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Boss FAQ by dragondance

Version: 1.11 | Updated: 07/10/04



LAST MAJOR UPDATE: July 10, 2004


This FAQ is organized into three major sections. Each section describes 
strategies on beating the three bosses in the single player section of the 
game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. For each boss, advanced strategies will
be discussed, and an in-depth level guide will be included. In addition, 
I've made a few rudimentary maps that should be of some use for any visually
oriented people. Reader tips are either part of the main body of the FAQ 
if deemed sufficiently important, or at the very end. 

I'll first give you a few words of advice on how to read this FAQ. The most 
strategies on how to defeat a boss is spread out in several different areas 
in a section. Since many strategies require redundant actions, I might say 
'Refer to Strategy 1'. Each of the three sections contains the following.

1- General Difficulty of the [specific] Boss. This number is representative 
of how hard the boss will be if you fight it on how the game developers 
probably intended you to. In other words, how would a normal person, who has 
never seen the level or boss before, respond? 

2- Specific difficulty of Strategy (with the strategy completely explained). 
Luckily, there are easier ways to kill the three bosses, ranging from tricks 
to strategies that the developer did not intend you to use.

If you have any comments, refer to my e-mail at the end of this FAQ.

SECTION 1: The Olaric-Boss 1 (Last area of 'The Defiled Church')

Special note: The mission objectives include 'Eliminate Helga von Bulow', but 
she gets killed so you won't have to fight her. A common misconception that 
that boss you fight in this level is actually Helga. Instead, you must destroy 
the abomination once known as the Olaric. 
Read all the letters you find in the levels preceding this boss if you want 
to know the whole story.

General Difficulty of this Boss:7/10 (10 being the hardest)

This boss is rather difficult since it occurs so early in the game, and you 
don't have any of the good weapons yet. It has two primary attacks. One of 
the attacks is where the Olaric will slash at you. This attack hurts (and is 
pretty damn scary too). The Olaric will do this only if you get too close to 
it. The second attack is where he will stand still and summon spirits. His 
hands will go in a circular motion as black spirits spin around him. When he 
does this, you must run back to the supply room, since the spirits will 
follow you until they dissipate because of the distance. If you do get hit, 
these spirits will temporarily blind you, damage you quickly, and if you're 
still stupid enough to just stand still, the Olaric will run up to you and 
slash you to death.


Start out this level by just walking forward. You will suddenly fall into a 
supply room below, and onto an open coffin. This small room contains quite a 
lot of grenades and 9mm rounds, and on a table close to you- many packages of 
health. Refill your health to fullest from the packages, and stock up your 
mp40. Then move towards the small opening opposite the table containing the 
health. You won't be seeing any enemies yet. After you're out the opening, 
you need to climb up to ground level, where you will see that there is only 
one short, but wide corridor to follow. After you have walked down the 
corridor, turn right, and you should be at the center of the ruined church 
ancient structure are eight graves [AGAIN, REFER TO MAP]. Eventually, from 
each grave, a zombie will arise. But don't worry about that yet. Get your 
dynamite ready, keep going forward. You will see an iron gate to your right 
and the Olaric walking slowly up to it. Two zombies will arise from two 
separate graves, one might be right below you. Set the dynamite (at 5 
seconds), run back to the center of the church ruins where you were before 
and follow one of the below strategies. (The Dynamite will lower the life of 
the boss significantly, if you have it, but the boss is still defeatable 
without the bomb)

Note: From my calculations, the Dynamite, if detonated right when Olaric 
walks on top of it, will damage him 35-40%. 


The Grenade Attack (Difficulty Level: 4/10)- Like I said, it is best that you 
set your dynamite, because it will bring down the life of the boss by quite a 
bit no matter which of these strategies you use. This particularly cheesy 
strategy involves going back to the short corridor, close to the supply room 
mentioned above- after taking a first look at the Olaric and setting the 
dynamite. Then you stay at the corridor and wait for any Zombie that to come 
up to you, which you can kill rapidly with 8 shots of the STEN (READ THE 
SPECIAL NOTES AT THE END OF THIS SECTION)- while the Olaric waits in the 
center of the ruins waiting for you to come out. 

