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FAQ/Walkthrough by Blue Eyes

Version: 4.0 | Updated: 11/28/03

Return To Castle Wolfenstein
Name: Blue Eyes
Contact: rjarmstrong100@hotmail.com
Version: 1.0
Date: 7/26/03

Version 1.0
 This version is just the beginning of the FAQ, and the usual stages, 
once I get XP I'll combine all the Notepad files together for the 
finished FAQ
Version 2.0
 This is almost the final version...need to add more stages though
1) Index

 a) Single player modes
  1) Campaign
 b) Multi player modes
  2) Co-op Campaign
  3) Multiplayer (online or off)
   a) Objective
   b) Stopwatch
   c) Checkpoint
   d) Elimination
4) Weapons
5) Items
6) The Enemies
7) Campaign Mode
  1) Ras-El-Hadrid
  2) Inner City
  3) Headquarters
  4) Ruins
  5) Ritual Chamber
  6) Buried Alive
  7) Eye Of Anubis
  1) Escape!
  2) Castle Keep
  3) Tram Ride
  1) Village
  2) Catacombs
  3) Crypt
  4) Defiled Church
  5) Tomb
  1) Forest Compound
  2) Rocket Base
  3) Radar Installation
  4) Air Base Assault
  1) Kugelstadt
  2) The Bombed Factory
  3) The Train Yard
  4) Secret Weapons Facility
 f) The X-Labs 
  1) Ice Station Norway
  2) X-Labs
  3) Super Soldier Chambers
 g) Return Engagement
  1) Bramburg Dam
  2) Baderbron Village
  3) Chateau Schufstaffed
  4) Unhallowed Ground
 h) Operation Resurrection
  1) The Dig
  2) Return To Castle Wolfenstein
  3) Heinrich I
8) Cheats, Codes, and Secrets.

2) Controls

These are the basic (DEFAULT) controls. 

Left Thumbstick  
- Up = Move Forward
- Down = Move Backwards
- Left = Strafe Left
- Right = Strafe Right
- Press Down = Crouch
Right Thumbstick
- Up = Look Up
- Down = Look Down
- Left = Move Left
- Right = Move Right
- Press Down = Pick Up Items, Open Doors
Left Shoulder Trigger = Jump
Right Shoulder Trigger = Fire
Directional Pad = Use Items
White Button = Read Notebook
Black Button = Kick (open doors, break stuff)
SELECT (Back) = Nothing
Start = Pauses Game
A = Scroll Through Weapons
B = Scroll Through Weapons
X = Reload Weapon
Y = Use Binoculars

3) Modes

 A) Single Player Modes
     In campaign mode, you are B.J. Blazkowicz, a captain in the army.  
     Your job is to discover the Nazi's plans, and make sure they fail. 
     During campaign mode, you will go through the desert, castle 
     Wolfenstein many times, forests, secret bases... But before you can 
     start any of that you will need to know what you need in order to 
     the game.
     -Creating a Profile
     Once you start playing the game will ask you to make a profile 
     before you can fight. To create one, all you need to do is type 
     in a name, and then "DONE". 
     -Choosing a difficulty
     Before you play, you need to choose the difficulty of the game. 
     They range from "Daddy, can I play?" (the easiest mode) to 
     "I'm a Death Incarnate" (the hardest one). After choosing the 
     difficulty, you start the game.
 B) Multiplayer Modes
     Co-op campaign mode is exactly the same as regular Campaign mode, 
     with the exception that you will have 2 people fighting on your 
     yourself and a friend, and the screen will e split horizontally. 
The top-
     half is for player 1, and the bottom half is for player 2.
   3) Multi-Player (Online or Off) 
     a) Objective
       In this mode, you will face off against other people, in a race 
       do specific tasks, that are assigned randomly.
     b) Stopwatch 
       Same thing as objective, but after every point, the teams 
       switch and they have to beat each other's times.
     c) Checkpoint
       Each team tries to capture all the flags at one time in this 
       mode, if neither team catches all the flags, then the team with 
       the most flags wins (once the time runs out).
     d) Elimination
       This is the classic multiplayer mode. Two teams fight against 
       each other, once someone dies, they cannot come back. Once 
       there is no one left on one team, that team is the winner.

4) Weapons

NOTE-Some weapons, like the Telsa, can and will overheat if fired 
Knife-This is your basic knife, it is used for stabbing. This weapon is 
short range   
Luger-This is the German's standard weapon, most of the guards in the 
 CURSED SANDS stages will be carrying these.They are very lethal at 
 range, from a distance they aren't that great of a gun.
Colt-This is your (Allies) standard gun. You will have this gun from 
the start of the 
 game. This gun is also deadly at close range, but horrible at a 
distance. It fires and 
 reloads much faster then the Luger does.
MP-40-The first semi-automatic gun you will encounter in this game. A 
very strong gun 
 that can dispatch many enemies with ease suggested for many of the 
Thompson Miai-This gun is similar to the MP-40, in strength this gun 
excels, yet you 
 will have a smaller clip then the MP-40.
Silenced Sten-It is the strongest semi-automatic gun you will 
encounter. The only 
 downfall with using this gun is that it heats up rather fast, making 
 useful for big fights, but renders it near-useless afterwards (until 
it cools 
Shotgun - A gun that fires off multiple shots at the same time. In 
close-range combat, one 
 shot will kill some enemies, others will require one or more shots. 
The shotgun 
 slowly gets worse as distance increases, due to all the bullets 
 Overall this gun is good for close range and medium range.
Mauser - A very strong rifle, is more accurate at farther distances 
then the MP-40, 
 Luger The only downfall with this gun is that it has no scope (like a 
 and has a limited clip of only 10 bullets.
Sniper Rifle - This gun is the same as the Mauser, with the exception 
that the Sniper 
 Rifle has a scope.
M15 Snooper - This gun is similar to the sniper, but this one has some 
 improvements. It has a better scope. Night vision, for foggy stages, 
 it comes with a silencer.
FG42 - This gun is a combination of the M15's sniping abilities and the 
Grenades - Grenades are very useful in non-covert missions. You can 
hold them back by 
 holding the R button, and with the right timing, you can blow large 
groups of
 enemies to smitherines without much effort at all.
Dynamite - Good for clearing out large areas, the only difference 
between this and the 
 grenades are that you put these down and set a timer instead of 
Panzerfaust - Very rare weapon. It is among the most powerful in the 
game, but due to 
 that, during the course of the game, you will barely encounter these. 
 suggest only using them to defeat X-Creatures.
Venom - This is one of the fastest shooting and strongest guns in the 
game, and will be 
 seen a lot. The only problem is that you cannot use it for long 
 battles, because it will heat up quickly.
Flamethrower - You can guess what this does, it shoots flames instead 
of bullets. This 
 weapon is great against the un-dead.
Telsa - A great weapon for taking out hordes of creatures with ease, 
but be aware, this 
 gun does NOT affect the X-creatures, so find something better to use 
against them.

5) Items

HEALTH-This comes in a variety of types, First Aid Kits, Hot Meals, and 
Cold Meals. 
 As the name implies, this restores your health.
AMMO-Ammo only gives you more bullets in the game, you will find them 
on the 
 floor in all stages.
BINOCULARS-These binoculars are great to use for seeing enemies at a 
1968 LAQUOR-This is a vintage wine bottle, use it to restore you 
BOOKS-Books are used in the game to learn about the Nazi's plans.
HOLY CROSS-Has the power to destroy the un-dead around you.
EMP DEVICE-This device paralyzes all X-creatures around you, but only 
for a moment or two.
X-SHEILD-Temporary immortality from attacks.

