets you in the factory section of the level, because
odds are that it will. 

My Time         44.30 (-13.70 Platinum)
The mine-cart section is the hardest part of the level. Hold Up on the
Control Stick the entire time, and take the alternate routes both times.
They have more time boxes. If you have a perfect run on the mine cart,
you will wind up with a time just over 9.90. From there, you can pretty
much ignore most of the machinery and focus on dodging the plutonium the
scientists throw at you, the TNT and other obstacles, and breaking all
the time boxes. Once the camera changes from a front view to a side view,
about 26.50 is good. Once you get past the first set of lasers on the
conveyor belt, you should shortly see an Aku box and two 3-boxes. Do not
jump on them; instead spin them both from the platform on the right.
It saves a little bit of time.


End-Cart:      10.33
Chg View:      26.38
Overall Time:  44.30

Rating: 4/10
Hit Points: 3
Crunch uses Rok-Ko's power to form an Atlasphere for himself. Don't hit him
or you will take a lot of damage. What you want to do is touch all the small
balls and turn them blue. When they are all blue, he takes damage. After you
beat him, you get the Sneak Shoes. In bonus levels, you can sneak along
suspended Nitro boxes by using the Z button and moving.

Level 6: Jungle Rumble

Boxes: 150
Rating: 2.5/10
This isn't very hard. The last half of the level is much like the chase
in the fourth level. The rhinos break the boxes for you.
Checkpoints: 1st  - 23/150
             2nd  - 47/150
             Bonus- 47/150
             3rd  -107/150


Sapphire       2:00.00
Rating: 1.5/10
Another easy relic. I never got it.

Gold           1:20.00 (-40.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 4.5/10
Go invincible when possible, don't waste time on any one time box, and
run the whole way. This is not hard.

Platinum       1:12.00 (-8.00 Gold)
Rating: 5/10
Guess what? The platinum is EASY! I nearly got it on the first try (missed
it by only 1.40, what a drag!)

My Time        1:05.16 (-6.84 Platinum)

The major checkpoint is the jeep, because the time you have when you get
in the jeep will determine your overall time. The speed of the jeep is
constant, and afterwards, there is no real level left. This level
just takes lots of practice. One thing that will help, however: When you
get the time box on the river, the one right next to the TNT, you will see
some TNT and Nitro guarding some time boxes. Quickly shoot one of the TNTs
or Nitros and all the time boxes back there will break. The following
is not one of my better results.


Jeep:           23.86
Overall Time: 1:08.31

Level 7: Sea Shell Shenanigans

Boxes: 99
Rating: 2/10
Easy gem to get. Take it slow and be thorough.
Checkpoints: 1st  -  8/ 99
             2nd  - 25/ 99
             Sub  - 35/ 99
             3rd  - 50/ 99


Sapphire       1:23.60
Rating: 4/10
This is of moderate difficulty. It shouldn't give you a lot of trouble.

Gold           1:07.91 (-15.69 Sapphire)
Rating: 6/10
This is a bit harder and will probably take a few tries. If you see
any skull-mark bombs, stay low. Go on through; don't wait for them to fall.

Platinum         52.38 (-15.53 Gold)
Rating: 8/10
This is very hard. Do not wait for anything. Keep moving and don't miss very
many time boxes.

My Time          44.95 (-7.43 Platinum)

Try to bring two Akus with you, it will make the level a lot easier.
The secret to this level is memorizing the locations of the time boxes,
especially before you get the submarine, as Crash is very hard to control
underwater. As with the previous level, the submarine is a major checkpoint.
Once you are in the submarine, shoot torpedoes constantly, only using your
depth charges to hit boxes and Nitros on the sea floor.

Low Reader Time  44.46 (-7.92 Platinum)
Achieved By: Joe Palmer

Level 8: Banzai Bonsai

Boxes: 154
Rating: 5/10
This is pretty hard. For one thing, you control Coco, so you can't use any
of Crash's abilities. Furthermore, you can't slide.
Checkpoints: 1st  - 10/154
             2nd  - 28/154
             3rd  - 43/154
             Bonus- 50/154
             4th  - 84/154

Red Gem Path
Rating: 10/10
I think this is the 2nd hardest gem path in the game. It's been pumped full
of nitro and enemies. You do get a double reward at the end: a gem and
the "Super Body Slam", an ability for Crash.


Sapphire       1:30.00
Rating: 5/10
For some reason I find this level very hard to do in time trial. Many players
find it easy, but I don't.

Gold           1:00.00 (-30.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 8/10
This took me forever to get. Explore the level to find out where all the
time boxes are.

Platinum         45.00 (-15.00 Gold)
Rating: 10/10
Very hard, I've played this dozens of times and I keep screwing up my
run somewhere. Oddly enough, it's not always in the same place!