After getting rid of the zombies, take out your grenades and pull the ring 
(hold on to the button), hold the grenade for one second, dash out toward the 
center of the church (allowing the grenade to tick two more seconds) until 
you see the Olaric (he will be at the center of the Church ruins) and toss 
the grenade aiming at his chest. Run back to the corridor, if the Olaric 
starts spinning spirits, quickly retreat further to the supply room (remember 
that the spirits dissipate with distance right?). Then, proceed to run near 
the center of the church ruins again, toss another grenade at the Olaric, and 
go back to the supply room. Repeat this over and over again, using your MP40 
if your grenades run out, until the Olaric dies.

The MP40 attack (Difficulty Level: 3/10). This strategy is similar to 
Strategy 1, but is even easier. Instead of tossing grenades, you use your 
MP40 to shoot at the Olaric [Simply, use the above strategy but substitute 
MP40 shots for Grenades] then run back to the supply room- and repeat the 
process. However, this strategy will take longer since you can only fire 
about 10 rounds before you have to retreat (The Olaric will start spinning 

The 'Bite the bullet' Approach (Difficulty Level:7/10). This strategy is 
probably what the game designers had in mind (and is definitely the most 
fun). Stock up your MP40, and after setting the dynamite, use your STEN (READ 
THE SPECIAL NOTES AT THE END OF THIS SECTION) to kill any of the zombies, 
while running around the edges of the church, avoiding the Olaric's melee 
attack. When you can, use your STEN to send 10 rounds into the boss. But when 
the Olaric spins spirits, you'd better run hard to avoid being blinded.

I've only managed to perform this strategy successfully with the STEN. 
Although the MP40 is faster, you will run out of ammo if you attempt to use
it. Confuse the Olaric by repeatedly sprinting in circles around the columns,
attacking the zombies before attempting to take down the Olaric. The Olaric
will spin spirits only if you attack it or run too far away from it. Also, 
remember that you can outrun the Olaric and even the spirits by moving 
quickly around the columns. 

Note: While the Olaric is still alive, DO NOT attempt to run to the area 
where the Olaric first comes out. It is a dead end and the Olaric will corner 

Special notes, Section 1: 

1: The Olaric will not follow you to the corridor, but the pesky zombies 
will. This allows you to concentrate on one enemy at a time. So what makes 
the zombies come out of the grave? Only if the Olaric takes damage, or you 
step onto a grave will a zombie pop out of the ground. In addition, after 
Helga dies, all unopened graves will emit a zombie.

2: I've discovered experimentally that the STEN does twice as much damage 
against all Undead and living enemies. However, whether or not it does more
damage to the Super Soldiers is unknown (Using any sub-machine gun on the 
super soldiers is suicide anyways).


This Level looks like this-

(Every - and | represents a wall. To help you better, you should copy my 
sketch and draw over the dashes to form a line. Then you can better observe 
the map. Keep in mind that any junction like "|-" should be connected almost 
like a sideways "T" Do not falsely assume that the |- junction has a gap)

                              |  |   8    |   |
|-----------------------------|  ----------   |
|      4     4       4    4  1           2    |
|    ----   ----   ----  ---------------------|  
|                           |                 |
|                         3 |         6    9  |
|                           |                 |
|                           |                 |
|    ----   ----   ----  ----------------- 7 -|
|     4      4       4    4     5             |

1: Iron Gate (is broken by the Olaric) Set Dynamite here.
2: The location the Olaric initially is.
3: Center of the Church Ruins.
4: Grave- One zombie will come out of each eventually.
5: Short Corridor. The Olaric will not chase you here, but the spirits and 
zombies can.
6: The supply room. Contains health, grenades, and a lot of 9mm ammo. The 
spirits that the Olaric tosses will dissipate by the time you get here.
7: The hole in the wall leading to the supply room. 
8: The Dagger of Warding. Do not worry about this because only after you have 
killed the Olaric can you access this area.
9: You start out here.