6) Enemies

INFANTRY-These are the most common enemies you will face in this game, 
normally carry around stuff like the Luger's and MP-40's in the 
of the game, but later on the start to carry shotguns, sniper rifles
OFFICERS-These guys are exactly the same as the infantry, except they 
sound the 
alarms, and tell people to fight for them.
PARATROOPERS-These guys will drop down from the skies carrying the 
Usually found in masses, these soldiers are easy to take out, but 
can be very hazardous in large groups.
SCIENTISTS-These men are the scientists at castle Wolfenstein, their 
main goal is to 
 complete whatever they are working on, they do not really notice that 
 you are there until it is too late for them, but if they do notice 
you, don't 
 worry, they care too much about their work, so at worst they will take 
 their Luger and try to fire, but their accuracy is worst out of all 
SNIPERS-These guys are yet again, like the infantry, but they 
specialize in sniping 
 from a distance. Usually, it will take you a few moments to find out 
 they are, just remember that they are usually in secluded areas that 
are small, 
 and hard to see.
FLAMETHROWER-These guys are more annoying then anything else, they 
attack you 
 with a flamethrower, and if you get hit by the flames, you will be 
 blinded and lose health and armor rapidly!
VENOM GUNNER-These guys are some of the most annoying human enemies you 
 will see. They are equipped with a venom, which will, up close 
 (unless you've got something made of titanium or something) kill 
 you almost instantly. Fight these guys from a distance, because the 
 venom guns have low accuracy rates from a distance.
ELITE GUARD-These highly trained soldier of Helga von Bulow are the 
best, they will 
 dodge almost everything you throw at them, and give you at least 
 twice as much. While hard to beat seperatly, they are almost 
 impossible to beat in groups.
ZOMBIES-In this game, zombies are real. They are highly succeptible to 
fire from the 
 flamethrowers. Bullets will defeat the basic, non-sheild carrying 
ones, but 
 the ones with shields will send those bullets right back at you. You 
will not 
 have the flamethrower for the first 2 zombie encounters.
LOPER-These are a certain, abomination created by the Nazi's. They are 
only found in 
 the later stages, but are very hard to take down, even with a Venom. 
The Telza 
 gun does not work on this creature. It shoots electrical pulses out of 
 spinning disc that is located by the hips of the beast. Have a large 
 between you and it if you want to survive these encounters intact.
PROTO-SOLDIER-These guys are like the venom gunners, except it takes a 
lot more too 
 take them down, and they can carry a panzerfaust. Also, the Telza will 
not work 
 against this creature also.

7) Campaign Mode



First things first, make sure you know all the buttons and their 
arrangement. For bonus 
points, once you start make sure the dagger is equipped. Crouch and 
slowly walk outside, 
turn right and go up the stairs to your right (the stairs on the left 
lead to a door that
 cannot be opened). You will see a guard right there. Sneak up behind 
him and once the 
dagger icon appears stab him, and you will receive bonus points. If you 
do not want the 
points, just take out your Luger, walk close to him, and fire. Now go 
down the alleyway 
and be aware, there should be one infantry walking along the next 
alleyway to the left. 
Turn to the left and take out the guard there. Continue down this path, 
and you will see 
a staircase to your left at the end of the alley. Turn the corner 
quickly, look for the 
location of the guard there (usually behind the little stand set up 
there) and go back 
behind the wall. Turn to the staircase, with your Luger out, and shoot 
him. Afterwards 
pick up his gun (always pick up an opponents weapon, unless you cannot 
carry any more ammo 
for that gun) and go slowly up the next staircase. Begin to crouch, 
because there is a 
guard walking around by the boxes to the left. Take him out, and wait 
for a guy to come 
out of the little house to your right. Shoot him and go inside. Take 
whatever you may need
at this point and go to the door. 
Go out and to the right. Shortly afterwards Make a right. You should 
now be outside and 
to the left side of the building you just left. You will see a flag, do 
not bother with 
it, after the flag you should see a little area with a wooden pattern 
to it, break the 
wall there to find the secret area, and get a helmet.
Now go forward until you reach the end, then make a right. Go down and 
you will see a 
doorway to your left. Go inside and forward. Through the little opening 
you will see a 
infantry walking around, he will notice you and run. Now go to the door 
on the right side 
of the room. Go in it, if it is locked, just go back to the opening.  
Jump onto the ledge 
right in front of it. Crouch and walk through it. Once through the 
window, just make a right
 go through that corridor and shoot the guy (if you haven't already). 
If you had to go 
through the door. Just shoot the guy on the way through the hallway.


Congratulations! You made it to the second level! Now putting the 
obvious stuff aside, lets get down to the strategy. First, go to the 
area on your right. Go down the stairs and shoot the soldier at the end 
of the hall. In front of you, there will be a gate, it won't be open 
until later in the stage, so it is not necessary right now. Then, go to 
the door on your left, and once inside make a left, later you will go 
the other way. Once you've made the left, you then go make two rights, 
and go through the door on your right. Ignore the metal gate to your 
left, it also won't be open until the end of the strafe. Go inside the 
room, and make a left, go around the rooms, they are arranged in a 
circle, so it doesn't matter which way you go. In each room there is 
one soldier, and either a helmet, or a meal. Go back out, and this time 
turn left and go down, make another left, and go straight forward, and 
make another left.
Go forward, and behind some crates is a grating. Destroy the grating 
and go behind the crates to find a helmet and the secret area.
Now leave the secret area, and go through the door to your left. Shoot 
the guard that is at 
the radio before he notices you. Then, go forward and press the action 
button next to the radio. Go through the door past the staircase, and 
shoot the soldier there. Now, jump over the railing, and go to the 
closed gate. Shoot the soldier, and continue. Now you're at the 
courtyard. Once inside, there are 7 soldiers. One to your immediate 
left, one to your immediate right, one in front of you in the cabana, 
three to your right, on the platform, 
and one in front of you, sniping from a window. Dispatch them all and 
go to the platform the three were on. Once up the stairs, make a right, 
and shoot the guard in the room. Now go into the ammo supply room. In 
the middle of the room there are two soldiers hiding. Shoot them.
In the back left corner of the room, the wooden crate is destroyable. 
Destroy it to find some gold bars.
Now, go out of the room and make a right. Go down the hall, and there 
will be another gate that is locked. To your left, there is a door. 
Take it. Go forward and up the staircase. Shoot the guard that is above 
the stairs. And go through the door. From here, just turn right, and 
shoot the two soldiers here. Then go down the hall and go through the 
door on your right. Now go to the room on your left, and go down the 
ladder. Go forward, and take out the two guards talking in the next 
room, to your left. Once that is done, the door to the courtyard will 
be open, and there will be 4 people in black robes and 4 in red trying 
to kill you. Take out the ones in red, they have better weapons. Go 
back into the other room, and there is a bookcase there and will have 
the lock symbol. 
Go to the right of the bookcase, and push in the book. The bookcase 
will open up, and take the Liquor and the Helmet.
Now go through the hallway, and go up the stairs. Then make a right and 
kill the guard there. Go forward and make the next right. And there is 
the exit.


Start off by going to your right. Then follow the twisted hall until 
you reach a door to your right. Go into it and shoot the soldier. 
In the room, look to your right to find a set of two barrels. In 
between them, there is a crate, destroy the crate, and destroy the 
cabinet behind the crate. And take the Liquor
Now go back to the twisted hallway, and go forward. Once outside the 
hall wait, go to the area to your right. Take out the soldier that is 
there. Go forward and through the next room. Once inside, go through 
the room in front of you, and shoot the guy. Now go through the little 
window and out the door in front of you. Go forward, and down the 
stairs to your right. Go down them and go through the door to your 
right. Shoot the soldier and speak to your partner in the Speaker. Now 
you will receive help 
in the next section. Now go back up the stairs, and go through the door 
in front of you. Shoot the two soldiers to you left hiding behind the 
truck, the two soldiers hiding behind the other truck to your right, 
and the three coming out from the door above the stairs.
Ok, now go to the well, and break it open. Now that it's open. Jump 
inside and take the gold.
Go up the stairs and through the door. Now just go up the staircase in 
front of you, and keep following the hall and there is the exit.