My Time          43.85 (-1.15 Platinum)

Time trial on this level plays really fast. You have to memorize the level
completely. Bringing extra Akus helps a little bit. The first part of the
level consists of rapid jumps off of narrow platforms and time boxes. Most
players will miss the time box hidden in the first large stack of boxes on
the right, which comes about a second and a half into the level. Make
sure to get that. By the time you reach the mini-maze, about 5.50 on the
clock is good. Make your way through the maze, getting the time boxes very
quickly. Once you exit the maze, around 16.70 is good.

After you exit, move a little towards the screen, in case the fish in the
water jump out at you. If you stay to the outside, they will miss you.
From there, try to get the 1-box and 3-box above the Spring box WITHOUT
triggering the appearance of the ninja. When going to the rotating platform,
the fish can cause a problem. Break the 1-boxes here and move on. Once you
reach the 3-box above the steel Spring box, surrounded by Nitro, about 22.70
is great. From there, the path is fairly easy. One final tip. Once you reach
the 2-box on top of the TNT near the end of the level, make sure you have an
Aku left. Go down into the gap where the Nitro and time boxes are. You will
take a hit here from the Nitro, but you'll get the time boxes down there
much faster. Spin the TNT while your invinciblity lasts--there is another
2-box down there.

All in all, this is a simple layout, and very easy to see the strategy
here, but it's one of the hardest levels in the game to get a platinum
on. Here are the places that players tend to screw up:

1) Missing a jump before the maze.
2) Getting hit by a fish just after the maze.
3) Getting hit by one of the men attending the gongs.
4) Missing a jump or getting hit by fire in the last third of the level.


Start Maze:      5.21
End Maze:       17.38
Nitro 3-box:    22.38
Overall Time:   47.85

Level 9: That Sinking Feeling

Boxes: 12
Rating: 1/10
To be honest, I think this is the most fun level in the game.
Shoot all the boxes and conserve the health boxes, using them only when you
need to do so or you're about to win.


Sapphire       3:30.00
Rating: 2/10
To be honest, I think this is WAY too much time.

Gold           2:20.00 (-1:10.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 4/10
I still think this is WAY too much time.

Platinum       1:15.00 (-1:05.00 Gold)
Rating: 7/10
This is more like it. Make sure you hit the time boxes and when you release
your shot, begin charging the next immediately. 

My Time          58.41 (-16.59 Platinum)

Anything under 1:00.00 is very good here. You can get under the platinum time
by a large margin. There isn't a pattern, just begin charging your next shot
immediately after you fire, and be sure to hit the time boxes in the center
of the level. Other than that, practice.

Low Reader Time  54.63 (-20.37 Platinum)

Level 10: H2 Oh No

Boxes: 165
Rating: 4/10
Geez, I hate this level. There's a underwater section that's pretty hard,
and afterward, you emerge in a factory section full of electrified water.
Aku will save you if you have him and you fall in.
Checkpoints: 1st  - 16/165
             2nd  - 38/165
             3rd  - 54/165
             4th  - 74/165
             Bonus- 90/165


Sapphire       1:35.00
Rating: 3.5/10
This level has a lot of places you can screw up, so come with extra Akus.

Gold           1:00.00 (-35.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 7/10
This is not easy at all. The underwater section is very hard, and nine
times out of ten, you will take a hit somewhere.

Platinum         50.00 (-10.00 Gold)
Rating: 9.5/10

My Time          47.36 (-2.64 Platinum)
Took me enough time...


End Submarine:       20.86
2nd Camera Change:   50.20
Overall Time:        53.50 

Rating: 10/10
Arguably the hardest boss in the game. He has 3 attacks:
Low water blast (jump over it)
High water blast (duck under it)
Water Bubbles (don't jump into them, they appear between platforms)

You have to hit him four times. Thing is, you have to start over if
you're hit. No Aku either! Here's his attack pattern:

1st hit: Low Water Blast
2nd hit: Low Water Blast
         High Water Blast
3rd hit: Low Water Blast
         High Water Blast
         Water Bubbles
4th hit: Low Water Blast
         Water Bubbles
         High Water Blast
         Water Bubbles


Level 11: The Gauntlet

Boxes: 146
Rating: 5/10
There are a few tricky boxes here, namely near the end. The death route is
hard as heck, but you get the purple gem at the end.
Checkpoints: Bonus- 45/165
             1st  - 83/165
             2nd  - 92/165


Sapphire       1:30.00
Rating: 3/10
This can be tricky because of all the mechanical junk at the end that screws
you over if you're not careful. At this point, you can afford to take a little
extra time.

Gold             50.00 (-40.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 6.5/10
Quite hard. You can't afford too many errors. Running shoes are necessary.

Platinum         40.00 (-10.00 Gold)
Rating: 8.5/10
The time has dropped down another 10 seconds. You really need to book it now.
Do not get hung up on any obstacles.

My Time          19.48 (-20.56 Platinum)

Mike P. turned in a very good time for this level. Too bad for him I
crushed it! And here's how I did it.