SECTION 2: The Uber Soldat-Boss 2 (The last area of the 'X-Labs')

General Difficulty of this Boss: 10/10

This Boss is pretty hard without some of the below strategies. The Uber
Soldat has two weapons. One is a Tesla Gun, and the other is a Panzerfaust 
(With seemingly unlimited ammo). In addition, annoying scientists will attack
you. Generally, if you are in medium or short range, he will use the Tesla 
Gun. If you run too far from him, he will use his Panzerfaust (Which, by the 
way, is a one shot kill assuming you have 75 health, zero armor, and the 
Panzerfaust rocket hits you directly). If you saved your EMP device, then
boss will be easier. Refer to Strategy 2 if you saved your EMP device. 


Hopefully, you have the maximum number of Panzerfausts you can hold, because 
nothing else will work nearly as effectively against this monster. Start out 
this level by wielding your venom. Open the massive concrete door and walk 
forward. Turn left and an armored Super Soldier Prototype with Venom will 
attack you. Move back rapidly, and fire at him. After he dies, take his 
venom, and continue moving farther. Take out your MP40, and once you reach 
the end of the corridor, you should see small staircases to the left and 
right. Go either way, and after you reach the top, quickly turn left to shoot 
at the Nazi near the end of the hallway. Move to the end, another armored 
Super Soldier prototype as well as a flamethrower soldier will appear. This 
Prototype has Panzerfuast so be extra careful. I've found that paratrooper 
rifles are second best only to Panzerfaust against Armored Prototypes. So 
take it out, and fire a few rounds, before retreating. The Prototype and 
soldier will follow you. Use your paratrooper to eliminate both, every time, 
fire a few shots before retreating (Luckily, the panzer rockets are slow)
After eliminating the flamethrower soldier and prototype, a scientist will 
help you open a door, opposite the door to the lab area [PLEASE SEE MAP AT 
THE END OF THIS SECTION]. Eliminate him, take all the health you can [PLEASE 
REFER TO MAP AT THE END OF THIS SECTION]. Then walk through the door the 
Scientist helped you open, and walk until the open door. After the cut scene 
depicting Deathshead, you will face the Uber Soldat.


The cheesy approach (Difficulty Level: 3/10). I will have to
thank Jesse Rose for informing me about this strategy. (Other people also
e-mailed me, but they were all too wordy.) In his words (with a few
grammar mistakes corrected): 

"Dear aznSTaRBoY:
I noticed that you have many strategies listed for killing the second boss
(Uber Soldat) and all of them are very complicated in nature.  However,
I recently used this strategy with great success:
Instead of rushing forward and trying to defeat the behemoth on fellow ground
, simply retreat back into the corridor that you entered the arena from (do 
this at the very start of the fight).  The door will now be closed, but
you'll have enough room to hide from the Uber Soldat.  Because you're so far
away from him, he'll just stand there looking around.  Simply use a weapon
with a scope (the Mauser Rifle or the Paratrooper Rifle works) and shoot him
in the head until he is dead.  Use your choice of rifle to kill the
scientists who rush in, too -- they're the only competition you'll have with
the Soldat failing to return fire.  Within minutes, the Soldat will fall.

-Jesse Rose (Flamehead 3)"

Basically, move back after Deathhead's speech and crouch down. Then snipe the
boss to death. I've used this new strategy with considerable success at least
six or seven times. However, you have to act fast. Respond immediately after
Deathhead's speech. Sometimes, without doing anything wrong, the Uber Soldat
will notice you anyways and start bombarding you with tesla. If this happens,
you can restart or use of the below strategies. 

The EMP Approach (Difficulty Level: 5/10). This is also a rather easy
way of defeating the boss. But you have to save your EMP device. Right after
Deathhead's speech, run to the armored room. Then, peek your head out and let
the Uber Soldat fire a fraction of a second. Gradually, lure the monster
closer. Then, with the EMP device ready, dash out, activate it, and use your
Venom and shoot it to death in one continous blast. If you dont have the EMP
device, go to strategy 3. I will have to thank David Slaymaker for giving me
some of these ideas.