Go forward, and hide behind a truck. Slowly go up to the trailers, and 
snipe at the guys through the window. Go to the next trailer and shoot 
the guys in there. Take what you need from any truck, trailer or dead 
soldier. Then go to the back right of this area, and follow the path Go 
to the room on your left.
Kill the soldier that is in front of you. Blow up the barrel, to open 
up a hole in the ground, leading to the secret area. Jump down into the 
pit, and take what you want.
Now head back up to the roof, and go through the door. Go up the stairs 
and shoot the three soldiers waiting for you. Go into the room to your 
right, go up the hill, and break the wall to your right. Go forward to 
be outside again, and finish the level.


Start, and go forward and into the room to your left. Once there, there 
will be a soldier in front of you and to the left, and three soldiers 
in front of you and to the right. Take them out, and near where the 
lone soldier was, there is a scaffolding.
Go up the ladder, and look into the box. Now take the bar of gold that 
is inside.
Ok, now go into the dark corridor by the three soldiers. Now go into 
there and go through. Once out of the corridor, there will be another 
soldier to your right in the back of the room. Shoot him and go through 
the corridor he was guarding. Now go into the little building and jump 
down the chute. Now go up the winding staircases, and into a big room. 
Just go through the room. Nothing is in this area except empty rooms. 
Now after you finish going through the four rooms, there will be a huge 
room with two soldiers to your left, one in front of you, two to your 
right, one hiding in a window above you, and two hiding in the 
corridors behind the stairs, and one hiding in each room across the 
room. Take out the guys one at a time, mainly just hiding behind 
pillars. But if you want to be cheap, just make a run for the exit, 
which is the old elevator in the middle of the room, but you'll miss 
out on two secret areas. 
In the semi-circled corridor behind the altar (stairs) there is a huge 
dark-brown tablet, break it and hit the switch behind it, and take the 
In the room on the other side of the huge room, there is (or was for 
that matter) a soldier waiting there for you, shoot him, and go over 
and take the ladder up. Now hit the switch and take the treasure in the 
Now go into the next room and go take the old-fashioned elevator to 
leave the stage.


This is a long stage. First, go to your left and shoot the soldier that 
is on the level below, then jump down and shoot the soldier hiding 
under the platform. Then, go into the back room, and take what supplies 
you need. Now go up to the locked door, and hit the switch. Now go into 
this room, and take out the zombie in the room in front of you, and the 
one that will break out of the wall to your right. Now go down the 
hall, and into the next room. There is another soldier here, take him 
out, and go into the next room. STOP! Just 
as a safety precaution, it is not safe to run around staircases! Spikes 
will fall down on you, so wait for them to fall down, and then just run 
up the stairs. Now go into the next room, and shoot the two soldiers 
and zombies. 
In this room, there are two panels to hit in order to get the secret 
treasure, one on each wall. 
Now go into the next room and shoot the two zombies and one soldier. 
Now go up the staircase and continue into the next room. Go into the 
next room and shoot the three zombies and the two soldiers. Now go into 
the hallway, and go into the next room. Shoot the soldier, and go into 
the next room. Now in this room, only go to the room in front of you, 
all other doors lead to the beginning of the stage. Now, just go 
forward and go 
close enough to activate the spike trap, then jump on the spikes and 
run. Shoot the two zombies that are awaiting you, and go forward an hit 
the switch. Jump down and go through the gate that is opening. Now go 
into the room, and start the melee. Start shooting all the zombies, and 
in the little hut, two rows down and to the left, you can break the 
door open for the second secret area! Now go into the room next to it, 
jump down the pit. Follow the hallway, and you will be at the end of 
the stage.


Run forward and shoot the zombie to your left. Then go into the next 
room and shoot the zombie and the soldier. Go into the room to your 
In this room there is a switch, hit the switch, to open a section of 
the wall that has the secret treasure inside.
Ok here's where things get complicated, in the room you didn't go into, 
there is a switch, hit it and go into  the bottom of the room (the hole 
that just opened up) and go through it, at the end there is a switch, 
hit it, and go back up, go into the room that just opened up, and hit 
another switch, now the gate should be open. Go past the now open gate, 
and go down the hallway.
In this room, to get the treasure you need to hit four switches quickly 
in this order. Dog-Man-Jackal-Bird, and take the good you've been 
waiting for!
 Go to the next room and shoot the two soldiers there. Now go into the 
room to your left and go onto the catwalk. Go through and shoot the 
zombies. Now hit the switch and go into the new room. Now go and shoot 
the two elite soldiers and hit the switch to open up a staircase. Go 
down the staircase and shoot the elite guard. Go down the rest of the 
hall, and now you've finished the stage.



Look on the ground and you will see a dead guard, pick up his Luger and 
head out of the cell. Go into the hallway and up the staircase, you 
will notice a metal gate in front of you, and a little opening in the 
wall to the right. Look through the opening and shoot the scientist in 
the head. Go back to the gate and open it. Go through this room, don't 
give any special heed to your now dead comrade on the table, there is 
nothing in this room that 
you will need. Go through the next gate. Go to the left and down the 
hall. You will see a staircase. Go up onto the top, and be quite. 
Slowly go up and take out the guard there. Then continue and go to the 
left. Take out the guard there, and take any ammo and health you need. 
Continue down the hall to meet a third guard, take him out quickly. 
Read any notices along the way if you want. Go up the staircase in this 
room, don't worry about 
anything important being here because there's nothing. Once past the 
door at the top of the staircase, you will meet yet another guard. Kill 
him too, and go down the hallway. Once at the spiral staircase, go down 
to the bottom of it.
At the bottom of the staircase, there will be some wood labeled 
"AMMUNITION" on the wall, kick them to reveal a secret area. Inside you 
will find 2 clips of ammunition.
Go back up the staircase. Behind the first door to your left, is a 
guard wanting some action. Go in turn right and shoot him, another Nazi 
will come running to his aid, and yet again, dispatch him. Go down to 
where the first man was. Go through the door there and take what you 
In-between bunk beds 2 and 3 are some breakable bricks. Break them open 
and take the loot.
After that, just leave the area and go up to the spiral staircase 
again. (You will not need to return here, there is nothing more in this 
courtyard in this mission). Go up to the door with the blinking red 
light above it. Take out the guys there and grab the binoculars off the 
Next to the alarm switch in this room, is a big painting. Destroy it to 
find treasure harvested behind it.
Go out of this room, and up the spiral staircase. Go into the door at 
the top, and shoot the sniper. Leave this room and go back to the room 
with the blinking light above the door. Once in the room, go to the 
window and jump through it. Go up the staircase in front of you, and 
shoot the sniper to your left. Go to your right and down the path. To 
your left is a door. Open it and fire upon anyone who is there. A few 
seconds after, a guy will charge in the door shooting. Kill him take 
whatever you need (especially the grenades). Go to the newly open-ended 
hole in the floor, and drop a grenade in to kill them. Then go down. Go 
to the archway across from the door. 
Destroy the archway to reveal the hidden room
Go back out of the secret room, and go through the door opposite from 
it.  Kill everyone on your way down. Then go to the room at the end of 
the hall to your right.
Inside this room, is a candlestick next to a door. Press the 
candlestick and it will open a secret area next to the fireplace.
Go back into the hall and go into a room on the other side of the 
hallway. Kill everyone in there.
In this room, slash the picture of Hitler to reveal a secret area.
Go through the door near the fireplace. Go down the hall.
There is a carving to your left on the wall press It to reveal an alter 
that has some treasure on it.
Finish going down the hallway, and go through the door on the left. 
Pick up what you need, and go through the other door.