This level isn't too hard once you memorize it. Just run straight through
until you reach the first staircase. About 4.80 is good here. Now,
double-jump the stairs. It should only take you two double-jumps to make
it to the top. Just run through this next section. If the platforms haven't
extended yet, don't worry--just super tornado spin to the lower-right
corner. There are lots of time boxes. Don't bounce around too much on the
two steel Spring boxes, it wastes time. When you get to the large column
of boxes just afterward, spin the two lowest ones, and that will set off
the TNT counter to break the other two. While that's going on, head behind
the TNT and break all the time boxes back there. At the end, jump down
to a time box that was previously a checkpoint. 14.00 is good to have

Dodge all the machinery here. After the two sets of spinning blades, you
will find two 3-boxes on top of a row of Nitros. Quickly shoot the Nitro
and you get the time boxes. From here, super tornado spin the approaching
Aku (you'll make it across the gap) and up the stairs. At the bottom of
the staircase, about 17.20 will suffice. After this, just run and break the
time boxes. At the last section, make sure to break the high-valued time
boxes on top of the higher platform and hope that the crushing device is
in the "up" position. The exit will be just ahead.


Stair 1:        4.53
Checkpoint:    13.56
Stair 2:       16.80
Overall Time:  28.01

This section showed you to get a time of around 28.00. In the future, I
will write a strategy on how to get 22.00. To get my 19.48, I got extremely
lucky, and I will probably never beat this time. With a run like that, I
could do it in double that time and still get platinum.

Low Reader Time  33.70 (-6.30 Platinum)
Achieved By: Mike P.

Level 12: Tsunami

Boxes: 101
Rating Reward Gem: 4/10
Rating Hidden Gem: 10/10
The regular gem is not hard at all because the tsunami destroys any boxes you
miss on that side of the level. The gem on the blue gem route is the hardest
gem in the game. It took me about 50 attempts to get everything right. It's
filled with jumps you can barely make.
Checkpoints: 1st  - 17/101
             Bonus- 21/101
             2nd  - 82/101


Sapphire       1:30.00
Rating: 1/10
Good Lord, this is easy.

Gold             45.00 (-45.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 4/10
They cut the time in half, but this isn't very hard at all. Just book it through
the water section and don't miss too many time boxes.

Platinum         40.00 (-5.00 Gold)
Rating: 6/10
If you got Gold this isn't a lot harder. Just use the same strategy. This one
is fairly easy and I got it on my second try.

My Time          34.76 (-5.24 Platinum)
This is pretty good.

Level 13: Smokey and the Bandicoot

Boxes: 34
Rating Reward Gem: 3.5/10
This is an easy gem. Just take it slow, like the motorcycle levels in Crash 3
and you should get it.


Sapphire       1:20.00
Rating: 2/10
Guess who got platinum on the first try AGAIN?!

Gold           1:10.00 (-10.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 4.5/10

Platinum       1:00.00 (-10.00 Gold)
Rating: 5.5/10

My Time          49.48 (-10.51 Platinum)

Low Reader Time  48.40 (-11.60 Platinum)
Achieved By: Joe Palmer

Level 14: Eskimo Roll

Boxes: 82
Rating: 5/10
There are two tricky boxes. One is a free life on top of a hill about halfway
through, and the other is another life near the end, on the smallest moving
Checkpoints: 1st  - 15/ 82
             2nd  - 43/ 82
             3rd  - 57/ 82


Sapphire       1:25.00
Rating: 4/10
I do NOT like the Atlasphere levels because you can screw up too easily. This
one took me a while.

Gold             45.00 (-30.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 7.5/10
This is pretty tough because you can't dawdle on the moving platforms. The
trick is memorizing the locations of the time boxes.

Platinum         34.00 (-11.00 Gold)
Rating: 9.5/10

My Time          33.31 (-0.69 Platinum)
Finally a platinum relic!

Low Reader Time  28.35 (-5.65 Platinum)
Achieved By: Joe Palmer

Level 15: Fahrenheit Frenzy

Boxes: 147
Rating: 7/10
This is very hard because some of the boxes are right in the middle of Nitros.
Checkpoints: 1st  -  9/147
             2nd  - 21/147
             3rd  - 48/147
             Bonus- 56/147
             4th  -104/147


Sapphire       2:00.00
Rating: 2.5/10
This is not very hard. Take it slow around the beginning with the Crash Copter.

Gold           1:20.00 (-40.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 6/10
Quite a bit of time to make up here. The copter is the toughest part of the

Platinum       1:10.00 (-10.00 Gold)
Rating: 8/10
If you're flawless in the copter, this isn't a lot of trouble. The tricky part
is grabbing the 2 sec. time box just behind one of the green beams. If it hits
you, you die.

My Time          55.30 (-14.70 Platinum)

I went back in and improved a lot. This won't be easy to beat.