Without the EMP device, you can also use a harder version of the strategy
above. Aptly named 'The Room Strategy' (Difficulty Level 9/10), basically,
you jump off the platform and escape into the armored room to your left
[SEE MAP AT THE END OF THIS SECTION]. The Super Soldier will make no move
to follow you. Take out your Panzerfaust, suddenly move left until you see
the Uber Soldat, and fire a rocket at him. Then scuttle back immediately. 
After you run out of rockets, proceed to the paratrooper rifle and continue 
doing this. The only problem is if the Super Soldier uses his Tesla gun, you 
will be damaged. You can usually avoid the rockets he fires as long as you 
can go back into the room.   

The head-on approach (Difficulty Level: 8/10). Though the Uber 
Soldat will be on the grounds below you, he will still be able to attack you 
with his Tesla gun. What you do in this rather cheap strategy is to run 
forward, jump down the catwalk, and head straight toward the Uber Soldat, 
with your venom. For some reason, the Tesla is far less effective at point-
blank (zero) range, so use your venom and fire it right in front of him, 
until it overheats. He should be dead assuming you aim correctly. Your health 
should also be close to zero. 
Unfortunately, this strategy is much harder than it sounds. It is quite 
difficult to maintain a point-blank distance with the Uber Soldat because the 
Tesla Gun will move you back slowly but consistently. If you aren't in point-
blank (practically zero) range, the tesla will do heavy damage. After 
destroying the Uber Soldat, take all the health and flak jackets nearby, and 
proceed to eliminate all the scientists on the area above you. The door where 
the Uber Soldat came out of will open, and you will face more scientists. It 
would be a pity to lose to those scientists after defeating such a difficult 
boss. Walk into the room, and take out even more scientists. Then walk up the 
stairs, go into Deathshead's room (he had escaped already), and open the door 
to the left, and take the elevator up. You will finish the level watching 
Deathshead successfully escape on a rocket.

Note: This strategy appears to work against any venom Super Soldiers, but
it fails against Super Soldiers that only wield Panzerfausts.

The strafe strategy. (Difficulty Level 10/10). This one also 
sounds easy and might be the strategy used most often. I found it to be 
really hard though. Simply, you jump down, fire a few rockets, and strafe 
with Panzerfaust and venom. If he uses his Panzerfaust, it is easier. 
However, once he switches to Tesla, run and get the flak jackets, then strafe 
again. The main problem is that your Panzerfausts will miss too many times, 
and since your range must be long (for him to use Panzerfaust), the majority 
of the venom bullets will miss (you will miss even more often because you're 
moving). This strategy is not recommended for anyone but an expert. 
Map: This level pre-boss looks like this, where 9 is the door to the boss.

|------- 8 --------|
|                  |
|   |--------|     |
|   |        |     |
|   |--------|     |
|                  |
--------   7  -----
      |         |
      |    5    |
      |    6    |
-------         ------|
|                     |
|   |-------------|   |
|   |             |   |
| 3 |             | 4 |
|   |             |   |
|   |      9      |   |
|   |             |   |
|   |             |   |
|   |             |   |
|   --------------|
|                     |
---------|   |---------
         |   |
         | 2 --------------
         |   |      |     |
         |   --------     |
         | 3              |
         |---------  -----|
                 |  1 |
1: Where you start out
2: Initial Location of Super Soldier Prototype with Venom
3: Location of some Health
4: Location of Nazi Soldier
5: Location of Super Soldier Prototype with Panzerfaust.
6: Location of Flamethrower Soldier.
7: Door that Scientist 'helps' you open.
8: Door to the Uber Soldat. The MAP BELOW SHOWS THE AREA BEYOND 9.
9: Lab Area. Do not worry about this place, it's not important.