Go through the door and kill the person near the table. Too much noise 
will get the attention of other guards downstairs, so be quite.
Go to the painting of a soldier, and open it up. Behind it is a switch. 
Press it and there will be a secret area that opened up behind the flag 
above the fireplace. Jump onto the table, then onto the fireplace and 
destroy the flag, and take the treasure.
Go to the stairs go down, and make a left. Enter the ammunition room, 
and take what you need. Leave this room and go down the hall opposite 
the stairs. Shoot the guy up on the overpass, and everyone else, for 
that matter. At the end of this hallway is a spiral staircase take that 
and go up the stairs. Go into the courtyard and open-fire on anyone who 
stands in your way. There is a sniper on the roof somewhere so be 
careful. Run down a staircase with another flashing light over the 
door. Go inside, shoot everybody in here that you missed when going 
under the bridge. Go to your left and continue, then go into a room on 
your left. Kill anyone that is there and take anything you need. Now, 
go back out and go up the staircase across from you. Go into the room 
and shoot everyone that is in there. Go inside the room and hit the 
switch there, and take any ammo that is needed. Exit this room and head 
towards the courtyard. Find a set of stairs there and 
climb them, shoot the guy at the end of the walkway, and enter the 
door. Head down the stairs near you and go into the wine cellar. Inside 
there will be a few guards, take them out.
Inside the wine cellar, look for the two big barrels. Go in-between 
them and break the bricks on the floor. This will open up the secret 
Exit this room and continue onward. Kill all the soldiers in the room, 
charge down the stairs and go down the hallway. At the end of the 
hallway there is another door with a red light above it. Go in it, take 
what you need. Then go to the room across the hall. Search for a MP-40 
and some health if you need it.
Behind a board, are some worn bricks, continue kicking them until they 
give way, to find another secret area.
Go out the door and go down this room. Yet again another door with a 
red light. Go into this room.
Shoot the oil drum to blow up a hole in the wall, take the riches from 
the room, and leave in peace
Pull a lever to open the door. Go through the area grabbing what you 
need. Turn left, follow the hall, leading up to a set of stairs. Pull 
the switch, to open a gate to go through. Follow the hall up the 
stairs, leading to the higher portion of a room you were already in. 
Shoot any soldiers that are nearby, and go through a door on your left. 
Shoot the guy at the mounted gun. Use it, and start unleashing all heck 
upon those who are on the bridge. Make sure that you also shoot all the 
bricks there, because some snipers like to hide behind there. Go 
downstairs and take anything you need from the two supply rooms in 
the area. Then go back to the courtyard, killing anyone in your way. 
Once in the courtyard there will be some people trying to kill you, 
respond to them by doing likewise. Then once you're done, go over to 
the newly opened door. There, you will see that this is the bridge you 
just cleared out a few moments ago. Go through a door to your left, and 
down the stairs.


Go down the hall and stairs to get to a double door. Open it and shoot 
the guy in front of you. Then duck and cover, because about 3 or 4 more 
men will come out at you from the left and right. Dispatch them, and 
take their weapons. Then turn off the alarm by the door you came 
through. Next, go to the door on the left side of the room, and enter 
it. Go through here to find a bunch of people that want to kill you. 
Just kill them off, and hit a switch on the bog machinery, and take 
anything that you need. Now that the power is back on, you can ride the 
tram! Go down to the first room you encountered soldiers, 
and go to the right side of the room this time. There, you will find 
the tram. But first go into the little cabin on the right, and take the 
cold meal if you need it. Then go onto the Tram and hit the switch. Rid 
the tram to the end of the line, and shoot the two guards there. First 
go to the left side and into the hut. Take what you need and then 
leave. Then go to the right side, and climb up the ladder. Once at the 
top, go over to the other ladder, and go down. Hit the switch on the 
machine. Then go back to the tram. Once inside, 
hit the switch again to go to the next area. Shoot everybody there. Go 
inside the room there, and then open the gate. Go down and shoot the 
soldier. After he is dead look for a switch on the right side of the 
machines. After hitting it, a ladder will fall. Go back up to the metal 
grated door, and walk out, turn left and continue, go up the ladder, 
and jump onto the top of the metal grated area. On the left against the 
wall you will see a vent. Kick it open to open it. Crawl through it and 
land in the room. Dispatch everyone there, and open the metal gate to 
your left. Shoot everyone in there. To your right after every soldier 
in the area is dead. Then you will meet a man named Kessler.


Grab the binoculars off the Table, along with health if needed. Follow 
Kessler downstairs and wait for him to finish talking, afterwards, go 
through the newly opened area behind his bookcase. Go up the stairs and 
shoot the guards up there. Do not shoot the civilian, or the mission 
will be failed. Go to the door, and leave the room, and shoot them all, 
there are a lot of them, so keep it coming. Once outside make a right 
enter the door, and go up the stairs. Make a left at the blood on the 
wall, go down the hall, end go to the room at the end of the hall. Kill 
the gunner, and look for the men running out of a little dome-ceiling 
doorway. Shoot all of them into oblivion and unman the gun. Jump down 
and go to your right. Then make a left, Shoot a guy on a watchtower and 
then shoot anybody else who might have heard the gunshots. Afterwards, 
a man tells you to come inside, he says to take a weapon that was 
dropped off for you, a Sten. Silenced enough for a nice covert 
operation like this one. This is one of the guns that overheats though, 
so be careful. Leave through the back exit to avoid anything happening 
to him. make a left, and go onto the bridge. Climb a ladder and head 
through the tunnel. Go to the left, and continue. Kill the two guys 
lurking around the next bend, go into the building.
Once inside the building, take your time, and find a bookcase. Push a 
book in to find the secret area. Go down into the cavern and take the 
Go back to the last gate you went through, go into the courtyard. If 
you get shot, do not worry, that is just a sniper. I personally have 
never found where he is, but if you don't want to run like heck, then 
take your time and find him. Continue down a walkway, until you reach 
another courtyard. Climb the drainpipe, enter the windows and go into 
the hall. 
Go into the door to your left, go through the window, continue onwards, 
and you will be back at the fork in the road from the courtyard take 
the path on the right. Shoot the 2 guys down the path, go into the door 
that is under an arch. Continue down the path, and kill everyone on the 
floor. Go onto the next floor, and go out the back door. Go to the 
cemetery, take out all soldiers, head to the far end of the cemetery, 
to an area with destroyable bricks, break them to find the exit.

2) Catacombs

Go down the hall, be careful of the falling rocks! Once at the end, 
look down at the hole in the ground and find Nazi's and Undead 
attacking each other. Shoot them down. Then go down and take care of 
everything left living. Go into the next room, and take out the zombies 
there. Go down the hall shoot the wall opposite the spiked pit. The 
wall will be destroyed, so jump across the chasm. Hit the switch to 
your left, and go back across the pit. Hit a new switch and jump down 
the chasm yes, it's ok, the spikes are gone now. Go through the hall, 
hit the switch in the next big room you go into. Go through the newly 
opened door, and go up the stairs. Go through the gate and onto the 
bridge, where it collapses and leaves you stranded. Go through a hole 
in the wall created by one of the undead, go into the room, and 
eliminate the guys talking. Go to the left of the table, and destroy 
the seals, to finish your first objective. Go up the debris into an 
empty room. Go up a staircase, after you're at the top, go up the next 
set of stairs and kill anyone in the way. 
Look against one of the walls for a brick sticking out. Turn back, run 
go out a door and end up back on the bridge. Go left and there is a 
room at the end of the hall. Go in it before the door closes and take 
the loot. Remember the symbols on the wall, exit this room, and go back 
to where you were before this secret area was mentioned.
Go back down to the bridge and go to the right this time, go up either 
side of the stairs, and kill everybody in the next room. Afterwards, a 
zombie on fire comes out of the pits and attacks you! Take any 
automatic weapon and shoot the living daylights out of it afterwards, 
another zombie jumps out, shoot it, and hit the switch that is located 
where he came out. Leave through the door. And you're done.