Rating: 9/10
This is quite hard. Powered by Py-Ro, Crunch chases after you, throwing magma
balls. Dodge them until you get to the mech. Get in it and turn around. Hit
Crunch with the ice blast (B button) before he makes it all the way back. On the
third trip, watch out for balls that split in two directions. You get the
Super Tornado Spin for winning. It lengthens your Spin and lets you glide over
long gaps by pressing the B button repeatedly.


Level 16: Avalanche

Boxes: 113
Rating 1st Gem: 5/10
Rating 2nd Gem: 8/10

This is a Coco level.
The first gem can be tough, especially near the end. To get the second gem,
you have to pass through all 22 gates. If you do, the gem appears at the end
of the level.
Checkpoints: Bonus- 16/113
             1st  - 17/113
             2nd  - 60/113
             3rd  - 67/113

Rating: 3/10
Sapphire       1:35.00
Fairly easy relic. Hold down the R button the whole time.

Gold           1:05.00 (-30.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 6.5/10
Don't be so lax about missing time boxes now. You need to shave a lot of
seconds this time around.

Platinum         50.33 (-14.67 Gold)
Rating: 9/10
This is pretty hard. You have to floor it the whole time and don't miss any
time boxes.

My Time          49.91 (-0.42 Platinum)

This was my platinum relic time and it wasn't a picnic.

Low Reader Time  49.76 (-0.57 Platinum)
Achieved By: Mike P.

Just a little more hustle...

Level 17: Droid Void

Boxes: 169
Rating 1st gem: 6/10
Rating 2nd Gem: 7/10
This is a pretty tough level because you have to use the mech in the last
two thirds of it. If you have the purple gem, you can take the purple gem
route. It is full of Nitros and hazards.
Checkpoints: 1st  - 10/169
             Bonus- 21/169
             2nd  - 42/169
             3rd  - 75/169
             4th  -110/169


Sapphire       2:00.00
Rating: 5.5/10
This is by far the hardest sapphire in the game. It took me a few tries to
get. On the bars, don't go for the two 2 sec. boxes on the left, you lose time
getting them. On the electic bars, the trick at the end is to jump right before
the bottom becomes electrified. In the mech, don't waste time shooting the
Nitros that you have to.

Gold           1:25.00 (-35.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 9/10
For only a gold relic, this is HARD.

Platinum       1:15.00 (-10.00 Gold)
Rating: 10/10

My Time        1:12.15 (-2.85 Platinum)

Low Reader Time1:13.93 (-1.07 Platinum)
Achieved By: Mike P.

Level 18: Crashteroids

Boxes: 14
Rating: 4/10
"Crashteroids"...another nice pun from the creators of Crash Bandicoot...
Easy, just take out the stations in the process. If you don't shoot one for
an extended period of time, you automatically die and you have to start over.


Sapphire       1:54.36
Rating: 4/10
There's no pattern for shooting these, just shoot as many of the time boxes as
you can and take out the three bases quickly.

Gold           1:22.83 (-31.53 Sapphire)
Rating: 8/10
Hard. But the same idea as before.

Platinum       1:16.65 (-6.18 Gold)
Rating: 9.5/10
Even harder.

My Time        1:09.76 (-6.89 Platinum)
The only way to get this is to take out the three satellites surrounding
each base, then start on another base so you aren't stunned for flying too
close when you go back and shoot down the first base. It doesn't look like
it, but it will save you a bit of time.

Low Reader Time1:01.60 (-15.05 Platinum)
Achieved By: Joe Palmer

Level 19: Coral Canyon

Boxes: 85
Rating: 4.5/10
Take it slow and watch out for the bombs. You'll make it.
Checkpoints: 1st  - 31/ 89
             2nd  - 49/ 89
             3rd  - 67/ 89
             4th  - 72/ 89


Sapphire       1:14.17
Rating: 4/10
This is by far the hardest water level. You've got to memorize this level to the
point where you can write/sketch it all out.

Gold             56.37 (-17.80 Sapphire)
Rating: 7.5/10

Platinum         48.58 (-7.79 Gold)
Rating: 9/10

My Time          53.81 (+5.26 Platinum)

Good Lord this is a hard level...

Level 20: Weathering Heights

Boxes: 140
Rating: 5.5/10
The music for this level is awesome. I love it. The level is fairly hard, but
if you take it slow and have plenty of lives, you should get this. If you're
challenging my times, let me warn you--I'm awesome at this level.
Checkpoints: 1st  - 33/140
             Bonus- 40/140
             2nd  - 96/140


Sapphire       1:37.34
Rating: 2/10
This is a lot of time. You should be able to make this without a problem.

Gold           1:01.65 (-35.69 Sapphire)
Rating: 6.5/10
Now we're getting into the hard stuff. Come into the level with 2 Aku masks
and you'll be able to go invincible often enough to do well. On the monkey
bar section, if there are steel boxes below, fall and run across them, and
jump back up. It saves time. Also, if you missed the timing of a propellor,
try to slide through it. You will succeed often.