Map showing the area beyond "9". 
|        |                  | 
|        |                  |
|   16   |     17      |    |
|                      |  18|
|                      |    |
|----------- 10-------------|
|   14            20  13   |    
|                          |
|                  |----   |
|                  |       |
|15                | 11    |
|15                |----   |
|15                      15|
|15  15  15  15  15  15  12|

10: Uber Soldat's initial position. Once he comes out, the door here locks. 
After you destroy the Uber Soldat, a scientist will open the door.
11: Armored Room
12: Tanks of explosives (located below the Catwalk)
13: Health packs.
14: Armor packs (Flak Jacket)
15: Catwalk (Not drawn)
16: Scientists
17: More Scientists
18: Staircase to Deathshead's room (Deathshead's room extends farther but is 
not shown)
19: You start out here
20: Ramp where scientists will come out and shoot at you (inaccessible at 

SECTION 3: Heinrich Himmler-Boss 3 (The last area in the game)

General Difficulty of Boss: 4/10

Would you believe that the final boss could be this easy? This boss has an 
enormous amount of health (My latest calculation show that he can take 5 
times more damage than the Uber Soldat and 7 times more than the Olaric) but 
is relatively simple to beat. That's because he won't hurt you all the time. 
He stands still a lot and walks extremely slowly (If he ran all the time, he 
could prove to be a more formidable boss). When he runs, you can easily 
outrun him. Heinrich's main weapon is his sword. You need to watch out for 
this, because one swipe will take down more than half your life. [PLEASE READ 
THE TIPS AT THE END OF THIS SECTION] In addition to this, he has three 
skeletal warriors which can be killed, but will be re-summoned by Heinrich 
when killed. Thus, you don't want to focus on anything but Heinrich, since 
the arena of the boss fight will be big enough. Heinrich's second weapon is 
his summoning of spirits. As listed below, there are a few things you must 
not do, because only certain conditions must be 'met' before Heinrich tosses 
spirits like the Olaric did. In addition, Heinrich can summon an instant 
spell to toss you into the air, and closer to him. Rocks will fall from 
above, dealing a small amount of damage. When this happens, simply run back 

Note: DO NOT venture near the edges of the arena, stay only in the central 
area (except when you need health). If you are stepping out of the whiter 
concrete onto the dirt, then Heinrich will almost immediately summon the same 
black spirits that the Olaric used. These spirits don't come from him, but 
from the edge of the map, so if you run to the middle, the spirits can't get 

Specific Strategies:

Start out by walking forward a bit and searching the room for all the health 
and ammo, and there is a LOT of supplies. Check carefully at every box to see 
if you left anything untaken. Then open the door to the left, and you're in 
the room with an extremely large circular hole in the center. Walk around the 
edges to get all the supplies, and then jump down. You cannot come back up, 
sadly enough. Then walk forward and open the door to the right, and run into 
the arena of the boss fight. Follow the below strategy along with the tip.


The strafe strategy (Difficulty Level 4/10). I've played and beaten this 
boss at least 20 times (to practice and hone my skills), so I'm the best at 
this one. Start out my using one rocket on Marianne. One rocket will be 
enough to shatter her to pieces. Then, walk around the boss and fire your 
rockets first, then switch to venom. You want to maintain about a 16-17 feet 
distance from him (how far in real life does it appear?). Aim the rockets at 
his crotch (or where his crotch seems to be), since it will explode dealing 
just the maximum damage. Then switch to venom, fire at his chest until the 
venom overheats, and switch the gun to the paratrooper rifle. Fire two clips, 
and switch back to venom. Continue this procedure until Heinrich dies (which, 
assuming you DO maintain a 16-17 feet distance, will take just one more 
cycle). Try to get out of the way of the three skeletal warriors, but do not 
shoot at them. They take many, many shots to kill because of their shields, 
and Heinrich will just re-summon them. Heinrich's spell to move you into the 
air is a thornier problem. If he tosses you right in front of him, sprint 
back because he will swing his sword at you. If you actually tossed to the 
other side of him, once again, keep running forward to maintain the 15-16 
feet distance. In the beginning, Heinrich might run at you, but you're much 
faster than him. Simply, sprint away and keep firing. When Heinrich suffers 
enough damage, he will be severely weakened and will not run at you any 