3) Crypt

Once you start, there will be fighting above you, you can either ignore 
them, or shoot the to death either way is fine by me. Go through the 
door, and turn the corner. Travel up the stairs and shoot everybody in 
this room. Go through to the next room and do the same, unless you took 
them out when going under the bridge.  Go past it and go through the 
burial chamber. Hit the switch, 
Look at the cross in this room, shoot it to reveal a passageway. Go 
through the passage to find the secret area.
Go out of the room and turn right. Go down and in a room with mist, 
there will be many enemies to fight, their just still sleeping, try and 
open the door to get them to wake. Shoot them all, to unlock the door. 
Go down a hall with the Eye symbol above it, and hit the switch. Then 
do the same with the Crane, then the Ankh hall, in that order.
After pressing all those switches in the order mentioned above, go back 
to the main room and stand in the middle, a platform will rise, leading 
you to the treasure.
On the other end of the area, you will find a door. Go down the area to 
find an alter with a cup on it, take it. Jump into a newly renovated 
alter (it got destroyed and there is a hole there now) and go through a 

4) Defiled Church

Go down the only opened path to find a group of soldiers. Kill them and 
then the Elite guard member. Go down the hallwaykill the guard, Kill 
the two elite guard members that are at the top of the staircase, hit 
the switch, and go through the door. Your now inside the church.Go up 
the stairs and go the only way you can, through the door. Kill anyone 
in the area. Altogether there should be 3 elite guards. One in ambush, 
and 2 behind pillars. Then, head towards the alter, on the way you will 
meet an elite guard hiding behind a table. Go up the ladder, yet again 
though, there is an elite guard at the top. Go out and hide, once a 
door opens, kill the elite guard that comes out, kill the one on the 
balcony, and the one at the corner of the 
At the balcony, jump onto a railing, jump onto another walkway. Go to 
the door, for the secret treasure.
Go back to the balcony and go through the door. Continue through, this 
area is easy and straightforward. GO through a door and press the 
switch. Shoot down the elite guards in this room, there are about 3 or 
4 of them depends on the difficulty. Go through the rest of the area. 
There is nothing left but to break the door open. Do it however you 
would like.

4) Tomb

Go around the room, the floor will collapse, leaving you in the lower 
area. Grab what you need, and head off. Walk around, make two right 
turns once you get out of the room, to find a humongous monster Looks 
kind of like big-foot with tons of heads sticking out of him. One of 
this monsters attacks is just swiping at you with its "paws" or was it 
claws whatever you would like to think the big, long razor sharp things 
on it's hands are. His other attack is just calling up spirits to 
attack you, so the only thing you can do about that is run the heck 
away! To defeat this thing. Plant dynamite and grenades so it will 
explode on him, if you're out of those, use any fast firing gun. Don't 
worry about ammo, you will have many chances for getting more ammo in 
the next stage. Once he is dead, go to the area where you first met the 
ogre go through the gate and go into the room, pick up the "Dagger of 
Warding" to finish the level.

D) Weapons Of Vengeance

1) Forest Compound

This is one of the hardest things in the game, you cannot let any 
alarms go off while you're in the forest, so be quiet! You only have a 
combat knife and a Sten with silencer, great weapons for a stealth 
mission! Just go forward from where you start, and soon you will see a 
small house. Kill the three guards in there, but be careful, there is a 
soldier that roams the perimeter of the house! Go to a stonewall until 
he has your back to you, sneak up behind him and take him out with a 
silenced bullet to the head. Find the valley nearby after dispatching 
everyone at the house. Follow the valley to find a cabin. Kill the guy 
posted outside the cabin. Run along the mountain to avoid being seen by 
the guys on the towers. Then go under a small tunnel, then yet again 
follow the mountains until you see 
a watchtower. Snipe the sniper before the sniper can snipe you. Go down 
and to your right, kill the guards guarding the tunnel if you want, 
otherwise just sneak past them. There is a door to the right inside the 
tunnel, go into that, follow where it leads to, and goodbye stealth 
just kidding. Once you're at the top, run immediately to the right and 
go behind a mound. Continue right, making sure that you have cover, so 
none can see you. Take cover at a stonewall once you find it. Kill the 
man walking around near there. Sneak 
up behind him and take him out. Quickly go to where he was going to 
pick up your new rifle, the Snooper rifle. Go up to the tower and kill 
anyone near it, remember stealth once at the base of the watchtower, 
you will see a building to your right. Go to your right toward the 
building. Kill anyone in the area with your snooper. Go to the building 
and enter a broken window on the left of the building. Grab a scope 
from the table next to you, and eliminate a soldier awaiting something. 
Shoot the guy at the water tower.
Jump up on a bunch of boxes, go onto the cable, and walk down to the 
next building. Once there go down a hole in the wall to find the secret 
Go through the door there, and go up to the truck and kill the guy 
there. One of the two men there you cannot kill without forfeiting the 
game. I learned that the hard way. Jump into the truck.

2) Rocket Base

Wait in the truck until the countdown gets to 5. Time this right, and 
you won't get shot. Once the countdown is between 2 and 1, run towards 
the metal bin on the floor. It will transport you into the far end of 
the base. If you miss it, just try again. It will save some time, and 
the route around is very long. Remember this is somewhat timed. You 
need to reach the rockets and deactivate them before they launch, or 
it's game over! Just stay hidden in the crate until it comes to a 
complete halt. Then jump out and kill the soldiers there. Go into the 
elevator and go up. Once up there, you will be greeted by a group of 
soldiers, dispatch them and take their stuff. If you want to take them 
down with ease, just shoot the gas barrel in front of you. Go into the 
room at the end of this room. Continue through the next door to find a 
self-destruct button. Kill everyone in the room before hitting the 
button first, otherwise, you will leave yourself open for an extended 
period of time.From here on in, all soldiers will try to kill you with 
a passion, and many will try and find you right away. Because some of 
the areas you go into now can and possibly will alter the areas the 
guards are in, I will try my best in telling you where the people will 
be.Leave the room and go through the next room. Slide down a ladder and 
go to the exploded barrel-o-gas. Go through the door it blasted open 
(now you know why gas is such a great resource).Go downward and through 
the hall leaving dead bodies behind you. Don't slow down, because as it 
seems, the self-destruct wasn't just for the rockets, it's for the 
whole base! And the whole thing is collapsing around you. Keep going 
through the halls, you won't have to make any decisions, left or right, 
because there are none to make, there's only one path you can take 
right now so follow it! You'll pass a metal grated bridge along the 
way, while your crossing it will start to collapse, so hurry. 
While running through the next room, you will come across a map, 
destroy the map to find a locked area. Go across the room to find a 
mini map above a desk. Destroy it and hit a trigger, to unlock the 
area. Go back to the map you originally destroyed to find the secret 
Exit the room and go into the room in front of you. Go upstairs and out 
the door. Follow the metal grating, go into the vent and go far into it 
to finish the stage.

3) Radar Installation

Once through the shaft, many soldiers will greet you. Great them with a 
nice silver bullet-shaped present. Go through the door across the road, 
taking out the guys on the bridge on your way. Grab onto the mounted 
gun there, and shoot away, taking care of anyone you happened to miss. 
Then find the tunnel. Use the mounted gun to take out the soldiers that 
come charging through there to see what happened. Once they are dead, 
go through the tunnel. Take cover when you see an alcove or crate. Then 
peak out and fire at the sniper. They are usually in the top area of 
the screen, hiding on a fence or something. Near the end of the tunnel, 
a guy will come flying out of a door to the left, take him out and go 
in there. Take the health (I'm sure you need it) and jump out the 
window (like always). Once outside, there will be a mounted gun in 
visible sight, grab it and start firing at anybody you see. Now with no 
one there, you can just stroll along the road picking up any essentials 
on the way (come on, they won't need it where they are now). At the end 
of the road there is a sniper hiding on a ledge of a building, 
take him out. Go up the stairs, and enter the door.
Look on the floor in this room to see a metal panel. Destroy it and go 
down through the shaft. Once through you will be at the secret area
At the end of the secret area, cross the hall and enter the door to 
your left, and gram the explosives. Exit the room and continue down the 
hall. Go up the stairs and go through the door on your right, kill the 
soldier there, and go through the door he was hiding. Take the gold and 
go back to the hall. Go through the only door you haven't gone through 
yet, and go across the bridge. Go into the door under the radar and 
plant the explosives you picked up earlier there. Hurry away 
(preferably to the bridge) and enjoy the view.Once the explosion is 
done with, some soldiers will come charging at you, go into the door 
they came out of. Continue from room to room taking out each of the 2 
to 3 guards in plain sight on the way, and you will be done with this 