Platinum         54.08 (-7.57 Gold)
Rating: 8/10
Just use the same strategy as above.

My Time          29.83 (-24.25 Platinum)
The only way you're going to come even close to this time is by exploiting
the following glitch in the game:

When you are on the bars, normally you move very slowly. Well, take an extra
Aku into this level, and get hit by the enemy on the side-scrolling section
of the bars, and drop down from the bars. You will run along an invisible
floor which is supposed to be where you die. As long as you're flashing,
you can run across this "floor". Your temporary invincibility will last
long enough for you to run across the gap to the solid platform with the
next few time boxes on it! This easily will save you 5 or more seconds!
You can also do the same thing on Droid Void, but you'll run into trouble
trying to get back up to the bars. Save it for the end of the section.


Rating: 10/10
Very tough fight. If you lose, he regenerates all his health. Crunch, powered
by the wind elemental (golly, I forgot her name), shoots a lot of crap at you.
He's got several different attacks. First, he throws an energy ball at you.
It's easy to dodge, just fly to the other corner of the screen. If you do get
hit, you'll lose a little HP, about 6. Second, he shoots a beam out of his
right hand, and it takes off a lot of HP. Just move around the edges of the
screen. His third attack is an electrical barrier that has one escape point.
When he fires this attack, you'll see briefly where the point is. Head for it
and you should be fine. If you get hit, it takes off HP in increments of 5.
Exactly how much HP depends on how long you were in there. His last attack
consists of several energy balls that are very hard to dodge due to great
numbers. They take off 5 HP each. Now, how to beat him? Shoot him where his
shots come from. If he uses his hand to attack, shoot that hand. Any other
attack, he's vulnerable everywhere. You have to hit him over 200 times before
you beat him. This is not as hard as Drain Damage but still hard. When you beat
him, you get the Fruit Bazooka. (Hold down L to bring up the gun, then press B
to fire.)


Level 21: Crash and Burn

Boxes: 138
Rating 1st Gem: 4/10
Rating Red Gem: 9.5/10
Be very careful in this level. If you fall to the lava, you die, even if you
have invincibility. If you can make it to the cavern without dying, you can
take a very hard death route for the red gem. The camera angle makes it tough
to judge your XY, or ground, position when you have to super tornado spin.
This is particularly evident during the part when you have to jump over lava
between tiny platforms. To get the gem at the end, you either must shoot it
(preferred) or execute a perfectly timed super tornado spin.
Checkpoints: 1st  - 23/138
             Bonus- 36/138
             2nd  - 81/138
             3rd  - 94/138
             4th  -101/138


Sapphire       1:45.00
Rating: 3/10
This is plenty of time. Super tornado spin over large gaps of lava, it'll save
you lots of time.

Gold           1:25.00 (-20.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 6/10
This isn't too hard, just don't dawdle in the middle third of the level.

Platinum       1:15.00 (-10.00 Gold)
Rating: 8.5/10
Now it becomes hard. You definitely have to find a way to get across the lava
without losing too much time.

My Time        1:10.66 (-3.84 Platinum)

Level 22: Gold Rush

Boxes: 209
Rating: 7/10
Rating Gold Gem: 9/10
This is very tough to get the gem on due to the sheer number of boxes.
Too many boxes in this level! This level is also super-long. Ignore the
birds, they are invincible to everything except invincibility. If you can
make it about halfway through the level, there is a death route leading to
the gold gem. You're going to run into the same problems here as you did
on the previous death route: awkward camera angle, nitro, and annoying
Checkpoints: 1st  - 21/209
             Bonus- 34/209
             2nd  - 81/209
             3rd  -110/209
             4th  -141/209


Sapphire       2:15.00
Rating: 5/10
The time trial is hard because the level is just plain too LONG!

Gold           1:45.00 (-30.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 8/10

Platinum       1:35.00 (-10.00 Gold)
Rating: 10/10

My Time        1:42.43 (+7.43 Platinum)

Level 23: Medieval Madness

Boxes: 167
Rating: 6/10
Another Atlasphere level. Explore all junctions fully or odds are you'll
miss some boxes. Time trial at the end can be quite frustrating. Memorize the
final third of the level.
Checkpoints: 1st  - 50/167
             2nd  - 76/167
             3rd  - 86/167
             Maze -107/167


Sapphire       1:40.00
Rating: 4/10
As with Bamboozled, explore the level for time boxes before making a
championship run. The path is quite straightforward up until the end.

Gold           1:20.00 (-20.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 6.5/10

Platinum       1:10.00 (-10.00 Gold)
Rating: 8.5/10

My Time          46.03 (-23.97 Platinum)

Level 24: Crate Balls of Fire

Boxes: 110
Rating: 8/10
Very funny title.
This is a very tough level to FINISH, let alone get the gem. After you get the
mech, you're running away from a huge fireball. Book it and get to the end. If
you miss any boxes, the fire will get them for you.
Checkpoints: 1st  - 11/110
             Bonus- 11/110
             2nd  - 71/110
             3rd  - 84/110
             4th  - 99/110


Sapphire       2:20.00
Rating: 2.5/10
This is a lot of time, so it's fairly easy. Just hurry through the fire section
as usual and break the time boxes yourself or they won't count.