CAVE-IN strategy (Difficulty Level: ?/10). Some people have reported that
this strategy works quite well. I've done it many times and it still doesn't
quite function. However, it can be used to make the boss fight significantly
easier. After you walk outside, DO NOT look in the direction of Himmler. Walk
straight into the wall in a way that no part of the opening of the cave 
appears on the screen. Then retreat back and wait. Soon, Marianne will walk
up. At this moment, dash out and run out of the opening of the cave. If done
correctly, Heinrich's minions will be trapped since the opening of the cave
will collapse upon your departure from the cave. If you are very lucky, 
Heinrich himself will be standing right at the opening of the cave. The rocks
will fall killing him. However, sometimes he will be trapped inside the cave
himself. If this happens, restart since nothing at all can penetrate the

But this boss should be easy enough so that you dont have to resort to this 
type of trick. 

1: When your health is low, run to get one of the three large health packs at 
the left side of the map. It should be near a few large wooden boxes. Tesla 
ammo is there too, but don't bother to use Tesla because it does only light 
damage to Heinrich. 

2: The location where thr rocks will fall is easily determined. Rocks will
only fall under the huge stone monument that hangs above the boss arena. In
other words, rocks will only fall if the monument is directly above you.

Note: 350 Tesla ammo fired from medium distance seems to only damage Heinrich 
around 60-70% of his total health- considering how slowly Tesla ammo gets 
consumed, a Pistol not needing reloading will damage him faster.

2:One of the more advanced strategies that I have used is to run right in 
front of Heinrich when he is trying to summon and fire about 50 rounds [of 
Venom] into him. That way, 100% of the bullets from the venom will hit 
directly into him. (Usually, even if you stand 16-17 feet away from him, 40% 
of the bullets will miss) One way to make him summon is to run to the edge of 
the map. He should start summoning (just look at his hands, and the sound and 
you should immediately see that he is trying to summon), run up to him, fire 
right in front of him, and then quickly escape the black spirits and Heinrich 
himself. Its quite fun to do this, but make sure to run away in time, because 
you don't want to be hit by his sword.


The hardest boss in the game is the very first one, Olaric. After that, even 
the Uber is extremely easy... all you have to do is resist the temptation to 
use your X-Shield before getting to him. I've found that just walking into 
the room, flipping on the X-shield and unloading the Venom into him will 
usually kill him before it even overheats once. That's also plenty of time to 
kill all of the scientists who have come out on the second floor also since 
you can shoot through the railing.
As for the final boss, We kind of did the same thing. I was really 
disappointed with him. :(
The first thing I did was panzer Blavasky (sp?), maybe fire a few Paratrooper 
rounds into her if she survived to make sure she blew up. Then I'd fire more 
(usually get off two rounds if I don't rush it) Panzer shots at Heinrich I 
while I ran towards him, switch to the Venom, and fill him full of about 150 
shots before it overheated (close enough so no hits miss, far enough back so 
he don't hit me). When I was waiting for the Venom to cool off, I'd take out 
the flame thrower. Instead of fighting him, I'd find his three skeletons and 
torch them. This doesn't take much time, since they will be coming towards me 
anyway. You only have to use about three ammo (you know how fast that ammo 
goes, too) per skeleton. Then they catch on fire, stand still, and burn till 
they die. This causes Heinrich to stand still and summon three more, in which 
time he should die to another Panzer and unloading of the Venom. if he 
doesn't, the skellies are miles away anyway!
Like I said, the first boss fight was the hardest. Maybe it was because I was 
new to the game at the time. But the fight where you take on two Soldat's at 
once was the only other part of the game that truly gave me problems. It's 
still a great game though!


On the last boss, I know u said that the tesla doesn't do much on him, but if 
you run away from him and use all of the tesla on him (300), then use the 
venom, it will kill him easily and will probably keep the zombies of ur back.

This Walkthrough/FAQ is created for personal use only. You must not use it 
for profit, such as for magazines, game guides, and Web Sites without asking
me for permission.

This guide may only be used for private and personal use.

Any comments and questions or advice, please e-mail me at


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