4) Air Base Assault

Go forward until you can see a tower, shoot the guy there and jump 
downward and pick off each of the soldiers walking on the runway. Soon 
afterward a bunch of soldiers will come flying out of a truck to kill 
you, dispatch them. After they are all dead, go up into the tower and 
break the floor. You will drop into a room, dispatch the soldier there 
and leave the room. Now you are in a hangar, Take out all the soldiers 
in here, and go to the next tower to your right. Pull the switch up 
there and go down and go through the newly opened gate. Go through the 
clearing and take out anyone who stands in your way. Go into the hangar 
and go up the stairs. Continue following the path and go through the 
door. Continue up another flight of stairs, once up the stairs make a 
right, then a left. In the room, dispatch the guard and go into the 
only room that you can. Go over to the window and pull the lever on the 
control panel. Leave this room and go to the door to your right. Go 
through the room to another control panel. Hit the switch. Leave the 
room and go through the door down the hall. Now your outside, at the 
far end of the airbase, there is a ladder. Go up the ladder and once at 
the top, go through the door. Don't worry about the paratroopers. You 
do not have the time to waste on these guys right now. And if you do 
want to attack them, just to tell you, there are too many of them and 
it will take a long time and a lot, if not all of your ammo. Go through 
the hall (it should be unoccupied) and go through the door there. In 
this room there is a valve that needs turning. Turn it and your ready 
to steal yourself one fine looking airplane! Go outside, now take your 
time to kill a few paratroopers to make this easier on yourself. Start 
with ones that may be right in front of you, then work your way 
outwards. Go down the ladder and go through a door. Go through the 
hallway and then through the gate, and then through the hallway, and 
then up the stairs (I love run on sentences, don't you?). Go through 
the door on your right and hit the green blinking switch on the control 
panel, and enjoy the ride!

E) Deadly Designs

1) Kugelstadt

Quickly go to the left of the tank that is right in front of you. Kill 
the sniper to your left, go into the alley to your right and go under 
the arch. Follow the alleyway until you head through another arch. Now 
there is a fork in the road, first take the path to your left and shoot 
the soldiers there. Go back and go through the path you did not go 
through and go up the stairs. Go up the stairs you see in front of you. 
And take out the guy guarding the door. Go through the door. Now, 
generally you should here a guy telling you that there are no more guys 
inside, if he does, then trust him, he isn't lying. But if he doesn't 
say that, well he isn't lying. Once inside, just shoot the guy there 
(if you did not here the message) and grab any health and ammo that you 
need. Then jump through the hole in 
the wall, and tailgate a nearby tank. Go to a barbed wire fence, and go 
right. Go through the alley and continue following it. Go through the 
door and take out the two guys there. Go outside through another door 
and you will be out in the courtyard. There you will meet a soldier 
with a flamethrower. Take him out and take his weapon. Go back to the 
barbed wire fence, and go through it (it's been destroyed by the tank). 
Now all you need to do is tag along with the tank, and make sure it 
gets through everything perfectly safe. It is not easy to do though, 
since there are numerous guards everywhere.

2) The Bombed Factory

Go down through the sewers, and you will see a ladder, go up it and 
take out the two soldiers. Go to the building to your right. Go through 
it to end up at a courtyard. Kill anyone here, and find a door hidden 
among the mass of 
rubble. Go inside and destroy the flag, and go through the newly opened 
area. Go through it and turn right, kill the soldier. The road ahead 
forks, so take the right path first, kill anyone who gets in your way. 
Go up the ladder to the mounted gun. Use it for anyone that you might 
not have killed earlier. And take the health right next to you (unless 
you are really good at this game, by now you will need this). Go back 
to the fork, and this 
time take the left path. Go up the ladder at this end and go through 
the door. Go up the staircase and turn right. Go through the rooms 
until you reach a long hallway. Go down the hallway and go through the 
door. Make your way through the balcony, killing the guard on your way. 
Now travel up the stairs (the word "go" seems to appear very 
often, so I'm giving it a break for a few moments). In this room jump 
down the hole in the floor created by a bomb that two soldiers could 
not deactivate (it was probably for you, by the way). Go through the 
next room and take out the two soldiers there. Go through the next room 
and do the same. Walk through the hole in the wall and kill the 
soldier, beware though, he has a panzerfraust. Jump on the wall and go 
up onto the roof. Continue and just traverse through the roof until you 
reach the hole in the roof. Turn left and go into the building. Go 
through the rooms and hallway and pick up the book on the Venom gun 
project book. Go outside to the roof, and look for a red ladder. Jump 
onto the platform. If you miss, just climb up the red ladder. Jump onto 
a balcony type area, that is next to a set of windows. Enter the door 

3) The Train Yard

Once this stage starts out, you will be bombarded with flying bullets 
and panzerfraust ammo. Leave the room, and go through the door to your 
right, kill the soldier in there. Use the Snooper gun, and take out the 
two soldiers with the rockets. They are on the top of buildings. Then 
divert your attention to the ground troops. Take as many of them out as 
you can. Go down a nearby ladder and kill the people directly in front 
of you. Now 
depending on what difficulty it is, differs the weapons those guys 
have, when I played all they had were rockets and such, but other 
people I know say that those guys have panzerfrausts, I have never seen 
them have that weapon yet, but I will mention it when I found out if 
they do or not. Now, divert your attention to the boxcars, keep a safe 
distance, and snipe everyone who comes out of the doors.
If you can, jump onto the boxcars, and go through the open hatch. Once 
inside, you will see some health, some gold, and a helmet.
Look around here for a ladder, and go up it. Look for a metal door at 
the end of the complex, that is where you need to go to finish 
objective 1. (total numbers of the word "go" in this paragraph 4)Beware 
everything in this part of the stage, you will now be in a hazardous 
area. There are hiding spaces all around you for guards to hide. Just 
walk forward, killing anything in sight (NOTE: you will barely have any 
places to hide right now). Once at the door, like always, some soldiers 
come running out to their deaths. Go inside and kill the scientist. Go 
through another door to get into the main hall. GO through the doors, 
one will have a guard in it, kill him and activate the two switches. 
Then go through the other door to find two guards, take them out and go 
through the double doors. Go forward and go along the walls, taking out 
EVERYONE on the catwalks. You will see an door on the left wall, go 
through it. Go up the stairs there to go to the top of the catwalks. 
Kill anyone you did not see before. Just keep going forward on the 
catwalks, if you need health go into the room to your left. Make a 
right turn when you are forced to
Around here, you will see a floating platform, jump onto it and enter 
the room there, and you will be at the secret area.
Continue walking along the walkway, activate a brown panel you will 
come across, and jump down the catwalk. Go into the now operational 