Gold           1:50.00 (-30.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 8/10
This one is quite tough. On the side-scrolling mech areas, take your time when
you eliminate the enemies.

Platinum       1:40.00 (-15.00 Gold)
Rating: 10/10
You can't take your time anymore. Just book it through most all sections
and hope you have Akus--you'll need them.

My Time        1:35.91 (-4.09 Platinum)

Level 25: Cortex Vortex

Boxes: 155
Rating 1st Gem: 7/10
Rating 2nd Gem: 9.5/10
This level scares the living daylights out of me. It's quite hard, and supports
another good music theme. The green gem route has a bridge of Nitro boxes, and
you cannot use the Sneak Shoes. You have to shoot the Nitros and execute a
perfectly timed super tornado spin. Only 2 checkpoints and no bonus level!
Checkpoints: 1st  - 17/155
             2nd  - 33/155


Sapphire       1:45.00
Rating: 3/10
A pretty easy relic if you can get through the level.
Don't get hung up in any one place for a long time, though.

Gold           1:05.00 (-40.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 8/10
There are 3 Aku crates stacked on top of one another, so you will go
invincible every time. I will warn you that this takes a lot of practice to get,
so bring some refreshments.

Platinum         58.00 (-7.00 Gold)
Rating: 10/10

My Time          57.96 (-0.04 Platinum)
I finally got platinum here. Even if it was only by two frames...

Rating: 10/10
This is a tough fight. Aku will be preoccupied with Cortex at this point, so
if you get hit, you start the battle over. Here are Crunch's attacks:
1. Earth Elemental: A series of rocks falls on the field. If you run laps
around the outside edge of the room, you won't get hit by *this* attack.
2. Water Elemental: Three ice balls bounce from one side of the room
to the other.
3. Fire Elemental: One at a time, several of the vents become very hot.
4. Wind Elemental: Electric current flows between several pairs of

Here's his attack pattern and what you're supposed to do:
1st hit: Earth, shoot Crunch, spin Cortex.
2nd hit: Water, Earth, shoot Crunch, spin Cortex.
3rd hit: Fire, Earth, Water, Fire, shoot Crunch, spin Cortex.
4th hit: Wind, Earth, Water, Wind, Earth, Fire, Wind, shoot Crunch, spin

Once you beat him, you get the Running Shoes, which let you run faster.
Hold down the R button to use them. This item has time trial written all
over it...

To get here, stand on the platform by the LOAD/SAVE screen after you beat

Level 26: Knight Time

Relics Needed: 5
Boxes: 115
Rating: 7/10
Another Coco level, it's basically a carbon copy of "The Gauntlet" (Level 11).
The second gem is located near the end, on top of one of the hazards in the
level that can crush you.


Sapphire       1:20.00
Rating: 4/10
Only beacuse it's a Coco level is it hard.

Gold           1:05.00 (-15.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 6.5/10
Not too bad, just don't stop running.

Platinum         50.11 (-14.89 Gold)
Rating: 8/10
This isn't what I would call "Hard", but it isn't easy either.

My Time          31.26 (-18.85 Platinum)

You gotta be pretty much flawless to get this.

Low Reader Time  34.76 (-15.35 Platinum)
Achieved By: Mike P.

Level 27: Ghost Town

Relics Needed: 10
Boxes: 65
Rating: 6/10
You have to take the three different routes, one each lap. Take the far right
on the last lap. Do it any other lap and you'll never catch up. To get the 2nd
gem or make your time trial count, you have to win the race.


Sapphire       1:10.00
Rating: 2/10
Just win the race and get a couple of time boxes.

Gold             40.00 (-30.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 4/10
Easy, just get a few more boxes.

Platinum         30.00 (-10.00 Gold)
Rating: 5/10
Guess what?! The Platinum is EASY!

My Time          15.05 (-14.95 Platinum)

To get this, you'll need to break every box on the level.

Level 28: Ice Station Bandicoot

Relics Needed: 15
Boxes: 20
Rating 1st Gem: 5/10
Rating 2nd Gem: 3/10
These are an easy couple of gems. The first isn't very hard if you take your
time, and the second is for winning the race. The time trial rule from the last
level also applies here.


Sapphire       1:08.00
Rating: 2.5/10
This is not hard at all. Just break some boxes and keep moving.

Gold             55.00 (-13.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 4.5/10
This is not hard. Just break more boxes than before.

Platinum         51.23 (-3.77 Gold)
Rating: 6.5/10
I won't repeat myself.

My Time          44.30 (-6.93 Platinum)

Level 29: Solar Bowler

Relics Needed: 20
Boxes: 86
Rating 1st gem: 3.5/10
Rating 2nd gem: 2.5/10
The final Atlasphere level is kind of fun and kind of frustrating at the same
time. Examine the area carefully for the second gem.


Sapphire       1:00.00
Rating: 3.5/10
Time trial here is fun to figure out. Take it easy for this relic.

Gold             40.00 (-20.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 7/10
Memorizing the turns at the start is the key to doing well. This isn't

Platinum         30.00 (-10.00 Gold)
Rating: 9/10
Not too bad for a 9 difficulty. I've only made three runs at it, so I should
be able to do it.

My Time          14.41 (-15.59 Platinum)
NO ONE IS EVER GOING TO BEAT THIS TIME. EVER. When I do this level in-depth,
I will explain how to get a time of around 17.00. I don't know for sure, but
my 14.41 could be very close to, if not, an NTSC record.

Level 30: Force of Nature

Relics Required: 25
Boxes: 111
Rating 1st Gem: 9/10
Rating 2nd Gem: 2.5/10
The second gem is behind Nitros near the end. Take it slow on the first gem,
because there are a lot of boxes and no checkpoints.


Sapphire       1:15.00
Rating: 1.5/10
Just hold B down the entire time and don't miss a lot of boxes. There aren't
any tricks to this level, just lots of practice.

Gold             50.00 (-25.00 Sapphire)
Rating: 8/10

Platinum         43.00 (-7.00 Gold)
Rating: 9.5/10

My Time          39.83 (-3.17 Platinum)

Low Reader Time  41.31 (-1.69 Platinum)
Achieved By: Mike P.


1. Shoot the clock!

Use the bazooka to shoot the clock from ahead, it can save a lot of time.

2. Go invincible if you can!

When you are invincible, you can blaze through a section of the level. 

3. Come in with extra Akus!

If a level gives you trouble, come in with two extra Akus.

4. Go inside!

Cutting corners saves time. Do it when you can.

5. Don't double jump or super spin!

They generally waste your time. Only do it if you need to cross an obstacle
or I tell you to do so. If I do, there's a very good reason!

6. Videotape your runs!

Put an empty tape into your VCR and hit record while you have the game on,
and it might tape your game play! Then when you need to watch your run,
just play the tape, find out where you did wrong, and do it right!

I listed my best times in the Time Trials sections for each level, but for your
convenience I'll list them all here.

Level  1: Arctic Antics              34.08
Level  2: Tornado Alley              41.18
Level  3: Bamboozled                 13.05
Level  4: Wizards & Lizards          30.95
Level  5: Compactor Reactor          44.30

Level  6: Jungle Rumble            1:05.16
Level  7: Sea Shell Shenanigans      44.95
Level  8: Banzai Bonsai              43.85
Level  9: That Sinking Feeling       58.41
Level 10: H2 Oh No                   47.36

Level 11: The Gauntlet               19.48
Level 12: Tsunami                    34.76
Level 13: Smokey and the Bandicoot   49.48
Level 14: Eskimo Roll                33.31
Level 15: Fahrenheit Frenzy          55.30

Level 16: Avalanche                  49.91
Level 17: Droid Void               1:12.15
Level 18: Crashteroids             1:09.76
Level 19: Coral Canyon               53.81
Level 20: Weathering Heights         29.83                   
Level 21: Crash and Burn           1:10.66
Level 22: Gold Rush                1:42.43
Level 23: Medieval Madness           46.03
Level 24: Crate Balls of Fire      1:35.91
Level 25: Cortex Vortex              57.96
Level 26: Knight Time                31.26
Level 27: Ghost Town                 15.05
Level 28: Ice Station Bandicoot      44.30
Level 29: Solar Bowler               14.41
Level 30: Force of Nature            39.83