4) Secret Weapons Facility

Go out of the elevator, a guy will come running out a door, shoot him 
and shoot the other guy that will come running out of another door. 
Go towards the barrels and shoot them until they blow up, the hole in 
the wall they create leads to a secret area.
Go through the double doors, and make your way down the stairs. Go down 
the stairs and navigate through the hallway until you are at the 
tunnel. Once on  the other side of the tunnel you will yet again be 
bombarded with presents of bullets, panzerfraust ammo and rockets. Take 
them out quickly, deal with the threats first, then the soldiers with 
the mausers and MP-40s.Jump on the boxes, and climb them. Once at the 
top, jump onto the suspended box, then jump onto the platform. Go 
through the door in front of you if you want health, the one to your 
left if you want to reexplore area in the beginning of the stage. To 
progress further into the level though, you will need to go through the 
door to your right. Once inside, kill everyone in here and go to your 
left. Hit the switch and 
pray. A small section of the wall opens up in the next room, allowing a 
new type of creature to be released. A Loper. Go through the double 
doors. Just take your rocket launcher and fire a few into him. The ugly 
abomination is now dead. Go through the next room and kill the two 
Lopers in there. Once there hit another switch to open a cell with 
a Loper in it. Kill him.
Go to the back wall of the Loper's cage, and destroy it. Crouch down 
and take what you want.
Now go through the only single door you have not gone through yet. Hit 
the two switches inside, and continue to go through the other door in 
the room. Go up the green boxes again. The barriers have fallen letting 
you access another room. Go through the door and go down the staircase. 
Once your downstairs, go through the double doors that occupy 
the end of the hallway. Kill the lone soldier in this room. Go through 
the gate, and go through the double doors that are on your left. Once 
inside this room, multiple enemies will start to fire on you 
immediately, take them out. Walk on the walkway, and enter the first 
door you see.. Do up the stairs and make a right. Go through the door 
and then over the bridge. Jump down at the locked door, and shoot the 
two barrels. Go up the stairs that are behind where the door used to 
be. Go right, then through a door, then up another staircase and your 
done with this stage.

F) The X-Labs
1) Ice Station Norway

There's a reason why this stage is annoying, it's full of fog! But 
don't worry, you can get rid of that by easily equipping your Snooper. 
Use it to see everything. Go forward, once you see the guards near the 
submarine. Kill them and the stray guards to your left and right. Go 
past the submarine and you will see a platform raise. Go through it to 
be at the courtyard. 
Basically, there are a few wooden boards that can be destroyed in the 
left side of the courtyard. Destroy them to get the secret area.
Go forward towards a complex. Take out anyone who stands in your way.  
Go into the hall and make a left turn. There are two men here. Shoot 
them and go up the ladder. Now go outside again and start to snipe off 
the people in the three towers. Now that that is done, just go into the 
building and hit the switch inside to open two large doors. Go through 
the doors and go down the hall. Once you go into the next room, pray. 
There are 4 soldiers to your left with paratrooper rifles and one in 
front of the door with a venom. Just shoot, and reload, and pray and do 
this until the room is empty. Now go down the hall, go into the supply 
room to grab some ammo, then go forward and destroy the machine in the 
next room, now your done with this level.

2) X-Labs

Hope you kept all your ammo in good supply. You'll definitely need it 
in the next two stages. Have fun! What? You thought I wasn't going to 
continue. Anyway, go through the double doors in front of you and shoot 
the two soldiers in the room. Don't go through door number 2 in this 
room. It kills you automatically, I think it is a sheild (probably 
Telsa) or something  of the sort. Go through door number one and wait 
for the scientist to get killed by the Loper. Then kill the loper. 
Easy, ain't it, don't worry it gets harder. Go up the ladder and onto 
the catwalk that is behind the double doors. Here's a fun area! If you 
are insane, leave all the Lopers there for you to kill later. Or if you 
are sane, start knocking down their health or kill them right now to 
save you the trouble. Now go into the only other room you can go into 
at the catwalk. Look through the window and then kill the loper behind 
it with one of your guns. Kill the second loper that jumps up at you. 
Go through the door to your left. And kill the Super Soldier. It's 
paralyzed, don't worry! It only has a Venom and good aim. Now go to the 
other room. Take what you need and proceed. A loper will be chasing you 
in this room. Now, run around on the circle catwalk, and once you gain 
enough distance, put some explosives on the ground for the loper to 
find. There, easy as 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 KaBOOM! Go into the next room 
and have your fun. In the next room go down the ladder and proceed. In 
the next room you will find the book you need. Now go back to the room 
that had the window and you killed the loper through it. Now go through 
and you'll find a grey platform. Now follow the tunnel till the end.
Go through the two pillars, then through some double doors. Now you've 
finished finding the secret areas for this stage.
Look out the window. Who would have guessed a Super Soldier killing a 
loper would be so funny. Anyway, go into the room with the four 
pillars, and go up the ladder there. Watch the loper kill the super 
soldier and then you can kill the loper. No continue going from room to 
room killing the lopers and left-over soldiers. Now, hit the switch and 
in the next room, you get to fight two super soldiers! Just throw a 
grenade and a stick of dynamite there and you'll live. I think. Now hit 
the red switch and go through the hall until you reach the exit.

3) X-Labs Super Soldier Chambers

Hit the switch, and a super soldier (ss) will come charging at you. So 
now, just shoot him, kinda obvious. Go up the staircase and shoot the 
soldiers there. Not much a challenge anymore, are they? Go down the 
hall and kill the soldier with the flamethrower. Then go down and kill 
the ss that has a panzerfraust. Have fun with that one! Now how good 
are you? The next room WILL put you to the test. You are face to face 
with a real, non-prototype Super Soldier! Just fight him like you 
normally would, but be hopeful and hope you take him down before you 
lose. No just keep going forward, from room to room shooting and 
sniping the soldiers, and you'll finish the stage in no time! 

G) Return Engagement

1) Bramburg Dam
Go down the ladder and go through the door. Go up the elevator, and 
shoot the nazi in front of you. Now Go around the dam and shoot the 
soldiers, then go down the stairs, and shoot the 5 soldiers that come 
running up the stairs. Just finish going down and go through a door, 
now continue going through and shooting the various guards until your 
at a switch, hit it, and go through the door it opened up. Now just 
finish going through and have your fun, cause your done with this 

2) Baderborn Village

This is the hardest mission of all, but probably because I'm only good 
with non-stealth missions. So silence is the key to this mission, use a 
venom and your dead. Use a luger, and your dead. Your knife and Sten 
will be the best. But best of all guess what that means, no lopers! 
Turn left past the car and while the soldier isn't looking, sneak up 
stairs. Go through the arch and through the door, and kill the two 
slackers that are at the fireplace, sitting down, probably drinking hot 
cocoa or something. On the table grab the food, and go up the stairs. 
Turn right into the library shoot him with your Sten. If he gets scared 
(when you fail to assasinate him properly) he will go hiding in a 
closet near the fireplace.
---Secret Treasure Area---
Go upstairs into the Major's room, and you'll see his wife cowering in 
the corner. Don't shoot her, or you automatically fail the mission. 
Just go to the foot of the bed, and break open the chest for your 
stolen goods.
Now leave the house, go through the archway mentioned (much) earlier, 
and turn (the only way you can turn, which i believe was a left).
---Secret Treasure Area---
Near the floor there is a small gate with a lock. Shoot it open with 
your Sten, and go through the door. Go down the ladder, go up a 
different ladder, open the door, and take the loot.
Go out the door, and stab the scientist in the back. Go through the 
door to the right. Through the window in this room there is a guard. 
Take him out before he notices you. Go down the corner of the room, and 
shoot the guard that is there. Jump out the window and down onto the 
---Secret Treasure Area---
There is a drainpipe at the side of a building, climb up it, and then 
go through the window at the top for Snooper ammo.
Go through the street and eliminate all enemies in the nearby area. Go 
up the stairs and through the door. Now Kill the two soldier in the 
room and take the food. Go up the stairs and take out the guard there. 
Go through the door, and then through the door in the next room. Go up 
the stairs and to the window. Now snipe the watch guard. Now leave the 
house and make a left after the gate. Now go down the street and turn 
right. Put on your night vision goggles and shoot the guard behind the 
gate. Past the gate there is a door to your right, go inside it. Follow 
the path until you get to a grate, then just shoot the guards that are 
past it and leave the room.
Shoot the guard at the other side of the gate. GO through the large 
archway, and go to your left. Go under the balcony. Once the guard 
starts to speak, go down the stairs and into the wine cellar. In front 
of you, there is a guard admiring the collection of wine, shoot him. Go 
to the stairs and make your way up. Their are a couple of staircases, 
and no guards left to stop you. So take your time. Stop at the first 
wooden door you see, and go through it. Now go into the only other door 
in the hallway. Now shoot the guard in the back of the head. Go back 
down, and go to the barrels.
In one of the barrels, the is a spigot. Push it in to open a secret 
door. In it, there are a couple of gold bars, and a ladder.
Go up the ladder, and go through a door at the top. Turn to the hall to 
your left, shoot the guard sneaking out of one of the doors. GO through 
the doors, and you'll end up at the balcony you were at a few moments 
ago. Go to the room to your left, and kill the soldier. Go onto the 
patio, and jump off it into the courtyard. go through the wooden door, 
and down the stairs. Shoot the soldier there, and pick up the goods 
there. GO back to the courtyard, and go through the door to your left, 
take out anyone in the courtyard that is left first though. Shoot the 
soldier at the desk, now your done with the 
five targets. Go back to the courtyard, and go down a flight of stairs. 
Then shoot the guard there. Also, shoot the alarm box. Shoot the nazis 
in the tunnel. Go through the tunnel, and past the gate is the last 
guard. Take him out. Now, shoot the alarm box in 
the tunnel, and leave through the cellar doors.

3) Chateau Schufistaffel
Go forward, and into another wine cellar. Wait, let the guards go down 
the stairs, and then shoot them! Go down the hall until you get to the 
courtyard. Go across the courtyard, and kill the guards there. Go 
through the rest of the room, and go out the next door. Now you have a 
choice. Finish the mission stealthly or go chaotic. Your choice, but 
it's hard going Rambo on all the elite guards and such. Shoot the two 
officers in this room, and then take on the mob. Take them out they'll 
have to run a distance before catching you, so snipe them! go up the 
stairs, and snipe the guards. GO through the
next door, and shoot the three elite guards there. Now go up the 
stairs. Go through the double doors. Shoot the two guards there, and go 
through the door they came from. In that room, there are two more 
guards. Shoot them both and steal their ammo. Go out onto the balcony, 
and shoot all the soldiers on the roof sniping at you. Jump onto the 
other balcony, and go into the room there. Shoot the guy sitting at the 
table and go through the door. In this hallway, there is a barricade 
(unless you are still being stealthy). Shoot everyone there and press 
forward. Shoot the general hiding behind the baricade. Go back out to 
the balcony, and jump onto a platform. Go up the ladder. Shoot the two 
guards at the top of the roof. Now move onto a roof with a sunroof, and 
shoot the soldiers. now go onto the next rooftop and shoot the next two 
soldiers. Next shoot some of the windows open, and fall in. Try to land 
on the bookcase to prevent damage. Go down the staircase and through 
the double doors. Right before you get through them, they will explode. 
quickly hide, then take out the soldier with the panzerfraust. Now go 
into the room, and go around the dead carcases. Now your finally done 
with the stage. Just keep going 

4) Unhallowed Grounds
Open the door, and shoot the three soldiers in front of you. once your 
done shooting then, open the door to your right. Use a weapon with 
night vision to see right now. Once past the gate, shoot the two guards 
on the tower. Grab the Telsa ammo near them. Now go    back to the 
courtyard, and by the tree, there is an elite guard. Use your weapon 
(preferably Snooper) and shoot the elite guard. Go to where the elite 
guard was standing, to find a door. Go shoot the elite guard by the 
graves. Then follow the wall until you find a small house. Go in the 
house and take the goods. Now Go across from where you are until you 
get to a small hill with 3 graves on it. Go to the stone house next to 
you, and shoot the elite guard inside. Now look in front of you. You 
should see the tree with the first elite guard dead. Now use your 
weapon and shoot the elite guard hiding behind the second tree. now 
look to your right. You should see a small gateway with two snipers. 
Take them out. Now go into the house that (you 
should) be near.
Inside the house, there is gap in the floor boards where a fireplace 
used to be. Break the floorboards open, and go inside. Open the wooden 
door, and go back to the entrance to the Secret Treasure Area.
Now go towards the gateway I was talking about (the one with the 
snipers) and go through it. The gateway will collapse and now you can 
only go forward. Now, once you go inside this area, prepare for war. 
First once your inside, go behind all the pillars 
and kill all the hiding paratroopers and Super soldiers. The easiest 
way to kill these guys are to use explosives, Telsa, Panzerfraust, and 
finally, just run and shoot.

8) Return To Castle Wolfenstein

1) Operation Resurrection
Go forward and shoot the two guards hiding behind the fence. Now open 
the fence and go through. 
Go to the arch to your right, there is a small stone ledge hidden 
there. Go into the cave and steal the goods.
Go to the bridge past the fence, and go through a crack. Now you get to 
fight a proto-soldier! Yeah!!! That, was sarcasm, just kill them like 
you did with the super soldiers, the same tactics should work. Now 
cross another stone bridge. Now continue forward and go from room to 
room shooting the soldiers. once you get to the flamethrower soldier, 
just take him out, and prepare to fight two super soldiers at one time. 
Now shoot the two proto-soldiers in the hallway. Now take the right 
fork, and take out all the guards there. Climb the ladders, and stop at 
the ruble, shoot the protosoldier and the three guards hiding behind 
him. Now go behind the rubble, and shoot the boards until it exposes a 
canister of oil. Then just go over and shoot it, to make a new path for 
yourself. Go into the next room, and shoot the oil drum to your right. 
Go inside the hole that the recently exploded oil drum made, and take 
the goodies.
Now continue going through the room until you find the huge crack in 
the wall. Go through it and your done with this stage.

2) Return To Castle Wolfenstein
Kick the crack in the wall to expose a room. go into the room and fry 
all of the zombies with your flamethrower. Now shoot the zombies that 
will be coming out in the middle of the room. Go into the area that the 
second set of zombies came from, and take the treasure. Now shoot the 
zombie that has risen, and go through the gate. Shoot all of the 
zombies that rise up in this room. break open the other coffins to get 
ammo and a gold bar.
Under a staircase, there is a zombie behind some bars. Break the bars 
and take the loot behind the zombie.
Now go up the staircase, shoot the zombies at the top. Pick up the ammo 
next to the dead bodies, and go through the door. Now in this room, 
guess what you get to do! Shoot MORE zombies...isn't this fun? After 
you've killed the zombies, go into the next 
room In this room, there are two paratroopers to your right. Shoot them 
and then look down at the yard and shoot the guys down there too. Now 
go towards the next door. Shoot the elite guard that's blocking your 
way, and enter the next room. Go down the
stairs and shoot the soldiers that will come running inside this room. 
Once they are disposed of, go through the door all of the soldiers came 
through. In this room, just eliminate all of the soldiers and go to the 
altar, shoot the elite guards that are hiding by there. Go into the 
next room and shoot down the guards. Climb down and shoot the hiding 
soldiers. Now go into the next room and shoot the final guards for the 

3) Heinrich
In the beginning of this stage, QUICK SAVE. Then grab ALL of the ammo 
that's in the next room, don't save some for later, because once you 
leave this room, your never coming back! Now, once your ready, go 
outside for the final battle to begin. HEINRICH is one of the hardest 
bosses in this game, but he's pretty easy if you can dodge his attacks. 
First off, kill the Dark Knights, which are Heinrichs' undead elite 
guard force. once those four are out of the way, you can focus on 
killing Heinrich .one of his moves is where he calls up zombies from 
the ground. Only shoot the zombies when they are too close to you, 
because Heinrich can just summon more if need be. His second move is 
when he hits the ground with his sword, you are being pulled into him 
if that happens to you, just run the other way, because he will follow 
up with a second swing of his sword. His last attack (that I know of)is 
where he just attacks you with his sword when you're close. So, once 
the Dark Knights have been taken care of, just unleash all of your ammo 
of your best weapons onto Heinrich.
The End!

8) Cheats, Codes and Secrets
    To unlock Wolfenstein 3-D, just beat the normal game on any 

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