I have read several other Crash Bandicoot FAQs and these are the best times
I've found. If you have a better time than any of the listed times, e-mail me
with the level name and the time.
An * after the time means that I have a screenshot of that time. 
A ? after the time indicates I need a screenshot, but don't have one.
Only 1 time per level per person is kept. If you send a better time for a level
than the one you have on the Wall of Fame already, it will be replaced by the 
faster time. If two or more individuals have the same exact time on a level and
it qualifies for the Wall of Fame, they will all be recognized.
Please note that on Level 4 (Wizards and Lizards) I will not accept times that
used the time trial trick.
Level  1                  1ST   34.08* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Arctic Antics             2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level  2                  1ST   39.51  Joe Palmer
Tornado Alley             2ND   41.18* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level  3                  1ST   12.76* Joe Palmer
Bamboozled                2ND   13.05* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level  4                  1ST   30.95* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net 
Wizards and Lizards       2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level  5                  1ST   44.30* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Compactor Reactor         2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level  6                  1ST 1:05.16* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Jungle Rumble             2ND 1:08.20  Clyde Sherman III
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level  7                  1ST   44.46  Joe Palmer
Sea Shell Shenanigans     2ND   44.95* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY
Level  8                  1ST   43.85* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Banzai Bonsai             2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level  9                  1ST   54.63  Joe Palmer
That Sinking Feeling      2ND   58.41* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY
Level 10                  1ST   47.36* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
H2 Oh No                  2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 11                  1ST   19.48* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
The Gauntlet              2ND   33.70* Mike P.
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 12                  1ST   34.76* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Tsunami                   2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 13                  1ST   48.40  Joe Palmer
Smokey and the Bandicoot  2ND   49.01* Mike P.
                          3RD   49.48* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY
Level 14                  1ST   28.35  Joe Palmer
Eskimo Roll               2ND   33.31* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 15                  1ST   55.30* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Fahrenheit Frenzy         2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 16                  1ST   49.76* Mike P.
Avalanche                 2ND   49.91* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 17                  1ST 1:12.15* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Droid Void                2ND 1:13.93* Mike P.
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 18                  1ST 1:01.60  Joe Palmer
Crashteroids              2ND 1:09.76* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
                          3RD 1:13.26* Mike P.
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY
Level 19                  1ST   53.81* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Coral Canyon              2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 20                  1ST   29.83* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Weathering Heights        2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 21                  1ST 1:10.66* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Crash and Burn            2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 22                  1ST 1:42.43* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Gold Rush                 2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 23                  1ST   46.03* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Medieval Madness          2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 24                  1ST 1:35.91* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Crate Balls of Fire       2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 25                  1ST   57.96* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Cortex Vortex             2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 26                  1ST   31.26* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Knight TIme               2ND   34.76* Mike P.
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 27                  1ST   15.05* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Ghost Town                2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY 
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 28                  1ST   44.30* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Ice Station Bandicoot     2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY     
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 29                  1ST   14.41* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Solar Bowler              2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY
Level 30                  1ST   39.83* Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net
Force of Nature           2ND   41.31* Mike P.
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level  1                  1ST   EMPTY
Arctic Antics             2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level  2                  1ST   EMPTY
Tornado Alley             2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level  3                  1ST   EMPTY
Bamboozled                2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level  4                  1ST   EMPTY
Wizards and Lizards       2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level  5                  1ST   EMPTY
Compactor Reactor         2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level  6                  1ST   EMPTY
Jungle Rumble             2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level  7                  1ST   EMPTY
Sea Shell Shenanigans     2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY
Level  8                  1ST   EMPTY
Banzai Bonsai             2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level  9                  1ST   EMPTY
That Sinking Feeling      2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY
Level 10                  1ST   EMPTY
H2 Oh No                  2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 11                  1ST   EMPTY
The Gauntlet              2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 12                  1ST   EMPTY
Tsunami                   2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 13                  1ST   EMPTY
Smokey and the Bandicoot  2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY
Level 14                  1ST   EMPTY
Eskimo Roll               2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 15                  1ST   EMPTY
Fahrenheit Frenzy         2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 16                  1ST   EMPTY
Avalanche                 2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 17                  1ST   EMPTY
Droid Void                2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 18                  1ST   EMPTY
Crashteroids              2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY
Level 19                  1ST   EMPTY
Coral Canyon              2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 20                  1ST   EMPTY
Weathering Heights        2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 21                  1ST   EMPTY
Crash and Burn            2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 22                  1ST   EMPTY
Gold Rush                 2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 23                  1ST   EMPTY
Medieval Madness          2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 24                  1ST   EMPTY
Crate Balls of Fire       2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 25                  1ST   EMPTY
Cortex Vortex             2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 26                  1ST   EMPTY
Knight TIme               2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 27                  1ST   EMPTY
Ghost Town                2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY 
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 28                  1ST   EMPTY
Ice Station Bandicoot     2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY     
                          5TH   EMPTY

Level 29                  1ST   EMPTY
Solar Bowler              2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY
                          5TH   EMPTY
Level 30                  1ST   EMPTY
Force of Nature           2ND   EMPTY
                          3RD   EMPTY
                          4TH   EMPTY 
                          5TH   EMPTY

Traveller's Tales - for creating this game

Myself - For writing this document and doing necessary research

Vicarious Visions - For continuing the Crash Bandicoot series

All sites currently hosting this document.

All who have submitted times, including:
Mike P. - 7 times
Joe Palmer - 7 times

You - For reading this.

v1.44 - Added 7 reader times to WOF.
v1.43 - Updated times, plus check out my new times for The Gauntlet,
        Knight Time, and Solar Bowler!
v1.41 - Updated times, plus check out my new time on Weathering Heights!
v1.40 - Detailed strategies added for Warp Room II. New times added.
v1.30 - Detailed strategies added for Warp Room I.
v1.23 - Added 1 reader time to WOF.
v1.22 - Added 6 reader times to WOF.
v1.20 - Updated times. All my relics are Gold or better.
v1.10 - Many corrections made. New times added.
v1.00 - All levels complete. More detailed strategies to be added.


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